Dance India Dance Season2 2nd April

So Dharmesh returns on No.1 spot for Votes and Shakti on 2nd and what a performance by all of them today, Kya Baat Kya Baat “Kya Baat” :)


Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 2nd April Part1

Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 2nd April Part2

Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 2nd April Part3

Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 2nd April Part4

426 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Season2 2nd April

  1. Khan Salim says:

    Yaar missed today episode n didnt sleep for entire nite and still no videos :(

    will watch n sleep hv to Office also :)

  2. Khan Salim says:

    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharemsh :)

    Dharmesh Sir Rocxx Weeeeeeeeeee

  3. pinkyb1988 says:


  4. lords2020 says:

    simply amu prformence was the best.i will ms saajan he always give power pack performance.its very funny remo saing to d sir lyrical hip hop was very easy for you because remo is the one who chose the dance for d sir.
    2.d sir
    punit should eleminat next week. :wink: :wink: :wink:

  5. A_A says:

    imo binny was still worse than punit

  6. babban singh says:

    how cme they dont have any videos 2day

  7. abzmiah says:

    dharmesh rocked and so did shakti and saajan shame hes gone……….., and still dharmesh didnt get the true praises from remo,think geeta has clocked on to the politics. yay!!!

  8. abzmiah says:

    :twisted: = remo d’souza

  9. lords2020 says:

    pleas don’t sport punit because of remo he do not deserve in top 5 eliminate him :idea: i am a mj fan he insult mj by attempting his dance style.i so school boys doing better then him :twisted: :evil:

  10. t.kompany says:


  11. rpokh2002 says:


  12. suruworks says:

    Guys….I saw some speculations about grand finale on 23rd April or something from the post of 31st March……

    Let me tell you they are not going to end this show before May…….both the powers are still not being used so I am sure we are going to see them in next 2 weeks……

    As far as Binny and Shakti in finals speculation is concerned…’s kind of must that shakti and dharmesh goes to the finals so that people vote in huge numbers and they earn their bread butter and jam……

    So guys….finale is still more than a month away…..Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. rpokh2002 says:

    Dharmesh was awesome today………….

  14. MRASHEED says:



  15. illusion-93 says:

    lol cn you try to upload it a bit earlier next time..please

  16. farhan ali 619 says:

    :| hello friends can anyone tell me that who is eliminated today m too excited to know that who is eliminated hope its not sajan

  17. drchirag111 says:

    videos plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. kali.mangal says:

    1) Dharmesh: OMG What a performance!!!! Outstanding..I love the DOLL too..WOW..JUST WOW…. He danced with…so..amazing…very romantic ..awesome..dude hats off..My heart is dancing with Dharmesh!!!! I love the song too…falak tak chal..saath mere..falak tak..Whichever songs Dharmesh selects..the beauty of that song is going to another level..
    Note: Remo is so biased…really i donot have same respect as before..little less…He himself gave Dharmesh to do Lyrical Hiphop and then talling was so easy for u..Damn it..Can’t u just say ..he did awesome or something??? MAN GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!
    KANJUS…ON A BIRTHDAY!!!! sorry…Even Terrence said that Dharmesh ..this is ur style and when u do that style u are very good. period.
    When Dharmesh was getting ..people were commenting..but he has not get those comments…he really did best..and the expectation was high..but he deserved that time.
    Now..Remo..Terrence..Even Mithun..(i am not going to call him Da anymore..are u looking Shakti’s a..s???) Dharmesh is indeed a human being with inner qualities..
    He has now gone beyond those comments…he is just giving his best. Love u man..thats how the attitude should be..
    2) Amrita: Power was great..attitude was great.
    3) Shakti: To me she was stiff..certain body parts where it needs to have movements…She needs to work..wacking was fine. It was very basic. Sorry..Remo..she does not deserve “NTWICP” and Grand Salute..sorry..Its damn values to Grand salute and NTWICP..Look at urself in the mirror Mr. Remo..when u r saying this ..ur face is telling something else that ur heart is not agreeing with u..
    4) Punit: MJ. Few steps he did OK. It was challenge for him. He had very low energy..he can do it (he is macho energy should not be a problem for him) ..he was literally standing in certain areas…it s joke as MJ…Even I saw 2-3 people who did Mj style in audition..10000000000% better than Punit. Jesus..sorry i am disappointed.. Geeta..u r smart to pick up the point about 45D. that MJ does with 2 legs at one place..If Remo tried that screw for Punit he should have done it!! Sorry Punit…Remo please admit that he was way with low energy..MJ dance with such jerks..common Punit could have done it..I put Punit here because I think compare to Binny and amar this was challenging.
    5) Binny: Low energy and attitude..needs clean steps..big steps.
    6) Amar: needs to work a lot ..todays performance he left clean at all. sorry But i am disappointed Only one move was good..head rolling..whatever it is called. But I can say Saajan was very good in Bboying compare to Amar..Amar had less energy..I did not see anything new in amar..these steps he has done previously and better

    Only contestants who deserved was Amrita and Dharmesh (he deserves)…But masters are not is so obvious..

  19. nawzer8 says:

    Where is the video….please let us know the status of the videos…Cant wait to see it.

  20. drchirag111 says:

    i heard shakti did welllllllllll
    i wanna see her
    be fast plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. Kk says:

    Amrtia was superb and Dharmesh as usual rocks!!!.. This time too he was not appreciated by judges inspite of awesome performance..

  22. illusion-93 says:

    i need videos..or imma die mannn..

  23. justcoolsam says:

    Remo is now demoralize Dharmesh. From last 2 months he never praised his performance. I think they are jealous from him. Dharmesh is always give its best…. :wink: But they always ignore his performance by saying it was his style.

    I am sure Dharmesh will be the winner of DID 2.

  24. khyati1012 says:

    i need videosssssssssss

  25. illusion-93 says:

    i’ve been waiting 4 ages
    cn you atleast put part 1 please

  26. wowsz says:

    omg wat a cheat, shakti got the same style from before, do you guys remember the time she did tht dance on chaliyae or something, it was when dada was eliminating people and instead of kruti, shakti went and she did popping and whacking, ugh its not fair how they lied that “oooo shakti never did this style so it was a big problem” ughh it makes me sick

  27. wowsz says:

    heres the name of that performance Shakti Mohan Chaliya Chaliya Hip Hop, just put that on the search of this website and you guys will be able to see it

  28. kali.mangal says:

    They are making a big deal out of Shakti…sucks..All 3..i..s Remo, Terrence and Mithun..

  29. abzmiah says:

    how do i make a complaint regarding remo to zee tv?,is it me or can rest of the people who suscribe to zee can see the injustice on dharmesh,its total bullying,iv been whatching this program since season 1,are the producers and zee managing directors blind?,or do they justcare about money?,even terence is part of remo nowadays,both praising each others,shaktis locking was crap,just total crap,i bet money most ppl who support shakti are men,and the only reason they vote is coz of her looks,guys binny is better looking lol,saajan danced better than shakti today but still remo has to say wow,terence has to say wow you looked so sexy,her dance looks valgur in my eyes,and for prime time this is not good,i cant watch it infront of the kids,coz itl influence kids in my house,its a family show so keep it family based.i aint being ott guys but i wudnt wanna see kids in my house dancing like that.

  30. jfko101 says:

    i agree with “abzmiah”… lot’s of politics going on down there

  31. kali.mangal says:

    Truly Remo and Terrence were smiling from their heart after Dharmesh’s performance..
    Donot u have guts speak properly…rather than going round and round… :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  32. Love says:

    Dharmesh.. I LOVE U..
    I want to be your DOLL :P :P

  33. Jeet kune do says:

    Alltså Dharmesh är grym :) älskar hans dance , alla tävlande är så himla bra, synd att Jack åkte ut :| DID-2 är tuffare än DID-1. Jack hoppas vi får se din dance igen :)

  34. kali.mangal says:

    U r in line..
    I am first to be a DOLL of DHARMESH :lol: :lol: :lol:

  35. Roms says:

    Dharmesh u rocks man
    u r the best……….

  36. sul03 says:

    dear admin, do u no hw long roughly more itl take 4 da video to cum out so i no roughly what time to log back in

  37. kali.mangal says:

    Amrita had opened mouth expressions..when Dharmesh was jumping from the sofa :P :P

  38. sri0365 says:

    Dharmesh, the best thing I like about him is he completes every move before going to the next. He is so nimble on his feet, almost cat like. I mean this guy is a genius, absolutely no questions about it.

    Also as a human being, he is so humble. He and his family has suffered a lot and now is his time.

    According to me, the only reason I can come up with for Remo not giving deserving comments to Dharmesh is because he knows this guy will get the votes. But yes, Remo should rise about such petty issues and say what every participant truly deserves.

    Can’t wait for today’s videos.

  39. kali.mangal says:

    Dharmesh is a clean dancer. No matter it is Hiphop or other styles..he finishes his moves neatly.
    When he dances u can relate to it..connect to it. And if someone wants to learn from his videos they can learn.

  40. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I just saw all the performances! This was a good episode.

    My favs in order:

    1) Amrita — SHE WAS MINDBLOWING!! She ripped the stage in half! To be honest, I was a bit afraid when she got krumping because she is such a graceful dancer, but WOW she was perfect! I think she is the only one that actually got all the masters praises and the GM’s salute and “kya baats” on a solo performance. She truly proved it today on why she deserves to be on DID. I am so glad she made it to top 6!! GO AMRITA!!!

    2) Dharmesh — I loved his performance. As much as I say i want to see Dharmesh do other styles, I honestly just LOVE watching him do HIp hop!! Lyrical Hip hop is not really Dharmesh’s genre, BUT he was perfect. I’m not surprised that he was because even though he is a pop & locker, he has the flow for lyrical hip hop, which most of us might agree on. The DOLL concept was amazing. Dharmesh was actually romantic & expressive, which made me love this dance even more! lol GREAT JOB!! =)

    3) Shakti — Awesome attempt. I think she did a great job for what was choreographed. Only problem I had was that the choreography was simple and basic. I’m a popping & whacking dancer and I know Shakti has it in her to do something more difficult. Terrance shouldn’t have played it too safe and should’ve given her the crazier moves because i am sure she would have done them well! Otherwise, I enjoyed it, especially because of the song =)

    4) Saajan — As happy as i am that he is eliminated, I am sad at the same time. He is a very very good kid and he definitely is awesome in bboying. His performance today was very sweet, cute and nice. I enjoyed it a lot and am glad he left with a great performance!

    5) Amar — Not too impressed with Amar today. =( I love him and I know he is capable of a lot, but sadly he didn’t nail it today. Of course what he did was very credible and the attempt was good considering bboying is not that easy. As Remo said, the toprock and downrock was very weak. It requires lots of strength and agility. But I am sure next time he will kill it =)

    6) Binny — I thought her performance was good, but not as good as Binny can do. Binny has already done so many awesome performances and her capability is also high. Geeta did the same as Terrance did with Shakti. She gave Binny very basic hip hop moves. Binny could’ve definitely done a more complicated hip hop moves because she has that strength but Geeta failed to utilize her to the fullest. The Tutting however was AWESOME! Doing tutting as an individual dancer is very difficult and looks a lot better in a group, but Binny did it very very well. I know Binny can do better!! =)

    7) Punit — I feel bad for Punit because dancing to MJ is very tough. Last year, the girls did it, but they aren’t analyzed as much as a guy would be. I personally did not enjoy this performance at all. I think Punit lacked confidence and energy. That portion where I guess he was trying to find the nail to lock his shoe in was kind of messy because he ended up standing in one place and you can tell in his face that he was a little nervous. He definitely tried and did a credible job, but i have seen so many renditions of MJ, that this just didnt do it for me. I don’t blame Punit because trying to do a dance on MJ is not easy.


  41. Roms says:

    I am not getting wat Remo was saying….
    He said to dharmesh that its easy to do this type of dance..
    than y the hel he gave this dance to him,
    Dharmesh is doing his best to prove himself but seems there is no value for him.

    One more thing… y the hel they promoting Shakti everytime.. There r far more batter contestent than shakti like Amrita and bini in girls.

    Really feel bad for dharmesh… Anyways Dharmesh u rocksss everytime u come. :D

  42. golegappa says:

    SHAKTI just rocked the stage today..

    What a performance it was not her style and she just kicked the butt of all those were saying “I am just waiting to see how Shakti will do popping it is not her style”

    She is an amazing dancer, mind blowing performance.

  43. abzmiah says:

    terence chumeshwari politics!!!
    geeta stupendo fantasticle politics!!!
    remo now thats what i call politics!!!
    mithun kya politics kya politics kya politics!!!

    new name for the show POLITICS INDIA POLITICS

  44. kali.mangal says:

    @Charmz Angel:
    Just got good comments from masters and Grand master ..u put Amrita on top?????????? Because Dharmesh did not get..u put him second?????????? I am just curious. :D

  45. sri0365 says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more. He is a classy dancer, and I think way above the rest.

    BTW, did you watch the videos?

  46. kali.mangal says:

    Shakti was stiff in legs.. 8)

  47. kali.mangal says:

    @sri0365: u mean u dnot agree with me???

  48. javeez says:

    is punit & shakti really deserv for MJ band? & dharmesh dosnt deserv b4 both of them? is this a game? politics?or jelousy?

  49. sri0365 says:


    I meant I totally agree with you. I meant totally :).

  50. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ kali.mangal –

    No, i did not put Amrita on top because of the comment. Please read what i wrote carefully. I specifically wrote that normally i never care of what the masters say because i don’t agree with them all time. I have my own judgement and views on the dances without bias. I feel Amrita was the BEST today. Yes of course Dharmesh was flawless and perfect, but Krumping is far from Amrita’s style and to do it so damn perfectly was just beyond my expectations. Shakti got more praises then Dharmesh but i still liked Dharmesh better. I do not base my ratings on the praises.

  51. kali.mangal says:

    @Chramz Angel: Thank u.. 8) :P

  52. javeez says:

    :roll: VDO PLZZZZZZZZZZ 8O :roll:
    ADMIN PLZ ……. :roll:

  53. sri0365 says:

    I am going to log off now. This wait sucks. I think this is what happens if I am STILL SOBER on a Fri evening. So let me get a few rounds of Vodka down and I will log back in.

    Take care until then Guys and PEACE !!

  54. sri0365 says:


    That was so truly said. I was also about to respond to Abz about the 3rd leg comment but you beat me to it.

    Not at all saying that I don’t have one but I thought that was harmlessly sexist :).

  55. AnnieJ says:


    Seriously! Shakti is an amazing performer. There’s no need to put her down. Everyone has their favorites! I bet if Amrita were “dressing scandalously” and getting 1st/2nd, I think people would be inclined to say the same thing. Sheesh :confused:

    Btw, stay sober! Go over to the site I mentioned earlier, you won’t be disappointed! My buddies over there do great work :)

  56. sri0365 says:


    Provide me with a exact URL pls. Thanks

  57. abzmiah says:


  58. DIDrocks says:

    ok. i LOVEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD Dharmesh’s performance. i actually really did. yea i know it sounds strange coming from someone who absolutely despises the guy. but it was fabulous in every way and i loved the cute awesome doll. LOVED IT! LOVED IT! whew! now that i got that out of my system lets get to the rankings. im just being honest. no bashing. im just not in the mood of typing replies to random accusations these days. plz. its a request.

    1. Dharmesh (yes its his shaili but to me it doesnt matter anymore. i dont look at shailis anymore. he was brilliant in every aspect. i have no other choice but to admit this)

    2. Amrita (i feel she is the one of the contestants who suits ANY style and does justice…FULL justice to whatever she does. true dancer in DID. luv her way too much. way too much. loved the attitude, loved the dance, loved her.)

    3. saajan (this guy beasted locking. it was mad cool. felt so bad when he left but he did have to go. but what a performance!)

    4. shakti (i must say im very impressed with this girl too. yes again i know it sounds strange coming from me. but im honest with my rankings. she was really good at popping.)

    5. amar (i dont know why people were syaing he wasnt good. he was superb for me. his moves were clean and nice. maybe it didnt have much dance. but then again this is bboying. bboying is stunts. thats it. so i felt amar did a fab job at everything. not saying it was crystal perfect. but he was close to it. very good amar. i feel he is also one of those people who suits everything. rock on buddy!)

    6. binny (i wasnt digging the tutting or whatever it was called. maybe she did do justice to the dance but something was lacking. in fact the tutting bored me. but her hip hop section was good. nothing mind blowing but good. and plz binny fans, dont go saying im jealous of her beauty or any of that rubbish. this is what i felt)

    7. punit (felt bad for him. it didnt turn out as he expected from the look on his face. good attempt but no where near MJ. there were some portions i loved, but those werent enough to make the whole performance better. so he places last.)

    im looking forward to tomorrow. cant wait!

