Dance India Dance 15th May *Sunita Eliminated*

Dance India Dance 15th May *Sunita Eliminated*

Dance India Dance 15th May as we are just 2 weeks away from the finals. DID Final will be on 30th May, I just can’t iagine Dance India Dance Final is coming so near. Six contestants remaining on stage and they performed on Aa Dekhein Zara Kisme Kitna Hai Dam in the introduction.

Siddesh, Prince and Sunita got the lowest votes this week.

Alisha is highest voted contestant.

Salman is the 2nd highest voted contestant.

Jai is 3rd highest voted contestant.

Alisha performs on Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka – Semi Classical and Bollywood Dance.

Salman performs on Ik pal ka Jeena – Locking and Popping.

Jai performs on Urvashi Urvashi Take it Easy – Freestyle.

Siddesh performs on Suraj Hua Madham – Freestyle.

Sunita performs on Chamma Chamma – Carribien Hip-Hop and Polo Dance.

Prince performs on Baadshah O Baadshahin – Freestyle.

Jai and Siddesh gets the LUX Khubsurat Performer of the day.

Sunita eliminated from Dance India Dance 15th May.

Dance India Dance 15th May Videos part1

Dance India Dance 15th May Videos part2

Dance India Dance 15th May Videos part3

  • simran18

    Terence Sir You are simply amazing ! You are simply a piece of genius.
    We should change our dictionary from Dance to Terence…you are just simply great !
    I know that you are coming to Toronto for a workshop in July and can wait for July to get this lifetime opportunity to see u in person and learn dance from you.
    I am telling everyone I know about it and don’t be surprised when we all come to Pearson airport to receive you.

    Any one interested in knowing more about Terence Sir workshop in Toronto can send me an email at

  • drishti

    Siddhesh is simply fantastic and very hardworking
    Salman was amazin and good by nature but always he came with variety of dances which is very best about him
    JAi again would say variation of dances
    we would like to see Salman against JAi in the grand finale

  • greatjacky

    i live in china, and i’m very big FAN of DID, and i always see this programme online thanks to and when u r going to upload 15th may episode. and nomrally after how many hour you upload programme?

  • drarunsatheesh

    I work in Phuket,and we have a bunch of Indians very much into DID.
    We are really sad to see how people vote according to cast,creed and acting in the programme and not on the basis of performance.
    To be frank Slaman’s performance was not at all good last week,still he got the second highest vote,how is this action justified?
    If its the case we don’t need judges only janta voting.

  • syed547


  • promodha

    Salman’s performance will be always good .Because of Sree last time salman could not perform properlly .Janta’s judgement is good.Salman’s dance will be always neat he does so easily .I do not know y siddesh is still there .

    According to me Salman, Alisha & Jai r the best performer


  • priyam

    For me Jai, Alisha and Salman are the best. Jai is doing better and better every time as well as Alisha. It is not Salman’s fault if Shree was fit. He is a wonderful dancer.

    Somebody said that Salman could not do locking and popping. Good that master Remo realised that he was the only contestant who was not given the chance to do so. Prince was chosen by master Remo for the Locking and popping challenge. I think that Salman is a versatile dancer and given the chance, he can do all kinds of dances.

    At this stage, the abscence of Mayuresh is felt as he was a terrific dancer- one of the best.

  • priyam

    I mean Shree was unfit.

  • syed547

    Salman’s performance will be always good,I think that Salman is a versatile dancer and given the chance, he can do all kinds of dances.Somebody said that Salman could not do locking and popping,I do not know y siddesh is still there,JANATA OF ARE INDIA SEE DANCE SHOULD BE A variation,
    please dont see the crying scene in “DID” a master does not cries on the TV screne ” BUT SHALL JUST TELL KEEP IT UP TO A STUDEND ” PLEASE stop all this and see the DANCE AND VOTE I FEEL 3 PERSONS SHOULD BE IN FINAL THEY ARE ” SALMAN,JAI & PRINCE”

  • sarkar

    aaj gita mam essi roti hai mano kya ho gaya ..apni sadi me vi etna nahi royi hogi mam ……Prince jitne wala hai..

