Dance India Dance 21st Feb Elimination Episode

Dance India Dance 21st Feb Elimination Episode

Dance India Dance 21st February Episode is here, Superb performances from all the contestants but one has to be eliminated as this was an elimination episode Enjoy the videos.

Dance India Dance 21st Feb Videos Part 1

Dance India Dance 21st Feb Videos Part 2

Dance India Dance 21st Feb Videos Part 3

  • louis

    wrong result in first go itself. instead of kiran, fat noni should’ve been kicked out. she just throws her weight around, literally, and has no dance moves. it’s puky to see all the fat hanging and jigling.

  • aks

    If Rakhee left i would have stoped watching but i also didnt feel that Kiran and shubho should have gone i and also alot of sydney watchers loved there performances since the show started….

  • Andrew

    I m sorry for shubho… if that performance is not acceptibale then the show don’t have rules….

  • Yaqub

    Kiran is so graceful….

  • Naseema

    Shubho shouldn’t have gone! He’s a great dancer better than some of them that stayed!!!!

  • bbz6

    i felt quite sad when they all started to cry:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • kris

    the grandmaster shouldnt take 2 people from the same group at th same time.there r worst dancers such as noni who should be kicked out.if he really wanted them to get out he shouldnt take them out on the same day.for boy he could of take out mangeshhe did not take him out just cause he was poor.its not that he is the only one poor in this whole world.i hate the grandmaster.

  • unicorn

    oh loius, i guess ur gona say the same about saroj khan eh? *snorts*..ur small minded brain is clearly hampering ur judgement. Anyway, I wasnt happy with shubho’s elimination either. Truthfully, the concept of elimating a boy and a girl just doesn’t make sense to me. All the guys performed well this week, it would have made more sense to remove Rakhee. What the hell does gender have to do with elimation nyway? i think there’s gona be more controversial eliminations in the future becuz of this stupid rule.

  • louis

    unicorn, if you think this noni is comparable to saroj khan you need to get new set of eyes and brains! noni is just fat hanging and bulging. saroj khan is talent despite her size. do you understand the difference? i suppose not because you think every fat person is saroj khan and if thats your rationale, then it’s pointless to convey logic to you. the bottom line is noni cant dance- all that she did was throw her weight around- that’s it. it was all one set of jerky movements and grandmaster thought it was energy!!! he didnt see the grace in kiran dance as there was no pelvic and chest thrusts as in noni’s case who btw, also had stomach thrusts! and yes, when ppl have no talent it’s difficult to ignore the hanging and jiggling fat. noni should instead join a gym!

  • ameena

    the participants are doing a wonderful are the geeta said its not fair its really not fair…i really wish the two gone participants kiran and shuboo come back and they are given another chance..its the first round after all and i really plead that they must come back with another chance…

  • farhan

    shabu ko bahir nahi karna chahye tha kion k us nay mangesh se acha dance kia tha shobhu ko bahi kar k bura kia

  • saty

    hey ppl i think dis show is wicked ther r sum really gud dancers i really like rakhi she dances great i love watchin dis programme only bcoz shes in it n im from da uk as well n a punjabi kuri 2

  • Towhid

    It isn’t fair Mithun da. Shub is better than Rani Panjabi Kori. To Mithun, you have no idea of judging on dance. So what he tells about you. It doesn’t mean you kicked him out. I think, public should be the judge instead of Mithun.

  • Towhid

    Mithun da, Rakhee ke, I Love you bonaa, isliye, Rakhee ke select kiya.

  • Towhid

    Mithun da, Rakhee ke, I Love you bolaa, isliye, Rakhee ke select kiya.

  • Yaqub

    There are other factors which might have played in the selection/elimination. Its no doubt that everyone were best and deserved to be in the game, but then again its the rule of the game.
    Retaining Rakhi could increase the TRP of Zee in international arena given that Rakhi is from UK (with all due respect to Rakhi and her talent).
    Well, with Nonie its as issue of possible fear of discrimination against size and form and moreover it is very apt in the current age of demand for Size 0 models, but again its fun watching Nonie…a big bundle of joy :D….
    So Shubho and the graceful Kiran, don’t be disheartened, for you are always winner. Good luck to you both and everyone else.
    ……I will be rooting for Salman because he is superb and he is my brother.

