Dance India Dance Season2 10th April Videos

Dance India Dance Season2 10th April Videos

Zee Tv Super Stars shared the stage with Super Six Contestants of Dance India Dance on 10th April Episode. Little Kids celebrated Terence Lewis’s birthday and we on behalf of our all users would like to say Happy Birthday to you Master Terence. Today’s performances were entertaining and the stars of the serials enjoyed dancing with the dancing stars. DID Little master’s is starting on 30th April and by the promos it looks very cool. We hope to see a wonderful competition ahead. Enjoy Dance India Dance 10th April videos.

Terence Ki Toli

Amar & Ankita Lokhande (Archana – Pavitra Rishta) performed Freestyle on the song Haal Kaisa Hai

Shakti & Sushant Rajput (Manav – Pavitra Rishta) performed on the song Zara Zara Touch Me, Rumba and Samba Dance

Geeta Ki Gang

Binny & Shekhar (Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo) performed on Ruki Sukhi Roti, Freestyle.

Dharmesh & Jaswir performed on the song Kajra Re in Freestyle

Amrita & Afsha Mushani (Little Champs Host) performed on the song Chadti Jawani, Pardesiya and Tu Tu Hai Wohi, Freestyle

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Punit & Swarn Abha (Yaaha Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli) performed on the song Mein Agar Kahoon – Freestyle

Shakti & Sushant + Punit & Swarn Abha gets Lux Performance of the day award.

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Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 10th April Lime Light

Vote for your Favorite Contestant.

  • Dharmesh (49%, 2,802 Votes)
  • Shakti Mohan (23%, 1,279 Votes)
  • Binny Sharma (11%, 620 Votes)
  • Punit (10%, 548 Votes)
  • Kunwar Amarjeet (7%, 432 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,670

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  • Beauty1996

    I love Biryani!!

  • prashant22

    awesome performance by dharmesh just in one hour time gr8 man…love u…


    Bring One Plat of Biryani For JIN BABA Hurr up!!!!!! 😆 😆

  • prashant22

    today mithun along with remo and terrance totally sucked…they didnt even said one single word to dharmesh..dunno what is happening in DID hope that D wins the sunehri topi…

  • AnnieJ


  • prashant22

    @ JIN BABA
    read many of ur comments found u very much informative…do u know the dance styles given by geeta to contestents

  • lords2020

    i also feel same way master Terrance & remo doing this from last 3weeks but mitunda join them from 9th April.

  • lords2020

    if anyone know next week dance styles pleas com up with them.they didn’t say anything in limelight. 😉 😉 😉

  • ChArMz AnGeL

    Today’s performances were lots of fun to watch, especially after yesterday’s disappointing episode.

    My Ratings:

    Punit & Suhasi (9.5) — I LOVED THEIR ACT! I thought they were the best for today which is a surprise coming from me because I do not like Punit. Very well deserved POTD, but surprised it went to 2 duets instead of just them. They were indeed very magical and Suhasi is such a great dancer, which is why her and Punit did beautiful together! Hats off to Punit because this week he FINALLY shined.

    D & Jassi (9.0) — I LOVE bollywood performances. I wish they had more of these on this show, but unfortunately they don’t. It was a pleasure to see Jassi on stage and of course she was fabulous. It was nice to see Dharmesh do all Bollywood for once and I thought his expressions & movements were great. Poor Lali, i hope she gets well soon. In all, very entertaining and Dharmesh got lucky to have a pertner like Jassi that enhanced the performance. Although, i wish they didn’t do that KAJRA RE step from the movie, it is SO overplayed!!!

    S & Sushant (9.0) — It was a very sensual performance. I love both the songs and they did very well. I know the difference between Rumba and Samba, and yes the men need to be aggressive but they also need to be very smooth. Sushant seemed a little stiff or maybe it was the adrenaline. Shakti was very crisp and sensual, but needs to loosen her arms and feet a little bit to have a smoother flow. All in all, it was simple and hot.

    Binny & Shekhar (8.0) — Another full out bollywood performance, which was very cute. It was definitely a simple and entertaining performance with loads of expressions and fun. Shekhar clearly does not seem like a dancer, but i loved his spirit and u can tell the man was having fun. Binny definitely held the performance very well considering Shekhar messed up here and there. Fun performance.

    Amar & Archana (7.75) — They were SO cute. I thought this was a very simple and sweet performance. However, to be honest, it was a little less entertaining compared to the other performances. I loved the prop idea and the song selection was great. Archana is a good bollywood dancer but in this performance she was a little weak, but Amar carried the whole performance off so well. I want to see AMAR in top 4 — please vote for him!!!!

    I don’t want to rate Amrita and Afsha because Amrita is sadly not with us anymore =( I thought this performance was awesome! Amrita of course shined and was tremendous. Afsha’s attempt was sweet and enlightening, although I found it a bit weird to see her dancing like that (she is a KID!!) I really want to see Shakti do a full out bollywood dance that Amrita did. She hasn’t done anything pure Bollywood, so it would be pleasing to watch.

  • brkdancekid

    charmz angel nice introspection

  • Admin

    JIN BABA, stop exploiting < a > tag. It’s meant for links.

  • brkdancekid

    everybody check out the new chat system

  • roshok

    Alot of game is happening behind the screen. Zee is trying all the tricks to keep the TRP high. In 10th April’s episode it has become more evident. Look how Dharmesh was not given any comment after his performance. He(Dharmesh) gave a mindblowing performance in a short time preparation but he was not appreciated for that at all. Even Gheeta didn’t say much. She just said well done Dharmesh as she can’t say much because of Zee TV scripted comments.

    Amrita is versatile than other girls on the show but it is unfortunate that she is made voted out.

    Zee TV is trying to get as much vote as possible to keep the TRP high as TRP generates more money for ZEE TV from their sponsors and ads. For Zee it’s just a business in the name of talent hunt. Its unfortunate for the deserving contestants.

    Many deserving contestants were shown the door to keep the drama alive.

    Keep voting for the deserving contestant.

  • sundial

    thankssssssssssssssssssssssssss….admin….for uploading videos……………………. :)

  • jaipatel

    Dharmesh Sir Rocks

  • anilsdomain2003

    Dharmesh is too good.

  • pk123

    @brkdancekid, what chat system? where? how can I access?

  • moredance

    Wah kyaa Baat Kyaaa Baat Kyaa Baat.
    Both Shakti & Punit getting Best performance in their seperate duets.
    Punit’s duet with SWarnabha was below average , of course Swarnabah is the beauty queen soo..
    Now all the limits crossed by ZEEtv.
    its really shamefull
    on the other hand no good comments for Dahrmesh Sir or Binny???
    Looks like ZEEtv wants JANTA also to support their political games.
    Waht a pity for Master Geeta.
    She can do nothing coz i’ve read in official page all the show is scripted,
    So voting is wasting.

  • jai

    afsha sucks …forcibly tries to be cute …

  • moredance

    REMO is first to be eliminated next week
    coz he’s the weakest master & his contestent is also waekest.
    i can’t even imagine how PUNIT got 2 this week
    I hope next week PUNIT will bw no. 1
    Yeh toh MJ(My Joker) badeg kaa kamaaal hai
    Same for Shakti or Shaksti ( Whatever they call that….)
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  • gagaan

    What has happened to DID?…entertainment value has gone null…because the celebrities were not trained dancers…why were they included in the show?…DID contestants had to lower down their standard of dancing today just to match the celebrities…this is not what the Janta expects towards the end of the season…we expect DID to shine like never before…we want extraordinary dance performances from all the dancers…every dancer should be trying to outperform the other at this point of time…DID is on a dip in terms of entertainment value

  • moredance

    Bhai PUNNU tum lagta hai WInner ho jaoge.
    After all REMo has given badge so Takdir ki topi bhi MJ badge walon ko hi milegee.
    I advice to both Geeta & Terrance u also start giving badges to contestents to befool people
    Geeta Maaa pllz start ” MD ” badge for ur contestents
    ” MD ” means Madhri Dixit badge.Give this to Binny
    At least u can save our Binny.
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • luvdid

    shakti(same for punit)… don’t u worry gurl…east or west politics(in DID2) is at it’s best and u’ll be winner …. so what if janta is bored to death with ur same stretching… so wat if there is nothing new in ur dance….so wat if u cannot do anything else than contemporary…so wat if janta religiously votes and waste their money(only for zee to manipulate the votes)…so wat if Terrance made u luk good and dress code (no variety in dance) wat if janta likes D more than u …. apart from all this u r true winner ;-)..not.

    Well guys I m really fed-up with the politics on and off screen and more than that feel sorry for people like us who wanted a reality show with real contestants and talent and even we can c the dirty politics played…well really can’t imagine if on screen so many things can happen…then wat about off screen…may be mentors and mithunda sit together and discuss on who they want to be announced as # 1 and who shud be eliminated (that is irrespective of the votes each contestant is getting)

  • Aazeen Nasir

    I absolutley loved Shakti and Amars performances.
    And binnny should so get eliminated next week, along with Punit but they obviously have to drag him to top 3 to represent Remo. ughh
    Just like they did with siddesh last year.

  • luvdid

    on remo’s comment for punit being lady killer..well he for sure can kill people (literally) with his lame dancing and some of the dead might be ladies i agree he can be a lady killer at times ;-)….

  • moredance


    Very weel said,
    When SHAKTI gives poor performances or repeats same nobody should object bcoz she;s the Shakti– the power of politics on this show.
    PUNEET has sucked alot
    His dance style is still unknown in this world.
    and again SHAKTI has fell short of clothes,
    I think someone should give her decent dresses.
    May be she has this much only.
    Ab bhaiyee vote ke liye kuch toh karna padega hee.
    This si common practice in our Bollywood, the heroines who are poor at acting always wear incomplete dress so as to attract viewrs.
    After all the Show must go on.
    LOLZ :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • moredance

    Aisa hai tension lene kaa naahi
    Dene kaaaa.
    Ha ha aha ha ha ha ha
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • bhavu

    all da masters sucks except Geeta… they didn’t even tell dharmesh anythin… jealous of dharmesh n his publicity….dharmesh rocks…:)

  • radhe

    dharmesh is the best

  • khatz

    what was shakti doing Dancing or Streaptease???

    This episode was toooo bad !!!



  • saumya

    Well said Khatz….Terrence knows that Shakti cannot compete with Dharmesh in dancing…so he made her do striptease…lol. Everyone is after Dharmesh to bring him down in some way or other. He is and will be no. 1…we’ll make him win. Common guys..Dharmesh rocks!!

  • saumya

    I don’t even know who Laali is, never seen performance on TV. Being in US, it’s difficult to follow TV serials. I don’t like dailymotion in the fact that it actually truncated all the portions which were in favor of’s sad and ofcourse disgusting.
    I have become a real fan of Laali for being honest and being able to come and speak up in favor of Dharmesh.
    He is awesome..but have been realyyyy struggling to prove himself against all odds..he is a real prefomer:-)

  • saumya

    I don’t even know who Laali is, never seen performance on TV. Being in US, it’s difficult to follow TV serials. I don’t like dailymotion in the fact that it actually truncated all the portions which were in favor of’s sad and ofcourse disgusting.
    I have become a real fan of Laali for being honest and being able to come and speak up in favor of Dharmesh.
    He is awesome..but have been realyyyy struggling to prove himself against all odds..he is a real preformer:-)

  • roshok

    Zee is going twist the final result to declare the winners whether Dharmesh or Shakti, whoever would be benificial for Zee TV. Most probably Shakti is going to win but Dharmesh could also be declared as winner as he is going to be present on DID little masters platform. His presence and win could be a selling point for Zee TV.

    Lets wait and watch.

    Keep voting though it won’t affect the real outcome.

  • s@rah

    Guys i agree with u. I said that in the beginning that yes masters are jealous of Dharmesh. They wonder how an unknown dancer can have such a high popularity and why public always vote for him. They wonder what gonna happen if he wins sunehri taqdeer ki topi because they know this guy can come up to their level in few years. They are playing politics now. If you see Dharmesh’s video during auditions when he performed on Gouvinda’s song (Mera dil na toro – rooth k na jao meri jaan), Remo said he wanted Dharmesh to be in his team and he was sad as Geeta selected him. Now he is totally ignoring him and never convey good remarks about him. I wonder, if Dharmesh would have been in his team, would he comment that we know you are good in this style but show us something different. The honest answer is no because last year he did the same thing with Prince and even this year with Sajan. Those two guys are just good in one specific dance form and cant do good in other styles while Dharmesh is trying with different styles and he is doing good. If according to remo dancing star should be Versatile then i guess Dharmesh have tried more forms than Punit. Now here comes Shakti. She is good when she does Contemporary or when she performs with Amar. I like her but they way masters praising her for every new thing she does and ignoring Dharmesh, makes me feel bad. If Masters and Zee TV are deciding everything like who should win taqdeer ki topi then, what is this fuss abt voting? Why Janta needs to vote at all. First, they are the one who praised Dharmesh so much to get higher TPR for their show and now they are ignoring him as he does not exist. They should get sensible. I am wondering what will happen to him ? He is really good i know but if he doesn’t win and someone else like Punit wins the show – it’s gonna be a disgrace for ppl who love this show and love dancing.

  • merijaan

    i love the way shakti is performed..DID2 BEST OF 3 ARE 1.Dharmesh
    3,Punit….binny and amar will be the rest..



  • sundial

    1). dharmesh u r too good……..
    2).shakti::::::::::::what a erotic dance…….I wanna see more dances like this 👿 if this is gaunna in DID-2 god knows what we will see in DID-3,4,5……….
    but I like this performance very sensual and eerrooottiicc…even Katrina cant’ match u Shakti…
    3). Amar and binni and puni….all performance was nice
    4).Archana plz manav ko divorce mat dena wo to bechara fas gaya tha terrence sir ki choreography and shakti ki adao ke beech mai….. 😀

    finally D is best he may be not so smart and handsome….but he is truly a dancing + star because he already has got space in the heart of people of India……

  • anujsharma

    next week..binny or amar mein se koi jayega…I am surprized ki shakti was at 3rd position and puneet at 2…it seems remo ke rangeele..sajan ki votes bhi puneet ko mili is baar..all the best for Darmesh Sir…i know ki all five even 7 are…unik and deserve a sunahari topi..but them show will loose its charm and popularity…
    I hope ki Bhagwan…Darmesh Sir par Kripa banaye rakhe…
    God Bless You…
    Maa kuch aisa karwao bus sabki lag..jaye..Darmesh Sir..Faad Do..
    Remember…”Jahan Haath Dala…Wahan Faad Dala”…Cheers..

