Dance India Dance 21st March Wild Card Round

Dance India Dance 21st March Wild Card Round

Wild Card Participants start the show performing on Maari Teetri – De Taali on 21st March Dance India Dance Episode. 6 of them will be fighting to get into second round, remaining will go home. After their solo performances 3 finalist will be chosen by the public who will then be included in the Top 12.

Geeta Ki Gang Nominations :-

Geeta has to pick two people for solo performance. Geeta kapur picks Paulson and Sunita.

Remo ke Rangeelay Nominations :-

Prince and Mangesh are selected by Remo D’souza.

Terrence ki Toli Nominations :-

Terence Lewis nominates Mandakani and Tanvi.

Shubho was picked up by Mithun Chakraborty and now we are up for the second round of wild card entries which will be shown on 27th March Dance India Dance.

Dance India Dance 21st March Videos part1

Dance India Dance 21st March Videos part2

Dance India Dance 21st March Videos part3

  • isha says:

    as i told about SUNITA pls vote for mandakini cause she is a girl who knows the correct time when she is suppose to use her flexibility when she should be ready to carry weight on her body.she is workingvery hard to do things which she has never done before she came to DID (dance india dance) pls vote for MANDAKINI. to voten her type MANDAKINI & send it to 57575. TERENCE KI TOLI ROXXXXXXXXX.

    1 more thing pls vote for all contestants in TERENCE KI TOLI. PLS vote!

  • JAY

    Thanks to admin providing all the videos of DID…>>>

  • JAY

    SUNITA ia a great. She has performed different types of dance..
    She has quality to make cry the people.. She has quality to make lough the people..Please vote for SUNITA.
    type SUNITA and send it to 57575

  • shaluBillu

    prince is good… please vote for him!!!
    he did a good job 2day!!
    love him!!! hope he got the place 2 be on stage
    with remo ke rangeela…

  • ishika says:

    Pls vote for ‘SUNITA’ she can do all styles of dance to vote for sunita typ SUNITA &send it to 57575.

  • isha says:

    as i told about SUNITA pls vote for mandakini cause she is a girl who knows the correct time when she is suppose to use her flexibility when she should be ready to carry weight on her body.she is workingvery hard to do things which she has never done before she came to DID (dance india dance) pls vote for MANDAKINI. to voten her type MANDAKINI & send it to 57575

  • isha says:

    bhavna should have been eleminated instead of sunita

  • isha says:

    alisha is very sweet pls do vote for hertype alisha to57575

  • Sudipto


    I believe this show is very good, however I feel that it would have been fair that all the wild card entries be given a fair chance to display their individual skills and not have the masters nominate their favorites. I as a viewer would like to request the management to please take this into consideration. If noticed upon that the masters nominated mostly the contestants who they had increased interaction and emotional bonding of sorts with.

    I hope my views are taken into consideration for at this point I feel that the show though extremely entertaining shows that even on a reality show where there are not supposed to be any favoritism or politics, these things are being highlighted.


    Sudipto Sen

  • rdeemz

    VOTE PRINCE, PLEASE!! he deserves this i think more than anyone, the poor kid has come from extremely harsh conditions and hes only 16. He has come so far, why not let him go farther?

    Also, one more thing, i dont understand what was going on, what had prince said to his friends that offended remo sir?

  • jassi

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!price, your too good. i love your locking poping. don’t warry i am really sure you will be in

    please please vote for price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rcmastana

    PLS VOTE 4 PRINCE HE IS VERY VERY GOOD AND DONE HIS JOB. Because he can prove it self and his style. He can do the other stylez because Prince is Prince

  • fara

    Vote for tanvi plz!

  • rdeemz

    will someone plz answer my question?