  • Inder

    It’snot only that Rakhi is straight forward in the show and being attractive but above all she is a good dancer and have all the talent to perform very well in coming episodes.

    For Kiran elimination the reason is quite precise she was really playing with styles and expression and mind a note this is a dance show not to chose any actress.

  • louis

    so far, i think md. gouse is the best! pankaj sharma of delhi auditions was brilliant and was chosen for mumbai mega auditios but didnt go! both of them would have given each other a lot of healthy competition.

  • parwej

    om god what a terrible decision
    in my opinion noni should go out
    she has got limited dancing steps

  • parwej

    rakhi a great actor
    but this is not a comedy show
    prove urself on dancing steps
    dont try to make people laugh
    try to make people dance

  • yashu

    OMGGG! Shubo has GONEEE! very bad decision! =(
    i thought jigar or da otha guy shld b eliminated!
    y not they do voting systemes???

  • tabz

    OMG Terence started crying and that made me cry even more shubo shud NOT HAVE GONE honestly wrong wrong wrong im sorry mithun da but i thought it was not fair because u eliminated both the dancers from Terence’s toli and i didn’t feel that were right because he worked soooo hard on his dancers and they put the same effort in. even if kiran only uses her expressions but shubo, hes just phenomenal man. wat the hell!!!!!!
    am i right people????

  • kris

    i really feel bad 4 terence because the grandmaster took 2 from his group on the same day.terence crying made me cry too.i hate the grandmaster so much.he is just stupid.keeps the wrong people in the show who even dance propley.i just hate him

  • tabz

    yh too ryt y dnt thy do voting thts the best dnt u thnk eventho sumtyms tht cn be unfair too but still it still is beter thn mithun da’s decisions. and also it isnt biased too dnt u think??

  • theuniverz

    luv u Terence!!!

  • yazzy

    is dr nychnce we cud dwnld d mixd track raki used in todays performance?

  • leena

    omg.. i think that only from a single gharana should have been eliminated, it would be gud to keep evrything fair until voting starts!!each judge could sty in the show!! jigar was brilliant!! stop hating noni for her size, plzz!! and rakhi is like a second aasma (the one form sa re ga ma pa 2009) but still is a great dancer, but evry1 needs to keep in mind this is a dancin comp., not a comedy comp.
    overall, this show is awesum so far!!

  • Prince

    I liked the dance performance of all the six danger zone people.

    Great note to MITHUNDA u r making a excellent show but i feel its getting disturb b’coz of comedy act.

  • Sid

    I am sure, Mahommad Gaus is the winner..

  • unicorn

    hey louis,
    i didnt say i’m comparing saroj khan’s dancing ability to noni’s dancing ability. But if u refer back to ur original comment, you weren’t critiquing noni’s dancing ability, you rather vulgarly described her body weight. I didn’t address ny of the other comments on noni’s performance cuz they backed up their opinions with credible points. I’ll be frank, she’s not my favourite either, its just not fair of you to demean her, thats all. I do apologise for my previous comments though, I was a bit riled up after yesterdays show. Sometimes one tends to forget theres actually another person on the other end of the computer. Hehe..

  • Razzoo

    Who else thinks Rakhee is hella hot in this dance. her tits pop out so much =p its awsome. and the thing that she did with the hands on her side go from up,down which later one of the judges imitated was awsome xD. k laterz and is anyone else thinks she is hott and all just say yes or something.

  • raju razole d.qatar

    kiran is best aey na insafi hai rakhi or noni jana chahiyetha

  • Raj

    poor set of decisions….
    decisions should be left on public votes…which ll generate more revenue n more TRP’s for ZEE…….