  59. khyati1012 says:

    pleaseeeee post the videos

  60. DIDrocks says:

    and one more thing, as ridiculous as this sounds, i actually felt geeta ma nailed her comments today! im impressed.

  61. harryz says:

    politic??? what is the Indian public doing in voting the contestants??? the public is also playing the dirtiest game on earth politics…

  62. abzmiah says:


  63. wowsz says:

    omg thank you for getting it, thy are making a big deal out of her for nothing but she was okay today but thy needed to make a back story to make her performance from okay to good for her to get good marks, ughh wat politics

  64. Beauty1996 says:

    Good comeback to abzmiah!!! When his read that comment I was like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Good someonesaid something about it. Sicko!!

    you said:

    I say:
    Were you still talking about DID at this point in your comment. They are all Indians, so I don not understnd why that came up.

  65. DID S2 dhamaka says:

    ok.. so i’m a girl, and I LOVED binny’s performance.. she performed w/ full energy i thought.. tutting is boring, looks a bit puppet like, but w/ the song, she pulled it off well

    none of the masters commented on the fact that the break move she did was awesome (she messed up on it in a previous act)

    dharmesh was just WOW… amrita’s WEIRD.. but her performance was real good

    shakti.. i think i liked it better cuz of the song, punit was YUCK

    amar :( i usually like him, but i think the song choice made it boring

    can’t wait for tomorrow’s performances :D :D :D

  66. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ DIDrocks –

    You and I have almost the same ratings!!! =) I was confused about whether Shakti should be before Saajan or vice versa lol

    Anyway, you actually read my mind about Geeta. I know people are saying she was harsh today and they just dont like her period, but honestly, her comments were impressive and she said it bluntly! Pretty courageous i would say! :D

  67. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ DIDS2 dhamaka –

    I thought Binny was very good for what she was given. I feel bad for her because she never really gets appreciated and some really bad performances do (no names). Binny just was not utilized properly because she is capable of much more tougher moves and unfortunately for her, Remo gave her the most BORING dance style. If she had popping & whacking or lyrical hip hop, i am sure she would have killed it!

  68. jai says:

    punit –worst impersonation of MJ ever

    all were good but i just want to ask all of u something ..may be i m just being paranoid …

    but D is not getting the desired praise ….

    remo says it was easy 4 him was ur challenge why did u give him easy …or i guess he meant D made it look EASY

    terrence says ..when u dance in ur style u r very very good n entertain us comments on choreography n dance

    Shakti does a good popping attempt ..but very basic n noot amazing …camera n soong were the main attraction not the popping moves …thts what i feel ( not a D fan) ..but she gets NTWICAP..n terrence saysshe was very tensed ..she was saying koi lyrical hip hop (D’s style this week) wagreh de do kar lungi mai….i just heard it n rewinded 3 times to make sure of it ..n i tht its not me thinking this way ..but thr is sumthng wrong ..i read comments of the forum n then ..

    shakti is an ex student of terrence ….shakti’s sister works for terrence lewis academy …what else do u want to knw for being partial ….i cant believe it this is happening ..

    an ppl who r worried abt D n AMMU …i guess they r mentors of lil masters for they r among best ….JAI kumat nair …D ..AMMU …n mayuresh n vrushali ..they might loose the golden cap ..but they have earned much more than that …n shakti never looks in pressure she knws she is in top 2 …well any ways ..this politics make me dislike whatever she do …be it the best dance ever done on the planet

  69. DID S2 dhamaka says:

    @ Charmz Angel

    Thanks for agreeing with me :) Yea, she hardly EVER gets approval from the other masters (only from mithunda if anything) yet she still takes the criticism with a huge smile on her face.

    @ jai

    Yea, you’re right… remo’s being very impartial. So is Terrance. That sucks cuz last season, I gained a lot of respect for terrance. Geeta needs to speak up sometimes. I’m glad she said whatever she said about punit’s ‘MJ’ performance, but Remo darling still covered it up.

    i think there’s a huge amount of TRP politics being played. Or, it may be the fact that geeta’s a girl, and its easier to pick on her.. either way.. :/

  70. jit says:

    Dharmesh – You are the best………

  71. DIDrocks says:

    @charmz angel

    wow i didnt notice ur rankings were same (well almost) lol. u know what they say…great minds think alike. lol.

    and too all of you who thought shakti was not good. i personally felt she was really good. the popping was outstanding. plz give her some credit. u dont have to be her damn fan. im not her fan and yet i appreciated her didnt i? jesus…some people just cant stop being biased.

  72. jai says:

    dude i knw popping ….popping moves were not that gr8 …song made the performance …i dunno its my opinion ..but popping doesnt look good with a smiling face giving expressions …u need to have attitude like something is popping out of ur body n not the lyrics

  73. jai says:

    neways peace ..m not in a mood for some debate ….n


  74. Beauty1996 says:




    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !!!

  75. abzmiah says:

    golegappa lol good comeback but i aint deprived trust me on that,im very frank and honest,i speak my mind,that dont mean that i have not been raised properly or i have any issues,but the way you have got upset i must be right lmao.anyways i best not say too much coz dont wanna get banned. and beauty1996 eeeeeeeeewwwww its the truth!. people should vote by quality of dance not volgarity!.
    and the thrid leg comment was a figure of speech,not the actual thing lol. :lol:

  76. fyzy says:

    Hey all,

    When are the videos coming out??? Can anyone give me a link to another source where I can watch the videos???

    Jus cant wait more… :twisted:

  77. amitvaidcod says:

    well every one is right but i think the best performance was of our SALUTE DEVI(SHAKTI MOHAN)she was really


    ya its really ltlbit disopinted to judge/compare all performance with D sir’s coz he is master in tht style but tht doll was really cute

    punit’s moon was really dispointed

    one more thing binny is also not doing lip sync but no1 comments her for that but for saajan “u miss tat please -2 lip syncing mat bhool yaar”

    well hope the jodi of DID1 & DID2 rocks

    as i have seen d pics on DID “Dance India Dance Season2 Remo’s Challenge Pictures” i think jai n shakti will get 1 more amu & sunita going to miss can’t say any thing for D sir & s pie but sur about salman prince & alisha

  78. Beauty1996 says:

    Agree, people should vote upon quality on dance. Someone commented that the winner of the show should have various qualities, such as charisma, beauty, be handsome, funny…
    When that person said that, I was like, what is your problem. This show is called Dance India Dance, which means that we are trying to find the best dancer and not a beauty queen or anything else. But I misunderstood, and I agree that people base whom they are voting for based on things other than dance.

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !!!

  79. amitvaidcod says:

    can anybody tell that DID crew watchs our comments if yes then i would like to submit a good concept for an intro as we hav seen it in starting “kahani goeang ki” if yes then please-3 tell me m damn sure u all love that concept if our DID mentors choreograph that wit our DID stars

  80. Beauty1996 says:

    A person cannot post a link on this forum, or else that person will get banned. I think someone else has mentioned above of how to get to a site with the videos.

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is aweome!!!

  81. abzmiah says:

    thank you beauty that you agree,they should be swapping to masters just b4 the phone elimination starts.

  82. Beauty1996 says:

    I thought Dharmesh did excellent, but I wonder why he did not get a NTWICAP or a Grand Salute. Shakti was average in her performance compared to Dharmesh ( just my opinion though), but she got both NTWICAP and Grand salute.

    You are welcome! :D

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !!!

  83. DIDrocks says:

    ok beauty holds no place in dancing. do you think remo (no offense remo), ganesh acharya, saroj khan, shiamak davar,lawrence, geeta kapoor, farah khan, ahmed khan, bosco-ceaser and what not, are HOT? nope! but they are the top choreographers in bollywood. i mean they are brilliant. i just didnt mention terrence and ganesh hegde becuz i think they are kinda hot. lol. we dont look for beauty in dance. nope. a dancer, to be called a dancer, should know how to dance, perform, and express. i mean dance was invented back in i dont know how long as a means of expression and communication. it has been modified but the meaning is the same. thats the essence of dance. nowhere does it say u have to be beautiful to dance.

    so whoever said u need beauty, personality, and etc to win, u r wrong!

  84. fyzy says:

    @Beauty1996 – Got that… thx… :D :wink:

  85. abzmiah says:

    amitvaidcod says:
    April 3, 2010 at 2:29 am
    well every one is right but i think the best performance was of our SALUTE DEVI(SHAKTI MOHAN)she was really


    ya its really ltlbit disopinted to judge/compare all performance with D sir’s coz he is master in tht style but tht doll was really cute


  86. Beauty1996 says:

    Absuloutley! I mean if ppl wanted the winner to have qualieties like beauty, funninnes…. we should’ve given each contestant a list of requirements when they auditioned, so that they don’t have to go through all of this dung (Indian style) and then, in the end just lose, because he/she was not good looking, funny, or hot.

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome!!!

  87. Beauty1996 says:

    Always there to help! You are welcome !!!

  88. Beauty1996 says:

    Good point and lol Terence and Ganesh Hedge are kinda cute(with makeup that is). I just saw Ganesh without makeup, I have to say there is a difference.

    BTW: Ram Potineni is awesome !!!

  89. abzmiah says:


  90. Beauty1996 says:

    Well, he is a model and actor who acted in many commercials and a soap apra called “Aapki Antar” which was on Zee tv, and is not running anymore. I am just a fan, so I just randomly put his name out there, don’t ask me why, because I don’t know either.

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta and Ram Potineni are awesome !!!

  91. njaiswal says:

    Dharmesh – Rocking performance. Defn deserved better comments from Remo and a grand salute. The performance of the day, but appreciation/comments underplayed due to obvious reasons.

    Amrita oerformance was also really good. Deserved the comments.

    Ordinary performance by Shakti – people cannot be fooled by Remo.

  92. abzmiah says:


  93. prashantsinh says:

    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh…. :D

    but yaar shakti 2nd ? this is not fiar yaar esse achi to binny dance karti hai… :oops:

    sooo 1st Dharmesh 2nd Binny and 3rd or koi bhi ho chalega…. :P

    and remo jab ho tab binny ki galti hi nikalta hai … :evil: binny alag sabse acha dance kare to bhi remo to uski hi galti nikalta hai..pata nahi yeh remo ko dharmesh or binny se kya prob hai ..i think woh ese dekh kar jalta hai …. :x

  94. rajesh.suvarna says:

    amrita once again you have prooved that she is the eligibal contestent for did-2 final.
    pl vote amrita…..
    next week i think punith should go out…

    can anybody guess who can mitunda call back…..

  95. princerij90 says:

    i find it seriously funny that dharmesh’s fans are so jealous of shakti getting all the’s seriously pathetic..
    but yea i do agree remo was completely biased today..dharmesh did fantastic and the least remo could do was praise him..
    as for shakti, i don’t see what’s so vulgar like people say..people, no let me say, KIDS, if you think shakti is too sexy for your eyes, it’s about time you should start skipping her performances, she does not wear whatever she wants neither does she makes the performances on her’s decided by the judges, zee tv officials or costume designers’s not seriously, dharmesh’s fans, it’s about time you should start appreciating performances as they are rather than being COMPLETELY BIASED with dharmesh only..honestly, you guys are FAR MORE biased than remo will ever be..
    amar didn’t do as gud as i expected..i’m really hoping he will make a comeback tomorrow..he’s my favorite dancer in DID 2..
    amrita was gud..puneet was okay..binny sucked lol
    saajan did pretty gud..but in any case, it was his time to leave..
    next week, binny should be’s so very obvious that she’s the weakest dancer in DID 2 right now

  96. DIDrocks says:


    yea i agree with u. im also sick of people attacking shakti for no apparent reason. im kind of tired of writing replies to tell them to stop commenting about her clothes. enough is enough. i really liked shakti today. i dont know why people are after her. i thought she did a great job. and ur right in saying that some dharmesh fans are more biased towards dharmesh than remo is against dharmesh. i swear its starting to get on my nerves. if u like dharmesh, fine. but no reason to attack others. its a sign of insecurity on ur part. if u think dharmesh is gonna win, then be confident. dont be so cheap and attack other contestants to make ur dharmesh look better.

    and before any of you start saying im a dharmesh hater (which dharmesh fans are inclined to do to make any comment against dharmesh look like rubbish), look at my rankings above. i put him 1st this week. cuz unlike u people, i appreciate dance when it is good.

  97. AnnieJ says:


    Spot on! My point exactly. Give the girl some credit (Shakti), she doesn’t have to be your fave! Yes, she’s not a pop-n-lock master (or in anything hip-hoppy, for that matter, like Dharmesh) but at the same time, she couldn’t do a contemporary performance as well as her either. Everyone has their forte – yes, it’s not an excuse to miss the mark, but that’s why in these episodes the judges always say very good ATTEMPT!

    Haha. :)

  98. princerij90 says:

    @didrocks, if all the users would be like you, this forum would have been so much better and much more interesting..

  99. golegappa says:

    Guys when you see most of the comments negative about Shakti you can be sure of atleast one thing, she really must have given an awesome performance, to trigger so much insecurity and jealousy.

  100. mikpatel says:

    Remo sucks ds days. He just acts as an a-hole. Have anybody seen him pointing out his own contestants? He is just behind
    Dharmesh every time. Even though u give bad comments, audience is not foolish. Everybody knows dt Dharmesh is a Dance master in real. This man has perfection in every single step. Whatever the masters say, he will get support by his big fan club.

    Hatts off Dharmesh…!

  101. DIDrocks says:

    thank u AnnieJ, princerji90, and golegappa for ur support! :)

  102. DIDrocks says:

    yes that was very sweet of remo. i cried like a baby watching him with his parents and his wife, who was also bawling like a baby.

  103. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I agree with you DIDrocks!!! I’m not a Shakti fan either, but hey, when the girl gives a good performance, she deserves good comments! =)

  104. AnnieJ says:


    I KNOW! It was so emotion! I cry easily anyway, being a sympathetic/empathetic girl, but damn! That was like sweet-overload, I couldn’t help myself!

    So I just started watching season 1. In the first episode with the top 18, when Geeta has to nominate 2 people for the kasauti, they show her “motherly” video and then she starts bawling and sputtering “I HAVE TO DO THIS I LOVE YOU GUYS” blah blah! Lol I guess she’s been doing this since day 1! :D

    She was pretty amazing in her comments today, actually! :D

  105. njaiswal says:

    @ AnnieJ @DIDrocks

    Agree with you, ppl shdn’t comment on dresses, and Shakthi is the best contemporary dancer.

    But ppl are bound to get angry/disappointed when a contestant gets excellent comments for a ordinary performance :wink:

    Obviously Dharmesh fans will react, when they see an excellent performance frm him, but no appreciation from Masters :twisted:

  106. sundial says:

    Amrita…u rocks yaar…..i love u…. :oops:
    “D”……u will surely win DID-2 :twisted:
    Shakti ..u took mu heart away…….but sorry u will not match up to the standards set by above two champs. 8O

  107. sundial says:

    i also like the dynamic and aggressive attitude of “DIDrocks”….(girl/boy)whatever…but if u r a girl than u r very theekhi…lol…. :wink:

    “Jin Baba” u r cool dude..i like ur comments…. :D n belated happi birthday JB..

  108. njaiswal says:

    I think Remo shd concentrate more on his contestants than playing politics or giving his expert comments :wink: else he might be left with no contestants soon.

    Think he hasn’t gotten over the fact that Dharmesh is not in his team and hence his behaviour. What a pity :x

  109. lala says:


    It seems this forum is not really forum for discussing about dance and last week performance. It is now divided between dharmesh’s fan/students and others.

    He is good dancer in his own style but I am fail to understand why so much hype is created about him on this forum.

    Grow up guys and support real talent.

  110. nawabarsharock says:

    where is the videos of 2 april???????????? pls uploads soon. i could not find and i am dying to watch.

  111. priyam says:

    @Princerji 90

    Wery well said. You expressed my feelings. It is unfortunate that people are so blind that they find only Shakti sexy when all the girls are which is not their fault. People have called Shakti all sorts of name like monkey, lizard, churail which I find very immoral and cheap.I love Dharmesh as well and I think that he is a great dancer, but this is not a reason to let down other contestants.

    And thanks to Princerji, AnnieJ, DIDrockts, Jeet and Golegappa for keeping this forum pleasant.

