Dance India Dance Season2 16th January

Dance India Dance Season2 16th January

Dance India Dance 16th January Videos are here. Another unpopular decision by the Grand Master Mithun Da and some emotional drama from Geeta Kapoor. She has got 3 continuous eliminations from her team now. She is counting heavily on Dharmesh now to stay in the show. Shashank, Bhavna, Altaf, Teena, Kruti and Parvez were nominated as weak performers this weekend. Altaf and Teena could not make it back. Dance India Dance has also announced DID Junior after that there was a performances by two kids. Jai Kumar Nair was choregrapher for the performance. I wonder if Jai Kumar Nair has some part in Dance India Dance Junior. Enjoy today’s Dance India Dance Videos and Don’t forget Dance India Dance 22th January Salman Khan Special.

Dance India Dance 16th January Performances

Bhavna – Sajna Aa Bhi Ja
Shashank – Aashayein
Altaf – Mera He Jalwa
Teena – Chiggy Wiggy
Kruti – Albela Sajan
Parvez – Amitabh’s Act

Dance India Dance Videos 16th January Part1

Dance India Dance Videos 16th January Part2

Dance India Dance Videos 16th January Part3

Dance India Dance Videos 16th January Part4

Dance India Dance Videos 16th January Part5

Dance India Dance Videos 16th January LimeLight

  • voice of reason

    Good choice. As expected “Maa’s” proteges are the first to depart. I am seriously concerned about the fate of Dharmesh, if only he was In REMOs group he would have had a better chance in the competition.

    Why does terrance wear such peculiar clothes ? He reminds me of Rohit Sharma of Bigg Boss 3. Rohit was justified in waring such clothes because of his orientation. Perhaps terrance is gay as well ?

  • klnirav

    After Watching todays episode, Master Geeta Kapur has to pull her self out as she is spoiling carrier of GANG member. I think Geeta is not competitive at all to REMO & TERENCE and she is blaming others. Why she is asking others, why with me? come on geeta learn from others. I think Geeta’s GANG should not continue in show as master is too weak and less innovative master. She hardly get salutes and wow from public, if somebody sees from DID season 1 and now DID season 2. Geeta go and learn some move which can make you competitive. Mithun DA should choose another master replacing GEETA KAPUR, rather than spoling some ones carrier by keeping so called GEETA “MAA”.

  • voice of reason

    now for the two kids from Mithun Da’s team ………….. why on earth were they choreographed by jai from DID 1? what does terrance want to do??????????? promote his candidate?????????????/ i am sure kids wud have done better if they did something like they had shown us before. the choreography was nowhere near their dance at the time of audition. one suggestion……….. replace geeta maa by dharmesh sir. i think that guy does not need to prove himself . he has become more popular than the judges. ha………..ha….ha.

  • Keyur

    truly said if all this goes on and on GEETA KI GANG will become GEETA KA DHARMESH as if she is going to choreograph like this in future Binny and south indian guy are going to get eliminated ……..though Binny is already in nomination as she is the only girl left……………………Learn Geeta Learn From previous mistakes else Maa U r better at home….

  • nirav

    I am in love with Meaow…………………………meenu

  • rajni3331

    Dear Mithun Daa,
    Please continue giving fare decision and correct choices as you did today. Dont get biased with Geeta ji’s outburst. Her students performance today were not in par with the others. Your decision is appreciated.

  • Prasenjit Mohanta

    DID 2 rocks…… No question on the judgement……..

  • chirag1162

    geeta kapur have to work hard on her team.otherwise darmesh sir and other dancer will be out of show. that’s not really fair

  • manusaps

    Kruti dint deserve to be in the danger zone.. though she is a classical trained dancer she is performing and trying newer things.. Look at guys like dharmesh, shakti, nikitasha and others.. they all are repetitive.. they are just doing wat they are good at.. Parvez too dint deserve to be in the danger zone.. Amar should have been the one to be nominated.. I am not a great dancer to comment on the performance.. But i thnk the show is all about performing somethin new and learning newer things.. not just doing wat you do the best.. Judges are you listening???? or is it that you already have selected the winners.. the show is turning out to be more like soap opera.. Your marketing just sucks and things can be easily predicted.. next week i am sure it will be naresh, kruti parvez bhavna once again on the danger zone.. bet you all on this

  • myselfdigvijay

    Hellos everybody why dont we start a drive to force Geeta MAAAAAAAA to leave Dharmesh and allow him to join Remos Team as she is just taking his advantage to stay in the show

  • myselfdigvijay

    And please Geeta MAA u dint suported ALTAF all through out what is the gurantee that u will support Dharmesh also you are just being selfish

  • myselfdigvijay

    every week i will [post blog till allow dharmesh to join remo’s team

  • myselfdigvijay

    somebopduy here correctly said about dharesh he is a far better choreographer that our beloved Geeta MAA.

  • sruthi

    Dharmesh is a wrong team. Pls DID let him go to REMO’s team. Geetha standsno where when it ocmes to choregraphy.

    Now a message to DID production house :- Dharmesh should give a chance by changing the TEAM. Please do anything magical by which Dharmesh goes to Remo’s team. He will get far far far… better training form there. And by next week you won’t do that, then my all frnds will stop watching DID2 ( around 100 people from US)

    Geetha :If you really want to win the game , then win it with your talent and not with the good dancer like Dharmesh. Why are you spoiling Dharmesh’s carrier by keeping him in your TEAM. Don’t be selfish lady.

    Please let do something for Dharmesh .. anybody think about it.

    – Request :(

  • Rajat

    Can anybody answer,Why Remo has put ShaShank in danger Zone instead of putting Naresh .On Friday Everey body has pointed that Naresh didnt performed well then also Remo has put Shashank in Danger Zone.Infact no performance of Naresh was good in last four episodes ,I think Remo have a fear of terrance and he knew that if he put naresh again in danger zone he would surely be out.
    and although Geeta Choreography was not much impressive but still I think Tina’s performance and choerography was much above bhavana both in friday and saturday episodes .

  • srini145

    Why evreyone blame Geeta. Even Remo’s choreography is very average. What is this fuss about Dharmesh. Till now all his performances are just average nothing outstanding. Stop giving excuses Dharmesh and do the best with what you have and where you are at.Thats what terrence said correctly.
    Zee is doing all this to deviate attention from dancing and stressig who is in whose team. Looks like they decided to promote Dharmesh. What a big drama.
    On Friday both the Remo’s group performances are very very boring and repetitive. Geeta – only the altaf-Tina performnce was Good.
    I think both Geeta and Remo should do something different and interesing like terrence.