  • sandy

    hey, mithunda is the judge and he knows what he is doing. he is a dancing star well before most of us guys were born, so just leave ur judgement aside and let him make decisions. u guys enjoy the show…

  • Inder

    This is not at all acceptable that Rakhi is amking this show as a comedy show.Guys its quite precisely clear that she is just answering the questions and thats her style of answering things and moreover giving the answers while putting smile on your face is not like stepping into comedy.

    Thats a part of her personality the way she carries it and there is no harm in it.Despite all this she is serious whereeveri t requires and she dance very well and her last performance was really outstanding tht shows her different style of dancing.

  • Rajni

    Noni is a genious and a good dancer.
    Please make a note it is really challenging to dance for a minute with the amount of weight she is carrying.
    Salute to her!

  • Mann

    Rakhi should be there in the show.
    She is really got all the talent and hence she is proving it in every episode.

  • louis

    unicorn, read my first comment again. take it slow this time, and you’ll see these words, “and has no dance moves.” that applies to dancing abilities or lack thereof. and yes, if i want to see people i would rather see those who have the ability, and who are pleasant to look at. if i want to just see fat hanging and jiggling, there’re enough aunties on the street. now you may find those kinds attractive, i dont! so, a person competing to be india’s top dancer has to be fit, and must have dance moves. she lacks both. so before blabbering, read carefully. get someone to translate it to you! noni will be kicked out in another 1-2 episodes anyway- and then she should join a gym. but the fact that shubho and kiran were kicked out and noni was retained just out of pity on her supersize, and that is just absurd! it’s not a sad-story-pity-me show. it’s a dancing show. clearly, you dont get it! tough luck!

  • Nanchelin

    Great show.i also agree that shubho don’t deserve to go.nonie was the one who could go out.but anyways,who can help me with addres or e-mail id of remo d’souza.plz guyz help.god bless…

  • sheronlovesterence

    awwww sooo cute terence
    i love you

  • Sewika Sunuwar,Nepal

    Oh Rakhi you are sooooo cute!!

  • shaista

    hi i think that this show is exelent. You guys who is making fool of other people like nonie, i think you guys just shut up because i dont think anybody like it no matter what!!!!!!! (and if you had been fat, had you liked that people are saying so bs about you??????) be sensible for gods sake…
    And besides shubo can come next year to prove who good he is because there will be more dance india dance shows so dont cry so can kiran do.there dreams will come true one day because everybodys dream comes true one day!!!!!!!!

  • deep

    hi rakhee i like u main tera deewana ho gaya si jado mene tere face dekha hain tu janti hain kiyu kiyunki teri smile aur tera face mere friend ki tarha kagta si main tujhsey baat karna chhanda hu karegi mere naal pls ek baar bye n take care

  • Rohini

    Shubho shudn’t have gone…. Mithunda took a wrong decision. Shubho is a brilliant dancer. there shud b a wild card entry…..

    Rakhi u r simply amazing…… u r so spontaneous. good goin…. all d very best n i love ur dimples….

    good luck 2 all.

  • shaista

    shes right nobody can make fool of somebody!

  • meena

    aeverybody can dance i am sure

  • deep


  • (◣_◢) ჱܓ Đล尺يĦ™~

    ●๋• αℓℓ gυソѕ αη∂ gιяℓѕ ωнσ αяє ƒαηѕ σƒ яαкнєє ѕнαямα’ѕ ρєяƒσямαη¢є, σя ℓιкє яαкнєє нєяѕєℓƒ, тнєη ρℓєαѕє נσιη нєя ¢σммυηιтソ ση σякυт, נυѕт ѕєαя¢н ƒσя Rakhee – The Punjabi Britney ση σякυт αη∂ єηנσソ вソ ¢яєαтιηg ρσℓℓѕ αη∂ ƒσяυмѕ ●๋•

  • Mann

    I have joined Rakee on Orkut
    Please all of you should do this becaz she is just superb!

  • nazmin

    mithun has made a wrong decision of eliminating shuba n kiran. minot ellininate mithun is kinda stupid if i were him i would’ve not eliminate in the first elimination episode.
    i feel so sorry for shubo,kiran and terrence lewis.
    that was really unfair.

