Dance India Dance Season2 17th April Videos

Dance India Dance Season2 17th April Videos

Dance India Dance Season2 Contestants performed on their best choreography on Dance India Dance 17th April Episode. At the end all 4 contestants Dharmesh, Binny, Shakti and Punit performed together on the stage (Jugalbandi). As much as we hate to criticize the 3 Masters, I have to admit that Terence Lewis and Remo’s attitude towards Dharmesh was very rude. Kunwar’s best part is contemporary and he showed his memories with Dance India Dance Season2 in his act, Both of the masters praised him. Dharmesh’s best part is popping and freestyle and he showed his journey through his performance and look at the what Remo D’souza and Terence Lewis had to say. It’s a shame that Masters are taking sides on the basis of the team, they should be a role model and encourage every contestant. I hope this backfires on both of them and Dharmesh wins Dance India Dance Season2. Let’s see who is the Dance India Dance Winner for Season2. We will all know on 23rd April Dance India Dance.

Terence Ki Toli

Kunwar Amarjeet performed on the song Pal, Contemporary Dance Style

Shakti Mohan performed on Mile Sur, Contemporary Dance Style

Geeta Ki Gang

Binny Sharma performed on the song Yeh Ishq Hai, Freestyle Dance

Dharmesh performed on the Flute, Freestyle Dance

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Punit Pathak performed on the song Pyaar Hamein Kis Mod, Hip Hop Dance Style

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715 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Season2 17th April Videos

  1. hotdinesh.143 says:


  2. njaiswal says:

    Dharmesh’s performance was magical today !!! He defn took it to another level.

    Big salute to Terence Master for his lovely comments :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. amk14 says:

    hopee punu wins and shakti s second !:)

  4. njaiswal says:

    Now this is wht we call Politics/jealously from Remo & Terence at full display at today’s episode.

    Some people have to say that why great choreographers like Remo & Terence have to be jealous of Dharmesh.

    But the fact is no matter how popular or great they are, they can’t anything about Dharmesh topping week after week or being the most popular contestant.

  5. jackyp says:

    :| i want to give vote how to give vote any body tell me pls…

  6. oye_hoye says:

    yes yes im 5th lol

  7. gagan says:

    master terrence lost all the respect i had for him until now…GO DHARMESH ALL THE WAY…He ate the rest 3 undoubtedly

  8. taparna74 says:

    Dharmesh Rocks…

  9. Gauree says:

    i want punit to win….

  10. Sadik says:

    I used to respect Remo and Terrence but now seems they’re being too too rude,unfair to Dharmesh.
    Comment passed by Terrence was totally unfair b’coz if Dharmesh hasn’t do any new that did shakti anything new ??

  11. Gauree says:

    i think as per today’s performance.. Punit was the best… Dharmesh is doing the same old stuff…its boring to c him now.. really…

  12. shrekool22 says:

    hello jackyp. Ntw this is not the dance india dance official website. so i guess u wil have to log onto so from there you will be able to vote online. and get all other details there.
    hope i was able to help you

  13. GabbarSingh says:

    There was absolutely no need for Terrence to say what he said. I think all mentors should be nice to all 4 contestants, specially on the last performence.

    Geeta was terrific in reacting to Terrence. Dharmesh was too good, Punit was very good as well as Shakti.

    Public will vote for their favorite contestant. And I can’t wait for April 23rd. This is going to be exciting.

  14. GabbarSingh says:


    Even Shakti didn’t do anything new. I think at some point, we have to agree to the fact that public loves to see their favorite contestant doing what they do best.

  15. lords2020 says:

    Dharamash journey from audition to top 4 was amazing i can see very clear sad faces of remo and Terrance but they can not stop dharmash getting the sunehri topi its not in there hands.binny also superb.punit was excellent actually surprise.shakati was OK i think Terrance chose a wrong song for her she should preform on a sexy number which suites her better. :wink: :wink: :wink:

  16. dipa says:

    i love dharmesh and binny

  17. sobhanblr says:

    Admin you are right

    Dharmesh is going to win So Remo and Terrence are rude to him

    Performance wise
    Dharmesh will get 9.8 out of 10
    Poonit 5.5 out of 10
    Binny 8 out of 10
    Shakti 7.5 out of 10

    I believe Parvez and Amrita is better than Poonit and Shakti

    Shakti knows only one type of dance. Poor in Indian Classical and hip hop

    And Dharmesh is the choice of the people
    People will decide the Winner

  18. AnnieJ says:

    I gotta sit down and watch this later tonight! Seems like it’ll be interesting, and most everyone picked their forte (surprise!). Lol

  19. jayeshedoli says:

    Dharmesh simply was the best in todays show.
    Punit also was good for me.
    shakti & binny were just o.k

    Terribly disappointed with terence remarks on dharmesh….
    comeon guys yesterday he performed another form…

  20. sobhanblr says:


    Forget about Dharmesh

    As per the skill is concerned Poonit is far behind than Parvez, Amar and Sashank

  21. sobhanblr says:


    You are right

    Dharmesh will get 10% extra vote after their rude comment

  22. Jahnvi 12 says:

    Shakti has been constantly done her best and is really good performer. God bless her. She will win the contest

  23. saurabh.sole says:

    I totally agree with @sobhanblr

  24. AnnieJ says:

    Kind of strange that our news reporter, Jin Baba, didn’t have anything citing today’s show’s quibble…. lol. Where is Jin Baba, anyway, I wonder? :P

  25. prashant22 says:

    hey annie u a moderator yr congrats…how did u became that..

  26. newpupil50 says:

    dharmesh and shakti will be in the top three

  27. AnnieJ says:


    Haha thank you! I half-hoped nobody would notice…. 8) My primary service is to keep our forums clean by marking what I believe is spam…lol. I’ve been reporting a lot of spam lately, so this is an easier means of doing it.

    Fellow mods, I am lucky to be a part of the team! :mrgreen:

  28. Prial says:

    I want Dharmesh Sir or Shakti to win this competition! :P

  29. u3002083 says:

    East or the West DHARMESH is best.

    all the punu fans he is never gona win and stop even thinking about him wining the show. he even don’t deserve to be in finals.

  30. rpokh2002 says:

    I don’t know who is the best dancer in term of technicality,
    but definitely Dharmesh is a true entertainer and complete performer. And some of his performances you can watch n number of times.

    Also i think admin is right, masters should have been nice towards everyone as this was their last performance.

    Best of luck to all 4 finalist.

  31. kali.mangal says:

    Dharmesh rocks..
    mein deewana mein dewana ..jane na dunga jana..
    mein dewana..Dharmesh tera dewana :D

  32. alfiya says:

    master Remo :twisted: master Terence :mrgreen: you both of r very bad judje in DID BE Honest in you are JUDJEMENT in you are life

  33. prashant22 says:

    happy for u annie keep up the good work…

  34. prashant22 says:

    i watched all the performances nd as they were the last performances so i will not comment…
    i have just one thing to say love u dharmesh…n i’ll vote for u… :D

  35. AnnieJ says:

    Haha thanks! :)

    No commentary? I was looking forward to hear your thoughts before I watched the show! :D

  36. u3002083 says:

    what ever remo and tee rice are doing no one likes it.

    tell me what was new in shakti amar or punit performance.

    Dharmesh yaar u go and learn some animal dance form so that remo and tee rice can find something new in you.

    It does not matter D SIR win or loose these dum ass donot know that he is already a *

  37. prashant22 says:

    no i was not thinking of it…i have a exam tommorow so i m goin to sleep…so i cant do it right now…
    but u’hv asked so for u i will do it but tomorrow…. :D

  38. prashant22 says:

    haha u just made me laugh so much thanks for ur beautiful comment…
    note:–terence name changed to tee rice haha haha good stuff buddy…

  39. prashant22 says:

    but plz dont use words like u used in ur last line…this forum is neat…
    my friend is a moderator she will not be happy with that lol

  40. prashant22 says:

    hey goodnight annie…

  41. karan99one says:

    First of all congrats to you for becoming a moderator.Hope you fulfil your job of luck for this and for your exams.

    Now did you notice Terrence ka double standards.You were
    supporting him once .You can see his face , he just cannot take it any more Dharmesh ka jalwa.

  42. prashant22 says:

    karan buddy u write all ur comments i will reply them tomorrow…i have many things to say…but now i have to sleep i have a exam tomorrow…gn to all

  43. karan99one says:

    Then best of luck for your exam. See you tomorrow.Have a good sleep.

  44. Darpan says:

    Hope punit win this show..

  45. nirav319 says:

    Dharmesh sir :D :lol: :lol: :lol:

  46. AnnieJ says:


    Sleep well and good luck on your exam! Lol at warning people about me – don’t you feel awesome? “My friend the moderator will not be happy….” LOL.


    Haha, thanks! I will perform my duties responsibly, but the position doesn’t change my overall nature in the forum – I’m still the same person and I’ll still write the same kind of comments and whatnot, so it’s all good :) :wink:

  47. karan99one says:

    So we are having a new punit fan.welcome

  48. panki24 says:

    I love dharmesh dancing v much.He is out of this world.Terrence and remo jealous of dharmesh.I totally agree with gabbarsingh.
    I hope dharmesh will win.
    Punit shud hav gone in place of amar yar…
    Punit doesnt deserve to be in d competition.He is in bec of remo.
    I know dharmesh will win. Please vote for him.
    Love u dharmesh sir……:):):):)

  49. 118 says:

    dharmesh deserve to win but in last episode master try to stop him but i dont think so.
    go dharmesh and rock the stage.
    i have lots of respect for remo but
    punit,shakti and now amar got mj from remo but y he dont gave it to u yet thats prove how he is jelous from u…
    best luck dharmesh

  50. karan99one says:

    Guys, I must tell you this Terrence has done a very foolish thing by criticizing Dharmesh.This was his last attempt
    for promoting Shakti but now it will backfire.You can see the gussa in this forum and common junta after hearing his comments on dharmesh.Now he will get more and more votes.
    Terrence,Iam sorry it was a bad move.Please play your moves carefully in future.

  51. oye_hoye says:

    annie congrats, dharmesh rocked today,propper did justice to the stage,i think remo was upset coz of that comment ( who is dharmesh ).he knew dharmesh from baroda when he was judging d-virus performance,its on youtube if you dont believe me,awwww terence face lol, NOW THATS WHAT I CALL A KODAK MOMENT!!!! :lol: . looked like terence cat died or something lol,terence and remo and mithun tried making it clear that dharmesh can only do his own style,i found it funny how shakti and punnit were showing off the MJ ( MERA JOKER ) badge to the screen LOL, I JUST HOPE THE DID FANS FROM FACEBOOK AND DHARMESH FANS FROM FACE BOOK JOINED THIS SITE AFTER I LEFT MESSAGES FOR THEM FOR THIS SITE AND TO USE IT :P ,geeta your comeback was super :mrgreen:

  52. noshina says:

    hay every one where i can see the full DID 2 17th april video. I want to see the fight of masters…PLZ tell me.

  53. S_A_M says:

    Dahrmesh is a real winner, A grand salute to him for handling such jeal stuff from remo and terrance.
    Still perfoming like rock solid

  54. karan99one says:

    I didnt find any fight scene between the masters, I think it was edited ,the whole episode

  55. karan99one says:

    Are u there or even you have slept too like prashant.

  56. A_A says:

    any of you guys saw an ad released by Zee earlier? that had like a big fight between terence and geeta over dharmesh.. i guess it was edited out of today’s(or maybe yesterday’s) episode or definitely votes for dharmesh would have gone down after seeing that

  57. AnnieJ says:


    Thanks! Lol at your comment – “Awww Terence” face! lolololol.


    I hear that some of the shooting that was removed, namely the quibbling, shows up in the Limelight.

  58. almoula says:

    Last night i was able to easily fall in love with

    1. Shakti Binny because of their facial expressions and dancing.

    2. Today Punit surprised me and did very well.

    3. Dharmesh did too bring in a few new moves.

    4. Let the best dancer win.

    :mrgreen: :D 8)

    I am rooting for all 4

  59. noshina says:

    oooo you think….but thanks any way !!!

  60. Zia says:

    Dharmesh rocks,,,,
    Shakti, Binny and Punit were very good…..
    Their Combined performance was great……

    Terrence….. you made the day of Darmesh by giving him bad remarks…..Now see he will rock….

  61. S_A_M says:

    basically i am not understanding why remo and terrance are doing this?

    It will definately boost ppl to vote doubl and triple to D sir,
    it is good yaar D sir ab to pakka jitege.

  62. Rub says:

    dharmesh has to win!!!!!!

    i think masters are just really picking on dharmesh and taking sides, just want to be in favour of thier own contestants that is not fair at all.they have to say whats right and whats not but be fair and not just pick on dharmesh. it wasnt like this last year not as bad anyway nowhere near….i hope it all backfires on them and dharmesh wins!!!!!! he has to win

    vote for dharmesh everyone!!

  63. Rub says:

    zee better not have it fixed and make shakti win. it has to go on votes and true votes

  64. illusion-93 says:

    geeta ki gang must win…after what i have heard about terence n remo..shame on youh!!

  65. nay2in says:

    nice performace

  66. kanchha says:


  67. A_A says:

    oh btw thanks annie for clearing up the mess in the other topic and taking that issue to the admins

  68. zahira1 says:

    Season two is sooo boring. Todays episode was boring there was no use of props or a new style Amar should have one Darmesh just can do 1 style and is the judjes pet :evil:

  69. JIN BABA says:

    @Annie Hey lol Congratulation :) .. actually these day am busy in chat section, that’s why u didn’t see me here, but as heard about your Promotion, so i came here to Congratulate yourself Janab-e Wala :mrgreen: .. Khush Rahy & khoob Enjoy karay :) , My Best Wishes with you Dear Girl.

    Where Is our Treat? we Want treat @Annie :P

  70. u3002083 says:

    Dharmesh according to Helen is out of this world. u know what she mean.

    DHARMESH u r DID – Dharmesh India Dharmesh

    Vote For Dharmesh.

  71. gaurang says:


  72. AnnieJ says:

    @Jin Baba

    Haha aww thanks! Treat, hmmm…. promotion ki liye kya doon? HMMM…. laddu? Barfi? :mrgreen:

  73. rifat_swe says:


  74. AnnieJ says:


    No problem! Henceforth, I will be directly reporting the issues myself lol.

  75. AnnieJ says:


    “He is delicious?” Please don’t eat Dharmesh :(

  76. ronak-star says:

    i want to see mithunda doing a dance with the final 4 contestant.

  77. bailurabhijith says:

    dharmesh sir rocks ,other masters are not able to accept their contestant defeat so the trying all negative tactics,common all people vote for dharmesh we will make him number 1

  78. ratnagar says:

    hello all,

    So I just watched this episode and it was good. I did not think Terrence was mean to Dharmesh–I read the comments before watching and expected it to be soo bad, but he was not mean…he just said he wished to see more which frankly I did too—I thought it was really redundant.

    I love Dharmesh but Punit’s performance was so much more powerful to me. I still say Punit and Shakti are better dancers than Binny and Dharmesh–they are more versatile and clean dancers…they know the art of it and how to use their bodies to the fullest. I don’t know….but that’s how I feel.

    Even in the las t performance with all four together–those two definitely out shined Dharmesh and Binny…andn Binny messed up a lot. When Dharmesh transitioned to Punit, Punit jumped in with soo muhc more force and power–it was very very good.,

    And again, I think people are being overly dramatic with Terrence and Remo’s comments, they were not mean at all.

  79. AnnieJ says:

    So I just started watching the episode…. awww Amar! Poor Terence was in tears, but how sweet of Remo to give Amar an MJ band and for Geeta to give Amar her autograph (effectively). I was really in tears – I’m such a sucker for this kind of thing! :lol:

  80. jit says:

    Dharmesh is best

  81. princerij90 says:

    this episode clearly shows how much more amar deserved to be in top 4 rather than binny..her performance was really weak and simple, in my opinion..
    in any case, i agree with most people, terrence and remo could’ve been a little more lenient with dharmesh today, but then again, they weren’t as mean or rude as most ppl are saying..and they definitely weren’t jealous because though dharmesh did very well compared to his last few performances, it was nothing terrence or remo couldn’t have pulled off..they are masters and dharmesh is a student for a reason..i don’t understand why ppl keep saying masters are jealous..i find this ridiculous and pathetic..then again, everyone has his/her own opinion..
    @anniej, i almost cried too lol..yesterday’s and today’s episode both were really sad..amar has been my fav contestant for a while now and i’m really sad to see him leave

  82. JIN BABA says:

    Now Coming to the Performance. here we go.

    1st Amar,
    What a Darling performance he given on the Floor, really awesome, i really touch with his performance, and i felt that Amar is better than Punit & Binny, he deserve to be in Finale, but due to Part Of Zee Game, he ain’t reach in the Finale, but he got many many Appriciation+ lot’s of Love from them, All Master’s Includng GM. wish him Best of Luck In Future AMAR.

    2nd @Binny Binny BiNny
    she did what she show b4, we saw her performance, but yes, her few dance more impressive, i notice he did 1st time on the Floor, Gud luck in Finale BiNNy.

    3rd Punit.
    what a Dance by Remo Sir, I really Enjoy his performance, u know what guys? i imagine that kind of dance from Dharmesh, but yet he didn’t show such a Dance act, as punit did, errrrrr.. i like punit 1st attempt, 2nd was just so so.

    4th Shakti
    Very Nice attempt by shakti, her few move i like it, she also done very good Energy performance, but i just hate onething toward herself & that was the politic behid herself. (No Offensive). still i felt that she gonna winner in Finale. but my wishes for Dharmesh :).

    5th Dharmesh
    1st i Appologise to Dharmesh FAN here, Yes Terrence iz right, and he didn’t show very bad at all to Dharmesh, he said right, he show what we already seeing by him, he (terrence) expect New thing from him, but he did’t, but Finally he said to him Best of Luck :) i also notice Dharmesh dance move is totally old stuff, but yeh he did with lot’s of Energy in it. i also like his Flips two leg up very smartly, his Energy were Awesome in the performance no doubt.

    Final Four performance
    1st binny more very impressive except her beauty & smile
    2nd Dharmesh O Yeah on this act, i enjoy his performance
    3rh Punit lol man not work this time, is seem like same few psycho move again, i notice very clearly :mrgreen: .
    4th. Shakti, Kia baat, Kya bat, Kia Baat. she have guts Guys. but as a Contempory form i didn’t connect very much with it. :confused:

    Best Of LuCk all in Finale. 8)

  83. says:

    Why is Dharmesh the highest voted contestant?? :roll:

    Shakti should win!!!!!!

  84. sbhavin says:

    VOTE TO DHARMESH.. He is best of the best

  85. mnegi says:

    DHARMESH Really outstanding………. no doubt…

    He is champion and made for dance only…


    VOTE for Him

  86. illusion-93 says:

    i fiink geeta left towards the end..cuz of that argument!
    i feel sorry 4 herrr
    cuzz yehh if you go on terence’s facebook(the wun with his pic n waterfalls @ the back)..if youhh go on his wall there is this chick “nazia khanom” who writes disgracefull, vulgar and amazingly rude things about geeta on terence’s wall..n the real thing is that terence knows that chick, dispite that he cannot be bother to even speak to her or maybe delete those idiotic comments name by “nazia khanom”. there are several other rude comments which i think terence can delete..that dude is always on facebook and writes a message atleast once a week, begging for votes!
    i truley fink dharmesh deserves it! well dazz my opinion dunah about youhh guyz! buh terence is being desperate n ofcourse he should delete those coments made by a chik on his wall on FB.

  87. mnegi says:

    I am sure that Dharmesh is going to win, because children of my locality from age 6 to 10 year are just his fan and few started dancing like him…….

    WOW, it is really surprising, how he won the heart of all kids……… he is real champ, no doubt……

  88. drchirag111 says:

    i hate terrance bcoz shakti is also doign the same not new…….than y he didn’t give his contestant new style…………………….i think…………………………………………… ………..DHARMESH IS MINDBLOWING …………………. ………………………………………….. …………………………….. …………………………………. ……. …………………………………………… . ….. ……………………

  89. illusion-93 says:

    exactly….shakti does the same fiings all those shine/shene turns( however the hell you spell dahh) and the usage of her splits…well isnt dahh repetition???

    may the “desrrving wun win”

  90. DID Magic says:

    Lots of people are saying why Terence and Remo need to be jealous of Dharmesh. He is nobody… They are at the top and he is not, they have achieved everything and he hasn’t, and so on and so on…

    Well let’s put this in simple words as possible that everyone can understand. Grand Master and Mentors are humans, and if you are human you are part of committing 7 sins of the life this is in human nature. Human nature doesn’t change just because you have achieved success in your life.

    Reason they need to be jealous. Dharmesh got strong fan base, looks like more than Remo + Terence. With comments likes 17th April more and more Remo + Terrance fans leaving them and joining Dharmesh. Terence got two students from his dance academy, if any of them wins. Terrance can say if you get trained by his academy you are always best (Which is not the case we all know that, but he can carry on believing that). We all know Remo is known for Hip Hop, if Dharmesh will get success (in next 10 years time lets say) he could be better than Remo in Hip Hop. Even Remo knows this, so Dharmesh is taking his dream away to be called King of Hip Hop in India. This could belong to Dharmesh.

    We can talk about many other point but is time to hit bed is passed 1am in UK so good night dancers.


  91. kanchha says:


    Don’t worry body, i didn’t eat him just… i mean he is the mind-blowing dancer so every body including me love DHARMESH SIR

    So body keep voting for DHARMESH SIR :x

  92. DIDrocks says:

    im not gonna rank this episode. everyone was great. since people got their dancing stars picked out already, anything i say will just backfire on me and it will all go wrong. so i will refrain from ranking.

    but i will talk about dharmesh’s performace and the controversy associated with it. well i personally have to agree with remo and terrence. before u all get mad at me…hear me out. the whole idea was good. it was clever. but somehow this idea was bound to to backfire. repeating his dances on stage was a bad bad move. its like resubmitting an assignment or paper that got an A before (college students will get what im saying hopefully). u already got an A for this dance. but dont expect to resubmit or redo ur dance and still get the same grade. one dance = one grade. getting two grades for one dance is not fair. i hope u see what i mean. if dharmesh did a whole new dance in hip hop like he did in jugal bandhi, i would have been so much more happier. he is so awesome in hip hop (and i luved the song main deewana…go ganesh hegde). he was just so good. why on earth does geeta not use her brains? why does she gotta but in and give flop ideas like this everytime to dharmesh? so that is what i thought. but remo and terrence were really stupid to point it out. cuz somehow i can foresee that dharmesh fans will take this as an insult and will vote extra. so yea. they just strengthened dharmesh’s chances of winning (not that it needed strengthening cuz dharmesh clearly was gonna win anyway from top 12. there was no doubt at all). coming to the others. it was smart smart smart move for them to do their style. in fact i wouldve called them stupid of they didnt. i enjoyed the jugal bandhi to the fullest. showed the best of everyone. i wish all of the the best of luck. may the best win!

  93. DIDrocks says:


    omg u r a moderator now? lol. yay. do ur job well girl. U got the power! lol.

  94. nirvikapla says:

    I can’t believe you guys think Dharmesh is a better dancer than Shakti! You just can’t compare the two. Shakti’s every move is so elegant, clean, and sharp. She has performed so many varied styles of dance, and has proven herself capable of any form. In contrast, Dharmesh simply does popping & locking every time!! He is simply not as good as Shakti. His moves are repetitive and boring. Even Saajan was a better dancer than him. I think because of the judges’ glorification of Dharmesh since the auditions, the public has been led to believe he is amazing, when he’s pretty average. I sincerely hope Shakti wins because she truly deserves it. Finally, Binny does not even belong in this competition..what a joke.

  95. raphsody says:


    I donot agree with your rating….

    I guess Dharmesh performance was not soo good…he was OK.

    He is not at all a versatile dancer. He is just good at Hip hop and popping. Rest of all the dance forms he was ok. Through out his journey was OK. He is trying to be modest but he is not. Geeta has made him like that.

  96. DIDrocks says:

    omg i forgot to talk about amar.

    i cried like a baby watching him. its so not fair he left. but i felt so happy when he got the MJ badge. in my point of view, he was the most deserving of the MJ badge along with ammu. too bad she didnt get it. this guy’s improvement is phenomenal. just looking at his shraddha towards dance tells me that i will see this guy among the sitaren someday. for me he is already the star. and i hope this star shines brightly in all that he does in the future. love u amar. chahe kuch bhi ho jaye…tum aur ammu meri liye asli dancing star ho. agar meri koi sunehri topi hoti, toh mein tum dono ko zaroor deti.

  97. raphsody says:


    I completely agree with you dear.

    Shakthi deserves to win! Dharmesh is OK performer.

  98. DIDrocks says:


    no. what shakti did is not repetition. its like locking and popping in hip hop. no matter what performance u give, any hip hop dance will have locking and popping. but this doesnt mean all hip hop dances are alike. no. same thing with contemporary. the stretching, the splits, and the shane (accent on e) turns (more used in ballet) are all the abcd’s of contemporary. u cant do contemporary without them. so no its not repetitive. to put it more simply, there are 26 letters in the alphabet, but there are a billion words. the words are different even though the letters are the same. make sense?

  99. mnegi says:

    :) Yes every one has right to give his / her opinion and view about everything…… but Dharmesh has already marked our soul somewhere Deep in us…….. we can not leave loving him, his every moves gives a great feel in us…… he is beyond match…….. :o

  100. GabbarSingh says:

    I think people who talk about Shakti’s variety, have very short memory.