  • sundial

    dharmesh is doing dhamaka.

    shakti is showing her shhhhaaaaaa…..kti…….(girl power) and there is nothing wrong in doing this…if she is beauty full and sexy than she has every right to present herself in this way and terrence sir is showing her way as well….so for all anti shakti fans.don’t make this as an issue in future….

    amar: yaar tum actor bhi achche ho..

    binni: geeta nani ki chaheti….bitya rani..geeta nani will be more than happi if u win the title.

    puni: todays performnce was good due to ur hard work her beacuse u got a good partnr as well…

    Manav : bate archana ab teri waat laga degi 😯

  • sundial

    geeta aapne afsaa/absaa (choti bacchi): kya mazaak hai mujhe jara bhi pasand nahi aaya???what is this yaar bachon ko to chod do…….may be I am too orthodox but bachchon per aise dance….gana….wagarah theek nahi…

  • amol patil

    Dharmesh Rocks everytime and for that reason Remo & Terrance are jealous.
    Remo & terrence not appriciate Dharmesh and anyone can understand by comment given after today’s performance. Dharmesh is suffering for the dirty politics of Zee TV, Mithunda, Remo and Terrance.
    DHARMESH what happen if REMO has not given you MJ Band
    though you deserve but all viwers all always with you.
    I think DID is just the politics and to play with contestant to increase TRP.

    Wah kyaa Baat Kyaaa Baat Kyaa Baat- MITHUNDA(G.M)

  • princerij90

    a request to remo and terrence, please praise dharmesh to the fullest even if he performs like crap..give him standing ovation, tell him it was a chummeshwari performance and that’s what you call a performance..because that’s the only way you’ll make these crazed dharmesh fans happy..
    and terrence can you please make shakti wear saari and burqa no matter what kinda performance she’s gonna give?..and don’t make her do any sensual performance..make her pray during the performance if you possibly can..
    this is the only way these dharmesh fans will be happy and stop attacking you and remo for no reason..because seems like you guys being honest gets these people, just keep praising dharmesh..
    dharmesh, you are awesome! you are too are one can match
    i hope all of you dharmesh fans feel a little better now?

  • Roms

    Dharmesh u rock the stage man…
    U r the best.

  • sundial

    dharmesh cool dude
    shakti hot(bombshell)take this as +ve plz…
    binni charming
    puni as remo says star (tara)
    ammu yaar tum aur kruti hi deserve kertein ho as a dancer but as an entertainer shakti…as she is hot and as an young man I don’t mind this…I like for more….(human nature)
    as off now some how binni has to go…..and dharmash sir ji aap tension mat lo doodh ka doodh pani ka pani ho chuka hai……aapke fan hamesha se shakti se ek jyada hi rahega
    aur wo banda mai hi hoon……so don’t vary

  • lenayuy

    < 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😛 DHARMESH SUCKS (in this episode) that's why he was appreciated that actress was BETTER then him, Gita's dances were like terence and Remo said SIMPLE really easy, ppl are just blindly voting and u can see the tricks of tv that zee is using to push candidates, anyway to each his own, i just hope binny gets out, amrita should have stayed. What is it with ppl and darhmesh? his personality is lack luster , u need a crowbar to get expression out of him, an his dancing is over hyped. Dharmesh is over hyped.

  • sundial

    gud mornig Jin Baba and DID rocks…..good bye for now….missin u both :(

  • luvdid

    @princerij90 ….i completely agree with you …y only shakti and punit shud be praised for crappy dances and D not even for gr8 I agree but the part that atleast praise him for his gr8 performances – which is every time he takes the stage(hs is simply gr8)…
    so yeah I agree like 10000% but only the fact that appreciate talent part by praising good performances and no place for politics in reality show :)..
    have fun …

  • sundial

    @ lenayuy: very well said….. 😯 i agree dharmesh is over hyped………u r right ……but people r not fool….what they like they want to see more thats why shakti and “D” r top two contestant always except for 1 week (puni. gor 2nd rank)

  • luvdid

    4got to add…people understand eveything and r not BLIND…so need for any diplomacy or false praise for D from any mentors hers …he is beyond that already :)…so mentors can save it for other oh so ok,crappy, and repetative performacnes (clue punit and shakti)

  • sundial

    @ luvdid: 😳 rightly said…..

  • sundial

    yeh public hai yeh sab jaanti hai …..yeh jopublic hai…aandar kya hai…bahar kya hai…. 😀

  • DID S2 dhamaka

    ok.. so without reading anyone else’s comments, here’s my take on today’s performances:

    Punit and Swarnabha: I have to say, it was gorgeous. It was truly a sweet and beautifully choreographed performance. VERY well executed. These past two performances by Punit have been real nice- i’m starting to like him again lol!

    Amar and Archana: The concept was nice. Somewhat reminded me of Dharmesh and Binny’s performance to ‘Yeh raatein, yeh mausam.. nadeen ka kinara’. But some of the flips that Amar did were real cool and well executed. Archana’s real pretty.

    Binny and Shekhar: The concept was so cute. Binny looked adorable. But c’mon… how unfair was that? Shekhar didn’t know how to dance AT ALL.. is that even allowed? How can they put non-trained dancers up on stage like that? It has SUCH a negative effect on the contestants. I loved the concept of the see-saw though. And whatever was done, especially on Binny’s part, it was well executed.

    Shakti and Manav: For some reason, Shakti looked angry a lot of times during the dance. Steps were clean, but both her’s and Manav’s facial expressions were too stiff, rigid, and painful to look at. Choreographically executed well, but NOT enough for a LUX gift voucher. And don’t hate me for saying the previous comment. It’s not that I don’t like Shakti, I just felt that this time, it was not well deserved.

    Dharmesh and Jassy: I feel SO bad for Dharmesh. He kept switching partners throughout the week, and I’m pretty sure it took a toll on the choreography because of that. Other than that, it was nice and clean. There were certain parts where I loved Dharmesh’s steps (the poll one, where he climbed it was nice). Mad props to Jassy though for learning the steps so quickly.

    Amrita and Afsha: WHAT THE HELL? Amrita was as usual, AWESOME! The concept, given such a young and untrained partner, was real good and innovative as well. But that’s completely unfair for Amrita. I was hoping to see some synchronized steps (elder person with little person- cute) but most likely, due to Afsha’s immaturity, that couldn’t take place. Geeta’s expressions were soo worried looking before the performance. And … I have to say, Afsha’s performance came off extremely slutty. It should have been cute.. but I didn’t like it at all. Amrita was real good though.. She will definitely be missed.

    Side notes:
    Lali (Dharmesh’s original partner) was sooo sweet. She gave a bouquet of flowers to Geeta, and a new shirt to Dharmesh. I understand she was real sick, but Mithun Chakra’smarty’ should have just let her do a step or two. She pleaded SOO much!

    Geeta looked real sick and worried today. This was obviously a rough week for her. Two obviously horrible dance partners were given to the people of her group, and one got sick and couldn’t perform. Bad luck seems to follow her :(

    They should have called Amrita and Afsha on stage to celebrate Terrance’s birthday. They let Shashank come and play holi with them in that one episode, so why not celebrate a birthday??

    Ok.. that’s all folks.. now i’m gonna read y’all’s comments haha!!!

  • sundial

    @: DID S2 dhamaka_Amrita and Afsha:I totally agree……..that was totally crap… least bachon ko to chod do……

  • luvdid

    Hey guys…can someone please tell me what are the dancing styles given to contestants by Geeta?

  • sundial

    TRP badhane ke liye Zee tv kuch bhi ker rahan hai……..shame on u………….Afsha abhi choti hai…….do teen salbad theek hai per abhi aishi performance geeta maa kya socha aapne…..i don’t like at all……..even Mithun da may have faced some kind of shame…………

  • Dancer222

    Shakti does always the same.There is nothing new in her performances. 👿 She is only good in modern dance forms and nothing else.The one time where she tried indian classical , it was not so good.
    But i think the good performers like Punit, Binny or Amar will be eliminted next week and not so good performers like Shakti will stay, if its go the way it goes.Hoped this season would be better than last season, but i got disappointed. :roll: :roll: :roll:

  • DIDrocks

    my rankings for this week 😀 :

    1.shakti (solo was fantastic as i have said before. the duet was really good as well. it was well done with minor flaws here and there. i was surprised with manav. he was very good.)

    2.punit (solo was fabulous. no mistakes. and the duet was beautiful as well. so i guess this guy will go to the finals after all. sigh. well he deserves it after this week’s performances. he was good this week.)

    3. binny (solo was very very good. the duet was entertaining. shekar made me laugh so much. lol. but the jodi was nice and it was fun to watch. i guess this girl will go to finals as well. again deserves it afetr this week.)

    4. amar (loved his solo so very much. duet was very simple. it was cute but simple. so thats were he lost points from me. i mean it probably wasnt his fault. the choreo wasnt very challenging. but nonetheless i cant use those as excuses. he ranks 4th for me.)

    5. dharmesh( very weak solo. again not his fault. choreo was very limited. but again i cant count all that in. i rate it as it is. the duet also wasnt stunning. it was definitely entertaining. yes. but the song was responsible for it. not choreo. but again simple. nothin impressive. again not his fault. poor guy had to change partners and choreos. but no excuses once again! bad luck i must say. and i thought jasveer was very good.)

    so bottom two (only keeping this week in mind):

    dharmesh and amar. and dharmesh should leave IF IF IF you look at only this week’s performances. but i dont think he should leave cuz he usually gives good performances whether they were in his shaili or not i dont care. and amar also shouldnt leave cuz he usually gives damn good performances as well. but if janta truly looks at only that week’s performances (which it has been ever since top 12), dharmesh should leave. but i also know this wont happen cuz janta is very biased. just for dharmesh, they will look at previous performances as well. although they didnt do this with other contestants. janta has double standards when it comes to dharmesh and thats what bothers me so much. but i would like to say one more thing. if dharmesh doesnt leave, amar shouldnt either. becuz like dharmesh, amar also gives fabulous performances. so lets see how fair this janta is in choosing its finalists!

    ranking of performances:

    1.shakti and manav (not flawless but defnitely better than others)
    2.punit and swarnabha (very beautifully done.)
    3.binni and shekar (fun performance. nice to watch)
    4.dharmesh and jasveer (again fun to watch and entertaining.)
    5.amar and archana (ehhh. it wasnt so special. but it was simple and cute.)

    and i didnt rank amrita’s solo or duet cuz she aint in the comeptition anymore. i will never forgive mithun for this. and what geeta said in the limelight is absolutely true. india has lost its DID2 winner! what a shame.

  • DID S2 dhamaka

    @ sundial:

    yea i know.. I’m from the US.. honestly, even the girls here don’t dress like that. In india, it’s more of a skin show. come to the US. Other than the beach side, no one goes around with their belly popping out in the middle of the streets. I have no problem with Shakti’s outfits. I just think she’s way toooo skinny. Sometimes, she looks anorexic. lol!

    But yea.. afsha.. seriously.. i felt like going to india, and putting a 100 meter cloth oh her (aka.. a sari)

  • DIDrocks


    well said! very funny! but mooh thod jawab diya sabko!

  • breathless

    I am so tired of this so called conspiracy by zee tv, and people saying masters a jealousy of dharmesh. wow! seriously! Zee gave dhamrmesh more time than anyother star even today, and some people are saying that zee wants dharmesh to lose. Dharmesh only is good at popping(which he declares to be his shelly, and price beat him in that) second the stage remo and terrance have reached its going to take a along time for dharmesh to get their. If dharmesh is so good as people say he is then he should have already been training people in bollywood, remo and terrance made as high as they are without any zee stage. I know dharmesh is good, but dont compare him to the judges, and stop saying bad things about them. If you guys think zee is doing “dirty” politics don’t watch it, watch a show(if you can find) without politics.

  • sundial

    byee to all of u ……@didrocks:….yaar “D” ke barein koi jyada achi rai nahi hai aapki…….but kafi hadd tak tum sahi bhi ho..’D” ke barein mai…..yeh week theek nahi gaya per lets hop next week he will show why he is called “D-sir” pray for him…….

  • DIDrocks


    agreed. i called a stop on the ridiculous comments on masters a long time ago. but it seems no paid any heed to my requests. remo and terrence have NOTHING to be jealous of. do u people get it? dharmesh and all the other dancers have a stage to show off talent. but what did remo, terrence, geeta, farah khan, saroj khan and other choreographers have? nothing. they had to do it with their talent. there was no “reward” for them like taqdeer to topi to work hard for. their only reward was recognition. so who is greater? remo and terrence who with their own talent gained recognition..or dharmesh who gained recognition thanks to zee tv? if there was no DID2 or any other dance show, ur dharmesh would have taken a hell of lot of time to gain recognition as he did today.

  • DIDrocks


    i have nothing against dharmesh. its just that i feel every contestant’s votes should reflect their performances. but most of the time, dharmesh’s votes never reflect his performances and thats why i always get annoyed with him and janta. i bet u he wont leave next week cuz janta will vote for him EVEN IF he performed bad. janta is just so biased. i hate it.

  • ChArMz AnGeL

    @DIDrocks —

    I agree with you. However, as we know, the JANTA never seems to vote according to performances. If they did, Amar would have been # 1 already, Amrita would have been # 1 already, and Amrita would NOT have been out. Sigh, they will never vote accordingly.

  • DIDrocks

    i didnt like today’s episode. it was just so boring. DID is losing its standard. hopefully, next week, hamari bharatiya nritya aur natya sab ke mann ko anand kar sakti hain. yeh hai meri aasha. lol. thats as pure hindi as i can speak. lol.

  • DIDrocks

    @charmz angel

    its always favorites and looks with janta. im kinda tired of all this.

