Jai Kumar Nair

Jai Kumar Nair

Rank: # 4 Season: 2009, Team: Terence Ki Toli

Jai is a 24 year old dancer from Mumbai, who participated in Dance India Dance in the hopes of making it big as a choreographer. He comes from a small family of an older brother and sister and his parents. Jai idolizes Michael Jackson, Shane Sparks, and Marthy Kundelkar. He received one year of training in jazz and is dancing for the past 10 years, and was also a former Boogie Woogie winner. With this much amount of practice, it is not a surprise that Jai reached the grand finale of the show and placed as the 3rd Runner-up. He left so many memorable performances on the stage and he dazzled everyone in every genre of dance, be it contemporary, hip-hop, salsa, or classical. Although, Jai is capable of doing Jazz, rock, salsa, Bollywood, and afro jazz, his favorites remain to be contemporary and hip-hop. Not only did he charm the audience with his dancing skills, he is also charming the audience with his choreography. He is currently a skipper in the show, DID LIL Masters, and is choreographing for his team members.


12 thoughts on “Jai Kumar Nair

  1. Anushree says:

    I love Jai! He’s the best! 8)

  2. saket chitram says:

    u or alisha deserved to win n not salman….

  3. Sayali_vj says:

    I love ur eyes Jai…. :oops:

    1. jaya khan says:

      woah dude how did u make that smiley thing

  4. gattu says:

    i have a pic wd him..

    1. jaya khan says:

      can u text me a pic

  5. jaya khan says:

    i was going to ask him to marry me then i remembered he was like 7-12 years older than me!!!!I thought he was 19 then i came on this website and saw he’s 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jaya khan says:

    ok just saying jai ur hot and really nice. So if u were about to die i would risk my life for u even if i would have to sacrifice my life. Thats how much girls like u so make ur choice of marring wisely causeso many girls like u. u dont want to marry a girl that hates u. So be proud
    that u made a place in so many people’s hearts.And remember that no matter what happens all of us will still love u.

  7. jaya khan says:

    p.s. ur a really good dancer never stop

    1. jaya khan says:

      p.s.s. my name is really jai but everyone calls me jaya

  8. jaya khan says:


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