Mangesh Mondal

Mangesh Mondal

Rank: # 10 Season: 2009, Team: Remo Ke Rangeelay

Mangesh is a 21 year old boy from Mumbai who faced many hardships in life. He only studied till 9th grade due to his family’s financial troubles. His family consists of his parents and his younger brother. Although he never had any training in dance, he had been dancing professionally for 12 years in Geeta Kapoor’s and Saroj Khan’s dance troupes before Dance India dance came his way. Dancing was his life and he ildolized Prabhu Deva. His dancing styles include Hip-Hop, Krumping, Malhar, Indian Folk, and Kupari. Even though his elimination came early on in the show, he never gave up. He worked hard and practiced extensively and eventually came back into Top 12 through the Wild Card round. However, all his hard work went to waste and his journey had met an unfortunate end when he was disqualified from the competition due to his injury. Despite his background and his struggles, Mangesh persevered and made it to Top 10.

  • Shaik Reyan

    Great dancer , all the best for future