Dance India Dance 11th April *Romance Episode*

Dance India Dance 11th April *Romance Episode*

Today’s theme for Dance India Dance 11th April is ROMANCE. Jay and Saumya performed on Main Agar Kahoon & Your My Love while Terrence Also joined them for some dance steps.

Today’s performances include :-

Prince dances to Kya Mujhe Payar Hai.

Sunita & Siddhesh dance to Kuch Khaas from the FASHION.

Vrushali and Jay perform on a sensual dance on Kamasutra theme.

Mayuresh and Alisha perform on Pehla Nasha.

Salman and Khushboo dance to Soniyo from the movie RAAZ

Mangesh performs on the song In Dino from the movie Life In A Metro.

Lux – Khoobsurat Dance of the Week goes to Salman and Khushboo

Dance India Dance 11th April Videos part1

Dance India Dance 11th April Videos part2

Dance India Dance 11th April Videos part3

  • ilovedance

    The Handicap Dance is originally performed by THE GREAT CHINESE DANCERS.
    If U don’t believe Just watch DANCE on YOUTUBE.
    Mr.Remo very bad don’t steal others choerography
    as u can do better than that choerography.

  • ilovedance

    pls change the name DANCE INDIA DANCE to STUNT INDIA STUNT.

  • ilovedance

    Hey guys what u r doing.
    Guys this is dance competition u r performing Aerobatics & Gymnastics.
    Hav u seen “SO U THINK U CAN DANCE” how they are performing different varieties of dances if not watch their videos from you tube.
    Next time onwards do not try to impress by doing STUNTS.
    Please focus not DANCE otherwise people across India where there are good stunt mens of present they will come DID 2 & spoil the spirit of DANCE.
    Bye guys take care.

  • ilovedance

    The winner should be the best & put other assets like Handsome,Beautiful,Cute,Good Figure,Gymnast,Acrobat,Stunts, Regional,Nationality,Linguistic,etc factors.
    Please ignore their assets & focus on dance.
    As this DANCE competition & here we must watch dance nothing else.

  • priyam

    Jai and Vrushali were superb. I think that they should have won the performance of the week. Mayuresh and Alisha were so graceful and they danced so beautifully. Salman and Khushboo were also great.

    Mayuresh, Salman and Vrushali seem to be very nice persons as well and they are very positive, always smiling. They are really cool.

  • aks

    This show is just about popularity now and nothing to do with talent and dancing, this elimination proved that! Bhavna is easily the BEST female dancer there and i know she will go far. Bhavna ur the best. PEOPLE PLEASE VOTE FOR TALENT NOT JUST SYMPATHY OR STUNTS

  • iiloveyeww

    prince isz by far da bestttt!!! he dancesz way better den the other pplesz in da show…n salman isz not handsome…he isz ugly!!!! idk y dey flatteriin him soo much for…n he isz also wakk….da onlii reason dat he styll in da sow iz prolly b/c he knoesz alot of pplesz n dey votin 4 him….he isz weak!!! da weakest in da show…ii hate him!!!….prince isz wayyy better den him…

  • Nas

    Terence lewis RULEZZZZZZZZ

  • Don Bish

    You’re spot on iiloveyeww…Prince is the main man, tell u who i cant stand…Sunita….the worst dancer in there…mediocre at best, the only reason shes there n got the second highest votes the other day is cos shes from Assam , n something tells me tht she will end up winning the contest not because shes good…she’ll win cos of where shes from!!!!