  • ChArMz AnGeL

    As for the performances today, my favs in order:

    1) Punit & Suhasi
    2) Shakti & Sushant
    3) Dharmesh & Jassi
    4) Binny & Shekar
    5) Amar & Ankita

    I think today the POTD should have only gone to Punit & Suhasi. They both were truly beautiful and magical. It was such a flawless performance, and I don’t even like Punit!
    Shakti & Sushant were good, but it seems like not too many people know about Rumba and Samba. The moves were basic, but still the portion during “touch me” were good. When they start Bamulaiza, the dance completely dropped. They both were very stiff, especially Shakti. Please look at the way she is moving her hips, it is stiff. You need to be very smooth in Latin style dancing. Regardless, their performance was pretty good.
    I felt bad for Dharmesh that he had to go through different partners. I also feel bad for him because Geeta gave him such simple moves and style considering he is capable of much more. Regardless, I really enjoyed their performance and thought they were great for a 1 hour practice.

  • ChArMz AnGeL

    @ DIDrocks —

    Nice attempt with your SHUDH hindi haha =) And yeah, I am also getting tired of it.

  • princerij90

    @breathless you are spot on!
    @didrocks, thnx lol..but seems like it didn’t help much..the fans are still complaining about remo and terrence being jealous..i mean c’mon already..wat’s so hard to get? REMO AND TERRENCE HAVE NOTHING TO BE JEALOUS OF DHARMESH..

  • breathless

    @ didrocks
    thanks at least someone understands.

    Also, dharmesh has not been able to top his audition performance
    his sole on friday was full of mistkaes, who does lisping on mime dance?
    his performance with jasbir was very below expectations. You can saw that lalli got sick so this performance soared, or becasue he got a new partner, but the steps that were give to them were so simplied (and Copied) and what was the whole drama with jasbir getting only few hours to get ready, for Punits suchin performance he only got 4 hours, I didn’t even once hear remo and punit complain. For the first time of saturday gm actually said that dharmesh performance was not up to the mark ( I was proud of the Gm for standing up for what right even once). Dhamrmesh was given street jazz( which is close to dharmesh shelly, and people were saying terrance gave him a hard dance style). My point is that since the start of the dance india dance after the auditions i have not see an wow performance(expect for the waltz) that shows he deserves to be in the top 5. I used to vote for him every week, but I stopped. If you look at shakti, amar, punit,amrita audition perfance and their performance now you can see that they are derseving to be in finals.

  • DIDrocks

    yes dharmesh’s improvement graph’s derivative is absolutely zero. lol. what i mean is that the line is horizontal (in calculus the derivative of a horizontal line is zero…just so you get my joke lol.). there was no improvement. it went down couple of times and then came back up the same point. there was no increasing. whereas i saw tremendous improvement in others. yes even shakti. their derivatives are positive. lol. im sorry i am a math geek. lol.

    thats what i have been saying all along. 😀

    @charmz angel

    thank u. thank u. i try! 😀 😀 😀

  • Naz

    Can someone tell me the style that Geeta has given to the contestants ? ?

    Punit and Dharmesh and Binny

  • DIDrocks

    geeta needs to discuss with masters first. she doesnt know yet!

  • princerij90

    @didrocks, i could completely relate to you lol..i’m an actuarial science major in college which is a combo of math and finance haha

  • Naz

    by the way where was the dance that the top 6 contestants were suppose to dance together in couples which were……
    punit and shakti
    dharmesh and amrita
    kuwar and binny
    ? ? ?? ?

  • lala


    I observed few guys have created hype that only Dharmesh is the only dancing star and others including Masters doesn’t know any thing about dancing.

    Come on guys, Please stop playing politics atleast on this forum and vote for real talent. I am not saying Dharmesh doesn’t have talent. He is also good dancing star but don’t use this forum for biasing people or creating hype about any one.

    I can see some of the real talented dancing stars voted out much before then they should be………….

    Support real talent.

  • DIDrocks


    well actually i also am a science major cuz im pursuing medicine. lol. but i love math the most. i love the subject. lol.


    what??? there was couple dances and they didnt show it on tv? i wanna see this. where is it?

  • breathless

    @ didrocks
    you dont have to explain the math meaning to me, i am totally geek myself, i love math i guess
    princerj90 is on the same boat too. I some times read math text books fun 😆 , even though i want to get major in something else( management and also finance)

  • DIDrocks


    no use. no one listens to us anyway. only the people who agree with us read our comments and the others just ignore us. they are far too ingnorant to even listen to some reality. they go about repeating their nonsense and rubbish comments. in fact, just after u write something that says to stop something, they will immediately write that something u told them to stop. like for example, if u just wrote saying “stop bashing masters,” immediately afterwards someone will write saying “remo is jealous and he sucks.” i mean the comment will be directly below ur comment. u get my point? they completely ignore us.

  • Naz

    Yessss theree wass …. i saw this on advertisment
    let me kno if anyone findss itt
    i want to see it 😐
    i am looking for it too!!!

  • DIDrocks

    @breathless and princerij90

    yay for math geeks! lol!

  • anuppatel14

    DIDrocks…………it seems tat u been more jealous of DHARMESH……..then the janta about remo and terrence…….as if each and every comments u made does have a common name DHARMESH in it….i know ur fav has been eliminated yesterday but…….STOP UR ANTI DHARMESH CAMPAIGN……..

  • ChArMz AnGeL

    @ Naz —

    Are you talking about the Latin dance they did yesterday¿??

  • Naz

    that is it the latin dance …… when did it comee ? ?
    the starting of yesterday ? ? ?
    send me a linkk pleasee if you can

    it was when punit and shakti were in green
    dharmesh and amrita was in blue
    andd amar and binny were in red
    ?? ? ?

  • DIDrocks

    haha lol. i cant stop laughing. this is hysterical. thanks to anuppatel14 for portraying my point.

    u see lala? this is what i meant. they immediately write a comment that has exactly what we told them to stop. i just wrote saying remo and terrence dont need to be jealous. and immediately i get a response saying just that. in fact, this person even went as far as saying im jealous of dharmesh. lol. u see my point? they completely ignore our comments and our meaning and go about saying their rubbish over an over again.

    lol. this was too funny!

  • moredance

    Dharmesh is really abig threat to all the mastrs.
    Arre bhai “job” khatre mein hai sply. REMO ka.
    He is so well versed in all dance forms.
    As mithunda himselfsays sometimes ki
    Dharmesh jabdance karta hai toh woh Aasmaan choota hai
    And really no one can not even touch his performance
    As for SHAKTI i’ve read taht now people are telling her dance as “striptease”
    So accha hai naa , kuch toh “eye -tonic” milega
    mini micro and still shortest possible wardrobe.
    C’mon SHAKTI don’t get nervous even if u don’t win DID-2
    Tum apne “acts” or painting and wardrobe ke kaaran bahut famous ho gayee ho, specially among boys.
    (My neighbours say so not me)
    And if really this show was not scripted than SHAKTI is nowhwere compared to KRUTI, SHASHANK & PARVEZ
    terance why u degraded ur self in DID2?

  • oye_hoye

    come on guys dont be that unfair on dharmesh,he is a good performer,just geeta aint good at teaching,he has to do what geeta tells him to do,if he danced his own steps you all should know he will murder the stage,first ever 2 dances he did was his own steps,his students auditions vids look how they danced,that was also taught by dharmesh,another thing iv been reading most the comments terrence remo geeta,who evers student wins the more the master gets jobs in the bollywood side of things so yes there is politics among the masters,shakti is also a great dancer and i just wished i saw her doing other styles and more clothes on her body,punit still cant figure out what he is doing on the show,amar good dancer but not clean on mooves,binny her smile is a killer and the stunts she has done havent seen any1 come close to her (aerial).dharmesh should win,but shakti will win,and amar and binny well done for getting this far,mithun should be replaced,i use to think it was a reality show,but now i watch it as a drama,a serial,coz thats what the show is now,judges cant speak their minds,voting you cant see the polls,i love it how shakti and punit do same styles over and over and no1 says anything other than wow lol,i say how?,lol,compared to punit parvez should been here,i wonder how this season whould have been without dharmesh,coz i feel he is the goldern duck for zee.kilaw pilow phir gala kato aur halal karo

  • DIDrocks


    if it bothers u dont read it. its not like u guys stop when we tell u to stop. why should i stop? i will go about my nonsense just as u go about ur nonsense? get it?

  • DIDrocks

    all i can say is that ignorance is like a disease on this forum. its spreads and spreads. oh boy! kya hoga is duniya ka?

  • moredance

    To Remo & Terrance ( after this weeks session)

    Nowadays u can’t befool people.
    People see themselves what is fact,
    Winner- Runner doesn’t matter any more.

  • AnnieJ

    @Naz and DIDrocks

    If you want to see that dance, go to the official DID site (the Zee TV one) and go to the videos. It’s called “Super Six Perform.” It was really good! Somehow everyone neglected to put it up 😆

  • oye_hoye

    morednce zindabaad i agree with you

  • AnnieJ

    @Naz and DIDrocks

    I should add that the video was choreographed by Toby (who did auditions too I think – at least last season’s auditions, anyway). They don’t show it, but ballroom is his work :)

  • moredance

    @ oye-hoye
    Very very well said
    “khilaw pilow phir gala kato aur halal karo”
    But see 51% on this forum saying Dharmesh is their
    favarite contestent,
    So koi tension nahin, tension lene kaa nahin, dene kaa
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • DIDrocks


    thank u! i will check it out!

  • moredance

    I want VANDANA who was eliminated before top 12
    to come and perform at least once with Dharmesh Sir
    on song KAjrare- kajrare.
    Plzzz i request to ZEEtv
    She was the only contestent who always remembered by me.
    :( :( :( :(

  • AnnieJ

    @Naz and DIDrocks

    The DID channel on Youtube also has the Super Six Contestant performance. Of course, the quality is not super amazing compared to what our Admins upload, so you can go there, but don’t stick around cause it’s not worth it lol. 😛

    @Admin, please don’t ban me for this! I’m definitely not promoting another site (although Youtube doesn’t need me to promote it anyway lol). If you could get your hands on the super six performance and upload it, that would be awesome! 😛

  • breathless

    @ moredance
    After didrocks, price, other and I spend so many of our post explaining that the judges are not jealous, its quite funny you come out and say their jealous and it politics. Can you explain to me what comments the judges made in quotes that you find that shows they have some sort of politically agenda or shows their jealous? your forum name is moredance, and instead foucing you commenents on how well each contestant danced you talk about things like judges have political agenda.

  • AnnieJ


    You are most welcome! 😛

  • moredance

    Plzz recall VANDANA the queen of dance and replace this
    SHAKTI for finals.
    That will clean up all the mess in DID-2.

  • DIDrocks


    as i said, koi kahan hamari baat sunta hai. i just said to lala. they completely ignore us and go about their rubbish. leave it yaar. but sometimes even i cannot stand it and i reply knowing full well that they wont even bother reading it. lol. but u should know that it is a waste of breath.

  • AnnieJ

    @ My homies (lol)

    Any opinions on Yashkant (the “guest” dancer?) He had a cute smile! And his eyes shined in the light, but he was otherwise shy and lowered his eyes. It was too cute! And dance was not that bad either 😉

  • DID S2 dhamaka

    i’m an actuarial science major too!!!!

  • Beauty1996

    Yashkant is such a cutie!!! I have a huge crush on him!!!!!!

  • mnegi

    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh………
    I will miss Amrita toooooooooo :) some one hug me, i am 😐 😐


  • DIDrocks

    i agree with annie and beauty. yashkant was very sweet. he was too shy to even look at saumya when she was talking to him. and yes woh dil ka bohut sacha hai. he is very honest at heart. god bless him. and i thought he was better than chotu lohar. he was fabulous. lol. looking forward to see him next season. hopefully he will make it to top 18 next season.

  • DIDrocks

    OMG!!!!! I loved the super six performance. it was so so so good. yay!! damn. they look so good with each other. darn it. its so sad to know ammu is not in the competition anymore. urgghh!

  • Beauty1996

    We will miss u ammu!! :(

  • DID S2 dhamaka

    @didrocks: where did u see the super 6 performance?

  • DIDrocks

    i saw it where annie said. it was on the official dance india dance zee tv website. go under section called videos and u will see it.

  • shakk

    This was the worst week for DID. I am deleting it off the PVR. Waste of disk space for me. Why the hell did they make Afsha dress that way..she is a kid for crying out loud. I am sitting here and Canada and going what the hell is this crap. Poor kid…

    Is it me or even the mentors and everyone seems to be losing interest in their own show. Yesterday we had Govinda with his lame comments and today was just as bad..

    I think next season they need to change the judges…

  • DIDrocks


    no even i think the masters are losing interest. no one cares anymore. its so sad. its been so long since i have seen a dhamakedar performance form anybody. the top 18 was mind blowing and now as the competition progresses, people are getting worse and worse. it was crap episode. it doesnt seem like geeta cares anymore. and remo is just in his own world. and terrence is at least trying to show some interest. but i dont blame the masters. i would be bored too with these kinda performers. there is just no hype about the finale. its like we must have a finale cuz we have to. i dont see anyone “fighting” for the golden topi. it seems like the contestants gave up too. they are like “jisko milegi usko milegi.” its as if they dont care.

  • rohan4u

    Dharmesh Sir is the best of top 6 dancer, whereas Punit is the worst.

  • AnnieJ


    Haha so cute! Yashkant is really quite a doll!!! He has a gorgeous smile! 😛

  • shakk

    I also feel that winning the competition is most likely to kill the career of whoever wins it. Where is Salman these days ?? He came back and gave a crappy performance. Atleast Siddesh is doing some other show and getting more attention than the winner of the last season.

    Whoever wins this DID is probably going to disappear until they bring him or her back in season 3 to do a cameo.

    Contestants do not look interested at all in the routines, partly because most of the routines are boring as hell. No more fresh ideas and then they end of adding these tv stars who really cant dance if their life depended on it. What a waste ?? I would prefer more bollywood dances which i dont think we saw too much this time (correct me if i am wrong). For me thats better then that contemporary stuff..

  • Beauty1996

    Yup. He is a true lady killer with his smile :mrgreen: , not punit or salman. LOLZ!

