14th Feb Dance India Dance Final 18

14th Feb Dance India Dance Final 18

Mumbai Mega Auditions Second part ends with final 18 on the block to compete for sabse bade dancing star ki khoj “Dance India Dance”.

DID contestants are divided in 3 groups as :-

Remo D’souza ke Rangeelay

  • Bhavna Prohit
  • Khushboo Prohit
  • Muhammad Ghouse
  • Mangesh
  • Rakhee
  • Prince

Terrence Lewis Ki Toli

  • Jai
  • Alisha
  • Shubho
  • Mayuresh
  • Kiran
  • Vrushali

Geeta Kapur Ki Gang

  • Sunita
  • Siddesh
  • Paulson
  • Noni
  • Jigar
  • Mandakini

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58 thoughts on “14th Feb Dance India Dance Final 18

  1. Yaqub says:

    All the best to all the top 18 contestants, and the rest don’t get disheartened, you all are winners….

  2. aks says:

    I love raaki she is too cute….

  3. Inder says:

    Rakhi is extraordinary

  4. Romuz says:

    mithunda look dashing.

  5. v says:

    terenc is just toooooooooooooooo good i just love his eyes

  6. Dipen Shah says:

    Hii ,
    i would like to see Mayuresh’s perfomance from terrence team , have not seen him danceing in any addutions so far ..

  7. Aiswarya .R.M says:

    is terence lewis married…………….can any one put a post on this

  8. Arun Kumar says:

    Go Rangeelay….

  9. raginii gupta says:


    How the contestants divide among the given groups .
    Can you please describe that.

    Good luck for next episodes…


  10. popbbz says:

    Terence is not married be some1they like his eyes well is contact lenses he wears it instead of glasses just like I do I wear glasses but not anymore mine are pure hazel but I like my friend laura eyes they are blue I luv it, but Terence I fink he does wear it cos I have seen his natural eyecolour xxx

  11. popbbz says:

    raaki she’s from uk I wanna no wear she lives wot if she lives sumwhere near me in uxbridge or Hayes

  12. Parul says:

    all the best 2 18 contestents.Hey terence is soooooooo smart.lucky girls who r in his group

  13. Aiswarya .R.M says:

    terrance lewis is great..someone put a post saying that he is gay{popbbz}…..and i know terrance lewis wears contact lense.he has poor eye sight….even though his eyes are perfect….they are brimming..which will will encourage any one under it…i want to take classe from terrance lewis dance academy if possible..i just like him so much……can any one pls give me his email adress..

  14. Rakhi says:

    Go Rangeelay. I just admire Remo D,souza,he has the cutest smile like my husbands. iam from USA married to a doctor from Hyderabad, he is still back in India for now…

    …could someone please give me Remos email address…would really appreciate it.

  15. Rakhi says:

    Is Remo married?

  16. Rickz.. says:

    All d best all 18…. my fav r paulson,rakhee & sunitha..

  17. imran says:

    i love raaki,

    imran from dubai

  18. Vegas says:

    Come on Rakhee, my favourate Leeds lass

  19. kris says:

    gooo terence ki toli

  20. sheron says:

    i love terence lewis
    i don’t care wat others say
    he is the cutes person ever
    i love him sooooo much :)

  21. sheron says:

    Aiswarya .R.M i love terence too
    do you have facebook because then we can talk about how nice terence is hes the best i love him ^__^

  22. Rakhi says:

    From california USA.
    seen the show 2day..gotta say,Remo D’souza moves his legs like Michael Jackson…no wonder he said in his article that “Michael Jackson is my guru”. He also looked very handsome. He smiles and looks very much like my husband(a doctor from hyderabad, currently in India)

    ..could someone please give me the address of his dance studio ….planning to go to mumbai in next visit to India..would love to meet him.

  23. shazad says:

    Muhammad Ghouse is the best dancer in all 18 Insha ALLHA he will win and next is Siddesh

  24. shazad says:

    shazad from surat gujarat

    East or West Remo ke rangeelay is best

  25. Nanchelin says:

    Remo rocks.i like him.he s the perfect man.rakhi from us w have the same choice.if u got some contact information of him can u pass it to m please.can’t find any contact info of him on the net.

  26. anisha says:

    the best dancer of the show is mohammad ghouse. i hope he is gonna win.