  • pradyumanpatel

    Good dance inspiration of two handicap with SALMAN and Khooshbu also watch this video

    Dance by 2 handicapped asians (amputees)
    good practice and evaluation with show
    thanks pradyuman patel

  • terrance_fan97

    salman and kushboo u guys did a really good performance. When I saw your performance it touched me sooooooooooooooo much that ?I started to cry and didn’t stop until the next performance. JOB WELL DONE< HATS OFF

  • Pravin

    Vrushali and Jai, fantastic performance, deserves to be called a ‘masterpiece’. outstanding choreography by Terrence. Keep up the great dancing :-)

  • manomi

    I just loved siddesh dance on kuch kaas hai.he just stood out, i have seen fashion movie but kuch kaas hai song never stood out but since i saw siddesh and suinta performing it ,the song is just encrypted in my mind.original chorography was no way close to what i saw in DID.geeta ma did a great job but it was the performer siddesh who made it his own.
    siddesh best of luck in future.i cant vote as i dont live in india but i will keep u in my prayers.just dont loose ur cool and be dignified always-which ur. i must say i really follow DID.

    in girls i love alisha and i am a great fan the way she dance and hold her body in grace.but i do agree that DID just conc.on dance and not stunts.

  • anar_bor

    I liked Vrushali and jai’s performance the best. Salman and Khushboo good effort, but I didnt like the choreography and their dance also seemed a little loose.

    Mayuresh, and Siddesh were good. Alisha and Sunita were a little sloppy in some of the dance poses.

    Mangesh – its unfair to blame him for his poor dance, he did a good job, I think the choreography was not good. Remo is trying to boost Salman’s popularity and ignoring the others in his group. He could have used Mangesh instead of Salman he already had one hand fractured.

  • darla

    Mithun da doesnt know the naunces of dance, he can give only grand salutes…I think he should better do the job of a watchman…
    standing at the gate he can give unlimited salutes..”Shab ji Shab ji”

    from the last 2 episodes all the 3 judges are so rude to Mangesh, they shud didnt do this………..
    They know that mangesh is a good dancer, they shudnt ignore his earlier performances……..they shud encourage him and not discourage…….

  • KartofflMuter

    Prince is stiff and it’s time for him to leave. His facial expressions looked angry and his dancing was clumsy. I realise he’s very young but he’s not making progress anymore. Vrushali’s solo was heart wrenching. Salman and Mayuresh and Jai had exellant solos. Mangesh can’t be blamed for poor choreography.Salman’s duet was outstanding. It took the dancing to a new level. Please stop complaining about stunts. They have props. Props make dances more interesting. So You Think You Can Dance uses them too.

  • tavni

    I liked Mangesh performance. Mangesh – its unfair to blame him for his poor dance, he did a good job, I think the choreography was not good. Remo is trying to boost Salman’s popularity and ignoring the others in his group. He could have used Mangesh instead of Salman he already had one hand fractured. But Manges is a good dancer. I like his dance.

  • miss lewis

    i’m agree that jai and vrushali were the best for the last 2 performance.. actually the choreography remo did is simple just put some difficulty in it and people amazed. this is dance competition and what we want to see are creative steps.. original.. x-factor.. competition for challenging guru’s knowledge and new ideas and contestants real talent.. i really hope this whole stunts and sympathy act end up now.. we want world class dancer right? so go straight for it using the correct way.. and please gurus.. give all of them chance.. be fair.. please..

  • shazi

    Hi these all the boys and girls not even know the basics of dance they are only enjoying their present. To learn the dance it is very essential to learn the basic things of dance. I think they will have to gone some institutions rather performing on stage. All these girl and boys are only promoting sex and only sex which is not a good thing for our youngsters.So i am asking them again and again plz do not promote sex.

  • rabani_sawhney

    i totally agree with priyam! jai and vrushali are the best…not that khushbu and salman were bad. BUT AFTER SEEING THE VIDEO, IT SEEMS LIKE REMO COPIED! but its not their fault.. but like i said jai and vrushali are the best! especially vrushali. She is carefree and always smiles 😀 Hope she wins

  • Loveyou

    Pff, Khusbhoo and Salman are the best.
    But i like Jai and Vrushali to.

    i miss Bhavna very much.

    i like terrence verry much. <333333

    Salman & Khusbhoo my favorite.

  • Prakash Chand

    Salman and Bhawna were good!
    Dance India Dance is good show.
    Mithun Da make this show much popular.

  • Loveyou

    But Khusbhoo and Salman are better?