  • jitu.mum

    Gita maa, Siddhesh ke sath Rona Dhona.. pyar mohabbat ghar mein jake karo.. idhar khali dance mangta hai..

    Today, I did not like performance of Siddhesh, He made so many mistakes, very less dancing..
    Jai was superb, Also Salman tried very nice thing today.

    Best of luck to JAI.. Alisha and Salman..

  • priyam

    Jai was fantastic and the best. I think that he deserves to win the competition. Even the masters find him versatile.Every time he comes with something new and you feel like watching again and again

    Alisha was outstanding as usual.

    Salman was Superb

  • kiraniru

    Hi All, I have lots of comments on judges they are not doing fare with their seat.

    Remo : He always support prince,Prince do not know other than locking and popping and also he do not know different styles of dance. In all the dance he is using popping locking style I think its not dance variation you can judge the talent when you give the variation in the dance. Remo you have to be fare enough when you give the judgment.

    Gita : she always does some drama while commenting on candidates, As per me she is unfit for judge seat. better do your drama in film industry at least u will get a good chance. she always support siddesh I don’t know why. siddesh : U have to learn lot in your carrier leave your attitude u also same like Gita. u will fit in cartoon industry.

    Terrance : Good judge, he is always does fare to his seat.

    Please correct your self judges, because u people are shaping 5 people career.

  • didfan

    Bugger off Terence so Called ‘SIR’. I appreciated your support and your judgments of performances. But you always cut 0.5 marks when a contestant have done even a single mistake during his brilliant performance. Then How could you ignore your own student’s mistakes and give him “10 marks”.

    You criticized JANTA for their judgment. Should JANTA remove JAI from DID???

    This reality show has now become a REALITY SHOW of useless emotions and fictions.

    Judges are to guide janta to choose the best one and not judge’s favorite one.

    It will be fair to take Jai’s reward back as he won only because of Terence SIR’s 10 Marks. The real winner is Salman.

  • srishti

    those were cool performances
    i like jai,alisha,salman,prince(a bit),ans mayuresh(a lot)

  • srishti


  • Handsome_chap

    Last week Salman’s performance was below below standard of DID. How can he get Second Highest vote. All Janata are foolish driven by emotion factor not voting best on the best performance. Last week Terrence has bursted for Salman, so Janata has pounded vote for Salman even he was complete failure in last week.

    THIS show is useless. It is not show for best dancer. it is about searching emotion driven favourate dancer of india. Terence already realized it and he asked once about it to Mr Mithun Da.

  • grl_interrupted

    Geeta is a big Drama..She doesnt judge,hardly she points out any significant error,she is dramatizing this show..The reason DID rose above other simultaneously running shows was lack of typical fights,pre decided arguments,but GEETA’s Drama is making DID another typical reality show..

  • Someone who loves watching DID

    I think the 4 finalists should be:

    – Alisha
    – Jai
    – Salman
    – Prince

    I just want to request that please please vote for Prince because I can’t vote, I am from Europe. Please do not bring him one more time on the red zone.

    Geeta maa koi ek episoed nahi hoga,jisme apne roya nahi hoga!
    Please stop crying,this is a dancing show not an acting show.

  • Sweet Girl

    to me all judges are doing there work apropriatly….thouhg terrance is a better judge bt all are godd….i want siddhesh to win the DID competiton coz he is good in everything n his expression is the best out of all….n ny one apart of siddhesh wins frm these five contestants left will be fare coz all r good…but i rilli pray to god dta may the best talented person win…one request to the janta dat dnt go on emotions pliz look at the performance..just as they did with salman he shud not be the second highest coz his last performnce was not good enough..he shud hav been safe in the previous episode….so plizz janta make ur decisions wisely n dnt go in emotions n favourites….

  • zabin

    salman pilz stay till top 3. u r worthy of it. pilz my friends out there vote 4 him. miss u. n all the best. zabin………..

  • zabin

    well wishes 4rm zabin. pilz girls and boys vote 4 salman. i m zabin all the way 4rm fiji come 2 fiji. and do win. i wish allah will bless u salman ur very big fan. contact me………….cos i have some faith dat u will win…………..all the best…just 2 more weeks 2 go………dont worry………..we r with u……………GO SALMAN GO……….HIT THE GOAL………….HERO…….UR FRIEND ZABIN ZAKIYA NUR……….LIKE U……………………BYE

  • superioraryan

    @didfan S:

    I m disagree whtever u said ..!!