  • chevy

    ❗ 😯 :) i hope SHALTI WINS SHE IS MY IDOL~~~~ 😆

  • princerij90

    @did s2 dhamaka, nice lol..where u live n what college u go to lol? admin sorry that i’m posting a question unrelated to did..don’t ban me now :)

  • thunderzz

    though i am not from India i follow this show.i just can’t understand the voting system.if darmesh is getting highest vote every time then what the hell other contestant is doing there?i didn’t mean he is bad but sometimes other contestant are good too.geeta sucks anyways..she always has the lame excuses for her contestant if they don’t perform does not matter if they have one hour to rehearse or 1 minute.i don’t want to b the part of politics..may the best one wins..
    good luck for every contestants…

  • shakk

    Since the vote numbers are never announced .. i am not even sure who is number 1.. some nonsense politics

  • prashant22

    just saw shakti’s performance..i have to say thats what i call a crap performance……same leg stretching all the time she looks more like a gymnast then a dancer….and today she was almost in 80% ardh nagan awastha…dunno what the designers think she is too thin for this kind of show off…she’s got zero figure something like a flat screen 😆 :mrgreen:

  • shakk


    Agreed… boring performance from everyone today including Shakti, Punit and rest…

    Hopefully next week is better .. pls Geeta dont give everyone those boring artforms from villages. Entire show based on that will be a disaster.

  • jonhz

    The little kid (afsha?) sucks big time – super annoying … talks too much, that too loads of rubbish – whts w/ everyone pampering her!!!

  • DIDrocks

    kida are cute when they talk and act their age. otherwise they are just irritating with their grown up questions and answers.

  • AnnieJ

    Afsha’s dance was really shameful, even for me as a forward-thinking liberal American! :\

    I used to think it was cute that she was talkative, but as many others have said, she has been spoiled silly. She talks too much (to an uncute point), her dance was not really age appropriate in my opinion (I mean, I understood the young vs. old concept, but was it necessary for them to dress her like *that?!*), and I don’t feel she is being raised properly (young kids are a little freer and say things easily, but you would think a taste of stardom would come with some proper grooming about basic manners and such….).

    Amrita was amazing though, and booo! that she’s out. I loved that Terence got chased down at the end for cake 😛

    P.S. Anyone else think it’s great that Terence sponsors the orphanage! How nice of them to come and do a little something 😀

  • AnnieJ


    That’s what I couldn’t find the words for! SHE DOESN’T ACT HER AGE! Lol.

  • DIDrocks


    yea afsha totally doesnt act her age as i have said. she would be cute if she just acted like a six year that she is.

    and yes i thought it was wonderful what terrence is doing. i just love him. he is so good at heart. he is sweet. i also thought he sponsered them. otherwise why would they be here? so nice of terrence.

  • DID S2 dhamaka

    @princerij09: i go to RU lol! where do u go? I just took my P exam .. n failed :( have u taken ne? lol! sorry admin.. we connected through dance as well as academics 😛

  • brkdancekid

    binny handled the situation well
    now that’s what i call disaster management
    😛 😛

  • joe

    Ms Shakti Mohan. From far off Jerusalem. You are a great dancer, the graceness, preciseness,energy,and you give your maximum when you dance, when you come on stage I am 100%focused on your performance, keep it, up you are going towards a brilliant future as a dancer. The other dancers were also great, but my favourite is still Ms Shakti. 😀

  • luvdance

    I was very Sad to see Amrita go – She is really talented and one of the best dancers this season, she defnitely deserved to be top 4. For her sake she should have talked little less child like to get the votes, good that she tried something different – Ah well, in my book she is a winner.

    Atlast Dharmesh seems to be shown his place – I was a huge fan of Dharmesh since auditions, but he slowly started losing my respect and except for one dance that he performed when Salman was here, he has failed to impress – This week he was a disaster, but somehow managed to get a cult following with one dance – his first one that he still gets the votes even when he does not perform. As someone was saying, his learning on this stage seems to be little. No doubt he is going to win this season by a huge huge margin and it is a pity – that is the name of the game.

    Dharmesh has popularised his style of dance well and it is good for DID and kids who want to learn dance.

    Puneet – Not too many negatives on this guy, but does not seems to have the magic required to create the magic. He has proven me wrong and continues to stay and even got to #2. This week’s duet performance was good.

    Shakti – Some of her performances were very good. By sheer performances she has made it till here and will end up being a distant second and well ahead of the rest of the competetion.

    Amar – Never thought that he can make it till here. He would not have if he was with any other masters. Terrence’s brilliance and partnering with Shakti did help him and to be honest he is the most improved dancer this season. But looking at the air time given to each contestent in this week DID team prefers the other 4 contestants to be in top 4. What DID team and Z wants they get. 2 boys and 2 girls – Lets see how the audience votes.

    Finally it has kind of become irrelavent who wins now, except for some acedemic interest, eagerly waiting for the lil champs show to start. Looking back, our interest was to see how these people from the street come in and become stars that they are now – it has been truely entertaining. Looking back from DID1 what I remeber is the signature performance of Mayuresh on the ring, Jay’s dances with props and Prince’s locking. Who cares for the rest of them? not me.

  • LUV_terrence

    @ joe

    very very well said buddy …( kya bat kya bat kya bat)

  • illusion



    God!!!!!! what just happened to DID????

    a 5 yr old girl puts on lipstick , wear a tiny tank top and miniskirt/hotpants and dances to chadti jawani n yeh vaada raha?!!??
    she touches herself, does madhuri dixit- style bust thrusts, pelvic gyrations, shows off her butt, pretends to be a callgirl (remember the video of yeh vaada raha?)
    and we’re supposed to find this grotesque act CUTE?????

    which sane person can poosibly find this cute or sweet? it’s NOT!!!!its outrageous and me and my mom were tempted to change the channel, for the first time since did started.

    shame on the little kid’s parents, master geeta and the show director for allowing such a horrible thing under the guise of ‘cute’

  • Whackybanana

    I totally agree with you. Amar wasn’t given any air time compared to the other contestants. I feel he is the most improved dancer this season. He has gone down partly cos terence concentrates on shakti. I hope Binny leaves next week. Amar deserves a top 4 finish atleast. Well we all know its between Shakti and Dharmesh. But to be frank am sure every week Dharmesh is topping the charts. Zee wants to create some drama and hence the skewed results. This season for me has been a lotta drama than dancing. Hope season 3 brings the dance back to this show.

  • moredance

    LOLZ The drees sense surely inspired by our great SHAKTI or SHKSTI( watever the hell is that)
    Now people will see waht they are giving to younger generation

    OMG itotally agree with Prashant22 regarding the ‘awstha”
    of SHAKTI
    It seems it will be striptease next time
    kuch toh sharm karo

  • moredance

    And yes she’s saying ZAra Zara “touch” me to all/
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • reach2venug

    its so sad that the video’s are not playing for the full length… it gets closed by 15 mins rather then 30 mins… I’m missing a lot in the show – help me – whats wrong here… anything to be changed on the browser setting… help me – Thanks

  • princerij90

    @did s2 dhamaka..i go to baruch..i was planning to take it next semester but i keep holding it off cuz im so scared lol..majority of the people who take the p exam fail though they study so much..i’m gonna take the fm first..too scared of the p exam lol..
    admin..once again..i’m very sorry :)

  • princerij90

    @annie and didrocks, i also thought it was really sweet of terrence to sponsor those kids..he really is gud at heart though most people in this forum only find him jealous of dharmesh..pathetic

  • dance4life

    now this is i am sure shakti and punit will definetly get something classical to do as geeta maa said in limelight that she selfishly wants to promote indian classical dance.

  • prashant22

    @ reach2venug

    instead of viewing the videos u better download them…for that install “Internet download manager”.
    when u r done with that, whwenever u push the play button on any video link a button will appear saying “download the video” on top-right corner just click on that and install the video…
    for me the buffering time and installing time is approx. the same so it is better to download…

  • prashant22

    hope that helps :)

  • LUV_terrence

    8) 8) ¨^^^^^^^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRENCE<33^^^^^^^^^¨ 8) 8) 8)¨
    8) 8) 8) WE LOVE U 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

  • voice of reason

    I am glad that some other members of this forum found the antics of the little girl vulgar as well. I dont follow any of the serials on TV and hence dont know these TV actors but I do know a spoilt brat when I see one..

    On top of that, whatever little respect I had for Geeta Moo has evaporated after seeing the performance. It was utterly brazen and crass and showed the complete lack of common sense on the part of Geeta to have selected the song/the clothes/the choreography of the little girl.

    I have a 6 year old girl as well and I can say that any parent or person with decent upbringing will be turned off by that performance. No wonder geeta likes it.

  • voice of reason

    Dear Moredance,

    I have been reading your comments, I fully respect that you like dharmesh and are besotted with him. That is your choice but I would ask you to kindly refrain from passing comments on the masters which dont reflect favourable on your IQ level.

    Dharmesh is a good dancer in some styles, however he cannot be compared to Remo or Terrance simply because they are not only good dancers but excellent choreographers and can not only choreography in diverse styles but also innovate and create thier own styles.

    In my opinion Dharmesh cannot think much beyond Hip-hop or bollywood styles. I am sure if Dharmesh has the right attitude and keeps working hard he will be where Remo or terrance is in the next 10 years or so.

  • Jack Daniels

    @ luvdance

    People vote for Dharmesh because he is the dancing star whether u dig it or don’t :mrgreen:

    Friday’s performance was fun and Saturday’s was highly commendable despite the odds by losing his partner Lalia.

    Enough bashing of Dharmesh already his a fantastic dancing star and he will rock the DID2 stage again next week ❗ ❗ ❗

  • moredance

    I fully agree with illusion what a pity , even a six year
    old girl is being taught to dress like that
    Does it mean that dance can be performed with shortest possible clothes only?
    thats inspired from other contestents in DID2?
    ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

  • moredance

    yeh @jack Danils i think some people have no work except
    opposing Dharmesh.
    Well Dharmesh be given A KIT-KAT break as he is the most
    discussed personalty in this forum and outside also
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  • luckystar4uu

    I am tired seeing Punit and Shakti in same actions, step and drama.
    Dhermesh performance although simple but was very entertaining and he was looking like a star.
    People are comparing Dhermesh with Masters just bcz of the attitude of Masters towards Dhermesh. Anyone can easily say that masters are jealous. I do not know why they are doing this.
    Vote for Dhermesh Sir, and ensure his sonehri topi.

  • lala

    @ Jack Daniels & moredance

    It seems you guys are either relative/student of Dharmesh so no problem can understand your attitude.

    India……..keep voting for real talent

  • lala

    Today…there was only one dance wherein supporting zee TV star beat the DID contest and that was JASSI.

    JASSI is really beautiful, graceful and talented dancing STAR.

    Dharmu…….Learn something from her yaar before coming to DID3.

  • Suvhash

    Dharmesh, the best that he could perform a show in just 1 hr., if Lali didnt had health problem the voters should realize how well could dharmesh perform after & for given 1 week time, now i think Gita Mam should give a task that he does a unique way that no master had ever thought of & voters who always miss his performance.

  • prashant22

    @ jack daniels @ moredance totally agree with u…
    dont know what is with some people who always keeps on criticizing nd speaking rubbish about dharmesh…guess they are also jealous of him like masters 😆
    anyway this only adds to his popularity…
    i liked both performances of urs keep it up also at this point peoples liking matter’s nt masters nor of grand joker’s….
    u r a real entertainer nd their is always something in ur performance that makes people to love u more and more…good luck for ur topi…
    i really wish that what jin baba told abt the “scripted thing” never comes true…
    ur fan from heart of india(madhya pradesh)…

  • Me xD

    Shakti and Punit and Amars perfomance were outstanding today : )

  • lala


    I don’t want to heart you but to tell you this time it was looks like JASSI is performing and Dharmesh was supporting her……….ha ha ha ha

    Grand Salute to JASSI………too good with an hour preparation such a fantastic performance.

    I felt Remo/Terrance should give her some good comments (JASSI….That’s what I called a performance/Chumeshari Performance)

  • prashant22

    @ lala thanks for taking care of my fellings…ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hahahaha hahahahaha….sorry bt i dont need ur care
    but to tell u it is dharmesh sir’s potential that in one hour time he prepared himself nd her partner too…had it been some other contestant god knows what would have happened…it must have been a crap….
    hats off to u dharmesh….

  • nkdeepti

    Dharmesh is great dancer but to win the title a complete package is needed which I dont find in Dharmesh…1st he is less expressive while dancing , 2nd he is not so comfortable in performing dance forms like salsa…if you have keenly observed this frdays performance where all 6 finalists perfomed for Sandeep’s choreography…u can easily make out that something is seriously missing in his performance compared to others..

  • roshok

    @prashant22, @ jack daniels, @ moredance

    Guys there are few people here who just dont want to accept the talent like Dharmesh, who has shown much more different dance forms than others. Those people also try to show that they not preferential while commenting about other contestants but if you read their all comments then you would find the jealousy against Dharmesh. Its completely ok with me if they like/dislike particular contestant. Just let it be but dont make it as the saying goes, “munh mein ram bagal mein choori”(reciting the name of god and having a knife to kill someone).

    After all these, public voting does not affect much the result. Zee would do what is beneficial for the business, though its a pity.

  • lala

    @ Prashant22

    Hay come on man, We have seen JASSI in DID1 and other dancing shows……….she is too good dear.
    If you notice today that was the reason every one (Remo/Terrance/Geeta and Mithunda) was praising her.

    Dharmesh got same time like others but it was Jassi who got only one hour only but in that also she did better than dharmesh.

    come on….accept the fact… saying this don’t think that i am trying to say dharmesh is not good dancer. He is good dancer but JASSI did better then him.

    Be open dear…let’s praise the good work & talent

  • Naz

    for letting me know about the super 6 performance….i will just check it noww
    thanks i will go on that now…i was finding it soo much yesterday…i was confused why admin didnt show it on this website 😐 but its okay now
    thnks for telling me once agen 😀

  • shakk

    For the all the people talking about versitality and oh he can only hip hop or bollywood. How many indian movies do you think have salsa, pasadobalay, indian classical, ballet, Samba — let me tell u — not very many.

    People that do contemporary dance form have to wait for a movie like Black or just end up doing stage shows for 50 people.

    The mentors make money off bollywood movies since thats there living… as a general public no one cares about the above dance forms. And at an international level all the mentors are kids and far behind in innovation.

    You are witnessing at a classic example of what the people in India like based on their votes and its the style that is more entertaining – Hip hop and bollywood…

  • roshok

    @prashant22, @ jack daniels, @ moredance

    dont make it as the saying goes, “munh mein ram bagal mein choori”(reciting the name of god and having a knife to kill someone).

    dont make–> is for those people who are just against Dharmesh by no reason.

  • Naz

    i have seen it……..the super 6 contestants dance was sooo good 😀
    but i did want to see the judges comments on that dance it did not show that !!! 😐

  • roshok


    very well said.