  • rima

    i think the decision taken was totally wrong i really felt like crying looking at people going from terance’s toli the judgement of mithun da was wrong hecould see the grace in kiran’s dancing and shubo did a gr8 job the oda day during elimination…i seriously feel that kiran would have danced much better later better thn nonie…i dont say that nonie is not good but i say others are the best….grandmasters decision is wrong….i feel they should be given one more chance…..!!!!!

  • Priya

    Noni n Rakhi , they r good but not so good.
    Shubho n Kiran were better than them.

  • Priya

    I know “Mithun Da” is “The One”, but don’t u guys think that we need more judges?

  • Shehbaz

    Hey Priya i think that there should also Ganesh Hedge. He is the most of the best Dancer what do u think he may be a good judge. but all are also very nice.,

  • Shehbaz

    My Fav is Prince and Jigar. Wish u best luck. I also dancer of Pakistan. But no one giving me chance. I have the dance patteren like prince and jigar. wowoooowwww.

  • Komal

    I believe the elimination decision did not 100% reflect the dancing abilities of the contestants. It would be a better choice to have a few more well qualified judges along with current Grandmaster.

    PS. Terrence Lewis, you are absolutely amazing !!

  • cool guy

    that noni should have been kicked out in place of shubho

    & my best wishes to rakhi

  • prajyot

    hey this show is really good and its inspires a lot …2 those pple who think they cant dance or those pple who use 2 dance but have quit bcoz they thought there is no carrer in this dancing,,,,,,,,,it really nice show …nice participants,,,,,, and gr8 judge and mahaguru is really gr8 dancer who brought the disco dancing in ths bollywood industry ……………one thing is missing in this show is public voting ,,,,but i think they have thought a lot b4 this ,,,,,,,,,,,bcoz many times public take wrong dicison ,,,they judge by the entertainment …many times ,,,,,,and who knows better then judge ,,,,,so hip hip hurray ,,,,,,,,,,,, love u allllllllll ……

  • prajyot

    and u know wat i also dnt like elimination…….bcoz of the crying … bcoz of loosing their carrer …….evryone one of the 18 r good but one has 2 best ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so 17 has 2 go 2 by 2 .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so just pray and hope ………. their should nt be a wrong judging ,,,,,,, but i really felt bad abt shuboo and kiran ,,,,, but they were best and they wll be back with their new stlye and performance next year good luck dear,,,,,,,,,,,,, again love u all

  • sandy

    rakhi has a charm wich impresses one and all

  • Mann

    Agreed with Sandy but it not only the charm I’m sure she got fantastic dancing moves as well!

  • Mann

    My best wishes are with you Rakhee u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pari_akloe

    Hi !! I am pari!, Pari akloe.
    I live in Suriname( South-America ) an i am 13years old. i like to watch dance india dance. it’s a very very nice show. I like it!!
    and i just want to say that I feel vry sad for Subho..he was so a good dancer.It’s not fair that he has gone!! i will miss him!
    and rakhee is a good dancer 2 & she is very sexyy 😉

    …I like terence lewis really much! He is so sexy, hot, cute!! i love him!! he is so hot!

    I really like terence lewis…can someone give me some information about him cause i cannot get it from the net… or his emailadress ??

    if you have some information about lovely terence can you please mail me ??

    xxxxx, Pari

  • chits

    what does mithun think of himself …. he shouldn’t hv elminated shubo he was just brilliant yaar .. i think he can’t see properly he need to start wearing glasses…………. and about kiran thatz i think a farely gud decision she was not dancing at all she was just trying to show her jalwe nd adaein to everybody ….

  • chits

    i just luv rakhi …..she is coooooooooooooolllllllllll

  • (◣_◢) ჱܓ Đล尺يĦ™~

    I think Grand Master’s decision was RIGHT !!!

    Shubho is a big Actor, he has pretended of a fake injury and has directly came to the Final 40 for a solo Performance !!!

