Dance India Dance Mumbai Mega Auditions 13th Feb

Dance India Dance Mumbai Mega Auditions 13th Feb

Dance India Dance 13th Feb Episode in mumbai mega auditions started with a recap from the previous episodes. 100 contestants are selected so far from all the different cities, 40 contestants were chosen tonight out of 100 and finally there will 18 selected to participate in the show. Contestants performing in groups from here.

Geeta wished the contestants best of luck while terrence insists them to prove that you are India’s dancing stars.

First Performance : Priya Gupta from Delhi Auditions, Minu Banjal from ahmedabad, Vandana
Minu forgot some steps and so does other two so their performance was stopped in between. Judges did not allow them a second chance.

Aanchal, Tanvi and Gaus are selected from the next lot.

Next perfomance by Alim was dissapointing, he freezes and leaves the stage. quits and the judges say that they made a mistake of choosing him. Few are choosen, few are rejected.

Preetam disappointes the judges, terrance calls him an idiot and says he won’t mince words…very bad perfomance.

Preetam is rejected.

Next group, Shubho Das, Mandakini, Sunita, Simrit kaur performed next. Sunita and mandakini were told that they perfomed till the end but were not upto the mark, Simrit kaur is not chosen. Sunita and the other two are chosen. Shubho is back on stage by assistance. he thanks terrance for getting up from the seat to help him. they ask him what the doctor said and he said that he took medicines but he refused to take injection since they wanted to give him one on his hips and he was scared. Geeta says jokingly ….only if you take the injection he will be allowed to perfom the next day. So 4 choosen out of 5.

The next perfomer is Kamlesh Patel. They show the recap of his selection, him practising with other contestants. He starts his perfomance front of the judges. Great perfomace…but the judges feel that the it would be difficult for him so they feel that he should not continue. They say that he is a phenomenon. Kamlesh says that he is happy that he got a chance to het here. He leaves.

Khushboo, Bhavna, Jayanti, Alisha and Deepu all are selected.

Finally 40 contestants are choosen. They will be going to next round where they have to perform solo. They show all contestants practising all night along.

18 out of 40 contestants will be chosen after 2nd mega auditions.

Mumbai Mega Auditions Part1

Mumbai Mega Auditions Part1

  • aks

    I think its sad that some fine dancers couldn’t perform in a group this round. Pressure sub ki ho ti hai, par iss ke ahge joh par kare woh hi sikandar….

  • sks

    The judges are not doing their work well. They should leave their ego outside the stage. They call the participants as “Idiot”. Please do not ruin this programme specially geeta

  • Pavneet

    The show is over all a great platform for the best dancers of all over India to show their talent to the world.
    There is indeed something which is missing in the programme especially while judging the contestants.Though it is quite understandable that this show will bring up the best from the best yet it should be handle with care and right direction.


  • Inder

    Professional Language to be used.
    Respect should be given to each contestant as they are the ultimate performers.
    Proper feedback should be given to all of them.

  • Inder

    Disability Discrimination in the show.

  • Priya

    Wat i can say abt zis is zt all 3 judges are realy fair in judgin evry1
    Keep it up… n cnt wait to watch wat follows…………..
    U rock Damce India Dance…

  • Preeti

    I think that Terence is super hot!

  • manish

    it’s rubbish by three judges …….preetam is good performer ,however he’s quit overconfidence but this is not the right region to eliminate ………u all get the power to judge on dance Recital not the attitudinal Behaviors

    • raghavendranunna

      First important thing to the dancer is attitude.

  • priya malhotra

    plz tell me the song on which all the groups perform dance on 13 feb from which movie it is?

  • Aiswarya .R.M

    well..preetam is an idiot..i am with terrance lewis..and i like to know the email address of Terence lewis dance company………….he is superb

  • Nanchelin

    Just wanna say remo ure great.There s something special i u but don’t know what.I’m mad about u

  • Aiswarya .R.M


  • popbbz

    u no terence he Iz alrite. Sooo sweet be he I’d fine I like him cos he looks like my brother I swear da only difference I’d my bro has 6packs and guess wot my friends fancy him hahaha so yh Terence iz a cool dude but so as remo but not da female 1 she Is meeen I h8 meeen ppl be she Is moody aswell h8 her I like Terence & remo fx

  • Terences wifey

    i think terance is super cute

  • Terences wifey

    please reply soon i need to noe!!!>>

  • jibanesh

    it was a bad decision to reject kamolesh

  • bhaskar

    its big platform for dancers

  • danceindia go!

    ok yea im a remo fan to

  • danceindia go!

    i luv rakhiiiiiii shes super cuttee

  • tarun chandka

    i was very much upset that i miss 2-3 audition episodes of this show..
    but from ahmedabad auditions i am watching this show…

    top 18 were best judge by our 3 judges…

    when the competition start, from start onwards the dance standard was really high, it was difficult to eliminate the contestants, but still this is rule,

    love the dances, all r best but we need best of best, so just waiting for that day..

    hope to see this shows for every year….

  • mansimran

    what is the name of the song that the contestants perform in the group

  • madmax dancer

    i think remo is supercool and terence is a dude geeta is someone you can relate to

  • nitin

    well im nitin im from gwalior n im passionate 4 dancing want 2 be a pare of ur great show…………….plz tell how can i reach 2 u


  • Carrol

    Hey Terence:-)if ur readin this:)you know we share d same sad story actually but like jesus says,the world will leave you but i wont…trust in him….everythin will b ok:)life is about movin on:)live it pls Terence:)a guy like you deserves to b happy:)pls be:)there’s jus one Terence lewis:)you rock dude:)you rock:)love you:)mucha mucha:*

  • Shreya

    hi can someone tell me the song the contestants performed in groups at the audition. Thx

  • Mohsina Khan

    When is the next season for Dance India Dance and when will be the auditions?

  • pdtoor11

    Some 1 Plz Tell me the name of the song.

  • maegan

    Terrence Sir was right. He wasted his talent like an idiot.

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