  • Beauty1996

    You said that dharmesh, shakti, nikitasha and others.. were repetitive. So, ur saying that they are doing the same dance moves? That is not in the hands of the contestants, but in the judges. Yet the contestants do give their input once and a while, but that does not happen too much. But you have to remember that the coreography done by the judges plays a big role in if the contestants stay or go in the red zone. To add onto this you can’t say what a contestant is capable and not capable of doing based on a few performances. This is just what I personally believe. Everyone has different views.

  • tenzin drukgyal

    dharmesh, the best, in present and in the future…

  • srini145

    Stop fussing about Dharmesh people. If every contetant was allowed to choose which team they want to go,everyone has their own choice.Eg. Shashank wants terrence team.
    It doesnot work that way. Why Dharmesh is special and allowed to choose teams. I have nothing agaisnt Dharmesh. Let the competiton be fair.

  • Dance Fan

    I think this year may be because of Remo’s injury, we haven’t seen good choreographies from Master Remo. Master Terence, I am not sure where you have your dance studio, but I really hope you are in Mumbai…I would love if my kids can learn some dance from you. You are amazing. The one thing I really like about you is you have treated all the contestants equally, no matter which team they are in. A true GURU always appreciates the talent. Master Remo, I wish you a speedy recovery, so we will get to see your better choreographies.

    Geeta, no words for you…the only thing I think MithunDa did wrong is by selecting you as one of the Masters. Your candidates are better then you and I think you will only ruin their chance in DID2. If Dharmesh, does make it to the top three, it will not be because of you but only because he is supposed to be already a great dancer. And please grow up…good decision ‘Dada’, with sarcasm??? Contestants from your team are going because of you…you are not able to do a better choreography. Instead of asking for sympathy vote, let your work demand it.

    MithunDa, your decision today was based on nothing else but their performances. Thank you. That is what it should be on. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to be in your position or in any of the Masters. Also for Masters they build relations /bonding with these kids and it must be really hard for them to pick one from their own teams.

    This is one of best shows. As for starting DID Junior….I am not really sure that is a good idea. One thing we know that you can not do a full justice to any art, if you do not get involved with it and especially, acting and dancing, if you can not become the role you are doing you can not do a full justice to it. Can you imagine, little or young kids dancing a sexy or hot song??? That would kill their innocence. So my vote for kids DID is, NO.

  • Mehnaaz

    I dont kno guys i think geeta maa was just very stressed since she had both of her contestants out this weekend but hopefully she doesnt get mad like that again and i think we should give her another chance judges? dada? hopefully you are listening.FYI:my fav. judge is terrance because he actually does appropriate dances atleast better than the other two

  • Rajuk1982

    Guys such harsh words against Geeta. Its not fair. She is also talented in her work. Last week Shruti was eliminated, not fair. This week Teena. Couldnt fault her performance. I dont know, maybe Mithun has a grudge against Geeta. But it just doesnt seem fair.

    DID has a big fan base here in London.. lets hope Geeta gi gang can prove themselves next week. Goodluck guys

  • sruthi

    Reply to :- #16 & #19 :- srini145

    Do you really want to know what is special about Dharmesh. After watching this video, ‘m sure you won’t utter a word against him. Then watch this performance done by Dharmesh
    part 3.

    Contestant do what their choreographer ask them to do. And as “Dance Fans” said #20 ; If Dharmesh, does make it to the top three, it will not be because of you (Geetha) but only because he is supposed to be already a great dancer.

    This time contestants are wearing very small dresses. Hope they make it mroe presentable as it is a family show.

  • sandman







  • srini145

    As I said earlier I have nothing against Dharmesh. He is just another contestant for me. All the contestants are equal and should be treated equally. There is no choice for him except to be in Geeta’s gang and do the best he can with what he got or get out. This is true for all contestants in all teams.Unfortunately they can change the format of the game for just one contestant.Why only Dharmesh,if you think Geeta is not good enough then I feel sorry for all the contestants in her gang including Dharmesh.

  • sandman

    OMGGGGGG!!!!! shaktiiiiiii I love you soo are beautifullll..wowwwww you are a amazing dancerrrr

    you are the besttttt I love the showwww your my favorite oneeee…

    you are simplyyy amazinggg and drop dead gorgeous …

  • sruthi

    #25, srini145.

    Do you really want to know why all people are so concerned abt Dharmesh. Beco’z all the contestant in DID2 are really good, but above to all Dharmesh is simply just outstanding.

    I really hope something magical .Either Geetha Kapoor is replaced by Vaibhavi Merchant or Dharmesh goes to REMO’s team.

    Please vote for Dharmesh guys.

    Dharmesh rocks :)

  • nay2in


  • pearl summers

    Voice Of reason

    dude i like and appreciate Teerence for his good work and fair judgement and i think you are the one who is simply jealous of him what bad he has done to you and wait i thik not jealous you just hate him god knows for what . For you the only one gud enough for show is Remo isn’t it .Geeta is hopeless ,Terrence is arrogant and what is Remo ?????????????? and why the hell he should be jealous Remo hai kya uske pass

    And tell you what all of us on this site login to write what we feel about the decisions and performances but you are the one who is here only to complain about what others write u have to comment on everyones views ;you can agree or disagree on someones views but don’t tell us but we think is right or wrong , okkkkkkkk
    Go Get A Life Dude ; Grow Up And Behave Like a Mature


  • pearl summers

    sirni145 and rajuk 1982

    I completely agree with u guys.
    I don’t know why is everyone after Geeta i mean she has reached this in her carrier means she must also worked and all comment her behavior what the hell just because she is a judge of a reality she should not be herself and who are we to say that she gud nature or not we don’t know her personally

    and this is 4 all who comment about others behavior
    “”Go see urself in mirror and then complain abt someone else””

  • sage

    People, please learn to spell and refrain from using CapsLock all the time.

    Basically, you just sound stupid using SMS/IM language on forums.