    And to HELL with those who thinks RAKHEE should have been eliminated, she was just ROCKING !!!

    Best Wishes to all the contestents and SPECIALLY RAKHEE !!!

  • abdul khliq

    Dear Sir,

    Mithu je app mery boht barra frend hei.
    apka judge the grad, Apka dance say mutmaye houn. Plz muje mil sand kary k ap muslim hein, ya nahi hei. apka aney waly movies ka behat intar
    houn. Mimoh is best actor and best dancer. Apka k bat mimho mera best frend hien. Mimoh ka kamim k ley duago houn,.

  • Pooja

    Jigar is the best. I liked all of his performance. I have also seen his other dance performances and they were superb. I wish him all the success

  • luvunonz

    hy ppl…stp critizin noni fa her weight
    yew knw wat…she z d best…!!!
    ppl lyk cool guy n louis…dont knw nythng…..u ppl juss keep ur mouth shut….coz if yew would hve been carryin so much weight den i can bet yew would hve never thought of evn facin d audicions…..

    n yew comaprin kiran n shubho wth noni….i agree dat kiranz xpressions r damn gud…bt hy….she shud knw how to dance as well coz its a dance competion n to survive in it yew need to prove yurself juss d way NONIE did…

    so better think b4 wat yew ryt…

  • luvunonz

    btw …terrence iz rewli cuteeeeeeeeeeee

    he z rewli charmin n sexy….

    lurve hym…muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Mann

    Nonie is good indeed have got a dare to dance in front of people
    but Rakhi is mnidblowing and superb dancer.
    Must say she is an overall package to go further till the end.

  • Pari_akloe

    I LOVE YOU!!






    I really like terence lewis…can someone give me some information about him cause i cannot get it from the net… or his emailadress ??

    if you have some information about lovely terence can you please mail me ??

    xx, pari (L)


  • Pari_akloe

    Terence you’re so cute!!

    how old is terence ?? people say that he is 35.. but he lookt at 21/20


  • tabz

    hy pari i herd he 35 too but o well hes still weeeeeeeeellllllll fffiiiiiittttt dnt u thnk

  • pari

    yes!!! do you have more information about him??

  • jinny

    hey terence u were fntastic good super. i really like ur smile.i fell very bad u and shubbo because kiran was not doing so good but shubbo has done excellence y he was been eliminated and grand master has not done good to take out both participents from ur group one would be from gita’s group or from remo s he has not done good. i hope u may take any quick action for that please love u terence from jinny

  • Tutu

    Hi, Mithun ji main app ka bahut bada frnd hun. appka judge bahut achha. lekin ek problem he app noni ke jaga subuko lena chahi he ta. noni ke jaga subbo bahut acha dance kiya.

  • Rajesh Mistry

    Hi Rakhi,

    Love your Dance, Attitude …Bindasss Bol….U have a great passion and fully passion loaded performance…I Love it…very much…and also your chick Khanjan…looking so nice…lvu….Rajesh from Ahmedabad

  • nazmin

    m luv u terrence. mithunda u made a very WRONG decision. wat kind of judge r u

  • jabbar

    jigar i love u n rakhi u r briliant u r vry cool n dashing i like u plz give ur number plzzzzzzzzz rakhi i m from pakistan plz talk with me my number is 00923133626025
    i love u rakhi

  • jabbar

    progarame going rock n i like this programe i think all india ka sub se best dance progarame ye he hy n rakhi tooooooooooo naughty but she is superb

    rakhi is the

    dance india dance champion

    i praying for rakhi

  • prajyot

    hi evryone if anyone needs anyones mail or contact details just let me know ,…………….but it will be common ok nt the personal ones……………..anyways its gr8 show with gr8 judge and gr8 dancers love u all muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh …………… and wish all of them good luck ,……………. and yes for evryone instead of debating on who was bad and who is bad ……..let keep it aside and wish all the contestent who r left them a good good good luck…….