  • hameed hussain

    jay nair is the best and best, and sure that jai wil b the winer of did

  • samir

    Even ifu don’t get carried away by Manesh’s life story…don’t u ppl think dat its only Mandesh who has show different styles of dances whenever he performed rite from the auditions to “Chance pe Dance”..
    vote for Mangesh

  • mimi

    plz logo vote for PRINCE.MANGESH N PAULSON….they r just way too good man….i just loved their performances….mann too good….vote for them i never comment but i swear their performance forced me to do so….plz plz plz vote for them…..i just loved that jump of mangesh n the new style of prince n paulson deserves to be on this stage…cz he was never eliminated….plz plz its a request im here in saudia cant sms for them but but but i can only request…so plzzzz

  • hasan

    hi.admin.. thank’s for this all

  • samir

    can there be provison of onile voting be created. would ve made it easy???

  • tabz

    wow wow wow
    what an absolutely beeeeaaauutiful performance by mangesh it was so so touching an well emotional….
    yyeeeeyyyy shubho got a chance hope he gets selected!!!!

  • tabz

    any1 watch da dancing n ice final???
    it wer well gud heh

  • KartofflMuter

    Mangesh was very special. Sunita is a beautiful dancer.Tanvi shows great personality. Paulson has raw power..”Me,handsome?” ha ha ha

  • yaqub

    Dancing on Ice was too good….though Ray did very well, but Donal was amazingly good.


    evry one vote for the best .

  • Sewika Sunuwar,Nepal

    Thank you very much admin for all this episode’s video!and Plz vote for best performer.

  • Pravin

    Mangesh’s performance was awesome!, indeed…a true dedication to his mother, he really put his heart & soul into the dance….

  • Rahul Anand


    It is the blast performance of SUNITA and MANGESH . I would like to see both in 12 finaliest.

    G9 you prove you deservie the Title “Master G9″

  • remo d souza

    plz vote for paulson he has the same story as micheal jakson and very good performer

  • amitnik

    hey..guys tel me hw 2 votes..plz…the real voting…nt tiz….?
    thanx 4 ya coperation

  • anil sharma

    vote for mangesh………………………………

  • anil sharma

    hey …..guys i want to know how to vote for them who got chance by wild card …………..plz. tel me do u have any idea…………..plz vote for the best porfomer

  • Abddul khaliq Aajiz

    Thanks to admin providing all the videos of DID.
    vote for mangesh…

  • Abddul khaliq Aajiz

    vote for mangesh………………………………
    Mithun da apka staiyal bohat acha lakta hei


    Price was amazing. But his master is right. Of course, it was not nice of Siddesh and Jai, Bur Prince should listen to what his guru said. Such things happens. But what a performance. Price has so much energy and a unique style.
    Mangesh is superb.
    Paulson is awesome.
    Sunita is the best among the girls. Mandakini is good as well.

    Hopefully, the rules of the game have changed and seems to be fairer now.Now, let’s hope that the Public vote fairly.

    I think that contestants should learn and retain what their Gurus say.It was very rude of Vijay to judge the other contestants. Dancing is one thing, but respect for others talents is so important.

  • Sailesh R Pillai

    PAULSON deserves a place in DID…He can be a future star. He wasn’t eliminated because of his Dance it was bcoz of his injury. Thus he deserves to be in the show & prove his critics wrong. The guy has a lot of potential to be an automatic hit only through his performance. DID will bloom if Paulson remains in the fray to give others a tough fight.

    Apart from I think Sunita & Mangesh deserves another chance. Prince is a good dancer however he has a lot to learn. Tanvi is good with her facial expresions however lacks in grace & Flair thru dance. Shubho will also learn with age. Others i don’t feel them good enough.

    I Think Paulson must be an Automatic Choice :) & to add on would be Sunita & Mangesh.

    Hope the People in India are wise enough to understand Dance & Performance rather than province or caste or creed. CHOOSE THE BEST so that we can enjoy their performance on stage & make Dance India Dance a revelation better than any reality show.

  • Miss Khera

    I hope Paulson, Mangesh and Mandakani are voted in. All 3 deserve to come back in. They all work very hard. Hope the public vote these 3 in.