  • Obby

    Geeta really needs to realize that she is the cause of, “Young, Fresh & Innovative” Talents’ are losing because of her style of dance. Her style, “WAS” good for those Sentimental Karan Johar Movies (even they don’t use this style anymore). I really wish we can support Dharmesh through all this…The only reason why she, “Stole” Dharmesh as he is her only hope to winning this season. Really am hoping that Dharmesh’s future doesn’t evaporate from the industry like Geeta’s has, please Geeta, be a part of the show but don’t be a Master to these Kids who has more newer ideas to teach you than you teaching them. Please support Dharmesh Sir @

  • harsha kandagal

    I think geetha should leave “D.I.D-2″

  • harsha kandagal

    may be this season is the end of geetha, i hope someone replace geetha who has much versatility than her so that people will be much entertained

  • harsha kandagal

    GEETHA is such a irritating character in “D.I.D-2″ it is hard to bare her.

  • harsha kandagal

    folks i may be wrong, but this is what i think about geetha.

  • angelhereforuu

    Admin : Next time you use such filthy language in a healthy discussion, you are asking for a ban.

  • angelhereforuu

    i watch this show just becoz of terrance and remo..
    krutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’s performance was best..muaaaaaaaah….i love u girl….and remo i just love u ..hehe

  • gupchup

    First of all, kudos to ZEE for creating such an entertaining show. However, unlike Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, in this show, the success of the contestants is highly dependent on the choreography from the masters as well.

    ZEE should level the playing field.

    1- Scrap teams by masters – let each master choreograph all the contestants on a given day. Then the next one …and so on.

    or if that is too much to handle for one master at a time,

    2-rotate the team masters every week.

    The participants seem to be working and relating to each other as one big team – then why this phony inter-team competition? This is bad for all – unfair to participants as well as masters – some masters are looking bad compared to others. While masters may be judging the contestants, rest of the bollywood producers are also judging the masters!

    Now, Masters and ZEE – take that and go 😉

  • golegappa

    @gupchup I totally agree with you..

    Poor Geeta..

    I also feel Remo is also not doing good choreography, his trio’s are all same there is less interaction among three dancers, not like the one we had in Terrence’s trio of “Ye Raat” that was awesome.

    Kruti is a gem no doubt, and she knows it too, she already judged the other 2 performers, as they performed before her and she knew he performance would be better.

    Only thing that pinches is Dharmesh is in Geeta’s team, I am sure “Nagoba” was choreographed by him only not geeta.

    Shashank ditched his first master, and was so quick to point out that if he was in Terrence’s team he would not have done those mistakes..that shows how eager is he always to jump the ship, and how much ego he has under the hood, I was really pissed at his this comment.

    Parvez, was awesome never expected that from him..I will say star was born with his Amit Ji’s performance.

    Shruti was one of the best dancer but became victim of Geeta..

    I would like to see Vaibhavi Merchant in place of her. She will also show Remo and Terrence what competition is called, she herself is a excellent dancer, but Mithun da will fell for her in her one performance only, I am sure Terrance too..:-)

    Tashu was looking very hot and everybody mentioned that, so Somya might have felt jealous so she did a quick grab that title back..and she got it..

  • voice of reason

    who says terrance is fair?????????????/ please watch his exprese sion when any of remo’s kids perform??????????? i hope no one would disagree that salman was the best in season 1. please see the episodes how terrance reacted. it is expected from geeta but not from terrance. i dont mean to compare anyone but terrance is realy arrogant and jealous. he does say good words but only for his team members.

  • pearl summers


    g88888888 this is best solution buddy its gonna slove every1 problem

  • pearl summers

    and guys stop talking abt dharmesh he is a contestant like others and if he so outstanding and gud enough to be in masters chair and why the hell he is here ;
    this show is 4 people who knows dance and wishes to be a dancing star and acc to all you ppl he is already a dancing star so why is all others are competing and wasting their time and ours just give him sunhari takdeer ki topi and end the season

  • solacity

    voice of reason is such a prick, it seems he’s farting instead of writing.. please vor mindit this is a public community, please do your privvy business in your own toilet.
    manusaps I completely agree with you, but the other two girls brought tears to my eyes with their moving performance, and kruti was simply amazing, she’s my personal favorite personality wise, but she came forward herself.. and it had to be one of the girls, so she stepped up, the girl has humility and is a really good performer. Kya Baat hai! Kya Baat Hai! Kya Baat Hai!
    srini145 yaar, you tou said my dil ki baat!
    Gupchup hope these guys are reading the comments!

  • priyam

    Don’t agree when Geeta says that Kruti lacks some skills.I wonder if she can do what Kruti did. This girl is amazing

    Shashank was definely wrongly nominated.

  • priyam

    Terrence is a great master and the 3 girls in his toli are amazing, especially Shakti. She is so strong. If she continues like that, she will definely get the Takdir ki topi.

    Dharmesh is a great dancer, but Shakti is as good.

    Shashank and Nikitasha are also amazing.

  • klaxonin

    @solacity and Pearl summers

    kindly stop using bad language in this forum, voice of reason may have disagreed with you or might have expressed his dislike for your idol, but that doesnt mean that you call him a prick or say that he/she is farting and bitching.

    Be mature and reply to his comments by giving examples like he/she is doing. The way you are replying is juvenile.

    @ others
    though opinion is divided, the majority seem to be favouring Dharmesh as one of the best dancers, I agree. I would also like to add the names of Nikkytasha and Shakti to this list.

    The only thing that sets dharmesh apart is that he not only dances well, but is an extremely good choreographer as well as dance teacher. Best of luck to everybody on the show : )

  • voice of reason

    @pearl summers 40,

    Dear pearl, granted you like terrance and geeta that doesnt mean you will put down anyone who doesnt like them. I personally have nothing against either of them it is only the way they behave that gets to me.

    I have had enough of the drama of geeta with all this crying and begging for help from mithunda. Geeta had the best dancers in her team, if she is losing them it is she who is to blame. It is also clear that I am not very mistaken in my thinking because the majority of the people here think along the same lines. Now if you think that all of us need to get a life then it is time you did some looking in the mirror.

  • voice of reason

    @pearl summers 42

    dear mature lady. Carrier is something in which you carry things,
    Geeta has no “Career” she has reached this place in a “Carrier” as you have written : )

  • voice of reason

    @ pearl summers

    I have nothing against terrance, I too like his choreography, I just said that I felt that his capabilities were limited to what he has been professionally taught and his arrogance is preventing him from improving himself.

    remo on the other hand being the most successful among all the three judges is not only more humble but also always willing to learn new things and absorb knowledge. That makes him mature.

