Dance India Dance 2nd may *Terence Lewis Special*

Dance India Dance 2nd may *Terence Lewis Special*

Dance India Dance Terence Lewis Special episode is here. Today all contestants performed on the songs chreographed by Terence Lewis. Today Khushboo’s performance was very good. Sunita and Jai Kumar were amazing. Siddesh and Prince performed on Maar Daala in mujra style. Salman and Alisha Singh dance in cuba style. Terence performs with other contestants on Bachna Ae Haseeno. Terence Lewis’s Mom comes on stage.

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  • darla

    Now I think its turn for Prince to be out from the show.
    He is not upto the mark as he knows only locking poping and nothing else.
    He hasnt shown salsa and other styles..
    In the last 2 weeks also he performed same lock-pop in that robert style and in UV dancing……….

    He is not versatile, the winner shud be versatile.
    And for Sunita, she atleast has tried evry form of dance from classical to free style, folk and evrything…………….

  • praveen1475

    Today was the height of being biased in challenge round !!!!!!!

    Challenge between the boys in Locking and Poping was totally unfair in the first place as everyone know Prince is good in that style.

    Top of that Mithun daa giving award to all the three contestant when Shidesh has given the better performance compare to other two. The award should have surly gone to Shidesh. This clearly shows that dada was being biases towards Prince.

    I would say Dada you should leave the Chair of GRAND MASTER you are no good…

    Texas and the whole world vote for Alisha and Jai they both are terrific….

  • golegappa

    Prince did

    one contemporary on ‘chanda re chanda re’
    one ’shikari and sherni’ with Khushboo,
    one ‘dharam paji and sunny deol’
    one ‘dance with 2 fire plates’
    one tapori on govinda song ‘main to raste se ja raha tha’
    one as a female ‘maar dala’

    All of the above were not locking and poping

    one with ‘tissue paper’
    one ‘UV one’
    one ‘ROBOT Dance’
    Prince used movements emulating popping,locking, hip-hop and breakdance (all of which are different dance styles, by the way).

    So please keep that in mind.

    AND KEEP VOTING …….Please vote

  • Terence_Lover

    Terence you rock..

  • darla

    @ gole gappa: dont mind plz but u have mentioned only the dance numbers he has performed and not the dance forms………..Can u tell me sm songs wid lifts, salsa, classical…….

    His most of the dance numbers like UV, Robot, tissue paper involves that locking-poping……….and others were ( dharam pa ji, sherni, govinda song) wre more like an act than dance……

    If we thoroughly look in to the dance numbers of other contestants like Jai, Mayuresh, Salman, Siddesh, Khushboo, Alisha they have done all like salsa, classical, hip hop, contemporary, free style, folk…….

    If i will go into the names of the performance they have given, the list will be too long……..

    Anyways plz dont mind :-), its just what I think………I have my own views abt Prince.

  • drarunsatheesh

    Sunita should be thrown out…
    Crying on stage..its now to get emotional votes.
    Regarding Salman,he is getting boring,he does body shows to get votes from girls and know only salsa.
    I think Price is the best not cos of his locking and popping,but his style is unique.,
    Siddesh should have been thrown out long back,he is an excellent actor,and egoistic.doesn’t deserve to be a dancing star.
    We need a star with a style which is unique if you see Prabhudeva ,Michele Jackson all have their own style.
    So Price si the ONE.

  • drarunsatheesh

    If i had to rate dancers:
    Prince 9
    Salman 8.5
    Alisha 8
    Kushboo 7.5
    jai 7
    Sidesh 7
    Sunita 5

  • ilovedance

    The controversary between the best dancer of POPPING & LOCKING is completed and the winner is SID.
    So MR.PRINCE stop doing POPPING & LOCKING only as u know that other contestants are also good in your style.

  • drarunsatheesh

    Can any one justify the way Sidesh behaved earlier in the show.
    My friends this is a reality show and we expect he dancing star to be well behaved and not to show his ego.
    As mayeresh said yesterday,vote on the basis of performance and uniqueness not on body or where they come from.

  • ilovedance

    As i think the three contestant should be

  • drarunsatheesh

    The new generation kids if you ask them whom do they lie the most they will say without any delay PRINCE.
    Does any one think why?
    Cos of his unique style,today we need a style which is outstanding.
    Any one can study salsa,classical or contemporary but some thing different as of now in DID is only Pricne with his style.
    Cos we all enjoy it.