    Remo is favouring his contestant from the day one of this show..!!
    And that will affect the Public Voting costing Mayuresh..(A Brilliant Dancer)… First Stop Remo has to stop…!!

    I have seen first time Terrance being favoring his contestant and that to giving 10 with an explanation..!! Salman did brillant but the most of the step are repetitive..!! The Two Judges Even dont knw abt that dance (TAP DOGS)…after Terrance explanation they came to knw before that they are thinking of ta dance and after knwing it refuse to change the mind set as they might be feeling insulted if they take their words back..!! As the u can also resembles Jai uses Pro like Rails ,wooden , Sheets and the dressing sense that are not used in Tap dance..!!

    So ur are Right Terrance , Mithun Da and Janta ….!!

    Pls vote for JAI ,ALISHA AND SALMAN…!!

  • sal-manners

    1. Terrance: You were very unfair! You always do the best for Alyshah and Jai, and now jai won the last show because youe gave him an unfair 10/10 even though he sliped! “Alway room for improvement…” Also, when it comes to Alysha, yesterday you gave prince 6.5 and Alysha 8.5 even though she went off-beat while prince was better! (hello: feet beat)Lastly, I have noticed that you’re very harsh when it comes to Salman, and Prince!

    2. “Geetha Maa”: When it comes to geetha, she does all this acting just like Siddesh! Siddeh is so ARROGANT! It’s so obvious that he’s acting as if he’s the best guy! Geetha always becomes unfair with Siddesh. When Terrance was complaining about Jantha’s decision she was against it because she knew that the unfair votes were making Siddenh and Sunita higher voted contestents! She tries to degrade Salman so that Siddesh wins which I think that Terrance is also doing!

    3. Remo: Ur totally rocking with chills! I think that ur new jiva dance is great and when u and geetha fight, geetha is always being ridiculous!


  • ajuk

    sal-manners u should think again about SALMAN dont want to see salman next weak JAI,ALISHA,SIDDESH are fare to much better then DRAMA KING (salman) just show off his body dum


    salman u r tooooo toooo good simply the best…luv u…..u truly deserve to be on the show.and i don’t know wy geeta is behind lettin down salman…i hope siddesh goes next he does not deserve to be on the show….such a drama king like geeta….he sucks big time….the three most deservin are salman , alisha and jai… and i hope salman wins DID…

  • hashini

    hi gals n guys……….i m frm malaysia. did is my favourite shw. PLZ VOTE for salman, jai, prince n alisha. they r good. They deserve to be the last 4. V shouldnt loose another talented dancer as MAYURESH…………….PLZZZZZZZZzz

  • golegappa

    I am surprised with ajuk’s comments, but everyone has right to his view though, I think Salman is the best..SIDDESH and GEETA are the drama ‘nautanki’ they should be thrown out and Geeta should be asked to atleast dance once for more then 1 min i.e 60 seconds
    so that people can see her reality..

  • sal-manners

    I think that Ajuk should also think about what she just said because I feel that Salman is a out-going, kind-hearted, and talented person. If Salman is a Drama King, than Siddesh is a Drama Idol! I actually think that golegappa is right! Siddesh and Geetha are Drama-Baazi! Anways, I loved Salman’s recent performence! This is just an shout-out for Salman, ” Dont worry Sal, If you feel that the judges are being unfair sometimes or an issue occurs and it affects your performence you’re worried about it, then remember your fans know the truth! At the end it’s the jantha’s rightful decision that counts!

  • sal-manners

    I really like prince but i think that he might go next! I know it’s fair to take him out but i like him!

  • FairVoter

    Just a simple observation. Analyse yourself objectively below.

    1. In Kadamon Ki Boli, Salman lost to Jai by 0.5 marks. Salman got 35 while Jai got 35.5. If you look at the marks awarded by all 4 masters (there is typ in this website as Remo gave Salman 9.5/10), it is clear that GM Mithun gave Salman more than Jai. You can work out the maths.
    This means GM (who should be neutral as compared to 3 masters) liked Salman’s performance more than Jai.