    Terrane might be a decent human being, as i have said before but his immaturity and arrogance will be his downfall if he doesnt quickly correct himself. See for yourself, whenever any of remo’s students gives a good performance his first reaction would be a long face.

  • voice of reason

    @solacity 44

    Dear solacity, there is no call to use bad language. You made a comment on all indians and i replied to you without any personal charge. If say indians have puny heads I shall reply with the same. Your gutter language is not required on this forum, I have an opinon and I am entitled to express it, if you differ kindly argue your point like a man, dont behave like a brat who has got his ass spanked.

    you are entitled to your likes and dislikes just as i am entitled to mine, You are entitled to comment on the programmes and its participants as well, but when you start commenting on things other than what relates to the programme you are going to get it from me. Brother you will get it in spades.

    Hope you are reading me loud and clear.

  • voice of reason

    By the way for your information Voice of Reason is not one person. It is a group of three sisters : ) and all of us are not like minded : )

  • admin

    Slow Down Warriors. Let’s stop abusing and give a civilized touch to our discussion. Please.

  • voice of reason

    Thank you admin. Hope now there is no more unparliamentary language on the blog : )

  • priyam

    I think that Did is superb. There seem to be lots of respect and a bond between the Grandmaster , the masters and contestants.

    In DPL, there was no professionalism. Choreographers did not show respect for the Grandmaster or whatever( Shiamuk Davar)-Markings by masters were completely wrong. The Dance Guru Shiamuk would get angry, leave and just come back. He even shouted at one of the Choreographers once.Quite funny competition it was.The team as a whole was considered and not individual contestants. Was a complete waste of talents

    Did is really the best and the whole team is superb in general-

    The only bad thing about DID is that 18 contestants should have been selected by the three masters and only then the teams should have been divided. Selection of 2 in each team is also wrong.sometimes good candidates go because they are either girl or boy or wrongly nominated- Judgement should be general. The best should stay and the weakest according to performance should leave.

  • rags1710

    guys, DID is definitely fun and excellent standards.
    Personal opinion: this week’s elimination was fair as per the performance.

    Dharmesh is very good, but others need to be respected too.

    Geeta is lacking maturity and I am not comfortable with her childish acts and she isn’t definitely as good as other two–Remo and Terrence.

    And there were few excellent/ outstanding performances so far.. hopefully, we get to see everybody’s best!

  • voice of reason

    DID1 set the bar so high with thier professional approach that all other dance shows seem tacky by comparison.

    I watched only a couple of episodes of DPL and didnt feel like watching it anymore. I waited all this time for DID to be back, and I must say DID2 ROCKS! but somehow I am a little worried about DID junior.

    More about my concerns later.

  • Niravgamit

    dharmesh is really very good dancer…….but unfortunatlly his group is not good…….geeta is not good choreographer…….if it possible than interchange with remo’s rangila and geeta ki gang….and i really like meenu……..

  • kajoll01

    Parwez was really good…and have you heard what Teena said to GEETA MAAAAAAA : YOUR BLACK BEAUTY WIL BE BACKK..hahah see is thinkigg that she is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy HOTTT!! NOTTT!!! hahaah


    Don’t like geeta she is too ARROGANT…when DARMESHHH (SIRRR):) is on her teamm….
    But this is not fear DHARMESHH must be in REMOOOO’sS TEammm…

    Hope He can changeeee it..and go to reMOOOO…

    But this site ROCKSSS mannn!!!!

    bye bye

  • udya

    Hey F****** Buffalo Woman,

    Stop your nonsense and stupid acts. We do not watch DID for your idiotic behavior but for the various dancing skills.

    You are a complete idiot and stupid. You better quit the show. You do not know dance and have manner – idiot.

    Do not kill Dharmesh’s skill.

  • Rajuk1982

    thanks to those guys who have left comments that actually make sense but for the ones who just come on here to voice bithcy comments… they are just worthless words. fair enough we all have opinions but NO ONE has the right to use fowl language towards someone (in this case, Geeta) when that person is not there to defend themselves.

    Regards from London, Raj

  • udya

    In addition to the above, she (& Remo too ) looks so uneducated and Gawar/Khate (those who picks garbage). They do not have any manner.

  • Zuhaib Khan

    am a big fan of binny in girls and dharmesh sir in boys

  • sarah_07july

    I think the decision was right to some extent.The dancers are good but their master “Geeta” is not so good. “TERENCE really like you but plz…change ur designer or whoever chooses ur wadrobe..its not pleasent to the eyes and its really bad. U r handsome and for ur n our sake plz change ur dressing style n stylist….then u will look fantastic on stage..”

  • gupchup

    Well, there are two primary sources of revenue from this show – Ads from sponsors and text messaging cuts when voting begins. (Do they do voting like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa? – I don’t recall from last season.)

    So ZEE better listen to this blog and keep the viewers happy.

    I don’t care that much about interpersonal mud sligging or controversy – one story is more compelling than the other when you consider all the subjective decisions the masters have to make during intial selections and in the course of this program – I don’t think their job is easy either.

    What I do want to see that every participant as well as master gets the opportunity to bring out their full potential.

    Current format is not working as is evident from the acrimony on this blog. Since admin is watching – we saw the reprimand to get civilized earlier, please send this feedback to ZEE and re-evaluate the format.

    I was not very hopeful about DID-1. I never considered Mithun of the same calibre as his contemporaries such as Amitabh & co. The intial promos were tacky at best. But he has surprised me with this show and I am now a fan (which means it gets a recording spot on my DVR). This has definitely revived his career as well and so the onus is on him as well to keep fine tuning the show. He should not get bullied by the masters – take decisions as he sees fit and stick by them. So far, he has been quite fair but sometimes I don’t find some performances worth his grand salute.

    DID Junior seems like a gamble. Having teenage girls in DID push the envelope is challenging to the sensibilities, having kids perform along these lines may invoke outright protest. But for some odd reason I am begining to have some faith in Mithun & Co. Lets see how that pans out.

    It will also be nice to bring in celebrity judges, especially when they have to plug in their new releases. However, they must perform a prepared number with the contestants – Hrithik, Govinda, Shahid … that would be fun as well as provide encouragement to the participants.

