Dance India Dance 1st Jan Mumbai Girls Auditions

Dance India Dance 1st Jan Mumbai Girls Auditions

Dance India Dance 1st December Girls Auditions was a sizzling episode. Every participant gave their 100% to be selected amongst the final 18 contestants. After the last round of Terrence Lewis choregraphy there were 36 contestants selected and now today there are 18 girls competing to be selected in the final top 18. 36 Contestants are divided into three teams as Terrence Ki Toli, Geeta Ki Gang and Remo Ke Rangeele. Dance India Dance is setting a really high standards for other programs to follow. Today’s episdes just assured that. There was a special performance of Mr. Hari Narayan Das who was just excellent.

Dance India Dance 1st Jan Mumbai Girls Auditions

Terrence Ki Toli

Shakti Mohan who was selected in Mumbai Auditions performed first – Sizzling Performance.

Farhina Parvez from Kolkata perfomed second. Chota Packet Bara Dhamaka

Nidhi Patel from Vadodara performed on Race Hai Sanson Ki. Absolutely Rocking

Kruti Mahesh performed a local dance. Superb Performance

Enette D’souza performed on Dil Mange in classical style

Vandana Joshi from Dehli performed Contemporary style on the song Haye Rama

Selected for Top 18 : Shakti Mohan, Vandana Joshi, Kruti Mahesh

Mithun Da promised Farhina Parvez that she will perform again in DID Season2.

Geeta Ki Gang

Binny Sharma from Ahmedabad performed on Tere Ishq Nachaya

Shruti Basakhetre from mumbai performed a street dance. Again rocking performance

Amrita Maitra from Kolkata performed a classical dance form

Manju sharma from Dehli performed a contemporary style dance

Tripti Manchande from Mumbai performed on Beqadar Bekhabar in classic dance style

Teena Pradkar from Mumbai performed on Ring Ring Ringa. Sizzling performance

Selected for Top 18 : Shruti Basakhetre, Binny Sharma, Teena Pradkar
Amrita Maitra takes a spot in standby contestant from Mithun Da.

Remo Ke Rangeelay

Nikitasha Marwas from US performed a classical style on the song Jiya Jale

Charvi Bharadwaj from Vadodara also performed a classical dance on Mere Dholna Sun

Praapty Biswas from Kolkata performed on Babu Ji Zara Dheere Chalo

Payal balse from Mumbai gave a rocking performance in free style

Bhavna Khanduja from Delhi performed on Zindagi Mein Koi Kabhi Aye na Rabba in contemporary style

Meenu Panchal from Vadodara performed on O Saqi Saqi Re

Selected for Top 18 : Nikitasha Marwas, Bhavna Khanduja, Meenu Panchal

So the final 9 DID Girls are Shakti Mohan, Vandana Joshi, Kruti Mahesh, Shruti Basakhetre, Binny Sharma, Teena Pradkar, Nikitasha Marwas, Bhavna Khanduja, Meenu Panchal

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  • khatz

    Nikitasha Marwas is amazing !!!!

    I am so sorry for Dharmesh he wanted to be in Remo Ke Rangeelay and now he is with Geeta hope he ll get his chance to show us that he is DID`s BEST DANCER !!!!

  • Jinat

    i don like Geeta’s choice…amrita maitra was quite good i thot, compared to a few others in her grp.

  • pokiree

    nikitasha and meenu were super!!!!!

  • pokiree

    amrita confidence level is low and her +ve attitude was less bcoz of it she was not selected

  • pramanisa

    Wonderful performance by everyone.

    It was nice of Mithun daa giving chance to Farhina Parvez and Amrita Maitri as standby.

  • Gyanu

    Still Everyone is giving good performance…so when real war will start…then……
    maja aayega delhne me…..

  • pokiree

    chotu lohar was not selected but did is using his dance in promo. if did uses him in their promo they should have selected him.

  • sandeep_raja

    I dont like the discision of terrence that he didnot selct Melwin…..he desrved to be there in best 18 of DID 2.
    Pls consider him in the Mithun Da ki standby Team.

  • adua

    I don’t think the show deserves to be taken forward without Melwin !

    Terrence or Mithun Da should reconsider their decision.


  • hopes

    guyz is dharmesh selected in final 18?

  • himal

    I think the buffalo woman not Amrita should be kicked out of the show. Why the hell is she in the show? She is worst and does not deserve to even watch this show.

    Hey Remo, do not you notice Terrence on how /what to speak and behave professional and mannerfully? Stupid – learn from Terrence.

    Mithun – do not try to be over-smart and keep your emotions down. You do not know dancing.

    You all should learn from Terrence.

  • deeya

    Nikitasha Marwas is absoulotely mind-blowing.

    she just keeps on shining.

  • khatz

    @ hopes – > dharmesh is selected … :))

  • heena

    It’s sad watching the judges make really poor decisions. Geeta should have kept deserving Amrita and Terrance should have kept Melvin.

    And seriously Geeta? Act your own age for a change.

  • artee

    Vandana and Shakti r good performers…

  • dancer

    Amrita definitely should NOT have been eliminated….she’s good….

  • dennis_cold angel

    I was really amazed by SHAKTI MOHAN’s performance .. she’s got d perfect dance technique n training n an amazing physique … her performance in ‘BUTTONS’ was outstanding!!!

