Dance India Dance Season2 2nd Jan Mumbai Auditions

Dance India Dance Season2 2nd Jan Mumbai Auditions

Finally Dance India Dance 2nd Jan Mumbai Mega Auditions, DID Season2 has selected the final 18 contestants who will be competing for Taqdeer Ki Topi. Some really amazing performances from the contestants today including Dharmesh. Terrence had the most difficult time selecting 3 out of the 6 contestants. Shashank, Punit, Naresh, Kishore, Dharmesh, Altaf, Kunwar Amarjeet, Ameeth, Parvez Rehmani are selected to oparticipate in Dance India Dance Season 2. Now we have 9 girls and 9 boys splitted into 3 teams as Terrence Ki Toli, Geeta Ki Gang, Remo Ke Rangeeley. Race for the winner starts on 8th January.

Dance India Dance Season2 2nd Jan Mumbai Auditions Highlights

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Naresh from Mumbai performed first on free style dance

Shashank from Delhi performed contemporary & Salsa on If Roses are meant to be red

Chinmay from mumbai performed on chunri ke peechey kia hai

Ajay from Dubai performed on a boy/girl costume

Gaurab from Kolkata performed on Vande Mataram

Punit from Mumbai performed on Bijuriya

Selected Contestants : Shashank, Punit, Naresh

Geeta Ki Gang

Kishor from Manglore performed on Kisna

Altaf from Mumbai performed on Let me twist

Hardik from Ahmedabad performed on Ik Baghya mein rehti hai

Sourab from Kolkata performed on Chan se jo tootey koi sapna

Kalpesh from Vadodara performed on Na jane kab se remix

Dharmesh from Vadodara gave a ROCKING performance, This guy is hard to beat

Selected Contestants : Kishore, Dharmesh, Altaf

Terrence Ki Toli

Melvin from Mumbai gave a hip hop performanace

Altaf from Vadodara did locking and popping

Ameeth from Hyderabad came rocking the floor

Jack from Norway performed Hip Hop, excellent performance

Parvez Rehmani from mumbai yet another superb performance making Terrence’s life difficult

Kunwar Amarjeet from Indore performed on Tere Lai. Brilliant man

Selected Contestants : Kunwar Amarjeet, Ameeth, Parvez Rehmani
Jack reserved a spot in Mithun’s Standby team.

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  • bhairavee


    Melvin deserves to be in DID 2. He’s an excellent dancer, very graceful and good looking.Basically, all points the masters/grand master is been looking for in the new series.

    Atleast, grand master should have him as the standby.


  • bhairavee

    Maybe, Melvin deserves a Wild card entry !!! Please think about it !

  • Nithy

    I was scratching my head along with Remo and Geeta, when Melvin got left out. Melvin is out for all wrong reasons. Melvin should have been in the Top 18. DID2 deserved a talent such as Melvin who is innovative, very graceful, dances with elegance and Style.

    Melvin deserves a wild-card entry and I was quite surprised that GrandMaster did not offer him a place in his Standby

  • nastyajay

    you know what after last episode of 2nd dec i believe REMO have got bad teams especially with boys and this made me in question to continue having good entertainment in future .. i missed girls selection so no clue… Terrence has best team in terms of boys if i say and geeta can turn game anytime with performance for sure.. MELVIN Rejection was worst part which made me change my t.v channel !! rest if my this blog is true to some extent then show owners and master please think… hope for good show ahead but cant digest any more worst decision or drama ahead if happened !!

  • svs

    Please i really want 2 c Melvin back in the show!!!! i js couldn’t believe he’s out!!!! Please get him back ….i usually lik Terrence choice but tis time ws really disappointed :( please get Melvin back!!!

  • Agnel

    I was stunned when Terence chose Ameeth over Melvin!!! I mean; how could you even leave out a talent like him??? Remember; Melvin is the same guy Mithunda described as “flawless” after watching his performance… and it truly was flawless!!! I am still at a loss to understand what went wrong here…. Why do I get the feeling that Terence was under pressure from the producers to go for Ameeth over Melvin??? And to be honest; Terence looked very uncomfortable announcing Ameeth’s name!!!
    Yes; I strongly believe Melvin deserves at least standby status on Mithunda’s team… although that doesn’t truly do justice to the guy’s talent…
    C’mon; let’s face it… I find Melvin even better than Dharmesh!!!
    Guys; please do something about this!!!

