Dance India Dance 8th May *Khushboo Eliminated*

Dance India Dance 8th May *Khushboo Eliminated*

On Dance India Dance 8th may the highest voted contestant is the birthday Girl Alisha Singh, Happy Birthday Alisha. Siddesh Pai gets the 2nd highest votes and Prince of locking and poping is on 3rd number. Salman, Khushboo and Sunita are the ones to get lowest votes. There was a huge arugument between Terence, Remo and Geeta on the public voting issue, it all started when host announced that Salman is in red zone. Terrence says there is something wrong. Geeta disagrees. Terrence says Salman and Jai were brilliant last week and still are in danger zone its not done. Geeta says you guys never complain when a contestant is getting highest vote so why now.

Dance India Dance 8th May Performances

Prince performed on Nahi Saamne from Taal

Terrence: 6.5/10 , Geeta: 5/10 , Remo: 7.5/10

Siddesh performed on U.P. Wala Thumka Lagaun

Terrence: 7.5/10 , Geeta: 8.5/10, Remo: 7/10

Alisha performed on Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai

Terrence: 9/10, Geeta: 9.5/10, Remo: 9/10

Jai performs on Guzaarish from Ghajini

Terrence: 9.5/10 , Geeta: 9.5/10

Salman performed on A.R.Rahman’s Vande Maatram

Terrence: 8/10 , Geeta: 8/10 , Remo: 8.5/10

Sunita performed on Paapi Bichua

Mithun: 9.9/10

Khusboo performed on Akhiyan na maar mujhe

Dance India Dance 8th May Elimination

Khusboo Purohit has been eliminated from Dance India Dance.

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Dance India Dance 8th May Videos part1

Dance India Dance 8th May Videos part2

Dance India Dance 8th May Videos part3

Dance India Dance 8th May Videos part4

  • Nas

    alisha or jai to win!!!!! sick ass dancers!! terence lewis is the best! mwah!!!

  • fahadkhawaja

    The top 6 should have been

    1. Jai
    2. Salman
    3. Mayuresh
    4. Alishia
    5. Vrushali
    6. Siddhesh

  • Phini

    What Terence said in Part 2 of the movie when Salman did not get the feather, is totally right.
    I have no faith in janta either.
    I think they just vote for their the most ‘beautiful or handsome’.
    They don’t look at the performance.
    And Khushboo shouldn’t been elminiated.
    Khushboo is way better than Sunita. Just like the other two girls, Vrushali and Bhavna.
    I think the elminiation is TOTALLY FAKE.
    Who could have tought that Salman was going to be in the Red Zone?
    Damned. Please yaar.

  • siddham2007


    I agree with fahadkhawaja completely with one exception – Mangesh Modak who got ‘disqualified’ because of injury would have been somewhere out there. Probably instead of Siddhesh… ?

  • simidog15

    i ddnt really like vrushali even tho he is really pretty
    i think prince was the best, is the best, and will remain the best
    its ok….its only a competition , its not a life and death situation
    everyone is trying
    good luck!

  • simidog15

    and one more thing


  • deeeeepa

    i also want alisha to win.she is the most deserving canditate.i m voting for her u all also vote plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • bp07

    I dont trust on this voting system, may be this all politics playing on janta’s voting, i dont think tht, indian community are that bad who not watch who doing what, salman is alwyse best, last time all give him good markes 9 & more, n the best pointed thing is, Alisha & salman both dance toghter, becoz of tht dance, Alisha got highest rank, n wht salman is in bottom three, tht redeculous, i dont think its 100% vothing, may be they change the result as per thier own mind, I m never ever agree tht sindhesh come in tope 3 all the time, i dont like his dance, geeta’s candidate doing easy step dance, n nothing new, its alwsye simple, n not to connect to heart, for me its garbage, n wasting time to seeing thier performance, N if its 100% on voting, then plse indians do your voting correctly, dont be differenciate between community or cast, evryone is same, we all r same one human being……plzeee wake up!!!!!