    And of course our beloved JINBABA

  112. yadhulal says:

    hi gyz

    dn wry

    Go 2

  113. AnnieJ says:

    @ Priyam

    Aww shucks, I’m just a newbie to the forum, I haven’t contributed that much to the pleasantness of this forum, at least not yet! :wink:

    Thank you :)

  114. sundial says:

    Mr. Terrence :twisted: ……ur behaviour was not good…tum kya jatana chahte ho yaar…..tum saaf -2 kyon nahi boltein ki tumhe dharmesh pasand nahi…..shakti ko achcha batana dharmesh ki burai ker ke thats bad….thats not ethical…((what is this crap ki shakti ne bola ki koi bhi hip-hop lyrical de do….aur wo bhi bad expressions detein hue….))not god yaar……
    i respect u as a choreographer.
    fav. hota hai sabka apna-2 but achcha hoga ki Amar ki tarafdari karo….wo bahut talented banda hai…..

  115. princerij90 says:

    thanks priyam..really appreciate’s really sad to see how hateful this forum has gotten toward contestants like shakti only because she topped dharmesh twice in a row in terms of janta voting..
    she did beautiful popping today and remo even said that’s what i call a performance which he did not say to his own two contestants..i really don’t know what the people of this forum expect

  116. priyam says:


    Is it contestants fault is no appreciation from masters? Why attack contestants?—Just express your feelings about masters comments

  117. DIDrocks says:

    aww thats sweet priyam. thank u for liking my comments.


    lol. im a girl. thanks for liking my attitude though. my friends also have told me im very “theeki” cuz im very frank. lol. its just the way i am. lol.

  118. priyam says:

    @ AnnieJ

    You might be new in this forum, but at least you are down to earth.

  119. priyam says:

    @DID rocks

    You know my dear, it is good to be a bit theeki. My staff often say that as well as I go direct to the point, But they do love me because they know that when there is a problem, I’ll be there for them.

  120. AnnieJ says:

    @ priyam

    So many nice comments in one day! Now you’re making me blush! :oops:

    @ DIDrocks

    Girl, someone’s gotta tell it like it is! :mrgreen: And because not many people are so nice and yet so frank, it makes you quite a rare gem ;)

  121. njaiswal says:


    Shakti’s performance yesterday was pretty ordinary. I don;t think there is anything wrong in pointing that out and expressing your view that she doesn;t deserve the grand salute & Remo’s stupid comments.

  122. ratnagar says:

    hello all,

    I love reading all the comments after watching the show b/c there are so many things running in my head. I agreed with everything DIDrocks said yet once again—except the part about Geeta’s comments…I will explain that in a bit.

    But I wanted to say that I loved Dharmesh’s performance and I do not think Remo was being biased when he said the style is natural to him, I thought that maybe he tried to give him that style so he could go deeper in it you know–like go further and try something new with it and maybe that is why Remo picked him to do it…b/c he wanted to challenge him in that way—and I think he did a good job—he performed really well, it was fun to watch him and put a smile on my face :) I guess I did not hear any malice in Remo’s comments, in that respect…and Mithun says he doesn’t care when people do their style again and again as long as they are going deeper and doing things differently….and I think he did that.

    Ok with Geeta, it annoyed me that she did not say anything excitedly to any contestants except for her own….I can’t stand her as it is b/c she is always making excuses for her contestants or crying or some garbage all the time…and this time she acted indifferent towards all of them and then when Amrita and Binny performed she couldn’t contain herself. I agree that Amrita rocked but Binny definitely did not, and if you watch when Amar, Shakti, Saajan performed she is like “…let’s see if Remo is happy”….ughhhhh I wanted to kick her….and when Amrita and Binny gave theirs she is ecstatic and screamed her stupendo fantabulous blah blah….and then screamed about how they deserved to here as if no one else did besides them…I’m sorry but what the hell! I love Amrita and Dharmesh but I can’t stand Geeta…..and you know the other contestants have hard lives too and work hard also, no more or less then any others and the dignified thing about them is they do not use that to get votes…and Terrence and Remo do not use that stuff to get them votes. I’m sorry but I get that Binny was sick last week but I was glad when Remo said he didn’t care to know what was wrong….their have been problems with everyone and they deal with it-I think Geeta does injustice to her own dancers by trying to get them sympathy and make excuses for them when they have the ability to stand on their own.

    Next, with Punit—I think he is a great dancer, and I feel bad for him b/c had the performance not included MJ noone would be comparing them…and maybe Remo did not think that through fully b/c he said you are not supposed to compare them…and it is a little unfair b/c none of the other contestants had to include some idealic dancer in their performance….so it sucked for him b/c obviously when you project MJ you are going to analyze everything the dancer does, and he was not as good as him—BUT that does not mean he was terrible. Also, Geeta was trying to be smart with her 45 degree angle thing b/c then the other two had to correct her so the audience would know that MJ spent money on creating shoes that would allow him to do that angle with his body. Anyone who is an avent MJ fan knows that he spent loads of money to get that accomplished–and he is a genius for thinking of it—no downplaying him–I am just pointing out that she is overly critical of others but did not once say Binny needed to improve on her performance. (SIDE NOTE: I have yet to hear her tell any of her contestants they did something weak—she has never ever said anything, and Remo and Terrence will tell their contestants what to do better–maybe less than last year, but they still do it-when have you heard Geeta do it? She quickly called out Puneet who did something sooo hard, and even said Shakti was “ok” but she could not say ONE critical thing about Binny—seriously?

    Anyway….When they showed our affordable desi version with the plate at the bottom of the shoe and the nail–I honestly felt pride in the creativity of our Indian people :) I thought it was freaking awesome that they could pull something like that off….and then I was glad they showed Punit do that after with both of his feet together–that is not easy to do.

    I thought Amrita was great, and she is a versatile dancer…I agree that Binny needs to go next week–she is a good dancer but I think she is about done…she is no fun to watch….she looks like an immature dancer. Lastly, I thought Shakti was awesome too….and her performance here was not like the Chhaliya one—they were two different styles….this whole night was showed us how many varieties of this style there are…and locking and popping is the same as hip hop…..she did something different and she did it well. Amar was great too–he did something new and he did it well.

    I hope I do not sound too angry or agressive, I was very upset at Geeta she annoys me…otherwise I love all of the contestants and love this show…these youth have so much talent and its awesome to be able to see it like this.

  123. avishekmondal says:

    Guys please follow the link and lodge your complaints against the people who are against D sir .

  124. DIDrocks says:

    @priyam and princerij90

    very true. its not the contestant’s fault that they got NTWICP or whatever. comment about masters and leave it at that if u have a problem. and what princerij90 said was also true. remo didnt say NTWICP to his own contestants and said it to shakti and amrita. and yet he is being “unfair” cuz he gave shakti something and dharmesh nothing. like wtf? i also felt dharmesh deserved more praise than he received but that doesnt mean all the other contestants who got the praise dont deserve it.

  125. njaiswal says:

    @ princerij90

    Remo’s “That’s wht I call a Performance” comment is no more wht it used to be, especially after Saajan & punit got that after their pathetic performances.

    It is quite obvious that Remo & Terrence have an understanding – in fakely appreciately & not critizing each other contestants. Anyone following the DID can tell that :wink:

  126. DIDrocks says:

    thanx priyam and AnnieJ

    i know i come across as being a bit harsh cuz of my frankness, but i dont like to put up fake faces. sometimes u have to, i know, but i just dont like doing it. somehow it makes myself look hypocritical to me. lol.

    par me dil se bohut achchi hoon. i promise! lol.


    Priyam is right. u are very down to earth. i also love ur comments!

  127. speakingeyes says:

    upload videos of 2nd April plz :(

  128. njaiswal says:

    The Self admiration Club is growing :wink: Good to see the love flowing arnd, after so much critization of the contestants & the masters :lol:

  129. AnnieJ says:


    Aaray tum bhi! Making me blush! :oops: Thank yoouuu! I’m really not used to getting compliments, can you tell? :mrgreen:

    And don’t worry. I haven’t seen you be harsh. I think there’s a difference between being argumentative (in a friendly, rational, debate kind of way) and aggressive (emotional, passionate, heated, often irrational). Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right, so keep at it!!! :D

  130. DIDrocks says:


    awww. ur such a sweetheart. but i meant every word i said about u. as i said, i tell it like it is. lol.

    and thank u. my purpose is not be harsh. and im glad to hear i havent been harsh. :)

  131. avinash888020 says:

    shakti win the did 2

  132. AnnieJ says:

    @ njaiswal

    LOL! Well, we’re admiring those amongst us rather than ourselves specifically, but it’s a hilarious comment all the same. And yes, this reminds me of song from the Lion King:

    “Cannnnn you feeeeelllll the loovvveeee tooniigghhhhtt!….” Hahaha :D

  133. brkdancekid says:


    are u

  134. ravipatel8 says:


    agree with you totally shakti and amrita both deserved it but so did dharmesh..

    Okay so just like every episode i have something to say about it. so here it goes.. Today’s best performances dharmesh, shakti, and amrita not in any perticular order because they were all fabulous… cant put them in order because they were all good i would give them all equal marks for today… I also agree with many comments made above about how politics being played against dharmesh.. remo is the one who give him the style and all he had to say was it is too easy for him.. just go ahead and admit it that he was awesome… Terrance also with him… doesnt say much about dharmesh’s performance and also for amrita after remo says that’s what i call performance he has to add in that was chumeshwari performance…. Shakti also killed her performance today… loved her performance been loving her saw different side of shakti and thats what we need to see more from her terrance bring out some funk from her and she will be on top again… I like both dharmesh and shakti but I dont like how politics are being played against dharmesh that is why i favor dharmesh more than shakti…..

    Okay so the other three performances.. start with saajan he would come after the three performances if you look at saajan’s performance without music you will be amazed… it was fantastic performance without music but with music he was way out of sync with the music he couldnt catch any beats way behind or way ahead at times… i would have called that’s what i call performance if there was no music in the background and placed it with dharmesh, amrita, and shakti… so he gets #2 spot from me… Next I put Amar good performance couple of mistakes you could see not very fluid with his performance little bit stiff.. Not much to say about it average performance… Okay punit’s performance was okay… he can not even copy mj correctly so please…. we know there can be no one like mj himself but punit’s performance was below average for me great concept from remo but punit couldnt pull it off… also I hate the fact that how everyone is all praise about punit when we know his dancing didnt get him the praise it was all remo’s choreography and concept just like that sachin’s performance he did it was because remo’s concept he got the praise.. he definitely does not deserve to be in top 6 i think even though saajan does make mistakes he is better dancer than punit and also has more of his own style to bring to the show which everyone loves…

    Anyways last but not the least have said this million times Remo and Terrance please stop trying to bring dharmesh down because more you try to bring him down more he will become bigger because people can clearly see what is going on the show.. u give him style to do and he does it exceptionally and all you can say is oh that style was too easy for dharmesh… come on just stop it and give him something harder to do if you think it was going to be too freaking easy for him to do…

    Anyways keep it up Dharmesh sir.. great work.. I admire your passion for dance even though let down by your god week after week….

  135. brkdancekid says:

    testing my patience
    we have much worthy work to do rather than monitoring ur
    stupid comments

    i hope u get the point

  136. nb250009 says:

    Just gone thru all those comments… sounds some are Shakti fans and some are Dharmesh’s. But this is not politics or nothing.. ZEE is raising TRP for this show and hearing you all… they have “NAILED IT”.

    Dharmesh is my personal favourite but the most versatile dancer is Amrita. Not saying the best cause everyone has their own forte.

    Just getting the feel that 80 percent of what Master’s speaks is scripted.. I have got my own reasons…

    1. Remo was aware of who is Dharmesh but still the hype “Who is Dharmesh Sir”. Remo has judged a tournament where all the members of Dharmesh group performed.. D, Neetu, Meenu, Tarang and still he maintains a face which shows… Who the hell is Dharmesh..

    2. Dharmesh calling again and again that Remo sir is my GOD and creating a buzz out of it… Hats off to the Creative team.

    3. Seriously I didnt found D’s performance in Mega Auditions as good as it was in auditions. I think others have performed very well but still Geeta selected as if she had made up his mind.

    4. Everyone on ZEE knew about the rising popularity of D and thats why i feel its planned to take him out by Mithun from top 18.

    5. When the popularity graph was at its peak for D, they started panning him and rising Binny and Shakti. It worked (I am not sure, just a may be) and Shakti got the boost.

    6. And I dont understand if its scripted or Geeta is not so well equipped with Hip Hop that whenever D has coreographed himself, he was just awesome but when it comes to Geeta coreographing him, it comes to a medicore performance.

    I will continue in my next…

  137. DIDrocks says:


    yea i also can see how the self admiration club is growing. lol. but we need to spread the love in this hateful atmosphere. haha!

  138. sundial says:

    finally i m able to see all the videos of 2nd April……i frankly say all the contestants have done there job well…..its really hard to believe that saaajan has to leave…i don’t know how to react to this..he is very telented child (mind it he is just 16+)…and D is around 27 but any ways “thanks janta tumne jack ko baher ka rasta dikhaya” :| … happens; kruti ke sath bhi yahi hua tha….but, even the performance of Rahul (remember)!!! alas.., the feeling is something like that u r studying in IIT and still u r not getting placed….only one will be the winner..uff….final points..there should be two winners a girl and a boy…shakti and dharmesh…..this will be a happi ending….

  139. brkdancekid says:

    amrita’s krumping was not what i expected

    attitude was great but

    arm swipes only in the start looked more like a uncontrolled mental patient , no buck hops .
    stomps cud’ve bin better and if breaking the mirror
    is a kill off then i’ll be damned lolz

    its only becuz i expect her to improve
    full marks for attempting in a single week

  140. sundial says:

    one more thing I wish “Shreesanth” must give auditions for DID-3….u will rock boss….u may have a batter carrier in dancing than in cricket. 8O

  141. breathless says:

    Happy birthday to Remo! Also, I find it kind of ironic that some people on this site think that terrance, and remo are playing “dirty” politics with dharmesh, when they themselves are trying to demoralize shakti cause of the way she dresses. People accept it that both shakti and dharmesh are the best, so you stop the politics! Also, many of the people that think that remo and terrance are biased just watch the show for their own conformation bais. You guys just pick out the places where remo doesn’t praise dharmesh, or gives if construtive critisms, and bash remo. Stop attacking the judges (even geeta).

  142. brkdancekid says:


    good idea
    and harbhajan can also do bhangra in the auditions
    sreesanth ko company ho jayegi lolz


  143. sundial says:

    *career…….sorry my english is as weak as dharmu’s….
    @brkdancekid……aur saath mai dueo hoga to shee ko bhajji se badla lene ka bhi maouka mil jayega….hehe….

  144. canadianfan says:

    why cant i see the videos !!!

  145. priyam says:


    Yes my friend, there is no problem in expressing your views- If you perceive Shakti’s performance as ordinary, that is fine- your opinion is respected.

    You said that people are bound to get angry if contestants do not get comments they deserve- fine as well-But people should get angry with the judges my dear, contestants cannot be blamed for that.

    No hard feelings lol.cheers

  146. priyam says:

    Well said breathless. Keep it up

  147. Admin says:


    First of all our sincere apologies for the delay. Videos won’t take more than an hour from now.

    Good luck to those who posted external links and got their a** banned.

  148. breathless says:

    for all those who think that remo is jealous of dharmesh, mark my works by the end of the season remo will give dharmesh the MJ band, and also say “thats what i call a performance”.
    @ priyam
    I agree with you that everyone has a right to express their own views.

  149. priya says:

    in yesterday comments , Remo commented,

    Dharmesh you are good , but the DOLL was Awesome.

    It seemed from promo of Salman and Punit’s performance,
    Geeta should tell him, the guys were good , But job of Strings they were hanging on,was just mindblowing.
    Arre bhai props ka yogdaan dikhta hai Bande ka nahi.

    Remo Sir, Rasta kuch galat pakad liya hai aapne,abhi bhi bahut der nahi huee hai Laut Aayeye.

  150. prashantsinh says:

    u r right priya …

    remo sir ne rasta galat pakad liya hai …

    lekin ky akare koi kehne vala to hon achahiye na…

  151. priya says:

    Now , Remo is going to use NTWICP for Dharmesh but Siddesh
    is also there to half the credit.

    It seems like Remo is scared and connecting his old situation with Dharmesh. May be he is thinking that Dharmesh will become the same, what he became to Ahmed(whom he assisted).

    As Remo is more famous than Ahmed now.