    Now this is not to undermine Shakti’s dancing abilities. She is a great dancer.

    Dharmesh has performed Salsa, the dance where he worshipped Ganapati bappa, Freestyle and others.

    Its very immature to say that Dharmesh is a dancer below par as compared to Shakti. I will say that both have their own strengths.

    End of the day, its all about who stimulates and connects with the audience. Thats the bottomline.

  101. GabbarSingh says:

    Anybody who says that Dharmesh did not perform other styles is either misinformed or just plain flat lying.

  102. DIDrocks says:

    i agree with gabbar singh. shakti and dharmesh are at par with each other. i cannot imagine one outdoing the other. yes one week, shakti was better and the other week, dharmesh was better. but overall, these two have been competing neck and neck. and i still feel that the winner should be among these two. but i think public has never seen this. they have always leaned towards dharmesh more. they cut him some slack more than they did for shakti. so my prediction will be that dharmesh will win. meanwhile, i will vote for shakti today (i think this is like only the third time i am voting for her) cuz shakti definitely blew me away today. she was the best today. i wouldve voted for amar but i cant. so shakti it is.

  103. DIDrocks says:

    @mannmathan toronto

    chinese and black friends? lol. thats funni. and lay off ur comments on remo and terrence will ya? poor things.i dont think they deserved this much bashing. peace.

  104. booglenose says:

    i want kunwar to come bk!! :|

  105. GabbarSingh says:


    As I said, at the end of the day, it all boils down to who stimulates and connects with the audience.

    I mean, you tell me how else anybody can win in these reality shows. Last year, do you honestly think Salman ONLY was the best? No, Jaikumar, Siddesh and the other guy were equally good. But Salman connected with the audience and thats how it works, man.


  106. chedipudi.ashok says:


  107. DIDrocks says:

    very true gabbar singh. but somehow i felt that not everyone got a CHANCE to connect with the audience. somehow the spotlght has been given to only ceratin contestants. so basically zee itself has been eliminating contestants by not giving them a chance. this i think is so unfair.

  108. DIDrocks says:


    well if dharmesh got his own style, then so does shakti. should shakti win? im not contradicting. i just wanna know the reason why u like dharmesh. thats all.

  109. shrita21 says:

    hi all
    after reading all the comments i felt tht most of them are really blind, see the did2 from first to end look at dharmesh dancing step its always same. no difference even yesterday its top 4 show he should show new dancing step o his shelly but he fail all the step he did we already seen tht early. why must remo sir n terence should be jeolouse of him.he said the truth, he didnt insult him , as per geeta she also did tarally embarassed punit n many other contestent. plsssssssssssss dnt just support darmesh i do like him he has a style but cos of geeta maa he could not get the better dancing step so pls blame geeta for all this, i still resect remo sir cos he is always say the truth n a clear mind person i respect u alot remo sis my singapore friend n public will deffinately vote for punit he is the best punit punit punit punit punit punit ur the best of allllllllll

  110. shrita21 says:

    punit punit punnu punit punit punnu ur the best versatile dancer ever on DID2 we wish u all the best

  111. AnnieJ says:

    @mannmathan toronto

    Watch your language please. I have flagged both of your posts because in the first, you were using offensive language unnecessarily, and in the latter, you are very clearly making a crude attack at DIDrocks. Putting “Just kidding” at the end doesn’t make it okay to make those kind of improper and hurtful remarks.

  112. igotmeanskill says:

    wow cant believe im saying this but, kunwar’s performance was the best in this episode. the other 4 weren’t that great.

  113. mannmathan Toronto says:


    My apologies Annie .. U hv all powers in ur hand .. I hv to calm down .. Ur the winner..

  114. DIDrocks says:

    ok i seriously felt extremely offended by what mithun da said. like no one was eliminated unfairly? everyone who left desreved to go? like what the hell? there are at least 3 people who left who should have been in the finals. im so offended by mithun. he is such an aggravating person. uff!

  115. AnnieJ says:

    @mannmathan Toronto

    Lol silly, this is not a win-lose situation. But we wish to facilitate respectful, albeit sometimes heated, discussion here, not derogatory remarks about masters or other users.


    I actually enjoyed Shakti’s Indo-fusion very much! :P

  116. DIDrocks says:

    Thank u AnnieJ!

  117. AnnieJ says:


    Regarding Mithun Da, I don’t know about the veto, but with recall, who would he use it on? There are so many good options – Amrita, Parvez, Vandana, Kruti, Jack…. so rather than pick someone, he picked no one. :?

  118. DIDrocks says:


    right???? thank u. good. at least someone else liked shakti. i also very much enjoed her performance. it was very cretaive and beutifully done.

  119. DIDrocks says:

    no no. i was talking about veto power. the right to recall, yes i have to agree with him. but the veto power he couldve used so many times and he didnt.

  120. princerij90 says:

    @didrocks, yea i do agree with you..mithun gave such a bogus answer when he was asked about his veto powers..clearly the ‘voting’ hasn’t always been fair..if it was, we would be seeing amrita or amar instead of binny..

  121. AnnieJ says:


    With veto, doesn’t it almost boil down to the same thing? For whom would it be best to use? At this level of competition, everyone is (usually) very good. When is any decision *not* unfair? Sure, some people did need to go (Saajan, sometimes Tashu) but with only one veto and so many candidates who could deserve it….. well, you get my drift, I hope.

  122. GabbarSingh says:

    I think he should recall Amrita. She is truly a gifted dancer, no questions about it. But I don’t think that is going to happen.

  123. rpokh2002 says:

    Voting lines are open till 23rd, but aren’t they going to declare the winner in tom’s grand finale?

  124. GabbarSingh says:

    Rpokh, no they can’t declare the winner before the voting lines are closed. I don’t think so.

  125. DIDrocks says:


    yea, i get ur drift. but to me it seems unfair. its like having an extra lifejacket, while ur boat is drowning, and not giving to any one of ur friends cuz “u cant choose”. i mean kam se kam ek to bach jaata. u know? i dont know. it just seems like a waste.

  126. AnnieJ says:

    Thoughts on performances:

    I did like Dharmesh’s performance, since it was very speedy. I think the issue with Binny and Dharmesh’s performances was that Geeta used it to tell the story of their journey. However, I felt that the jugalbandi at the end achieved this – they were using their trademark poses (like Shakti’s Avatar cat-like slinking).

    Binny seemed weak to me in the end – low energy, and potentially forgetting moves? It was strange. Punit was not all that impressive in the last bit either. Shakti and Dharmesh I liked.

  127. DIDrocks says:


    yes. amar and marita were most definitely in my top 4. and they truly did deserve to be in the finals.

  128. AnnieJ says:


    Well it definitely is a waste, I have to agree with you on that. Lol.

  129. DIDrocks says:

    i agree annieJ. i also felt binny lost synch with others and forgot some moves in between. i was just too afraid to say this cuz i felt like people will bash me again. lol.

  130. DIDrocks says:

    question to admin:

    are u allowed to favor someone in ur comments before the videos? like arent u supposed to stay neutral? i dont know. im just asking. cuz i was kinda taken aback by seeing ur comments that said u hope it backfires on remo and terrence and dharmesh wins. i mean i know u also have an opinion but arent u like not supposed to say that on the forum? i have no problem with it. its just i was wondering.

  131. DIDrocks says:

    i think the issue here with binny and dharmesh and amrita and everyone in geeta’s gang is that geeta’s innovativeness and her realization of what actually will work or not is like zero. geeta surely shouldve foreseen the comments on dharmesh. it was bound to happen.

  132. lenayuy says:

    there is someone high up in zee tv that likes Binny, b/c she gets more exposure on tv for the lime light, go figure its india

  133. DIDrocks says:


    lol. it bet its mithun.

  134. Sheena26 says:

    I really wish Kunwar wasn’t voted out. After watching all of his performances I feel he’s the only male dancer who really performed well with a partner. That’s something I think which the other male dancers lack. I’m not one to single out and put down any of the other male dancers specifically. If you really watch Kunwar’s performances which he performed with other partners you see that he makes sure that he and his partner flow as if they were a single dancer.

    Kunwar is a great performer and I can’t wait to see which doors open up for him. Will truly miss his “graceful” dancing on DID2

  135. samir says:

    well guys i dont understand y dharmesh should not b ovr rated…he deserves it. even i’m a jazz and contemporary trained dancer n i don’t find ne thing very exclusive bout shakti..c is gud here in DID2 but if u look around in other dance shows too…c is just average (even in her own style) (simply go to shamak dabar’s school n u wil find da youngest kid doin as gud as shakti)… n if u talk bout dharmesh’s power poppin…. he has come up completly legendary in dat.. n its not so dat he didn’t do ne other style….he has done max. indian style…
    Dharmesh….u wil surely win…
    D-Virus campaign more

  136. priyu says:

    Most of ull r saying dat terence shld watch his comments, u mean dat masters shld concentrate on comments (wat will favour their respective teams and wat will backfire) and not choreography and dance (atleast an honest and humble person lyk Terence wont!).Furthermore Geeta is d one who plays politics and seems very jealous of the other two masters (specially terence)… Infact dis being the “Best Choreography” round with the top 4 i agree wid remo and terence, dat dis wasn’t one of his best; the steps wer quite repetitive and boring followin d same monotony. *Note I am not talkin abt d style, but choreography… Whereas shakti always gets something new… I completely agree wid nirvikapla.
    As far as Binny is concerned d so very gullible audience r just goin on d pretty face but her moves aren’t as crisp and clean. But, yes she is a hardworker, but so wer few other ppl who r eliminated. Binny does not hv dat much stage presence. Even amrita was better dan her..
    I honestly I dont think dat dharmesh and binny deserve to be in the top 4. Kunwar amar was far better..
    And yes in the jugalbandi Shakti & Punit indeed outshine Binny and Dharmesh!
    It will be a big disaster if Dharmesh/Binny wins!!
    U simply cannot compare Shakti’s grace with clean crisp moves wid either of d two…

  137. DIDrocks says:


    well first of all its shiamak davar not shamak dabar. and second of all even i have seen better hip hoppers than dharmesh. simply come and see the street dancers in cities of USA. they do a far better job. so even he shouldnt be getting this much credit. but the comparison here is within DID. Within DID, no one can match dharmesh in hip hop and no one can match shakti in contemporary. so if u r “looking around”, and u see better contemporary dancers than shakti, then plz “look around” and see better hip hop dancers than dharmesh as well. there are plenty.

  138. samir says:

    dude u r takin it da other way round….y wil always find some1 better dan other….. n no need to go go to US or UK for dat….as far as hip hop of concerned evenjack was better dan dharmesh but wen it comes to popping u have to accept he is a “rare talent”….
    shakti is gud no doubt in dat but even after being trained in contemporary there r many basic contemp. steps c is not perfect at…. as far as versatility is concerned all 4 are equal

  139. DIDrocks says:

    actually when versitality is concerned punit and binny reign the top of the charts by far. but just trying something new without any solid performance is not so impressive. therefore i believe the winner should be among dharmesh and shakti.

  140. prashantsinh says:

    :P :P :P
    …. Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh ….

    dharmesh is winner DID 2 kyuki eske jesa to koi dance kar hi nahi sakta….dharmesh aap kamal ho yaar…kya dance karte ho….yeh tumhara dance dekh kar to remo or terence ka to muh dekhne wala tha,….kese dono ki jal gai…or ek bat to hai…ki yeh remo or terence tumse jalte hai esi liyte tumhe achi comment nahi dii..other wise to dharmesh tumhare jesa dance to yeh dono master bhi nahi kar sakte….es dono master se muje esi ummid nahi thi…ki acha dance dekh kar esa karege…..this is not fair….and DHAMESH UR WIN yaar koi nahi chu sakta tumko……and BINNY kya tumne Bhangda kiya hai yar….muje bhi tumhare sathe bhagda karne ka man ho gaya ….tumare dance dekh kar ….tumne bhi bahut hi aacha dance kiya yaar shaki or punit se to kahi jyada aacha….love u binny…and love u dharmesh….. :P :P :P

  141. sgguptas1 says:

    Dharmesh rocks !!!

  142. DIDrocks says:

    just to stimulate some conversations:

    which solo of dharmesh is ur fav?

    1. churake dil mera
    2. flute
    3. premika ne pyaar se
    4. lyrical hip hop with doll

    which solo of shakti is ur fav?

    1. chaliya chaliya
    2. dauda dauda
    3. ballet
    4. indo-fusion

    for me:
    dharmesh – flute
    shakti – ballet

    what do u guys think?

  143. DIDrocks says:


    “yeh remo or terence tumse jalte hai esi liyte tumhe achi comment nahi dii..other wise to dharmesh tumhare jesa dance to yeh dono master bhi nahi kar sakte”


  144. samir says:

    Dharmesh: Flute
    Shakti: Indo Fusion
    Punit: Emotional Atyachar
    Binny:Can’t recall ne of her performace

  145. d_gang says:



  146. Whackybanana says:

    ha ha binny forgettin steps in the last sequence….how lame…why da hell is she thr neways??

  147. suprasant says:

    Hey Terrance,

    Till date I used to think that you were a genius as I had seen u observing minute things in performances and felt you had great amount of knowledge on all dance forms.

    I was shocked to see you put Assamese BIHU dance for Shakti for ORIYA lines in ‘Mile Sur Mera tumhara’ performance. It was offending to all Oriyas like me because Orissa has one of the most popular dance forms in the world. That called Odishi (I hope you have at least that knowledge).

  148. danceindiadance2 says:

    DHARMESH … IS the Winner..guys…

    Terence said u did all the old steps… but dear terrence have u seen the speed s of his step … they were all connected with beats … D sir is threat to you guys .. REMO and TERRENCE start packing your bags…


    and JANTA has shown that spirit from the very first day ….!!!!!

    JANTA …once again D SIR need us…!!! i have voted D sir …. please make sure … votes kam naa pade… we want D sir to win with the highest votes in the history of atleast DID…

  149. lala says:

    @ JIN BABA

    I agree with you…..

    If some one is at top position and wanted to maintain that he has to show every week that he is doing new and better then others that is the reason he is at top.

    If you just want to go by only past performance then it will be injustice to others who improve their performance over a period of time.

    Guys……….Please vote for real talent and some one who’s performance is continuously improving over a period of time not to some one who has given some good performance in early episodes and later on even not able to maintain that level also.

  150. DIDrocks says:

    which is ur fav performace?

    i love them all. i just listed all my favs:

    1. kunwar-shakti khuda jaane
    2. dharmesh-binny naagin
    3. shashank-bhavna tu jahan mein wahan (fish dance)
    4. dharmesh, binny, kishore chori chori (salsa)
    5. shakti-parvez the wall dance (mein yahan)
    6. farhina-altaf pehli baar
    7. jack-ameeth saali khushi
    8. shakti-kunwar paso doble
    9. shakti-kunwar ankhon ki gustaakhiyan
    10. shakti-jack box dance (hum tum)
    11. dharmesh-binny waltz
    12. dharmesh-siddesh hip hop
    13. jack-amrita dil me baje guitar

    well those are my favs of this season. whats urs?

  151. krunal.bhagatwala says:

    Dharmesh deserve 2 win this Compition…
    But Amar is also must b thr in Grand finale becz He deserve it…
    Miss u Amar…

  152. DIDrocks says:

    for punit: emotional atyachar
    for binny: ore piya

  153. samir says:

    I totally agree wit u… i respect him for bringin international dance style on stages but many times wen he goes on to explain certain aspects of dance…. he totally speaks incorrect stuff wit gr8 confidence n no1 is there to point it out.

    being a specialist in contemporary dance he has always been speakin for the toes being pointed but there is a tech. term for dat “En pointe” n till now no1 from his team (both DID1 n DID2) has done it correctly.

    the splits dat v always c is called horton technique

    in duets he always used release tech. numerous times… but went on to xplain it something diff al da times

    den they were alexander tech.

    Dear Terrance sir… if u really want the audience to know bout da dance forms n its basic dont impart if incompletly or wrongly.. its better not to impart incorrect explanation

  154. sundial says:

    :mrgreen: wah geeta ma kya chouka mara hai D ko last wala performance de ke….it will definitely help him to win……
    wah wah geeta maa…tusi gr8 ho….

  155. sundial says:

    for me jo D ne audition solo dance diya hai is THE best solo on this DID-2…..

  156. DIDrocks says:


    well ok thats for D. what about shakti, punit, binny? and which is fav duo performance? (pick one from list above). lol.

  157. DIDrocks says:

    @pagal kela

    yup. even i wonder why such a dancer, who FORGOT steps at this level, is even in competition.

  158. Karan.Singh says:

    dharmesh must win! :D

  159. samir says:

    Amrita n amar were far superior than binny

  160. iyp2 says:

    I want Amar back :(

  161. priyu says:

    iyp2 i agree wid u… amar desrves to be in the top 4..

    I only hope and pray dat Shakti wins!!!! <3
    Dharmesh is just too full of himself..

    Reading majority of d comments i now feel dat ppl from geeta ki gang hv created dis thread :P (no offence intended)

    I dont undstd y ppl get lured by gimmicks and fail to see real talent…

  162. iyp2 says:

    I think Punit and Binny were amazing today…Shakti wasn’t that great. I hated the entire choreo, nothing different than what she has done before. Dharmesh was amazing but yeah, I agree he shouldn’t have repeated the same again esp since it was the last performance.

    I agree with DIDrocks, Shakit and Dharmesh do have something special but Punit and Binny have come as quite a surprise and they have shown their versatility. They have worked so hard in this short period of time to bring out the best in themselves. On the other hand, Shakti and Dharmesh only excel in one field. They only shine when they perform their respective dance forms.

  163. Nishikant says:

    dharmesh u rock

  164. Nishikant says:

    Punit sucks and he has no repect for that MJ band,did he had a dance today i didn’t see any freaking dance from punit

  165. Ossaammaa says:

    Terence was Right Darmesh dont do any thing new …He iz not GOOD at contemporary ..He iz POOR at that.He do not deserve to be winner ..Shakti Binny Punit Amar ..all of these have attempted good styles and they do it it nicely..They should be real stars…..

  166. priyu says:

    iyp2 i wld lyk to disagree wid dat… shakti is a verryy versatile dancer and has definitely proved dat everytime she perfomes on stage… She has NEVER givena weak performance… Whether contemp, indian or any other form lyk hiphop or wat she did on (sasural genda phool) she definitely excels.. There is NO dancer in DID dat can match her level.. Every movement of hers is awesome!!
    Talkin abt Binny, I wld never want to buy a ticket to see her performance.. :(

  167. uzair khan says:

    remo to punit you are my MJ (mara joker)

    terence to shakti you are even MJ (mahaan joker)

  168. jay241174 says:

    Terrance & Reemo did the good job putting Dharmest down, he is flying as per he is doing the same dance style for ever, the performance on April 17th was pathetic. Punit has shown in this series that how versatile dance he is. Its not easy to do Bhartnatyam in 1 week. Why Geeta has not given the hardest dance style to Dharmest baecuse she wants to protect him that we have seen in earlier episode as well. SHAKTI SHOULD WIN. I URGE ALL OF YOU TO VOTE SHAKTI BECASUE SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

  169. mulayshradha says:

    shakti ur dance is so nice & beautiful….cheer up shakti…and u win d SUNHERI TAKDIR KI TOPI…..
    my best wishsh 4 u…….. :wink: :wink:

  170. d_gang says:

    @ didrocks
    Yes dharmesh did same moves in last perfomance but dude what he did wen the theme was demanding it..n he did far better n clean than audition round..he also did some cool moves..

    even in jugalbandhi dharmesh was best wht a dance he did wit song me diwana..nobody can do it yar..

    n terrence is seriously playing politics i jst hate him n dint xpect such coment even shakti also did same thing i dint find anything new in her dance…and dharmesh did vry far better thn punit eventhough terrence told to punit tht ths is complete perfomance nd to dharmesh i expect somethng every episode they xpect something new.nd jab kuch new try karte he to bolte he”i dint connect wit ur perfo..” or “comment hi nahi dete” nt atlst ke kuch naya kiya acha kiya weldone..all mentors are rude to dharmesh sir widout geeta maa….are itne sare hafte itne sare alag alag dance style dikhaye he. aaur last me to 6odo kuch apni style ka kiya to bhi harz he..

    wen dharmesh will win ths season it will b the big slap on terrence..

    ya shakti is gud contemprary dancer..but she s not perfect in it..and she has master of that style..but dharmesh is hip hop master yar..nd he has master of classical evnthouh he did amazing job in tis season..ther is no compersn betwin them..nd dharmesh sir is 100 times better thn every contestnt..(yes amrita was 1 dancer who is as gud as dharmesh sir)…

    nd he will 100% win..
    all the dharmesh’s fan pls pls pls pls do lots of vote for dharmesh..and make him highest voted contstnt…

  171. sobhanblr says:

    Dont Shout Dont Fight

    People Already Decided who is the Champ :)

    Dont use any bad words

    All of them are working hard

    As a person I love Dharmesh and Binny

    They came here without the support of their Mentor(Terrence-shakti, Poonit)

    We miss Parvez, Amrita very much,But people has voted out. Respect peoples verdict

    Shakti is Great Dancer but her skill is limited, Less versatile, Actually I believe she can do it but she never allowed to perform Other form of Dance. Excellent in pointing of Legs :lol:

    Poo is an average dancer, sometimes he signs. He tried his best.

    Binny is a Born Fighter. She never give up

    And Dharmesh Kaya Kahu

    I would love to be a Friend of Dharmesh

    What a Talent

    I have never seen such a versatile Dancer Like Him

    He creates his own style and moreover he perfectly executed all the Dance Style Be it Contemporary or Classical or Hiphop………………………

    Very Bad to see that Masters are fighting with each others
    Very bad to see they are using rude word to attack a perticular contestant. Here Admin Already protested

    Hmmm Actually Matter of survival for them too

    We were discussing that Indian people like the choreography of Remo and Gita

    And DID is Platform for India Most Versatile Dancer

    I belive people has already Chosen him

    And We know who is he\she :D


  172. ravipatel8 says:

    Okay dont have too much to say tonight everyone gave good performances but i couldn’t stand remo giving mj band to amar even though amar deserve it after that performance remo is just making dharmesh look bad again i have said this before since he knows dharmesh has a big fan base he is going to give mj band to everyone else so he could bring dharmesh down.. we all know whose going to win lets face it look it all of the comments in this forum i think every single comment involves dharmesh… dharmesh is in our minds hearts and soul… so its obvious dharmesh is going to win and remo and terrance know this so they have to do something so there contestant look better in front of dharmesh… anyways awesome performance by punit first time in the whole show… thank you.. and for all of you think that it was stupid idea to do flashback… i thought it was fabulous idea it brought back the memory of the first performance which i have watched 100 times already and can watch it 100 times more… it was a performance like the movie three idiots, ghajni, ddlj, main hoon na, kal ho na ho and so on even though you watch this films over and over you still get that same feeling in you when you watched it for the first time… geeta said correctly more you critisize her team better her team is going to do next time… just like prince last year was in every kid’s heart dharmesh has left that impression on everyone… prince’s one move became big in the country but dharmesh himself become big in the whole country after that audition performance and that was without the help of any masters so i bet in 10 years he will be bigger than anybody in dancing…. anyways everyone gave good performance this episode so i had fun watching it.. Mera Joker finally did something wow…

  173. mr chokas says:

    i dont think Dharmesh or Binny good shakti has better dancing style binny comes out show off she is not down to earth. i think binny will be out and she will not reach top 3. too bad for Geeta her contested are not that good lol but again i am not voting so its uptoo peopel who want to waste their money on voting for these contests

  174. oye_hoye says:

    no offece peeps but on the dance of memory lane how on earth can dharmesh do new steps?????????,he can only do the old steps,hence it was a memory lane :!: ,shakti been doing same dance style since god knows when,and on jugal bandi both shakti and punit and binny either skipped steps or 4got,look closely :!: ,geeta left early due to the bust up between her and remo,regarding dharmesh dance,they showed the cut version on tv,i know this coz iv just seen the advert on tv where they argue.and in the jugalbandi dance you guy looks at masters face they even looked unhappy (terrence and remo). :!:

  175. S_A_M says:

    Janta have already decided who is a winner?

    But twist is that whether ZEE TV will provide exact result on 23 show?

    We all know in result no one is very near to D sir,
    And after REMO and TEE insulting of D sir, Janta now will vote triple to him.

    Now realy ZEE shows right result.

    D sir is a winner from start to end .
    than ZEE TV also knows this week janta cant give so much differ result.

  176. breathless says:

    Who do you think has improved the most since auditions?
    Dharmesh flute now compared to the auditions

  177. jj778899 says:

    Oh My God,
    Its hard to see Remo and Terrence Jealous about DHARMESH, which is totally UNFAIR. We all Dharmesh becoz of his style and entertainment and he did that Well, SUPERB today and no one else will cross him, its not I am saying its REMO and TERRENCE are saying that. I am soo happy about GETA answer to TERRANCE which is really good and GETA should ask what Shakti did new today ?
    Good luck and Best Wishes.

  178. S_A_M says:

    How can u say Shakti has improved?
    Out all perfomance 85% contemptory?
    if improvement is in contemptory then also we can say in a same style.
    And if masters give her good comments that we all know to make her up than D sir?

    Think seriously from heart D sir perfomance are not entertaining?

  179. Ramanchana says:

    Kuwar Amarjeet’s performance prove somebody did a mistake eliminating him!!1 :( :!:

  180. breathless says:

    It didnt say that anyone has improve or not improved i just listed the names in no particular order.