  • sharan

    I was really stunned when terrence announced the result and felt sory for Melvin.He has all reasons to be in top 18,,,this is really injustice with a gud dancer like him and on the top he was not even in standby team of Mithun…He should be in……..WE NEED HIM BACKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • pramanisa

    melvin deserves to be in top 18. atleast he should have been considered as standby. i think it was very difficult for terence. was surprised by his decision. wonder what was the reason behind selecting ameeth. mayb he thought there will be variety.

  • sankisandi

    I was really suprised to hear Melvin being not selected. Though I respect Terence decision, but I could not see any reasons for not selecting the best dancer like Melvin.

    Melvin you are the BEST man… keep it up.

  • sankisandi

    I expected Geeta Mam to release Dharmesh to Remo’s team. He had the desire of being with Remo sir and she could have fulfilled his aspirations. He was very honest in expressing his willingess to be with his Hero and God father.

  • cool boy

    I am really stunned & surprised that a dancer like Melvin is not in the top 18.I mean that if good dancers like Melvin are eliminated there is no charm left in the show.Am still scratching my head as to what led Terrence to take this decision. MELVIN YOU ROCK MAN!!! WE NEED YOU BACK.

  • dbx

    About Melvin, Terrence him self admitted, he may be doing mistakes. Remo and Geeta expressed their surprised. Mithun da was looking amazed. Must be some conspiracy between. Melvin go feint even with bad decision. Well, I do feel its BAD decision by Terrence. Anyway, Mithun da may have taken him in standby.

    I disliked, the way Parwez cried. Man should not cry.


  • rahulforu

    MELVIN getting eliminate frm d mega auditions is a SHCOK!!!!
    no one can beleive he ll get out
    i dont doubt TERENCE’s decission it must hav been difficult for him…but Melvin deserved to be in final 18
    atleast REMO N GEETA MAA shud hav requested MITHUN da to keep him in d stand by team
    he dint deserve to get out of the show so soon…it was jus a start for him
    hope n i wish i see him in stand by team
    newayz MELVIN u hav gr8 future ahead jus keep rocking!!!!!!!


  • Agnel

    Guys, I have a feeling that Ameeth’s inclusion was a move by the producers to capture the potential Andhra vote bank. I may be wrong; but can’t think of any other reason why a guy like Melvin could be left out!!! I find him so much better than most of the guys who have been included in to the top 9!!! Melvin is a potential candidate to win this competition; he NEEDS to be included in the top 18…

    That said; I fully respect Terence… he is the only guy who looks at every candidate minutely and objectively… I refuse to believe that he could have made a mistake in his judgement of Melvin!!! SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG HERE….

  • ttsesang2001

    come on judges watz wrong with you guyz man. Melvin is fabulous….and he deserves to be in top 18.Give him a chance to get into wild card entry….. Melvin kya bhaat kya bhaat kya bhaat…………

  • deeya

    i think Melwin really deserves to stay in the top 18. He is an amazing dancer, with lots of grace and attitude. Im also shocked that the grand master didin’t give him the chance to be in standby. He really deserves a wild card entry.

  • tenzin Dugyal

    Well,after all those… I think no body tops DHARMESH on this DID2. He has got the full rhythm on his body.He’s off the hook.He’s performance really feels me out…

  • shafiq

    this only proves how hard and tough season 2 is.. if u guys dont know abt melvins past. thn u better go and chk it. he is a pioneer for his charismatic inventions made. srsly no words for tht dude!. one of main reasons for me to look forward at season 2 was him…

  • Munni

    The way teams has been devided is not gonn give your right DID 2 winner. some of the very good dancer who desire to stay in DID has been elimited. And for dharmeshsir I think he is excellence dancer and desires to learn more in what he is good in. All three judges are best, but in my understanding he came only explore his talent if he was with remosir.

  • himal

    Hey guys (Terrence and Mithun) and editor of this page,

    Do you guys read this page? If you do not, then whats the use of maintaining this “comment” page? Read, read, read and get back Melwin into the show.

    I do not believe how that happened from Terrence, who is good at making reasonable comments, feedbacks and professional decisions.

    It is worthless to talk about the stupid buffalo woman (Geeta), who tries to be overs-mart but every time turns to be a cartoon. The most irritating and disgusting person. Be thankful to Dharmesh that he agreed to be with you. Idiot – not he but you should give your 100% to learn something from him.

