Muhammad Ghouse (Salman)

Muhammad Ghouse

Rank: # 1 Season: 2009, Team: Remo Ke Rangeelay

He is 23 year old mechanical engineer from Bangalore who came to Mumbai in the hope of proving his dedication to dance. He comes from a small family of 1 brother and his parents. He idolizes his mother. He claims that his mother is the most perfect woman he has ever seen because she is extremely hard-working and is talented in whatever task she chooses to do. His professional training in intermediate salsa for 6 years and his experience in working in a dance company for 4 years made him an excellent contender to win the “Taqdeer ki Topi.” Even though his favorite style of dancing is Hip-Hop, Mohammad dazzled the viewers with Latin dances, and other Western dances. His continuous top-notch performances and constant effort eventually won him the “Taqdeer ki Topi,” making him the first winner of Dance India Dance.

  • aamna


    • Surajit Das

      I am Surajit Das from Burdwan, West Bengal. I am A classical Dancer, Dace-odissi. I want to participate in Dance India Dance. But I don’t know the rules….how to get perform there…..
      plzzz help me sir…show me the path… plzzz sir plzzz…plzzzz

  • parv

    U r simply just 2 sweet 2 b 4got10 Salman!!!! Love you loadz!!!!! 😳 Will never 4get ur trip in Mauritius!!! Thnx 4 being in our island!!! We are honoured by ur presence!!! And also thnx 4 z photograph!! 😉 U r just t00 kind, handsome n cute!! u r nearly a perfect humankind!!! All the best for ur futur life dr!! 😀



  • Vishalb_diu

    No word for champ…….u r fnty

  • Vishalb_diu

    No word for u champ…….u r fnty

  • dil jigar

    U r wnderful n gr8 dancer i like ur dance

  • Dancer Ummer

    Super Duper Hit

  • sneha soyam