Dance India Dance 31st Jan Auditions

Dance India Dance 31st Jan Auditions

More auditions, In search of more talent Dance India Dance contestants are here. Harman Baweja and Amrita Rao are on the stage as guest judges, they are here for the promotion of the latest movie victory.

Today’s Highlights

Paulson Thomas is selected and gets the cap.

Kiran Sutavane, she was superb so she is selected and gets the cap.

Pankaj Jasola is selected and gets a cap.

Rutuja Junnarkarm, Brilliant performer he gets a cap too.

Yuvraj Mitkar proposes Amrita, wow he cheered everyone up.

Dance India Dance 31st January Part1

Dance India Dance 31st January Part2

  • randhirpuri

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!! Maza aa gia show Dekh ke. I wish a Great success of this SHOW. Mithun ji Bhagwaan aapke Pryaas ko jarur success karega. Keep it Up.

  • Romuz

    a great legend mithunda.

  • NinazSyafinaz

    Can anyone tell me what is the title name and from which film that Ms Rutuja used for her background Music?That Song is so fantastic!!

  • dusshi

    aggresive always support for new innovation action,,,,,,,,,,,
    thats life
    sir namste for mithun dada,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    n remo jiii n gita jiii great personality ,, making it easy,,,

  • lalit

    I think this episod for searching dancer so that starting time judgement also not perfect to announce and give to feedback for program lessthen saregamapa pls active your job judgement.will be going to hit program for future.thanks

  • Sewika Sunuwar,Nepal

    What a superb job Mithun Da!! n thank you! apne aisi GREAT Show lakar diyein jarur GREAT succes dekhar rahega….ALL DA BEST OF DA BEST:) !!!!

  • khyati

    hey but when saw the Ahmadabad show they were all there then why did the 1 of the cryptographer had to leave

  • harshvardhan singh

    I think Pankaj had danced awesome, a person who can do gimmick(or watever the judges were saying) can dance also. My sincere advice to judges that see the western dances, or see the movie “step up to the streets” n then you’ll come to know wat exatcly dance is? then come for judging. come out from that third class “sharaabi bharat dance” n think big.

    warm regards
    Harshvardhan Singh

  • Jay

    I don’t believe in moral policing but self control. What is vulgar when done on street is vulgar when done on national TV. This show is vulgar and is unfit to watch with kids. The so called grand master seems to promote it in the way he selects the winners.

    Needless to say I stopped watching it after watching first three. My heart goes out to those poor contestants who are made to dance like lumpen monkeys in the name of art.

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