  • shafqat611


  • sushil

    pls vote 4 prince paulson n mangesh cause they only deserved to be in top 12 contestent every people has saw there perfomance so pls vote 4 them they all have ability pls dont forgot .myself sushil from dubai i cant vote 4 them but i will pray to god that they three will selected and give there rocking and best perfomance pls vote 4 them.

  • sushil

    pls dont forgot and vote 4 mangesh ,paulson n prince .plsssssssssssss

  • Terrencebhai

    Mandakini really deserves to come back.

    Paulson’s performance sucked. He is simply overhyped.

    Prince and mandakini are pretty good too. Sunita is sweet and graceful. Tanvi just has good looks. Their dancing potential doesnt add up to mandakini.

    Vote for her guys!!!

  • lubhna

    people that should make it are Tanvi, Prince and Shubho {especially prince}

  • ajay

    london vote goes to sunita , tanvi is very pretty but dance not that really great so vote for SUNITA SUNITA SUNITA SUNITA SUNITA SUNITA SUNITA SUNITA SUNITA SUNITA

  • anish maveli

    hi guys, this my first time i am sending some craps. i think paulson should deserve selection. but i dont think that he will be selected because he is from kerala, here no one used to see hindi channels,even most of them dont know he is performing in some channel,hoooooooooooooooo paulson i will pray for u………….. pls god help him. he deserves it.

  • romit

    vote for prince,tanvi and shubho

  • Rachel

    Please vote for prince, paulson and mangesh… they deserve to be back and give other contestans a fair fight….. God will help and as well the prayers for the fans they have…..

  • amit

    vote for mangesh , prince and mandakini…..
    mangesh and prince are very good dancers and if they stay we can see some more good performance. Mandakini is way ahead of the other girls. Her fitness level is very high, she is hardworking and have the potential to give outstanding performance. vote for her.

  • viji

    Hi everybody its my request dont judge a city whom they came, dont juge a language plz judge only performance and vote only who really deserve it, so plz vote for mangesh he really desrve it.

  • Vandani


    I just love DID

    The judges are truly amazing…

  • jinxxy, romania

    Thank you admin for all these videos.i think mangesh, paulson and perhaps prince will enter top 12. they`re really good. good luck to all of them

  • Romuz

    mithunda is truly amazing….

  • shinwari

    Hello Sunita…. i told u as before when u was elimenat that u sucha good dancer and i really very very happy to back in dance india dance and i see agian with so nice perfoms and i hope u will do more better more better in the comeing programes so just i m say this that, that u r a sweet star of dance so good luck and keep stragal and please please give vote for sunita…… love u sunita love u too much….and i would like to send u a nice crown for ur head,that Mr,,Matunda give u from my said….but please give me the address of zee tv dance india dance place …. ok best of luck agian
    shinwari From Sweden!

  • shinwari

    hi sunita … i would like to send u a crown to ur show and i request to matunda that he give u this crown with our hands from my said but i don,t know that how can i send u please its my email address and send me the zee tv postel address that i send u a crown for ur head so sunita i like this that i send u becuz u r my favorite dancer so i hope u do this so its my email address thank u good bye best of luck
    shinwari from Sweden

  • Naveen

    Heyyy heyyy heyy khushboo where are you i am waiting for your lovly performance.

    .All the best dear.

  • Naveen

    This show is amasing and you the indians please vote for the best and also vote for my Love (Khushboo).

  • dhaval soni

    prince is champ of dance india dance.
    this is my little request plz vote for prince ‘cus prince is king of hip hop dancer.

    from dhaval soni
    gujarat in surat

  • dhaval soni

    (Khushboo , Khushboo)
    hi u r looking amaging.
    n also good dancer.
    in my view u r the best dancer in girl.
    like prince is best dancer in boy.
    prince or Khushboo is won the trophy of dance india dance

  • abhisek verma

    mangesh is d best wid his extraordinary headslip which no1 can do. shubo is the best moon walker pls observe…


    MANGESH u r a good dancer but u should not use ur dance art to bye some flate or to earn money….ur day has started. just keep dancing.