  • Naz

    PLEASE voteee shakti out ( i doubt it shes going to get out ) 👿 and i hope binny stays to the finals
    i really want kuwar to be out for next week
    and hope dharmesh and punit go to the finals.

  • roshok


    Shakti is going to the finals, it is not possible that she will be eliminated(as keeping her in the finals is beneficial for Zee TV)

    Amar would be out next week.

    4 finalist:

  • Rub

    i agree with Naz for definite
    i want it like that aswell
    i really hope it be like that through the finals just the way how Naz has wrote it
    it turns out like that

  • lala


    Based on this friday and saturday performance only next week Dharmesh should be out as he has given bad performance on both days (even JASSI did better then him who got only one hour to get prepared).

    If we consider previous weeks performances, he should be stay in Competition.

    Don’t know what Janta has decided but that is my view after watching both the days all performances.

  • Naz


    yes i knooowwww shakti is going to stay in what so ever
    but i want her out 👿 😐

  • roshok

    @ Naz

    I want her out too.
    But she will stay 😐 😐

    I think if there was no TRP drama by Zee then Shakti would have been eliminated a long time ago.

  • lala

    @roshok & Naz

    True, If no TRP drama, Dharmesh would have not come back and we could have seen one better dancing star in DID.

  • AnnieJ


    I don’t think the judges commented, but Mithun Da did say a little something to the choreographer and then the show commenced as it is shown here :)

    “The mentors make money off bollywood movies since thats there living… as a general public no one cares about the above dance forms. And at an international level all the mentors are kids and far behind in innovation.”

    Well Terence doesn’t a living off of Bollywood, since his style is not as common for movies anyway lol. But yes, I agree that internationally, our three mentors have much growing to do :)

    “Those people also try to show that they not preferential while commenting about other contestants but if you read their all comments then you would find the jealousy against Dharmesh.”

    Text is a medium which is open to interpretation, often faulty interpretation which does not align with the writer’s original intent. If you think the tone is anti-Dharmesh, you will find the “jealousy” you speak of. If you read it as pro-Shakti, you would still find something. I bet even if you tried to read it neutrally, your inherent biases which you have no control over would force you to decide where someone stands! 😆

    In short, unless someone explicitly says, “I am jealous of Dharmesh,” don’t put words in their mouth and assume that they are. Very often we are genuinely *not* jealous (what, pray tell, do we have to be jealous about?) and we really are impartial. Trying to assume people are jealous or something else silly to make fellow fans (of D) feel better about themselves is rubbish.

    Honestly, why are we seeing so much immaturity from Dharmesh fans?

  • roshok

    There are some people who say public is voting for Dharmesh just for his popularity. So what? if public is voting for Dharmesh. If Dharmesh is highest voted by public then why to cry for technicality?? Public does not know all the technical aspects of all dance forms.

    Public voting is fully based on what entertains them most. Thats it!

    If contestants have to be judged on technicality then there should not be a public voting but more judges on show who should decide who is the best.

    But since its a business for Zee TV, they do not care about the technicality of dance but only TRP and money.

    Of course all the contestants get a good platform but the maximum benefit goes to Zee.

    So accept or not but Dharmesh is liked most by public.

  • brkdancekid

    geeta’s challenge will show the real diversity of the given

    but i hope its not boring :roll: :roll: :roll:

  • shakk


    If Dharmesh was not back on the show in wild card, we would not be here typing our brains out since it would have been a boring DID2 or may have zero on TRP. Dharmesh is the one zee has used to pushed the show for weeks… and then Amrita. Everyone elses personality is too boring.

    They should let Dharmesh do his own dance, even if he does hiphop only it will be much better than what he is given…

  • prashant22

    correctly said “roshok” nd very correctly said “shakk”…

    @lala my caring buddy whatever u say, no matter any no. of times u screem nd say jassi is best jassi is best….bla bla bla bla bla….but the fact is D is far better than her nd also in yesterdays performance he was better…

    taking about popularity some people r saying he is popula masters r saying he is popular…but no one thought how the hell he got popular…ans is just by PERFORMING nd that to on a regular basis…
    people have got brains they know who performes nd for whome to vote…


    It’s Nice Episode.. :)

    1st Punit & Suhasi, Nice Cute Performance, i wonder Suhasi Performance, it’s seem like that The Main Contestant r Suhasi Not punit 😆 , Very Well Manage by Her. Punit u also fine Dancer, per Bo$$ Suhasi # Ly Gae Is dance me tm Sy ziada :mrgreen:

    2nd Archana & AMar, Another Cute performance & very touchy Song select by Terrence, Archana look So sweet in this act, & AMAR no words Yar, you are really Shine i your every performance buddy, i really enjoy your performance AMAR, Wish to see u in Finale not Binny :mrgreen: .

    Chance Py Dance Performance By Yashkant, Amazing Buddy, Really Amazing, i Enjos his performance, What a Expression Wow, very Sweet Boy, & Very Very Best Of Luck for His Future & wish to See hiM In DID Season 3 , “TuhRy Pyar Me O Muri Sajni Hum Kch bhi Kardy Gy” What a Song Chosin By Master Terrence, Terrence in this Episode i like your Attitude really it’s working 4 me :mrgreen: , maN you must train this Yashkant buddy please! I Request 2 ya!.

    3rd Binny & Shekar, not bad at all except Shekar hessetation create gettig problem in some area, but binny very well manage, Sweet Performance with Cute Song #.

    4th Shakti & Manuav, Wow Shakti Very well Manage this performance with Manuav, HOT # & very Good Performance by both Side, but yeh Shakti Doing very well, terrence dosry Contestant ko bhi Chummeshwari bol dia karo Kanjoos :mrgreen:

    5th. Dharmesh & Jasvir, Jasvir ka Dance dhaikh kar & also her body it’s seem like Geeta doing attempt with Dharmesh 😆 , i wonder k Jasvir k dance move ziada thy Dharmesh Sy, but Dharmesh manage very well with BIG Height Dancer Jasvir, Dharmesh gud dance buddy, The Sad thing is Remo & Mithun Attitude Toward Dharmesh performance, both talking abt Jasvir not even say anything to Dharmesh Duh… Afsoos hy Aap dono k Behaviour per, But The Gud Thing is That Lali totally Change the Situation after GM & Masters comments, really touhy Entry by Lali & her Behaviour toward Dharmesh, I LOVE IT!.

    6th. Afshan & Amrita, Amrita wow, what a Confidence My Macho Girl. & three HIT Song Number, I Enjoy It. Guys They put Afshan just for Fun & nothing Else. so don’t be upset or dissapointed 😆 , or wesy bhi lil Master me aap ny buhat Kuch Daikhna hy 😆 Wait & Watch!.

    I Wonder k Lil Master Me jo Childern Contestant aa rahy hy, Really Dance k Baap hy roflz Kia Entrya hy Bacho ki AmaziNg, i felt k Lil Master, DID Elder’s ki Bhi chutti kar dega, balky Kar Dee hy, What a performances in Audition, Audition me yeh Haal hy tu Aagy Soch ly app k Kya hoga 😯

  • roshok


    I agree with you that unless some body says “I am jealous of Dharmesh” we can not assume it. But I would say it does not, always, have to be said in words. It is not necessary to say everything verbally.

    I’m not trying to put the words in some body’s mouth. Who I am to do that as I have no authority about others freedom of writing.

    As you said, text is a medium open for interpretation. 100% correct.

    Like you said why are we seeing so much immaturity from Dharmesh fans? What should I mean from this sentence? have been very authoritative and judgemental about others on this forum?

    Its only you who know better if you are judgmental or not? I don’t know the truth but if I have to go by words I would say you are judgmental that means you think that you are always right whatever you say or express. Again, its my personal interpretation and possibly others might have a different interpretation.

    If you would have said “it seems like Dharmesh fans are immature” it would have been a different meaning for me but no problem still ok. Have fun!


  • roshok


    100% True, If no TRP drama, Dharmesh would not have been eliminated in first place and we could have seen another undeserving contestant going out of DID2.

  • Archita

    Dharmesh is always outstanding,mindblowing. No 1 can be copmpare wid dharmesh. Lekin ufsosh ki baat ye hei ki usko ek acha master nehi mila. Geeta is not good 4 dharmesh. Agar aj dharmesh Remo ke pass hota to bawal ho jata yaar.
    Dharmesh jeisa ek contenstant se kya kuch nehi kiya ja sakta? Geeta chahe to bahat kuch acha karskati hey kyunki uske pass dharmesh jeisa ek contenstant hey leikn uski choryogrphy ke bajay se Dharmesh ko acha comments nehi milta aur weise pura DID gang accept geeta Dharmesh ke against mein hei.
    Sabko bas ek chance chahiye Dharmesh ko down karnekeliye.

  • kanubhai

    ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ DHARMESH IS REALY REALY GRETEST DNACER IN INDIA.NO DOUTE. ALL EPISODE DHARMESH MAKE VERY GOOD PERFOMANCE.HE IS ALWAYS NO-1 BY THERE OWN PERMOMANCE.JANTA LIKE ALL HIS ACTION.AND GIVE VOTE. MANY PEAPLE SAY SHAKTI PERFOMACE IS GREAT .NOT A TRUE BECASE YOU WATCH ALL VIDEO OF SHAKI. SHATI does always the same.There is nothing new in her performances. She is only good in modern dance forms and nothing more.her action only in lag.she always all episde againe and agaien lag up new in her dance. in last ranking in this week (1) dharmesh (2)binny (3)last shakti .grand finalist only DHARMESH.

  • raj_tuhin

    very well said kanubhai, I am supporting you 100%

  • Archita

    Agar dharmesh widout choryographer itna acha khud hi karsakta hei like he has done in audition round to socho ek acha choryographer usko miljaye to kya hoga.

  • moredance

    kanubhai, raj-tuhin and Archita.

    My ranking same:
    dharmesh u struggled hard to reach upto this position
    This is one of reasons I like u so much.

  • raj_tuhin

    Archita you are right.

    Why don’t you all come to CHAT in DID Forum ?

  • AnnieJ

    @ roshok

    “But I would say it does not, always, have to be said in words. It is not necessary to say everything verbally.”

    True. I just felt like you had overgeneralized it to everyone.

    “Like you said why are we seeing so much immaturity from Dharmesh fans? What should I mean from this sentence? have been very authoritative and judgemental about others on this forum?”

    I would hesitate to call myself authoritative about anything, nevermind in this forum. And yes, I have indeed been judgmental about particular persons on this forum, that much I will not deny. But I also will admit that I try not to be. I try to have better composure, for example, and not resort to some of the more petty, heated arguments we have and try to participate in the more informative and intellectually stimulating debates to be had here.

    “Its only you who know better if you are judgmental or not? I don’t know the truth but if I have to go by words I would say you are judgmental that means you think that you are always right whatever you say or express. Again, its my personal interpretation and possibly others might have a different interpretation.”

    Feel free to believe that. I apologize if I come off that way. I sure don’t hope to be always right. Indeed, your response itself has come as a pleasure to me. I enjoy being challenged, but I guess if people just agree with me, then I end up appearing to be “always right.” 😕

    Nonetheless, you might be on to something. One thing I noticed (not that this is a bad thing) is that there have become two bands of us – the intellectuals and the laymen.

    “If you would have said “it seems like Dharmesh fans are immature” it would have been a different meaning for me but no problem still ok. Have fun!”

    To quote Hamlet: “Seems, madam? Nay, it is. I know not “seems.” As you said yourself, not everything needs to be expressed verbally for it to be inferred 😉

  • Archita

    I m not telling that shakti is not good but just think a little bit yaar. Shakti is a contemperary dancer and she got a master of contemperary i.e Terrence.Thats y she can do her best becoz she is having all the best things.
    But think about Dharmesh…
    He is a hip hopper and Geeta is a Classical he is managing it? still he is doing the best……..
    Ek dancer ko usike style ka master uske style mein choryograph karke acha dance karna koi badi baat nehi hei? As shakti is doing…
    But just opposite is going on wid dharmesh….

  • moredance

    Dharmesh HATS off to u Sir,
    We all have seen that LAALEE who was supposed to be ur
    partner got ill,
    Then ZEEtv called JASSSI for the duet.
    Even u had only one hour OMG …. for the rehearsel
    You are real HERO , bcoz no other contestent can dare to
    dance like this and that too when we are just 01 week away from finals
    OK we ur fans will fully support u to make WINNER.
    :) :) :) :) :)

  • AnnieJ


    You’re absolutely right. Shakti shines under a master of her art, and Dharmesh is shining likely because of his own skill (I wouldn’t say Geeta has no hand in it lol).

  • Archita

    Very well said Kanubhai, moredance,and all other Dharmesh fan…
    Dharemesh is a true dancer. He only dance in the stage nothing else.
    Dance ke siva uske pass aur kuch hei bhi nehi or wo kuch expose karta bhi nehi hei.
    Except dance, He is a very good human being and belongs 2 a poor family.
    I want 2 teel one thing 2 all man whu r against Dharmesh
    Hey buddy just ve a look on the videos of Dharmesh of audition round. Agar ek insaan widout a choryographer itna acha dance karsakta hei to kya aap logon ka ye kehena thik hei ki wo popularity ke bajay se vote pa rahe hei and he is not a good dancer.
    Just once think abt it yaar……
    Its a request frm me…

  • mansi_DID_lover


  • moredance

    😉 😉 😉

  • karan99one

    Hi Iam Karan Iam new to this site I would soon start writing

  • roshok

    Good to see your response back. Yes, I have been reading the comments and got a feeling about what I wrote in my comment and then you addressed to me for those writings and I wrote you back.

    In my opinion, if somebody is writing his/her view it is completely all right, no matter whether it is true or not, biased or not. But if people start writing addressing particular people then the comments/conversation should be healthy and should not be personal attack and adamant arguments. In public forum the addressed conversation should be taken with open mind and of course the respect should be observed by everyone involved in the conversation, Otherwise it does not make any sense to have any conversation.

    I do not have any problem with favoritism, it is quite natural and human behavior to like and dislike something. We should not expect everyone to have the same likes/dislikes as the other individual in question and no one can force it and most importantly no one would accept it.

    As per the contestants has concerned I have always liked them if they have given a good and entertaining dance(For me being entertaining and being connected to the performance is more important than the technicality of the dance itself as I am not a dancer at all).