    BTW, love this blog save the occasional passionate vent!

  • Obby

    Dear Team DID 2,
    Please inform us on how to vote for our favorite (Dharmesh) contestant living abroad??? Please please please, give us instructions and let us be a part of DID 2!!!
    Dharmesh Yelande Group facebook.

  • srini145

    According to me, Terrence is the most talented and fairest judge of the three.
    I always wait to see the performances from Terrence group coz..they are very interesting and different from others.
    Honestly, Geeta and Remo seem to be struggling to match upto Terrence.

  • srini145

    I totally agree with pearl summers-very well said.

    “”and guys stop talking abt dharmesh he is a contestant like others and if he so outstanding and gud enough to be in masters chair and why the hell he is here ;
    this show is 4 people who knows dance and wishes to be a dancing star and acc to all you ppl he is already a dancing star so why is all others are competing and wasting their time and ours just give him sunhari takdeer ki topi and end the season””

  • priyam

    Decision was very fair this week. Kruti was outstanding and Bhavna did well compared to Tina who lacks flexibily.Kruti is such a nice person- Taking such a decision was really great of her-Terrence master is very lucky to have her in his toli

    Parvez was superb and it was real fun watching him. Shashank was outstanding – He did the right choice and definitely has the right to be here. I hope that his Master forgives him as this is about his future-He could not miss that opportunity.

    Terrence ki Toli seems to be very stong now and I don’t think that anyone can be eliminated from his team this week.

    I think that the next to go should be Bhavna among the girls and Naresh or Kishore among the boys

    Agree that Dharmesh is excellent, but what about Shakti-she is too good

  • udya

    Agree that Terrence is the only person who is professional and fair in his comments and feedbacks. I like his manner and motivating words. He is completely not harsh and rude as Remo, the buffalo woman and even sometime Mithun are. Guys be professional, strong and positive (in your attitude).

    Also the contestants, you got the chance to be on the stage. Thats great. Do not be disheartened if you are eliminated. Thats a part of the game. Losing the game and winning the game is not the end of life. Accept the results happily. Thats the way of being great.

    Altaf did so and he is great for his final comments. Even though Altaf & Teena are eliminated from the game, they are remembered for their great performance on “Bachata” dance. That was for me the one of the best act.

    Guys, keep rocking.

  • priyam

    If I had to rate the girls, it would be as such
    3)Vandana and Nikitashi

    For the Boys

    3)Kunwar , Shashank and Punit
    4)Naresh and Kishore

    Dharmesh should be given better costumes. So far he has been performing so well, but his costumes were not so nice. A nice costume enhances the dance and makes it nicer to watch

    Was really nice to see jai Kumar Nair, My Favorite of season 1-Makes me remember his Manmohini Performance- Looking forward to see such a performance this season as well.

  • priyam

    Geeta Master should not have reacted as she did towards Mithunda. I did not expect that to happen in DID.

    Hats off to Teena and Altaf who left sportingly. Best of luck to you both. This elimination will be the reason for your future success.

  • MJ Fan

    hey remo, we love u. u have a big fan following here in our club. we have faith in u. please get well soon. love u a lot. best wishes to u and ur participants.

  • MJ Fan

    terrance u keep giving us a lot of information about different kinds of dancing techniques. keep it up. geeta , dont get disheartend by the comments. just concentrate on ur work. remo we love u and pray for ur recovery. u gave us prince and salman . we are sure to see more “tarasha hua heera” from ur team.

  • voice of reason

    Well said MJ Fan,

    We tolerate geeta
    we like terrance (except for his wierd clothes)
    we LOVE REMO

    : )

  • MJ Fan

    it is wonderful to see mithun da back. we respect u mithun da and the decesion u took last week. ur story to success is an inspiration for many. we wait eagerly to watch ur DID program and ofcourse REMO………….

  • Samprit

    Dear all DID Season 2 Team,

    Thank you all for giving us such a wonderful show.
    Personally, from boys I like Dharmesh and Parvez very much and from girls my favourites are Vandana and Shakti. Their performances are really appealing to the public.

    And And among judges, I like the style of Terence Lewis very much.Every week you present something new for us. Thank you so much to you and your teams for presenting us such wonderful innovative performances.

    I also love Remo Sir, you are such a wonderful person. Your hip hop styles are awesome. I always feel, you and Terence sir
    is a complete package. If both of you together choreographed a song then nothing will be missed out from the dance. That will be awesome. I am waiting to see such a performance in DID 2 Stage. Please, choreograph a song together for the mass.

    And, Geeta Maam, without your presence DID 2 would not be completed. You are really beautiful and your presence towards all participants is really wonderful as Mother always try to protect her children. For last two weeks, some of your wonderful participants were eliminated. It’s really heartbreaking. But, don’t lose hopes. You are awesome. Like me, everyone believe that you will again come back with some wonderful performances through all your rest of diamonds.

    And Grandmaster Mithun da, you are awesome. You are always a inspirational character to the youths of our country. And the way you help others to achieve their dreams come true that’s really appreciable. From all Bengali’s heart, Mithun da, Hip Hip Hurrah…..Long Live Mithun da.

    And last but not the least, Saumya Tandon and Jay Bhanushali both of you are awesome. Saumya, I Love You. You are really beautiful. And Jay, the way you crack jokes about yourself is really awesome. Jay, it signifies you are the person with full of guts. It’s not so much easy as it seems to be. Thanks both of you for your wonderful presence in DID 2.

    Lastly, All the best to all percipients in DID 2 for your bright future. Whatever happens never lose your hopes. Remember you all are very precious for the public.

    With lot of loves n warm wishes,

    Samprit Basu
    Bally, Howrah,
    West Bengal

  • aamer

    Geeta should act like as judge only, not master and allow dharmesh to go in other team.

  • udya

    Oh about the hosts, the girl is so lousy and irritating. The guy shows lack of confidence and looks fearful.
    Do something better than what some comedy programs’ hosts do.

    Hey boy and girl, do not be nervous. Com’on, be professional and fearless but not irritating. Sometimes you are. Also you do not need to be too respectful to anybody. Be friendly with anybody no matter whether it is a bangali Mithun or any gandhi family member or the sadak-chap Remo. They are nothing more than any of you.

    Got it!!!!!!!