  • kapil03_g

    This episode was AWSUM, specially the LOCKING & POPPING sections was the BEST. I wonder why not SALMAN accepted the challenge of LOCKING & POPPING of Mithun da. He should have tried it & I wonder why no on in the show noticed it or its just a GAME of DID, that if SALMAN was unable to do LOCKING & POPPING just dont show it to audience & avoid to talks about it. Its totally unfair to SIDDHESH, JAY & PRINCE according to me.

  • kapil03_g

    In the section of LOCKING & POPPING Sidhhesh is clearly awinner. If u’ve seen the behind the scenes after the show Terrance & all other contestants also ageed that Sidhhesh is WINNER.I think Sidhhesh gives expresions as no one amongst boys can give.He is the BEST.
    But i dont know why Salman has been given such a HYPE, he didn’t even try LOCKING & POPPING, just does SALSA & shows BODY.

  • darla

    Siddesh was best in the challenge round of locking-poping and Jai shud be at 2nd place and then Prince..

    I agree with Praveen1475 that Remo and mithun da were biased for Prince.
    Undoubtedly Siddesh was best….

    Remo is alwaz biased in every show for his own choreography…today also he didnt praised Alisha and Salman’s cuba dance which was much better than his choreography in Sadma song last week…

    Remo plz stop ur biased comments for ur students and ur won choreograhy….

    Terence is the best judge and Remo is worst among all……..

  • darla

    Today in challenge round Siddesh and Jai proved that they are better than Prince in locking-poping…

    Now Prince doesnt deserve to be called Prince of locking-poping…
    Today onwards Remo stop praising Prince and Prince u shud start performing other dance forms……

  • darla

    @golgappa: May I ask ur opinion on challenge round, who u consider the best….???

    Plz dont be biased like Remo…….

  • priyam

    The only fair judge today was Terrance. Grandmaster was absolutely right. The 3 boys did very well.

    Right dicision for best performance. I think that Salman and Alisha excelled.

    Hats off To Master Terrence for such a nice episode and he dances so well. He is so elegant and stylish.

    I think that if Sunita did very well today. Maybe she needs a master like Terrance.

    All the performance were outstsnding.

    Jai and Sunita were so cute.Jai was outstanding as usual. I think that Master Terrence succeeded in boosting up Sunitas moral by making use of her strength in the dance.Her lifts were smooth.

    Prince and Siddesh were outstanding. What a disguise. Very original and cute.

    Khushboo was good as well

    But the abscence of Mayuresh could be felt. As Master Remo said, If Mayuresh is out, anything can happen.

  • terrencegeetaremo

    I agree with Darla……SID did much better than Prince. Remo is a bit too obsessed with Prince :-)

  • priyam

    Agree that Jai and Alisha are terrific dancers

  • jitu.mum

    trying is not everything darla, they should be good at that.
    See Jai and Sunita, they have tried almost everything, but noone can see his performnace, he was very good in boogie woogie(he was trying one or two forms).

    I think, try everything, but be confident in one style.

    Prince is trying atleast.

  • Handsome_chap

    If you are consider weekly performance. This week Prince is worse. I am not bias, if you see my comment on earlier episode, I have appreciated lots about Prince. But in this week he dipped below the standard.

    May be our expectation was high on him; I cannot through my money for such performance.

    I agree style should be unique but you cannot do a boring repetitive monotonous performance and say that it is unique. Uniqueness must have creativity and entertaining dance routine. How long you can tolerate such monotonous performance.

    About the challenge, It was really tough to say who is winner. But my personal opinion the Winner of locking and Popping is SIDDESH.

    So what is special in Prince, It means all contestant can do locking and popping. There is no reason to give weightage to Prince for locking and popping. It is a matter of same for Prince that he could not be a clear winner in his most comfort zone, locking and popping.

    I don’t want to see locking and popping anymore, we have seen other contestant also can do locking and popping equally good as prince, It is the choreographer whom they want to promote.

    SO PRINCE MUST BE OUT. If I am wrong can anyone tell me, what PRINCE has done other than locking and popping last two week? Why not he is trying something different, other than locking and popping.

  • niyaz

    bhaiya yahan kuch log hai jo lockig nad popping jante he nahin hai unko kaho loking poping karne ko aj ke time jo log dekhna chate hai wahi dikha raha hai prince tabhi uski har performence par once more once more log aise he nahin chiilate samjhe kuch princ is prince of did ok mind it

  • jitu.mum

    My Voting Goes to..