  • Someone who loves watching DID

    I miss Bhavna,she is a fantastic person and a fantastic dancer aswell!
    I just love watching DID,it is my favourite show!
    Price you are the best,love you 😛

  • nagendragp

    Salman is a great dancer, I love Prince too. Siddesh even though being a good dancer lacks attitude he does not have sense of humour making such rude statements against the judges will not take him to a great level. The worst dancer in this finalists is Sunita and Vrushali. Geeta is trying to shadow Sunita by giving all simple steps with some stunts, for instance she came out clean without dancing a single step in the kathak dance.

  • skdesichick

    Jai and Vrushali are the best and they deserve to win!
    Bhavana shouldn’t have been eliminated yesterday; she was one of the strongest competitors on the show

  • bp07

    Remo did really a good job, as other says its a copy of Chinese danser, i watch that video as well, but compare with tht dance, Remo’s job is relly worth it, atlest this performance change the people’s view for handicaped people, yes, they also have heart, feelings they also gone love someone. Remo you really did a good job. On that day I was just waiting tht what should Remo show us, becoz all privous performance are better than each other. But what you show to the people, i dont think they show this before. Very well done job….keep it up….
    And yes, Salman is the best candidate, i am sure he will be in top 3 surly. Its hard to say whose first but, Salman become top 3 is sure.

  • jai

    the show is ruined now …..ppl will now vote their favourites or ppl of their region…as u can see sunita getting so many votes n jai in danger zone!!!if there is any guy who has shown maximum dance n dat too to a height of excellence dat is jai …no aerobics gymnasts but in the last performance he did some but htat was because such performances have been appreciated n such performances have overshadowed his amazing dances…n he reaches d danger zone ..what he is supposed to do ..i love you jai …u have danced the most on this show ..u simply rock…n zee tv also sucks ..they show after a stunt performance ppl running on stage etc… creates a false hype…salma is good but he is not famous cos of his dance …as far as dance is concerned no doubt thr is only 1 name JAI …prince n siddesh are also good but jai u pls concentrate on ur dance n not other dramams n voting…if this show continues i have no doubt u will sit on d chair beside grandmaster..way to go jai …keep moving….n as i said show is ruined now sympathy votes etc.,,,mangesh is the worst performer this week..n he should get eliminated..thr is no excuse..but i m telling u the guy is gonna get maximum voteskyunki maa ko ghar dilana hai ….n wtf anchors every 1 is maa ka laadla ….every 1 want to give sumthng to his parents …dont hype dis crap pls….well he is not gng newhere ….next elimmination is siddesh jai rushali or alisha ..cos after bhavna sirohi ppl will not let khushboo down

  • Mimi

    Mayursh and Vrushali are my favorite.Mayursh is better than Salman.

  • Mimi

    Geeta Kapoor is a C grade master, Remo B grade and Terrence A grade and as someone said earlier Mitthun Da is a A grade Watchman.

  • vims

    Remo u r a good master in dancing but ui have a problemof favouristism first u tried to save all your members and then u r jst focusing on those who r popular like Salman and not mangesh….well this actuallyis competition etween u and the other judges…i bet other group members can do the same as salman can do ..hey this dosent mean that salman is nt good but his best..sidesh do have attitude problem but i think he was brave enough to tell u on ur face that favouristism is extracting from u..but sidesh change ur attaitde is not good..mayuresh is good stunt men prince is just good in poping but salman mangesh sidesh and all the others are cool dances ..i really hope that remo stops creating more problems like this..Terrance u r the best…i sure u r best teacher in dancing ..u r very fair in judgig and to tel u the fact u rock rock rock and rock and even u rock the stage..keep it this way bro as all ur students and the public feel that u r fair ..hey i forgot to tell u that u r the best analyst and very fair judgement with great explaination…geeta u r good toobut i hope u can do it like terrance and remo..remo u r my best dance techer but pls stop favouring

  • darla

    Mithun da doesnt know the naunces of dance, he can give only grand salutes…I think he should better do the job of a watchman…
    standing at the gate he can give unlimited salutes..”Shab ji Shab ji”

    from the last 2 episodes all the 3 judges are so rude to Mangesh, they shud didnt do this………..
    They know that mangesh is a good dancer, they shudnt ignore his earlier performances……..they shud encourage him and not discourage…….