    Dharmesh – Hey buddy! You are miracle. You will ace it. You are the winner. You do not need anybody and the buffalo woman – yaakkkk. No matter with whom you are, he/she will learn from you. Teach the stupid buffalo woman, Remo, Mithun and other participants something. Good luck buddy!

  • smita thomas

    i ws full confident abt melvin’s selection but as the result ws out i ws just not able to belive on wht i heard ….
    plss wht u all did to him ws wrong … people are nt aware of this site so upload this video in youtube you will knw hw imprtant ws he for the show …

  • jdots

    i cant watch full stops after i view 10 min if each video.why is it so? can some one help?

  • lakshmi Devarajan

    Pls bring Melvin back……….PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ…………. You are doing injustice to an excellent dancer. Terance, if you are reading the comments, plssss do something. Else you will regret your decision of choosing Ameeth over Melvin.
    Ameeth is solely chosen to bank in on Telugu votes. That is such a disgrace to DID!!!
    Everybody, plss organize a protest of some sort to bring Melvin back. Pls do something………..

  • lakshmi Devarajan

    If you guys dont know about Melvin, google “Melvin Louis” and check for yourselves. Just look at the videos posted on youtube of his dance sessions. They are mind-blowing……
    Pls somebody do something yaar……… Nahi tho galath ho jaayega………..

  • lakshmi Devarajan


  • lakshmi Devarajan


  • lakshmi Devarajan


  • lakshmi Devarajan


  • lakshmi Devarajan


  • jay1508

    Hi All,

    The reason I logged in here was looking for a platform to express my disappointment in the selection process of Geetha Kapoor.

    First she turned down Amritha telling her that she was already established and teaching others, whereas Tina had shown good progress. I would like to tell Geetha that this is not a recruitment firm, but a Talent hunt, and the reasoning given during the slection of Tina was pathetic. Seems like we are going to see more of item numbers than actual good dance performances.

    Second case was when she questioned the sincerety of Dharmesh sir. In the very first meeting Dharmesh made it more than clear that Remo was not only his idle, but his GOD. Despite that she selected Dharmesh in her group. When Dharmesh gave her an honest and true answer it shows she was hurt and ashamed. Seems like if Mr Mithun would not have interfered, we would not see Dharmesh anymore in DID.

    I would like to ask the organizers and the audience, how can people sitting at such high positions make discremination, and that too on national television. “Is this what they say, We shall start from where all thought it had finished”. Its good to see so many western dance solos and performances, but should we not try to bring up more of Indian folk and classical dance as well.

    I am just a disappointed viewer expressing my views leaving the audience and the organizers to make the decision.


  • shafiq

    btw, anyone knows what has happened to deepak sir( prince’s teacher) ?? did i miss any episode of him being eliminated coz i dont see him anymore in th show..

    and i think its time for everyone to lighten up a lil bit on the melvin conspiracy.. there should be a wild card round just like last time, were they bring back 6 or 8 members. im sure melvin would top th wildcard entry.

  • himal

    Yeah, Deepak is a good one. I was expecting to see Dharmesh and Deepak in the final. He might be rejected by the prejudiced people like the buffalo woman. She has a big attitude problem.

    What the hell are her questions to Dharmesh? She is a complete idiot.

  • dancer

    We Want Melvin Back….
    We Want Melvin Back….

    We also want to know the correct reason for eliminating Amrita…and if you don’t have one we want Amrita back too…..

    what would be a reason to eliminate Amrita who is a very trained dancer verses Tina….????

    Oh common DID producers and the masters …..if you do read this post….you have to do something to maintain the popularity of your show….

  • Binal Vadgama

    melvin is really a well deservin
    remo sir had commented wen eliminations were goin on tat if u wud hav been in my team u wud hav been definiately in top 18
    n din even think tat terence sir ll take ameeth over melvin
    tis is very disappointin

    v want melvin back..
    n he doesnt deserve standby he deserves to be in top 18

    terence ll take such decision tat i cant believe it must b sm conspiracy…

  • pokiree

    deepak was selected is bcoz he was price teacher .. if you replay the episode .. the judges were not interested to select him .. they give the cap after the performance with prince and prince comments
    deepak with dharmesh in final …..??? .. deepak dance is ok ok not that fantastic many good dancers were selected

  • pokiree

    Parvez performance was good .. i did guess he would be selected .. but in the last before he gets selected ..
    he lost his confidence and ..
    he gone mad and did emotional atyachaar .. did cry ..
    some times he said he did work hard for 2 years
    some time he says jack is that jack is this ..
    ahahah ..