  • Beauty1996

    Administrator or anyone else,can you guys please tell me about the stand by team.

  • Mehnaaz

    im soooooooooo bored

  • Beauty1996

    I personally, do not have a favorite judge, I think that the judges are good at what ever they do. Guys, I think that we should give Geeta Maam a few chances with her coreography. Because, maybe it is just that she is having bad days. Everyone makes mistakes guys. I think we should compliment or criticize her after we see a few more of her performances this season. We are only talking about how bad her coreography is. Remo and Terrence have also had their share of bad coreography. All I am saying is she needs to be given another chance. Anyways, because she has fewer people in her “Gang” than before, she might be able to spend more time with them and come up with better coreography. Just give her another chance guys. Also with Darmesh being in “Geeta Ki Gang” being a bad thing for him. Like I have stated in comment #17, coreography is a big part of the performance, but how the contestant carries it out also has equal importance. If Darmesh does a good job with the coreography that he gets he will have a chance of being in the game for a long time. In such a case as that of Teena and Altaf.Even though they did a great job with the given coreography, they still got out. So, yah. That is all I have got to say.

    A personal opinoin from a 14 year old.( just because I might be younger than all of you does not mean that I am stupid).
    In one of my other comments I might have said that I was 13, but it is my B-Day today so, yah that’s why it changed(just if u were wondering). :)

  • klaxonin

    Hi Beauty 1996,

    Wish you a very happy birthday.

    Today is also special for me because I met a special girl on this day in 1995. (She is now my wife and mother to a wonderful 6 year old daughter : )


  • Mahesh

    I remember Geeta Maa saying something about Shashank in the limelight episode on the 16th jan, right after when two of her contestants got eliminated, that “2 min k ganay pe 1.30 min tak idhar udhar baghta raha woh aur ussne kuch kiya nahi”, Seriously i do agree with her comment because that guy really didn’t dance at all, he just kept jumping and all that bs.
    And i’d also like to say a few words about Mithun DADA… that he’s not judging all those dancers by their dance at all, as for example kishore was safe allthough he only did a few jumps and back flips mostly sunts, and on the other side Ameet who performed very well got eliminated just because he didnt bring his family or told anything pitiful about his life and all… whereas kishore bhai brought his family and told many pitiful tale about them and himself, and so Mithun had no choice but to keep him..
    The same thing goes for Shashank telling something about his beloved Master from Argentina.

    so in my Openion DID 2 is not about dance to Mithun da, its about emotions and pitiness.

    And my only advice to the rest of the remaining contestants in order to survive would be that they should bring in their families or tell anything that could make Mithun Da emotional.

  • Obby


    Dharmesh Yelande Group facebook.

  • pearl summers


    happy Birthday
    Wishing you lots n lots happiness and prosperity

  • pearl summers


    Very well said buddy

  • pearl summers


    thank you so much appreciation

  • MJ Fan

    heard someone did some art work on remo’s plaster cast. wish i had a chance to be near him . one of my friends just happened to be on the same aeroplane as him and was sitting behind him. he was awed by remo’s humility. hey remo get well soon boss. u have many such fans as dharmesh sir, who look up to u.

  • MJ Fan

    hey beauty , happy b’day dear . u sound more mature than many of us here. may god bless u.

  • pokiree

    the concept of DID? -who becomes best dancing star ..
    but this is not talent dancer show anymore is masters politics show ..its about which masters win ..not which dancer wins .. they should mix all the dancers and who ever gives poor performance they should be eliminated ..but it wont happen.
    they should change format of the show by rotating dancers every week between the masters and giving marks to the dancers. who ever gets less marks they should be automatically out.

  • discodancer

    But guys,,,what about some deserving talents were overlooked,and because of the rule of contestants being alloted to individual masters someone got 4 and some got only 2 brilliant deserving dancers….! I think we have missed the likes of Altaf,Jack or Gourabh who were better than Naresh,Ameeths. Girls section too had some wrong omissions-what about Amrita ? So there should be a fair grouping…not like GeetaMaa takes good dancers on her will….! What do you say…….?????

  • pokiree

    where are limelight videos?? plz post

  • discodancer

    Charvi Bhardwaj is too beautiful and a very good dancer too…Do Meenu and Shakti fans agree ?

  • pokiree

    oh got those.. tks

  • Beauty1996

    Thank You guys for wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    So sweet to get blessings frommy elders!!!

  • komal89

    hi everyone
    Just wanna say that this is a show- hence there sure must have some fight, dramas, suspense to keep the public hook to it. All the tears and wat they are goin to say must be preplanned like a tv serial.
    There is no use fighting on who is the best or watever.
    to reach top 18 already proved these constestant were best in watever they do.
    Sure Dharmesh is a good dancer, bt he is a trained one n a teacher on top of that, do that make it automatic as he must win? this is competition show- there needs to be some ups n downs.
    Even if geeta choose Dharmesh, i guess it was all plan with the producers.
    Remo always nominate the most prepared dancers so that they dont get eliminated. Even if Geeta wanted, she could be nominating Dharmesh n be sure of keeping her candidates.
    They all are playing politics n have viewers number increase.

    Personally, i really like Terrence as he keeps innovating with dancers from the whole world and he does explain these dance. Remo is good but he limits himself to wat he does best, may be he should get some more versatile dancers in his team(not talkg of candidates bt those who help him to teach the candidates choegraphy). Abt Geeta also, she should do some more research.

  • anonymous

    I have mixed emotions about this show..Happy to see so many people voting and giving time to this show by putting in their comments but dissapointed by the judgement of respected judges..No doubt,all of them are good dancers and somehow deserve to be in top 18..There were other’s too..

    Overall..This show is slowly moving from world fame to world shame..The dissapointment of so many dance loving fans is a proof to this..World knows, few of the judges are behaving like corrupt politicians and keeping preferences over their work..They should remember what they are here for..

    My Take on the big guns from each team is…

    GUYS !!!! “Talent is nothing without opportunity”

    Other than mumbai auditions…Shakti has not performed in Trio so far..She has only done couple performance and that too contemprory..
    Dharmesh have only done Hip-Hop and that’s his style too..
    Nikitasha is a classical dancer and she was not great in hip hop this time..Thanks that she tried something new..