  • louis

    Rajni and shaista- you two sound like fatsos yourself? if you want ppl to pity fat ppl Dance India Dance is not the forum. it’s puky to see so much flab hanging and jugling. no, no one is making fun of fat noni, but only pointing to what’s obvious. she is fat and ugly and if she wants sympathy-vote, well, she’s on wrong show. instead of this show, she should join a gym, and perhaps take you along!

  • Nanchelin

    Hey prajyot,can i get the email id of remo,plz.he is so cute,like him.i think we need to respect each others meaning.all the very best to contestents…luv ya all

  • prajyot

    hey nanchelin where ru from and ……………u want remos emailor evryones

  • prajyot

    louis……………..bro nthing offence u ,,,,,,,,,,,,,i agree with ur talk ….we r looking for someone who wil be indias greatest dancer………….and she wil be good looking skiny slim ……..and flexible ……….but anyways noni i dnt think she will be 2loong in this show but she is doing her best watevr she can do…………. so let leave it ….if it was ur or mine sis ………would u have said the same thing ……no right ….we would have encouraged her ……so leave it louis ,,,,,,, she wont be the DID… winner…and m sorry if i hurt u ok……………. dnt take me wrong as u taken others…. ok nor m supporting noni ……….just respecting her and evrone

  • mihir

    Which is the background music on which Jigar did the chunk. I need it very badly. Anyone please and thanks in advance


    Dear Mithun sir ( GUN MASTER G-9)

    I am a big fan of yours, ive seen my elder brother following you so dedicatedly, seeing him even i was curious, what is so nice abt you, but when i really so dancing and your movies like SURAKHSA, WARDAAT etc, even i became your die hard FAN. it is so nice to see you on the television screen, for a very right work in which u have set standards in INDIA.

    I just would like to share my view, that what i felt about SHUBHO has just shown the caliber and talent he has, with due regards and respect to your judgement, i would like to ask you, wont it have been justified, to give SHUBHO some more time on the stage, which would have given him more confidence level, and under spectacular training of TERENCE & REMO , his talent could have been more groomed. Whether in this show or not I think if you guys ( MITHUN DA, TERENCE & REMO ) can take care of him, i think we have a star in making.

    Apart from SHUBHO, i think the other bests are the two sisters KHUSHBOO & BHAVANA. I think BHAVANA has tremendous talent in her, and can go long way.

    All the very best, the show is going on fantastically, i only wish that there should be no cheap level politics as it happens in many reality show.

    Thats my view.

  • tabz

    hi pari no i dont av any ova info on him but av tried ma best to find out more by googling him and everything!! lol

  • louis

    prajyot, your assertion that somehow my view would be different if i had a fat family member dancing in this show is completely presumptuous. My whole argument is that people are being subjective when they say that others should pity noni thinking what if they were fat or their friends of family were fat. That’s complete nonsense. By this argument soon we’ll hear that we should pity the poorest ones or those coming from broken families! There are kids on this show who come actually struggling backgrounds and if they are kicked out because everyone wants to pity a fat kid, then, there’s no point of conducting these shows as “talent shows!”

  • louis

    luvunonz, are you also struggly to keep the flab in check? im not here to pity fat people. im here to watch talent. you want to pity fatsos, you can hold a show for fat dancers of india. you’re claiming that my opinion would be different if i lugged around so much fat! well, is that the reason that you favor noni- are you lugging around that much fat? in that case, you’re incapable of judging the show objectively. if your own fat or your sense of pity for fatsos is govering your view, you’ve pretty much lost all logic. In a show like this, all participants should be given equal weightage (pun FULLY intended). but if a fat participant is going to get pity-votes, its pointless for other participants who are better dancers and get kicked out just because they dont have jiggling fat all over them!

  • Iqra

    My family and I loved this show before the unfair eliminations. First of all, Nonni and Rakhi are good dancers, but SHOULD NOT be compared with people like Sidesh and Prince. I still do NOT understand why they are still here. I mean, Rakhi has a great personality and dances well, but she should not as good as the other dancers. As for noni, she has good dance moves, but I think that if somebody wants to be the best dancer of India, they should shoulf first try to LOOK like a dancer, which means they should be physically fit. The judges didn’t except lots of people earlier just because they couldn’t walk or were too short. So, I think that it is unfair that they still didn’t eliminate noni.