    Yes, I have generalized my comment to one who are trying to be judge for others.

    Good to know that you try not be authoritative. Always good to give freedom to everyone to be what they are.

    One more thing, you should not apologize for anything because you did not say anything wrong or bad to me(I don’t know about others 😛 ). But even if somebody writes something having an intention of something bad towards me I would not care much unless it is directly addressed to me. For me “always right”…hhmmm..of course if there is no objection to it you could assume it always right but may not be the ultimate fact. 😕

    I would mention something from my personal experience. Once my boss was doing a presentation about something and after the completion of one topic he asked us(me and my other colleagues). Any question?? Couple of people asked something and he replied and then he said so…now everything is clear and understood, I will go next..then one of my colleague said if people didn’t asked more questions it does not mean that everything is clear and understood by everyone…couple of seconds silence and then everybody stared at each other and then my boss said ok if you have any more questions you can always drop in my office….

    For “Seems” if I’m going through a text and the person who is narrating or writing and trying to establish an opinion or giving some information(not decision or judgment) then I would use the meaning of “Seems” —>”to appear to one’s own senses” which is not a judgment but more a feeling. Of course it would give more meanings as well depending on how and where it is used. Oh, please don’t think that I’m not trying to convince you that i’m right or teach you but trying to express my feeling what I meant. It is always difficult to map every feeling in words. I hope you got what I tried to say.

    Have fun!!

  • karan99one

    Well Dharmesh is my favorite whatever form or style is given
    to him , he does justice to it as far as possible(complete)

    It is not his fault if choreography is not impressive or eyecatching , he will have to do whatever is given or taught to him,what is important is whether he is performing
    accordingly or nor and doing 100% justice to it.His technique is impeccable and flawless. Only few of them can match him when it comes to catching the beats.

  • karan99one

    Well As per the last week performances amrita was fabulous
    I dont when mithun da is going to use his veto power

  • M@X

    D Sir Rocks today, Perfect step body language ,i must agree wd u people, I know Z is doing politics by keeping amrita out.
    But ,i didn’t like Punit performance today, it was only the choreography that is good nothing special done by punit,
    and Y shakti always showing legs ,foot movement and not trying any classical Indian dance think geeta will give some tough one to her.

    any ways binny was good today,

    in NEXT AMAR will be OUT.



    RAMO PLEASE LEAVE DID # 3 ,i know u r going to loose this one. ur poor politics is d one which is leading D SIr to the TOP CONTENDER. Terrance keep ur chumeshawary type adjectives for ur one JHAGASTI ,…..nobody want to listen that from ur mouth.

  • Naz

    @ roshok and laala
    what is TRP drama by the way …..whats that
    i have not heard of that
    why did shakti come in that or something ? ?

  • Naz

    @ annie
    ohh did mithun really comment about the super 6 dance
    i wantedd to see it
    hu chreograph that dance
    it was soooo goodd

  • karan99one

    Amrita’s energy is infectious , She brings life to every dance she performs. She is definitely more versatile than binny and shakti.Shakti excels in contemporary,but doesnt have the same versatility in other forms like amrita.
    Binny is graceful and her smile is her X-FACTOR.

  • Naz

    @ annie
    so where did you see when mithun was commenting on the super 6 dance and talking abit about the cherographer? ?

  • princerij90

    @ M@X, i surely wanna hear terrence say that to shakti when she deserves it and i’m sure everyone except blind & crazed dharmesh fans (who is sadly the majority of this forum) don’t mind when terrence says that to shakti after she puts up a gud performance..
    as for dharmesh, when he did lyrical hip hop, how come no one complained..why are you guys so biased? and then you complain about the masters being biased..look at yourselves in the mirror and ask who’s the truly biased one

  • shakk

    To say that Terrence is the master of contemporary is a overstatement. He is average at best and i have been way better dance in terms of posture and technique. The same applies and even more so when you take hiphop into context. Being an indian that has lived abroad we are way way behind in this dance form so Remo is not expert either but copying moves off you tube can go a long way

    If he is such a master of contemporary then why did he perform a non – contemporary item on friday. It is because he knows people are going to throw up if they see another one.

    It is very important to have your own style in dancing, mirror imaging someone else’s moves are easy. Dharmesh has his own style. He has a certain trademark. Who else has that on the show ? We are viewing bare basics of every dance form on this show and thats it. Same moves have been applied to all dance forms except for those classical ones, those usually make me fall asleep

    Mentors are going to support their own team and that is expected and very good. No issues with me if Terrence gives excellent comments to Shakti. If he does not do it then who will.

  • Mauritius145

    😮 😮 😮
    i just love dharmesh!!
    he has to win 😀 xx

  • AnnieJ


    TRP= Target/Television Rating Point. Successful shows have high TRPs.

    I think the choreographer waas Toby (who did auditions and such). As for where I saw it – on TV! I was eating breakfast and I saw the super six and I was like, “Hmm, they’re airing the episode early?” Then I saw that it was the April 9th show and I was like woah! Didn’t see that online! Lol.

  • moredance

    LOLZ terrance and SHAKTI both created mess in this DID2
    Even if SHAKTI gives below average performance The great
    Terrance will start explaining tecnicality of that dance form and then He’ll say ” Iss dance from mein aapke haath aise rahten hein and ……”
    Then he’ll say for me it was a chummeshwari performance
    So he say right that only for “him”
    It is clearly understood by all the mature people in this forum that REMO & TERRANCE have joined hands to make their PUNNU and SHKASDI win .
    By just wearing “Balerina” dress u can’t fool people by just ur hand movements,
    It was soooo clumsy , looked like freestyle dance
    Never mind its a show and surely there are partial judgements.

    Tension lene kaa nahin, dene kaa, kyaaa
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • moredance

    REMO has tried pairing him with DID1 winner SALMAN
    last week and this week with beauty queen of ZEEtv
    people will get attracted by salman/swarnabah to vote for
    poor PUNNU.
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • moredance


    😆 😆 😆 😆

  • roshok


    AnnieJ has already mentioned about what TRP means, but I am going to put more information about it.

    TRP: Television Rating Point is the measurement of the viewership of a particular channel among the TV viewing audience. If a particular channel is viewed by more people, the TRP will go high.

    There are specific software applications to monitor the television channel ratings. The system which monitors the TRP, tracks every time the channel is changed and records it accordingly.

    The recording is then analysed to see what was being viewed at the time and which channel the viewer changed to.

    This TRP is used for performance of TV-based advertising campaigns. Higher the TRP more money for the TV channel from advertisement compaigns.

    This is the main reason TV channels creat drama in their programs to get more audience to increase their TRP in order to squeaze more money from their sponsors/advertisers.

    The same way ZEE TV is created some drama in the past and still creating some more drama to increase their TRP which of course generates more money for ZEE TV and prospect of gaining more sponsors in future.

    Just an example, the favourite tricks by news channels are creating some masala news for audience to increase their TRP. They would telecast the news in a way that you would be sticked to the channel for hours(of course if you develop some interest while switching through it otherwise you would just switch to another channel). Showing some sting operations are another way of increasing the TRP. And the tricks goes on an on…….

    For audience it could be entertainment, information or what more but for TV channels its all business…just business nothing more(if somehow more then not very important)

    I hope it would help.

  • common_man

    Talent does what it can; genius does what it must. The luck of having talent is not enough; one must also have a talent for luck. Dharmesh is not only a talent but a genius in the making that Bollywood will look forward to. He may or may not win DID 2, it doesn’t matter. But Dharmesh will go a very long way. Prior to DID 2,

    Dharmesh might have been known to a couple thousands in Baroda, A’bad etc but after DID 2 he will be known all over India and in other countries.

    Shakti may win the battle (by winning DID 2 with all the politics behind it) but Dharmesh will win the war (by making a grand entry into Bollywood as a top notch choreographer)

    Regarding the dirty politics being played by Remo, Terrance and Mithun in this season, Is this how a Master (Guru) should behave? The spirit of the show should be where each of the 3 masters should be able to recognize a talent, be it from any team, and take a bold step in training or taking that talent to the next level. That should be a true test of a guru-disciple relationship with the result being WE all get a true dancing star.

    BTW – I am not any particular fan of Dharmesh or Shakti but am a fan of the talent or the genius in the person.

  • amk14

    love shakti and punit !

  • amk14

    LOVE REMO :)

  • roshok


    Very well said and thought. In my opinion, I don’t think so masters have much control over politics. The actual politics is coming from Zee TV and masters are probably obeying their masters. It is indeed sad for real talents but on the positive side of it; DID platform brings the benefit to everyone, like

    1. Public: Entertainment(They enjoy during the show and vote for their liked contestants and once the show is over they forget everything, thats public and I would also count me as one of them though i don’t spend any money on voting).

    2. Contestants: They get a good start for their future career, good thing but not as good as if there were no politics by the channel for the sake of their business.

    3. Masters: They get more to their name, fame and money. For example, Terrence would get more students in his dance academy. The same way Remo and Geeta also get their share.

    4. Zee TV: The most of the benefits ” MONEY ” goes to Zee.

    Politics involved in the reality shows are pity and being an audience we can not do much. 😐

    But lets have fun!!

  • Naz

    @ annie
    ohh thnks for letting me know about ” trp ”
    and how come i never saw it that is odd

  • Naz

    @ roshok
    thank youu very much for thee more detail about trp

    but what has that got to do with shakti and the voting out
    ? ? ?

  • bunnu

    Will people stop voting for Binny she is nothing in comparison to some of the dances.

    Darmesh and Amar Rock – \Good luck Guys!!!

  • syed

    vote for punit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 😀 😉 😆 8) please hes cool

  • syed

    vote for remo`s team 😛 😆 😉 he rocks.

  • DID S2 dhamaka

    @princerij09: haha!! yea… fm is supposed to be easier… we should study together lol!

    i just saw the super 6 performance… amazinggg

  • mnegi


    You just made me laughed very veryvery loud….. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Very well said

  • Jeet









  • AnnieJ


    Regarding TRP – basically, the point is that Zee is trying to create a lot of drama surrounding the contestants to draw people in to watch their show and vote for contestants. The more people vote, the more money they get from their sponsors.




    I was too lazy to respond to your comment earlier lol.

    “In my opinion, if somebody is writing his/her view it is completely all right, no matter whether it is true or not, biased or not. But if people start writing addressing particular people then the comments/conversation should be healthy and should not be personal attack and adamant arguments.”

    Agreed, it is perfectly acceptable to have differing opinions. I think we ultimately need to agree to disagree before we butt heads lol. And yes, they should be healthy comments and not personal attacks, but people do get caught up in the spur of the moment, and there’s kind of a team enmity too, so I guess it can’t really be helped either ^___^;;

    “I do not have any problem with favoritism, it is quite natural and human behavior to like and dislike something. We should not expect everyone to have the same likes/dislikes as the other individual in question and no one can force it and most importantly no one would accept it.”

    Well said! I agree with this too! The problem is of course that some people expect higher levels of critical thinking whereas others simply state who their favorite(s) is/are and make sly (or, well, often, not so sly) remarks on others contestants. And if that contestant is someone’s favorite, or if someone reads those negative remarks about contestants not deserving of them, then people get stubborn and try to push their opinion.

    “As per the contestants has concerned I have always liked them if they have given a good and entertaining dance(For me being entertaining and being connected to the performance is more important than the technicality of the dance itself as I am not a dancer at all).”

    Indeed, most of the populace is unversed in the ways of dance, so as long as you know who you found entertaining and why and you vote for them as such, then you are doing justice to the purpose of the show (nevermind any games or politics that goes on behind the scenes).

    “One more thing, you should not apologize for anything because you did not say anything wrong or bad to me(I don’t know about others ).”

    Ahaha well thanks! I don’t mean to apologize to you personally, per se, but rather to all though who might have taken that impression of me. Still, point taken and noted :)

    “For me “always right”…hhmmm..of course if there is no objection to it you could assume it always right but may not be the ultimate fact.”

    Haha I don’t claim to be drawing anything from encyclopedias, whose own facts are liable to change with time anyway 😛 I don’t mean to assume that I am always right, but I think that the general consensus will *feel* that way if an idea is unchallenged….lol. I don’t really know how to put this in words – oh, if I could use body language! Lol.

    I loved the story from your workplace! That was very interesting and raises questions in my mind – food for thought, yay!

    As for your interpretation on my usage of the word seems, nice! Good to see someone else’s analysis – refreshing, and gives me a new take even on my own intended usage lol.

    And don’t worry, I’m not taking offense or assuming you are “trying to teach me” or something. This is healthy conversation 😉

    Cheers! :mrgreen:

  • kanubhai

    @ JEET u are absolutely right….. thumbs upp…… 8) Dharmesh sir should be winner and he deserves to be winner….DHARMESH ROCKKSSSS…. 😀

  • …avi…

    it simz that sum ppl here…dont like dharmesh at all…
    well think twice…hes been no 1 for quite sum time… and i gues ppl are jealous…like terence and remo r..
    D is da best and he should win…cos he has the janta wid him….Dharmesh is the best 😛

  • DIDrocks

    u know what i noticed? there is an extra overdose on dharmesh praising this week. way too many people than usual are stopping by on the forum to defend dharmesh and offend others (which is the nature of dharmesh’s fans. shameful!). looks like dharmesh fans got scared after all. they are afraid he will go cuz they also know how crappy dharmesh performed this week. so sad to see such blind fans. oh wait. blind AND BIASED fans. they contradict themselves everytime. one day they say “guys look at this week’s performance only and vote” and “so and so deserved to go out this week cuz last week they were terrible. it doesnt matter how well they did before.” and now i see the same exact people saying “guys one performance doesnt make anyone bad” and “please vote for dharmesh. he just had a rough week.” how hypocritical! i mean its apparent that they are scared. and since they got nothing to defend dharmesh becuz they know he danced crappily, they turn to masters. of course! what a genius idea! they claim some masters are jealous and extensively bash them to cover up dharmesh’s mistakes. and as soon as this defense stops working, they jump onto other contestants. they start talking about other contestants CLOTHES…yes CLOTHES(in a dance comeptition!!!)… cuz they dont dare talk about other contestants dance, since they all were way better than their beloved dharmesh. so they degrade people that way. and if THIS doesnt work either. they go into their sob stories. they start saying dharmesh is a hard worker, and he prepared the whole thing in an hour or a microsecond or whatever. funny they should say this. cuz i remember the same exact people yelling at remo when remo claimed punit did his sachin act in 4 hours.well then what else can u expect from hypocrites? they make it seem like dharmesh is the only hard worker there is and the other contestants are there to fill space. so i must say, whether DID has politics or not i dont know. but dharmesh fans on this forum certainly know how to play politics. im impressed with ur strategies guys. i saw right through ur evil plans, but i was definitely impressed! thanks for taking the time off from ur biased voting and reading my comment. sorry i took up too much time of urs. continue voting. ur dharmesh needs it after this week’s performance! 😉

    oh and if u dont believe me that dharmesh’s fans are biased, watch next week’s episode! dharmesh will surely be in top 3 despite being the worst performer this week!

