Dance India Dance 13th March Videos

Dance India Dance 13th March Videos

Mithun Da opens the show with the group dancing on the oldie goldie Disco Dancer. From the Next Week onwards it is going to be public voting for eliminations.

Terrence Ki Toli Performance

Performance 1 :- Alisha and Jai
Performance 2 :- Mayuresh and Vrushali perform on Rang Barse from the movie Silsila.

Remo Ke Rangeelay Performance

Performance 1 :- Khushboo and Salman perform on Navrang
Performance 2 :- Rakhi, Bhavna and Prince perform onthe song Aaj Ki Raat

Geeta Ki Gang Performance

Nonie and Siddhesh dance to the beats of the hit Tamil song Chikku Bukku.

Salman gets the Lux Performer of the day gift voucher.

Jay and Saumya remind that Wild card entries will be introduced from next week.

Watch for 14th March Dance India Dance for Elimination this week.

Pictures of Dance India Dance 13th March

Dance India Dance 13th March
Dance India Dance 13th March
Dance India Dance 13th March
Dance India Dance 13th March

Videos – Dance India Dance 13th march Part1

Videos – Dance India Dance 13th march Part2

Videos – Dance India Dance 13th march Part3


    SALMAN n KHUSBOO were the best.
    n BOYS R THE BEST…….. coz wat boyz cn do girls cnt do. SALMAN rocksss

  • Rahul Anand


    Thanks for ramo who give chance to re-enter on stage Mithuda. Realy its surprise the song and mithunda great. This is first very very best show in all eposodes. from Mrigya to Guru Mithun Da is ThaBest.
    Realy above all of that the anouncement i am not vilan from next week.

  • Pragya

    wat d hell is ur problem manish????? girls can do equally and much more dan guys…….can u guys do classical dance as we can????oh nd i can do hip hop, breakdance, contemporary, jazz, and much more!!!

    get lost dude!

  • Hasmukh dave

    what a performance by Khushbu good very best ….

  • susan

    Its so sad to see Nonie still on show. She was the reason of exit of 4 talented dancers in 4 episodes frm geetas gang. the only reason she managed was cuz of sympathy. Guys Obesity is not cute. Its a disease !!
    This is a show to judge the best ‘professional’ dancer in india and we all know nonie should’ve gone long time back (even b4 handicapped kamlesh fr gujrat).
    If she still wants to dance then probably she should try other amature shows like ‘jhalak dikhalaja’

  • sib

    Remo is totally a great choreographer… however, I do not understand why he never picks Rakhi to be his bottom 2 performers (except for 1st elimination round.) Rakhi may know how to shake her bottom but that does not make her a good dancer. She watches her fellow competitors to remember steps during the opening numbers, that is why she is ALWAYS in the back row. She finishes steps too early. She wasn’t even able to do a full split when even Noni knows how to do it. Whenever, she had a chance to dance solo, all she does is shake her bottom & head, which makes her hair fly around and looks like she is dancing for money. Granted she doesn’t have proper dance skills because she never took any classes. But that doesn’t matter. She needs to be placed in the bottom and booted out by Mithun. And it is not cute that she refers to everyone by “tu”. Someone should teach her some manners. I have been raised in the US & even I know that. Also, I am not a Britney Spears fan, but it is a disgrace to Britney when people say that Rakhi is like the Britney from London on DID. Hope someone is reading this from the show and can pass this along to Master Remo & Mithunda. I really like this show & would not want to stop watching it because of any unfairness. RAKHI needs to be booted out of the show!!!

  • samir

    well dear u think so….I can do even classical 😛
    it doesn’t really matters how many different dance style u know but wat matters more is how perfectly u do that..ur body movement… n I don’t find that apart from classical there is ne other form of dance that gals perform better

  • nissar

    Can anyone criticized Mithunda’s choice for the best performer of the day? Again the answer is a big NO. This means that among the six named dancers of each episode, Mithunda selected the two lowest performers of these episode. So stop criticize Mithunda coz you cannot achieve what he has achieved in life and all that on his own without any godfather.

  • rims

    Noni is the worst….she is bringing Siddesh’s performance also down..plz maintain DID stranded…Noni should be eliminated soon


    Salman and rakhi is good dancer and he knows what is dance and the performance so we think samlman’s team and Rakhi’s Team is a top dancer so they got the trofie. and what i say and write they are ginious dancer……………………

  • Tasha

    What was the song that they did a dance off too? it was a punjabi song! it rocked!

  • Mann

    Rakhi rocks in the show
    She has all the talent which a good dancer should have.
    If she knows how to shake her bottom as a dance ove then thtz her plus point not a negative one!
    Remember what ever the circumsances behind the stage during her rehersals and all but one and most important thnig is everytime she is on her best at the stage with full springs.