    I don’t think that remo had done or said anything bad to dharmesh in the last few weeks, he has always praised him. Just can’t say he is biased or jealous.

    Just to clear out a misunderstanding, terrance didn’t say that dharmesh shouldn’t have done popping he said that he did the same steps, which terrance didn’t like about the performance. I agree with him.

    In the last few weeks(key words last fews weeks) for me punit has improve the most. Today Remo choreography and punit dance was excellent.

  181. voice of reason says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am really upset with your comment at the top of the page.. I mean I fully appreciate that you too are human and have feelings which at times become difficult to contain however being an admin of the site your responsibility is quasi-fiduciary in nature and you should have refrained from passing such comments. (My opinion friend, sorry if I upset you)

    My take on yesterday’s that while everyone performed very well.. i felt it was puneet more than anyone else who stole the show. He was pumped up and his performance reflected his confidence. In fact for the first time in the show I felt dharmesh was overshadowed by puneet. Even during the group dance.

  182. breathless says:

    @ voice for reason

    I agree with you that punit has been the best in this weeks episodes.

  183. voice of reason says:

    I agree that I felt let down by Dharmesh doing the same steps again.. I truly feel that perhaps the only dancer who has not improved during the season is Dharmesh, he is still at square one.

    Binny Has shown improvement and has done a variety of dances
    Amar perhaps has improved most of all and my personal opinion is that he should have been in the top 3.
    Shakti has improved as well
    Puneet who looked funny doing hip hop earlier has improved to the extent that he has done hip-hop in the final dance.. that is confidence.

    But dharmesh, his confidence is still on the same steps and dance which brought him into the show..this reflects badly on dharmesh but the primary culprit for this is GEETA MOO.

  184. priyam says:

    Amar should be recalled. If there is a person who has really outshined its him. His progress is unbelievable. I cannot understand why the veto power was not used. Amar derserves to be in finals more than Binny and Punit.For me, he has been the most hardworking guy.

    I kind of feel like even the mentors are sad with Amar’s elimination.They all know that he is the most deserving contestant. Public voting is so unfair. I cried when Amar was eliminated.

    Why, why and why dada did not use his veto power for Amar? It was so heartbreaking to see Amar crying… I was really hoping that this veto power would be correctly used this time.

  185. voice of reason says:

    I didnt find Terrance comments biased.. it is true that Dharmesh has let down all his fans, I am not saying he should have done indian classical :lol: but he could have done something which he has not done before.. It is such a let down watching the same dance again when you are waiting for something mind blowing..

    Geeta maa, I suggest you abdicate your position as judge, because if your protege has to rely on his own choreography even for the finals then you are utterly useless as a mentor. You have wasted Dharmesh’s talent.

  186. v says:

    i have a theory that binny was kept on and amar eliminated to help concentrate votes amongst terence fans toward shakti and for geeta fans to separate their votes between dharmesh and binny (giving dharmesh fewer votes than he otherwise would have gotten)

  187. versha says:

    Shakti is definitly good dance and hope she wins

  188. sobhanblr says:

    Politics is everywhere even in DID
    Amar is better than Poonit
    We know

    But Remo will sit idle in the Final

    So manipulating of Votes as my friends already raised a question

    We believe that a transparent voting system is required


    And the way people are voting for Dharmesh very difficult to eliminate him

    Here in have a look at the result more than 50% people selected Dharmesh over other contestant.

    I believe voting system is unbiased

    Keep it Up Admin (Junaid Hussain)

    You really deserve a Great salute from all the dance lover

  189. sushliana says:

    DHARMESH AND SHAKTI! they will win

    BINNY should be out! she is not deserving on top 4 at ALL!

    AMAR OR AMRITA should be on that position! she is shameless if I were her i will give it to Amar…

  190. sobhanblr says:

    We still miss Parvez and Amrita :|

  191. voice of reason says:

    I will go out on a limb and put forward my theory:

    I feel that Geeta Maa was so besotted with Dharmesh that throughout the season she has through her actions and fawning behaviour made him overconfident.

    I can no longer see the humility in Dharmesh which was there when the show started, he comes across as a little arrogant nowadays. If you see some of the earlier episodes you will see how eagerly he awaited appreciation however after some episodes his face started taking on a stony appearance as is he couldnt care less about the masters comments.

    I remember seeing remo praising him after every performance, however when remo said ‘NTWICAP’ to dharmesh, dharmesh didnt seem happy at all, he had an arrogant look about his face. Now i am sure that the judges being experienced people can spot such flaws and they have in thier own way trying to dissuade him from this.

    I remember Mithun asking dharmesh to tone down the arrogance in one of the episodes (or words to that effect). After the D is back performance Remo too told him that he was an excellent dancer but he should refrain from such stunts as what was written behind his jacket.

    However Dharmesh under the influence of Geeta moo chose to totally ignore thier guidance and this is resulting in his fall from grace..

  192. versha says:

    I totally agree with voice of reason Dharmesh have not done something mind blowing..he did wat he usually do.

  193. sobhanblr says:

    @voice Nobody is listening. Continue with your theory . You mean to Day Dharmesh is worst and arrogant. People of India voted a wrong person. Please dont disrespect the voice of the massed with your limited and biased vision. Here People is God. People will choose Right Person. Wait and Watch

  194. noshina says:

    I want to see the fight of geeta and terence….i don’t know how….PLZ any one tell me where can isee that.

  195. urvitcs says:

    Dharmesh rocks…………………

    DID admin is playing a clever game with him…. :evil:
    I saw d repeat telecast of DID of 16th April on 17th morning and was desperatly waiting for Dharmesh sir’s performance but thy edited that :evil: :evil: :x :| and only 4 performances came.And ofcourse Remo and terrance are jealous of dharmesh sir………….

  196. voice of reason says:

    Food for thought?

    When Dharmesh went to Helen after his dance to seek his blessings there was an awkward moment when he expected her to hug him (she hugged all the other participants) however she didnt show the inclination and he moved away after a second.. why was this ?

    You will call me paranoid i am sure :D

    Even in yesterday’s episode when dharmesh went to mithunda after touching his feet, dharmesh literally forced a hug on mithun who was leaning back in his chair..

    dont tell me none of you noticed this ?

    more paranoia ?

    Look at dharmesh’s face after puneet’s smile at all, mirroring geeta’s face.. :mrgreen:

  197. sobhanblr says:

    @ urvitcs

    You are right. People already taken decision. Just wait and watch.

    Only a few jealous guys are writing comment against Dharmesh.

    Why Dharmesh is here Because we people love him for his Amazing Dance Style

    And We also love Shakti, Binni and Poonit

    Dharmesh Rocks

  198. sobhanblr says:

    @voice of reason

    You dint notice the jealous faces of Masters after Amazing Performance by Dharmesh :mrgreen:

  199. sobhanblr says:

    Remember Dharmesh Came here without any mentor

    He came, He saw and conquer the heart of Millions

    But 2 Finalist already has a mentor Master, who supports them blindly :mrgreen:

  200. sambit says:

    according 2 the vote till hv done
    1st dharmesh sir :evil: :confused: :P :? 8O 8) :oops: :roll: :twisted:
    2nd shakti :evil: :evil: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :oops: :oops:
    3rd punit :lol: :evil: :confused: :P :D :?: :?
    4th binny :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :) :!: 8O 8)

  201. amitanand22 says:

    D Sir, Please don’t get demoralize from Terence and Remo’s comment. Throw those out of your mind. Prepare for Finale. We are with you.
    I feel Terence’s comment was completely unhealthy at this moment. Terence please show some sporty attitude in you. U looked completely frustrated. Shakti is not versatile dancer at all. She panics while performing other dance style.

    I appeal to all DANCE lovers please vote for Dharmesh. He really deserve to be winner.

    Junta plzzz plzzz ….Vote for Dharmesh Sir.

  202. breathless says:

    @ sobhanbir and everyone else who think that people who don’t praise dharmesh, or don’t kiss up to him, are jealous, think again. Even when anybody says anything about dharmesh his fans(of course geeta) jump up and attack that person and say that the person is jealousy. When in the beginning of the season dharmesh was my favorite and i critized shakti, her fans t never attacked me. I sometimes feel that geeta or somone from her team has a login to this website that they can’t tolerate anything against dharmesh.

    I am not jealous of dharmesh, I have everything I can possible want, I am really successful in my field of work and therefore I am rich, because I love but i do, so i do it to the best of my abilities. I don’t know why anyone watching the show did2 would be jealous of anyone, most of us don’t even know the contestants personlly, and even if they win or lose won’t have a major effect on any of our lives. Even though i am not a fan of dharmesh anymore as i used to be, i know that he will be sucessfull, so will shakti and amar because i see a great passion in their eyes, and their doing what they love.

  203. voice of reason says:

    Admin, i would *request* you to remove your opinion from the top of the page where it is liable to influence most of the people visiting this site.

    you may give your opinion as a comment in the thread rather than as an official commentary. I have seen the comments by Terrance and Remo and I did not feel they were either rude or uncalled for. I felt terrance his been very soft in putting forward his disappointment.

    Nowhere did terrance or remo say that the performance was bad they both said that his dance was exceptional however there were two major flaws with the performance:

    1. The concept itself was incredibly arrogant
    2. The dance was nothing new.

    In fact i used to like dharmeshs dance, however after seeing this episode and after seeing his response to even soft and well intentioned criticism I have not only started disliking him as a person but no longer enjoy watching him dance.

    Dharmesh.. you are walking the wrong path mate..better correct yourself before you screw yourself completely.

  204. prashant22 says:

    annie,didrocks,priyam i think u dont know that recall power or veto power has already been used by mithun daaaa…i think he can use it 2 times and he used it in calling ‘chotu lohar’ and one other guy i think it was ‘yashkant’or whatever his name is…so this is it all the veto powers have been used…so no use telling he should call him..he should call her…ok girls no one is gonna come back….

  205. sobhanblr says:

    @breathless why you have taken it personally. You are rich and successful now enjoy their (Dharmesh , Shakti, punit, binny) success :mrgreen:

  206. sobhanblr says:

    @Admin now you are receiving warning from your comments from a particular member. :mrgreen: Ha Ha Ha. We are are living in a Democratic system. We have every right to express our opinion . Never remove your comment. Keep it up :mrgreen:

  207. prashant22 says:

    so i watched all the performances n i liked all performances
    but then the point is who was superb
    hmmm i m really confused all of them really did well for sure..
    so i will stick with my fav…D
    people plz do not consider that he did this before i also didnt considered…so i came to the conclusion that he really outcalssed everyone…he was so fast just like super sonic…nd not all the moves were same but the ones which were same were also performed with double speed then he did before…one could fell by the speed of his breaths that how well he performed….
    nd then in the final dance of all 4 he was superb i think all will agreed to that…all his moves were new…he is a ‘beat king’…
    he has started to do b-boing also i saw him doing the step which sajan does in the lime-light episode…super-duper D….

  208. priyam says:

    Don’t want to comment about anyone’s performance and I am really annoyed with Amar’s elimination

    With all respect I have for Mithunda, This time I really hate you for not using wasting your powers correctly.

    Geeta reaction to Terrence comments is aweful. Good for her that Remo did not comment. This was total lack of respect towards Terrance and childish attitude to say that bad comments are only for her contestants.

  209. voice of reason says:

    Dear Sobhanblr

    You are right this is a democracy and every one has a right to thier opinion without not being biased by someone who has the ability influence others, that was exactly why i requested (Not threatened) admin to cease and desist but then i dont expect you to understand that :D

    I have absolutely no issue with you supporting Dharmesh blindly and it is also your right to expose your lack of awareness and insight in calling Dharmesh the greatest dancer (or whatever), freedom of speech after all… :D

    however i do take offence to being called jealous because as someone said before me, I have every thing I need in my life thanks to God and I dont feel the need to be jealous of anyone. Least of all someone whom I dont know and dont need to know : )

    In the words of Joeseph Addison “Jealousy is that pain someone feels from the apprehension that he is not equally loved by the person whom he entirely loves”.. since i dont have any form of love for Dharmesh i can safely say i am not jealous.

    I am a very easy going person and have no truck with anyone, i believe in letting everyone make thier own mistakes and not being judgemental however my only drawback is that i cannot tolerate two qualities in people, arrogance & foolishness.

    However after the initial rush of blood on seeing such qualities my saner self prevails and i simply pity such people and try to ignore them.

    I pity you mate. God bless.

  210. prashant22 says:

    mithun da had no choice actually as did’lil masters have to start on 30th so its all zee tv’s fault…

  211. priyu says:

    priyam, i COMPLETELY agree wid u! :)

  212. prashant22 says:

    DIDrocks for solo my fav’s are:–

    1:premika ne
    3:chura ke
    4:the one he gave after his elimination..

    1:his first performance(after wild card entry)
    2:malkham act

    1:wo kishna hai
    2:alvida alvida

    parvez:-amitabh’s song

    there r some more but i dont remember all songs name..

  213. prakashpatel says:

    I think 17th april idea of flashback by dharmesh was nice.
    I believe that in future DID season dharmesh will be 4th seater in masters line.
    Actually the best performance in this season of DID of dharmesh is in his audition which was coreograph by him only.
    And just want to say that 3 masters cant do imagination in bit capturing like him.
    So remo and terrence calm down this season is only & only for dharmesh and no one can stop him.
    Shakti’s dance is like the children who r playing in ganpati mahotsav so i can’t think it’s good.
    punit was also not so good.
    binny is going in top 4 not because of dance but soft corner to her. amr is good than her.

  214. priyam says:


    If dada wanted, He could have found a way out. I have the impression that he wanted to see Binny in the finals, so he is very happy.

  215. prashant22 says:

    fav duo trio’s

    kunwar-shakti khuda jaane
    dharmesh-binny naagin
    shashank-bhavna tu jahan mein wahan (fish dance)
    dharmesh, binny, kishore chori chori (salsa)
    dharmesh-kishore:–friends forever
    punit-sajan:–munnabhai one
    jack-ameeth saali khushi
    shakti-kunwar paso doble
    shakti-kunwar ankhon ki gustaakhiyan
    dharmesh-binny waltz
    shakti-jack box dance (hum tum)(most fav)
    dharmesh-siddesh hip hop(most fav)
    jack-amrita dil me baje guitar(most fav)

    i edited ur list added some more of mine…deleted some of urs..overall not much of difference…

  216. rahulraj says:

    i dont think at dis point of tym anybody can comment on the dancing abilities of binny who i think has given everything to dancing after she failed to qualify last year……………..
    so all u guys n gals out there just simply give a fighter a gud prize and not let a wrong signal on stage as she is simply outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u rock binny…………….

  217. prashant22 says:

    priyam i think u r really upset with amars elimination….but its not like what u think…zee already fixed the dates for lil champs…so if dada called anyone that means one more extra week to DID2 which was nt possible…its all zee they only decide what will happen they r the big boss…

  218. jayeshedoli says:

    @voice of reason,

    totally disagree with you man..,
    dharmesh being arrogant….
    Seems like you r seeing everything thru a microscope with a prejudice mindsent yaar…..
    your entire theory doesnt make any sense at all..
    He is definitely one of the humble guys in DID2 along with guys like jack,parvez..
    His act was also nice one,
    why the hell he wuould try a different form and may be messed up with tat..after all yesterday was the last performance they got ,so he did the form which suits him best…played safe..tats all…
    all the contestants were good yeterday…

  219. prashant22 says:

    @annie i really fell awesome…u know more than u i am excited that u became a moderator…lol i gave my first warning to on ur behalf haha its so cool

    didrocks said ‘girl u have the power’…i am saying ‘with great power comes great responsibility(quoted frm spiderman–1)haha… :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

  220. prashant22 says:

    @voice of reason i really thought u gave some valid points..but ur this point i just dont get it…

    “In fact i used to like dharmeshs dance, however after seeing this episode and after seeing his response to even soft and well intentioned criticism I have not only started disliking him as a person but no longer enjoy watching him dance.”

    what responce man…D dont even let it come on his face he never says a word just accepts every comments from masters gently…

  221. prashant22 says:

    @karan right yr i was supporting terence(new name tee rice)…but now fell u r right..i fell sorry for myself…tee rice really cant take it anymore…dharmesh ka jalwa…i saw his face too it became so small…he was feeling the pressure….
    his comment didnt pleased me at all…u know when remo asked “ye kyo kiya”…D replied “is stage ke liye kiya janata ke liye kiya masters ke liye kiya”…performance se pahle usne kaha tha ki khoon-pasina ek kar dunga puri jaan laga dunga aur sachme yr usne apni puri jaan laga di thi…uski tezz sanso se pata chal raha tha….par ye tee rice saala itna hi bol deta ki best of luck dharmesh to kya bigad jata iska….khair jeetega to dharmesh hi…

  222. karan99one says:

    guys the concept for dharmesh was such that he had to rewind his journey from auditions till top 12.When he is rewinding the journey some steps here and there will be repeated , but definitely he did it with double speed.

    The concept was such that in between he had to rewind here and there.

    I have already told this before , again Iam telling, the concept and choreography are not in his hands, it is decided by Geeta.

    AS a viewer I only look at the performance, whether he has done justice to it or not and whether I personally enjoyed it or not with technical aspects taken into consideration.Anyways this is my way of looking at the performance of all the contestants. Some of you might match with me and some of you might differ on this.Whatever it is , it is just a group talk or discussion.It is nice to see different point of views from different people,from not only India but also U.S.A and U.K..Let’s have more and more fun.

  223. prashant22 says:

    “I have already told this before , again Iam telling, the concept and choreography are not in his hands, it is decided by Geeta.”
    correct i also thought of mentioning it but u did…nd he did many other steps also i dunno why people dont understand..

  224. prashant22 says:

    some people just think as the masters make them to think through their comments…

  225. Jack Daniels says:

    @ GabbarSingh

    Totally agree with you mate :!:

    Terence and Remo were very condescending towards Dharmesh, and it was uncalled for.

    Dharmesh is the Janta’s favorite CHAMPION because he puts a smile on our faces & entertains us. He is one of the best dancers on the show BUT he is genuinely & sincerely the BEST PERFORMER :!: :!: :!:

    Therefore, he should win DID2 & he’s got my vote and the votes of thousands of D-VIRUS fans globally to help him get there :D :D :D

  226. karan99one says:


    Iam happy right now that you are there in the forum at this time,
    where is DiDrocks , annieJ

  227. prashant22 says:

    they must be sleeping i guess…

  228. prashant22 says:

    karan now u must be happy with my vaild comment about tee rice…

  229. prashant22 says:

    @GabbarSingh nd jack daniels u both have given some real valid points..keer voting for D

  230. karan99one says:

    yaar I wished Zee had not hurried for little champs(or masters)event.There is still time,aakhir itni jaldi kya thi.

    I really wanted mithun Da to use his veto power and right to recall power.

    Tell me everyone what is the point in having such powers when you are not using it,I know it is because of that schedule , he could not use it.Otherwise we all know how much he likes Binny,had Binny been eliminated do you think
    he would have said Janta took the right decision.

    It is only in beauty and smile(and rarely grace) Binny scores over Amrita.Otherwise in dance, vibrancy, energy , versatility she is far ahead of binny.Every person who has knowledge about dance would say that(THE FACT IS THAT SHE IS TRAINED IN ALL 7 CLASSICAL FORMS IS NOT A JOKE).

  231. Jack Daniels says:

    No one in the entertainment industry becomes a STAR because a mentor / judge / grandmaster / forum or blog wants or thinks so.

    A STAR stands out from the crowd with their talent AND makes a vital CONNECTION with the Janta.

    Dharmesh has achieved both and that is why he has TOPPED DID2 SIX TIMES and had a DOUBLE HAT-TRICK :!: :!: :!:

    That alone is reason enough to understand and appreciate his impending victory. He is the rightful CHAMPION, as he has received highest votes and has been NUMBER 1 most times :D :D :D

  232. karan99one says:

    Iam happy that you have come out of that attachment with
    Terrence.Now you can see from all ends.Have you started voting for D?

  233. Jack Daniels says:

    @ prashant22

    Thanks for your comment.

    @ karan99one

    Zee TV is rushing LIL CHAMPS to the market because COLORS recently announced their new reality kids dance show Chak Dhoom Dhoom

    It was a reactionary measure from ZEE to prevent COLORS from stealing their thunder.

    As a direct consequence, I believe their was veto power available to GM.

  234. Jack Daniels says:

    oops typo @ end . Meant no veto power

  235. prashant22 says:

    yes karan right no one can question amritas talent…like D she was also a entertainer her performances were also energetic…it was real fun to watch her…but there ar many prople who see only beauty..are bhai ye dance ka competition hai koi shaddi ka swayamvar thodi h jo sabse sundar ladki chunna hai :lol:
    but we will se amrita soon on 30th n hopefully we will see her another talent it terms of choreography…

  236. prashant22 says:

    @jack denials no the veto power was available he used it to call ‘chotu lohar’ nd ‘yashkant’….actually i think zee made him do that just for the sake of veto power…

  237. karan99one says:

    @Jack Daniels
    You are right,I forgot why would any channel step back from competition for the sake of one or two contestants.

    But Iam happy that there is competition,Many times competition keeps you on toes.There will be no compromise on quality and product. Let’s see who wins.But let me tell you Jack, Whoever wins the race b/w Zee and Colors,viewers will definetly enjoy this jugalbandhi between the 2 channels

  238. prashant22 says:

    opps sorry jack i spelled ur name incorrecrly..

  239. prashant22 says:

    karan no matter what happens i always vote for D…

  240. prashant22 says:

    @karan u know the very first dance of D which i saw was ‘panditji wala’ on krazy kiya re after watching that i said kya dancer hai yr…after that he gave many super performances there too n i became his fan…by the way have u voted..

  241. Jack Daniels says:

    @ prashant22

    Spot on mate. Ammu was the BEST DANCER hands down while Dharmesh is BEST PERFORMER. Together they were UNSTOPPABLE :!: :!: :!:

    Ammu is sorely missed.

  242. common_man says:

    Time will only tell, but a day will come when Dharmesh will be handing out a DS band (Dharmesh Sir band) to Remo.

    Geeta Maa showed sensibility and maturity in saying good words for Shakti and Punit, wishing them luck and leaving their kismat in the hands of janta janardhan.

    Terrence doesnt deserve to be called a Master anymore. He had to stoop so low to promote his student (shakti) by critizising a mindblowing finale performance from Dharmesh.

    Not sure why Mithun Da calls himself a Grand Master. He should have set the rule that none of the 3 masters should criticize any of the finale performances from contestants, but should only wish them luck and leave it to the janta to do the needful.

    Lastly, its us people who make or break a star. D Sir has stolen the hearts and minds of folks from all ages (kids, teens, adults and elders) by his mind blowing performances, versatility, talent and humility. When D Sir dances, you feel its someone of your own who is performing.

    The effect that D Sir has created is something similar to what some of the greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Big B etc have in them. You laugh and cry with them. True entertainers with paisa vasool performances. They truly are a phenomenon that a nation prides to have. This is just a beginning for D Sir and he will go a long way to be among them.

    Go Dharmesh Go !!! Our hearts, mind and blessings are always with you. Your humility, dedication and hardwork ha ve moved even the Gods from heaven.

    Kudos to Dance India Dance for discovering this STAR.

  243. karan99one says:


    Yaar that “Chotu Lohar” and “yashkant” episode had nothing to do with veto power and right to reacall power.

    That chance to perform on the stage in front of masters,public was given out of generosity.The reason given
    by mithun da and masters was that they were touched and moved by the passion and dedication of these 2 .

    Coming from such a poor background and a place where no one teaches dance, and of course seeing their talent and passion , due to these factors they got a chance.

    If you see the episode carefully you will notice it.

  244. priyam says:

    I agree with karan. Why such a haste for the DID lil masters. What is the use of having powers that you cannot use them.I also think that this is unfair to deserving contestants who have been eliminated and who might have waited for those powers to be used as this was mentioned since the beginning.

  245. prashant22 says:

    @jack where r u from…ur name gives the impression that u r not frm india

  246. karan99one says:

    I will start voting from today.

  247. prashant22 says:

    karan that generosity was in the name of veto power though they did not mentioned it on the show.. at first i was also wondering why he is nt using his powers..but one source informed that due to lil champs mithun was made to use his powers like this…

  248. karan99one says:

    Are bevkoof Having a name like Jack Daniels doesnt mean that he is from outside India .He may be a christian or a Jew and Indian christians and Indian Jews do have such names like Jennifer , Mary, Robin , Peter etc.

  249. prashant22 says:

    yes priyam u r right this is unfare to contestants bt we cannot also ignore the fact that every one got their chances it was only janata who were wrong in some of their decisions…

  250. prashant22 says:

    karan bhai sahab galati ho gai humse jo puch liya…direct aapse hi puch lena tha kyo… :P :lol:

  251. prashant22 says:

    @jack sorry mate karan is right u can be from india also…my bad

  252. prashant22 says:

    bye karan will join at night..

  253. karan99one says:

    Hi, Priyam Aunty how are you? Thanks for agreeing with me.
    But now it is out of our hands.Jo hona tha vo ho gaya.The losers are the contestants who could not get benifit of these powers.

    Priyam aunty I would love to visit Mauritius.Me and Prashant would visit your place there.

  254. DIANDRA says:

    Bit tired of Dharmesh performance. Terrence did not say it out of jealousy, perhaps he was hoping to see Dharmesh, who is a choreo himself attempting on something new, which no one has ever done to date. He may have commented in educating or giving more opportunity to D to try other forms of dances, since D is a fabulous dancer. Whatever has happened last nite will not affect D cos he has got millions of faithful voters. So what is the need to worry???