  152. sundial says:

    haha…..hehehehe… :lol: nice point “Priya” actually he just want to point out the person behind all this stuff and that was binni assit.of Geeta…. 8O and ek baat to sure hai
    Remo sir ko bhi pata hai is baar unki daal nahi galegi…..aur mai be he will trying to manipulate same statistics otherwise puni ka top -4 mai aana impossible hai…..if puni is eleminated….than he (Remo Sir) will not have choice he has to support “D”.

  153. priya says:

    History is repeating itself(i am talking about very old history)

    Remember the story of Dronacharya(Remo) and Eklavya(Dharmesh), where Eklavya was just worshipping his guru idol and learnt all the “vidya” by only watching him.

    Drona is his heart was very pleased with Eklavya but was helpless with his guru job and wanted his Arjun(Punit) to win the battle, so he did all what is required for Arjun’s Victory.

    Bhaiya Dharmesh, Aap kuch aisa na de na baithna GuruDakhsina mein.

  154. sundial says:

    hi… dont’ vary ye kal youg hai…”D” has got lot of popularity but to be a good and successful choreographer in bollywood he has to take help of Remo sir or any other whose style is similar to D’s style ,(the same way Remo sir took help of Mr. Ahemad)… i tell u one thing…..only “D” and Ammu has the capability of a choreographer other r just dancers (spoon feeding kids)
    final point…..if D has to move forward in his lyf he has to be Eklavya, arjun, a pappet kuch bhi banna padega…..and wait for his turn

  155. princerij90 says:

    @ravipatel8, i don’t see how terrence tries to bring dharmesh down though..yes, remo has been biased often times..but i do think terrence is pretty honest..i mean of course he favors his contestants more..which judge doesn’t?? duhh..
    but you guys (no offense) always talkin about remo and terrence teaming up makes me sick..i don’t see terrence bringing down dharmesh everyday wtf do you guys keep talkin about? today he did praise dharmesh’s performance..i think the only way you guys would be happy is if terrence stands up and says ‘that was a chummeshwari performance’ regardless of how mediocre it would be..
    just to make one thing clear, no i’m not defending terrence, i’m no die-hard fan of his..i just don’t think it’s right that you keep talking about them teaming up..
    every judge is biased when it comes to their own all honesty, geeta is really really the episodes when dharmesh gave average performances and everytime any judge would point out mistakes she would start almost crying and going to points where she would disrespect the other’s really sad you don’t find that to be bias or you don’t find any partiality in only find partiality when dharmesh is not being kissed or something for his performance..
    for those who think i’m a dharmesh hater, he’s my third favorite contestant and i wouldn’t mind at all if he wins DID 2..he’s a very deserving contestant..
    all i’m asking for is that dharmesh’s hardcore fans should look beyond him and stop criticizing judges and other contestants when they don’t appreciate dharmesh or exceed him in votings..this is sad..

  156. princerij90 says:

    @priya and sundial, really? seriously? are you freakikn kiddin me? sorry for the rude language
    remo is scared of dharmesh? oh wow..
    guys, dharmesh is only gud in hip hop..once again, i don’t hate him, he’s one of my favorites..
    remo is a brilliant choreographer who has choreographed countless movies containing bollywood dances not to mention hip hop which is his guys, dharmesh hasn’t yet come to a level where he can be compared to remo..if he was really better than remo, he wouldv’e been controlling bollywood right now..i mean come on..he is 27, a famous teacher and choreographer..if he’s so freakin gud why the heck is he in did 2?
    remo is a master..dharmesh is brilliant but it will take time until he gets to remo’s level..and if you guys disagree with me, go ask dharmesh why he calls remo his ‘bhagban’..

  157. sundial says:

    @ princerij90: don’t feel sorry…….(i don’t have ability that DID rocks Have,hehe :wink: )
    when sachin was just 16 he can’t be compared to Gavesker or vishwanat but the potential was there…its same as for D. he has potential too….no body can deney this…what remo has achieved in last 10 years is amazing….we hope for D the same…if u see geeta she was assitent for Saroj for more than 15 years terrence is still finding his feet in bollywood….i m pointing on this fact dear… defenately remo has nothing to fear about D…its a chain may be D can be a good successor of the years to come..

  158. Bibek Shah says:

    dharmesh n finally dharmesh is going to win did 2 :lol:

  159. kalim says:

    video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  160. priya says:

    Its okay prince for your harsh lang. as you are not attacking but only defending Remo.
    Dear, no need to defend him as if somebody doubts his ability will be really a fool.
    and I am not a fool.I do like Remo alot may be more than other judges as far as his choreography concerned,
    If I like him ,I have a right to complain about his decisions if I feel so.
    For me , not Dharmesh any other dancer who is doing their work amazingly should be praised.
    Of course he praised him ,(but kambal mein lapet kar dande maarne ke jaise).

    No need to tell me, but just think, do you really think Dharmesh is appreaciated the same way he praised Saajan and Punit.

    Mentors have their own team to choreograph but as soon as they sit on judges chair they should not be biased towards their contestants.

    Geeta and Terrance also does the same ,still they does that in limits but Remo was little exception this season.

  161. kalim says:

    i found no video on this side
    some one tell me what happend lol.
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  162. princerij90 says:

    @priya, of course i’m not denying that remo is my previous comments i even mentioned that he should’ve praised dharmesh today instead of saying what he said which wasn’t very right..
    what i’m complaining about is you guys shouldn’t compare remo and dharmesh..dharmesh is still learning and remo is a master..
    with given time, dharmesh may be a big name in bollywood industry but now’s not the time to compare him with someone as big as remo..that’s what i tried to say in my last comment may be misunderstood priya

  163. princerij90 says:

    may be you misunderstood, priya*******that’s what i meant to say..sorry..
    and sundial yes i agree with your last comment

  164. kalim says:

    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh……
    Binny Binny Binny Binny Binny…….
    Amrita Amrita Amrita Amrita Amrita……
    Geeta Geeta Geeta Geeta Geeta………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  165. kalim says:

    :| :x :wink: :twisted: :roll: :oops: :o :mrgreen: :lol: :idea: :evil: :confused: :arrow: :P :D :?: :? :) :( :!: 8O 8)

  166. kalim says:

    video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  167. kalim says:

    video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :!: :!: :!:

  168. kalim says:

    video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  169. sundial says:

    @ priya: nice explanation……
    ek baat if Remo had not appreciated puni and saajan they could have gone form DID well before,hahahaha :lol:
    bye frndzs..i have to go other wise my prof..mera DID bana denge. :( ….missin “Jin Baba” & :DID rocks”. bye frnds.. :roll:

  170. kalim says:

    uplod videos…………………..

  171. priya says:


    Yes prince, I agree, but Remo keeps on telling all the time that Dharmesh has become popular from his audition round , even if he does mindblowing performance he demoralise him by saying it as an OK performance.
    As per saying that there is always room for improvement is right, but when you praised other performances by WOOOOOW thing and is not praising somebody thatway just because he has done something very briliantly in first round, which made him enormously popular.(this shows little jealously in him ).

    Once again i am saying , guru and shisya are always beyond
    comparisions.main to kya koi bhi nahi kar sakta unko compare.

  172. mnegi says:

    Dharmesh has No Match…… WOW.

    I really loved his dance, he is far ahead to what is happening there. I will give 10 votes to him

  173. kalim says:

    i agree with u

  174. princerij90 says:

    priya, i’m happy about one thing, at least you’re not calling me princer ji lol..i’ve been called this before by some users in this forum though my user name is princerij..nice of you to have noticed name is actually rij though
    and yes like i said, remo is biased towards dharmesh..i’ve already admitted that before you not see my previous comments in this page? check them out lol

  175. speakingeyes says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :twisted: :twisted: up load the video :?:
    juldy upload kr do video :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

  176. princerij90 says:

    and yea at this point, i give up..i’m gonna leave those hardcore dharmesh fans alone who say he has no match and whatnot, because ppl who judge this show based on dance and not on popularity, know that dharmesh is not always untouchable..

  177. prashantsinh says:

    are yaar video kab upload karege aap …

    subah se rah dekh raha hu ……kab karne wale ho…esme liokha hai 3 hours or abhi to 6 hours ho gaya tabhi bhi video upload nahi kiye…..karne wale ho ya nahi …..

  178. LUV_terrence says:

    @Jeet kune do: are u from swedeen or denmark???

    wooow shakti congratzz for ur second position!!!
    ure the only one to compare with dharmesh!!!! keep it up…ne)(t time for sure you’ll be in top…like the two last weeks :lol: :lol: loved ur today performance,,,kya baat, kya baat, kya baat.

  179. LUV_terrence says:

    people plz wait they’ll upload the video soon as possible ….learn to wait!! :lol: :mrgreen: 8) …

  180. lollypop says:

    love you shakti

  181. lollypop says:

    congratzzz to shakti

  182. vipul_raj_mohan says:

    cant wait anymore…please upload quickly

  183. A_A says:

    just wanted to say this.. masters either point out the good areas or the bad areas in the performance or their comments are usually short… the problem with why dharmesh doesnt get very “long” comments is that there are no such steps which are new and you can point them out.. please understand this the right way. i dont mean to say the steps he does are not great but the thing is we’ve been seeing those steps since the audition(ofcourse he is excpetionally good at them) and judges have been pointing those steps all through.. what more do they have to say now.. its not that geeta is bringing any innovative choreography to dharmesh .. also do u see geeta appreciating remo’s contestants.. then why should remo go in overpraise of geeta’s contestants.. i think this is probably due to last year where remo when asked quite frankly said that siddhesh wouldn’t be in the top 4 out of the last 5 in his opinion..since the beginning geeta’s been after remo’s contestants(remember naresh, saajan, nikitasha, etc.) , naturally remo will get pissed off with that

  184. LUV_terrence says:

    from the first day shakti has been my favorite.
    alwayzz loved her dance …..when did2 started with top 18 she and aamar gave a superbb performance on the song kudhaa janeee…that was one of my favorite performances…the next favorite performance was aamar and shakti’s (avatar) perfomane on the song blue…

    shakti is my favorite becauzee

    1. she is one of the most talented in did2

    2. she’s the only girl to be highest voted contestant

    3. has got mj band from remo

    4. many best performance of the day



  185. kalim says:

    from the first day binny has been my favorite.
    alwayzz loved her dance …..when did2 started with top 18 she and dhrmesh gave a superbb performance on the song chura k dil mera…that was one of my favorite performances…the next favorite performance was dharmash and binny’s (nagin) perfomance
    binny is my favorite becauzee

    1. she is one of the most talented in did2

    2. she’s the only girl to be second voted contestant

    3. many best performance of the day


    LUV U binny

  186. priyam says:

    Well, now its high time to be serious.

    So let’s see
    1st Dharmesh

    2nd Shakti

    3rd Amrita

    4th Amar

    5th Punit

    6th Binny

    Dharmesh, Shakti and Amrita were outstanding. Amar was also great.Amars movements are very clean and crisp-Really nice to watch him

    Punit and Binny were good, but not that great.

  187. kali.mangal says:

    I agree with u. :D

    u r ab right.Amrita’s name was not mentioned as 4th highest. In a way that was good, because again as I said she DIDNOt deserve to be in 4th , sply after Punit being 3rd highest.
    All those ppl who are Punit’s fan, even they will not be able to justify as to what he did last week better then Amrita to get 3rd highest.

    I am in the US so I always watch in the net.And watch it many times, if I like a particular dance, like todays Dharmesh’s dance was so so sweet. He knows when to give smile, when to look at what angle, forget about his hand and leg movements. They are always so crisp and clean,and easy flowing that Dharmesh haters’ think that dharmesh did an easy dance.

    I think almost everyone in this blog understood the dirty mind game Remo Sir is playing. I was shocked!! Did you guys hear that he said ‘main dharmesh se bhe barkar us doll ki daad dunga’….meaning he is even ready to praise that doll, the person remote controlling the doll, but not dharmesh who is performing?? …just too much

    I don’t remember a single act Punit performs ..I tried very hard to remember what he performed last week to get third highest vote…his acts are so easily forgettable…

    Remo and Terrance have clearly Teamed up to praise each other’s contestant…though terrance was a bit linient today to praise dharmesh atleast…

    So, Geeta Ma, just as I said last week, you really have to praise your contestants in WORDS,just as Remo did today.. clearly show their talent , talk about their dance form , and that nobody dared to perform so far..

    This Remo man, so smart I tell you..Punit was the worst performer, infact most joking , annyoing performer… I think last year DID1 the girls did better Mj act then your Punit…but see… Remo still took advantage and covered up his bad act by showing his shoe for 10 min…and how difficult it is to bent 45 degree, non sense, Punit didnot even bent 30 degree, but still Remo kept Punit in limelight…Geeta has to do exactly the same..sply she has true dancers who are hardworking..and deserving..we don’t want them to leave early.. …Binny and more so amrita never gets the highest votes…today she should have said for eg in amrita’s act that how difficult it was to break tv, or jump backside in the card boxes…whatever…she should promote her contestants big time which she is not doing…all that she says …today you made me feel proud I am glad u r in my team…Geeta pls learn some vocab for you team…

    this is sply imp in the week before finals becoz junta will only vote based on the last week’s performance….That time Geeta has to do a very good job vocally…becos I still remember last year jai did a wonderful water dance …he could have easily come 2nd or 3 rd in DID final, but terrance sir did bad choice in the week before finals by giving him a shiva and a south indian dance, which got him 4th place inspite of being a v good dancer.

    So Geeta pls pls praise amrita and dharmesh and binny—they are far better then Punit atleast…talk about all their technicalities,teh hard work they are doing teh risk they arre taking, teh new varieties they are presnting..which Shakti and Punit are not doing. Peroid..Even today Shakti same old dance..thanks the person who remineded that shakti did this dance form in Chaliya chaliya…, So Geeta , again…rather then saying ‘today u made em feel proud”. please say something..becos we have clearly seen that desh ki junta votes on masters comments and not on dancers performance.

    On a closing note I am glad shakti was not top highest voter this week inspite of all the effort by Remo sir to give her a MJ band so that ppl would again vote her highet cosecutively 3 times and equal Dhramesh’s record. Remo sir, time to think new tactics….but u r only derogating yourself …every body in India…xcuse me ..everybody in the world can see that now…Hope u r reading this Remo sir

    And Terrance we loved you last year for your honest comments What happened to you this Year..u r following Remo’s steps?…your heart says something …your mouth say something?… Remo’s shadow I guess.

  188. kalim says:

    i dont agree with u priyam………… :lol:

  189. priya says:

    @kalimangal 1/0 times agree with you.

    main keya “bhaadh mein gaya dance”,kutta, billi, bandar banke kuch bhi naacho,ya daud daud kar athelete ban jao par achcha to lagna chahiye.(bhasha ke anuchit prayog ko chama karen)

    In my opinion if i feel watching performance again and again, it becomes POD for me.
    For D performance almost all his performances falls in that category.
    The very next day I found myself singing the song he performed on.

  190. kripalu says:

    I think right from the beigning Remo and Terrence are biased towards Dharmesh because they perceived him as a professional threat. Once you are a JUDGE you should discharge your duties as a neutral person. Even for a ;low performance of Punit and Shakti they will put the best possible comments.

    Both of them should always remember What goes around comes around one day?

  191. priya says:

    by the way
    yesterdays performance by shakti was also nice, at least eye pleasing just like her other previous performances in which she really danced well.

    She is complete Actress , beautiful, expressive, good dancer.

    Though As a dancer I still find her falling short of Amrita.
    Amrita have given some of best performances of DID2
    She never deserved to be in bottom.

    Lets Hope to see her as a finalist

  192. rizwan says:

    i think dharmaish r winner did2

  193. prashantsinh says:

    hey yaar this is not fair…. did ki kuch value hai ki nahi .?

    abhi tak video upload nahi hua….kya karne ka hai …..

    kab karoge video upload …..

    subahse bethe hai video ki rah dekhke…..

  194. prashantsinh says:

    i think next week …..

    1.Dharmesh Sir

    what u thik….i think remo ki halat ab buri hone wali hai…kyuki usme sirf ek punit raha hai…yeh remo kihi galti hai…jesi karni wesi bharni….bolo bolo remo ab binny or dharmesh ka bura bolo…..

  195. rizwan says:

    where is 2nd April videos i miss this epsoid i want watch these videos plz tell me where these video plz

  196. rizwan says:

    koi ha jo hamri fryad suny i want new videos

  197. lords2020 says:

    kali.mangal .
    love your comments buddy :wink:
    i just so promos for tonight DID i so a unknown dancer preforming do you know how is he :?:

  198. loveuforever says:

    Hiii to all.