    Prince 9 (Yaar tu Mickel jackson aur prabhudeva ka dance kar, U R BEST.)
    Alisha 8 (This is the girl, to can challenge Prince neck to neck.)
    Kushboo 7 (Dada ne bacha liya.. ab kuchh fandu karo par hath panv mat tudwa lena, nahi to Mangesh jaise jana padega.)
    Salman 6.5 (Stunt ho gaya, salsa ho gaya, ab kya!!!!)
    jai 5 ( Bhai tereko jo aata hai wo kar, tamasha mat kiya kar, nahi to public nikal degi)
    Sunita 5 ( beta emotion se vote nahi milega)
    Sidesh 0 (Should be kicked out of show, only does acting not dance, also doesn’t know how to respect people, beta ja ghar, tere pass GITA MAA hai na..hamara dimag kyon kha raha hai.)

  • jitu.mum

    I think, its not just locking & poping, It should look good, whatever the dance form is. Price has shown some other performances, where It was different(Paper Dance, Tapori Dance).
    but of-course, I believe he should show some other kind of dance, jo sabka munh band kar de.

    GOOD LUCK PRINCE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Handsome_chap

    Sunita is a good dancer, not the best. I agree with Priayam that Master Terrance has choreographed according to the strong point of contestant. I always felt Sunita is a victim of weak choreography.

    But this week we must say that Sunita has power, energy and ability to dance what Terrance expected. Good job Sunita Keep it up. After this performance I would say she deserves votes.

  • Handsome_chap

    jitu: I agree, his tissue paper dance was excellent, you see my comment on Prince on that episode, I like it. After that he continues to do the same thing. He must stop it otherwise he will be in lowest. What happen to Sunita , she was highest vote gainer now she is in red zone.

  • Don Bish

    Darla u obviosuly don’t know a lot about dancing, JT and Jacko probably two of the best dancers in the world, how did they acquire that reputation….not by salsa…not by tango…not by ballett….however they are best at what they do…similarly Prince is best at what he does, thats his strength!! How many times do u see Hrithik do classical in films…how about never, same with other good dancers in films!! Plus how many films do u see these days with classical dancing or salsa or anything in them. Very few!! Since Bollywood has gone Hollywood lite these days, hip hop is the in thing and thats what he should stick to!!!! If you knew about dancing then you would say that Sunita should go and she should have ages ago, shes only there because shes from Assam!!

  • gurlgenie

    Love watching Dance India Dance!
    Awesome show.

    Salman – Love you !You are my all time fav ! Muaahhhhhhh !!!
    We are rooting for you !
    Go for it dude !

  • gurlgenie

    Terence is a cool dude.
    Extremely stylish, love his fumbling hindi…
    All the three choreographers on this show are excellent,fair n sporty.
    Wanna see more of such fair judges n sincere competition.
    We have had enough of fake,teary n crappy reality shows…Dance India Dance is a breath of fresh air !

    Good Luck guys.
    May the best dancer win.

  • Handsome_chap

    Let me tell you , Sunita is also being attacked by other part of Indian as she is from North-East Assam. Choreographer has never considered her to give a dance routine according to her strength, whereas prince always locking and popping.

    But I would like to request all none sense people in this form not to bring up regional issue. Look at contestant performance and comment accordingly.

    Every contestant in this show are getting majority of vote from their home state. Can anybody deny it.

    Look at the Indian Idol competition many contestant win Idiom Idol title from various place of India(none from Assam) they even can not Sing a Song. So it is their we have to accept it. “Don Bish” if you Gupta you will not both for Siddesh you will vote for Prince.There is no doubt about it.

    We are bound by 500 year old culture and diversity so you cann’t remove it. It is their. Unless extremely wrong do not touch such sensitive issue. The moment you write Assam if people from Assam take it seriously it clear SUNITA will be the Winner. Then it will be very unfair for the other contestant

    But for such competition I don’t think we should go by regionalism, only those people with very low mentality will raise the regional issue.

  • sans_sans

    hi well must agree that i found siddesh popping little better than the rest of the 2 guys.
    also thought alisha n salman have done a great jon in the cuban salas..
    if there is someone to be our next week i guess it shld be between prince n sunita.. remember sunita is a wild card entry n kudos to her that she has come so far.. but there can only be one winner.. so everyone else must go..

