Prince Gupta

Prince Gupta

Rank: # 5 Season: 2009, Team: Remo Ke Rangeelay

Prince is a 16 year old boy who came to Mumbai from a small town called Baroda, with a dream of becoming a famous dancer/choreographer, just like his idol, Ganesh Hedge. He comes from a simple family comprised of his parents and his two younger brothers. With his 4 years of training at Pace Creators Dance Academy, Prince had an ample amount of talent in dance, especially in the genre of Hip-Hop, which was both his forte, and his favorite style of dance. After wowing the audience with his marvelous hip-hop moves, he started being referred to as the “Prince of Locking and Popping.” He left many memorable performances on the Dance India Dance stage, such as his routines on the songs “Tip Tip Barsa Paani,” “Breathless,” and “Chand Taare.” With his dedication to his dance and his determination to succeed, he reached the Top 5 in Season 1.


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    1. Ang says:

      phu!!you’re sick!

  1. Ang says:

    :arrow: Prince!! do you know that I hate you!!!!!And do you know why…??????? Cause you stole my heart, damn it!! Love you baby!!!!!! :wink:

  2. MANJEET SINGH says:


  3. iluvdance says:

    i luv u :twisted:

  4. says:

    hi pince I love you and I love your dance :roll:

  5. suzain says:

    omg i really wanna say something bt every time i look at u i run out of words

  6. sarah_starcat says:

    Prince is SERIOUSLY awesome there really is no reason not to think that He rockz everything he does so ya there really is one word for Prince…..EPIC

  7. Narges says:

    Prince ur the best!!! luv your dance luv your style your too cute

  8. Vishalb_diu says:

    U r awesome

  9. bhavika somani says:

    he is awesome mah most fav

  10. Satyabrata Sahoo says:

    the king of lokngn popng…….

  11. shraddha kamble says:

    u r just awesome!!!!!!!!

  12. Sarthak Mishra says:

    i wanna be a DIDian,, n now i m devloping my passion. can anyone help me how can register to DANCE INDIA DANCE???

  13. abeer_19980408 says:

    I would like to confirm if Prince has any social networking sites to communicate with his fans from overseas? For example, Official Facebook (Page or Account), Twitter, and Youtube.
    And…I would really appreciate if you let me inform about this soon.


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