    I think and I am sure most people will agree that Salman’s performance was lot clean (with no slips and trips) as compared to Jai.

    2. When Prince performed his dance routine, Geeta said his windmill and cartwheel was not clean and cut his points. When Salman did it cleanly, she said it is stunt!!! Thats double standard.

    I think we are looking for a fair voting and I appeal that all my fellow boraders and Indians should remove the people with double standards and let the deserving candidates like Salman perform and then vote based on performance.

    Please vote for Salma and get rid of Siddesh and Geeta.

  • nazzlovesalisha

    I love Terence, Alisha and Jai 😛 Basically, i love Terence Ki Toli 😉

  • nazzlovesalisha

    hahahah i know i wanna get rid of salman and geeta too XD ahahahhahah!!! lol theyre assholes..oops..sorry for the vulgar language but i really mean it. I want to see salman, alisha, jai and prince in the finals =D!!!!

  • nazzlovesalisha


  • hashini

    yeah i agree…………….siddesh has to go…..he is acting as though very polite just to get votes frm ppl……..true person he is rude

    the best 4 should remain is salman, jai, alisha n prince

  • Sarah Sadiq

    i go with that too… sidesh has to go india’s janta please vote out sidesh and geeta she is sucha drama queen with all that crying!!! this IS NOT CRY INDIA CRY !!!!!!!!!!! its dance india dance!!! i think jai sucked with that hat i mean it was not clean!!! and for ajuk who ever you are are you blind??????? what are trying to say that salman is a drama king???? i mean he hardly says anything back even when jai said that he could do better than salman in tap dancing when he knew that it wasnt even tap dancing it was TAP DOGS i mean come on now terence tell your students what type of dance are they doing dont just tell them what to do!!!! but i have to say alisha rocks I want to see salman, alisha, and prince in the top three!!!!!! BYE BYE GEETA MAA!!!!!!!!! DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR UGLY SMILE GO GET SOME BRACES OR SOMETHING!!!!!! TERENCE I THOUGHT THAT YOU WERE GAY WHAT HAPPENED YOU HORMONES CHANGED AFTER LOOKING AT SOMYA????

  • Sarah

    and for remo dsouza you rock… and please defend your contestants you have the right to!!!!!! i am just mad at terence cause he said there is always room for improvement and he gave ugly ass jai a 10 hei is so unfair

  • Sarah

    and sidesh is just acting so nice because remember last time he said something rude he had to go to the red zone so he doesnt wanna make that mistake again…

  • rom

    siddhesh’s performance was wak both days he sucks nd geeta needs 2 be more verstile although i love her shes good

  • rom

    terrance needs 2 change his style!!!!!!!did u see wat he was wearing

  • vsaumya

    Terrence is really cute and judge on the basis of performance rather than emotions:-). Jai, Siddesh, Alisha and Salman are unbeatable irrespective of cast, creed or religion. Prince is extremely good to be on top 5, but he has to face a tough competition…but he a really cute dancer:-)

  • Vineet

    Jai was gud..n thn Salman n Prince..I dnt like Alisha..look at here face when she cries or laughs she looks like whore

  • vsaumya

    Yeh… Jai and Salman are ‘The best’ irrespective of caste/ creed or religion.

  • vsaumya

    What I like about them is, their face doesn’t show us the difficulty level:-).

  • vsaumya

    Alisha is ‘the best’ amongst females….People might take her as a ‘whore’..I dont blame them…I definitely appreciate her parents to support her through this difficulty….’To her parents’…..Please support her….since she is the best and can perform against any female in india:-) I too faced the challange while working against the females in india…..but the credit goes to my parents for their support. Please support Alisha.

  • abhi

    sunita i love u……………i just love to c u……………
    u r so preety……………now i wanna meet wid u

  • pi_nk

    Nice episode. I really liked Salman’s performance, short, but nice & he was really smooth. It wasn’t his fault the stick to the flag broke last week, and it wasn’t his fault that his partner was injured, I guess that’s why he got voted second highest this week, so you can’t really blame him, everybody’s got their good days and their bad days.

  • pi_nk

    did anyone notice the look on the male anchor’s face when they announced Salman was safe, he was like “YAY!” Lol

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