  • poo

    wow!!!!!!!!! alisha and salman was
    just 2 gud. alisha was already my
    favourite n nw salman also is one of my
    favourites. luv u salman and alisha. hope
    that both of u gets d highest votes nxt week.
    best of luck.

    concerning locking and poping…hhmmmm
    i agree siddesh waz better but jai u
    were also gud. hope that u 2 get the
    highest votes jai koz u simply
    excelled in ur solo performance

  • golegappa

    @darla as you asked me to respond, so I just wanna put here what i think

    please read your first post you said “he knows only locking poping and nothing else”

    so my first post was which basically said, he has done lot of dances without locking and poping, so to say NOTHING ELSE is not fair.

    Second I agree he has not shown ALL the styles and I am not expert in dance styles, also I would say why people voted out Mayuresh who was best I guess among all, who showed all the style.

    Prince is famous among teenagers, they are crazy about him, like terrence said children will watch him and say “mere ko bhi wo dance kerna hai”, same he said again with his “tissue paper” performance children all over will be playing with “tissue paper” and mimicking him.
    Teenagers relate with him, they dont care about classical and salsa, there are some posts here which explain this in detail.

    Rest I will say all are good we all have our own point of view and I respect your views. May the best person win.

  • Handsome_chap

    I really like the performance of Salman and Alisha. After a long time I have seen a good choreography. Terence you are the best choreographer among the three.

  • san

    today terence did good job and i really enjoy a lot .but among all dance prince is not a complet dance just locking and poping is not called a dance ya may be for remo it could be…….

  • thisisme

    As I have stated in the past, if you have not seen each and every single episode of DID, please do not pass judgment on what styles a contestant has and has not performed. Issuing such statements without basis just highlights your ignorance and misleads others.

    Secondly, if you are going to state your opinion on a particular dance style, I suggest you first research the techniques used in that style and understand the movements and rhythms encompassed therein. Popping, locking, breaking, liquiding, b-boying, and krumping all have their own nuances and to categorize all dance forms which resemble “hip-hop” or “breakdancing” as popping and locking is wrong and disrespectful not only of the dance form, but also the dancer and choreographer.

    Please comment with care.

  • golegappa

    Alisha took a bog leap in her CUBA performance.
    MAN she was awesome.

  • mansi gupta

    Hey Terence, first of all let me tell you that you just rock i really love your style and dance you are just the best… Well now coming up to the performances i liked Alisha’s n Salman’s performance but i liked even the concept of the dance which Prince n Siddesh had performed good idea… Keep it up… Love u loads keep rocking… Muuaahhh.. you are my all time fav… You are dam sexy n hot man.. All the best…

  • Terence_Lover

    anyways.. i just love Terence.. he is so damn hot.. and sexy…..

  • Pravin

    It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer…

    I see the artistic skills and elegance in Jai’s performances!

  • Pravin

    Grand Master, First of all a salute to you for making this dance show wonderful with lot of variety.

    I think we have seen “Locking & Popping”, “Tango”, “Salsa”, “Bollywood Style”, “Freestyle”, “Krumping” “Stomping” and various “Acrobatic” dance forms.

    In Indian dances I think we saw the fire dance from Bengal, Kathakali, Garba/Dandiya etc…

    me and many of our audience would like to see “Swing Dance”, “B-Boying”, “Irish Step Dance”

    you had the girls dance as “Michael Jackson”, maybe you have the guys dance like “Usher”.

  • Handsome_chap

    It is message to Sunita, if you happen to visit and read the comment of viewer and your fans, please take dance routine which suit your style. We like you as a aggressive dancer not like a Cool, Motionless and Steady. Please take dance routine similar to which you did in your audition and wild card comeback.

    It is choreography that is pulling you behind.

    Do not take dance like a Hindi Film.It is known to everyone so nobody will like it. DO something like Hip-Hop,Jazz,ChaCha,Disco,Salsa and western style whatever, it should be a new routine. A new looks to the audience. Otherwise it time for to pack-up.

  • almightysanjus

    can u imagine if prince becomes a sabse bada dancing star…how he will look in a music video or an item number…it will be like mukesh raz (kauwa biryani) dancing….wake up folks this isnt any mujra going on….

  • Dave

    Every contestant has its own talent in the show. The energy level of all are different as well in the show to. In the last particular show of where Siddesh and Prince did maar daala. I would talk of the expression level I felt was over especially at the end.

  • syed547


  • Jeet kune do

    The best dancer is Salman ,Siddesh,Alisha ,Prince,Sunita,Jai,Kushboo.