    So wished Ammu n Amar was in TOP 3…

  255. karan99one says:

    kya kuch kaam karna hai? When will you come at night so that we are at the same time in the forum.

  256. shehreenabiya says:

    Dharmesh Dharmesh dahrmesh dharmesh dharmesh he is the best dancer of DId he can be comapred to the winner of the first season of DId salman he has shown soo much different styles of dancing he is a hip hop dancer even tho he is a hip hop dancer terence and remo was jealous of dharmesh sir,s brilliant performance because dharmesh is the only competerter of shakti and punit thats why they always give rong comments to dharmesh. I hate punit..he thinks that he will win.!! huh but dharmesh will win.!!

  257. prashant22 says:

    ha yr…will meet u at 11 night time…ok

  258. karan99one says:

    theek hai i will come in between 11 and11:30pm at that time.

  259. prashant22 says:

    nd yes priyam plz dont be sad

  260. prashant22 says:

    ok then bye..

  261. pari2386 says:

    i dont think Terrence and remo did anything wrong in telling dhamrmesh that he does same style again n again infact they took it so long to say this ; only thing is dat it shud hav been in a lil polite manner ..and those who r bombarding at these two masters shud have remembered geeta did the same thing for shakti long back
    some of here r sayin shakti is weak in Indian classical but dharmesh too isnt that strong in other styles than hip hop-popping -locking if we have to really take versitality in mind then perhaps Kruti and amrita were the only True versatile dancers in top 12
    neways ; public has to decide the winner then it might be dharmesh since hes the most popular out of four ….But I really think he would have developed more as a dancer if he would hav been in Remo or terrence’s team .

  262. raphsody says:

    I hope shakthi wins DID2

  263. Shriya says:

    Shakti is most versatile and technically able dancer. She even danced ballet which is a classical dance form and performed it beautifully. She can do splits awesomely and her high and flying kicks and splits are stupendous. Dharmesh sir does not have any of these skills and is not a true technical dancer at all. He only knows the street style hip hop and even that there are others who can do it better. It is quite boring to see his same old dance.

  264. voice of reason says:

    @prashant & Karan

    dear karan, please dont call prashant bevakoof :lol: , even your explanation in saying that ‘jack daniels’ could be a christian or jew in india :lol:

    he may not be a solid at all :wink: in fact i am sure i have him in my house next to the unmarried malt :wink: :wink:

  265. rockstardchamp says:

    OMG …. Guys as per the survey Dharmesh has over all almost 1 lakh fans all around in india and abroad as welll… wow .. superb … he is going to be the King of HIP HOP /Locking and popping ….. all the best D for your future endeavors ….. DID2 cap aap keliye inthjaar kar raha he … jao aur bano DID2 winner … all the very best … no comments on other contestans .. sirf all the best …

  266. MG says:



  267. Shriya says:

    I agree with you pari2386. Terence and Remo were honest and true to the spirit of dance. They are both fabulous choreographers. I just feel it is such a shame that the mass in India seem to consider hip hop as the only brilliant dance form. I am not knocking hip hop as a style but other dance forms illustrates a lot of different use of dance skills and Dharmesh sir just has not demonstrated these. Yes he may have inspired the young boys but we need to look at the overall picture of dance and not limit our perception. If India puts hip hop on a pedestal then the rest of the world will not value Indian dance talent. This is such a shame that true talent like Shakti, Amar, Punit, Binny are dismmised for a popular politic strategy of Dharmesh sir’s following. It’s quite a dim view for true artistic dance lovers.

  268. rajshah says:

    What a performance from D Sir, especially in JugalBandi… Best dance ever scene !!… it was honor to watch him… God Bless you D Sir, Must Vote for D Sir …

  269. Pari123 says:

    Dharmesh is the best :lol:

  270. Saurabh says:

    Hiiiiiiiiii, Dharmesh…..
    I want ur coaching…..
    i m passinate abt dance….
    Can i have it…???????

  271. rajshah says:

    Hi Guys,

    I need coaching from D sir. I am in London and can come to India for 1 month for training. Can you advise me what will the convenient route to contact Dharmesh Sir ?

  272. illusion says:

    dear voice opf reason,
    reaidng urr comments made me realis whow much ive missed u, woman! welcome back!

    i still adire ur crazily observant eye, id never be abe to pick up all the things u did, even after having them poited out to me.

    and ur quote on jralousy was too good. it goes into my book of quotes.

  273. illusion says:

    daer annie j,

    congrats on becuming a mderator. very well deserved, too.


  274. jigs_reliance says:

    dharmesh will win……………

  275. DID Magic says:

    3 Masters 3 Styles.

    1.Remo – Hip Hop
    2.Geeta – Indian Classical
    3.Terence – Contemporary

    Best contestant in each style.

    Hip Hop – D Sir
    Indian Classical – Tasu
    Contemporary – Aamu (not shakti coz amrita’s wild card solo was the best contemporary performance)

    What do you think, like to know your 3 contestants.

  276. savink31 says:

    I think the deserve person is Shakti..Darmesh is over confident..and he was not not performing his best on Apr 17…

    Please vote for Shakti..:D

  277. bork says:

    amk14 8) i am with you buddy…

  278. GabbarSingh says:


    The only problem with Terrence saying those things is the timing. I strongly feel that this being the last day of all performances, he should have witheld those words.

    Things said on the last day leaves a bad taste, isn’t it.

    I am again reiterating that I don’t think the opinion of masters is going to sway the public.

  279. ravipatel8 says:

    I want to see the fight between geeta and terrance that everyone is talking about anyone have the video???

  280. jhonkashyap says:

    :lol: hey man u are really amazing…really…u rock really u r great man….DHARMESH is became god of indian dancers…really he is amazing…i think he is best performer in any show in india…really…Great Salute from all our heart…and really Great Salute for entertain us….all of our love for u Dharmesh….u definitely win man….REALLY THANKS FOR GREAT DANCING “GOD OF DANCING”.

  281. kanubhai says:


  282. kanubhai says:

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: THIS WEEK RENKING (1)DHARMESH (2) BINNY. NO ANY OTHER

  283. VM says:

    @ AnnieJ

    Congrats on being a Moderator. Well deserving. Rokkit!!

    Zee Asia conveniently removed the scene where Terrence had argued with Geeta over Dharmesh’s performance? How sick.. Why ever bother screening bits of it in the limelight. Curious to know as to why it ended up in such a way..

  284. kanubhai says:


  285. bork says:


    its not a cricket play ground buddy, this is a dance ground, and we have to choose a star a dancing star,
    not cricketer, understand and a superstar qualities like his personality, i wan not asking about a somebody cricketer,
    whenever you want to see a star in movies, its most important that a star must have a good qualities ok.
    so buddy, do not get exited be professional i think you are educated, just imagine when RAJPAL YADHAV is acting in DOOM2 place of HRITHIK and in MY NAME IS KHAN place of SRK
    Here the point is appear of a look ok, and imagine RAJPAL YADHAV is playing cricket on the playground it doesn’t matter who will not cares that how he is he just playing not dancing or acting , understand so be qualified do not get any emotional drama of the people… 8)

  286. lokesh kadyan says:

    Wat happened….dada once said..he have the power ..dat he can can call one contestant anytime..whom he thinks is deserving…… there no one….???..
    Dharmesh Sir…U rock…Dude…… u……tell me ur address..i want to learn dance from u this summer :wink:

  287. sobhanblr says:

    @voice of reason

    Sorry buddy. you are jealous. I pity you. I love Shakti, Dharmesh, Poonit, Binny….

    But you dont like dharmesh means you are narrow minded
    I Pity you.

    I wish succesful career for Shakti, Dharmesh, Poonit, Binny…and others

    Success and Money is not permanent but being a good human being is the true essence of human quality

    Only arrogant and foolish people claim that they dont like some contestant and they are (self-proclaimed) successful and rich . (who cares about you and your success) Haha

    I pity you. may god bless you

    Here we are discussing about 4 Talented hard working DID Contestant

  288. brkdancekid says:

    @annie j

    Congratulations for becoming the moderator ,
    if u need any help feel free to contact .
    And ENJOy

    take care

  289. sherylsir says:



  290. s@rah says:

    I am just hoping now that Dharmesh wins the show coz i m afraid that zee tv might gonna come up with a different and unexpected result…
    Dharmesh Sir…we luv u …Good Luck :oops:

  291. mirchi says:

    Dharmesh dances like a local…..I love shakti!!!!!!!!!cmon shakasti

  292. mirchi says:

    Binny is like sunita of last year….lucky to be here really..Amar should have stayed. He is much better!!!

  293. kanubhai says:

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: IF ZEE AND JUDGE NO PLAY THIER POLITICS.DHARMESH IS DEFINATLY WIN

  294. merlinabraham says:

    Please vote for Shakti!!! looking at her talents and abilities, she should win.

  295. mehnaka says:


    i think master remo and master terrence are choosy…

    look at remo…he gives the mj band to his group and terencce group only..y cant he give to darmesh..i think darmesh is the best…

  296. DIDrocks says:

    binny is definitely like sunita last year. just taking up a spot that she doesnt deserve. give me on example of her dance that was out of this world. can u think of any? she is the most undeserving contestant in the finals. and next to her is punit.

    P.S. the waltz was all dharmesh’s doing, not hers.

  297. DID S2 dhamaka says:


    Jack Daniels is a type of drink.

    I feel this show is too scripted :( Some contestants were probably looking forward to the usage of the veto/recall powers.

  298. prashant22 says:

    DID S2 dhamaka
    i dont get it ‘Jack Daniels is a type of drink’ what do u mean…
    what u feel is right when contestants like amrita and amar r out nd like punit r in top 4 it is surely scripted…

  299. AnnieJ says:


    Haha, I’m glad you’re more excited about me being a moderator! :mrgreen:

    @Voice of reason

    Nice comments! You’ve a sharp eye for things I’d never catch :lol:

    @illusion and brkdancekid

    Thank you so much! Well deserved – that is high praise! :oops:


    Uhh….not liking Dharmesh makes us narrow-minded? How so? Please rethink your words before you type them…. ^____^;;;

  300. dilane says:

    guys i thing Punit deserve the win…

  301. prashant22 says:

    annie n didrocks how long will u remain on this forum i mean like 2-3 hrs or more or less…karan was missing u two today also…i think he will be here in like 2hrs…i also have to take my dinner so i will also be back in like 1 or 2 hrs…hope u both remain till then…

  302. princerij90 says:

    @sobhanblr, you think voice of reason is narrowminded and you pity him/her? did you even read all the comments he/she made?..if you take your time and read them, you’ll pity yourself i believe..
    also, you said, ‘dharmesh is the most versatile dancer in did 2.. there is nobody as versatile as him..’ are you serious? i hate binny and i think she does not deserve to be in top 4 at all, but at the same time i have to agree she’s much more versatile than D..think about amar, amrita, kruti, parvez..they exceed D in terms of versatility completely..D and shakti are not versatile at all..they are in top 4 because they are mindblowing in their own styles only..
    and yes, you can go ahead and call me jealous of dharmesh..which would only make you seem stupid and i wouldn’t give a care..then again, reading your previous comments, i don’t expect much from you

  303. roshok says:


    “Jack Daniels is a type of drink”

    Jack Daniels is the name of a company(distillery). It makes different types of drinks. If you search “Jack Daniels” in google, you will get it.

  304. bani jain says:

    cant i see amar back…….. :|

  305. jigs_reliance says:

    after Dharmesh performance REMO & Terrence got scared & afraid.. are ye kya tha…wasn’t it winning performance.. it was.. Onle dharmesh has guts to connect with public.. he has done it very well through his last performance.. thats what R & T dint like..connection with public it important for a great performer otherwise there is no meaning.. and by default that connection happened for great dancer.. that who… D sir is..

  306. DIDrocks says:

    why does hip hop appeal to eveyone more than contemporary? why?

    i have a word of advise for any prospective contestants in DID3. i doesnt matter what type of dance u know or what kinds of skill u got. just come knowing HIP HOP. and always do hip hop. cuz this is what will get u votes. contemporary dancers ke liye, DID ke manch me koi jaga nahi hai. not just contemporary, classical dancers ke liye bhi ye manch bohut chota hai. u dont belive me? look where shakshak, kruti, and amrita have landed up. and i dont think these people will let shakti win. so u can add shakti to the list too. oh and versatile hone ki soch na bhi math. versitality ko na kabhi janta ne dekhi hai, aur na kabhi dekhe gi. janta ke liye ye koi mainey nahi rakhta.

    and oh if u are girl, plz dont come if u dont look good. again DID viewers only encourage people who are good looking. a classic example of a person who left and who didnt have as good looks as say, perhaps binny, would be amrita. so dont come if ur ugly.

    so this is how u win DID:

    1) do hip hop
    2) look great if ur a girl
    3) pretend to be humble even if ur not that great. just pretend.
    4) dont ever let people know u worked with ur master before.
    5) do not have famous sisters cuz people will automatically assume zee will make u win and will not vote for u.
    6) be the best in ur team becuz even if u suck u will definitely go to the finals cuz u gotta represent ur master.
    7) dont be versatile.

  307. DIDrocks says:


    i will be here. and thank u karan for missing us. lol.

  308. jigs_reliance says:

    after Dharmesh performance REMO & Terrence got scared & afraid.. are ye kya tha…wasn’t it winning performance.. it was.. Onle dharmesh has guts to connect with public.. he has done it very well through his last performance.. thats what R & T dint like..connection with public it important for a great performer otherwise there is no meaning.. and by default that connection happened for great dancer.. that who… D sir is..

    what you think….

  309. princerij90 says:

    @didrocks, love your last on! did you come up with this lol? sounds pretty right

  310. sobhanblr says:


    I am stupid and you are brilliant and most wise person on earth

    @AnnieJ Use your Power and Ban me. I would love to.

    Believe I am in a wrong place and This is my Final Comment

  311. DIDrocks says:

    oh and my tips for remo and terrence for next season.

    biggest tip: dont criticize geeta ma’s bachchas, especially if they are popular. it will backfire.

    and plz understand geeta’s strategy. if u give a bad comment she will either be really rude to u, pretend u never said that, completely go against u, cry, or give excuses as to why they werent able to do it, or tell u that is how she choreographed it. so dont bother give her team any constructive criticism. she has come prepared. she has so many defenses. it will only backfire on u.

  312. DIDrocks says:


    lol. thank u. i have came up with this by watching DID this season and reading everyone’s comments on this forum. lol.

  313. AnnieJ says:


    Sir, I cannot ban you, as that is not within my jurisdiction. Furthermore, why can’t you take my comment as if I am another user? Yeah I might be a moderator now, but it doesn’t fundamentally change who I am or my personality. You haven’t done anything what would earn you a ban, anyway.

    Stop getting all defensive, we’re not personally attacking you but rather, your argument. Take a breather.

    @Everyone else

    I appear to have come down with a nasty cold, so I’m going to be taking meds and sleeping a lot. Consequently, I might not be on the forum more than 1-2 times a day for a few days, please bear with me :)

    DIDrocks, nice compilation of all the qualities needed to make it in DID – made me laugh! Haha.

  314. DIDrocks says:

    @voice of reason

    i cant tell u how i much i love ur comments. u have a keen eye for detail. and ur right, the reason for dharmesh being like this is GEETA entirely. i mean i couldve foreseen all of this. i mean look at geeta’s comments afetr every performance by her students. she completely disregards terrence and remo’s criticisms, which makes the contetsants feel as if they didnt do anything wrong. instead they will start feeling that remo and terrence doesnt want them to do well and are jealous of them. and she alwsy says “u make me so proud..u desreve to be here.” as if all the others are paying zeetv or threatening them to be there.

    i mean to her this may be defense. but what she is doing is that she is putting false sense of security into the contestants and preventing them from improving and being better dancers. i personally have not noticed any improvement in dharmesh. he is just the way he was in auditions. and i cannot help but blame geeta for this. i hate this lady.

  315. DIDrocks says:

    lol thank anniej!

  316. mitmac91 says:

    I guess everyone has a right to express themselves…. I think geetha is one who is biased…..

    TERRANCE & REMO were absolutely right Dharmesh has been good only as his style… all the other styles have been such a failure…….. :?

    SHAKTI on the other hand has been the best dancer by far on this show and deserves to win. :lol:

    Punit is not bad either

    Binny did not deserve to be in the final

    AMAR i think was the only dancer whose growth was so evident right from his audition till date.

    But I guess we should get used to the fact that people vote for whom they like not who is indeed the best…

    For me it is SHAKTI all the way…………. I am so proud of her…. Hope and pray she wins….

  317. DIDrocks says:


    oh and feel better girl. :) :) :)

  318. jigs_reliance says:

    to, mitmac91….

    dharmesh will win… if you have seen entire season.. he has given many performance.. in each episode he was on stage.. neve sat on sofa.. being safe.. even though he was safe he was on test and performed.. infact shakti & punit got lot of rest.. Dharmesh was ony absent after elimination and after entering through wild card he is again on stage.. now tell me if someone gives more than 20 performance.. which kind of variation or versatility you can expect.. you can downloand all D sir’s performance from you tube. and just see what he has done.. and one of the biggest thing is he has entertain lot.. dance k zharie khusiya banti hai.. us ne..which is mantra of DID… so thats why Dharmesh is best…FYI.. shakti is student of Terrence even punit also.. they are very well trained dance through internation dancing tutor.. be see their performance.. you can not compare them with D sir.. ya they are gud in their style but still.. Dharmesh is far beyond ahead from them..

    what says DIDrocks..

  319. jigs_reliance says:

    let me tell you one more thing even remo & terrence also know that Dharmesh is the best.. but they are supporting their contestant by force.. not by choice.. if they would have choice thay will support Dharmesh..

  320. DIDrocks says:


    i say that ur point is somewhere lost. cuz i didnt get a single thing. dharmesh performed the most and shakti and punit got more rest? can u plz explain what the heck do u mean by this? they all gave equal number of performances and in fact, i think shakti gave more cuz she did two duets some weeks and she performed while dharmesh was eliminated. so i dont get what ur saying.

    and as far khushiyaan baatna…i think dharmesh spread more fights than happiness. becuz of him, so many people abused each other on this forum. so many people got banned and so many have faced bashing. and so many deserving contestants left DID kyun ki fans ko fursat hi kahan hai doosron ko vote karne ke liye. they were too busy voting for D even if he comes in first everytime. i can hardly say he spread happiness.

    and as far as variation goes, dharmesh did show variation in his duets, and definitely not in solos. and also he wasnt the only one to do this. shakti showed varitaion just as much as dharmesh did. so this reason also falls flat on its face as to why dharmesh should to win.

    “shakti is student of Terrence even punit also.. they are very well trained dance through internation dancing tutor.. be see their performance.. you can not compare them with D sir.. ya they are gud in their style but still.. Dharmesh is far beyond ahead from them..”

    this makes no sense. u just said u cant compare them to D and u r saying D is better than them. what the heck do u mean? could u care to explain plz?

    so ur reasons are not really convincing as to why dharmesh whould win. try harder.

  321. DIDrocks says:


    did remo and terrence come and tell u that personally? or is terrence ur chacha and remo ur mama? how would u know?

  322. rkap says:

    Binny got a rap in the comments from TL and RD, meanwhile GK approved the performance, GM was at his diplomatic best. As for all other contestants it was ‘kya baat hei’ encore from GM. While DS was at his best as a humble, unconceited peformer who showed his way thru the DiD2 season. GK summed it beautifully that her contestants have survived the criticism of other masters, an in the end they have performed at their best. Good Luck to both Binny and Dharmesh.

  323. DIDrocks says:

    dharmesh and humble…hmmmmmmm….somehow i fair to see this.

  324. DID Dance says:

    dharmesh was really good.very original n versatile.he can carry on the show really well.and yes of course needless to say he is very creative with his dance forms.true matter whatever remo or terrence says.
    punit should have been out of the show.but i guess he has bribed the masters and hence is still in the show.amar deserved to be in the top four.he really shined as a dancer.
    shakti got fame because amar supported her as a strong partner.had she been dancing with punit she could have been out long back just as shashank got out because of punit’s bad support.

  325. Vicky says:

    first time writing on this
    saying hellllooo to all of U

    comin to say about performances may be twas D virus got first cording to me coz ppl will consider all of contestents performances not judged on only one performance and yes D Yelande could have done better eg B Boying or MJ style I was excepting this from him coz seen D Yelande doing this before.and he was excellent in those styles.

  326. jigs_reliance says:

    to DID rocks..

    I fully support you for “amar deserved to be in the top four.he really shined as a dancer.
    shakti got fame because amar supported her as a strong partner”

    baaki.. jyada gussa mat karo boss.. sorry yaar.. if i have hurted you.. sorrrry

  327. DIDrocks says:

    @jigs reliance

    “amar deserved to be in the top four.he really shined as a dancer.shakti got fame because amar supported her as a strong partner”

    i have never said this. Did Dance said this not me.

  328. jigs_reliance says:

    :roll: uups.. sorry.. but pls. 4gv me.. ha..

  329. DIDrocks says:

    lol its ok. bade bade deshon mein aise choti choti baatein hoti rehtein hai. lol. :D :D :D

  330. Dance 4ever says:

    Todays episode was very entertaining!!!!!!
    I definitely felt as though Binny fell behind. Her solo performance was by far the weakest and when they danced together at the end, it seeemed like she forgot her moves. I liked Punit’s performance, and thought it was choreographed very well. The only problem was that it was similar to D’s style of dance when we know he is the best. I’m happy Dharmesh did hip-hop, but wish he did something different. We all know that his first audition was great, and it came off like he was showing it off. He should have done something completley new in the hip-hop stlye. I really liked Shakti’s performance. It was by far the hardest choreagraphy, and she executed it flawlessly. At the end when all 4 did shorter dances Binny’s bhangra was sweet but very simple. Punit’s was ok as well. I thought D’s was nice and wish he did something like that for his first performance. And Shakti blew me away. I thought that her last short dance was awesome. I hope in the grand finale: 1. Shakti 2. Dharmesh 3. Punit 4. Binny

  331. DIDrocks says:

    dance 4ever,

    i wish that happens too!

  332. mirchi says:

    Dear All,

    Please dont have favouritism. I am a very unbiased person and personally after watching all episodes consistently good performances have been given only by Shakti. She truly deserves Taqdeer ki topi second I feel is Punit as he started out as a moderate dancer but has reached great levels. Dharmesh is hyped only and look at his performance today it was terrible and binny she is lucky to be still in the competition like sunita od DID 1. Geeta is very not graceful…what does she mean saare criticism to hamare liye hain. She is too confident as she knows people are just going to vote for dharmesh. Pls show responsibility. LAst year Salman got it whereas Alisha was the Best….So where is Salman today?? After sometime its your Talent that counts…Please be responsible and vote right!! Vote for Shakti Truly she is the best !!!!!

  333. mirchi says:

    A great salute to the country by Shakti…….Awesome
    A salute to self….arrogant and bad dancing and choreography by Dharmesh.
    I dont like watching him dance at all……..same style pant ko kheechna and moving the bum…its not so qualities of the Indias best dancer.
    Guys I urge u to show responsibility as Indians we need to be responsible for who we vote for!!

  334. Dance 4ever says:

    @ DIDrocks!
    Hey! I must say that I love reading your comments!! They’re really fantastic! I like how you appreciate everyone’s performances and how you chose your favorite based on their performances not on appearances or earlier auditions! Thanks for ur comments and keep them up!!!

  335. mirchi says:

    Thanks so much but trust me I strongly feel this way…and I like the format of ” So you think you can dance”. Atleat you dont have masters passing snide remarks to each other. Look at Geeta the minute her trainee gets a feedback she starts saying oh ur performance was sooooooo good etc…Is she crazy. We all know about dancing and can see who is good and who is not. These CAT fights on stage by MAster of her calibre looks really bad.Am sure u will agree with me on this!!

  336. karan99one says:


    “and as far khushiyaan baatna…i think dharmesh spread more fights than happiness. becuz of him, so many people abused each other on this forum. so many people got banned and so many have faced bashing.”

    Can you explain in what way dharmesh is responsible for people abusing each other in this forum.He is not even a member of this forum.He is busy in DID-2 practicing and performing day in and day out like any other contestant.
    He might or might not even be knowing that there is someone called karan,DiDrocks,AnnieJ or prashant,illusion ,voice of reason etc.He never participated in our conversations,discussions in this forum.So tell me in what way is he responsible,when he never told any of us to discuss about him in this forum.HUM JO BHI KAR RAHE HAIN APNI MARZI SE KAR RAHE HAIN.YE SAB ME UNKA KAUNSA HAAT HAI MERI JAAN(with affection only).

    If people have got banned in this forum it is because of their foolishness to use uncivilised language in a public
    forum.Dharmesh never told any of these people who got banned to use abusive language in this forum.He never told anyone to bash someone else for his/her comments.
    When he is not at all involved in this forum tell me how can he be responsible

    “and so many deserving contestants left DID kyun ki fans ko fursat hi kahan hai doosron ko vote karne ke liye. they were too busy voting for D even if he comes in first everytime. i can hardly say he spread happiness.”

    Yes there were some contestants like Amrita,Amar,Parvez,Kruti and to an extent Shashank,I felt should have been in the competition for a longer time as some were eliminated before Nikitasha which I personally didnt like .And specially in Amrita’s case I wanted her to be in top 4 becoz she was my second favorite sfter Dharmesh and I liked her more than Shakti too.