    I love this show, it is very entertaining and all participants are very good dancers……..

  • ukg_indian

    yaa.. i agree that- mangesh should not be blamed completely about the performance. I think he did justice with the kind of song was given to him..whatelse can u expect on the songh which was given to him..but no doubt he is very good real dancer..all the judges should encourage him..

  • ukg_indian

    and also– please try to reduce stunts and aerobics from DID performances…there are so many forms of dances in india…I think- Master Terrance should go ahead for this..

  • Angel

    my favourite is salman and khushboo…..i thnk all the dancers are doing good and putting there effort….instead of discouraging them we shud encourage them…..and by the way they will be winning with the votes from the public….which i think is nt good as this is biast to other dancers… Bhavna, she was a good dancer and jst because of less votes she lost….the reason behind this was that she was frm anothe plce…..public will be biast coz they want there competitors to win…and for that i think that the judges are good enuf to take decisions and choose the best dancers out of thm all. well im not letting any one down its just im giving a view to decrease biast and give all the other dancers a equal chance. i think Remo, Terrance, Geeta and also Mitun Da are the best judges and they shud choose the best out of all.
    Best of luck of to all the dancers and do make it count.

  • farhat

    sunita is best vote to sunita…………..
    salman well performed keep it up
    vote to sunita

  • iiloveyeww


  • newyorkgirll

    KHUSHBOO & SALMAN aree the BESSSSSTTT bothh lookss wise and how they dance. i also like vrushali,alishah and mayuresh. everyonee else is O.K. and mengeshh is srsly jsut emotionally getting votes. everyone has a family and everyone has dreams to do something nice for their parents. just because he publicly tells everyone that he wants to buy his mom a house doesnt mean everyone else doesnt have those dreams as well. prince would be good if he STOPPED doing popping and locking for ONCE!! like they tell him to stop and he still does it. bhavana did NOT deserve to get out. siddesh shud have deffinately gotten out 100 % bhavana was an amazing dancer and she deserves to be on the show. well my votes are on khushboo and salmann for sureee =)

  • iiloveyeww

    yo prince isz goo at poppin and lockin newyorkgirl……so get yur factsz straight iightsz…he better den da rest so stfu!!!!

  • Loveyou

    Salman and khusbhoo are a cute coupleeee. <3333333333333

    iloveuguyysssss //// :)

  • sagarmohite

    I cant understand why the hell this guy is not there ?
    u know what I mean?
    let me clear it to u – JAY is the best dancer from all of them & he always proves that & infact he is already a winner of the Best cDance Competition named as Boogie -Woogie.
    so People vote him dont go on any drama please
    & ..

  • faiqagull

    Terrance u r the best…i sure u r best teacher in dancer terence plz plz plz reply me on terence i love u

  • iiloveyeww

    yo loveyou cheq mah comment 2 yew on april 4th iight

  • Mimi

    Mayurssh is the winner, Good luck and lots of prayers.

  • wish

    terence is the best choerography terence lewis plz plz plz reply me on

  • parveen Kumar

    learning skill of salman is superb ,when he came for audition he was not a good dancer ,but now he is superb ,so prince u plz do hard work bcz iwant to see u as a winner

  • kashish

    firstly siddesh should be eliminated actually must be eliminated bcoz he is very arrogant n even doesn’t respect the judges even on that day he insulted them by saying that it would be a time waste knowing the comments of the three judges. salman is my favorite contestant i want him 2 be the first dancing superstar of India. the way he speaks is very touching. he believe in god n have faith in god,so hope he will win DID

  • drarunsatheesh

    Sideshh should be thrown out of the show ,his attitude sucks.

  • Prakash Chand

    Salman and Khushboo were good!
    Dance India Dance is good show.
    Mithun Da make this show much popular.