  • pokiree

    melvin should be in standby .. not the jack
    jack touches his head in the dance 10 to 15 times ..
    jack has to workout on his weight that he can do more balanced steps ..

  • pokiree

    tina was selected bcoz of her height, +ve attitude, and her screen appearance
    where amrita is good at dance but not selected bcoz she was scared in mega auditions and did reveal her weakness.

  • pokiree

    dharmesh .: you may like remo ..but when the fate dragged you to geeta ..try to agree the reality and tell her that u do ur best with her only. if she feels you dont like her else etc etc ..she may press you down or wont give good dance choreography.
    you can always contact remo on background and do improve ur dance skills more.

  • pokiree

    Punit dance sucks ..i was surprised why remo has selected punit

    he and his cheddi …i dont think he will lost long.
    lets see

  • pokiree

    hardik was good ..but his luck was not enough.

  • pokiree

    hardik was good ..geeta should have selected hardik ..instead of altaf

  • dennis_cold angel

    PUNIT .. really amazing stuff .. very different … great face for d camera n gr8 personality … His 2nd solo was very well thot out n so obviously looked fab!!! way 2 go PUNIT!! hope u go all d way …
    I also loved SHAKTI MOHAN!!! best amongst all d girls!!! very well trained n d best dance technique… amazing jete’s n jumps SHAKTI .. n gr8 performance in BUTTONS .. Very SEXY!!!! Hope u win d show girl…
    Was very sad tat JACK left but very happy tat aleas he’s there as a standby … Hope he comes in d wild card entry slot… TERENCE rocks!!! love u … keep up d good work!!!

  • priyam

    First thing is that Melvin’s elimination was heartbreaking. The decision this year was obviously not easy, but he could at least be on standby. He is obviously better than Jack….. I hope that our request reach the organisers take a good decision.

    Dharmesh should not have expressed his preference for Remo like he did. He should be grateful to be part of DID. We could see that Geeta was hurt and being a GURU himself, he should have acted diplomatically.

    I think that Hardik was better than Altaf

  • himal

    New Poll Question: Which team will win DID Season 2 ?

    A) Terrence Ki Toli
    B) Dharmesh
    C) Remo Ke Rangeelay

    Correct Answer: B) Dharmesh

  • pearl summers

    its really bad i mean how could they eliminate melvin atleast mithun da should have kept him as standby

  • pearl summers

    i dont think geeta did any wrong by questioning dharmesh
    its ok that he love Remo but that doesnt mean geeta ma is nothing after all she is also at the same position .
    he is a contestant and he cant just say something like that

  • shafiq

    i aggree!

  • priyam

    Ameet and Arun appear weak compared to Dharmesh, Kishore, Shashank and Naresh. Melvin is very skilled and would have been the strenght of Terrence ki Toli.

    At least the girls in Terrence team are strong especially Shakti

    Don’t like Parvez crying scene. So ridiculous and does not seem to be sincere

    I know it’s too late to bring back Melvin, but he could be on stanby or bring him through wild card

  • dennis_cold angel

    o god get over melvin man … move on … no 1’s getting him back ok .. have they ever heard d public n got any1 back?? NO .. so y waste ur time writing bout it .. instead promote d ppl u like tat r there now .. they need ur support n nt melvin ..

  • pearl summers

    i think u r right lets see wat happens in friday episode

  • Mahima

    “The dance talent from the South, Ameeth and Vandana were nominated from the Terrence Ki Toli, while Kishore and Shruti were nominated from Geet Ki Gang. Remo Ke Rangeele saw Meenu and Naresh in the danger zone. After the performances coming from the bottom six contestants, Grand Master Mithun Da declared that Shruti Basakhetre from Geeta Ki Gang will be the first contestant to go out from the Grand Premier”

  • Mahima

    TODAY i.e,9th JANUARY..THE Grand Master Mithun Da will declared that Shruti Basakhetre from Geeta Ki Gang will be the first contestant to go out from the Grand Premier”

  • Melvin

    Hi guys…

    Melvin here .. yup the one who got eliminated from top36 …
    i give all my love and my heart reaches out to all the ones mentioned above who felt i was deserving.. u’ll hav really touched me thru ur comments..thank u so much..may God bless you all.. u don’t knw how much it means to me.. i dnt knw u’ll personally but i feel connected to u’ll thru this show..
    i’m so glad of u’ll being supportive of me..