    PRINCE u should not change ur style for which u r recogised. u r gret in poping and locking.. so keep it up dude..forget the sunahri TOPI.

  • Pank

    Sunita should back.She is a very good dancer……. My vote goes to Sunita, Paulson and Prince…… Al d best everyone…

  • abhisek verma

    prince is prince………

  • JAY

    MANDAKNI does nod desarve to be in final 12 she is good as a dance techer she knows martial art that is different from dance..and face expression is very important for a dancer and she has got UGLY face no budy want to see HER on TV screen……

    RAkhi has played tricks to get in best 12….

    BHAWANA is also not good she is there becouse of her sister khoosbu..


  • disha

    i think that PRINCE and MANGESH they both should come in the top.
    so, pls, pls, vote for PRINCE

  • tasvir….

    luv shubho n prince…

  • Dee k

    What can I say. This program is amazing. All dancers are so good it’s getting hard to
    have a fav! I have to say I’m from London but watch DID evey week. I would also want to say I love Terrence lewis omg he is so so so beautiful… I’m in love.





  • shaluBillu

    hey guys please vote for prince and shubho…
    both of them are my fav.
    i can’t vote because i’m from malaysia..
    here the prog is every saturday n sunday..
    2day is saturday n nw is 12pm here…
    the DID is at 7.30pm..
    can’t wait ady..
    wish good luck to both of my fav!!

  • dheeraj

    hey guys please vote for prince both of them are my fav

  • dheeraj

    prince is a gud dancer

  • pallavi

    prince is the best….
    he is fav,cute,cool and a very very gud dancer…….

  • shinwari

    hi sunita…….its too much good too see in fanile 12th and my good wishies with u… u must be number one…. i hope too much so keep the strugal too much good luck…. and please please vote for sunita…bye
    shinwari from Sweden

  • geeta

    i think,east or west salman is vote for him.

  • Punjabi1

    man i think that polsaun SHOULDN’T of gotten out of dance india dance he deserves to stay too………. (L)POLSAUN LOVES RAKHEE(L)…lol

    but yet it still good that prince stayed for me i think that prince,rakhee,jai,and salmon should win so all the best to them

    I MISS U SHUBHO DAS!!!………….. :(

  • Punjabi1

    ooooooops i ment Paulson **

  • Pranjal_22

    Its a game of sentiments and emotions…One goes one remains. I think we ppl should get used to it instead of creating nuisance all over it. All have found their fav`s and they vote for their fav dancer…so just keep voting unless your fingers combine and hit you on your face.
    We can`t predict the winner…all the dancers are best in their respective fields.
    So just tell the channel who`s your fav` like mine`s fav` is SUNITA GOGOI not just coz` she is gorgeous but she is pretty fast in showing us the versatility of her dancing moves. She likes to experiment and that`s why she have been picked up through wild card. Excellent dancer I must say.
    You Rock babes…..:>)
    Love You! All the Best.

  • pujatrivedi

    mayuresh & siddhesh are going to be at the top of the show………. so all the best to then

  • shazi

    Hi these all the boys and girls not even know the basics of dance they are only enjoying their present. To learn the dance it is very essential to learn the basic things of dance. I think they will have to gone some institutions rather performing on stage. All these girl and boys are only promoting sex and only sex which is not a good thing for our youngsters.So i am asking them again and again plz do not promote sex.


    vote for SALMAN!!!!!!

  • sarkar

    hi friends .. main siddhesh ke bare me kuchh nata raha huin ..oh dikhta to 1 dam chor hai or uski notanki dekhi hai lagta hai koyi star hai gita mam or siddhesh 1 hi jessa hai ovr smart to aata nahi bas dat dikhata hai pos to essa marta hai ..

  • newpupil50

    i am 😳 :mrgreen: 😆 :confused: 😀

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