  • Nas

    PRINCE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nas

    salman can’t even dance it looks like thers something shoved up his ass!!! He’s so stiff!!!!!! JAY OR PRINCE TO WINNNNNNNNN

  • Mimi

    Does anyone know who is out today.

  • john dsouza

    Sunita Gogoi WILL win the competetion…..there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

  • nikhilrz

    well,the last episode of romance was kind of out of way , D I D shud know understand that there is huge following from the young generation between the ages of 7 to 14 years old kids , the mentioned show was to adult content in my way , dont mess up and get carried away , this is a strictly dance show , show dances not cleavage or hot scenes , it wont gell in the ineriors which could be the contestants hot pockets , I stay in USA so it does not bother me much , but still my roots are back home .

    also the show of 17th april was very good , Prince was awesome , Salman was consistent , Mayuersh was alright ,but the first two dances were just OK , Jai was superb as far as the act was there ,but less dancing , dont make this show as if the contestants are trying to prove who is better in the STUNTS aspect , its a dance show , so be sure its dancing show not a stunt show , Mithunda you are a great presence but I think you dont have have to salute and stand up everytime to appreciate , Your comments have been very specific and to the point , but you and Geeta get to emotional , Mangesh is great and there were chances of him to be in top three , Request for the Admimn , when are going publish the young Mithunda I had sent you , Keep it up guys , its a great show , leave the stunts alone , what we need is just dance , dance india dance

  • Loveyou

    i want see the 17 april

  • number1fan

    Why didn’t April 17 Show not come on ?

  • Sonali

    It is simply UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
    how come such a good dancer like Vrushali is out???
    voters should be ashamed of themselves!!!
    the elimination of a third girl from DID shows that voters have a long way to go… come on you stupid voters… it is a pity to see that you are still macho and cannot accept that girls also are very good!!!
    this is simply ridiculous!!!

  • number1fan

    huh?? Vrushali is out ??? When did tht episode come out ??
    think u mean Bhavna ??

  • sul03

    EXCUSE ME NAS, u obiously dont no what dance is because SALMAN is very very i repeat VERY good dancer and evan the judges and the grand master salutes him for his talent. think again and watch his performance properly before you decide. thank you very much!


  • Mimi

    No doubt Salman is the best dancer among all but Khushboo is only a guree, cute girl but not a great dancer. I think Alisha is much better than her also Vrushali was better than her.

  • sahil.

    every one, just wonder what kind of dance we all can see in this program, the word dance is not at all suited for this kind of performance. most of all the participants show stunts and exercises, which really have no since I this, it can be observed that the meaning DANCE is taken as like performing circus show, fireworks stunts, ghost show, spiritual show and some like the street dances, the main thing can be appreciated is only for the Great star Mithun who we respect as he is helpless just giving points when there was a huge claps for this stupid things from the audience’s is this a crazy people show or just having some fun around to fool people in the name of DANCE INDIA DANCE? its no wonder even a magician, and peoples who like to jump and swing as to the most as they can more over some circus peoples also can participate in this program and no wonder there will be a big claps for this kind of performance, and the other judges swing along their heads and admire this when the super star MITHUN has no choice then giving them a salute, I prefer the Great Star and a famous Hero MITHUN may not fall involving in this program. And this kind of program can be said as JUMP INDIA JUMP and not DANCE INDIA DANCE.

  • bazmaa

    salmaan n khushboo is my fav.keep it up!!