    I have no doubt on their ability but they still have to prove themselves before thinking about the Golden Cap !! Prince last time was good, but not the best..
    Let’s wait and watch how good they are with all the forms..
    All the Best to Everyone !!

  • heena

    Discodancer. I totally agree with you. Amrita was amazing, and should not have been eliminated. Anyways, what’s done is done.

    Also, I hate Geeta MAA lol. She’s overly dramatic. And a poor mentor – no wonder she’s already had three of her dancers eliminated.

  • mikamiks

    would u all like if i post my view to u? i m newcomer in bloging…………

  • patelcharu

    I love this show. Dharmesh and Shakti are rocking. Geeta was being very unfair with Dharmesh. She knew from Vadodara Audition that Dharmesh likes Remo sir. Through this show Dharmesh could have fulfill his dream with Remo sir. So, she should be not feel upset when Dharmesh expressing his feeling toward Remo sir. I think she should feel sorry for making mistake of choosing Dharmesh even after knowing that Dharmesh likes Remo. She is the one who ask him during Vadodara Audition “who do you really like?”
    Honestly Geeta you are very weak near Remo Sir and Terrance Sir. It would be nice if Vaibhabi Merchant takes her place because Vaibhavi Merchant is the only female Choreographer who knows Classic and Western Dance. Remo sir and Terrance sir are stronger choreographers. They always bring best on stage. If Dharmesh won’t win it will be all because Geeta. Only reason I am saying this because I have observed her since DID Season 1. Because of Geeta some Dancers are not succeeding.
    Shakti you are truly wonderful Dancer. I also like Kruti. Over all Terrance’s toli is strong in female.
    Geeta should not be Upset on Mithun Dada because elimination of Altaf and Tina. Altaf and Teena’s Performance was weak compare to Kruti, Bhavna, Parvez, and Shashank. Not because they didn’t perform well but because there choreography was weak.

  • ridhsi

    pls some tell me how can i download last episode vedioes from this site, i missed both episodes of last week

  • April

    Geeta Kapur should not be in the show…i mean she is turning the show into a melodramatic caricature…all her dancers are horribly choreographed and shud b sent out of the show…mithun da did a gr8 job last time…and that shud have been done with kishore as well…Ameeth was an exceptional dancer and deserved to stay…Mithun da has already done a favour for geeta…and no more shud he do it! The only way to kick geeta out of the show is to kick his contestants out! DUH!! DID2 producers bring in a real choreographer pllllss!!!

  • April

    Dharmesh sir can very well replace geeta!!!

  • Beauty1996

    Dear April,
    Why are you saying,”all her dancers are horribly choreographed and shud b sent out of the show…” What u said is not fair at all!!!!! Why should all of her dancers be sent out? It is not as if it’s their fault that they’re horribly coreographed. If anything Geeta Maam should be out. I am not trying to be mean to her, but I don’t feel like her coreography is bringing the best out of her contestants. For example, Altaf’s and Teena’s coreography wasn’t as up to par as was Remo’s and Terrence’s. I personally feel that Teena and Altaf have great potential,and that Geeta Maam was not able to bring the best out of them.

  • heena

    April, I totally understand your anger towards Geeta. She is quiet annoying and not as talented as Remo and Terrance. Though, I have to agree with Beauty – its not fair to call the contestant, bad dancers. They are all there to learn and progress. It’s a journey, no one is perfect. Though I think Geeta is simply not working as hard as the other mentors because of Dharmesh; Geeta knows that he’s going to be going pretty damn far in the competition. So Beauty, I think you’re right when you say that she’s not working hard enough to bring out the best in he rest of her dancers. Kinda sucks to be on her team =(

  • Jo

    I strongly feel, none of the contestants wishes to be in Geeta’s team. It is evident that Geeta is not as competent as Remo & Terrance and moreover she herself realises this and feels extreme insecurity.

    DID production team should consider replacing Geeta with another Judge/Master as competent as Remo & Terrance. In DID2, most of the eliminated contestants from Geeta’s team are out not because of lack of talent, but of weak choreography.

    This is now; being absolutely unfair to members of Geetha’s team, its high time DID production team responds to this much evident situation.

  • Jo

    As many out here; I greatly appreciate Grand Master’s decision, in fact very much glad that he did not hesitate to drop off two members from the same team. :)

  • komal89

    i am not of the view that the grandmaster tk gd decision. he always treat Remo n his team with more preference. Like if he give Terrence team a grand salute, he wil do same later on for Remo even if they were not to that standard.
    From DID1 to DID2, just watch how he is with Remo’s team. he protect them.
    Last season, there was that girl from uk, very ill-mannered n it was with public vote tht she was kicked out(yeah it has to be said kicked out as better candidate got eliminate b4 her n thnx to janta vote, she was out).
    It wld hav been better than from the 18candidate, public vote was ask, let us choose what we see has more potential to go ahead.
    The grandmaster was never a good dancer, just coz he did some steps which propulsated his career, did never make him the best judge.
    the best judge is always the public, this is a show for us so let us do the voting now.

    the best abt all the comments above is that we are all complaining x is better thn y or z should hav been eliminated etc, bt in the end, only one wil get the hat, so its quite logical, good or bad choreagraphy, a good dancer should b able to dance well.

  • rags1710

    guys, let’s predict this week’s elimination:

    My take: 1) Bhavana & 2) Naresh.

  • Niravgamit

    this week geeta played a game…..i think she nominated dharmesh………..and save her team…….but beeny is 100% nominated bcoz she is only a girl from geeta ki gang….lets see what happen……….

  • MJ Fan

    last season grand master gave a suggestion that the contestants shud try smthng diff. when prince did grand master changed his opinion and said u shud try what u know best. that had cost prince. so it is not true that grand master favours remo. as for grand masters capabilities we r too immature to decide that. it is his humility that has brought him where he is today and we have heard him agreeing to the fact that he does’nt know any of the contemporary dance techniques. if any of u do not know how to respect a senior person kindly do not let it out. it puts u in a bad picture. just an advise.

  • MJ Fan

    hey i am waiting to see salman.