    Dharmesh Always rocks.Binny is also gud But Amu reallly She is the best. Sakti this time some how OK type..

    I LUV DID.

    Kepp mailing & Keep Rocking

  199. Priyanka Gupta says:

    i am priyanka and i am a big fan of DID …..
    all the contestents are very good performers and i will good luch to all of them :) ……..
    but unfortunately all cant win……


    PRIYANKA :lol:

  200. rizwan says:

    akhir kab upload ho gi video :| :| :| :| :| :| :|

  201. kali.mangal says:

    People who r telling that we r making an issue about Dharmesh not getting good comments from masters:

    OK..some of u were telling previously in this forum..when Dharmesh was getting good comments (where he was flawless and good) ..”People were telling there is been hype created for him”. :mrgreen:
    Now when we r telling then..”it is like we r not accepting or appreciating other contestants” …WOW.. 8O
    Hype is created through words..only..we can see it clearly.. I will definitely put my feelings..
    I am putting contestants on top of Dharmesh when they deserve..OK
    But stop telling that we r against other contestants..This is the hype that is created for Shakti by masters and Grand master.

    One more thing…whoever listed in the above comment that people r calling her with different names..blablabla..and then mentioned few people names that are responsible for creating peace in this forum…one name is JINBABA..
    I like Jinbaba but he is the one who got the 2 names for Shakti “Lizard and Churail”…OK. Monkey was given by another person..

    Indian Janta..90% of them they donot have proper knowledge of dance when masters comment they take it as it is right..OK..It does affect the contestants..Very few 5-10% are like people in this forum including myself that vote according to dance. Thats why it is important..

    Geeta is very fair in her comments..only thing is she is so direct with her expressions that look harsh to people. But at least she is not like “poke the knife at the back of the contestants”..LIKE REMO AND TERRENCE DO.
    Amrita is getting good truth is also that she is not one of the highest voted contestants. period.
    Thank you.. :D

  202. fasy says:

    Oye DID 2nd April ki videos kahan hain sara maza karab kar k rakha huwa hai plz upload the videos plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :evil: :mrgreen: :twisted: :oops:

  203. vinayvivek90 says:

    inteha ho gayi intezaar ki , aai na kuch khabar mere yaar ki

    baap mere , video upload karna yaar . Tabse itni baar page refresh kar chuka hu, itni der mein to episode khatam ho gaya hota

  204. kali.mangal says:

    @DIDrocks and Charmz Angel:
    How r u telling that ur ranking r same????
    First 4 @DIDrocks: Dharmesh, Amrita, Saajan, Shakti
    First 4 @Charmz Angel: Amrita, Dharmesh, Shakti, Saajan

    Atleast my top3 matches with DIDrocks: Dharmesh, amrita and Shakti..sorry I did not count Saajan as he is out of DID. I know i should..but was lazy..

    @brkdancekid: I agree with u about Amrita..thats why i just said good and attitude..but i was still debating in my mind about the moves she did.

  205. Bhaggy says:

    I thinkk kuwar,shakti,binny and punit should be in the top four…….everyone just supportss dahrmesh coxzz once he used to teach everybody they call him sir…

    nn amrita should het eliminatedd next weeekk…

  206. A_A says:

    i read something that geeta is fair with her comments.. kali.mangal not to fight with u but just putting the facts.. the attitude remo is showing now towards geeta’s performers(as u say) are short comments.. just saying its good or bad nothing overpraising.. but that is the attitude geeta has had towards remo’s contestants from the beginning of DID2.. i still remember i used to watch top 18 and used to be so angry at geeta never praising remo’s contestants when for her own contestants she goes on and on and on, even when remo’s contestants gave some brilliant performances, like for shashank she just said its your forte.. its what you can do.. thats what remo is telling dharmesh now (remo doesnt speak that much about his own contestants even now..thats why geeta’s comments lose their value while remo’s comments are still prized and everyone is criticising remo now) all masters are equally biased towards their own contestants.. all masters appreciate their own contestants.. the thing with terence is he never speaks very bad about others so other masters also appreciate his contestants..
    again i think geeta’s attitude towards remo’s team this time was partially because last year remo didnt like siddhesh and probably she wanted to play down his team this time (and dharmesh’s preference of remo may be a factor too)

  207. tomythomson says:

    Where are the videos :(

  208. kalim says:

    video upload karna yaar
    video upload karna yaar
    video upload karna yaar
    video upload karna yaar
    video upload karna yaar
    video upload karna yaar

  209. kalim says:

    kab puray honge ye 3 ghanty :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  210. Admin says:

    Bus KAROOOOO. AA gaye videos :mrgreen:

  211. illusion-93 says:


  212. Dance Lover says:

    lol good comments e1.

    BTW: all this BS is awesome


  213. kali.mangal says:

    Remo was very harsh with Siddesh last season..Yes All masters are equally biased..
    But Listen what Remo said “since Remo gave Dharmesh to do Lyrical Hiphop..he is saying that it is easy for u.” Then Why the hack u gave him..he should have got..krumping, BBoying??
    Do u see my point???? Remo himself suggested the atyle and commenting. For Terrence..plzzzzzzzzzz have seen him enough to get into my nerves for Dharmesh..
    JHOL..etc… For Terrence it looks more positive interms of Shakti..OK. He is just uncomfortable with Dharmesh..
    Dude i hope u got my feelings..
    Geeta gave Shakti “stupendo..” whenever she deserves..but not Remo or Terrence.. Even Amar she is always positive. Tashu..she always praised her. Kruti too.
    For NAresh it was harsh i agree but it was true..Naresh was very over confident..sloppy. Shashank..she was harsh.
    But What Remo is doing to Binny..he is literally afte her too.
    Frankly speaking Shakti’s popping was not that good. Look at his leg movements she is like stiff not bending at all and literally dragging her feet on the ground.
    Shashank never shined except for his last solo and duo with tashu. also tiger..first performance.

  214. Admin says:

    illusion-93 I understand your frustration but the staff person who brings all these quality videos is on leave for personal reasons (marriage :P ). That is why there has been delay in uploading videos. From next week we are again going to be the first one to upload videos on the internet and that too with highest possible quality :)

    Enjoy the videos for today they are already uploaded.

  215. lala says:


    Amar Performance was Really Good, He tried totally different style but still did good job.

    Shakti performance was really fantastic. Too good Shakti, Keep it up.

    Punit’s performance was okay, He try his best..

    Amrita’s performance was too good.

    Today Dharmesh performance was average, i don’t know why people are again making hype about his performance, which was ordinary.

    Ordinary in the sense that he performed in his own style so it was good but when some one dance in his own style at this level expectation is some WOW factor and that was missing in his performance.

  216. illusion-93 says:

    thank youuuu admin …finally…
    and yes i do agree you have your life to care of…but kya kare…we dun have patience:P:P

  217. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    Please everyone, for today’s duet performances, can we all just for once put our favorites aside and enjoy the performances as we are watching them for the first time? There is just so much bias going on here and its unfair how some of these dancers are put down. They all work very hard and some have better luck then others. The style you dance on makes a huge impact to how a performance can be. Let’s just enjoy DID 1 contestants with DID 2. And please, the masters bashing needs to stop! Each master is doing what they feel is right. Of course we can be against it, but we don’t know how it feels because we are not in their shoes. Okay thanks! :)

  218. A_A says:

    hmm ive got no comments on terence.. but ive been seeing geeta’s attitude towards remo’s contestants from the beginning of the show and remo is just reciprocating that now.. and last year if u remember siddhesh himself was a very arrogant and rude guy.. remo just said once when out of top 5 he was asked if siddhesh wud be in his final 4 and he said no

  219. ratnagar says:

    hello all,

    I am new to this forum still but I love reading it….I wanted to say again that I do not feel Remo is being biased–obviously to some degree all masters are and they should be b/c they are like parents to these contestants now—but I do not think that what Remo says is wrong or being mean. I think he is bluntly honest and he does it more to Geeta’s contestants b/c she tries to talk her way into getting people to vote for her contestants. All she does is go on and on, she never even knows how to critically analyze dance, all she talks about is “you are such an amazing person” or “you are so versatile” “you work sooo hard, and always perform with confidence” blah blah blah…its crap, she just goes on and on about her contestants personal lives, you NEVER see or hear Remo and Terrence do that.

    The sad part is last year she probably had no choice but to do that b/c Sunita sucked and Siddhesh was good but he showed his arrogance–so she needed to pull that crap to get tehm votes. But this year, Amrita and Dharmesh are so good she does need to say all of that stuff. She should be able to hear their comments b/c it is to make them better.

    And I think Dharmesh is an amazing dancer, but again–he is not amazing at everything. Yeah at all the breakdancing/hip hop/ lyrical etc…but whenever he did comtemporary Shashank, AMar, and Puneet blow him out of the water and that’sthe truth. Dharmesh is not as good at that genre as some of the other contestans, annd I say this unbiased b/c I have been a fan of his since his auditions and have wanted him to win. But after I started seeing the other dancers, I know that they are good too and just as deserving on many levels. People have a right to vote for who they want and it is pretty obvious Dharmesh will win b/c he is so popular and well-loved, and that is great. I will be very happy if he wins, BUT I even he wins I will still say he is not the best in every genre–just like all the other contestants. The only contestant I ever thought did awesome in every genre given to her was Alisha from last year–if you go back and watch again, she never did classical in her life, and learned from Terrence and Vrushali and she was amazing–she looked so natural, then her MJ performance, her salsa, her tango, everything she did was good—if not perfect then very very impressive. I think Shakti is almost like her, except it is clear that Shakti gets very uncomfortable with classical…but I still love her. And I love Amrita too, she is very good…..awesome thing is all of these people are girls!

    I lvoe Dharmesh, don’t get me wrong–I am just saying that in other genres he is not the best, but b/c people are soo in love with him (which is fine) they will not admit that he can be weak in some areas.

  220. ravipatel8 says:


    I have to involve terrance’s name because usually if you look season 1 and season 2 terrance has lot to say about every performance but if you look at dharmesh’s performance he has very little comment when he gives good performance or bad comments.. When dharmesh did awesome performance when jitendra came to show all he had to say was paisa vasool performance i mean usually his comments are much more than that… And I dont like geeta anyways she tries to act emotional all the time to get votes… I am not die hard fan of dharmesh either.. I just had to say what i thought if you dont agree with it you dont agree with it… I can understand that.. what i see is what i am writing.. So i respect that u disagree with it because everyone has there own opinions…

  221. ratnagar says:

    correction on my one above comment, I meant to say Dharmesh and Amrita are so good that Geeta does NOT need to keep talking to get them votes, their performances speak for themselves. They are good we know that.

    Also, I think Geeta’s contestants are good, but they suffer b/c Geeta’s choreography is weak…its better this year b/c I think she realized that and she gets a lot of help from her team…and she copies past performances and moves from Terrence and Remo…which is pretty sad.

  222. brkdancekid says:

    did team is leaving no stones unturned
    inorder to make this program a hit

    waiting for siddhesh n dharmesh performance

    prince ek robot strobe dance ho jaye to maza aa jaye

  223. AnnieJ says:

    LOL people were so impatient, waiting for you to upload the videos. Thank you, Admins! Hope you enjoyed a great wedding :mrgreen:

  224. kali.mangal says:

    I have not seen that i cant tell u who he is.
    But people were talking about Chotu Lohar got a chance to perform

  225. lords2020 says:

    @ ratnagar
    geta has good and very skillful team behind her this time.well known choreographer mini working as a assistant to geta.previously mini work as a master choreographer in TV dance program (dance premier league )

  226. kali.mangal says:

    Friends: watch this video from archives..very funny MJ style

    Amit Singh Ahmedabad Auditions 6th Feb..from DID1 :P :P :P

  227. JIN BABA says:

    lol at public comments :lol:

    wow Video Time py upload nahi howe, so i saw many Users parcipate in the forum :lol: … not a bad sign at all :wink: , :mrgreen:

    Sorry Guys buzy tha time hi nahi mila forum py entry maarny ka :lol: , Wesy bhi Remo ny Episode kharab kardee Apni Politics Play kar k :? , no doubt he is a Good Choreographer & Creative mind with his team, but due to Play politics i am realy dissapointed from him :roll:

  228. binoydaniel says:

    WOW Shakti u were fantastic. Keep it up. All the best.

  229. LUV_terrence says:

    @ hehe KALIM….

    i wrote a comment about why am a huge fan of shakti…then i saw u also wrote a comment about binny ( it’s just as same as mine) u copied mine !!! :evil:

    i wrote 4 of the things that made me her fan u just wrote 3…( didn’t find more good things about her???)
    ne)(t time when u write a comment plz don’t copy…LoLz

  230. Love says:

    :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P Dharmesh I LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHH :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

    :D “savera ho tujse hi kaal (My morning starts from u dear) “….Falak tak chal saath mere..falak tak. :D
    So Dharmesh I am here..its morning..i want to see ur performances…

  231. JIN BABA says:

    today you people also see Geeta & Remo pin point each other :lol: , Specialy Geeta 8O

  232. LUV_terrence says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) shakti rocks :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :P :P :P :P 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :P :P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :o :o :o :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :!:

  233. Love says:

    Go Geeta..fight with Gabbar..Apne apko samajta kya hai.. :mrgreen: :evil:

  234. JIN BABA says:

    No Doubt Dharmesh is awesome Dancer specially with his Shally dance act What Remo Have. that’s why Remo not given much apprication to him as he deserve it. i felt Dharmesh Friday performance was good, but due to Doll crope , half credit to DoLL k pichy Binny (Geet assitant) hi lay gae, err. Next time Dharmesh Carefull with this kind of Crops :lol:

  235. JIN BABA says:

    i laugh whe Siddesh reply (After Remo Apprciation Words NTWICAP) , Siddesh said lol k Season 1 me nahi mila season 2 me mil Gaya :lol: . b4 Master Remo Said wow, kia acting ki hy . hyrat hy abhi tak kaam nahi mila :lol: , then he reply now that’s what a i call a performance.

    Remo believe me just bcoz of your hAck Politics, really i didn’t Enjoy Your Birthday Episode, you must behave good speially on your birthday day :? . but you Miss this Appourtunity, i know u’re good choreographer+ creative miNd, but Please STOP this sh”t at DID Spot.

  236. kali.mangal says:

    Every single step is crisp, sharp and on beat….in order to perform dis kind of stuff…u dont just hAve to listen to the music but u have to think music (Dont think dance just feel the music..n dance will cum out automatically)…..

    @Jinbaba: Dharmesh made that DOLL LIVE with his feelings and performance :P :P :P

  237. kali.mangal says:

    Teach me how to bold and colored the fonts :lol: :lol:

  238. kali.mangal says:

    Actually the above comment is from one of Dharmesh’ fan on the website..i liked it..HEHEHEHEHE :lol:

  239. Dance lover says:

    amrita sucks .. and irritating when she shouts with her horrible voice ..

  240. Beauty1996 says:

    Got it Jinbaba! I am done expiramenting anyways.

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta and Ram Potineni are awesome !!!

  241. Beauty1996 says:

    ABove the place where you type in your comment, there a various tags that you can put before your comment, to make it bold or red…. I still don’t know what each specific tag stands for though, so you might have to expirament.

    BTW: Cats have 42 muscles in each ear !!!

  242. JIN BABA says:

    One more thing Guys Remember :mrgreen:

    As i heard that Dharmesh & Amria Hire by Zee TV for lil Champ Dance k Baap, so i don’t think that Dharmesh gonna win this compitition due to his future assigment by Zee. so is Shakti might WIN this Season for sure.

    Binny Friday performance it’s not good as we expect from herself. just normal attempt, averae sy bhi below attempt dia Binny ny, upper sy tutting act tu buhat hi kam kya jo me Expect kar raha tha binny sy, Really Sad Binny :confused:

  243. kali.mangal says:

    @Jinbaba: Kya pyaar se samjaya hai dance lover ko :mrgreen:

  244. kali.mangal says:

    @Beauty1996: How about color???
    this tag u have to put it in front of ur lines or last?? :?: :?:

  245. kali.mangal says:
      may be got it
  246. Beauty1996 says:

    Infront. Also I think that you can only use one tag per a post. I tried using different tags in one post, but my whole comment ended following the first tag in my post.

  247. Beauty1996 says:

    for color use (a)

  248. kali.mangal says:

    @Jinbaba: Kya Dharmesh apne ko suli pe chadha de..jab bhi dekho tab..ek hi ghissa pita record..high expectation.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  249. Beauty1996 says:

    Always at your duty sir. LOLZ!