  • priyam

    Fully agree with Praveen and Miss Lewis. The dance by Jai and Vrushali is in fact a Masterpieve and what a Choreography.Feel like watching again and again.How can Vrushali be eliminated…………

  • priyam

    The Chocolate boy is really sweet and Alisha is so graceful. Very beautiful performance

  • Shain Sheik

    Every Body, I do agree some of the points from Cyruss, according to his comments and a few points where i feel that this is a bs performance, which we all can see that stunts are more then dance here. where most of them are risky, and the rest are exercises and circus, even handicapped also participate in this program of course its not that they don’t have talent but in DANCE INDIA DANCE its not the category for these kind of participants and if this goes on and appreciated I am sure some of the circus stunt man also can participate in this program and magician and spiritual ghost dancers is no doubt to try to get an entrance in this program. as to my best of knowledge it can be said the Dance meaning should Stand for a art which is really have sense of entertainment which is something different comparing to this program and appreciate for the talent which is really have their skills on Dance and needs a lot of practice and patience, but instead its not a hoping popping and locking along with stunts and fireworks on a stage. but as to what I see in some comments i do really respect,like and see the Great Hero Mithun Dhaar where am his fan can see him doing his best performance and his salute to all who is really sweet and kind to all in the entire program, at the same time I do feel this program is not for his taste. Coming to the other judges I don’t think they are the right one for this program’s we all can see nothing is pointed out for any mistakes what they had done except saying they liked it so much with adding marks and points to them ,that’s what I can say
    Thank you

  • cyruss

    Indeed, as said by many on this forum it should be “STUNT INDIA STUNT”.
    Apparently, it looks like the judges/teachers can’t differentiate between dance & stunt. Furthermore, the judging system is “BIASED”. How can a teacher also be a judge?

    The most strangest of all is deciding who is the best dancer when each of the competitor is dancing completely different dance. How can you compare a Indian Classical dance to western dance. Even in western dance, how can you compare between hip-hop/pop & lock to salsa or rumba.

    It’s sad to see all the classical dancers has been eliminated. I am not an Indian but I lived in India long enough to appreciate Bharatyanatyam but ironically not the Indians. Indian classical dances are the oldest in this world’s history. As it’s said universally that dancing is divine; if it is, than it has to be Bharatyanatyam. Why? Because the dance was created by God Nataraj and he is the lord of dance & music.
    Even all the other gods & goddesses sing & dance. Music, song & dance are offered to gods & goddesses in Hindu religion.
    Dance & Music is so deeply rooted into Hindu culture, tradition & religion, it’s very hard to separate one from the other and yet the Indians shy away from their tradition, culture & religion.

    Western dance can be learned in few months (except the ballet) but Indian classical dance takes years & years of practice & dedication.
    I find the Indian dance divine & exotic.

  • sanjay.

    Hello Every Body
    as I came across to the comments I saw many and some of them stuck to my head and of course I do have to agree with it regarding the DID show which I also thing this have no sense for these kind of shows, As I have seen about the meaning to Dance there is noting of that kind I can see, I can see that all the contestants participate here to do stunts and risky things which is really very dangerous, it came to my notice many have tried this spite of Mithun Dhar advised many of the time not to try this at home but still there are lot who tried and met with accident and a boy in lucknow lost his life trying to do a stunt seeing this show and you can have the details about that in this link:
    I do agree these stunts is also a art and need a lot of practice and a great talent, but the DANCE INDIA DANCE is not a right place for them to perform this, they can do this in SHABAAS INDIA SHABAAS. Which really mean the word for what they are doing? More over I can see playing with fires and doing some kind of goes dance and magic also involved what does this mean, does it have any sense? any meaning, think about it coolly and jumping humping acing crazy does not mean they are doing good, same time I prefer Mithun Dhar better quite this show as being judge because I see many complain him and abuse him which i really hate and don’t like it, in fact I do respect him and he is so kind and a lovely Hero and am a very much fan of him

    Thank You

  • noorulislamkahn

    Hi every body
    i think that DID is the right platform for prof them self in the country but there should not be dangerous stuns which can hurt them. keep rocking
    and iam with SUNITA
    I am KARGIL and I a am real fan of DID

  • priyam

    This is the most beautiful episode.

  • pi_nk

    Prince is just so cutee!! I just wanna grab him, and squeeze him, he’s just like a little teddy bear!
    I liked all of the performances, but the chemistry between Salman and Kushboo was amazing!!! He looked so sad at the end of his and Kushboo’s performance …

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