Dance India Dance Season 2 8th January Episode12

Dance India Dance Season 2 8th January Episode12

Shakti and Kunwar rocked the stage on Dance India Dance Season2 8th January. There were other super performances including Genie Jazz by Kruti & Vandana but Khuda Jane performance by Shakti and Kunwar Amarjeet was simply outstanding. Nikkitasha, Shashank & Bhavna performed on Semi Classical Instrumental Song. Kishore, Teena & Shruti performed an old style Disco Dance. Opening performance by all 18 contestants was beautifully choreographed. Punit, Meenu & Naresh were also good. Dharmesh, Binny & Altaf did a choreography based on Terrence Lewis, Remo D’souza and Geeta Kapoor. Ameeth and Parvez did a unique comedy choreographed by Terrence. Dance India Dance Season2 is looking bigger than ever. This season has started in tremendous fashion and We all are looking forward for DID to make history. Enjoy the videos.

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  • Namzii

    *Awesome performances!!Loving them =)

  • pokiree

    man ..all are superrr …

  • pearl summers

    bhavna she is hopeless some1 tell her yaar u dont pay tax 4 smiling in india and she has attitude always as if every1 around her are in front of her and biggest example of her attitude is terrence round in mega auditions.

  • rahul agarwal

    can nebdy plz tl me how 2 download DID videos

  • rahul agarwal
  • ridhsi

    wats d funda for adding comment. i dont find any dirct link for adding comment. is it true after 10 comments dis comment box get closed den no more comments can be added.

    begining of show was awsom. d show will be rock again as it did in last session.

  • pearl summers

    kunwar and shakti was sizziling ,they were fire on stage.
    binny’s presence on stage is refreshing she has got such a lively and vibrant face she is pleasure to watch on stge

  • pearl summers

    no matter punit is performing in group or n couple or in 3 he always stands out he has special charm on his face he is so into the character of the performance

  • pearl summers

    most importantly who the hell is costume designer of the contestants dress are weird and hopeless

  • ridhsi

    how can i download vedioes from this site help me out

  • Prial

    They all rocked!


  • Jinat

    Its such a waste of talent for those in Geeta’s team esp for Dharmesh.., Vaibhavi Merchant wld have been a better Master…jus my opinion.

  • Beauty1996

    The performance from Ameeth and Parvez were disguistingly hilarious.

  • Beauty1996

    Whatever happened to that little kid who danced like Micheal Jackson?

  • Beauty1996

    The performance by Amarjeet and Shakthi was so addicting. I can keep on watching it over and over again and never get born.
    The performance by Bhavana, Shashank, and Nikitasha was equally amazing. I have never seen such a performance. Look at Nikitasha’s face at the end, she was so into the act.

  • tenzin Dugyal

    please vote for geeta ghi gang cus dharmesh sir is outstanding in a solo dance ….you guys cannot jus not vote for dharmesh…this was a group dance….damn comeon/..

  • Deesha

    I just wana say that Terence’s choreography for Kunwar and Shakti was outstanding.
    This performance rocked. All the other performances were also very good but the romantic 1 was the best. Terence choreography is the best & my fav!!! btw the costumes also were very gud
    Just wana say HATS OFF 2 HIM

  • sul03

    hi i just wanted to fynd out does any1 no wen the next episode is gna cum out online, the 9th jan video im waiting to watch what happened, can any1 giv me a estimated time plz, tanks

  • admin

    @sul03 : Coming in an hour

  • sul03

    k thanks alot

  • admin
  • prabal

    Pl. let the Grand Master select the weak performers of the day instead of the masters.
    Like last year, Remo again have initiated the same tricks by selecting his strong performers. This is completely unacceptable. Viewers are not dumbers !

    Remo should be honest to his judgement !

  • prabal

    Remo, pl. be honest man ! We see your same fox tricks of selecting the performers.

  • priyam

    Shakti is amazing. Kunwar and Shakti were outstanding, fabulous and I don’t have words.Shakti is one of the best dancers in this competition. If the beginning is like that, just imagine what is awaiting us……….Looking forward to see their next performance

    Shashank is fabulous as well.

    Geeta knows that Kishore is very strong and by nominating him in the red zone, she protected Altaf. This is so unfair as Kishore is a great dancer.He might get eliminated now.

    Ameet should go. He has tried his emotional game and succeded.

  • kaustubh

    i am not able to watch full videos. they get cut-off after 10min…whats the problem??

  • nirajnangrani

    Dance of Kruti was excellent and deserve to be the reciepient of Sunhari Takdir ki Topi


  • soham singh

    vandanaaa, basically i m chd, usually stars come there. but i never take anyone autograph, but yes, if i will meet to u in our life, i will take ur autographh. u r rocking. u r alredy winner of d.i.d.2,

    all the best,

  • Babu

    Perfromance of Amerjeet(kuwar) And shakti was outstanding the next DID will be Amerjeet……….he is frm indore…..and he is my Guru…….nobody is able to beat him…..

  • vict78

    Awesome performance by kuwar and shakti , Also Parvez and amith performance was great.

  • Bibhu

    Shakti is very dediacted dancer. SHe can beat even the guys in dance and power in the dance which needs a lot of energy.

    Great Dharmesh Sir aftet all guru acha ho to Student grows.

  • Shrina Patel

    I like shakti obviously cuz she’s on TERENCE’s team!!!!! I TOTALLY LOOVE TERENCE! he’s like 99% of the reason y I watch and love the show! soooo hott!

  • Shrina Patel

    oops! sry if I spelled TERRENCE’s name wrong!! ; )

  • Shrina Patel

    also I think that TERRENCE is the only honest judge and rly wants the best dancer. all remo and geeta care for is to hav somebody from their team win. uurgh. haha lol and yet terrence has the BEST performances and choreography. especially shakti and her partner’s dance. she shud totally be dance India dance’s next winner. she’s just rocking the stage every performance!!

  • sm6

    ***On the video part5 at 4:51 when Saumya ask Binny to immate Geeta, can someone tell me what Binny said??

  • priyamukund

    sad that vandana was eliminated. Nikitasha should have been eliminated instead as vandana is far more graceful and a better dancer

  • dharmeshgoswami



    please kisi se ho sake to batana jarur me kae dino se serach kar raha hu magar muje milta nahi hai

  • Mansi Joshi

    i m a big fan of DID not jst bcoz i luv dancing but i m also a designing student n luv the costumes of prformers.. plzz let me know who is the designer. i ll be just finishing my graduation in “textile and apparel design” from SNDT and i am looking for internship in costume designing. I m really keen to work with DID team so plz somebody giv me information about designer of DID..

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