    She is the best at DID

  • abdul khaliq

    Dera all

    Janab mithun da pak mein zee tv bohat shoq say tek ty hei. mithu da ur orignal disco dancer. muje apka fesla say mein kush nahi houn, k app nay apna zemdari lougo per talei.
    Es fesyle say bohat loug nakhush hei. PLz janab es fesyle ko wapis ley.
    Mithun da geta master dance mein tu nahi bat jude mein qabil tarif hei. she is best jude.
    2sra ye k es show mein actoru ko nahi bulya jata, Plz mimho,rani,madori,srk,akshy,aur wagera?
    Plz es per kuch sojey. mein apka jawab ka wait kar reha houn

  • Prakash Rajpal

    The show is really good show but i had not liked the concept. No doubt today salman was good but even prince was rocking. I see prince in bottom six again coz remo is not having any choice again. However prince will prove once again that he is a versatile dance and there is nothing wrong in doing what he does best in India. Geeta’s decision has been very controversial since day one when she made jigar to come twice in bottom six. Noni and rakhi both are not versatile dancers and at the same time dont deserve to be on this stage, sorry to say this. I feel pitty for prince and jai. As i am expecting winner from these two guys. AS such till now even salman has not shown any versatility then also he is getting unnecessary recognition. I respect Mithunda’s decision as till now mistakes are being done by mentors and not by grand master. He is really a grand master. Prince and Jai all d best to both of you….

  • Sanskriti Singhania

    Nonie and Rakhi both have gd personalities but this is a dance competition so they dnt really deserve to stay n Siddesh has to suffer cuz of this along with the eliminated ppl fm Geeta’s team. They should really be fair n not send siddesh for elimination it would be a horrible thing to do n last week Mangesh should not have been eliminated as Mayuresh didn’t do nothing special.And Sunita deserved to stay.

    P.S. Anyone knows who will be elimnated tmr cnt wait tht long!

  • ashila

    I agree with what sib had said. I feel that Rakhi is not a very good dancer because I don’t see much talent in her. I sense that when uses the word “tu” towards mithunda or the other judges it sounds rude. Actually Mangesh was better than Noni but I dun understand why Noni is still in while Mangesh is not. For others, Kushboo, Prince & Jai they are really graceful. God bless them.

  • sachin & aditya

    prince u rocks and u will b the winner so best of luck………

  • didfan


    I totally disagree wil the ppl who said that Rakhee should eliminated!! I also dont think that she is rude at all when she says “tu” as when says it physically she is not meaning to be rude! She has a clean heart and dances the way she can, yea ppl can critise her for her dance, but yea we cant go against judges, they are the experts, not you and me!
    If you all are that concerned why dont you dance on that stage! At the least she has the guts go to to India FRom Leeds, in the uk….so in your faces!

    Well its true you dont see her as the winner, but ppl like nonie isnt a winner either!

    Keep up the great dance contestants! I like Bhavna, Alisha Khushboo and i think Shubo should be brought back! ANd last of all all the Judges ROCK the SHOW!!!!! TERRANCE is the best!!!!!

  • Pari_akloe

    Alisha rockss!!! and salman was the best this episode!i enjoyed the show very much!! and all the girls wheer the best! girls can do more thinks what boys can’t do!!!my favorite team is Terence ki ttoli!

    oh yes,, if anyone has some information, nice pictures of terrence can yyou please mail me??

    and i also want to meet new people!! if you want to chat with me then you can add me!


    THE BEST!!

  • http://?? Sara


    i just like khusbo and salman the are to cute
    and very good dancers.
    keep it up.

  • http://?? Sara

    are the a couple can u tell me ;o

  • Sarah


    I want to join DID too. For next year.
    If anybody knows how and when did starts next year, or any other information can you please help me as I dont live in India.
    My mail is

    Many thanxx in advance..

  • wahid

    we want prince…. hey dada dance pe chance we want prince.

  • tabz

    hiya peeps this episode was exxxxcccceeelleeentttt it made me laf soo much and all u guys out there MAN U KNOOOOOOWWW THT DE GIRLS JUST RUUUULLLLEEE YH!!!! so no need to get cockey. lol and u terence, stop being sexist to us girls am i right girls????? cuumm ooonnn bak me up!!! and pari wen u get info mail me tooooo
    also SIB rakhi dunt mean to be rude she just speaks like tht oz we can she always speaks english and she is a really gud dancer
    Terence ki toli u rooookkk keep on roking
    yeeeaayyy next week voting is going to staart our wish has been granted finally they are doin summat sensible innit people out ther???

  • tabz

    and cnt w8 4 the wild card entries

  • Ruby

    WHY DID PRINCE HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!=[

  • preeti

    wat tamil song did Nonie and siddesh dance to? It wasnt Chikku bukku like it says above. PLs help!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sud

    Definitely PRINCE deserves to come back through wild card. We want to see him more.