  • njaiswal

    @ Jeet

    I completely agree with you, We should declare Shakti & Punit as the Joint DID2 winner, after all they have got the MJ Band from Remo. Doesn;t matter if they give the same emotional contempory performace week after week.
    Why the hell, have the public voting and waste everyone’s time & money.

    Next week, we should have you as the Great Grand Master :mrgreen:

  • prajna

    Dharmesh really rocks…. He deserves to win this DID 2….He is really really matchless…. performing a dance which was choreographed just an hour back is not a joke… only the best can do it and he has done it… and haan i really agree with the comments on remo n terrence… i mean its really ridiculous….if u cant appreciate his talent then atleast dont give negative comments…. none of ur contestants cud hav done tat…. CHEERS TO DHARMESH!!! 😀

  • Jeet

    Gosh!!! why do I keep forgetting?

    Sarcasm is wasted on fools.

  • DIDrocks

    Excuses become hinderances to success! never give excuses. accept the reality and move on. i mean what do u think…ur boss or professor will let u get away with handing a report in that u spent only an hour on cuz u had other problems? i mean will he say “well at least u pulled it off and handed it in”? do u think he will take ur problems into consideration and give u a good grade or give u a raise..just because u tried? uh uh! nope! i mean if we dont accept ordinary excuses in the real world, im not sure why we have to accept it from a contestant in a show. bad stuff happens to everyone and the person who moves on without making any excuses will go the farthest. i mean dharmesh didnt say anything about his problems. why do u fans and geeta gotta make a big deal out of it? or are u making a big deal out of it to get sympathy votes? trying to justify his bad performance? well in that case i can see some politics going on.

  • DIDrocks


    lol. i noticed it too. too many people thought u actually meant what u said. i was just sitting here and laughing at all of them. lol.

  • Jeet

    @Njaiswal, mate, I am not saying anything directly at you, so you need not make direct comments at me as to what I should be made or not.
    As for contemporary dance, I think folks in India have very little understanding and knowledge of the art form. Hip-hop and B-boying has been around for decades, so a little bit of exposure to the different styles of contemporary does not hurt. After all, we never cried foul over years of hip-hop on dance shows like Boogie-woogie. In fact it has gone to an extent that people have commented saying that contemporary is not even a proper dance form. This is really sad as around the world, contemporary is the most popular dance form and explicitly used in competitions and story telling.
    When I started the watching DID2, I started as an ardent supporter of Dharmesh. The guys has got it in him and he is a natural. What turns me off is the biased views of his fans who refuse to acknowledge anyone else but him. They leave no leaf unturned in degrading the other contestants, especially those who perform well.
    Guys, grow up, this is not an election where the winner is going to help make your life easier, but a dance competition. Enjoy the beautiful performances. Give the masters some credit. Nobody is all that bad. The masters and the contestants are all doing a great job. why are we fighting here? how is it going to affect your life directly?

  • Jeet

    @DIDrocks, have you tried the chat room?

  • DIDrocks

    thank u jeet. i share the same feelings. im coming to chat room now! lol.

  • almoula


  • voice of reason

    @ Jeet, Anniej

    Annie had written a few comments back that there are two levels of participants in this forum those that are intellectually oriented and laymen, while I agree with her reasoning I would say that there are again layers upon layers of laymen with the last layer being of mentally challenged cavemen who cannot see beyond the bridge of thier noses 😆

    Jeet, your sarcasm is lost on these cavemen 😆

    Annie, I loved the discussion that you are having with roshok thanks for raising the IQ level of the forum.

  • vandnna

    As usual it is clearly seen from the performance that Amrita supersedes Binny as a performer… It is a shame that people overlook performance… Binny’s performance was below average at this level of dancing where she is competing in top 5. I wish Amrita all the best!!!

  • Jeet

    Voice of reason, thanks! have u tried the chat room?

  • princerij90

    @jeet, dude you are hilarious..i don’t think the fans of our ‘beloved’ dharmesh sir understood what u actually meant

  • njaiswal

    @ Jeet

    I completely agree with you, a bit of exposure of contemporary dance form is perfectly fine – but overdose is really disappointing/boring.
    Infact in DID Season 1, contemporary dances were very balanced & people really enjoyed it.

    But in DID2, there is defn a overdose, contemporary might be the most popular dance form around the World, but my dear friend – this is Dance INDIA Dance.

    Also you are doing the same, not liking Dharmesh – just coz he has lots of very biased fans.

    Where were you, when people were commenting on Geeta Master – just when people started commenting on Remo/Terence – You have woken up & saying masters must be given credit.

  • princerij90

    @DID S2 Dhamaka, lmao yea we definitely should..drop by baurch anytime..we have a actuarial science society here..most ppl here are pretty smart..few actually passed the p exam already :d

  • Jeet

    So you don’t get it, do you?

    1. There is nothing INDIAN about the dances in DID. It is Dance India Dance and not Dance IndiAN dance. Even if it was, we would be seeing various forms of Indian dances.
    2. Hip – hop, has been in India for decades. It is NOT INDIAN either. just because we have been OVERLY exposed to the dance form people in India ASSUME that, it is the true dance form and rest all are crap. (FYI, I used to HIP – HOP and teach the same)
    3. As an Indian who has knowledge of dance and having traveled widely, I know what we are lacking and why we are not visible in the international arena of dance. One of the prime reason is, we do not have proper and enough contemporary dancers. Hence we need the exposure. As Indians, we are increasingly competing in every area with the best in the world, hence I wish my countrymen (and women) were there in the international arena of dance as well.

    There is so much more to write, but …

  • princerij90

    njaiswal, the few of us (didrocks, anniej, jeet, myself) it’s not that we don’t like dharmesh, of course he is a great dancer but what we are trying to point out is that his performance in the last week was the weakest of all contestants, and based on that, he shouldn’t be the top voted contestant again, that doesn’t mean he should be kicked out either, he has a lot of potential and i personally wish he’d stay becuz like he is talented..
    anyways, our main point for all these arguments is that when dharmesh performs bad, he should be criticized, but guess what he wasn’t criticized after giving a weak performance with jassi..i think the masters were FAIRLY nice to you and other biased fans of dharmesh should not criticize the masters for no reason and definitely shouldn’t call them jealous (which is just absolutely wrong)..they have no reason to be jealous of dharmesh..dharmesh still has a long way to go to get anywhere near them..i think you are grown up enough to understand that..if you look past your partiality, you’ll realize that..
    also, contestants like shakti should not be presented with vulgar comments and these comments often reach a point where they can be considered curses..and that’s only happening because she is a threat to’s sad really..
    you guys are tired of seeing an overdose of contemporary dances, and you think shakti does the same thing again and again?
    WATCH CAREFULLY PLEASE..there is a HUGE difference between contemporary and guys can’t even realize this small yet obvious fact only because you are way too biased and blinded by dharmesh..
    i love dharmesh and i honestly don’t like shakti any more than i like dharmesh..i don’t think either are versatile..dharmesh made attempts but they were mostly weak..i think shakti’s popping was far better than dharmesh’s mime/street jazz these cases, they went out of their comfort, you do realize that dharmesh isn’t much versatile..
    then again these two are two of the strongest contestants in DID and i don’t think either should be voted out..just pointing out, dharmesh isn’t any better than shakti when it comes to versatility..of course, in their comfort zone, they are both just stop being so biased and accept the fact..that’s all we are requesting..
    we have no hatred towards dharmesh..we just find you guys’ comments unfair to the masters and other contestants..because honestly after dharmesh’s performances the past two episodes, he could have been given harsh comment but the masters did not do be a little nicer to remo and terrence..i don’t see any politics in them..i see far more politics in you guys’ comments..
    and hopefully you won’t point out dharmesh sir making the kaj ra re act in one hour..because punit did the sachin act in four hours and he did pretty damm gud where dharmesh’s sir’s was very simple and nothing impressive..
    i know i just wrote an essay trying to explain myself..i hope this will put some sense into you crazed dharmesh fans..if this doesn’t help, then i won’t have any choice but to call you guys over-biased and ignorant..sorry

  • Jeet

    Thanks for clearing some points. I foresee that none of the crazed fans will bother either reading or replying to that. However, I think taking the effort to explain the njaiswal might not be in vain afterall. I like his arguments and they appear to have some matter to them.

  • sushliana

    BINNY should be out next week she’s not deserving on top! where was the tears of geetha the dramatic actress last friday..she will cry for binny only 👿

  • princerij90

    @jeet, you’re welcome bro..i just hope all this writing was worth it..i’ll be really happy if this decreases the biased comments even if a little bit

  • bigbugs

    Well said princerij90.

  • MG





  • MG



  • kalim

    I am tired seeing Punit and Shakti in same actions, step and drama.
    Dhermesh performance although simple but was very entertaining and he was looking like a star.
    People are comparing Dhermesh with Masters just bcz of the attitude of Masters towards Dhermesh. Anyone can easily say that masters are jealous. I do not know why they are doing this.
    Vote for Dhermesh Sir, and ensure his sonehri topi 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  • gidwanirashmi

    geeta maas team sucks…. they are on top just becuase of popularity….. its good dicision of janta that amrita is out off the show…. now biny shud go n top 4 will be shakti, punit, amar and dharmesh…. and shakti shud win the compitition she has the potencial to take any challenge and give the best…. thats why she always gets the good comments…. please vote for shakshti….

  • princerij90 dharmesh’s was entertaining huh? well gud for u..i’m not gonna say anything about that..
    but can you please explain where did you notice the drama in shakti and punit’s performance? and please elaborate thoroughly..we all look forward to hear your brilliant explanation of the drama that shakti and punit created in their performance..and please can you also describe all the similarities between samba dance and contemporary? because you said it’s all the same steps..shakti did samba last time..thank you very much you so very wise and thoughtful person

  • Dipankar

    Some people r telling that dharmesh is getting votes beacause of his popularity……..they should know Dharmesh got popularity because of performances only…..

  • VM

    If Remo n Terrence was super jealous of Dharmesh, no way he would hv been granted an opportunity to join DID and be another contestant like others. Zee does not need to go several rounds of competition/performance. they can just declare the winner immediately on the spot. the number game is also not really consistent. today you will be NO 3, next you will be NO 1.

    whatever it is, to me, i just wanna enjoy the dance entertainment. after all, these contestants ain’t gonna pay us for voting/fighting for them.

    and @ Mandeep for calling Remo a blacky!! hmmmm. i m left speechless. i guess u r all sparkling white, huh!! just like the polar bear.

  • Jeet

    @VM, welcome back!!

  • Jeet

    @Mandeep! Those comments are sick and derogatory. No matter who they are pointed at, you should not make such comments, especially in a public forum!!

  • VM

    Hi Jeet, tq for ur support. was about to leave ofis oredi. I hv not frequented much to the web of late.

    Pretty upset that Ammu left. As for last Saturday Terrence show, if not for Govinda, the show would hv been really boring.

    Wonder if Geeta will make all the 5 contestants perform classical dance.. will be a super duper treat..

  • Jeet

    Hi VM, I think Geeta’s choice must be interesting if there is a good amount of bollywood, shoud there be too much of classical, then it will be boring, just like terrences. Anyway, we’ll know tomorrow!

  • VM

    @ Jeet

    yeah sure hope for choices… btw, can u remember from which movie the song where Farina n Altaf performed to? song title is Pyaar Ka Mohabbat kiye. nice fast number.

    when i serched for the song, all i got is the one from Kaminey. but thats not the song i m looking for. it is the song where Farina n Altaf performed to…. thanks Jeet and m leaving oredi. Byeeeee. will log in later.

  • moredance

    I agree with u Deepankar,
    Even that MJ REMO seen saying contestents are getting votes by popularity.
    LOLZ such a foolish comment by REMO .
    When u are tlented, when u have a wow factor then u become popular,
    its a pity that Terrance focused only on SHAKSTI and not cared a straw abt any of his team.
    Sooo close mindedness,
    So SHAKTI don’t deserve all this by herself.
    Always shortest possible clothes — i think in Rumba Sumba dance people could have thought that there is one more thinnest “layer” after this last “layer”.
    what a pity , loosing remaining respect of many viewers
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • Jeet


    As far as I can remember, Farhina and altaf did only one performance togeather, on the 12th of Feb on the song “Pehli baar mohabbat Ki hai” from Kaminey.

  • moredance

    I’d request Geeta maa to give each contestent these dance forms:
    1.dharmesh : locking & popping.( he can do any form )
    2.Binny: Bollywood style ( modern bollywood )
    3.Amar: semi – classical ( he look so cute in it)
    4.Shakti : Classical, katthak or manipuri( lets see)
    5.Punit: Bhangra style

    it would really test the potential of contestents.

  • dhirry

    Wow! I’ve been reading through a few of the posts..and people are so passionate about these dancers that they’re voting based on emotions mostly.. Firstly I would like to emphasize on the fact that I definitely preferred DID 1.. I felt the contestants were a lot stronger (Alisha Salman Jai Prince Mayuresh Vrushali Kushboo Siddhesh)..
    Leaving that aside, on this season, let me just say within the first 2 episodes – we all knew who were the strong ones..(Shakti Amar Dharmesh Shashank Punit and then Amrita joined in)..

    Based on performance merits :

    Shakti – For a trained contemporary dancer is obviously mind blowing. I can remember most of her solo and duets.
    I will acknowledge the fact that she isn’t the best in pure Bollywood styles, but she has managed to wow us with thus so many other varities, even if it was Different forms of contemporay. So the girls got a good body and hence wears clothes that are designed for her tht best suits her songs. What the hell is the jantas problem in tht? Its a dancing competition! Appearance and talent matters and she’s got the best of both! Live with it..