  27. simi says:

    hi terence u r to ggod or ap ka group b
    mast ha yar

  28. Karishma says:

    Hi Terence
    u look so cute and amazin
    love u
    can ne find out how old he is???
    coz i heard somethin but i don’t believe…

  29. ZIA says:

    i find that noni is the best dancer out of all of them cuze her timeing is great although she iz overweight doesent mean the she cant dance!
    people plz give her a chance!
    all the the best noni!

  30. Nanchelin says:

    Ashwaria r.m. The e-mail id of terence dance company is

  31. theuniverz says:

    Terence Lewis i luvv u!!!!…cant get my mind of u babes…..oooh ur eyes/personality………u r killin me…luv u Terence!!!!!!

  32. Raj says:

    Hiiii this is raj dixit…..i love remno ke rangeeley…..ho ahead prince, rakhi, mangesh……and my fav con are mangesh and prince…….u can do it mangesh…..common buddy i m always wid u and my best wishes……love u guys…..bbye take care…..god bless u

    ur well wisher Raj Dixit

  33. Raj says:

    plz mangesh win this competion for me yaar……common remo

  34. AYAz says:


  35. Harpreet.singh says:

    Rakhee i love your dance if u r reading this then plz i love your moves alot

  36. Vinod says:

    Remo u r very nice

  37. Vinod says:

    Hi Remo sir mujhe apka dance Aacha lakta hai

  38. kris says:

    terence is way better that remo in everyting

  39. Ashish says:

    Terence is amaizing and is a boss.
    I really like his haircut
    n his dance as well

  40. ankita bodh says:

    terence sir u r awesome.
    i jst luv ur each n every dance.

  41. ankita bodh says:

    terence sir u r so sweet n u r d best teacher i wish if i could b ur student………

  42. ankita bodh says:

    all conteston r very luck dat they hv got u as a teacher…

  43. lucky sharma says:

    rakhi ki jagah agar harshul ko liya hota to dance inda dance wohi jit jata.i just love harshul.harshul i love u

  44. lucky sharma says:

    rakhi u cant dancing like harshul

  45. lucky sharma says:

    remo ur smile is so good i like ur choreography

  46. raamu says:

    loooooveeee ur choreography Remo, ALL THE BEST go RANGEELAY….

  47. dj pAri.. says:

    DID is d 1st show of india which promotes all kinda dance it nethng!! jazz, afro jazz, salsa, indian, contemporary, hip hop, street jazz, bollywood, stomp, everythng a dancer cud thnk of..the judges are jus it terrence , remo , or gita….they do wonderful job ..i loved d way they choreograph . cnt imagine d way they shw dance … creativity to its fullest…..terrence looks lk a metrosexual guy wit gr8 body….remo is tooo handsome a dude a gurl cn thnk of TDH type of guy n geeta is surely cute..!! awesome panel of judges …keep rockin!!

  48. dj pAri.. says:

    cn nebody tell me to which song khushboo did dance on wen she reached d elimination round…somethng lk jhoom!! plz help!!

  49. Carrol says:

    Terence your a dude man:)i don care wat d world thinks:)i love you:)mucha

  50. surbhi says:

    Terence Lewis is just awesome. He is very truthful, a great dancer and choreographer.Hey Terence , you have got very pretty eyes.Everyone loves you dude. Great dude

  51. Pooja says:

    Jigar is the best amongst all contestants

  52. Suman says:

    Hello Remo,

    I like ur choreography, and i want to learn dance from you.
    Can i get your contact info. or any information about your dancing classes.

  53. Avi says:

    I love Mandakini. She is true talent. She should be back.

  54. sana says:

    remo ur choreographybeautiful in the world
    r u married remo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    give me ur id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  55. loveinair says:

    hello, i am from belgium but really i loved bollywood dance. oh!!! terence i loved you so much.your dressing and your smile really is a first i was completly creazyy abt u now my frds also. love you so much. keep dressing in silver sute. looks dam killer. :P

  56. maryamazi says:

    BIlkul pakki bate,ki DID 2 contentans zyada strong,aor better,shuru se,sorry,par i dont think ki Rakhi,shi s so cuite,but she is not strong,my opinion.Dharmesh best forever!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: :oops: :oops:

  57. pi_nk says:

    At 16:31 in part 2, you can so tell that Remo sir has approved of Rakhee being in the competition! Right then, I knew she would get selected. =)

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