    Secondly, Jiggar, Mandankini, Kiran and Shubu were all AMAZING dancers who got out because the judges were not criticzing noni and rakhi for some odd reason. I have never seen the judges give noni a negative criticism even though I have seen her made mistakes. This is about India’s best performer, so everyone should be judged EQUALLY! Nobody should be favored more just because they weight more. Think about it everyone! If Kushbu or Bhavna danced like Noni does, would they still be in? NO!! Also, Noni is NOT at the same level as the other dancers.

    Third, Gita & Remo are unfair judges who ONLY support their own students. Remo is always busy defending his group. In the recent show, he nominated Bhavna and Prince, his strongest dancers, because he didn’t want to loose anyone. He knew that they wouldn’t be eliminated because they were amazing. He even said that Prince was the “Prince of dance india dance.” He should have nominated Rakhi, who is no where as good as the girls. Throughout the show, he is always criticizing everyone BUT his students.

    Also, I don’t understand why Gita didn’t nominate Noni and nominated Mandakini, who is SO MUCH BETTER than Noni. Because Gita’s stupidity and bad choryography, poor Mandankini and Jiggar got out. I was very sad because they were both amazing dancers.

    Lastly, I don’t think that Mithundha is an amazing dancer and so, he should definetly NOT be the judge who determines who gets eliminated. I mean, he picked Kiran over NONNI!! That was unfair. I think this show would be fair if the audience got to vote like they do in Saregamapa!


    Sorry I had to write as essay of complaints guys! It’s just that I loved this show, and it makes me mad that so many things are starting to be unfair and biased. Some positives things include Terence’s fair judging, and SIDESH’S EXCELLENT AND MIND-BLOWING performances :)

  • simran

    this was so bad…i think rather than kiran,rakhee should have gone out because she is not as good as other dancers & jigar should have gone out in place of shubho……….i hated these first eleminations……..but i just simply love the show and also i think itz the biggest reality show for dance ever.

    and also terence lewis is a very good judge and mentor and i watch the show mostly because i look forward to his group dances as they are really good !!!!

  • Nanchelin

    Oh no oh no i just start crying when i heard jigar.i feel so sorry for him…all the best jigar

  • Nanchelin

    Hey prajyot,from remo only.u gan give me everything that u know about remo.i am from europe.

  • prajyot

    hey louis ur right bro…………….so no more debate or arrguments……….i liked the way u explained me abt ur view ……nice tcare and have a gr8 life ahead

  • muskan

    hi how are u
    terrence was the best abd mithun was the basted us ne shubbu ko nikal kar acha nai kia
    i like terrence very much if u have information about terrence so plz tell me in my mailing address

  • Sandip

    Hello.I am a great fan of Dance India Dance but the way it is heading I dont think we are going to get a Great Dancer as it sayd Sab Bada Dancer ki khonj!! I wonder How Mithunda choose Noni instead of Subho.Can anyone explain wher Nono was better than Subho.The way he danced that day it was far better tahn Noni.I know where is the problem.Actually they aall are hypocrits and cant take the right dicision.The way they told Mr.Kamlesh that they cant judge him as he was Bikalang in audition round and said him to quit,a very very good decision but the same problem they are facing now.They know that Noni is not better dancer than Subho but still they keep her bcz before judging they are praising so much of her that they cant take that decision.As she is fat so if they eliminate her they affraid evryone will say as she is fat thats why they made her out.Qouestion is not fat or slim,question is who is better dancer??And plz dont make personal comment before the judgement.U urself get confusse after passing so much good comments to everyone that who u shd chhose to eliminate.So pleae Mithunda be careful while judging so that we can enjoy the show.Hope u will read it.Hope Shubho will be back thru wild card entry as well as Jigar as they are fabolu dancers.Best of Luck to you as well as the show.And Mr.Remo plz dont try to be Himesh Reshmiya.Dont criticise always to the contestent.There is a grandmaster to judge.Thnx

  • shila

    I think this show is great unlike any other shows, but the way the elimination works, I think it very very wrong. because Gita’s gang have only two dancers left and male dancer extremely good, but it’s so wrong that every time he will be nominated until he is out. i don’t think it’s fair and I think they should change the way they eliminate dancer so that best one can win.