    But again tell me how is Dharmesh responsible for this.If people love him and his dance so much,TO ISME USKI KYA GALTI HAI SWEETIE. If other contestants got lesser votes than dharmesh probably they didnt connect with the masses as much as dharmesh did.It is a personal choice of every voter in the public to vote for his/her favorite contestant.If you like X nd you want to vote for X go ahead.If you like but still you dont want to vote then also it is a personal choice.We have no right to tell someone whom to vote and whom not to vote.It is an individual decision from that individual’s point of view.People are happy voting for Dharmesh and seeing him first week after week.Those who dont like him or his performance definitely they will get angry and frustrations start coming out in different ways.You can never generalise saying that Dharmesh does not spread happiness.People love him when he performs(me included)
    And are quite happy with him though sometimes choreography is not everytime special.Maybe you are not happy seeing him first week after week.But again if it is your personal view.It’s fine with you.

  337. A_A says:

    i thought dharmesh’s performance on saturday wasnt so good… thats not because of the songs or his dancing skills or anything.. the choreography was just plain weak.. it was all seen before.. nothing gelled together.. and the steps were also the same.. even if you do the same style, i dont have a problem.. but doing the same steps?.. thats a problem.. i even found punit’s performance better than dharmesh’s

  338. DIDrocks says:

    I do agree with u mirchi. and thank u dance 4ever. glad u like my comments. lol.

  339. mnegi says:

    hahahaha Mujhe to Mirchi lag Gai..

  340. gaurav007s says:

    Guys i want to point out one thing that dharmesh is exceptional ,i have seen many dance show but never have seen such a dancer .he is too good and makes u fall in love with dance .it is his only bad luck he get to go in geeta maa team , if he would have gone to remo team he would have just burned the stage in every performance and his popularity would have been 10 times high as it is right now .people say shakti is good but should one keep thing in mind that she can do contemporary and is teached by terrence ,who is known for this dance form ,so when u compare both two ,please have this thing in mind,shakti is contemporary student and dharmesh is dharmesh sir .i would now like to see darmesh in other dance shows too .watching him perform is a treat to the eyes and i can bet u that he will go very far in the years to come

    love u D SIR

  341. karan99one says:

    Is your name itself mirchi or you have just kept it for this forum.

  342. karan99one says:

    where r u Sir,how long dinner.Told me you will be at 11.00pm(IST).

  343. DIDrocks says:


    i didnt mean it literally. i meant it indirectly. dharmesh has been the root cause of the fights indirectly. yes it not his fault. i agree. poor thing doesnt even know what we are writing. its more like his fans are responsible for this. if he got votes as he deserved, why in the world would we argue against that? but he doesnt and constantly he has been receiving votes when he doesnt deserve it. u might argue that this is a person’s personal view and opinion. and i disagree. cuz CLEARLY some of the performances have not been top 3 level. anyone can see that. and im damn sure that D fans have seen this too. but yet they vote cuz they always remind themselves of his earlier performances, which i think is very unfair. cuz this prevents others who have improved tremendously from getting votes. and he himself is not directly responsible, but his fans are. i have read couple of comments that say that D fans not only want to make D number 1, but also want him to get the most amount of votes in DID’s history, which i think is ridiculous. cuz in this process, no one else bothers to vote for others. if some people just took about 2 votes from D and voted for other deserving contestants, we wouldnt have seen them leave so soon. D would still be number 1 as people wanted and others would have still been here. so yes D is not at fault, but his fans are. and by far geeta ma is responsible for all this mess that happened in DID2.

    i blame geeta mata the most for the atrocities that happened in DID2. someone seriously should consider a replacement for her. she needs to straighten out her attitude more than any other masters.

  344. DIDrocks says:

    ok where are u prashant? u told me to wait here and i did. par tumhara ata pata kuch nahi hai. kahan ho tum? u better not have stood karan and me up!

  345. prashant22 says:

    wooops angry girl :evil: i am here :mrgreen:
    sorry karan sorry didrocks cool down guys…i got stuck up with something else…

  346. mnegi says:

    Thank God Dharmesh did not got MJ…….. Mera Joker…

  347. DIDrocks says:

    lol. good that u r back. lol.

  348. prashant22 says:

    u guys goin great guns wow specially didrocks at this point if i hand u a gun u would finish all dharmesh fans.. :mrgreen: …calm down yr…

  349. prashant22 says:

    karan where r u buddy i am really scared…

  350. DIDrocks says:

    no silly. i would not shoot dharmesh fans. why would i do that? its only a show. and dharmesh is not worth me going to jail. he means nothing to me. and mass genocide is not my thing. lol. im not hitler.

  351. karan99one says:

    I would like Mithun Da to be removes as grand master for season-3.He doesn’t even have half the knowledge or expertise of what the other 3 masters have.

    I already told this before, a grandmaster should be someone who should above the masters in every aspect of that profession in any reality show,but here it is not the case.

    The only thing I have seen him , atleast 90% of the time saying KYA BAAT,KYA BAAT, KYA BAAT………….

    Have you ever felt satisfied the way he distinguishes a contestant’s performance.Have you ever seen him spotting technical faults.First of all he should know the technicalities of the dance to comment on it technically.
    He only talks mostly about Binny’s smile,Dharmesh’s English,vagera vagera.Maybe that is sometimes like a refreshment.But as a Grandmaster hi should work hard
    in terms of knowledge gaining to present himself as a GM,
    Otherwise it looks as if Zee could not find any other GM
    other than this monkey.

  352. DIDrocks says:


    regarding the disco dancer, annie and i have made comments on the other page with the april 16th videos. i am not gonna waste my time typing about this guy again. this guy was on my nerves from last season and this season, is admi ne toh hadh kardi.

  353. prashant22 says:

    didrocks are yr i was joking….come on cant u just try to be fun….why r u always serious angry type…i thought i was the more serious type…but here u r way above me…
    i think from next time i will have to write a note that this is a joke…
    u seem very angry to maine socha thoda hasane ki koshish karta hu…lekin tum ho ki…

  354. Prial says:

    I didn’t like Binni’s perfomance in solo and in “jugalbandi” as well.

  355. prashant22 says:

    i know u will nt shoot anyone…n i will never hand u a gun 2…

  356. DIDrocks says:

    my personal suggestion for grandmasters are (yes grandmasters…i want at least 2-3 grandmasters, not a single one), farah khan, shiamak davar,and ahmed khan. i feel these should be the GMs cuz shaimak can cover the contemporary and latin dances aspect, ahmed khan can cover the whole hip hop and those aspects, and farah khan can cover the indian aspects like bollywood and classicak. this trio would work. and they all have judged tv shows before, so they have experience.

  357. karan99one says:

    Hello Bhaiyya, Dont worry , Dont get scared .IfDiDrocks shoots us with a gun, we will throw bombs at her.By the way
    she herself is surrounded by mostly dharmesh fans.

    So even before she takes out her gun , Those die-hard fans will shoot her.Even if she escapes the shooting, both of us will be ready with the bombs.When AnnieJ comes she will be
    getting tear gas instead of bombs.HA HA HA HA HA……….

  358. DIDrocks says:


    im sorry dear. i know u were trying to make me laugh. i even knew it was a joke. par kya karoon. aaj meri mood thodi karaab hai. din kuch achcha nahi jaara. is liye shayad. my apologies.

  359. DIDrocks says:


    tum mere uper bombs feko ge? kya mein itni buri hoon? mujhe rona aa raha hai. :( :( :( its better if i leave right now. i thought talking to guys would help me feel better cuz my day hasnt been so good. but its only getting worse.

  360. prashant22 says:

    yes karan i read those comments made by our angry girl…infact they were very funny if u try to find the fun element in them…
    for openion by my side i to agree that disco dancer is useless…though he makes me laugh when he says kya baat n gives grand salute…have u seen his looks when he gives grand salute he thinks himsels really smart while giving the salute…but he look like a joker…

  361. karan99one says:


    Kya wa Sweetie , Mood kyun kharab hain.Are you dealing with
    something?If you are comfortable to share with me you definitely can.

  362. prashant22 says:

    hey didrocks plz dont go kya yr karan bomb fekega pagal hai kya…didrocks are wo bhi mazak kar raha hai…plz yr tum bura mat manno we r frnds yr….

  363. DIDRocks says:

    Dharmesh was really the best today…

    Guys don’t just pray for him but give him votes. I just just given his some votes and I expect and request all the D Sir fans, please vote for him… Voting is open till Monday 11 AM. This is the time when it matters the most…

    Type Dharmesh and send it to 57575

    Congrats AnnieJ for being a part of admin team :lol:

  364. DIDrocks says:


    thts very sweet of u. waise kuch khaas nahi hai. bas tabhiyat thodi karab hai (very big headache and way too tired…i did get plenty of sleep so dont suggest sleep. lol) aur bohut saara kaam bhi pada hai. bas mein pad pad kar takh gayi hoon. but i cant stop either. i have an exam tomorrow.

  365. DIDrocks says:


    mein samajh gayi. its ok. lol.

  366. prashant22 says:

    didrocks yes if you are comfortable to share with me to..

  367. karan99one says:


    We all love you yaar.Tum gusse mein bhi bahut pyaari lagti ho.Sometimes we love the way you react, your gussa , that is why I was trying to pull your leg and you trippled.

    But please tell me what are you dealing with.I must say no matter how much maturity you show you are still a child at heart ,that is why I love you.your last comment clearly reflects that.

    Can we support you in any way with whatever is bothering you as you said pura din mood kharab tha.Please tell us what happened

  368. prashant22 says:

    oops u already shared…ok..n dont apologise tum hi ne kaha tha ki ab se no sorry no thanks…

  369. DIDrocks says:


    i just told karan. lol. by the way thank u both for trying to cheer me up. ur very sweet and helpful.

  370. DIDrocks says:


    u r right, no sorries and no thank u. lol.


    thank u for ur willingness to help me. and prashant u too. i know no sorries and thank u, but i have to say this. lol.

  371. prashant22 says:

    ya thats in our nature.. :mrgreen:

  372. karan99one says:

    I think when I was typing ,she had written the comment at he same time.So that’s why this small deterration.No prob

  373. prashant22 says:

    didrocks achcha chalo ye did se hatke puchta hu…tell something abt urself…u know hobbies n all…do u love Bolly-movies n stuff like that

  374. DIDrocks says:


    lol. i can see that it is in ur nature. u both are are very kind.

  375. DIDrocks says:


    well yes. i do love bollywood movies. as i told u before, maine hindi bollywood movies dekh dekh kar hi seekhi hai. lol. i love reading books as well. to me they are just as fun as watching a movie. its like a movie on paper. lol. how about u?

  376. prashant22 says:

    by the way karan ur bomb comment was real funny…

  377. karan99one says:


    This is what happens if you study in the last moment.
    You keep everything in the last moment to study for exams,and that has an impact on your health, both mentally and physically.Tiredness is one of the symptoms.

    If you plan and schedule your work daily , things will happen systematically and with ease and grace.

    Iam not just saying this I even practice it.

  378. DIDrocks says:

    omg. my mood just lifted to like 10 levels. yay. lol. i just found out i got an A on my biology exam. yay. i dont know why it would matter to u. lol. but just felt like sharing with u people.

  379. DIDrocks says:


    i seriously need counseling in that part of my life. i need to know how to stay organized and follow a schedule. somehow i can never do it.

  380. prashant22 says:

    i love movies too but i love hollywood one’s…u know every type action,adventure,comedy,romance,sports related…hollywood makes very different types of movies…
    i do read books but not often depends on my mood…
    the thing which i love most is to play computer games i am crazy for them…
    i love watching cricket and tennis…do u watch cricket???

  381. karan99one says:

    Who are your favorite actors in Bollywood . Tell me in both male and female category.

  382. says:

    Terrence and Remo were not so mean.
    Dharmesh has performed better and he doesn’t need to show off. He is not the only contestant who received compliments from the masters and Mithunda. And almost everytime he performs a solo it’s the same style.
    Have you seen the way he looked at the sunehri taqdeer ki topi??? (Sooo greedy)
    So please vote for Shakti.
    She is a great dancer and often attempts mew styles.

  383. karan99one says:

    Congratulations for getting A grade in your Biology Exam.
    By the way my sister has also done medicine and she is a cardiologist by profession in Portland.

  384. says:

    mistake **new

  385. DIDrocks says:


    i love hollyowood movies too. but im choosy about them. there are some that are so so so good. but some are just so stupid. no i dont watch cricket. but i love tennis. i personally love playing it althought im not too good in it. lol. cricket just confuses me.



    actor – aamir khan (he is old but acts very very well.) but if u want someone younger, then i go with hrithik roshan.

    actress – there isnt a single woman in the industry today that can act well. but if i have to choose, i will go with priyanka chopra.

    best actor of all time (in my lifetime lol) – aamir khan
    best actress of all time – madhuri dixit.

  386. prashant22 says:

    didrocks congrats u happy me 2 happy…u know though we live at different ends of world but our friendship have brought us very close so dont ever think this ” i dont know why it would matter to u” u can share every little thing…ok dear

  387. GabbarSingh says:

    so you are saying Dharmesh has not attempted anything new in entire DID 2?

    If you mean the above, then you are either grossly misinformed or deliberately lying.

  388. karan99one says:

    “Have you seen the way he looked at the sunehri taqdeer ki topi??? (Sooo greedy)
    So please vote for Shakti.”

    How can you be so sure that he was looking at the taqdeer ki topi greedily,are you an expert in reading eyes.That can be your interpretation also right.

  389. DIDrocks says:

    thank u karan. i feel on top of the world right now. i studied so much for the exam. and tell ur sister, that i have the utmost respect for her and her profession. cardiology is a very nerve-wracking job and requires high amount of skill.

  390. DIDrocks says:

    aww gee thanx prashant. tum seriuosly ek nek bandhe what a wonderful friend.

  391. DIDrocks says:

    now dont make assumptions. greedy is one dharmesh hasnt turned into yet.

  392. DIDrocks says:

    *one thing

  393. prashant22 says:

    karan i understand that what u said u practice that also…because what u do my yonger brother does the same i dont know how he manages everything n he is a topper in his college…he is a doctor to studiying in 2nd year…

    my fav actor:-
    amir khan
    hrithik roshan

    fav actress:–
    katrina n kareena

    in hollywood actor:–
    tom hanks(no one’s better than him)
    n pitt
    also matt damon

  394. DIDrocks says:

    karan prashant, are those ur real names?

  395. prashant22 says:

    wow our actors choice meet exactly the same…cool
    karan what abt u…

  396. karan99one says:


    WOW YAAR even my favorite actor is Aamir khan right now.But
    my evergreen hero is Amitabh Bachchan.

    AMITABH BACCHAN-:like him for his versatility

    AAMIR KHAN-:Like him for his profesionalism , perfectionist attitude , he is almost everytime spot on in choosing a perfect script.


    DiDrocks, even for me till now nobody impressed in terms of heroines.Pehle I used to like Preity Zinta,but not now ,I feel she has lost that charm.

    So I can say I have no favorites among heroines.


    what about your favorites?

  397. prashant22 says:

    yes its my real real name…by the way what’s ur name i am such a fool didnt even asked ur name…

  398. AnnieJ says:


    Haha thanks!


    Congrats on your bio exam! An A is no small feat! Lol. I am having something of a natural high right now – my body is so confused lol. I’ve been trying to sleep but can’t sleep all that much. My congestion is not too bad right now since I took tylenol cold capsules. I also just drank like 1000mg of vitamin C lol so my poor body can absorb the superhero vitamins and make me better quick quick quick!

    I’m glad there’s no guns, bombs, or tear gas involved here…no idea where that came from, but I am loopy so maybe I didn’t follow any of the recent happenings properly lol.

  399. prashant22 says:

    heroines in bollywood r just for show nothing more…for me only kareena can act a bit…katrina just love her looks acting is zero…

  400. prashant22 says:

    hey miss moderator how’s ur cold….

  401. DID S2 dhamaka says:


    Jack Daniels is a type of alcholic drink… agreed about amrita and parvez

    question- do u guys rmr farhina? i personally thought that mithun should hv used his right to bring 2 extra dancers on her versus altaf for the voting round of wild card entry. perhaps there would have been too many people on behalf of terrence’s team and that’s why he didn’t do it?

    who knows..

  402. karan99one says:


    Yes they are our real names,but Iam sure DiDrocks is not your real name , Can we know your real name.

  403. karan99one says:

    Hi how are you ? where were you all this while?
    All you read of guns and bombs were a joke.
    How did you catch cold

    I think Prashant wants to give you a medicine.

  404. DIDrocks says:

    lol. my name is sruthi.

    and yes our fav actors match. lol. we all like aamir khan. and like karan said, i luv the guy for his professionalism. this is very important in any job.

    as far as hollywood:

    i think they all do a good job at it. yes there are certain people who i wonder what the heck they are doing there. but most of them are okay. so im just gonna pick based on looks.

    actor- i dont know really. i cant say. but i did used to love leonardo dicaprio and orlando bloom. now, i dont think im crazy over anyone.

    actress – anne hathaway. i luv this girl. she is so pretty. natural beauty. kate winslet is not so bad herself. i admire this woman for not having a stick figure like everyone else does in the industry. penelope cruz looks cute too.

  405. A_A says:

    the simple reason why a choreographer cannot be the grandmaster are that the 3 judges (or atleast 2 of them) are very distinguished choreographers in bollywood and it would be belittling them if you got another choreographer as grandmaster, except for when the choreographer might be exceptionally way more brilliant than these guys (or prolly some old choreographers).

  406. DIDrocks says:


    lol ur welcome. and thank u. i hope u r feeling better. i dont know why. but i have noticed something. we are way too familiar. when u got exams, i got exams. when u dont feel good , i also dont feel good. are we like separted twin sisters? lol. although i dont have a cold right now. thank god.

  407. karan99one says:

    in hollywood

    I like Angelina Jolie,Penelop Cruz a lot

    I like Tom Cruise,Brad Pitt

    I have no fixed favorites in Hollywood, it keeps changing

  408. prashant22 says:

    annie u missed a lot of drama…me n karan were trying to make upset didrocks happy…
    by the way if u to ever fell upset just contact…i can do fairly a good job in making upset frnds happy…. :D

  409. DIDrocks says:

    lol i can vouch for prashant on this. lol.

  410. AnnieJ says:

    @Prashant and Karan

    I’ve been sleeping a lot, so that’s why I haven’t poked my head around much today! My cold is a little better – yay for medicines and vitamins (and sleep lol)!


    We ARE way too similar! Lol I was reading your favorite actors/actresses thing and then I was like, “Wait, I didn’t write this comment….bit it has all my favorites right! Huh?” (This is what being tired and sick does to me lol.)

  411. karan99one says:


    There are many renowned choreographers in this country
    who have achieved far higher standards than our 3 masters.
    They all can take Mithun Da’s place.

    Come on yaar belittling someone is not the agenda here.Finally the motive is for dance as an art should win.

  412. DIDrocks says:


    omg! no way! u like who i like too. this is so cool. Annie and Sruthi…long lost twin sisters. hey u never know, it may be possible. lol.

    we are both 18
    we both have exams at same time
    we both fall sick at same time
    we both like the same actresses and actors
    we both share same opinions regarding DID

    we cannot be any more similar than this. this is way too much similarity!

  413. prashant22 says:

    u got an indian name..u know i have 3 frnds named shruti…now u hv also joined…so its 4 now…

  414. karan99one says:


    Looks like these 2 girls are bent on forming a story saying they were connected in PICHLE JANAM as twin sisters but got separated in this janam , so sad.

    How emotional oohhhh…….

  415. DIDrocks says:

    well im indian and if i dont have an indian name, what else would i have? lol. yes too many people have sruthi as their name.

  416. DIDrocks says:

    lol karan. but u have to admit, annie and i are way too similar for two different strangers on opposite parts of the country.

  417. AnnieJ says:

    @Sruthi (DIDrocks)

    Wowza! This is a jackpot! We are two halves of the same person (twins! Lol).

    I’m Indian and I don’t have an Indian name – let’s face it, Annie is about as white as it gets, lol!

  418. AnnieJ says:


    If I ever get depressed, I’ll let you know. But I’m not usually moody – my default mood is practically always content or happy! Hahaha :P

  419. prashant22 says:

    yes karan u r right…lol sometimes i dont understand these girl’s talk…

  420. DIDrocks says:


    lol. but annie is a very cute name. i like it. and yes we are like judwa. lol.

  421. karan99one says:


    How come you both don’t go to bathroom(nature call) at the same time.
    How come you both don’t scratch yourself at the same time.
    How come you both don’t fart at the same time. How come you both don’t go to pee at the same time

    Now if all of that was achieved , you would have called it perfect similarity.

    Hope both of you don’t have crush on the same guy in future.Bechara Woh toh Fas jayega , in dono bichade behnon ke beech mein.

  422. prashant22 says:

    “my default mood is practically always content or happy! Hahaha”
    i already knew that i mean it reflects in all ur posts…u know most of the time i just remain happy…u r like that 2….
    btw there is one difference in the twin

  423. prashant22 says:

    karan thats real funny n silly too…

  424. karan99one says:

    Do you have sisters

  425. prashant22 says:

    i just have one real brother…yes bt i have cousine sisters…what abt u???

  426. DIDrocks says:


    even twin sisters dont do all that at the same time. lol.


    lol. u make it seem like im this grumpy person walking around yelling at people all the time. lol. i admit im not by default happy. but im not by default moody either. both of those moods have to be brought upon on me. im not a happy go lucky person nor a pessimistic person. i am sorta neutral. i am moody at times and happy at times. but not always. lol.

  427. prashant22 says:

    annie shruti where r u girls…have u started talking on phone or something…

  428. A_A says:

    karan yaar remo and all would feel insulted if people like farah khan or shiamak dawar were to be the grandmasters… they should get some old, renowned choreographers if they want some for the grandmaster position… but then again mithun adds the ‘star’ factor :P

  429. AnnieJ says:


    OMG are you a mind reader?! Lol! I’m glad you can tell :)

    @Karan and DIDrocks (should I be calling you twin now? lol)

    LOL! We can’t do *everything* at the same time, dork! :lol: Besides, how could we love the same guy? She’s over there and I’m over here (There’s a song like this in Veer Zaara lol).

  430. AnnieJ says:


    Lol at the thought of you being grumpy and me being chipper – we’d be polar opposites in personality but identical in tastes! Hahaha

  431. DIDrocks says:

    prashant, we are right here.

    and annie, u r right. karan, how the heck can we fall for the same guy. we are like at one thousand miles apart.

  432. prashant22 says:

    no i didnt exactly meant that i was just trying to find out a difference…

  433. karan99one says:

    What do you mean by real brother? KYA AAJ KAL IMAGINARY BROTHERS BHI HOTE HEIN. ha ha ha……..

    I have one elder sister as I said and she is 13 years older than me.She is my best friend in my family after my mother.

  434. DIDrocks says:

    hahah lol annie!

  435. prashant22 says:

    people plz dont laugh but what does OMG means i really dont know… :oops:

  436. DIDrocks says:


    agar difference doond na hi hai, toh u can find loads of diffs.

    first of all we dont go to the same college or have the same parents. so there, u got 2 diffs already. lol.

    but personality wise, yes. annie is more chilled out. and as for me, as i said…gussa naak par hota hai. lol.

  437. DIDrocks says:


    omg = oh my god.

  438. prashant22 says:

    karan tu bhi na yr real matlab ‘saga bhai’ cousine matlab to janta hi hoga…

  439. prashant22 says:

    yes annie sometimes… :lol:

  440. AnnieJ says:


    Haha yes, OMG=Oh my god. Hindi equivalent: HE BHAGVAN! Lol.

    Imaginary siblings? What? Where! I’ll take 10! Lol :lol:

  441. karan99one says:


    Correct me if Iam wrong . Iam sure tumhare family mein bhi kai gusse wale honge(Can be either mom or dad).

  442. prashant22 says:

    annie can u plz explain how karan n didrocks r twins…

  443. AnnieJ says:


    Lol, I will have to watch out if you can read my mind! :wink:

  444. AnnieJ says:


    No, me and DIDrocks are twins! Lol not her and Karan, uff! :lol:

  445. karan99one says:


    Are yaar mein mazak kar raha tha , I understood WHAT YOU MEANT BY REAL BROTHER in the beginning itself

  446. DIDrocks says:

    lol. wrong guess. my parents are quite relaxed. like they all talk softly and have patience. its just me, who is a chatterbox, gets over excited about stuff, and patience level is like zero. lol. calm is definitely not the word to describe me. there is often never “shanti” around me. lol. this is funny cuz no one in my ENTIRE family is like this. they always wonder how the heck i was born into the family.

  447. prashant22 says:

    karan achcha achcha fr thk hai…

  448. prashant22 says:

    shruti i think u should be renamed to mirchi… :lol:
    infact for me u r a mirchi frm today i will call u that ok…

  449. prashant22 says:

    annie its just i try u dont have to watch out…

  450. karan99one says:


    “this is funny cuz no one in my ENTIRE family is like this. they always wonder how the heck i was born into the family.”

    Probably they must have adopted you from AnnieJ’s parents.
    And that is how the two great twin sisters got separated when they were babies And got united through this forum.

    Ask ur parents and Annie’s parents if this is the truth.

    If this is the truth , we can direct a movie on this .

  451. prashant22 says:

    hey its very late today its near 4 in the morning n now i have to sleep…it was very much fun today talking to all 3 of u u guys really make me happy….gn

  452. AnnieJ says:


    Lol, ironically, my dad is very garam, but my mom is not brave at all (she’s not calm though, she can get very panicky very easily). My dadi had a temper just like mine (when I get mad, I get MAD lol).