  • ismail

    the show is going very well, but the judgment is not good..its good decision that public will vote and judge even wild card too…SUNITHA is very good dancer, she must return to show by wild card……another thing every show must have peoples like PRABHUDEVA…LARANCE ……..a top dancing stars




  • Sewika Sunuwar

    Wild card ka entry se bahut khus hun,yes!khusboo and salman were best performer..but Mithun da you are still great rock!! bahut din baad apka disco dance dekhne ko mila…Alisha and jai were best..rock rock and rock!!!

  • Ravinder

    Dance india is full entertainment doc for young generation.

  • Rahul

    waiting for Tanvi………….

  • sonia

    terence iz lukin xtra ordinary…….waooooooooo

  • Miss Khera

    Rakhee is a brilliant dancer!!!!! I would just like to say to Rakhee go girl and and we are proud of you in the UK. Forget the freshies!!!!!

  • Syed

    Salman is my cousin from bangalore, we’ve been cing him from his childhood hes the best dancer he rocks, we all knew 1 fine day this guy is gonna rule the world.
    Hez danced well in his school, college ( Baldwins) shows n fests of other colleges, always winning in every competition.
    Even his sis dances well as well his elder bro.
    His mom runs a school called little angels at R.T Nagar Blore
    If any1 needs his personal childhood snaps then mail me at

  • aman

    dance india dance is very good proramme for me as i love dancing.and it is my favourite show.khooshboo is my fav.prince,siddhesh,jay also

  • Srishti

    i love jai!
    and they guy who did the jungle dance!
    they r awesome!
    i love to dance, but i hurt my knee, so i can’t.
    there should be a dance canada dance in vancouver!
    i no this one girl who is awesome!
    she would win!

  • Srishti

    i love jai!
    and they guy who did the jungle dance!
    they r awesome!
    there should be a dance canada dance in vancouver!

  • Drishti

    Salman the best and he is going to win sure

  • shelly

    yeh ruby……. i agree with u
    prince shoundn’t have gone
    n he was da best from all
    he really should come back… =(

  • Prashant

    hey guys i really wanna noe on which song did noni and sidesh dance in this episode is it some tamil song…….. ???? as written above its not chikku bukku ……… its some other song if neone has the song can either pass it on to me or lemme noe which song it is ………..

    thanks a ton in advance ……..

    i really love the song……….

  • Roshani

    hey guys…yoo man..wt’s up…sasriyakaal….namaste…khammaghani….heello i’m roshani.i’m from mumbai.can u guys plz tell me d site where u c d videos of did (dance india dance)….i really did find out but i dont know…u can mail me at

  • Pari_akloe

    thisss show was great!! and i like th style of terrence!! he was so hot!

  • Roshani

    I am roshani from mumbai.syed r u truly salman’s cousin….then i want 2 c his childhood photos…n want 2 know abt his nature n plz send me d bengaluru some beatiful scenes …in his last episode salman said dat he had studied in boys school n boys college n he has no interaction to girls.In bengaluru,salman ki koi girlfriend nahi hai kya..n if he comes back plz tell him dat i’m a big fan of him and u will c dat salman will the dancing king…and u can mail me at plz plz plz plz plz plz do mail me ..n send u r photos also that i can see u….ok then…

  • lucky

    mangesh is the best ………….he is the star no one can beat him………………

  • Roshani

    Ya, lucky ur absolutely right.Mangesh is the best.Mangesh’s mom is so lucky tht she had got such a miserable son tht no one can compete him.Mangesh had come to DID to make her mom’s dream come true.He is truly a beatiful guy.But I like salman also.He’s soo cute.But don’t be so angry mangesh is also a coolest dancer in DID……


    salman winner

  • madvish36243

    the performance of salman and kushbo was stunning and made every think that
    one dosen’t haaas too capy or immetiate others to make a good dance little brains and lot’s of hard work will do the trick fro you.

  • jessica

    hay guyssssssssss can u tell me how 2 get pics i really wann PRINCE ‘s pics I LOVE HIM so plz guys he me man

  • Sheeba

    I L-O-V-E Ghouse 😀

  • ghouse

    Dear Roshani,
    u can find Videos of DID

  • shaan

    salman & khushbu jodi mashallah

  • roxs

    price of locking and poping is a good dancer in this teen ages because his age is 18 years he is very small in dance india dance.other all compare to other dancer

  • divyasnavi

    arey wah! dance india dance is the best!

  • Afrooz Sabah

    haha awesomee!! I knew Salman was gonna play the `shirt card` when he said “aik aisa stunt haii jo is munch pe koi bhi lardki nhi kar sakti“ I always have this argument with my brothers, and they end up playing the “shirt card“ every time. LOL
    I loved all the performances, specially Salman`s and Kushboo`s. They`re both gorgeous!!!
    BTW, Syed, you should seriously not take advantage of being Salman`s cousin … your comment really ticked me off.

  • pi_nk

    When Remo sir is defending prince, the expressions the female judge is giving are really discouraging … she completely just crushed Prince’s confidence, there could have been a nicer way to react, he’s just a little boy.
    I still think he’s amazing! =)

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