  • teresa82

    darmesh is a perfect hip hop dancer… no one could ever dance like how he performed hip hop…. but due to that GEETA MAA.. LOL…. he s not able to show out his talent…. i strongly approach the DID team to let darmesh perform some good hip hop dance.. so that people can see his extra ordinary talent…IF DID CONTINUE THIS WAY IT WILL BE ON THE LOSING SIDE…. REMOVE GEETA OR ELSE SHUFFLE THE DANCERS BETWEN THE MASTERS…. REMO N TERENCE IS FIT TO B THE MASTERS… BUT GEETA IS NOT…. SHE DOESN’T LET HER CONTESTANT PERFORM ANY WESTERN SONGS… SHE IS VERY MUCH FOND OF THOSE SICK BOLLYWOOD NUMBERS…

  • Beauty1996

    I predict that Naresh(the guy with best smile) and Vandana(I don’t really have a logical reason to pick her, but crazy things have been happening so that’s why I picked her).


    SOS DHARMESH…POOR GUY is suffering bcoz of that GEETA whatevr..MAA. She is leaving no stone unturned to show her vengeance on Dharmsh as she felt bad that Dharmesh choose Remo over her. She thought that Dharmesh will be her Golden Boy, he single handedly can bring the trophy of ‘DID” in her kitty…..But sorry GEETA with such weak bollwood choreography n limiting the freedom of Dharmesh of what he does best i.e. HIP- HOP, she is making his future go waste n unnoticed.that’s sad…

  • voice of reason

    wow.. just saw today’s episode and I must say that remo’s choreography was excellent. He had three numbers today and while the last number was somewhat spoiled because of a couple of errors, his first two numbers were far far better than the other performances of the day..

    way to you remo.. you rock.

  • voice of reason

    Terrance. sorry to say… your arial dance was a rehash of what has already been done to death in DID1. Please come up with something new and some imaginative choreography… we are sick of your same old same old same old dances…

  • MJ Fan

    why geeta why?????????????? why did u have to say something when u have less knowledge. terrance is best at points. that is his strength. he brought it to everybodys notice the importance of points in did 1 . Remo, janemann…………… u did a terriffic job with ur team. remo get well soon boss. we pray for ur wellbeing. u know what?? my 6 year daughter kisses you on the tv screen. what else can i say. from my club to my house u have people who are die hard fan of ur’s.
    by the way today terrance was looking better than before. geeta maam, please do not get disheartened and commit mistakes. u can do well. otherwise why on earth a choreographer like farah khan would patronise ur services.

  • MJ Fan

    today salmaan showed his large heartedness in many ways. i believe many of us would agree.salmaan we love u yaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

  • udya

    Just saw 22nd Jan show. I hate to say it but have to say that what a poor quality show it was. What the hell has to do with a movie by that guy? What is the name of that guy who was guest on today (22nd Jan)? Some xyz khan. What a none-sense. Why the hell they bring a people like him? I hate to see people like him who, for me, does not have any quality. Sorry guys.

    Mithun proved that how poor is he? No manner, no common sense, no professionalism. Nothing. How these people were selected in leading roles. Don’t they have education? They look like Tapori.

  • Shrina Patel


  • Shrina Patel


  • Shrina Patel

    first of all I am not gay or nything or not from that community as u say and neither is terrence. he likes GIRLS! I bet u the way he dresses is just is own unique style.( tho he duz look damn hot in watever he wears) but still, remember that episode last yet tat showed his sad love story?? it was him and a GRL. I’m just tellin u to clear that thought out of ur mind cuz he’s not gay.

  • Shrina Patel

    and it’s Ms. Shrina Patel. I’M A GIRL not a guy!

  • Shrina Patel

    and I’m not saying ur wrong. I agree his wardrobe is a bit wired and that last seasons wazMUCH better ohhhh he looked so hott. but he’s just not gay.

  • April

    Ms Shrina Patel,
    i think voice of reason hs a really strng point there…ur terrance darling may not be gay…but its nt our fault, dear ,that he keeps sending out wrong singals through his girlish body language and wierd dressing sense! i mean which man on earth drapes such wonderful greek curls with, i dnt know wat….a left out piece of cloth!!???

  • April

    @ beauty1996,
    there is no doubt that geeta’s crew is furnished with some of the best dancers of the lot! she is a cunning fat lady nd has carefully sieved them out during the auditions! and im nt saying that its their fault! by now you must have understood that geeta has becum a gr8 burden to this show and shud be eliminated 4m it as soon as possible…her comments are over-judgemental and cn have lethal effects on the other contestants’ performances as the show progresses! bt no matter how often we blog,the producers’hands are also tied up as they must have taken geeta under a contract and cannot throw her out on the basis of our blogs! so the only way we push her out of the show is by eliminating her contestants!! as it is,these poor dancers have already lost to destiny the moment they were chosen by geeta….whether it is their fault or not…they WILL BE chucked out everytime they are horribly choreographed…you cannot deny that! do u understand the logic now?????

  • April

    @ heena
    i never sd they r “bad dancers”! duh! nevr mentind it!if they were bad,they wudnt have been in did2! they are all finely polished dancers…its geeta’s choreography thats always putting them a step behind the others! and lets face the truth…if ur behind then ur out..wether its ur fault or sum1 elses! the only bad dancers on the show are jay,mithun da and geeta! u gt the whole idea wrng!
    P.S. i hv nevr seen saumya dance…so cnt comment on her!

  • Shrina Patel

    hes justdifferent on his own way but tat didn’t mean hes gay!!!!

  • Shrina Patel

    in his own way not “on”

  • sammy

    Hello everyone
    very lately I have joined this discussion forum and interestingly, thoughts of my fellow DID fans are same as mine. I have watched “Dharmesh sir” from the very first day and the way he moves his body with each and every sound of music is something worth watching. He is one such dancer who actually takes dance to the next level. I myself dance and I know it becomes difficult at times to move ur body with every beat of music and he is one such Dancer who actually does it.
    What on earth his Master GEETA knws. She has screwed his entire Journey of DID. the kind of dance he did on Sat was something which can’t be put up on show like DID. Thats a religious Dance and ppl who actually dance have been doing that for ages. She is the Main CULPRIT of everything that has happen to this great Dancer ” DHARMESH sir “.
    I was completely shocked and badly hurt when I saw he being eliminated. GEETA – Please Stop ruining the Show. Its a complete Disaster for DID-2.
    ALL the best to DHARMESH SIr for his academy and really wish to see him back :)

    Please ELIMINATE Geeta and Lets all get Dharmesh back to the show :) wat say GUYS

    • anshh

      vote for dharmesh ….he is best

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