  453. AnnieJ says:

    Sleep well Prashant! :mrgreen:

  454. DIDrocks says:


    lol. im sure my parents are truly my parents.


    mirchi already exists on the forum. its the name of a user. so people will get confused. so dont use it. and bye. thanz for cheering me up. i feel loads better.

  455. DIDrocks says:

    i think i gotta go too. too much work to do. exam tomorrow. gotta study! bye annie, meri behen. and bye karan. lol u too cheered me up quite a bit. thanz dude.

  456. AnnieJ says:

    Bye everyone! I’ll go be productive too, lol :mrgreen:

  457. karan99one says:


    Nice to hear this from you , this is probably when you are garam but not always.

    In case of DiDrocks it is more of garam than thanda.


    Seekho apni twin sister se thanda kaise bante hai .

    Waise one small advice , whenever you feel garmi, apply itch guard (powder) then your garmi will go and you will feel thanda ok . Ha Ha Ha…….

  458. prashant22 says:

    thanks annie
    my pleasure shruti..
    gn karan…
    love u all :P

  459. karan99one says:

    Love you all

    Good Night and Sweet Dreams

  460. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I am sure all of you are done discussing the April 17th episode, but still felt like sharing my views 8)

    I haven’t seen all the solos yet, so i will not comment on that… I saw the end Jugalbandi portion which I would like to comment about.

    First off, THIS IS OUR TOP 4??? I am sorry, I might be going against many, but this was the WEAKEST JUGALBANDI!!!!

    Binny — Bhangra was actually very good. Some of the Bhangra stunts she did is very difficult but she did them well. I am glad she used that in the jugalbandi solo because it was fresh. She has great Bhangra flow and even my bhangra team guys thought she was good for a girl who doesn’t dance on a Bhangra team (whatever that really means lol).

    Dharmesh — Love the song Main Deewana and I think he was great. It was nice to see his Main Deewana routine because those moves were fresh coming from him (except the pelvic one duh). I wish he added some bboying in there since this was a remix. Anyway, he is just SO smooth and reminded me to Ganesh Hedge (whom I love!! My fav choreographer along with Shiamak Davar! 8) )

    Punit — HE IS TOP 4??? REally?? I was really beginning to sort of like him after the last 2 weeks of pretty good performances coming from him, but his hiphop for the jugalbandi solo was horrible! He seemed so heavy on his feet and stiff. I think he should’ve chose something else because he was disappointing.

    Shakti — Her solo was nice & sexy. She mixed contemporary and freestyle, did that Avatar move (awesome) and the whacking moves that she did in her Chaliya performance and Sasural Genda Phool one. Her jubalbandi solo was very nice, but for once I think she should have worn something more covering (usually I don’t care but there was no theme here). As for the whacking, I think she needs to stop doing that because she looks very awkward doing it. It’s just not the kind of dance you will see girls doing much and she looks a bit forced in her moves.

    When the 4 came together, I read that many said Binny messed up a bit, but so did Punit and Shakti!!! Punit was actually the worse. He seemed lost and rather slow (or ahead of the rest). Shakti went ahead in a portion as well, and Binny forgot a step which threw her off. Even all the Dharmesh haters have to admit he was the only one who actually killed the Jugalbandi when they performed together. He clearly didn’t forget any move and was very good (Dharmesh haters & lovers — I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST HIM OR FOR HIM so PLEASE SPARE ME!)

    That’s all for now :D

  461. GabbarSingh says:


    Please don’t tell me that this is a forum for youngsters and adult teens LOL. I was just reading some of the latest blogs and DIDRocks is Sruthi and she is 18 yrs old.

    Now wondering if a 35 yr old can fit into this forum. I am from Altanta GA and have been living here all my life.

    People please don’t kick me out of this. i am hooked to this website, worse come worse, until 04/23.

  462. DIDrocks says:


    lol. well yes, me, annie, prashant, karan, and so many others are in college. but ur not the only one who is in their thirties. i can name a few to make u feel better. kali.mangal, priyam, i believe jeet, jeeten1011 are all past 20s. so yes ur not the only one. but one more thing. in this forum, no one should look at age. its the ideas and opinions we look for. umar se kya lena dena? right? and i for one, value ur opinions highly and i wish u will continue ur comments. peace!

  463. DIDrocks says:

    @charmz angel

    i have to disagree darling. i strongly believe that for once, punit rocked the stage. him, shakti, and dharmesh were flawless. they were so awesome. (and i love ganesh hegde too for the record). binny is the only one who ruined it. but i have to agree with u that this is a very weak top 4.

  464. Jaanu says:

    Please let Dharmesh win !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Dharmesh !!!!!!!!!

  465. ravipatel8 says:

    Not to be rude to other members but i love how dance india dance forum has turned into personal chat room forum… i mean i used to love reading comments here but now there is way too many junk comments and most of them are not about the show… so sometimes i dont waste my time and just read comments of people who actually write about the show and not there personal life… if you did want to talk about personal life go talk in some chat room or yahoo messanger or something.. i think moderators need to do something to keep this forum about the show rather than personal comments.. because collectively i like to read different people’s views about the show…

  466. AnnieJ says:


    Hmm, as a new moderator, I’ll definitely take this into consideration. Such behavior is not explicitly forbidden, but I’m not sure if it is generally unappreciated, as I think this has been the first instance in which anyone has expressly indicated their disapproval.

  467. razzzzaaaa says:

    hey everyone…
    first of all thnks to admin for this wonderful website.
    now coming on to the show
    Dharmesh-I don’t know why TL and Remo D’souza have been too rude towards D.
    evertime he performs,he is always looking forward to Remo’s comments.Dont know why remo has been such a fool…
    he is the same guy who always supported prince in DID 1 even though prince only use to do poppin lockin..
    I personally feel that the show has been full of politics and jealousy.
    ALL you D’s fnas out there.PLZ PLZ PLZ vote for him cos he deserves to be the champion and he have a very bright future ahead of him….

  468. DIDrocks says:


    ur not being rude. i understand ur concerns. its just that we werent aware that this is not acceptable on this forum. but yes, i too think we have taken this a bit far. i will own up to my mistake. i also will do my best to make sure that this will not happen again. and u r right, this is first and foremost a forum concerning Dance India Dance. and we should all stick to that. if in the future, anyone of us would like to talk informally, we will use the chat room or other methods. my apologies to u.


    if you can, (im not sure if u can) can u please get rid of all our comments?

  469. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ DIDrocks –

    I am not sure if you are talking about Punit’s performance during his solo or his performance during his Jugalbandi (that solo and group dance).

    I heard that Punit’s solo was good, but since I haven’t seen the 4 solo performances plus Amar’s, I didn’t comment on them. As for the Jugablbandi performances at the end, Punit’s solo was very weak and stiff. It seemed like a person who goes to a club and sort of dances a bit freestyle while people watch (good for a club, not for top 4). Just my opinion 8)

  470. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I heard that people chat in a chat room. Is there one on this site that I am not aware???

  471. Octoberry says:

    I don’t think Punit deserves to be in the Top 4, because I don’t think that he is THAT good. He’s average. Amarjeet was more talented and had really improved over the season. I think that he was more deserving. I think Punit got into the Top 4 because if he wouldn’t make it then Remo would have been out.

  472. DIDrocks says:

    @charmz angel

    i meant punit’s solo solo (like his real solo). and i also meant him in the dance 4 of them did together. not the individual parts, but the parts where they did it TOGETHER. there i found binny the weakest compared to the rest three.

  473. DIDrocks says:

    @charmz angel

    there is one on this site. scroll up and u will see it on the right.

  474. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ DIDrocks –

    Oh okay cool. Yeah I haven’t seen his solo solo so I can’t comment. As for the dance together, Binny was the weakest in terms of her forgetting the moves, but when she did do them right, she was pretty good. I saw the group dance a few times, which is how I noticed in some parts Punit was either too ahead or behind everyone else. Shakti did that as well (but only once I believe). Check it out. :D

  475. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ DIDrocks –

    Thanks =) I saw the chat room. That’s a cool feature!

  476. zabeen says:

    I think public voting is not right!!
    It should be done by the 3 masters and Mithun Da

  477. DIDrocks says:

    @charmz angel

    oh well, i will surely check that out when i get time. =)

  478. AnnieJ says:


    Hmm, I can only flag comments, which alerts the admin that the comment is violating a rule (spamming, personal attack, etc.) so we can just leave these comments here and move over to the chat room/ some other chat service next time lol :P


    Yeah, the chat room is a new addition :wink:

  479. mnegi says:

    I am personally attacking to myself …….. DHISHUUUNNNNGGGGG.

    TENSION…… TENSION…… Only Dharmesh adn Binny must get 1st and 2nd position……..

    I love you, Once again DHISHUNG

  480. mnegi says:

    Hey DID Rocks—— huggggggggggggggs
    Vote for my Champ

  481. DIDrocks says:

    lol. ok anniej. but yes next time, chat room. lol!


    hugss to u too. lol. and im so sorry i cannot get myself to vote for dharmesh, not after that disastrous solo. spare me. u continue to vote. dont expect anything from me though. lol.

  482. AnnieJ says:


    Personally attacking yourself? Rofl!

  483. AnnieJ says:

    Way to go me, I flagged my own comment but apparently can’t unflag it. Oops! Lol.


    I want a hug too! DID fans make peace, not war! :D

  484. DIDrocks says:

    u flagged ur own comment??? lol. thats funni. ur like mnegi. ur are personally attcking urself. DHISHUNG!!! haha. lol.

  485. AnnieJ says:


    It was experimental! Lol. What is dishung? A random word/sound effect?

  486. DIDrocks says:

    sound effect. lol. i just used what mnegi used. i wouldve said “dishum” actually.

  487. Jeet says:


    Congrats on being conferred the responsibility of moderating this Forum.

  488. AnnieJ says:


    Thanks! :) What did you think of this weekend’s show?

  489. kanubhai says:

    :arrow: :arrow: no bat no bat no bat only dharmesh-dharmesh-dharmesh,.waite for dharmesh’s photo with taqdire ki topi. :!: :!: :!: :!:

  490. DIDrocks says:



  491. Jeet says:

    The Terrance – Geeta tiff was unnecessary.

    The second days performances were week.

    Binny’s Bhangra was very easy, but gracefully done, her hip-hop was not quite upto it, the previous day’s Mohiniattam was the simplest of all the performances on that day. Overall, Binny was graceful and charming but this is a dance competition.

    Amar’s KavaDiattam was good. I’ve seen this performances before and he was very good comparatively. I think Geeta was not fair in her comments to him. His parting dance was good, but I thought there could be more dance and less running around, just to cover the stage.

    Punit’s Bharat natyam was good. Yes, his foot work was weaker. His second day’s performance did not leave a mark on me.

    Dharmesh’s Gondhal was good. He has done it before, so no surprises there. There were gimmicks like the fire, which just added to the effect, but can mislead viewers. His second day’s performances were quite nice, especially repeating his audition dance. Seeing it I realised that, the audition has been his best performance so far.

    Shakti was good with her Kathak. No complaints there. I was not impressed with teh saturday’s performance. Terrance tried a good blend, but I guess the different styles were not clearly visible and I do not understand the dress, I think that was hiding here movements.

    Overall, I think we have seen better weeks and this was not semi final level.

  492. AnnieJ says:


    Haha yes, this did not seem like “championship performance” level. I’m not so sure how I feel about Shakti’s costume – it doesn’t exactly hide anything, per se, given that it’s transparent, but I couldn’t understand what effect was achieved by pinning one side to her right wrist.

  493. ravipatel8 says:


    Thank you for taking it in as consideration because i mean i would love to read all comments but do not have much time to read all the comments so i would prefer if all the comments about the show was on here rather than personal stuff.. anyways congrats on becoming mod..

    @ DidRocks

    Nothing against you i love reading comments you put up about the show but i mean there are lots of comments and so little time so i would rather not waste my time reading about something personal… did not want to offend anyone and no need to apologize because we dont know for sure if you are allowed to or not… i was just stating my opinion as in this forum should be kept to dance india dance show’s comments only but i am nothing more than a user just like you so i dont know how far my word goes…

  494. ravipatel8 says:


    is there a video of terrance and geeta fighting that everyone is talking about because in US they show edited version where i did not see anything i would like to see it if there is a video of it plz.. thank you…

  495. Jeet says:


    In fact I did not get the dress, what was Terrance (or whoever designed it) trying to achieve. I thought since she had so many forms, mostly Indian, she should have worn something more colourful and something that would enhance the movements. I also feel that the speed of dance and the flow somehow did not accentuate the different forms.

  496. DIDrocks says:

    after top 12, very few performances impressed me from any contestants. somehow the standard kept falling and falling and falling. maybe cuz good contestants kept leaving and leaving and levaing. worst season of DID ever. should i bother having high hopes for season three?

  497. DIDrocks says:


    i just felt like i owed u an apology cuz i even felt that those comments were unnecssary on the forum. chat room would have been better. lol.

  498. ravipatel8 says:


    “Dharmesh’s Gondhal was good. He has done it before, so no surprises there. There were gimmicks like the fire, which just added to the effect, but can mislead viewers. His second day’s performances were quite nice, especially repeating his audition dance. Seeing it I realised that, the audition has been his best performance so far.”

    I think the audition performance was the best of all the performances in season 2…

  499. Jeet says:


    Since there have been just two seasons ‘worst’ ‘ever’ are superlatives not applicable just yet :)

    I think a lot of attention was given to Drama, which sometimes also overshadowed the dance performances.

    Hopefully we can send a clear message to the organisers tat we need to see more dance, less drama in the next season. Even in the little masters, for that matter.

  500. AnnieJ says:


    I’m not sure. I had heard it was in the limelight, but I didn’t see it in the limelight. As for the off topic issue, I’ll definitely be looking into it to see if we actually have a policy regarding it or not – I think it is an important thing to establish for a forum, especially one like ours. :)

    @Jeet and DIDrocks

    Yeah, to some extent, the quality of performances was dropping, particularly in Punit I felt.

    As for Shakti’s costume, the tri-color on the arms was kind of subtle – something more flamboyant would definitely have been more appealing. I think Terence choreographed speedy bits in for a contrast effect rather than flow.

  501. DIDrocks says:

    yes i heard it was in limelight too. but i didnt see it. i too wanna see it. if someone can give me info i will appreciate it.


    well it definitely is worse than last season. and yes lots and lots of drama ruined our entertainment experiences.

  502. shwethaashok says:


    Dharmesh Sir is a very good dancer, plz vote for Dharmesh Sir… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  503. ravipatel8 says:

    I dont understand one thing though on the show why do they act like they have never seen the contestant before like remo he has seen dharmesh before also dharmesh has been the winner of boogie woogie mahayudh so was jai kumar nair he also has been the winner of boogie woogie mahayudh the year before but all the videos of that has been removed from you tube… i was wondering if zee tv bought rights from boogie woogie and asked youtube to remove those videos… i dont understand for what reason could it be for that this videos of him are removed…. I think there is something big going on about this reality shows that public is unaware of… Tv channels try to play with people’s emotions and try to get votes for the contestants so they could make millions…

  504. Jeet says:


    Good points. It’s all part of the game!

  505. AnnieJ says:


    Yes, it is likely that Zee bought the rights and pulled the videos. People with power do that kind of thing all the time! For example, there was a “guru” Nithyananda who had many organizations internationally. He got caught in a sex scandal, and suddenly everything of his on the net came down (whatever COULD be brought down, anyway – his sites, his wikipedia page, his youtube channel….). So Zee, comparatively, is a giant and probably did the same. Millions of viewers know D from Boogie Woogie though, so I’m not sure what is achieved by buying the rights. :confused:

  506. ravipatel8 says:

    Well I think they probably want people to watch dharmesh dance on there show rather than people searching internet for boogie woogie videos of dharmesh because after auditions i bet lots of people tried to find out who this kid was and zee probably made lot of money by putting his video online of audition and millions of people watching it… and I would imagine they probably want to be the one saying that we brought dharmesh to world before anyone else did…

  507. DIDrocks says:

    well i agree with ravipatel8.

  508. AnnieJ says:


    Ahh, nice catch. Yes, that’s probably it. Good thinking! They must get more hits this way….

  509. njaiswal says:

    I am sorry but lots of posts here doesn’t look like DID discussion forum but more of personal discussion forum.

    I would rather like people critising Dharmesh, Shakti, Punit & Binny than talking about personal likes & dislikes.

    @ Annie/Moderator – I think you shd look into this & also please take personal discussion to chat room.

  510. DIDrocks says:

    i have a question…i always wondered where the contestants stay during the season. in a hotel? what if u live in mumbai? can u stay in ur house and then come to the studio?

  511. ravipatel8 says:

    I am not sure where they stay but they all stay behind for sure because in limelight when helen ji came saajan was there and he has been eliminated last week or week before cant remember.. So i believe even after all of them get eliminated they stay behind and seat in the crowd seats.. i think i am not sure anyways i am going to sleep gotta work tommorow have a good night… nice discussion…

  512. Jeet says:


    The contestants stay at a accommodation provided by the organizers. This is more like furnished and serviced apartments. If you are from Mumbai, you are still required to stay in the accommodation and will have controlled movements as:
    1. You are the responsibility of the channel.
    2. You are under contract not to disclose information
    3. You need to follow the routine

  513. AnnieJ says:


    Noted, thanks :D


    I dunno, I think that it would be easiest if you lived in whatever facilities they provide. I’m inclined to think it’s a hotel – though it could get pricey keeping contestants after they’re eliminated, so I dunno. Maybe they have on-site cottages or something? I don’t know anything about the sets lol.

  514. AnnieJ says:


    Lol looks like you knew! And here I was speculating. Yay for inside scoops :P

  515. DIDrocks says:

    lol. thanks annie and jeet. i was just wondering.

  516. saurabh Kanhed says:

    Dharmesh Sir……………. hats of for you.

    Indias Best Dancer is Dharmesh Sir
    Ganpati bappa Morya………………..

  517. style says:

    It seems from voting patterns that Dharmesh has got more than 50% of votes.
    Shakti coming second
    Either Binny or Punit coming third and forth respectively

    But as the show is scripted already it seems that
    Shakti is being declared winner as long ago all the masters and Mithun da himself says they want a girl this time to Win
    so no wonder Dharmesh will be second
    and bcoz Punit has got My jocker band he’ll be declared third or even may be second
    i say many people losing interest in this show since last couple of weeks
    Thats the price ZEE has to pay in DID lil chmps
    Declined TRP and accuses of votes tampering,
    we’ll just watch the finals and results are just formalaties.
    i wonder what benefit they have gained by making PUNIT and SHAKTI winners/runner

  518. style says:

    As per masters ( Terrance and Remo’s ) comments for Dharmesh And Binny during the shows , we just laugh at them for being so favored towards teir contestent that they forget their position and repuation

  519. abhi2010 says:

    Admin , you just hit the hammer on the top of the nail. Now as just the competiton in nearing to the end, all those master (REMO and Terrance) who were praising Dharmesh Sir throughout the DID seson 2 , now showing their true colors. They are are now suddenly finding faults in Dharmesh Sir’s performance . I would genuinely tell all my friends , not to pay heed to any judge;s comments but to follow your own instincts to vote the right person who deservingly get that the so called Sunahri Topi

  520. princerij90 says: really know how to make assumptions don’t you?

  521. style says:

    Well said Abhi2010, we have already told our nears and dears not to pay any attention to any master and just vote by your decision and also even don’t expect acual results as per ur voting
    Some people already telling there is no need to vote if they have everthing fixed.

  522. Jeet says:


  523. uzair khan says:

    Punit copied the dance moves from youtube (JT) 8O
    remo to punit u r my MJ (mera joker)
    terence to shakti even u r my MJ (mahaan joker)
    finally both r not even the nail of MJ….

  524. style says:

    Well said uzair khan,
    U said right both are not even a strand of hair
    of Great Michel Jackson
    Even its an insult to late. MJ that the band of his name given to such boring dancers.
    and they say that these two are Terrance students so
    might be Terrance trying to save his reputation by praising such flop students
    In his heart he knows waht both of these SHAKTI and PUNIt actually are but its all in profession.

  525. Jeet says:

    I think we should have a danceindiadance-littleCHATS forum for people who cannot hold a mature discussion and keep insisting on conspiracy, biased masters and bashing opponent contestants :D

  526. style says:

    I think Admin has really nailed the comments about both Terrance and Remo on top of the page.
    So its “ALL CLEAR”

  527. illusion says:


    since a loy of u guys are in the us and various parts of the world, just thot that id let u know tat dance india dance has whipped up quite a franzy here in india….

    new channels (ok , they have turned into commenteries on indian televeision) are having did speacial episodes dedicated to did and the journey of varius contestnats.

    theres been a dance carnival (how cool is that?) in mumbai like the rio de janeiro carnvival which incldes allthe finalists plus all the 18 contestanats plus the masters plus various dancing grps. its going thru the streeta pf mumbai and invites all dance lovers to join in.

    there are huuuge posters of the fialists in the metro stations and at bus stops and all urging ppl to vote for hteir favpoutte… glad to see did becuming so big!!!!

  528. illusion says:

    my take on the final four….


    the queen of conteporary this season, she’s pretty and talented. versatility is ok-ok, i think she cud have done brilliantly if given the hance. her kathak (little though it was) gave us a glimpse that she cud have blossomed much more. expressions have grown amazingly since day one, alothough still nt that great.

    most of our truly oemorable performances in did seaspon 2, the kind we’ll remember for months, have had shakiti in them, be it the wheelchair act with vandana, the box act with jack, khuda jaane, with amar, pasa doble with amar, dil dhak dhak krane laga with amar.

    i think she deserves to be a frontrunner.

  529. illusion says:


    what a bundle of unused potential. the guys a superstar , no doubt. and when we watch him do his style, we can see why he is.

    but what cud have turned into a gem, a diamond , sadly remained unpolished in the hands of a an inferior craftman (geeta aunty)

    it pains me to see how much promise he showed week after week , but that remained an uunfulfilled promise. the guys’s a BRILLIANT dancer and i personally believe the reaon he hasnt shined brilliantly is beacuse he didnt get the chance. if he did get the chance, as in if he was under remo or terrence, he wud have been a SUPERSTAR, a formidable opponent.

    he’s probab gonna win. and im beyound caring. but i hope for his sake, he gets better opportunities in life to grow as a dancer

  530. Xan7er says:

    dharmesh rocks!!! i think remo and terrence feared for his best superb perfomence … they are rude hate them….i will vote for dharmesh you dude

  531. illusion says:


    the best of remo’s disaapointing lot this season.

    the guy is nderrated i believe, and the fact that he’s been saved solely in order to represent remo , has diverted us from the fact that he’s really not that bad.

    he is the best storyteller this season, though kruti comes a close second. his expressions, body language fit the role he’s playing so beautifully, it appears he pours his heart into the charaacter and the peroformance.

    he’s the only dancer, who, when he tells a stroy thru dance, can move me to tears.
    from his terrorist act with sajan, his kingly brother-fight with saajan., his animal act as a mentally-challenged person, his duet with shakti, his ‘chand chupa’ with nikitasha… he BECOMES his character and thats a rare strength.

    also, naturally tall and well built, any dance looks better on him.

    however he’s not versatile and has wowed us in nothing but contemporary and in the last solo, hip hop. his bharatnatyam was terible (im saying this as a trained bharatnatyam dancer myself),and that remains a weak pint.

    wishing him the best.

  532. illusion says:


    sigh, what do i say abt her…

    she’s pretty and graceful and behaves like a lady. as an untrained dancer, she’s done very very well (not as great as amar, but still) she too has blossomed quite a bit. certain styles like bollywood look like they were made for her. she has mastered the act of ‘cute seduction’. looking sexy yet cute.

    but she’s so woefully out of place with much MUCH better dancers around her. she’s the only one in the top four, who hasnt given a single, truly memorable performance. most of her perfoamces u tend to forget the next day.

    besides her lack of polishing became very evident in the top 9 or 10, when much more dancing skills were required which she just didnt have. she was overshadowed by her partner in every duet, whwther waltz with dhamesh or dheem tana na indian juglabandi with amrita.

    she was given undue importance by geeta as well as mithunda, which is why she’s till here. she is really luck to be in top 4.

  533. sumitbajaj says:

    Why is admin participating in promoting dharmesh? You have the power to spread your message, but how can u spread something that gives your personal views on one person. It creates doubt about how you are using your website to promote biased view about particular participants. No wonder some participants become so popular because they such website to support them.

  534. illusion says:

    so thats my analysis. u may or may not agree, but to each his own….

    btw ive noticed a trend, and i may be wrong coz im not the observant kind…

    in india ( and lets face it guys, its the indian junta’s voting that really matters. with all due respect to all u wondeful ppl abroad), in the big cities , the metroes, ppl seem to favour shakti, and in the smaller cities and towns, dharmesh rules…

    maybe im wrong but if true, its not surprising. shakti’s appeal is more sophisticated and classy and dharmesh’s appeal is more rustic and universal.

  535. Ashutosh says:

    Dance India Dance : Sabse bade dancing star ki khoj….
    is Punit deserve this title. why he is still here.i dont know what he is doing which dance form he is doing.
    Last year remo says ki jise me jo quality hoge main us se wo hi karvaunga phir dharmesh ke sath aisa kyo jab bhi wo apna style karta hai to why remo is sooo rude…
    And tarence i ws always like his comment but this time :x :|
    Dharmesh is only dancer in this competition who deserve to win. and i want see the faces of remo :| and tarence :x :| after Dharmesh win
    Dharmesh bhai lage raho all we are with you….