  • KartofflMuter

    “Alisha is so pretty!” ???? Is that a reason to vote for a dancer? Paulson deserved to go on. Mangesh deserved to continue. Bhavna and Vrushali and Mayuresh were all wonderful to watch. Frankly,the performances lately have been disappointing. I don’t fault the dancers. I fault the masters. Salman and Mayuresh were the top. Prince doesn’t come close. He can’t do a simple turn. In any other style but popping and locking,he is awkward and a beginner. He hunches his shoulders forward. I could go on and on. Sunita is a step ahead of him-just. He has no Passion. If I was rich,I would give my money to sponsor Salman and Mayuresh and Vrushali and Mangesh and Paulson and Alisha.Bhavna and Khooshboo also deserved to stay.I like Sunita but like Prince,it’s time for her to go.

  • Mr Black

    Top 3 should be:
    1. Jai
    2. Salman
    3. Alisha

    I agree with some of the comments about Prince, Sunita & Siddesh are not upto the mark!

    Grand Master, Producers, Choreographers, please enough of Locking & Popping.

  • golegappa

    I voted for Salman/Prince/Jai/Alisha today.

    I want to see.

    1. Salman
    2. Alisha
    3. Jai

    in Final.


  • siddham2007

    Of the contestants remaining, I completely agree with golegappa and Mr Black – these are the most versatile candidates and they carry out any style of dancing superbly. I dont know why Prince, Sunita and Siddesh should be here at this stage – instead should have been Mayuresh, Vrushali and – toss up between Mangesh and the Purohit sisters.

  • drarunsatheesh

    sunita should go…..
    Janta pls don’t vote for her..she is doing dance number which are from her place to get more votes….

    I cant take the acting my Sidesh on stage….

  • drarunsatheesh

    I feel Remo is not utilizing Price properly and just highlighting Salman….
    Terrance is getting better than Remo…
    Geeta is hopeless…
    The show is loosing its charm….

  • superioraryan

    Terrance u r the best and from my side the top three are

    1 Alisha
    2 Jai
    3 Salman

    About the Contestants
    1 Prince : Now stop doing poping and locking as we hv seen others are now getting better than u so show another dance form …
    2 Salman : Good dancer but still lots of dance form left by doing stunts and lift u cant be the best.But still a great competitors for others
    3 Sunita : Its time to go now. I dont know how she still in DID.
    4 Siddhesh : Not as good as jai , alisha ,salman have to lots of hard work to match them
    5 Jai : Bravo … !! I want to see Whole dance on B Boying from u…u r best at that
    6 Alisha : Awesome …!! The most versatile dancer in DID. My vote goes to u

    About the Judges

    1 Remo : Stop biasing for ur candidates and let dont let ur ego to go of u . Only judge on the performance , not on the my candidate.

    2 Geeta : U r showing ur cards now …!! good keep it up

    3 Terrance : U r the Best among all judge . Judge only on the performance and gives correct instruction for enhancing themselves

    4 Grand Master : U r too bias towards Prince. However terrance was far better than Remo still u r not perefer to give grand salute to terrance Y ???


  • priyam

    I think that Terrance anger is fully justified.

    Jai was terrific, as usual. I think that he is the one who deserved the grand salute.Yes he is the king of props and his movements are so clean.Hope that he does not come in the red zone again

    Alisha is also a very versatile dancer and she proved it today.

    Somebody said at a stage that all the small mistakes will be taken into consideration, but this does not seem to be the case. Only Master Terrence is fair. He points out the good and bad points.Righly pointed by Master terrence, only performance matters. Stop being sentimental and judge according to performance.

    Again I would say that the veto power has gone wasted, otherwise Mayuresh might have been here today. Even the masters miss him.

    For me the 4 Best are

    Jai and Alisha

    Salman and Siddesh

    Prince is certainly a good dancer, but compared to the others he still has a lot to learn.

    Mayuresh and Vrushali should have been among the 6 best.

  • priyam

    Even the Masters do not have faith any more in the voting system and I agree with them. If it goes on like that, the best candidates will be eliminated and this competition will not be justified.