    i promise if i’m ever called back on the show i will ensure i will give u’ll performances that u guys deserve..never to forget ones.. thanks for being so kind to me.. my utmost respect to u guys who have taken thier time off to mention abt me and write abt me here…

    i’m srprised to see so many comments for me.. i never expected it.. my friend send me the link to check it out and hence i logged in…cuz i really wanted to thank u’ll..
    i need ur prayers people.. i really need ur help and blessings..

    i used to work in a investment bank 10 months back till i was called off cuz of recession.. i have managed to survive only thru dance post that.. i have been teaching for the last 7 years.. it was tough convincing my folks as my siblings are professionals and work at high posts in thier industry…and i really thought my dance would do me i always believed in myself.. my mom and dad after elimination want me to quit this dance industry they dnt think i have a future in it..instead take up a job again and i am askin them for some more time to prove myself and make it big..

    it wasnt only my dream that i was trying to live up there.. i’m a warrior , a responsible son,a teacher,and a brat .. i have different dimensions to me jus like u do.. i dn’t want u to empathise or sympathise with me.. i jus want ur prayers .. i’m goin thru a low bt i’m strong abt my passion and fighting back… life is short and professional .. it fires you off u cn never hit back at it.. but , but “u can live it they way u choose to”… if i dont retrn here maybe i will rtrn on some other platform .. and if that doesnt workout .. i will build my own platform to perform for u guys …

    i felt like a loser after elimination … but now i feel like winner cuz i have won many peoples words , wishes and blessings .. i think that matters more than any material desires or victory .. “I never lost love , infact i gained more ”

    May God bless you all , may you live ur passion , may u’ll make so much money that u’ll can buy comets in future and support the needy , may you win pots of gold and may success keep ringing your door bell every morning !!

    My love to you all
    Melvin :)

  • sagar11

    i love jack and parvez permomance and d songs
    can anyone tell which songs they perfomed
    i really love d songs please tell some1

  • vivekchaudhary

    i love D.I.D. i thanks to zee network for production i love all the judgege and all participents i like the most coriography of terence sir … i wanna meet once him . i m a great fan of D.I.D. THANKS

  • patelcharu

    I love this show. Dharmesh and Shakti are rocking. Geeta ma was being very unfair with Dharmesh. She knew from Vadodara Audition that Dharmesh likes Remo sir. Through this show Dharmesh could have fulfill his dream with Remo sir. So, she should be not feel upset when Dharmesh expressing his feeling toward Remo sir. I think she should feel sorry for making mistake of choosing Dharmesh even after knowing that Dharmesh likes Remo. She is the one who ask him during Vadodara Audition “who do you really like?”
    Honestly Geeta ma you are very weak near Remo Sir and Terrance Sir. It would be nice if Vaibhabi Merchant takes her place because Vaibhavi Merchant is the only female Choreographer who knows Classic and Western Dance. Remo sir and Terrance sir are stronger choreographers. They always bring best on stage. If Dharmesh won’t win it will be all because Geeta ma. Only reason I am saying this because I have observed her since DID Season 1. Because of Geeta ma some Dancers are not succeeding.
    Shakti you are truly wonderful Dancer. I also like Kruti. Over all Terrance’s toli is strong in female.
    Geeta ma should not be Upset on Mithun Dada because elimination of Altaf and Tina. Altaf and Teena’s Performance was weak compare to Kruti, Bhavna, Parvez, and Shashank. Not because they didn’t perform well but because there choreography was weak.

    Mithun Dada, I really like your positive nature toward life and toward DID. You are truly giving fair decision to DID elimination. I don’t think you are wrong. Thanks for Beautiful poem.

  • sruthi

    Amrita definitely should NOT have been eliminated….she’s good.
    Feeling really abd for Dharmesh. He clearly told at the time of audition that he want to be in Remo’s team. Still Geetha selected him. “Geetha – Pls try to win the game with your talent and not with the talent of the guys who have already proven that he is a very good dancer. So far the solo done by dharmesh is completely his performance. If you took – Baloon dance also ( which he did on 23rd Jan 2010). Really a BIG BIG BIG shame on you Geetha.
    Dharmesh you rock man !!!

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