    Her 1st solo was very technically oriented n she did thngs whch none of d other contestants can do … her jete’s n dolphin tumbles n all of her jumps wer fab :) i hope she wins….

    P.S: nikitasha jus banks attention based on her looks… her technique is so amatuerish .. needs 2 train a lot more …
    tina is scary n amrita was better any day .. god plz open ur eyes vn u select ppl …
    TERENCE ROCKS .. only one who makes sense in d whole show n knows wot he’s talkn bout …

  • heena

    I only saw nikhitasha’s classical and she was too good. can’t say anything about her other performances.

  • himal

    Nikhitasha, Shakti Mohan and Meenu Panchal are 3 tough contenders among the girls.

  • heena

    Shakti’s performance with Kunwar was just awesome.

  • abhishek chauhan

    d i d roks man their is nothing to say about it

  • heena

    I don’t understand Mithun Chakarwathi’s role in the show. He was given one job which he failed to complete – eliminate 2 dancers! That’s all he had to do!

    Anyways, I don’t enjoy Geeta “Ma’s” lil’ act either. And neither am a fan of her “emotions”. She had a lot of growing up to do.

    Love you Terrance! Thanks for getting to the point and being professional =)

  • manusaps

    Can shakti perform anything else. I gettin bored of her contemporary style.. Terence are you listening.. stop playing safe with her.. You make everybody else in your group try somethin new.. but why so safe with SHAKTI!!! Cmon guys is anybody looking???? Mithunda stop sleeping in the show and ask the contestants to perform varied dance forms

  • manusaps

    Nikitasha trust me.. you are overhyped.. This is no Miss India contest..

  • manusaps

    Kruti, Vandana, Parvez, Puneet and Shashank salute to you guys for trying somethin new everytime. I really love you guys that you are coming out of your core and maturing.. unlike others who just want to scrape thru..

    KRUTI SALUTE TO U!!!Your performance was just amazing.. PArvez you too were very good…
    Puneet u rock man..

  • manusaps

    Shakti you were my favourite but now i am bored…

  • crazy_me

    rite from day1 i hav been seeing shakti performing just one form of dance….itz not gonna help playing safe wid her terrence…when every1 else has been versatile and gutsy enough to try somethin different. Judges open ur eyes and stop creatin hype for shakti….itz all abt delivering performance and not creatin fame for some1…..dis a dance show for god sake !!!!

  • crazy_me

    same goes wid nikitasha i can c a bull participating in an horse race…. where is dance dis seemz 2 b a beauty paegant….try 2 lift people who dance well and not d ones who look look good….

  • crazy_me

    every1 else on the show rocks coz u guyz had d guts to perform somethin different and show some real dance moves…kudos and all d best guyz !!!! remember guyz if not here den somewhere else but keep ur motto up….atleast somewhere dance wud b appreciated and not fame….judges high time 2 wake up…

  • manusaps

    I am outta this.. this show is completely rigged.. Vandana jumped 350votes in a day.. hahahaha.. wherein pple who were no. 1 2 and 3 have been tryin now for a month to get that much votes.. DID guys you just are spoiling the show..

  • Nimesh Shah

    amrita was to my opinion is a much better dancer.
    a sequence when performed, must be judged in ITS wholesome manner..her previous performances ve proved her versatile in other forms of dancing…
    how far a participant ve excelled in his / her performance..keeping in view the expressions..grace..movements..flexibility..etc..etc…like grading them in 15 different variables…then totalling..then deciding their chance….i mean…DID2 knows it all..but….theres a lot of efforts n sacrifices these participants must ve done….a ranking process n the potential of the dancers should be kept in mind..but ya..DID is an ace platform for the deserved..

  • Nimesh Shah

    it isnt rolling…the way it should by the did team..
    theres a lakuna somewhere….which am sure the did team n the judges..n of course mithunda knows..
    judges ve the last say though…

  • King

    Geeta is a big panvati,she brings bad luck to dancers in group.. dharmesh should take care

  • kishore

    dharmesh u r the DID Winner

  • sruthi

    Amrita definitely should NOT have been eliminated….she’s good.
    Feeling really abd for Dharmesh. He clearly told at the time of audition that he want to be in Remo’s team. Still Geetha selected him. “Geetha – Pls try to win the game with your talent and not with the talent of the guys who have already proven that he is a very good dancer. So far the solo done by dharmesh is completely his performance. If you took – Baloon dance also ( which he did on 23rd Jan 2010). Really a BIG BIG BIG shame on you Geetha.
    Dharmesh you rock man !!!

  • dipeekadip

    Binny is so amazing dancer , and she is so beautiful also , i reall like her dance when salman khan was the guest on this song “Chori chori chupke se aake mere” from “Lucky”

    I also like shakti Mohan, she is alos very good , but after binny .

    Rest dharmesh sir is excellent and he is not dancer he is a magician

  • jagan

    sakti Ur best …..

  • jagan

    sakti u r Da did Winner….

  • amitvaidcod

    shakti ka naam badal k bharat mata kar dena chahiye jab dekho sab use salute hi dete rahte hain lagta hai ye ladki rajneeti me jayegi par aisa na ho to accha hai

  • Abhishek

    Shakti & Punit is gr8 dancers. I think DID winner will shakti or punit. guys u r roking………

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