  • Someone who loves watching DID

    My favourite dancers (in order) are:

    1st- Prince
    2nd- Salman
    3rd- Jai
    4th- Sidhesh

    1st- Khushboo and Alisha
    2nd- Sunita

    My favourite masters (in order) are:

    1st- Remo D’Souza <3 (Ya,sometimes he defend’s him contestant’s,but I like him as a master,lol)
    2nd- Terence Lewis
    3rd- Geeta Kapur


  • Someone who loves watching DID

    I loved the perfomances of Prince and Sidhesh (the mujhra dance) and of Alisha and Salman (Cuban salsa).

  • golegappa

    I agree with “Someone who loves watching DID”.

    But I did not liked the prince/sidesh dance, Terrance could have done wonders with Prince, the one he did with him could have been done by anyone, it was not a Terance style, if he wanted he could have taken Prince to a different level, like he did liked Alisha and Salman.

  • Mr Black

    My favourite dancers (in order) are:

    1st- Jai
    2nd- Salman
    3rd- Sidhesh
    4th- Sidhesh
    5th- Alisha
    6th- Khushboo
    7th- Prince
    2nd- Sunita

    My favourite masters (in order) are:

    1st- Terence Lewis
    2nd- Remo D’Souza
    3rd- Geeta Kapur (good dancer, not a choreographer)


  • Someone who loves watching DID

    Well,I agree with “golegappa” that Terance could do more things with Prince and Sidhesh so the best perfomance was of Alisha and Salman.

  • Someone who loves watching DID

    Waiting to know who will be eliminate on Saturday…. *-)

  • rana

    First of All, i would like to Thanks Admin, At last Server is Recovered, thats really cool to know.

    Finally we can follow DID as we are following for last 4 months.

    When you are going to post Spoiler of the Week,

    Keep looking forward for Spoiler

    Again Thanks

  • golegappa

    khusboo got eliminated as per some other websites.

  • simidog15

    prince is versitile and as what some ppl have said i ttly disagree. Prince is so young he is doing sooo many things…. he definitely is AWESOMe ! I DNT HATE ANY OF THE DANCERS, but i think sunita and khushboo shld go even tho she is very hardworking……ALL I WANT IS PRINCE TO B THE WINNER!!!!!!!!

  • simidog15

    ALSO..YA KHUSBOO HAS GONE OUT ACCORDING TO THE OTHER WEBSITES…its sorta a veto power waste….we cld have used it on Mayuresh…also Alisha is the best girl in da sho…and i hope she goes more further

  • jitu.mum

    Terance’s point in Friday’s Episode was right. Public is not voting on performance. Geeta is biased for Siddhesh. She also presented Sunita’s Bihu Dance only for Regional Voting, though she danced well.

    I think, Siddhesh will be the winner, because of favoritism and regional votes, not by dance.

    Remo did very nice thing, when he was quite throughout the show.

  • suzzy

    i love the way u dance terence sir with respect and i thing hands off to u sir u r a gerat person

  • suzzy

    plz chat or speak or reply me at my email adress plz {} i very eager plz sir just spend yuour presious 2 mins for me plz

  • suzzy

    its and u r afir person the way u spoke on fiday showed the truthness filled in pure heart and really love your attitude salute to that and u dress is too good but even sometimes u can try on with loose pants and u have great personality man

  • bbz6

    fat sunita shd go nw

  • DID lover

    i completly agreed bbz6.Sunita had shown nothing attractive till now , she had only done acting and nothing else
    Jai is the best

  • DID lover

    My fav. is gita ke gang
    and contestent is sunita

  • miss lewis

    if prince really win DID..then just stop it here.. never continue DID in the future..

  • priya123

    i really admire the choreography done by terrance lewis , done on 2nd may………

    tht episode is really very entertaining episode………!!

    and in my opinion terrance lewis is the best dance master and the best choreographer !!

    he is my dance guru !!

  • yeonen

    hi terence sir. i love the way you juged the programme and you are the best because if it is a different dance style you explain it very nicely. sir terence can i meet you once or can you mail me at my email id. i have a dream to meet at least once. i want alisha or salman to win DID

  • daksh

    i am happy ……….thank u u make dance i dance

  • pi_nk

    Another Awesome Master’s Special!! Everyone was fabulous once again!!! But Salman’s smile is just gorgeous yar, it makes me smile too! =)

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