  250. deserver says:

    hey can anyone tell me about the performances
    how were the
    specially amrita

  251. deserver says:

    i ma asking of duetof staurday

  252. AnnieJ says:

    @ Deserver

    You deserve to watch the episodes! Words will do no justice :wink:

  253. DID Dance says:

    as DID 2 has new political trends

    DID 3 requirements are
    - should know how to dance
    - should know how to act
    - should know very well how to lick master’s and mithun’s (_0_)

  254. AnnieJ says:

    Ouch! DID Dance, that’s kinda harsh! We should always expect them to know how to dance and act – acting is a part of dancing, after all – but butt-kissery is a requirement too? :\

  255. rocks says:

    this time episode was ok ok .. more drama …less dance ..
    can see the heights of jealous .. people those who are already famous and seen heights success, they are jealous of small upcoming persons ..

  256. shreeaherkar says:

    Dharmesh is best

  257. Beauty1996 says:

    My Mommy is the best !!! :lol:

  258. 00piya00 says:

    dharma’s dance was fab… but i found sidhhesh better..:)

    amar’s dance was awesome too.. but hez always under estimated..:(

    and amrita.. i m just fed up of her white teeth..:(

  259. kevin says:

    Ths episode proves how weak are the performers @ ths style ……..the style hip-hop,popping is much in demand ths days ……….all have to improve…..many worst perfomance today……except Dharmesh,…….but still Dsir u r not tht gud as u wer in auditions……just to all fans watch the audition performance again will love it …….

  260. Rockey says:

    someone said Amrita is good… man pls have some taste in life…she sucks and should have been out of this compitetion lonnnggggg back…but licking has helped her to come this longg…please throw her out…disgusting yeah yeah…feels like a physcho man…

  261. 00piya00 says:

    @kevin… i completly agree.. dharma was better in audi.. n yes, he cant do anything as hez being choreographed by geeta..:lolZ…

    and i love prince.. muaah prince..:))

  262. rashmi_8 says:


    I completely agree with you. Amrita is really acts like a physcho man… and I just hate the way she says YA YA YA YA YA …

  263. wowsz says:

    does anyone knw wat song is played when shakti started her whacking dance? plzzz tell me

  264. 00piya00 says:

    rashmi pyaari… maja aa gaya ..:)

  265. 00piya00 says:

    wowz… google search it..:p

  266. rashmi_8 says:


    don’t know

  267. illusion-93 says:

    i’m fed up with shakti doing splits!!!

  268. AnnieJ says:

    @wowsz The song is Genda Phool :)

    LOL @ Amrita having white teeth! Y’all are just jealous :lol:

  269. 00piya00 says:

    illusion@… yes she must try 360 split.. wat say?? Lol///

  270. rashmi_8 says:

    tu to so rahi thi na shani Pikuuu

  271. wowsz says:

    @annieJ no i meant the part where she starts to do whacking

  272. 00piya00 says:

    DID dance.. dnt call her or him psycho.. it dsnt sound proper..:P

  273. 00piya00 says:

    @rashmi..arre papa bahar se aane ke hain.. wo pitu k nanad k ghar gaye the.. so.. klate aa rahe.. so jagi hun..

  274. AnnieJ says:

    @wowsz OH! I misread your question. The song that Shakti did her waacking to is Holla Back Girl by Gwen Stefani. It was very popular here in the States when it came out :mrgreen:

  275. Beauty1996 says:

    @DID Dance
    Yes, it is true. OMG! I am 14, you cannot compllain about that! But, why did you have to bring up my Mom in the middle. Have some respect!

  276. wowsz says:

    @AnnieJ thank you so much

  277. illusion-93 says:

    imagine shakti doing crumping!!!
    i’d be laughing!

  278. DID Dance says:

    Dear u said your mommy was best…isn’t it? chill dude..n don pass comments on other people or else this is what u get in return..we all have our own please don stick ur nose in other people’s likes n dislikes…hope u got that right now…

  279. Beauty1996 says:

    @DID Dance
    The only reason I called you a sicko waas because that was funnily disguisting. I never said anything about you liking a certain contestant or not! :D

  280. AnnieJ says:

    @ Wowsz you are most welcome. It’s kind of strange they don’t credit the artist by listing the song at least XD

    Btw, although the style is called whacking, I think it is actually “waacking” since there is an Imperial House of Waacking in….New York if I remember correctly!

  281. pk123 says:

    Okay my take on the performances today

    Shakti and Jai – Jai my fav from DID 1 and Shakti my fav this time – BUT disappointed a bit, actually not with them but with Terrance – making fun of beggars is really not my thing – i dont find it funny – i was soooooooooooooo looking fwd to Jai, but was pretty disappointed

    Amrita and Sunita – funnily, like S&J were favs, A&S are/were my least – and they did nothing to improve their rankings (IMO that is)

    Prince and Saajan – Mindblowing I thought! Poor Saajan – happy as I am to see him leave, i feel bad because he had really sarted to come out, IYKWIM – am sure he will do well

    Punit and Salman – I never liked Salman but abs adore Punit and thought it was really well attempted – of course the level of difficulty was very very veryyyyyyyyyyyy high. But good job i thought!

    Binny and Mayuresh – Washing Power Nirma ad combined with Close Up – fair and lovely but nothing of substance

    Amar and Alisha – was nice upto the point where Amar dies – that was just too contrived!! Alisha – i thought she would have fixed her teeth, but she has not – sorry was that very mean? Shes a fab dancer though

    Which brings me undoubtedly to the best perf of the day – Siddesh and Dharmesh – excellent timing and dancing of course – but are we sure the choreography was from Geeta?? I dont thhink so………..

    The next two to go have to be Binny and Amrita and if Mithun uses his powers, the top 4 should be

  282. wowsz says:

    @annieJ i think you are right, i live in new york and i think i have passed that place or one of my friends were talking about that place

  283. hizibizi says:

    what a pleasure this episode gave to me!!
    Remo got mad,and also scared;out of frustration from D’s performance!
    Sakti doing same splits again and again..well the only positive part is that she REDUCED her that annoying cat-dance.
    ah;lets us see why she always comes at 2nd.
    1. she is one of the most “favoured” contestant by Zee.


    3.She has got mj band from remo,in a ridiculous bad dance(or better to say AN ACT).

    4. many best performance of the day,ALONG with many “tricks” played by Terrence to catch some “beauty-blinded-fanboys-gals”…
    at last for which Terrence said “ab doodh ka doodh,pani ka pani ho jayga”…..
    and yes it BECAME ALL CLEAR!

  284. hizibizi says:

    oh yeah! ppl who still not convinced by two master alliance;LOOK TO THE REAL TOP 4:

  285. A_A says:

    the limelight part today was totally DISGUSTING.. DISGUSTING to see it.. especially geeta

  286. A_A says:

    jin baba u said that prince can do justice in matching up dharmesh.. i feel the other way round.. prince’s movements look so crisper and better than dharmesh’s (thats my opinion).. i feel dharmesh tried well to match upto him.. honestly prince is one of the best performers DID has produced and i really hoped he won DID 1

  287. kali.mangal says:

    Can anybody tell me what kind of dance Dharmesh got from Terrence??? I cant hear that word properly in videos.

  288. A_A says:

    didn’t dharmesh get ariel contemporary? or was it amar?

  289. pradhan.aries says:

    Dharmesh is the best :P :P

  290. hizibizi says:

    yes the lime light was soooooooo damn disgusting to see Remo’s frustration!
    Terrence’s try to prove that his academy students r the best of the world!

  291. A_A says:

    it was more disgusting to see geeta’s attitude rather than remo or terence

  292. Sheildmaiden013 says:

    i really wish amrita would get more votes..:( don’t u think she deserves to be da winner??/
    yeah,,,i know she’s loud and overdoes it a little bit….but look at her dance!!! woooH!!! i don’t mind her looks,,maybe if she was a bit more taller,,her dances would have looked more attractive,,…..don’t u see how shakti’s body works?

  293. kali.mangal says:

    Are dont fight..please tell me what they got

    Shakti: Modern Balley
    Amar: Ariel contemporary
    Amrita: Broadway Theater
    Binny: Hantemporary??????
    Punit: Lyrical modern
    Dharmesh: ???????? Pantroma……

  294. hizibizi says:

    more to add;this looks amazing to me that Terrence-Remo alliance did not tell a single word about Amrita!!
    wow!! 8O 8O 8O
    terrence even said a line about binny “she does not deserve more”…
    but yes not a single word from both T & R about Amrita!!not praise;not bad-mouthing,ONLY IGNORANCE!
    GUESS WHY? :roll:
    Remo got hyper to show ow much Sakti is “good”;and D is bad.. but that’s all!

  295. kali.mangal says:

    The most exciting is Amrita’s pair with Afsana..little sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :D

  296. kali.mangal says:

    what is Pantomime???

  297. A_A says:

    yes all 3 had a bad attitude and i found that part utterly disgusting (and i did mention that) shouldnt even have been shown.. but still geeta has no maturity.. her comments were like the rudest.. she talks like a rude ignorant kid
    even when her contestants are good u just dont feel like voting for them because of her attitude

  298. kanubhai says:

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: DHAMESH HI TITEGA DID-2 TITALE :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  299. kali.mangal says:

    Geeta should give Shakti..that dance which Dharmesh did and got out.. :mrgreen:

  300. priyanka88 says:

    2days episode ws sexyyyyyy specially Dharmesh sir n sid ka dance…n i hate remo n terrence. wht they think of thr selfs haaa. They r playin politics whn thngs cm2dharmesh sir. Dharmesh is popular is just bcoz of his mind blowing excellent dancing n his simplisity honesty n hard working attitude that’s it…. N Dharmesh is a versatile dancer. PLEASE GUYS DONT VOTE FOR PUNIT(LADIES). PUNIT N REMO DONT DESERVE TO STAY IN DID2.

  301. A_A says:

    and i bet if it was dharmesh instead of punit today, she wouldnt have the guts to say something went wrong and would just keep blah blahing for dharmesh

  302. kali.mangal says:


    Dont look masters please..its OK..The real battle has begun now. But contestants never should suffer from this.

    Geeta was very bad in commenting about usage of prop for Salman and Punit. Remo did brilliant. Its very hard to do upside down dance. very tough..She was wrong there..

  303. kanubhai says:

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: DHAMESH IS A INTERNATIONAL DANCER AND DHARMESH GATE MORE VOTE FROM UK,USA,MALASIA,AND OTHER COUTRYIES. :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  304. kali.mangal says:

    @A_A: agree..completely.
    But all 3 masters are doing same..what u mentioned. If Geeta’s dances r done by their contestants ..they will not speak. same..As I said a Girl she is not able to hide her emotions properly..thats what the women are..but it should not be like this since this is professionalism.

    But i literally hate When Remo and Terrence said “Dharmesh is getting votes b’z of popularity purely” he danced. If zee took advantage of him and promote him..Why they both did not speak that time and complain to zee. Now poking in the back?????????????

    And Dharmesh had paid enough criticism for this. How about MJ drama etc.. :twisted: :twisted:

  305. kali.mangal says:

    the fact is also that if Dharmesh would have got that act (Punit and Salman) ..he would have never let disappointed Remo for sure.. I guarantte that.

  306. illusion-93 says:

    err guyz are 2days videos gonna be uploaded on time??

  307. priyanka88 says:


  308. illusion-93 says:


  309. JIN BABA says:

    @illusion-93, Not really sure, might be same as yesterday :lol:

    roflz at @Khanubhai comments above :lol:
    “DHAMESH HI TITEGA DID-2 TITALE” heheh abbay Titega nahi Jitega :wink: , Are u Tootla zuban :?: 8O

    Yeahh Guys Teeno Master Gone Throught Nazar Aay limelight me :lol: Geeta tu total Lost nazar aae, terrence / Remo ka dimagh kam kharab tha :lol:

  310. priyanka88 says:

    REMO kamine ne shakti n punit(ladies) ko MJ band diya, jab ke ye band sirf Dharmesh ko milna chahiye n woh bhi uske 1st performance pe hi milna chahiye tha…

  311. kali.mangal says:

    I loved Shakti’s Bhikhari act (only that part)
    She and jai was amazing in that form ..whenever they have to ask for money..hilarious…excellent.

    Amrita..sorry..i felt she should be more smooth today..she was little stiff :wink: Her wrist movements (kalai) humm..shakti is better..i am saying this..yes.true.

  312. kali.mangal says:

    First time..Binny was so graceful and brilliant..yes yes..Sorry amrita.

  313. priyanka88 says:


  314. hizibizi says:

    @ kali
    oh yes! Terrene named his contestants first.ok.
    then D,ok.

  315. illusion-93 says:

    i’m not judging on todays performance as the ADMIN has not uploaded it :D

  316. JIN BABA says:

    Guys can you belive it ?, in today performance of Dharmesh & Siddesh & than Prince with Dharmesh mostly people like Siddesh & Price Dance, every body comments on Prince & Siddesh.

    Man siddhesh was good or wat? His movements, his expressions, comic timing…everythin was perfect! I have to admit tht i neva liked siddhesh last season (mainly coz of his attitude) but i always knew he was a gr8 dancer…but aaj usne tod diya literally..he stole the show…i cudnt take my eyes off him…D was completely sidelined for me! He literally swallowed D today!

    some one say,

    Man siddhesh was good or wat? His movements, his expressions, comic timing…everythin was perfect! I have to admit tht i neva liked siddhesh last season (mainly coz of his attitude) but i always knew he was a gr8 dancer…but aaj usne tod diya literally..he stole the show…i cudnt take my eyes off him…D was completely sidelined for me! He literally swallowed D today!

    wat can i say about him..He s not the prince i think he s d KING of lockin n poppin…man was he good or wat…n D ko uske saath karke, they amde a big mistake coz in my opinion even prince ‘chabaoed’ him totally…his movements were far more crisp n sharper…he was unbelievably good…

    now my comments on ..

    yes i bit agree with above comments, while the performance going on i surprise why Geeta given much dance movement to siddesh? while he is not in the GAME at all, if you people notice you will know that siddesh dance movement enuff than Dharmesh “Sigh”

  317. illusion-93 says:

    trust me cus shiddhesh n geeta maa r close :wink:

  318. illusion-93 says:

    i want mithun to use his power on amrita!!

  319. AnnieJ says:

    I’m not sure why the hell pantomiming is listed as a dance form, but D-sir can use it to his advantage if choreographed right. I mean, it sounds like you’d need to be fluid and pop a little bit – something which D is great at!

  320. JIN BABA says:

    errrrrrr priyanka88, control oye :lol: … Remo ko Gali Na do, apnee Bharaas zaroor nikaal lo tusi, but in limit, and lol at Punit (Lady) :lol: :lol: :lol: … Bechara :mrgreen: … kia Waath Laga dee Punit ki :)

  321. A_A says:

    kali the fact is things go wrong on stage.. esp if ur hanging upside down and blood is rushing to ur head.. anyone could have got it wrong including dharmesh.. and u dont know for sure if it was punit’s fault.. it may have been salman’s fault too..
    though i must commend siddhesh and dharmesh’s performance.. seems like siddhesh has really improved
    i want top 4:
    Amar/(if they recall shashank or jack)

  322. JIN BABA says:

    Guys Next Fridy sure bore jay ga Aap logo ka Dharmesh ko jo form dee hy woh totally bore hy :lol: Pantomiming , sorry to say but that it’s truth :?

  323. illusion-93 says:

    dear adim..
    i know you r busy! :wink:
    but kya aap 3rd april vidoes upload kar sakte ho?
    thankz :lol:

  324. Sem says:

    I feel whoever scripted limelight did an amazing job. Am sure the masters themselves would sit around and have a good laugh about it. As far as the contestants are concerned the only 2 who has a chance to win is shakti and dharmesh. Last season it was a bit more evenly distributed, but this year I cant see anybody else winning. Siddesh and Prince showed why last season was so much better, Dharmesh simply couldn’t match up and was left in tatters. Amar is a good dancer but terence won’t allow him to come out of shakti’s shadow. And it has been so from the start and now its too late to work on him. He never really made a connect with the audience too. Amrita simply cant win, she is an amazing dancer but not star material. Shakti or Dharmesh. Personally I would love shakti to win cos she is a star. Dharmesh is good but today Prince and Siddesh showed us that they are one better. Shakti has been unmatched throughout this season. He classical is bad, but its the same as Dharmesh can’t do bboying or perform any stunts. Am waiting for next weeks eliminations and very rightly and fairly Binny should go. Punit is gonna stay and do his thing till the final four. Other than Shakti and Dharmesh the rest are just like fillers. So Geeta ma and terence have their work cut out in the coming weeks. Geeta has extra work cos she has to come up wth emotional crap abot Dharmesh as well, plus her spontaneous crying and acting high routines. Hope she forgets to take her meds bfore comin on the show as always. Waiting for a more dramatic end to dance india dance…its not about dance pple…its DRAMA…let the TRP’s hit the roof!!! Cheers!