  536. illusion says:

    as dance india dance season 2 draws to an end,
    i just wanna say one more thig.

    we all have our opinions on mastrs and contestants and dance forms and partiuclar acts and everything, but at the end of the day, the only thing thats wins is DANCE AS AN ART FORM.

    thanks to dance india dance, we got the chance to see a MUCH BETTER STANDARD OF DANCING THAN WE EVER WUD IN NORMAL COURSE OF LIFE.

    bolloyood is nothing but natak jhatak, and not all of us are professional dancers or dance connessieurs that we go to see live perfomances so…

    thatnks to did, weve got a chance to appreciate dancing and to find out abt SOOO MANY NEW DANCE FORMS that we wud never ever ever have found out abt otherwise.

    and that, i say, is true victory. the victory of dance.

  537. karan99one says:


    I totally got your concern.This forum is designed to discuss
    about DID-2. Sometimes discussing the same thing again and again, makes us go slightly hatke.

    But I dont want to give that as an excuse,First of all we don’t know whether there is any rule or not for us to discuss anything else apart from DID-2.But I will definitely take your considerations into picture,and see that whenever we want to discuss something else, we will switch to the chatroom available here.

    I never knew That there was a chatroom facility here,I never noticed it(I was not present to it until now).
    Only after seeing Charlez going there then I noticed it.

  538. Jack Daniels says:

    I just saw Dharmesh’s Saturday performance 10 times…What a performer man he just wins the audience over like no one else on the show!!! He is a phenom like no other!

    VOTE FOR DHARMESH :!: :!: :!:

  539. priyam says:

    Great analysis Illusion. I really think that Binny does not deserve to be in the finals.

    Also, one thing I observed is that weeks approching the finals were not that great. last year, there were some amazing performances towards the end like the “Manmohini Ter Ada” performed by Jai, “Yeh kya hua” by Jai and Vrushali and another one by Salman and Alisha- Don’t remember the song. :oops:

  540. Jack Daniels says:

    @ illusion

    I disagree with you…one doesn’t have to live in a city apartment to have class…although i know what you meant to say, better choice of words may have helped your cause.

    Yes, Shakti was a superb dancer but she wasn’t a dancing star…if you watch Dharmesh’s Saturday performance you will know what I mean. The whole audience were on their feet cheering Dharmesh ‘once more, once more!’


  541. karan99one says:

    hi priyam aunty

  542. style says:

    Agree with u Jack Daniels,
    People are not to be divided on basis of METRO city and ordinary city when we talk about likeness towards a personality.
    Then we”ll say the gals who are like SHAKTI will like her and who are like BINNY ( always working hard to face challanges)
    And also ; when u are famous u are supposed to face criticism this is a fact
    Dharmesh is no exception.
    For Binny I must say I personally want that she should be Runner up, as she has turned out a dark horse who is in race .for the Topi.

  543. afaq says:

    Hi! This is Afaq & Jawed one of the fevourite show of us is DID…..Shakti Mohan is an excellent dancer….She deserve to win the DID………sescion 2
    we hope to shakti will be of luck

  544. dancewithme says:

    does anyone know anything about carnival……..will it be shown on televison?????

  545. priyam says:

    Hi Karan.

    U r very naughty. Don’t call me aunty dear. I don’t look like one despite of my age….

    Tell me Karan. What do u think…..Is DID 1 better or DID 2.??? Don’t you think that there is something missing in DID 2???

  546. Mukund says:

    Dhermesh is going to will this sunahari takdeer ki topi and Remo ki aise hi sulagti rahegi. Remo knows that how much perfection Dhremesh has in his dance. Tarrance apne aap ko dancer bolta hai, uska dance dekh liya jab wo Govinda ke sath kar raha tha, aise lag raha tha jaise kisi baans (Lath) se dance karwa rahe ho, no flexibility. Geeta’s performance was fantastic, she is great performer. She is best (as individual performer) out of all three mentors.
    I am said about Kunwar he eliminated Punnu should have eliminated.

  547. dharmesh_win says:

    hi! Dharmesh sir

    i beleive u r winner did s-2

    coz more people like ur dance and really u r rocking dancer.

  548. Sangeeta says:

    May the best wins… :)

  549. karan99one says:

    ok no more auntie, i didnt wach did-1 so no comments

  550. A_A says:

    what people dont understand is everyone is promoting their own team and pointing our faults in others.. if dharmesh was in remo’s team geeta would have said the same things to dharmesh that remo is. wasnt geeta jealous of salman’s popularity last time?.. its the way the show is built

  551. style says:

    The Bhangra done by BINNY was too nice and full of energy
    She has done a little B boying also
    I wonder how she got a very little appreciation form Masters even doing such beatiful dances
    when she comes to stage the stage becomes so live and shiny like her smile.
    I remember the Bhangra by JAck and SHAKTI , LOLZ
    it was only a copy of song from RAng DE Basanti.
    Nobody will call it Bahngra
    But our Great terrance didn’t find any mistake in such a weak performance by SHAKTI
    Instead he;ll say chummashwri

  552. ramesh.chippada says:

    I have been going through posts, looks like there are lots of dharmesh fans.
    I am one of them.

    However, i am not upset by terence/remo’s comments as they are right in what they said.

    The only performance i can really remember of dharmesh are in the order.

    2.When he came back after elimination.

    No doubt he got lot of talent, but he wasn’t given proper choreography through out.

    He and Geeta tried to make his looks versatile, but he wasn’t really that great in other styles.

    Instead, they should have taken his style of dance to another level.

    Where as Shakti, even though i am not big fan fo her, has given 6/7 wow performances as far as i can remeber.

    I still think dharmesh will win, i also want him to.

    But truth is truth , even though it sounds harsh when we hear from other masters

  553. priyam says:

    @ Karan

    watching DID 1 is a must Karan. When you have some time do try to watch. There are some amazing performances there.

  554. priyam says:

    Good thought Ramesh Chippada.

  555. dharmesh_win says:

    i love DADA , Geeta ma , remo sir.. Dharmesh sir.

  556. kalsay143 says:



  557. dharmesh_win says:

    Dharmesh is one man Superstar winner DID seasons-2

    plz… dekhiye 23th april sham 8:00 pm on

    ZEE TV


    – DEV -
    – PATEL Group surat-

  558. JIN BABA says:

    well as we saw since last Few Week’s Dharmesh Got 1st Highest Contestant In The Show, so Issay Daikhty howay tu buhat Easy Everybody Can Imagine that in Finale only Dharmesh Iz should be WiNner, but as we seeing other side so there Shakti & Zee, Kuch bhi ho sakta hy then. but as popularity Of Dharmesh, he Deserve to get this Golden Cap. and i wish too he take & WIN this Golden Cap :mrgreen:

  559. maxamit says:

    I’m writing a comment for the first time in here.
    I’m from Fiji Islands, living in Melbourne, Aust.
    We just love this show. Its actually better than “So You Think You Can Dance America”

    I have a theory. What happened in today’s episode was a nice setup. It was good “television”. What I mean is that they always get on TV with a script. And the demand of the script is that the other 2 masters criticize Dharmesh so that it creates a lot of interest from viewers and more voters so more money for the show.

    This is all done for TRP and maximum viewers for the FINAL episode. I think the minds behind this show are really creative and smart. well done fellas. :)

  560. Kalyani031980 says:

    Punit Best Dancer :P

  561. gdookee says:

    Dharmesh is going through dirty politics of some mentors. ye inn jaisson ko shobha nahi deta especially when u are a mentor, a Guru…kya tumhare guruon ne tum logon ko yahi sikhaya hein…very sad. But kya ye negative comments Dharmesh ki position palat sakta hein…certainly not …not even in dreams…Dharmesh is a consistent performer and an outstanding contestant…If someone deserves to be the winner of DID2, it is undoubtedly Dharmesh Sir..Amen

  562. dancewithme says:

    does anyone know anything about carnival……..will it be shown on televison?????

  563. killer2killu says:

    Hey …. I was so upset by Remo and Terence attitude…. After such a rocking performance by Dharmesh… All they did was showing the attitudes towards different team member… Just cause any of them wants their team mate wins :?

    Every one is aware that no one can touch Dharmesh in his style….. and what about Remo… he said something else infront of camera….and in the end…when the show was ending… HE SAID SOMETHING IN DHARMESH EAR AND THEN GAVE HIM A BIG HUG????????

    Remo surely got jealous that he didn’t get Dharmesh as his teammate…

    Politics should be avoided as a part of Reality show…..

    In My opinion….
    D sir Rocks…then Shakti … Then any Punit or Biny…..

  564. voice of reason says:

    dear Illusion, prince, DIDrocks, breathless and anniej
    thank you all very much for the positive comments.

    It is great to be a part of a forum which has some intelligent members.

  565. naresh hedau says:

    dharmesh will win did2

  566. voice of reason says:

    I have a confession to make.. the nom de plume ‘voice of reason’ is share by me and my wife :wink:

    Both of us have similar opinions most of the time but she conveys it better then me : )

    where ever you see ‘voice of reason’ talking sense it is my wife : ) and where you see ‘voice of reason’ ranting and behaving contrary to its name you can be sure it is me : )

  567. GabbarSingh says:

    Thanks DIDRocks. Appreciate your feedback. Naah, i won’t leave, atleast until 04/23. lol

  568. VM says:

    @ Priyam

    in DID 1, Salman n Alisha performed to the song called Yeh Haseen Vaadiyan from the film ROJA (dubbed in Hindi) :wink:

  569. VM says:

    can someone let me know what Mithun explained to Helen after Kunwar’s Kavadi Aatam? Did he something like Kunwar had fasted/prayed prior to his performance? thankssssss

  570. kanubhai says:

    :arrow: :arrow: Dance India Dance : Sabse bade dancing star ki khoj-mile gaya sabse bade dancing star– week you will watch dharmesh video with sunahery taqdeer ki topi.kya bat, kya bat ,kyabat. :!: :!:

  571. kanubhai says:

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: if last time zee tv and judges not play theire politics,DHARMESH will definetaly win. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  572. deepu says:










  573. saherrana says:

    i like shakti vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery………………….much iam from pakistan i am zaineb

  574. ashu1627 says:

    please vote for shakti. she is the best and is capable of doing any dance styles! you go girl!

  575. AnnieJ says:

    @Voice of reason

    Dual identity? Lol! Well, I am a bit oblivious at times, but I don’t think it is all too apparent that you were two different people. You are usually “in character” lol :P

  576. junior b boy says:

    I had great respect for DID and mithun. For me dance india dance was most genuine and superb show. Where talent was appriciated and was no drama for TRP like others show. This simple and high thinking got DID popularity. But watching DID2 I lost all the respect and charm. Have you heard hindi muhavra EK MACHLI SARE TALAB KO GANDA KAR DETI HAI. DID2 mein vo machhli TERENCE hai. Dont get me wrong i used to be a big fan of him. but they way he showed hi ASLI RANG in DID2 MAN i just hate him now.I Know some people still have some respect for him but deep down they also know what he is…. Dont get me wrong again i am not batting for dharmesh. Terence is one of the judge who judges dance. he should be honest not baised. he always stood for shakti aur baki apne conteatnts ke liye. he never praised others except for PUNIT (which i think mutual understanding between remo and him) He is the judge he shoulnt be baised if he is then whats he doing in the show just ruining shows image. Look at Geeta man i am just impressed with her, kissi ki bhi faltu burai nanh ki jo deserve karta tha uski tarif bhi ki….. AND THAT FELLOW TERENCE what he said dhrmesh kuch naya nanh kiya… Man look whos talking SHARM BHI NANH AAYI BOLTE HUE. terence ne show ki aan gira di…. what you people say….. Aur kiss chiz k liye terence ne sab kiya taki uski contstnt Shakti jeet jaye i mean koi is had tak kese ja sakta hai. And terence sir if you are reading this By doing this you did no help to shakti rather loss hi hoga aapka bhi aur shakti ka bhi. I hope there are lot many people who have decided not to follow DID again just because of terence (because he is not honest and can go to any far for his Contestant)

    LAST thing i want to say end mein koi bhi jeete SHAKTI ya DHARMESH it wont matter because both of them are stars BUT terence ne jo kiya is show par was just DISGRACEFUL. In my opinion terence ko aage DID mein nanh rehne dena chahiye… ( NOT BECAUSE OF CHOREoGRAPHY BUT JIS TYPE WO JUDGE HAI – DISHONEST)

  577. junior b boy says:

    I hope i havent abused and didnt make any personal comment i just expressed my feelings bout terence

  578. illusion says:

    dear voice of reason….

    hoo ha ha ha!!! i thought so!!! ok , i know im like the least observant person on the planet, but this is sumthing i had a hunch abt!!!

    there have been atleats 3 times that u have shown a very sudden change in attitude and tendencies. there was this one phase, abt….hmmm… 2 months back when u started becuming very sarcastic and throwing kinda underhanded comments out… very unexpectedly then u suddenly became all serious and sober and ‘ the heart has its reasons which reaosn itself will never know’ types… so i had a feeling all along…

    what i find amusing is that u (the gentleman) rants and the other u (the lady) apologises later for the sudden outburst.. wah! thast true love… :wink:

    well kudos to u both for being “do dil ek jaan… errr… do dil ek NAAM” :lol:

  579. illusion says:

    dear junior b boy,
    good to see u back on the forum after long.i remember there was a time when u lost ur temper and me and brkdancekid had to remove ur comments and give u warning.

    good to see that uve started expressing ur anger in a better and more civilised way without abusing.

  580. illusion says:

    dear jack daniels,

    u re right i shud have expressed my point differently, i didnt mean to say that in smaller cities ppl dont have class, thats not what i wanted to say at all..

    but i think u got my point. i was extrapolating who’s supporting whom, to understand the difference in the quality of appeal that th 2 contestants hold.

    i hope i didnt offend anyone out there.

  581. akhsham says:

    I don’t understand why all people like Dharmesh. I liked his dance when I saw the audition but then he did nothing great. He knows only hip hop well and his other performances were weak. He lacks versatility and he doesn’t know how to interact with people. At times he stay quiet without expressing himself. As for the master’s comments its their right to say what they found good or bad. We don’t have to judge them. And Geeta has the habit of taking other Master’s performaces and doing it again. This time she took Dharmesh’s earlier performance and did same again. Its not Dharmesh’s fault though. I think he has gone to the wrong master. If he had been to remo’s side then his potential would have been better exploited. Watching the audition, I found that Geeta was very greedy in choosing Dharmesh even though Dharmesh said that he likes Remo and wants to be in his group. That’s all there is to it folks. Geeta’s choregraphs are the worst. The way she made her participant dress up are very foolish. Look at how Dharmesh was dressed up most of the time. Common guy. Dharmesh is a hip hop dancer and he is asked to dress classical and do classical dance all the time. Apart from the dance with balloon (churake dil mera, all his other dances were poor.

    Well its my point of view and like some people say its democratic so I said what I found and that’s the whole Truth.

    Amar was a very good dancer and got wrongly disqualified. So was Parvez. He did very well also. This show is unfair. Even when Dharmesh did nothing great he got “Kya baat” from Mithunda all the time. This shows that DID2 is pre-arranged to have Dharmesh wins. And I really hate cheating and unfairness.

  582. karan99one says:

    give me your mobile no yaar

  583. karan99one says:


    “Well its my point of view and like some people say its democratic so I said what I found and that’s the whole Truth.”

    How can u be so sure that your point of view is the ultimate and whole truth

  584. Dost says:

    plz vote to binny frnds plz plzzzzzzzzz

  585. Dost says:

    plz vote to binny binny binny binny

  586. karan99one says:

    Par kyun?Tum hona karne ke liye

  587. AnnieJ says:


    “How can u be so sure that your point of view is the ultimate and whole truth”

    I think he meant that that was the whole truth *in his opinion*. Although it does seem kind of weird in the context…lol.


    Please don’t double post unnecessarily. At least you’re not taking up a lot of space, but still, double-posting is pretty similar to spamming.

  588. karan99one says:

    Annie J
    hi where is your judwa behen

    By the way after 1.5 hrs we will go to chat room theek hai

  589. karan99one says:

    right now Iam leaving come back after 1 hour

  590. AnnieJ says:


    Lol I don’t know where DIDrocks is, but sure, I’ll see you in the chat room in about an hour.

  591. prashant22 says:

    karan annie shruti..when u go to chat room just inform i will also be there…
    my no. is 9826948565 nd 9713198318…give me urs too…

  592. GreatDID says:

    Gr8 Job Anni

    Next time you will be assigned more reponsibility

  593. karan99one says:

    Hey guys Iam back.Annie , Sruthi and prashant I will be operating in chat room and the forum at the same time.

    my mobile no is 9030019593

  594. kanchha says:


    DANCE INDIA DANCE ka matlad or india ka sabse bada dancer chunneka matlab kya hai?

    Mujhe lagta hai iska matlab:-


    Muje lagta hai ki ye sab Hamara DHARMESH SIR ne hi karte aarahe hai, or mujhe pura biswas hai ki oh aage bhi yesahi khusiya batenge….!

    My all friends DHARMESH SIR ko hi jitana chahiye, Ye bat to bolne ki jarurat hi naihi he ki janta ne dekh liya hai ki kis ko vote karna hai or kisko nahi isliya friends vote karo jaha aapka vote kam kare…..bad me mat bolna mera vote ne kuch kam nahi kiya.

    So friends think more and VOTE :lol:

    Thank you
    Yours did fan “kanchha”

  595. karan99one says:


    First tell me are you a girl or a boy

  596. karan99one says:


    Let’s find some solace here.

  597. Newsoulcooler says:

    As I had predicted long time ago, Dharmesh, Punit and Shakti will fight it out. Yes, I know Binny is there but she should have been eliminated a few episodes ago – Amar should have been in her place – but somehow people like to vote for her looks more than her performance. Anyway, good show – just hope that the most deserving wins – for a long time I have thought that to be Dharmesh but I fear that Punit may steal it from under his nose – he has developed tremendously under Remo and so has Shakti.

  598. DIDrocks says:

    @Voice of reason

    thank u for liking my comments. and wow dual indentities….never wouldve guessed. lol. so i can assume that whoever gave me a compliment just now is the wife here? or is it the husband? oh boy im confused.

  599. DIDrocks says:


    where r u from? ur accent is quite unique. aapki hindi bolne ka tareeka kuch alag hai. main janna chahti hoon ke aap kahan se ho?

  600. username says:

    My vote

    Dharmesh no 1 dancer….no reason needed.
    Shakti to be India’s no. 1 you should add more grace to indian dance form and cannt win based on girls quota that doesnt mean i dont appreciate you but need to work more on grace and indian forms.
    Binny For an untrained dancer your expressions are wow and you have learned …still do a lot more dancing.
    Puneet – For a dancer trained under terrence academy…your postures and not catching beat disappoint me.
    Keep dancing and really good to see you all.

  601. shruti says:

    yaaaaaaaaar no dharmesh no pumint
    only n only binny going 2 win
    or shakti
    as par my vote binny is one of the best n versatile dance
    is for locking of popping
    but u all must she binny’s performances
    as she can do each n every dance very weell
    AND one more thing wo kai baaar janta ki kasooti par se khari uttteri hai
    she works very hard more than sakti n allllllllTHAT IS Y BINNY MUST WIN

  602. AnnieJ says:


    Which Indian forms is Dharmesh exceptionally good at? Ghondal, maybe, but what else?

  603. viresh says:

    Dharmesh rocks…

  604. kanubhai says:


  605. prashant22 says:

    sorry yr karan i didnt liked the chat room…itni bheed thi kuch samajh nahi aaya mood kharab ho gaya tha mera so i just went off…
    i have send u a friends request on ur orkut acc. check it

  606. jayeshedoli says:

    @Voice of reason,
    “dear Illusion, prince, DIDrocks, breathless and anniej
    thank you all very much for the positive comments.

    It is great to be a part of a forum which has some intelligent members”

    hope u mentioned in a good taste….although its somewhat confusing

    Everybody has their own opinions. It is not necessary that everybody agrees with you…if somebody replies you with positive comments doesnt means tat ..those disagrees with you r not intelligent…

    hope you got me..

    cheers :wink:

  607. prashant22 says:

    Annie i created a myspace acc. 2…saw ur pic with a big smile it was clearly reflecting ur default mood…
    i was nt able to add u as ur id was req…
    my id is….if u like join me may be on orkut or on myspace…

  608. AnnieJ says:


    “Everybody has their own opinions. It is not necessary that everybody agrees with you…if somebody replies you with positive comments doesnt means tat ..those disagrees with you r not intelligent…”

    Haha, I don’t believe that Voice of Reason meant to suggest that, not in the least. Indeed, I have found many intelligent people in this forum, and I often disagree with at least 50% of them!! Lol. :)

  609. jayeshedoli says:


    Even i dont belive he/she mean tat in a bad taste..

    some times usage of words can be misleading..which i found in tat statement..

    Nice to see MOD coming & clearing the air..
    Good work budyy :o

  610. style says:

    As per the mock voting patterns on other sites also i have seen the ratings which public has given to each contestent irrespective of their dance style, popularity,looks, beauty and bckground:

    Well that reflects the public voting pattern
    However as its known to everybody that a lot of manipulation will be there so this may not be the actual result

    And for people who critsize untrained dancers like
    BINNY and AMAR , I see that really public encourage their efforts
    I also feel that BINNY must be on second place.
    Rock on BINNY, you really deserve to be here.
    May all the luck of yours be with you, always.

  611. AnnieJ says:


    Thanks! I try to follow the happenings in this forum – sometimes I’m a part of the heated debate, other times I’m the referee, it seems, and now I’ve ended up as a mod! Lol :P

  612. DIDrocks says:

    binny…deserves to be in the finals? hmmm. i wish people would provide a reason as to why they think this. i see no quality in her that would make her deserving of finals….except her beauty maybe. at least shakti and dharmesh, both rock at one style. with binny and punit….i just dont see it.

  613. jayeshedoli says:


    Feel the heat..Dear MOD :mrgreen:
    All the best..
    BTW i think this is one of the best well behaved public forums we have…you cant get better than this…

    disagree with you,
    as per public voting pattern general trend is like

    1. dharmesh( no doubt about his monopoly..he has been the soul of all did2 him..this guy demands attention)

    2.shakti( second favourite ..always felt tat lot of her popularity can be attrubuted to terrence, if she was in gita’s team i doubt whether she will be this polular)

    3. binny(lucky to be in final four.)
    4. punit(since no one is around.. :mrgreen: )

  614. shohagh says:

    Dharmesh must be win.
    No one can stop this :mrgreen: …………………………

  615. style says:


    I agree on one point with you that’s
    If SHAKTI were in any other team she can never never
    become popular bcoz her dance styles are so boring
    and rereated iwonder how terance commented to Dharmesh
    “Kuch naya nahi thaa” during 17 April session.
    For Terance “people who live in glass house should never
    throw pebbles at others” :mrgreen:

  616. style says:

    No wonder BINNY is so beautiful and beauty must be
    appreciated and loved by everyone.
    After all DID2 aim is to entertain people
    and surely BINNY entertaints more than any
    contestent when she Dances with that
    OMG S M I L E :mrgreen:

  617. GreatDID says:

    Wait 4 3 more dayz Result is going to come Couple of Active people here will be disappointed m sure :mrgreen:

    My suggestion is learn Dance then Pass comment

    Like trained dancer like Shakti, Punit, Kruti
    Shakti is Amazing :lol:

    Perf Chart wise Amar is the Best

    But rem D has more appeal cos of his unique style like sehwag :o

  618. style says:

    And BINNY deserves to be here even after finals
    :D :D :D :D

  619. style says:

    U say learn dance then comment
    I wonder u say the same when ur watching Cricket,Football,
    Judu, boxing,Volleyball,Gymnastics,Bungee junping,
    Canoeing and alot more
    First we learn all these and then pass comments????
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  620. GreatDID says:

    Yes I can pass comment on Football, Judo, Volleyball, Gym cos i donno anything, I m state level Cricketer and Associated with one of the best Dance Academy So I can pass expert comment. :lol: hope u ll not mind my friend
    I dint say anything against you but seen some comment from guyz who has no idea about dance

  621. style says:


  622. mnegi says:

    DID3 Champ……. ME


    but this time I wish Dharmesh may get it…….

  623. says:

    India main bhi hoga foriegn main bhi ab to saare jahan main hoga kya tera hi jalwa.
    I think i do not have to mention the name about whom i am talking because that boy do not need any introduction and he will win the show by atleast twice the votes which the other three contestants will get.

  624. says:

    All the guys who are against dharmesh who is my far better,versatile ant talented than all the contestants including

  625. tyagipankaj says:



    1. FREE STYLE twice ( 1st with binny and altaf on daud 2nd with kishore on jaane kyun)
    2. LYRICAL HIP POP twice ( 1st with binny on nagoba 2nd in remo sirs challenge round)
    3. SALSA twice ( 1st in audition rounds for top 40 2nd with kishore and binny )
    4. AECROBACIA once ( witn binny and kishore on black theme
    5. TAIYAM ( on mangal pandey when he was eleminated )
    6. CHANCH a marathi folk style on ganpati song
    7. CONTEMPORARY with amrita on tere haath mein
    8. KAMASUTRA POSING DANCE STYLE with teena and shurti in wild card entry round
    9. BUNGEE DANCE with binny
    10. VINNYs VALL with binny on ye raatein
    11. PANTOMIME in terrence challenge on soni de nakhari
    12. MARATHI FOKE DANCING in geeta challenge round

  626. style says:

    SHAKTI rocks in just one style which nobody knows
    Its Terance who must be appreciated and voted for
    and not SHAKTi .
    Had SHAKTI been in any other team she would have eliminated a long ago
    on the other hand if Binny were in any other teamRemo’s or Terance’s then she could have blasted the stage

  627. says:

    Guys accept it or not but dharmesh gonna win the show and u cannot do anything about it.