  • always right

    louis i think you should get your eyes tested . u moron i’m sure the masters sitting der no more abt dance that a twerp like u can ever knoe…so if nonie has made it 2 the final 18 than u ugly pice of crap with a size zero in brains…..shoul send ur short circuited brain 2 the gym… that u realize that a person needs 2 have talent 2 b selected from lakhs of contestants……. by the way i’m sure u dont how 2 dance …coz u clearly dont have ne asthetic sense…jst stupid time n ur size zero brains…… dude….buzzzzzz off!!!!
    nonie rocks!!!!

  • always right

    u know wat u blind size zero louis./…n all u guys who think louis is convincing in his argument…..well u moron its not wether she is fat…its about her dance …n her ability to outshine ne1 she competes with….its just anotrher thing that she is fat…so wat yet she has more energy….n she dances awesome….kp watching the show objectively as u put it….try 2 see her dance objectively..not that she is fat or not…but just how she dances…n u’ll realise that she is a star meant 2 shine…..nd she has never said that she wants sympathy votes rather she just wants 2 b judged on her dance!!!!!!
    so u ahole…….. learn some manners….

  • lumi

    i`m from romania and when i saw kiran and mandankini eliminated i thought maybe it`s something they did wrong when dancig. but seeing noni, i wonder… she`s like working out. ok she has some expression on her face. but again perhaps the judges are looking for a dancer who is fit for other dances but classic?

  • M

    The concept of the show is indeed very good, but the refree is ridiculous!

    In every single episode the good/talented dancers are eliminated and instead the bad ones are kept.

    Does Mithun really know how to judge, one really wonders whether he even knows what dancing is.

    This show is going to end up like a “flop” thanks to the judge!

  • rani2156

    Iam from california USA .
    All I wanted is for Rakhee Sharma to know that I have a 3 yr old daughter name AArushi and she is her big fan , she watches Rakhee performance from her auditions till date , every episode every day . She has stopped watching her favourite show Dora for her . Loves her performance too much at age 3.

    Mithun , is a great judge I always love his judgment that guy really knows what’s he doing .

    Judges : my favourite is Terrance , his true artist, very straight to his comments , love his smile . good job .

  • Subhayu

    shubho should be come back in this show ……….Shubho should not have gone! He’s a great dancer better than some of them that stayed!…………..


    Is very very good dancers. I like you Vrushali . but Vrushali a single candle can iltuminate an entire Dance indai Dance ..
    Plz…. Terrence nex episode very good contcept is Vrushali .

  • Sanjay Bhaskar

    I think this show is great unlike any other shows, but the way the elimination works,

  • chesta

    hello! mr. always right i think you are always wrong.louis is the judge and he knows what he is doing so justleave your judgement.if you know what is talent go to the stage and show the people not on the computer. louis know what is dance so not give your advise him. the people are happy with louis are you not read the other e-mail. ok thats it.i am very sorry if my words hurt you. ok its for only terrence we love you a lot louis you are so cute and your well wishers always with you.keep smiling .

  • ishita

    i like did very much.i m giving exams of 10th class but i never forget to c did.

  • Punjabi1

    i love the show Dance India Dance i dont want it to end!!… :'( whaa! .. lol

  • pujatrivedi

    i realy appreciate all the judgement of all the 4 judges as they all are the professional dancers so their all comments are acceptable so i will always be standing with them & not against them………

  • shakir

    Shakir from Pakistan, I love DID and mostly Dharmish Sir + Binny V.Much and pray for their success. Thanks

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