  325. lords2020 says:

    master Terence chose pantomiming dance for D.SIR its a very boring kind of dance Terence shouldn’t chose this form of dance for D.SIR instead he should chose something difficult and entertaining.this dance form is not suitable for competition but i am sure D.SIR is a terrific dancer he and geeta maa will com up with something to make Terence look :|

  326. wowsz says:

    i am very disgusted next week amrita will be performing with that little girl host from lil champ of sa re gara pa, that is so unfair to her ofcourse shes not gonna dance good cuz shes workn with sum1 like that reaches her knee caps ugh ths is disgustn funny how shakti ddnt get her n got manav

  327. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    Guys, after watching today’s limelight, I am so sad! I feel all these masters are manipulating each other. It was very shocking to hear each of them say what they did. Geeta is undoubtedly a little too in the clouds this season. I think Remo and Terrance were a little unfair with what they said regarding Geeta’s contestants. Just a really shocking limelight. I am beginning to despise it all! :|

  328. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    haha Terrance gave the most boring dance style to Dharmesh. Hmmm i smell something funky. He gave Punit Lyrical Modern considering Punit is already good at that. Yup, this is just great. All the masters are just really bias that it hurts! :?

  329. JIN BABA says:

    on friay week episode, i share my thought 4 remain contestant are.

    now # 4th, was Shakti,
    Very Good Attempt ChuraL :mrgreen: , am surprise to c her with very well attempt, terrence ny sara focus shakti py kar dia jabhi tu kaho’ k Amar ka performance itna acha Q nahi howa hy :lol: , reason aap k saamny hy :D .

    5th, Punit MJ kekeke :mrgreen: , gud try punit but i felt very sad after watching you after moon walk, i feel after moon walk when the style bit change, your movement very week in that time, lol i know bcoz of that Special move :lol: , your performance going down maN :confused: . try hard baby, as the compitition is going hard.

    6th Macho Girl, Faar dia aakhir again, i don’t know this thing which Remo mentioned, that crumping also diong with normal aggression but Angry Face :lol: , What a Attitude Macho Baby Hat Off, that’s what i need to expect from Dharmesh, and he almost doing those move which we already seeing in darmesh many dance form, Dharmu Beta Aggression wala performanc do Next Saturday ko :P .

    7th Binny :| Guys she really dissaointed me this Friday, i am not impress at all wth binny performance, bcoz Hip Hop with smile tu hm dhaikh chukky hy binnyki, as Remo give her tutting too, but she just do very few tutting move, which i expect moreeeee from her. am not enjoy, bcoz of old stuff huh :? .

    so good performer are.

    1. Amrita & Shakti (bcoz both doing Gud Attempt & less crops)
    2. Dharmesh (Sir jee half credit to doll control karny wali ly gae). any way gud performance.
    3. Saajan, (bcoz he doing very fine work, as i notice he is improve day by day, but furnatly :lol: he iz Eliminate.
    4. Amar (bcoz Amar doing very hard work.
    5. punit (sorry man u weak in 2nd segment take lil tension ater moon walk peformance me saaf jhol dikha).
    6. Binny ( i really not happy bcoz she did again when she already done it. but if she can show me much tutting move so i definatly give her gud point :confused: .

    but guys i notice one more thing, that who ever got Eliminate with Elimination day, but they (Contestat) got very improvment & Gud dance of their Elimination day, Like Shahshank, Krudi, Kishore, Tasho, Jack & Saajan, every one got confidence & improved w3ll, Gud Luck all elimanate Contestant for best future ahead 8)

  330. rpokh2002 says:

    @ChArMz AnGe
    I am sure Geeta Ma would def give something similar (boring or difficult choreo) to Shakti next week may be manipuri or kathak dance.

    That wud be fun…..

  331. DID Dance says:

    dharmesh and prince … i didnt even blink my eye their performance ..they were rocking ..

  332. mnegi says:

    Dharmesh on 3rd Waaaah, Kayaa Baaaat, Kayaaaa Baaat, Kayaaa baaat

  333. tina says:

    I saw 3rd Ap performance

    1. The very first perf was by Binny and Mayuresh.
    Not only they were looking very good together, they had a wonderful chemistry which is needed in a romantic performance. Both of them performed equally well. Binny ‘s performance was very neat and crisp unlike her Fridays act. She has given max hanging air performance and her feet was so straight. Now if I compare here again with Punit’s , his was most jholu. See guys, for the very first time Punit performed a hanging in the air act, and what a jhol jhol performance he gave. I admit it is not easy to hang in the air, but then according to Master Remo’s own words..’ there is no place to make mistakes’…I guess if this was applicable to Binny in her rope dance when infact she didnot make any mistake..this should very much be applicable to Punit Big time.

    Punit, your both Fri and Sat was the worst performance. Period. You tried to do something daring for the first time and you failed big time both the days. In this context I must give kudos to Binny, she really did very clean and romantically today. However as usual she failed to get any good comment From Remo, who kept on praising Mayuresh…very much expected from Remo Sir. It has come to such point that Remo sir will start praising the song that was chosen – ‘oh the song is so good that everyone can perform well in this song,or how about ‘ oh the air around you had perfect timing , it helped you move so smoothly’…’ oh the light s created a magic in your dance’ …’actually ur costume did magic today’..’actually ur smile did magic today’ …but never will he praise Binny or Dharmesh

    2.The next act was amar and alisha – both did well, however I did not get any strong feeling of patriotism out of their act. Nevertheless, Amar performed well.

    3.Next was Amrita and Sunita gogoi of KAta laga dance. ufffffff man, what energy Amrita has. Really acc to Terrance Sir, who ever performs duet with this girl has to be very careful…she outnumbers any one in any dance style..Amrita you definitely deserve in TOP2.

    4.Next was Shakti-Jai – bhikari dance…very was not even funny…but Jai was far better then Shakti…shakti is so much into stretching, that infront of jai, who gave very sharp cut steps, shakti on the other hand was again doing it in a bit stretching form. Jai overshadowed Shakti big time. Plus lack of co-ordination.

    5.Prince and Sajjan- Prince much much better than sajjan, again lot of mis co ordination. But prince you r v v strong even today.

    6.Dhrmesh-Siddesh the climax of todays performance, both were equally good, siddesh still has so much attitude man. But both gave so so strong performance.
    Again here I have to Say if Dharmesh was given Punit act, I guarantee he would have performed so flawlessly that again some people would have though that Dharmesh performed an easy act.

    6. Last Salman and Punit- both over hyped performers. Last season I actually liked Jai. They wee the most mis- co ordinated performers of the day. But Punit, u get saved big time , thanks to your Remoo sir, who again clearly said ki ulta khari hona…your bld rushes into ur head …blah blah…Remo always cover Punit up…Remo Sir Binny always performs difficult act without any Fault..Geeta has never covered Binny act…now don’t forget Remo sir Punit is also in the same competition as other are…so there is no room for excuses for your ladla Punit Too.

    1. Binny Mayuresh equally powerfull.
    2. Dharmesh Siddesh equally powerful
    3. Amar Alisha Equally powerful.

    4.Amrita more powerfull perfomance than Sunita

    5. Sajjan weaker than Prince

    6. Salman and Punit – both jholu performance on Sat.
    (although the idea was good, execution v bad)

    1. Dharmesh-very cute performance, even though everybody said doll was cute, but we have to give it Dharmesh that he is a v good timer , I gurantee if Punit was there he would have messed up.

    2. Amrita – what superb energy

    3. Amar – good

    4. shakti – although as many ppl claimed she already performed this style, it was good but again boring boring boring.

    5.binny – could have been better.

    6. Punit – It is not even one day and I already forgot what he performed, oh yes that flop MJ act- a total disaster. ( Again how Remo corrected Geeta, we cannot compare anybody with MJ, hum sirf nakal kar sakte hain,…duffer then how dare you give MJ band , why don’y you give out Remo band…who has given u the permission to give MJ band)…. Remo Sir just as you saw many Belly dancing and thought Binny’s was not great, Everone saw numerous MJ act and his was not at ll great, trlu a Mera Joker act by Punit. I being a girl liked Binny, belly dance on the wheel so much !!)

    Kali mangal pls dont tell me that Punit is in top 4 and Amrita is out.

    Geeta Ma, again pls, pls say as much as you can about your wonderful contestants, u know Dharmesh gets votes that’s why u dont say much abt Dharmesh , you need to praise him big time teh weekk before finals…pls pls talk mor eabout teh technicalities and how difficult dance form ur students perform.

  334. abzmiah says:

    todays show was wow,d sir prince rocked but dont 4get ppl d sir made the steps years back plus d sir never gets propper credit,sad truly sad

  335. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    Dharmesh, Prince, & Siddesh stole the show today!!!! Them 3 set the stage on fire!

  336. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ abzmiah

    I do agree with you, that D has not been getting proper credit lately, and lately he has been giving awesome performances.

    Usually i dont stand up for D, but now i will because he deserved credit today! Even Geeta didnt give D credit!

  337. abzmiah says:

    todays limelight was shocking,i felt as both terence and remo ganged up on dharmesh sir,and geeta was sticking up and also getting rid of all that fustration she had in the last few months,i was hurt by what terence said that shakti didnt use her struggle or anything on stange all she did was her dancing,that was hitting below the belt for dharmesh,shakti and punit both students of terence now each gone to terence and remo,so thats why both got mj badge and both get praised by remo and terence even is performance was poor,the best thing i think that should happen is dharmesh sir should walk out of the show sayn how terence and remo are not nice people,and thatl bring the whole show down,that will teach the whole dance india dance and zee a lesson,and whats this rubbish that dharmesh sir has had alot of spotlight?,and shakti doesnt?,mithun sayn he this time wants a girl to win,then shakti getting wow wow from terence and remo for poor performances and then even on adverts you see shakti nowadays on zee tv,you dont see dharmesh sir no more on tv,i wont be suprised if shakti wins,due to the trp and terence and remo’s mind games and girl power rubbish,i truly feel sorry for dharmesh sir,dharmesh sir people are seeing the injustice and if you dont win you have got all our prayers and one day you will become a very sucessful person,coz not only you got a good heart you are a hard worker, and guys and ladies geeta spoke her mind today coz i feel she has had enough of terence and remo’s behaviour,how can any1 perform in the right state of mind when you have judges putting them down?,i mean self esteam and confidence must go out of the window.

  338. jai says:

    true ..but zee wants trp …n i guess by being mentors of lil maser D n amrita have taken a step for a bright career ahead ..this itself shows they r d best….show is crap

  339. jaipatel says:

    Dharmesh Sir ,, Rocks the floor ,, whenever he come;s on the
    stage floor . Might be he will be next awesome choreographer
    bollywood gets.

  340. Naz says:

    Where the hel are the videos for 3rd april ? ? :|
    ohhhh is this gonna happen every week !!!!!! :evil:

  341. tweetytweets says:

    i think Shakti , Dharmesh and Amar were too good and their performance was pleasing to eyes. Punit was ok today.
    Binny’s performance was not powerpacked. Amrita’s performace was ok- and she lacks the X factor in herself
    Something which i feel is that – Geeta ( dont want to call her a ma) needs to be a bit grown up- she reserves good comments for only her contestants or for the ones who r out of the competition- she is playing very safe. Every week she picks up one of the opponent’s competitor and keeps on giving bad judgment to bias the audience, today she made her pick on Punit. As Remo rightly said.. GEETA do it and show what Punit did.. ofcouse she will try to copy that choreography some day if not in this season then in next season for sure.. she has no originality of her own.
    i strongly feel Geeta should stop her emotional drama every week.. she makes it more like a K-Series episode.

  342. abzmiah says:


  343. tweetytweets says:

    I am not against any of Geeta’s toli but i cant stand the way Geeta is playing so safe and nobody seems to notice it. If someone checks last few weeks videos, it will become very evident that Geeta is planning the pick on a particular opponent’s contestants every week and biasing the audience. She never points out the faults in her own contestants, whereas Terrance and Remo does point out the fault and also praises their own and other group contestants at the same time. But Geeta has all the emotional drama reserved for her contestants – very difficult to stand it

  344. AnnieJ says:

    @abzmiah Well if Dharmesh is half the great person people hail him to be, then of course he would do no such thing! (Saying any of the masters are bad people). We only see little bits and pieces of them – on stage and the limelight. How is that enough to make a good judgment on a person anyway? They have to do what they are told to do on stage, and since the limelight is aired too, you know part of it must be scripted!

    As for Terence hitting Dharmesh below the belt, I disagree. It’s not like Dharmesh told his own sob story, and nor did he make an effort to “springboard off of it.” He has been a great dancer long before then and established his fan base from the outset. I think that was more of an pass at Geeta, who tells her contestants sob stories, gets really emotional all the time with all her contestants, and cries often.

    No doubt the limelight was very revealing today, but I think they are right to a certain extent. Remo is biased about Punit of course, but he’s right in saying that popularity aside, Dharmesh, Shakti, Punit, and Amar do stand a good chance if we’re looking for versatility. Before I get attacked, I don’t think Dharmesh and Shakti are really all that versatile. Punit kinda is, but he doesn’t give memorable performances so it doesn’t help him. Amar is just getting better and better, in my opinion :) Amrita is a firebomb and my liking for Binny has recently decreased – I want her or Punit out next.

  345. AnnieJ says:

    @tweetytweets Yeah, that’s my point exactly.

  346. AnnieJ says:

    Also, remember people – the judges are HUMANS! They are imperfect – koi bhagvan nahi hai! :wink: So rather than be irritated by their flaws, we might as well accept them – after all, we can’t do anything to change it. If we really think Zee just wants TRP, why won’t we all just stop watching and foil their plan? :roll:

  347. VM says:

    so what if Amrita’s teeth is white?? black or white Amrita is the best!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

    amrita is a versatile dancer… she can do full justice to any dance.. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    or else, why on earth will she be chosen as one of the mentors for DID lil masters?? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  348. iluvdid says:

    After seeing the dances on Saturday the rank of the performance is as followed:
    1:Dharmesh and Siddesh: Though I found Siddesh was better and did the steps really fast and crisp.

    2:Amrita and Sunita: The only performance where DID 2 contestant was better than the DID 1. It was well choreographed and performed very well without any flaw at all

    3 Mayuresh and Binny:hey did well and with ease

    4 Amar and Alisha:Good dancing and acting

    5 Shakti and Jai:OK performance…expected more

    6 Salaman and Punit: Bad…prop work orfloor work buth very bad and was not a performance for top 6

  349. iluvdid says:

    Overall performance [friday and saturday]
    1 Dharmesh: Bth performance was very good
    2 Amrita: Friday she performed really well and Saturday eye pleasing and flawless
    3 Amar: Good dancing and expressive
    4 Shakti: Friday was good byt saturday was bad real bad
    5 Binny: Friday was an OK performance but Saturday was good and she did very swiftly
    6 Punit: Horrible on both days

  350. iluvdid says:

    Remo always says that there should not be any excuses given on the stage….but then what he did on Saturday…he was the one who kept harping how difficult the act was……

    Mithun Da gave a grand salute to remo for the concept…but this concept was not new…we hv seen it in other shows as well.

    Remo knows that punit is the weakest and is his only hope….and i want both punit and his hypocrite mentor to go out as fast as possible.

  351. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ AnnieJ –

    I love your comments! Your thought process is so similar to mine! :D

    The idea of just not watching and drowning ZEE due to the TRP politics is a great idea! haha

  352. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ iluvdid –

    I agree with your overall ranking for both days combined! Bang on! =)

  353. iluvdid says:

    I was so disgusted to c the limelight when Remo and Terrence didnot include Amrita in their top 4 list????
    They did not even mention abt her…
    she is the only person who has never got bad commenets for her performance…none of them could ever point out a single mistake she has done..its horrible…
    they should at least be truthful their own self

    even Terrence said while giving the styles that Amrita doen’t need any style as she is always good in all….