  628. Jack Daniels says:

    I am really looking forward to Saturday’s performances. All 4 contestants are going to rock the house :!: :!: :!:

    Does anyone know who the special guest will be 8O I hope it’s Shah Rukh, it’ll be such a thrill for the contestants and Janta as I don’t think he has ever come on the show.

    If not Shah Rukh than Hritik would be a nice alternative. It would only be fitting for the King of Dance in Bollywood to bestow the ‘taqdeer ki topi’ on DHARMESH :mrgreen:

  629. tyagipankaj says:




  630. Jack Daniels says:

    IMHO DID2 was very poor when compared to DID1 in terms of talent and performances. We have the extremely talented like Dharmesh and Shakti then the worm dips with average performers.

    I am not saying that the talent are terrible :oops: but the contestants this year lack the intensity and freshness which made DID1 stand out and excel 8) among the other shows.

    I feel that ZEE TV needs to change the dynamics of the show next year. Perhaps new judges or GM.

    I know I said earlier that Terence should stay but after the April 17th debacle I have changed my mind and he should also leave (sorry Annie :D )


  631. Jack Daniels says:

    A correction to my earlier comment, Amrita MUST be included in the mix of terrific performers. She is simply a class act and their is no one like Ammu.

    Alas, it would have been fantastic if she reached the top 4 as she is equally my favorite along with Dharmesh.

  632. Jack Daniels says:

    Its funny how the human mind works. DID2 is simply another prism through which we learn and appreciate its wonder.

    Through our perception, we pick and hold onto our favorite contestants at the audition stages. Then we refuse to accept any form of criticism that is targeted at them. If a few choice words are said, we raise our tails and fight tooth and nail to protect them from the evil eye.

    Lol lol lol…I should know because I have been guilty of falling into this trap.

    Now who wants to mess with me and say a word against Dharmesh??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  633. riitein says:

    HELL DID2.




  634. riitein says:




  635. A_A says:

    bet there will be no spoilers this time :P :P :P :D

  636. tina.desia says:

    dharmesh sir deserve to win. geeta maa you rock .Even Shakti didn’t do anything new. I think at some point, we have to agree to the fact that public loves to see their favorite contestant doing what they do best.

  637. nupuragarwal says:

    amar ws awsm nd he shld be in final not binny

  638. VincentLouis says:

    Punit is here only bcoz he is the last one for Remo.. Althaf and Pervez were far far better than Punit….After all it’s Remo…….Dharmesh u r truly a gr8 dancer and I wish him all the best….
    p.s Everyone is doing a great job and wish all of them a gr8 future………..

  639. ZaDancer says:

    The Only people fit to Win are no longer in the Competition so it does not matter anymore who wins.
    I really miss – Kruti, Jack, Amrita, and Kishore.

    Same thing happened in Season 1
    Top Dancers who should have won Alisha, Jai Kumar, Mangesh, Paulson

  640. GreatDID says:


    Where is our Moderator?

  641. GreatDID says:

    DID 1 and 2

    Lotz of Difference

    Here Shakti, Binny, Punit, Amar, Kruti, Amrita, Jack and D much better than the participants of DID 1

    Be it skill, Style, stunt, appeal and Approach to Audience
    DID 2 is much better than 1

  642. mnegi says:

    she is in my heart….. learning Dance…. next year DID3 will be ours

  643. says:

    @tyagipankaj you are absolutely right that dharmesh is a versatile dancer and i am very happy that u have also shown the list of the various dance forms which he performed.

  644. A_A says:

    GreatDID- DID 2 still doesnt have anyone that can match prince :P that makes all the difference hehe

  645. tehsa says:

    dharmesh sir u really deserves to be the winner & hope u will going rock the stage as usually in finale….. :lol: and our best wishes r with u ALL THE BEST & v r sure nt sure v r dam sure that u r only the winner and no body else deserves to be the winner except u & BINNY….. Sakti is really gud for nothing…she always does as usual contemperory dance bt u and binny always shows some different styles……ONCE AGAIN ALL THE BEST :)

  646. tehsa says:

    Dharmesh sir u will rock…… :)

  647. AnnieJ says:


    Moderator is sick and has to sleep sometime! Lol, looks like we had a wave of pro-Dharmesh while I was asleep XP

  648. GreatDID says:

    @AnnieJ hey wat happened?

    D Factor Ha Ha

    Letz discuss about Shakti

  649. GreatDID says:

    What a skill shakti has :lol:

    Terrence must create one more Indo-Western Fusion choreo for her

  650. radhe says:

    plz plz plz vote for dharmesh

  651. fasy says:

    DID2 winner SHAKTI not Dhamaish

  652. GreatDID says:

    @ fasy

    Really Delighted :mrgreen:

  653. Prial says:

    The final is in 23rd April or 24th April? It’s because I live in Europe…

  654. AnnieJ says:

    @ riitein

    Fun fact: Did you know?

    “Hindustan is derived from the Persian word Hindu, which is itself is derived from Sindhu, Sanskrit for the Indus River. Sindhu is a river in Sanskrit, in Persian it becomes Hindu. This together with a popular suffix -stān (Sanskrit and Old Persian ‘sthāna’, meaning place)] gave birth to the word Hindustan, which was rendered as Hindusthan. Literally, the word means land of the Hindus.” It wasn’t until the Europeans came into India and started calling some of the religions Hindu that it took on the connotation you are thinking of. Originally, it just meant “Land of the people near the Indus River.”

    Back in the day, people identified themselves by where they were from, not by religion, so this fits right in. I would say if anyone uses the term Hindustan, it is meant collectively as the people of India, not Hindus specifically. Further, if you are looking for something to be offended by, you WILL find something to offend you. So cheer up, be more positive thinking, and enjoy your stay at this forum with people of all backgrounds :wink:

  655. AnnieJ says:


    I want to steer this discussion elsewhere to something more generally related to dance:

    What does it mean to be versatile?

    I can run a mile. I can walk a mile. I can hop, skip, and frolic, and complete a mile in many other forms of mobilization. But let’s say that it takes me 15 minutes to run a mile, and 30 minutes to do any of the other things. Oh, and I have done each of these things just once.

    Now let’s say someone else can complete the mile in all the same ways that I can. Further, this person does all of them regularly and twice as fast as I can.

    Who is more versatile in the field of “completing a mile?” Why?

    This is kind of a silly example I made up, but the original question still stands:

    What does it mean to be versatile?

    I invite all of you to share your responses, regardless of who you’re rooting for.

  656. A_A says:

    i wonder if people in India are thinking dharmesh invented hip-hop :P

  657. Sharara says:

    I agree with Jack Daniels an tyagipankaj.
    Dharmesh sir will take the takdeer ke topi
    And I agree that Kunwar Amar should be in
    the finals instead of Punit

  658. merlinabraham says:

    hello friends..

    please vote for Shakti.. she deserves to wiN DID 2!!!

  659. Nobody says:

    he Second Season of Zee TV’s very popular show Dance India Dance has now reached its Final stage, as the winner will get crowned with the Sunehri Taqdeer ki Topi on the 23rd of April.

    The Grand Finale will see the likes of Dharmesh Yelande, Punit Pathak, Shakti Mohan and Binny Sharma fight for ultimate glory by coming up with spectacular performances.

    Just as we thought Hrithik Roshan would grace the Finale of this season’s Dance India Dance, the latest news is that the Ajab pair of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif will be the hot celebrities present to witness the finale.

    “The mentors Geeta Kapoor, Remo D’Souza and Terrence Lewis will be shaking a leg in front of the live audience. The entertainment quotient will be high with the presence of the popular pair of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, who will be present to promote their upcoming flick Rajneeti”.


  660. Ram Gupta says:

    amk14 says:
    April 17, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    hopee punu wins and shakti s second !:)

    you seriously need to go see a doctor !!

  661. A_A says:

    i still wonder why people think dharmesh choreographs his own acts.. he’s just a contestant.. he’s NOT God.. when there are good dances, people say dharmesh choreographed it himself.. when they are not so good, people say geeta did not supporting geeta’s choreography here but dharmesh is overestimated(im not doubting his skills either)

  662. mirchi says:

    I have seen on this forum that everyone thinks dharmesh has shown versatality…..let me tell u whatever he does it looks the same. I hate his step of pant kheechna. So cheap he looks and expressionless face.

  663. maryamazi says:

    DHARMESH,DHARMESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    DID2 THE BEST SHOW1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :lol: :lol:

  664. A_A says:

    though i appreciate dharmesh, i hate dharmesh fanatics spamming threads and telling everyone to vote for him and making posts saying nothing but vote for dharmesh and dharmesh is the best with 100 smileys

  665. AnnieJ says:


    Yes, it is a tad excessive, but it doesn’t break any of our forum rules, and I can’t always engage these people in conversation, so I just leave them to their devices. :P

  666. dutta says:

    dHaRmEsH wAs AwEsOmE…
    PuNIt WaS cOoL…
    ShAkTi Ws HoT…
    bInNy WaS wOhOoOo……..

  667. Arvin says:

    Shakti is too good she should win DID 2 no doubts……….

  668. DIDrocks says:


    OMG!! thats what i mean exactly!!!!! bueno! muy bueno chica! i couldnt have said it better. just performing different styles DOES NOT make u versatile just like completing a mile in various ways doesnt make u athletic. cuz u can run a mile in like 24 hours but that surely doesnt mean ur athletic. same thing applies to dance. just doing different dances doesnt make anyone versatile. versitality is when u do the diff dances WELL. so in the case of the mile, if u run and walk and skip a mile faster than anyone else, u r more versatile than anyone else.

    but if someone else just runs the mile and they run it really fast and faster than u, and u can run,walk,skip the mile, but only very slowly, the other person is still better than u. cuz at least they can do something better than u can. as for versatality, yes, u r more versatile cuz the other person cant do anything but run. BUT who is greater and better? the person who can excel in one field(running). not u. u r versatile, yes, but the other person who just runs, but runs really fast, is a better athlete.

    therefore, versatality doesnt determine the ability of dance. its the ability to the diff dances well that determines if ur good at dance. and if u can do only one dance, and the others can more like 5, but only moderately, u r still better than them. cuz u can do at least one dance better than anyone else. so this makes u a better dancer.

    however, if u can do one dance really well, and the other dancers can also do one other dance well (even if it not the same style), u both are equally good. cuz u both can do one dance better than others.

    and if u can do one dance really well, and the others can do two to three dances really well, they are better dancers than u.

    hopefully u all get my philosophical reasoning or whatever.

    i am hoping u got this cuz ur the one who asked the question. lol.

  669. princerij90 says:

    @anniej and didrocks, thanks for bringing this up..i hope a lot of the members in this group who keep saying, ‘dharmesh is the most versatile dancer in did 2′, will get some sense put into them..
    and people, please don’t come up to me with the excuse that shakti is not a versatile dancer either cuz i never said she is..she and dharmesh are the same..only gud in one style

  670. DIDrocks says:

    yay princerij90 sees my point. at least i was speaking some sense. lol.

  671. AnnieJ says:


    Lol that was the word I was fishing for – athletic! You answered my question in its entirety, and I agree with you – being mediocre in a style does not add to one’s “versatility.” But I am curious as to what other people think (though perhaps it may seem a tad like a rhetorical question lol).


    Haha I’m glad you enjoyed the food for thought. I asked it precisely because there is too much “Dharmesh/Shakti is/isn’t versatile.” So I thought perhaps this would be a constructive way to settle it lol.

  672. AnnieJ says:

    Btw, half of the traffic on “Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to grace DID Finale!” which I posted earlier today is me…. *nudge nudge* lol. I thought it sent out emails to everyone? Perhaps its just not that provocative a press release, minus the fact that Hrithik Rohan was hyped up for so long and now isn’t coming to the finale lol….

  673. DIDrocks says:


    see i was trying to explain this fact for while now on the forum but ive never been able to convery myself properly. and so i usually dropped the conversations. but now since u provided me with an example, i felt it was the bestest way to convey the point i was trying to make for a while. lol. and thank u for giving me the means. and im glad that u thought of the same thing. there is no doubt we are judwa (at least with our thoughts). lol.

  674. AnnieJ says:


    Lol Jeet was so confused – he asked me, “Who is your judwa behen?” So I had to explain to him.

    I’m glad I was finally able to give you the right train of thought to properly express your sentiments… :mrgreen: :lol:

  675. DIDrocks says:

    lol annie. the poor jeet was asking me too. he asked me ur last name just to confirm if i was or wasnt ur judwa. he seemed to believe it for a sec. lol.

  676. AnnieJ says:

    LOL! Surprise, surprise, we fooled Jeet and god knows how many innocent passerby….lol. Are you in? Shall we relocate to the (or a) chatroom?

  677. AnnieJ says:

    Beauty and Jeet are in the chat room right now if you want to join us :D

  678. Sharara says:


    Ik think that it is Dharmesh sir his style of
    pant kheechna. Beside his pant kheechna he
    shows also others style of dancing
    So I hope he or Shakti wins the takdeer ki topi
    I am following DID from Suriname.South America)
    And there are a lot of fans of DID here

  679. jayeshedoli says:

    @AnnieJ ,

    Interesting piece from you on versatility..100% agree with u on tat.

    Nobody inthe final 4 are vesatile to a great extent(I wont say that they are not versatile ,every one of them tried differnt forms & give moderate performance) .Also i personally beleive amrita was the most versatile throughout t did2.

    Also i think connectivity with the masses is the most imortant thing to win a stage like DID2.
    We got the best example here, amrita vs dharmesh
    The latter connected with people most with his dance & former being the most versatile couldnt do that…….
    Amritha never been the no1 favourite of the masses, although she was respected by many.

    I beleive dharmesh will win hans down since the audience alreay made up their mind.

  680. Ashutosh says:

    Dharmesh sir ur rocking

  681. sharry says:

    But Sajan was good to Dharmesh!
    I like the Sajan 8)

  682. luckyriz says:

    I hate this geeta kapoor…. jealousy shown by her talking… In dharmesh performance she did nothing… its pure dharmesh’s performance n his own steps….

  683. GreatDID says:

    Front Page Posting by admin Removed why?!!!

    Any Idea

  684. Shruti S says:

    Seems like Annie J and DID Rocks are the only two sensible ppl on this forum…way to go guys…No matter what the results are, I’ve done my part and voted for Shakti cuz I think she is more than deserving and I am sure there’d be a few odd ones like me supporting her here as well…Hope there’s some sort of miracle in the finale and she gets her due…so sick of this D sir fanaticism…don’t noe abt this forum but trust me, I’m a clg going student and stay in a hostel…everyone arnd me seems to appreciate Shakti more than Mr. D…wonder how he still manages to get all the unreasonable votes… : :?:

  685. mnegi says:

    I wish if Vandana could have been in top 4
    I wish if Kruti Could have been in top 4

    Punit and Shakti Out…….. :)

  686. Dipankar says:

    The most dramatically surprising thing is the change of Terrence attitude towards his students from DID 1 to DID 2. In DID 1 he was criticizing his students more than other masters but this time he is hiding criticism for his students and is supporting his students when they are making mistakes also. In DID 1 he was not partial but in DID 2he is showing partiality towards his students and specifically one or two contestants (like Punit) from other groups.

  687. breathless says:

    @ shruti
    I support shakti as well, even though i didn’t like her in the beginning of the season, but as time went on i realized that she always consistent with giving awesome performances. I think one of the reason dharmesh is getting more votes is becasue he been really popular in Gujarat with the boggie boggies, show. I have a few Gujarati friends and the only reason they vote for him is because he is from Gujarat. I don’t know if you watched the first season of SAREGAMAPA but the reason debjit had won because of his support from Assam, the same is true for him and his support from Gujarat. I think that dharmesh is really good dancer in hip hop and deserves to be in the finals, but the only reason I don’t think that he should win is that I haven’t’ seen a better performance from him since the auditions. Even his flute dance last week, was weaker than his audition flute dance. From my view I think that shakti deserves to win becasue she is good in mostly all the dances she does. Whenever she had done hip hop Remo has praised her, when she didn’t classical Indian dance few weeks ago geeta couldn’t find any faults with her dance, and obliviously she is good in contemporary.
    On this site people always say Dharmesh is gonne win becasue on this site he has more than 50% of the votes, but if you go on a different site of DID you will see that 60% people or more think shakti is going to win. I just feel this site has more dharmesh fans, and other one shakti. so we can’t just predict by one what the populations is going to do with one stastic. I actually think shakit will win becasue since Amar got out most of his fans will vote for shakti.

  688. Dipankar says:

    what are those other sites??????

  689. Shruti S says:


    I agree with u…Dharmesh definitely is a very good dancer,I loved him at the auditions and had almost the same impression abt his dancing skills as many D fans still do…but unfortunately shakti’s talent over the DID series this year stole the limelight for me….and I just couldn’t get myself to appreciate D any more than her, Amar or even Punit for that matter. He’s good and as u said deserves to be in the finals, but the real winner has to be Shakti…She surely has earned it, without any unnecessary hype..but she might just lose here…cuz she neither owns a dance school nor is she a man…

    the other web site being talked abt here to my knowledge is India forum, haven’t really come across any other with shakti supporters yet.

  690. zeba says:

    I don’t think so Remo and Terence say anything wrong about Dharmesh! According to me Shakti performed always nice and gracefully. I don’t know why Binny is still in competetion. She should be out rather than Amar! Dharmesh didn’t do anything so nice this time he just repeat all his previous steps he should do something new atleast this time! He just people’s favourite therefore he got highest vote but I dont think so he is best!

  691. DIDrocks says:

    i, as of now, personally favor shakti as well. i feel like technique wise, she is way better. and till date, i dont recall her giving a “weak” performance. yes her dances were simple sometimes, but not weak. they were simple becuz of choreo not becuz of her. weak performances are when u urself fail to dance what was required in choreo. and she hasnt done that yet. so it shows me she was more diligent and more capable. so im rooting for shakti.

  692. T_Rocks says:

    This is for all those who think that Shakti has done 95% contemporary.

    1. Kunwar and Shakti – 8 jan – Khuda Jaane – Modern Contemporary
    2. Shakti and Vandana – 15 jan – Kyun Phoolon ke – Freestyle
    3. Kunwar and Shakti – 22 jan – Ankhon Ki Gustakhiyan – Ariel Contemporary
    4. Parvez and Shakti – 29 jan – Main Yahan – Contemporary
    5. Shakti – 30 jan – Chaliya – Whacking and Funk
    6. Kunwar and Shakti – 5 feb – Bheegi Bheegi – Urban Styles
    7. Shakti – 20 feb – Naach – Contemporary
    8. Shakti – 26 feb – Roop Suhana – Bharatnatyam
    9. Kunwar and Shakti – 27 feb – Satrangi – Paso Doble
    10. Shakti – 5 march – Najaane Kahaan Se – Bollywood
    11. Shakti and Jack – 6 march – Aati Kya Khandala – Hip Hop
    12. Shakti – 12 march – Zindagi mein – Indian Contemporary
    13. Kunwar and Shakti – 13 march –Blue – Kalari
    14. Shakti – 19 march – Aaye Meherbaan – Old School Jazz
    15. Jack and Shakti – 20 march – Hum Tum – Bollywood Freestyle
    16. Shakti – 26 march – Dauda Dauda – Contemporary
    17. Punit and Shakti – 27 march – Rishtey – Contemporary
    18. Shakti – 2 April – Genda Phool – Popping and Whacking
    19. Shakti and Jai – 3 April – Kajra Mohabbat Wala – Bollywood and Mujra
    20. Shakti – 9 April – Kehna Hi Kya – Ballet
    21. Manav and Shakti– 10 April – Touch Me – Samba
    22. Shakti – 16 April – Inhi Logon Ne – Kathak and Mujra
    23. Shakti – 17 April – Mile Sur – Contemporary
    24. Jack and Shakti– 13 march – Rang De Basanti – Bhangra
    25. Kunwar and Shakti – 20 march – Dhak Dhak – Bollywood

    So 4 all those anti-Shakti viewers who think that she has given 95% CONTEMPORARY
    Performances should use their calculators and calculate again . It is not even 50 % of her total performances. So plzz stop bashing her 4 dat. She is indeed a versatile dancer and off course she has full right to perform her forte.

  693. says:

    @T-rocks u are absolutely right i agree with u in this that shakti in not at all versatile dancer, she only can dance on contemporary and that too she does not performs brilliantly she was just an ok dancer.

  694. says:

    @Zeba if you think that dharmesh repeated all the steps in his performance then i think u need to watch the video once again only 10 to 15% steps were repeated and also he daced with twice speed as compared to the audition round and with much more clarity.

  695. says:

    @Breathless this is a big joke that u are saying that shakti had 6o% votes in some other site but dude i have also seen other sites and in all sites dharmesh is getting more than double votes than all the remaining contestants and if u talk about popularity than u can see the popularity of dhartmesh by going to dharmesh sir sir in facebook on which he has more than 21,000 of his fan on just facebook while shakti has only 4000 fans on facebook, so u can see the difference of popularity of dharmesh over the other contestants and even the judges of the show are not popular as dharmesh sir at this there is no doubt that he gonna win this show very comfortably.

  696. jayeshedoli says:


    I agree with @dashingluckysingh,
    there is no denying the popularity of dharmesh.

    just check his orkut community around 36000 numbers there..
    shakti around 8000.

    I doubt any other tv personality beccome so popular within a short period of time…than dharmesh..

    @Shruti S, @DIDrocks

    No denying the fact that shakti is a great dancer.
    She definitely benefited from terrence as her mentor..
    For me dharmesh & shakti are equally good …
    If dharmesh was in remo’s team he would have given some rocking performances….
    Shruthi i dont think dharmesh is all about hype, he definitelt proved his talent before. Dont forget he is the winner of boogie woogie mahayudh

  697. jayeshedoli says:

    Being an experienced student of terrence lewis academy ,just analyse how much shakti has achived here. (only in contemporary she excelled, other forms she was moderate ,Never given an outstanding one)..

    Also i dont think she was connected to masses in the same level as dharmesh…
    Just look at votting , Even punit able to push her 3rd place.Other hand dharmesh had the weakest mentor of three(i beleive she is no way near to remo & terrence in crteativity).
    Nothing to take away from shakti, i firmly beleive talent wise both shakti & dharmesh are neck to neck..

  698. sweet_heart says:

    thank you for all the kind information. yeah for all those who are anti-Shakti can clearly see that Shakti has not done 95% of contemporary. that was a rude but good reply to them :lol:
    Actually they can’t see Shakti performances because they keep on looking for mistakes in her dances, so there is no way arguing with them.

    for those same people who care about versatility in a dancer…well I don’t think Amrita (p’bly the most versatile dancer in the competition) would be out if you would vote based on versatility!

  699. kanubhai says:

    Aee public hay ,Aee public hay,sub janti hay-resualt is clear DHARMESH WILL 100%WIN.

  700. merlinabraham says:

    hey Shakti should win just becoz of her talent.. whn we think of Dharmesh, he is actually a Sir.. for a SIR, he has to do his maximum. bt think abt Shakti, she is just a traned dancer nd nothing else.. bt she performs always well..

  701. risha says:












  702. sachin_07 says:

    To Everybody who didn’t enjoyed dharmesh’s perfomance.
    I am Dharmesh’s fan, but in this episode in my first view I felt that it was not great… & I liked it but didn’t enjoyed it. That was first impression when I watched it on TV.
    Now suddenly today I felt to see it again & I watched it again & guess what… I felt so happy to see it again & my internal feeling came..”What a performance” , “It was truely entertaining” & I felt like :D :D :P :P :lol: :lol:
    & I watched the same performance today twice in 20 mins time & enjoyed a lot.
    So may be to all those who are having similar feeling like me in first look should watch it again & I am sure you will have a different feeling.

  703. username says:

    Dharmesh is the winner. The hype he got is through his audition dance only so it’ll be wrong to say he’s already famous. They called him sir coz he teaches that doesnt mean other were not practicing …Shakti , Puneet are diploma holders from terrence academy. Amrita is also a dancer. Other dancers are also learning it some way or other. When we choose talent there’s no place for age, sex etc. Like a girl should win in country like india or a cute kid should win. Reservations have cause us enough damage. As far as dance is considered i feel Dharmesh is the best then comes Amrita and Shakti.But Amrita is out…Shakti is really good but her indian forms totally lack grace. Puneet and Binny are far behind both of them. Puneet is the one who use to forget steps but i feel Amar got sacrificed for him. Terrence among the choreographers is the most creative thats why there’s an advantage to his contestants. Dharmesh should win coz what he did in audition none of the masters despite getting a chance could not reach that level. As a dancer he beat their choreography. He deserves to win.

  704. raphsody says:

    “The winner of DID season 2 issss……………

    IF something like this is announced on the stage…all you guys have to do is watch Geeta maaaa face….she will make alll the 1001 anger faces any on on earth can ever make.


  705. meenah says:






  706. priyu says:


    type “SHAKTI” and send it to 57575

    Lets help “REAL” talent win!!!!
    :) :)

  707. priyu says:

    T_rocks!!!!!! OMG!!! i completely agree wid u :)