Kiran Sutavane

Kiran Sutavane

Rank: # N/A Season: 2009, Team: Terence Ki Toli

Kiran is 24 year old girl from Amravathi, who came to Mumabi to pursue her passion for dancing. She and her 4 sisters were raised solely by her mom, after her father passed away when she was a little girl. She is trained in Kathak, Freestyle, Hip-Hop, and folk dances at the Poona University (where she did her BA in dancing) from Nand Kishore Kapoor for 5 to 6 years. She idolizes Madhuri Dixit and the choreographer Saroj Khan. Kiran mesmerized the masters and the audience with her fabulous expressions and her Classical and Bollywood performances. Unfortunaley, she didn’t get an opportunity to show more of her talent, as she was eliminated the first week after coming into the Top 18. But before she left the stage, she carved her presence by showing how expressions are just as important as dance in a performance.

  • darekar.sandeep2

    Feeling GREAT to know that KIRAN DO YOU remember me NCC Camp
    LEH special NIC ….SANDEEP DAREKAR …i felt so proud to know about your success GOD BLESS .