    Remo said Punit the most versatile dancer????Is he gone crazy????All of punits solos hv been very bad…I dont remeber any of his solos for which he got good comments???
    If Punit is versatile then what is AMrita and Amar???????

  354. iluvdid says:


    It looks like u r after Geeta…..but if we see she has been the best this season…Her choreography has been better than the others which has been proved in the last few weeks…her team got the best performance of the day thrice and she has got it more than Remo’s team[ Remo got only once]

    Geeta has alwyas given right comenets to everyone and has always applauded rightly not like remo or Terrence

    She doesn’t get up and gives standing ovation after every performance her contestant gives…where as Remo and terrence do that….

    I had so much respect for terrence last year but al that feeling is going now after seeing his joint collaboration with Remo to bring down contestants like Dharmesh and even Amrita by not mentioning her name in the top .Amrita doesn’t only deserve to go to finals but also to win it…may be she doesn’t hv the looks but she has knowledge and talent to do all dance forms

  355. iluvdid says:

    @ ChArMz AnGeL: Thanx

  356. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ iluvdid -

    How can Terrance put Amrita in his top 4? He has to include PUNIT, his beloved student. Punit has been the weakest this week, but lucky for him, he will survive because he has Remo’s support and Terrance’s because that is his student. I love how people say Terrance is not bias, I agree he is less than Geeta, but Punit in his top 4 over Amrita? If we were to get other extremely talented choreographers such as Shaimak Davar, Ganesh Hegde, Farah Khan, Vaibhavi Merchant, and so on, I am sure they would be able to give the real and OBVIOUS top 4 without bias.

  357. iluvdid says:

    @ChArMz AnGeL
    I wish what u said comes true….i wish there were other judges on the show who would actually make the decision who should be out on that days performance from the bottom 2 selected by the janta….this was a format in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa season 3

  358. ravipatel8 says:

    okay here we go another saturday down and here comes my comments… well first of all what’s up with the site???? nothing up about april 3rd…

    okay so for master’s comments I actually agreed with all the masters and comments except the last performance of punit’s remo had to come and be an ass it was a bad performance and prop was not used properly so it was good attempt and deal with it.. although concept was great execution was not up to the mark…

    I loved for the first time how no one was biased about any comments for first time.. I think either remo and terrance has read into people’s comments or there team has and told them about what people think of them…

    Anyways another great night it goes from best to worst here is top 6 Dharmesh, Binny, Amrita, Amar, Shakti, and Punit… Sajan could be between amrita and amar if i had to place him… I loved top 3′s performances I liked amar’s performance as well but he made little mistakes.. Shakti’s performance was correctly pointed out by masters.. and punit did horrible job could not even keep up with salman.. Remo good attempt but u need better person to match up with salman cuz obviously punit’s performance sucked and why don’t u also tell terrance to do the act because he also agreed with geeta..

    Not much to say about today other than remo making an ass of himself at the end of the show… I don’t think geeta can do such a act or concept but just admit that performance wasnt good for whatever reason like she said…

    So thats it from me today because masters made it nice and easy and kept unbiased comments for most of the performances…

    keep up the good work masters…

  359. shrita21 says:

    dear friends, i read all the comments posted, some look funny n some look logic. i dnt understand why is jin baba so attached to geeta maa??????????? kuch tho hai lol.

    come to the performence why did remo gave darmesh a simple step if remo want he could give darmesh classical which he is too bad in it, why putting remo as a target a_a gave this comment….i read something that geeta is fair with her comments.. kali.mangal not to fight with u but just putting the facts.. the attitude remo is showing now towards geeta’s performers(as u say) are short comments.. just saying its good or bad nothing overpraising.. but that is the attitude geeta has had towards remo’s contestants from the beginning of DID2.. i still remember i used to watch top 18 and used to be so angry at geeta never praising remo’s contestants

    i really n trully agreed with u A_A. I find darmesh is just good in his shelly not in other form, where else i can say punit is better if u see the 3rd april show punit was great yet geeta give bad comments on punit where else remo give a fire back to geeta ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, geeta is really a drama queen i lov remo cos he is true in his verdit sorry mangal, kali n jin baba see the show with open eyes not in onesided view

    my vote to 1st shakti 2nd amrita, 3rd punit n 4rd dharmesh thanks with regards

  360. wowsz says:

    whos ram poteneni?

  361. pk123 says:

    Charmz Angel and the others, I agree when I saw the Limelight, I was very upset with the obvious politics on.. but u know what, I think these masters are paid by Zee to do this… to obviously raise TRPs…so ZEE wins in the end.. while I am sure each mentor does feel for the contestants all they are really bothered abt is their own career and money… notice how in limelight, the ZEE questions were never aired (they were obviously provoking) and the Masters nicely played up… its a big TRP drama and we are the stupid ones who keep arguing abt them.. am sure Geetama, Terrance and Remo go and laugh abt it over a nice drink every week!

  362. golegappa says:

    Guys I checked wikipedia Pantomime is a musical comedy, so I guess it wont be boaring.

  363. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ pk123 –

    GOOD POINT!!! And here we are, who get disturbed by their comments. Sigh! :?

  364. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ Admin –

    What is up today? I know you mentioned the videos would take long, but no new thread for April 3rd?? Quite shocking!

  365. brkdancekid says:

    amar did justice to bboying
    i mean its very hard isnt it ……

    show ur mejic lolz

  366. pk123 says:

    Does anyone know how Remo’s name changed from Ramesh Gopi to Remo D’Souza?

  367. golegappa says:

    Guys what do you all say about prince.

    Man he was AWESOME!!! out of the world, he is a real prince it is hard to catch and match that crispiness…

    I salute prince…WOW !!

  368. golegappa says:

    @pk123 good question…

    This is bollywood, if Yusuf Khan can become Dilip Kumar, then Remo D’Souza is still somewhat near, I am still sure their will be some stoty…

  369. a9wahla says:

    wheres this limelight thing at? Can you please tell me?

  370. VM says:

    Ramesh turning to Remo is understandable, but with a D’Souza, I am as curious as you are…

  371. VM says:

    the duets are mindblowing man…. cant wait to watch on tv tonite… 3rd april duets show is another treat…. Jai Ho..

  372. breathless says:

    Remo gave dharmesh a easy dance(lyrical hip hop) and people are complaining, and terrance gave him something difficult(pantomime) and people are complaining. Also, I read this week Dharmish sir and siddesh danced was choreographed by dharmesh, and geeta didn’t give him credit. When dharmesh and binny had done a arial act and messed up geeta was defending them by saying it was difficult, now when punit and Salmon did a arial act that was one of the most difficult ones she just attacks them. We now from last season that geeta hated Salman.

  373. VM says:

    To all Dharmu fans

    Dharmesh n Siddhesh got the best performance award from Mithunda for yesterday show… Congrats…they were superb.. :wink: :wink:

    Geeta sai their performance was phenominal and Mithunda gave his grans saltute

  374. princerij90 says:

    okay hardcore dharmesh fans, remo said it, he finally did, terrence did once again..they praised dharmesh odee..i hope you guys are happy now and will stop attacking shakti and the judges..
    my favorite performance on saturday was dharmesh and siddhesh..amazing..i also really loved amar and alisha’s performance..amrita did well, sunita couldn’t quite match up..binny and mayuresh was okay..didn’t quite work for me, it was gud, but not much impressive..then again, it’s my opinion..i didn’t get what i expected from shakti and was gud, could’ve been better…jai is my favorite contestant from last season and i still think he’s the best among all the contestants from did 1 and did 2..puneet and salman, weak performance but very very difficult..this choreography of remo was better than what geeta did with all those air acts she choreographed..just my opinion though, but i really loved the choreography she came up with for dharmesh and siddhesh’s performance..
    in any case, this was one of the best did 2 shows so far..i really enjoyed it..

  375. princerij90 says:

    another thing..just an opinion, but before i say it i want all hardcore dharmesh fans to calm down and just take it as an opinion..
    when prince and dharmesh did the little duet..prince was really shining out and i didn’t think dharmesh’s moves were as crisp as prince’s..may be because it was mostly locking and popping..but damm prince outshined dharmesh all the way..the hip hop section dharmesh did was gud..but since it’s dharmesh and he’s a king in hip hop, i was expecting better moves..but in any case, his performance with siddesh makes up for it..prince, wow man…you are brilliant..
    again, only my opinion, i don’t mean to get attacked and specially get cursed by dharmesh’s fans..cuz they, for some reason, curse the hell out of shakti only because she gets more votes than God knows what’s in store for me because of what i just said

  376. princerij90 says:

    btw..breathless, i definitely agree with you..geeta has some serious issues with remo and even with terrence sometimes and i’m really happy for what remo said to her, ‘geeta always says tum karke dekhaona’..geeta’s personality is irritating for me (again, just an opinion, i don’t wanna argue, but if anyone disagrees, that’s completely fine, just no attacks please, i don’t want things to get ugly)..
    combined friday and saturday’s performances, i’m putting the top ones in my opinion below:
    1. dharmesh
    2. amar
    3. amrita
    4. shakti
    5. puneet
    6. binny (all her performances are average, nowadays, i really liked her at the beginning, but now she just seems weak compared to other contestants)

  377. golegappa says:

    Their were few in this forum who said Remo is jealous of Dharmesh because even he cannot match the moves which Dharmesh makes, guys I am not sure about that but I am sure about what I saw today that even Dharmesh can not match the moves which Prince makes.

    I did not see Dharmesh SIR dancing with Prince what I saw was Prince SIR dancing with Dharmesh.

  378. breathless says:

    @ pricerj90
    I agree with you prince out shined dharmesh, and dharmesh said himself that he dancing style is popping but compared to prince (locking and popping) he looked a little weak.

  379. a9wahla says:

    wow i just watched the limelight. Thats really messed up but i believe now everyone wants their people to win. So its whatever.

  380. a9wahla says:

    he looked a little week because he just performed with that other dude. Come on give him a break..

  381. sundial says:

    dharmesh u did brilliant job man…
    prince and D are not only the dancers but also entertainers.
    complete pkg. people are saying prnce done batter than u but i thought u both wer good and complementing each other very well….
    even in whil performing with siddesh u were mind blowing. u deserves in top 4 bro….and it is as good as winning….as u have already made space in our heart (not only in ur fans but also critics).

    ammu’s performance was good.
    bini’s performance was charming.
    sajjan performance sajjeshweri..
    amar….this boy is really talented yaar if i wasn’t a die hearted fan of “D” he will be my contestant along with sexy Shakti….
    Puni…little bit billow par. salman was good…..
    Missin u JinBaba and DID rocks…. :( these two r mine fav. in this forum….

  382. sundial says:

    sorry for bad inglish my english is as bad as of “D”.. :wink:

  383. princerij90 says:

    @sundial i agree with you..amar is seriously seriously talented..he was an untrained dancer and look at him now..
    btw..about binny’s performance, before people start getting pissed off at me becuz of what i said, the performance itself wasn’t just didn’t work for me much because this kinda performance has been shown by geeta way too many times already..i thought mayuresh was pretty amazing though

  384. breathless says:

    @ sundial
    don’t worry about your english, we just care about you opinions. You will get better with practice.

  385. princerij90 says:

    forgot to mention saajan and prince’s performance may be becuz saajan is was one of the best of saturday’s’s kinda sad that saajan is giving such gud performance’s white getting any case, him leaving was only fair..

  386. sweetk says:

    Just wondering if Geeta was a politician at some point of time….She pretty Knows how to beg for votes….What is she doing there….Such a jealous person she is…i cant just bear her always defending her contestants….Anyway who cares about her….Even if Terrence and Remo’s contestants perform very well and gets grand salute from Mithunda, she most of the time disapproves and never clap her hands as well…she is so cheap…(MY OPINION)… I do agree Dharmesh is very good as is shakti and amar…amrita is coming up…Punit is so sweet and always keep a low profile which is adorable and Binny …i think it’s hight time for her to go….that will make justice….Jack should have been here instead…he should have been in the top six. Anyway i wish all the contestants good luck and keep entertaining us…Go for it Shakti…

  387. golegappa says:

    you are spot on, and Geeta at least needs to perform with some prop. please geeta MAAAAAAAAA…please…ek baak hum sab ki khatir…ek prop ke sath dance karo na…
    per ek baat dhayan rakhna jaise Prince ne apne size ka liya tha na aap apne size ka lena..ok…

  388. AnnieJ says:

    I was surprised by the lack of synchrony in Shakti’s performance – Jay really outshined her! I was really impressed by last year’s performers :)

  389. princerij90 says:

    @golegappa…haha, you just spoke my mind..that was a mind-blowing comment lol
    @sweetk, definitely agree with you…jack should’ve been here instead of binny

  390. golegappa says:

    @AnnieJ I too found all the DID1 contestants were strong, may be they were just waiting to get one chance, like Salman was better than Punit, and Prince was far too better than Dharmesh and Saajan and no doubt Sunita Gogoi my GOD she was just like….

  391. AnnieJ says:

    @golegappa YES! I have not finished watching DID1 (lol) but wow!! Siddesh and Prince made our favorite Dharmesh Sir look like children’s play!! Wow! 8O

    Jay totally blew Shakti out of the water. Mind blown. :mrgreen: I would say the same for the rest of the people too. In my opinion, Amrita was a bit stronger than Sunita in a few steps, but overall, they were definitely well matched!

  392. Nishikant says:

    beautiful dance and what dance and was by dharmesh and sidesh

  393. prashantsinh says:

    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh… Kya bat kya bat kya bat …

    kya dance karte ho aap yaar..jab bhi stage pe aate hai stage hila dete ho….

    really geeta is lucky ki usko aap jesa dancer mila…

    i know ke agle friday bhi aap hi NO-1 hoge….

    really Dharmesh kya dance kiya tumne…….so now thats ur colo perfomance…chumeshwari perfomance…..and stupedo fantability fantastic perfomance….or kya bat kya bat kya bat….or dono hatho se grand salyut…… :P :P :P :P :P

  394. prashantsinh says:

    hey yaar yeh kya bhi tak video upload nahi kiye…

    yaar kab karne walo ho video upload…

    pehle to etni der nahi lagti thi,….

    ab kyu itni der lagti..hai…

  395. prashantsinh says:


  396. golegappa says:

    I am sure Prince and Siddesh must have done some vulgar moves to “make our favorite Dharmesh Sir look like children’s play”

  397. fasy says:

    Oye DID 3rd April ki vidios kahan hain jaldi se upload karo sara maza karab kia huwa hai plz upload plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:twisted: :oops: :evil: :!:

  398. priyam says:

    I was really happy to see Chotu Lohar… I really hope that he continues to dance….Best of luck Chotu

    Prince was mindblowing- He is really unique in his style

    My Favourite chocolate boy is so strong and what a performance.

    And Amrita was gave such a performance. Sunita had problems to match with her.

    Alisha and Amar- Such a nice performance

    Haven’t finished watching…see u later

    Those who want to watch the Saturdays performance go to punjabijunktion

    And best of luck Saajan-Keep smiling dear

  399. JIN BABA says:

    Next week paring (update) :!:

    Amrita with Afsha mushani (lil champ host grl)
    Shakti with Sushant Rajput (Pavitra Rishta)
    Kuwar with Ankita Lokhande (Pavitra Rishta)
    Punit with swarnabha (Yaaha mein ghar ghar kheli)
    Binny with sekhar (agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo)
    D sir with Ratan Rajput (agale janam mohe bitiya hi kijo)

    I like Swarnabha, she iz sho tweet :mrgreen: & very pleasant Look 8O :oops: .

  400. manikit says:

    i want dat song on which dharmesh sir and price danced plzzzzzz tel…………i want dat song

  401. manikit says:

    i want dat song on which dharmesh sir and prince danced plzzzzzz tel…………i want dat song

  402. jaskaran28 says:

    Shakti i just love ur dance.U r the best dancer i have ever scene.i always vote u please keep dancing like this.U r so cute………..

  403. maryamazi says:

    dHARMESH SIR WAS AMAIZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Par lagtae Remo jan buj se usko ignore karta he.KOi bat nahi,insaf zarur hoga!!!!!!!!
    aMRITA JUST FANTASTIK,Punit so many effects,dance good,but apko nahi lagtae ki Bate Remo ka Dharmesh ko ki kuch naya naya dekhao,khud Remo har hafta same style me,Sajan aor Punit ko deta he,not fair. :|
    Shakti also was good,but is bar im really imprest with Amar!Kya bat! :o

  404. kameswari says:

    I love shakti & amrita. They are fantastik & Amaizing.

  405. aamna says:

    kya bat kya bat kya batttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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