  • Sweet Girl

    i think dat siddhesh is the best…..come on guys we looking 4 a good performer n not ur favourites plzzz…. siddhesh has the talents in him which no one has…siddhesh performs well,,he has a very good n nice face expressions which none of the guys has n face expression is the main thing in dance which wiil make a dancer too good….i vote for siddhesh…he shud win N if nyother contestant wins this competition it shud be prince salman or alisha….well sum of u guyss who commented said that siddhesh shud be out but i feel that siddhesh deserves the suneheri takdir ki topi….khusboo shud not have been out instead it shud be sunita who shud be thrown out man…she is just performing rubbish wich is good for nothng…. prince also is good n so is salman n jai….i think this janta voting is all a freaking bs coz i dnt ce the talents man just like khushboo shud be there instead of sunita….i think did shud rilli stop this janta voting system

  • jitu.mum

    Lets stop all this.. just decide the one, who will get Sunahri TAKDIR KI TOPI. (Aur kuchh nahi mila Mithun-DA ko dene ke liye).

    I would like ALISHA to win now.

  • Someone who loves watching DID

    Undoubtly, the best perfomance was of the Alisha (poping and breaking),It was fantastic! Today Price perfomance was ok…
    I think Sunita should be eliminated,because Khushboo were much better than her!!

    I am too excited to watch the next episode, I heard that It is going to be fun!! 😛

  • Someone who loves watching DID


  • Innocent

    I thought that alisha and dev should have got the award because their performance was the one most elegantly and beautifully performed!

  • I Hate Prince And Remo

    Terence is very nice and fair judge………Remo is very partial for his contestants…JAI And ALISHA Are best because they are very versatile….Prince can only do Popping …His COntemporary Dance was upto no good…..I am voting for JAI……….JAI Rocks

  • tanmoytc1985

    Khusboo’s exit was very sad. The effort she puts in stage show how hard she works . The flexibility of her body and her fitness level is also a look into things. Any way Khusboo dont worry u have given your best. That day we all were shocked with ur elimination and we all were moved by your tears.
    Keep performing… U R D BEST…

  • IshaParker

    Jai has good dance moves.. but is not so expressive..forgot his dance steps at times
    Prince is good at locking and popping… but there is more to dance…
    Alisha .. is getting better everyday.. but not that versatile….
    Sunita…hardworking…pretty..her teammates(Siddhesh,Jai etc.. have bitched about her not performing with ease)
    Salman..consistently good dancer…great as dance partner.. good attitude..good stunts.. very versatile… star quality…wonder why he was in the red zone….

  • saffron

    I support Terence for what he said on 8th May show that he has no faith in Janta. Terence you are a fabulous, honest, intelligent, creative, charasmatic, handsome being.
    Salman is one of the greatest dancers on this show. He is skillful, humble, talented and courageous.
    I liked Geeta but after this show my respect for her professionalism has diminished. I don’t think she is truly supporting artistic qualities and its people like this who bring down standards.
    Your comments about the skillfulness of Siddesh’s dance was absolutely valid. If this show is to stand on the global flatform then please we need to reconsider what is high art or skillful dance and what is basic entertainment.
    Initially I was impressed that finally there is a great dance show without bias and politics, especially with your and Remo’s comments. I have also appreciated Geeta’s comments at times. Now it seems the standards are at stake.
    Thank you Terence for your passion and honesty towards dance and striving to maintain high standards.

  • saffron

    I love you Terence.

  • rashmi daivajna

    hi want to tell that price should do something else than loking and poping……… because he already good at that , i think salman should try to do locking and poping……….

  • drishti

    Dance India Dance is the No. 1 reality show all over the world
    we like all contestant, all are very telented and hardworking
    MIthunda the grandmaster really heads off, he always give gud advise to everyone
    All three masters are really very telented and best teachers
    i think Salman will be the winner we everytime look him in a different stly of dancing
    second choice will be Siddhesh or Alisha

  • karimah

    i thin prince will win this contest becaue he has passion of winning on the other hand sidesh and jai all dey do is just try acting smart and be really horrible and insult prince for no reason at all prince is a good dancer he has proven dat to u so y do u keep pickin on him he is da smallest but acts more mature dan siddesh and jai i think they should both be ellimenated coz passing comments lyk dat about prine it must hav really hurt him.

  • pi_nk

    Woah … Terrence sir was really angry and his argument does make sense I guess, because Alisha and Salman danced together, and she got voted #1, while Salman was in the danger zone, i’m just glad he got saved, he seemed so upset, he wasn’t even looking at the camera today.
    Always smile buddy! =)
    Wish Kushboo, the gorgeous girl, all the best for future!!

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