    Amar – Has blossomed into a beautiful dancer week after week.. Such variations he’s picked up.. Always manages to get a salute in his duets.. and yet one must wonder why he’s always in the bottom..same goes to amrita..

    Punit – Is awesome in contemporary.. but he isnt reali in shining armour this season… i feel remo isnt very inspired with this guy.. coz his performance r very mediocre…

    Binny – She’s a real good dancer. Definitely. But her choreography hasnt been so gr8 as of lately… Miss those first few weeks of her performances.. she’s versatile for sure.. not my fav in hip hop tho but yeah..

    Dharmesh – He hooks u on with his perfect timing for those popping acts.. yeah he started of well.. and then we wanted to see diff variations.. but he kept bringing his styles in most all of em except for the walts and salsa was it.. there’s not a performance tht reali makes me go whoahhh.. i mean even tht glow in the dark performance.. i felt kishore performed better.. dharmesh’s excuse was tht it was too heavy or the tail was in the way.. let me remind u.. geeta did a fab dance last season with siddhesh and sunita (kathakali) which was sooo much heavier thn this guys suit and he performed to perfection. so excuses aside.. we need to see the real thing already. i mean when dharmesh danced with prince and siddhesh – i felt they were a lot better than dharmesh…

    if the janta can take facts like normal civil ppl then here’s the deal: a lot of indians and voting for dharmesh. why – bcoz he represents the normal everyday guys who r trying to mk it big for small cities.. cnt talk english well.. ppl are inspired by him and his story.. and i bet u.. these ppl do not have the maturity to think otherwise – hence they will vote for him till he wins did 2. but if u ask any real dancer out there – they will be able to tell u who r the deserving ones..

    u see.. even prince was realll good in popping n locking.. and i dare tell u he is one of the best after seeing him on did 2… he wasnt even the top4.. but thts because of the lack of versatality then compared to the other contestants.. same goes here.. if dharmesh is that good a dancer as u all vouch for.. maybe he shud venture out of his shelly and try sumthing binny amar or shakti are trying…

    I definitely am not a hater.. trust me i was quite sprung by dharmesh at first too… but this past performances have left me wondering if its right to vote based on emotions or merits.. all the other contestants are trying jus as hard. giving us their honest performances. why shud we be bias and over shadow the true deserving ones..

    leave the masters aside.. for it is not they who decide who stays and who doesnt.. it is us.. whats the point in aasking them to be nice to dharmesh when they have seen much better! think about it..

  • Jeet

    @Dhirry, you’ve hit the nail on the head!

  • vimi

    for all i know Dharmesh is not that a great dancer and achieved “choreographers” like Terence and Remo do not have to be jealous of someone like Dharmesh who, I emphasize, is still STRUGGLING to get a name on the list of GOOD dancers, not ACHIEVED CHOREOGRAPHERS.

    Of course, dharmesh has one powerful weapon: public votes, but i think that’s all he got…comparatively to last year winner, Salman who was extremely a devoted dancer and whose main purpose on stage was to please the public, Dharmesh lacks many of those qualities in many sense to be the winner of the golden cap.

  • suruworks

    It’s life WWE….the one who gets more shots in the beginning….win eventually in the end….so look out for next 2 performances of Dharmesh…..He is going to Win…..

  • princerij90

    @moredance, so you are saying dharmesh can do all styles right? so why the heck are you asking geeta ‘ma’ to give dharmesh popping and locking? doesn’t it right away show your insecurity about the fact that dharmesh can’t do anything besides that style?..i mean clearly popping and locking is a part of hip hop which is dharmesh’s shelly..what does geeta know about popping and locking? yet in geeta’s round, you want dharmesh to do popping and locking?
    now moredance, THERE IS A LIMIT TO BEING have crossed all the limits ( i don’t think it’s possible to be more biased than this)..
    i mean clearly you are not a kid and you are definitely not retarded to a point where you wouldn’t realize that popping and locking is dharmesh’s shelly..
    it’s geeta’s round and dharmesh should be given pure classical or something similar..or are you too afraid our dear dharmesh sir will not be able to execute it properly..
    moredance, before you make any more claims, at least be honest to yourself..doesn’t it hurt your conscience even a bit that you act so biased and then degrade other contestants so much? you gotta have some common sense

  • princerij90

    @dhirry, you are spot on! i wish there were more people in this forum who could at least think on the same level as you if not think the same..sadly there aren’t

  • shohagh

    i like Dharmesh sir performance. He really deserve DID2.
    But i think last two performance Geta ma did not well choreography. It’s not fault Dharmesh Sir. So Please Vote for D sir. he is like star

  • Naz

    @ annie
    oh okayy lol i get it now thankss

  • kanubhai


  • Rub

    heyy by the way where are you all guys from
    ? ? ? ? ❓

  • VM

    @ Jeet
    TQ Jeet…. u got the title correct but the song i downloaded sounds different from the song Farina n Altaf performed to.

  • aamna

    I DON’T THINK ANY OF THE CONTESTANTS DANCE’S WAS BAD IT WAS OK BUT I’M A LITTLE DISAPPOINTED WITH THE MASTERS CHOREOGRAPHY It’s a little bad but i loved the way the contestants tried their best from angel aamna

  • moredance

    Dharmesh Rock on man
    If u are reading this buddy we all are with u

  • dhirry

    @prince & @jeet – thanx..was just getting fed up with all the character bashing..

    @kanubhai – in that case.. are u suggesting this SIR if an International Dancer? He didn’t even know what the hell contemporary was till he joined DID2..
    Listen..he’s definitely an awesome performer. I’ll give him that. But compared to dancers like Prince and even Siddhesh from DID 1..this guy who’s supposedly a Dance Teacher and has a school, falls back!

    If you have come into a competition – whether you’re a teacher or whatever – you should be a student first and learn. Maybe it’s Zee Tv’s fault for allowing them to call him Dharmesh Sir first of all. I mean.. you have those 3 accomplished judges as much as you’d like to think otherwise, and how weird is it everyones callimg him Sir but with no real credential backing tht up.

    You can’t say all of his choreographies were bad.. its just bcoz Geetha knows the janta’s flavour. She knows if he does this expressions and stuffs the janta will feel very at home with him.

    I’m sorry but all this biasness towards him is jus making me loath him even more.

    I mean..people.. whatever happenned to quality??? Becoz of all the narrow mindedness ..rather than watching Shakti’s dance..u end up watching her thighs and butt??? So ur telling me eg. gymnasts in the olympics are a bunch of skimpy sluts running about jumping for nothing..

    You disrespect women this way and have the odesity to spell it out? Have some shame guys.. personal opinions are fine. But character assasination is horrible. Its a bloody SHOW. Let it be. Live and let live. Stop this biasness or at least stop spelling it out so the rest of us level minded humans dont have to fume over your lack of simple Logic.


  • AnnieJ

    @ voice of reason

    “Annie had written a few comments back that there are two levels of participants…”

    LOL you took that to a whole new all-time low by throwing in cavemen! Hahah, I’m very amused :) 😆

    I’m glad you feel I raise the IQ of the forum, lol! Someone had to be the voice of reason! (lol I am making a joke with your username)


    LOL at all the people who thought you were serious! And indeed, there is nothing Indian about most of the DID dances, so it’s a silly argument people try to make XP


    Nice job trying to enlighten some folks, but I wonder how many people read any of the lengthy remarks that are made here (besides the people who obviously respond). XP

    LOL, you wish Dharmesh could get popping and locking in Geeta’s week. Why don’t you want to see your star doing something new and refreshing?


    Very nicely written! I just started watching DID1 recently and already I have that same sense – stronger contestants! 😛 I agree with everything you’ve written :) And yes, apparently there are people who have the audacity to make personal attacks on the character of contestants… XP


    You must be one of the people who doesn’t read everyone’s remarks XD

    The song is actually “Raat ke dhai bhaje” from the same movie (Kaminey).

  • pk123

    any idea who is out – the shooting must be over right?

  • Sonu

    hi m sonu frm india(u.t of D&N.H) n i luv dharmesh a lot bcoz he looks like my boy friend..and wen u vil c both of them infront of u at a time den m sure u vil b confused who is original…

    nywaz any buddy tell me who got which dance form for geeta maa’s round….

  • fati

    plz guysssssssssssssss
    support kunwar
    he is untrained dancer

  • starbev

    I held geeta in very high esteem, but no more, after seeing that little kid (Afsha) performed in all those awfull getups. DID is a very good show seen all over the world. Please my friend; GEETA, let us keep the integrity of DID intact. I could have seen the displeasure on master Terrance face and others in the audiance. 👿 ❓ ❗ ❗ . I felt thier pain.DID on Zee tv is the best. Many times I wish that the other masters on the show treat you and your opinions with a more respect. As the only female judge on the panel, I resent the way at times when REMO and TERRANCE “do thier little high five all in front your face and back, or with GRAND MASTER’S jealous tantrums and comments. GEETA, your team had some of the best dancers and you worked hard to make them shine each and every week. I may forgive you in the future. Please, you are a very talented and kind instructor, it shows in your work. Keep little AFSHA in school and out of the slutty closet. THE WORLD IS WATCHING. 😯

  • lords2020

    AMAR IS OUT. 😳 😳 😳
    2 SHAKTI
    3 PUNIT

  • GAnubhav

    To me!

    its simple, Amrita is the Winner!
    I dont care who ever wins the DID2.
    I can bet no one can defeat her in dance,
    not sure if judged through looks, popularity, and master’s so called comments.
    Amrita Rocks, to me.. she is the winner by all means.
    And for your kind information, I said it through all my knowledge that I gained so far. And kasam khake bolta hoon, main ne ye comments God ki tarah clean and suchh diya ki under any influence except her awsome dancing skill.

  • karan99one

    I cant understand how someone can make mithunda as a grandmaster. Is he more knowledgable than the other three masters about dance . Does he have more expertise than the other three of them . He is not at all good in spotting
    technical faults . He always gives some lame comments

  • Sonu

    hey r u serious amar is out but punit was worst than amar…
    nywaz its so shoking but its a game yar how can zeetv do wrong wid remo..

    but d banda(amar) was gud..i loved his dileep kumars episode performence..miss him lot..

  • DIDrocks


    moredance crossed his/her limits for biasedness and even dignity(with the vulgarity) a long time ago. and he/she lost all the respect from me a while ago too. and u will also notice that he/she or any other dharmesh fans stopped replying to u, me, jeet, or any other sane person on this forum. this tells me one thing, they cannot disagree with us. they also think we are right but their arrongance and ego and blindness and ignorance come in their way ACCEPT that fact. and oh what did i tell u? dharmesh will be in top 3 no matter how he performs. its just a proven fact and people claim shakti is gonna win. lol! plz!

  • VM

    @ AnnieJ

    TQ so much dear… so sweet of u.. 😀

  • dhirry

    @Annie J.. I agree with you.. :)
    But the sad thing is.. their common sense shouldn’t just trigger after reading these posts.. if you’re voting based on dharmesh looking like ur boyfriend??? then.. seriously.. something is definitely wrong..and for Amar to be out now.. DID 2 has come to an all time low.. all time..

  • VM


    Well dear. You hv explained enuf.. but some will never learn. You still have matured and understanding ppl in this forum who are able to digest and analyse things in a positive way. where ever we go, we are bound to have sour grapes. so we just hv to chill out and ignore these “what ever u would call them, i m lost for words” ….. :mrgreen:

  • joe

    I have been reading all these comments, and I have to say that all the thousands of audiences who put in their votes think themselves to be cheographers , and dancers, and you realize that the votes will not change till the finals, well I think according to what I read in the comments, the minds are already made up, so just keep the show going till the end.since last week I just watch and enjoy the contestants performing, and I love them all, and wish them all a great future. I still think that the decisions should be left for the Cheographers, Professional Dancers,Film Producers,Dance critics ,as judges,and leave the voters to decide their favourites. well this is my opinion. Keep up the good work you are all doing in this contest. ❗

  • Muhammad Raheel

    :roll: 😳 😆 😛 8)

  • aamna

    whaat are u confused

  • zisha17

    i loved puneet and abha’s performance….it was like sooooo romantic and cute :)

  • Meeah

    Afsha sucks.. she is so arrogant.. 👿 why everyone tolerated her in first place. someone should tell her and her parents that she is not at all cute but arrogant.

  • Meeah

    Afsha was doing all nonsense talk. she did not even considered age of ppl to whom she was talking. how can she talk like that to Remo and Mithun ?

  • Meeah

    Noone connects to audience like Dharmesh does. But this time dharmeshs kajara re was very disappointing. Remo is always being partial to D. Jassi was looking huge in front of Dharmesh. not a good pair at all.

  • eramgirl_2006

    wahttttttttt amar is out oh no amar to punit se better tha phir wo kaisay out hua

  • style

    the people in this forum thinking that they can change voting patterns will be proved totally wrong,
    everything has boiled down to mere formalitiies
    I can alredy see Dharmesh or Shakti winning this DID2
    No mattrer BINNY or PUNIT shake the stage with their performances
    This is the truth.

  • maryamazi

    Yaaar Terrenc,you style dance,so boring!!!!!!!Sach me.sorry.
    DHARMESH SO GOOD!!!! 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 But kuch log(like Terrens-Remo) sab kuch karta he,ki uska popularity will be down.Nahi hoga,janta ko ap log bevacuf nahi banaoge,kyunki janta ne andhi nahi ,vo sab dekhta he,aor dance vo bhi samajta he.Par i was reaaly regret for Geeta,shayad uski bhi galti nahi,cous eh actress,pata nahi kon hei vo,bimar ho gai,par agar log jo yaha likhte hei,ki DHARMESH BAD 😡 😡 , ❗ AP SAB KE LIE,EK ADVICE ❗ ,JAO GHAR AOR TRY KARO 1 GHANTE ME KUCH SIKH LO,KISI KE SAT,!i M REALLY HAPPY KI VO ITNE ACHHE NIBHAYA EH PERFOMENS,HA LARKI BHI THIK TA.ANOTHER SAME,AS USALLY,SO BORED…….

  • pradhananupa

    even Yashkant is better than Punit!!! LOL

  • Ashna

    WOW!! very cool
    but sometimes boring..! lol
    jus jkin 😛 😛 anywayzz


    (even though i live in aus)

  • rajiv_m64

    jeetumoni is gr8

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