Dance India Dance Season2 Remo’s Challenge Pictures

Dance India Dance Season2 Remo’s Challenge Pictures

We are going to have top6 DID contestants this weekend, from here we will see 2 more eliminations before we get final 4 contestants and head towards the Dance India Dance Finals 23rd April. Competitions is getting tough and this coming weekend we will see some amazing performances for sure as the contestant’s from Dance India Dance Season1 join this year’s contestants on stage. Here are the pictures from the upcoming episodes of this weekend, Dance India Dance 2nd April and 3rd April.













414 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Season2 Remo’s Challenge Pictures

  1. VM says:

    Pix are fantastic, cant wait to watch man… will be another powerpack chummeshwari performance by the past n present!! :mrgreen:

  2. DIDrocks says:

    damn it. i just missed being first. lol just kidding. anyway i agree, the pics look so good. i cant wait to be entertained this saturday!

  3. vasudevan tejasvi says:

    who is outof DID now :x

  4. Jeet says:

    YEah! the pics looks fab. Just cannot wait to see. Looks like Punit is doing an MJ act. This is exciting.

  5. AnnieJ says:

    Woot, excited!

  6. Jeet says:

    Apparently Jai Kumar Nair and Shakti Mohan’s Jazz Pop on Kajra Mohabbat wala was nice, but did not get appreciated by the mentors and Grand master. This should make a lot of people of this forum very happy :)

  7. kevnash says:

    23rd April is the Finnale of DID2.. now that Sajan is Out… u r left with Dharmesh,Binny and Amrita from Geetha’s team… u have Amar and Shakthi from Terrance team plus Punit from Remo’s team…
    of which 4 will go to fianls…
    which means before 16rh of April 2 contestent will be eliminated…
    Punit, Dhamesh, Shakthi, Amar are more likely to stay…
    who are rest two ???? ………….. mmmmmmmm
    or will it be… Amritha, Amar, Shakthi and Dharmesh… ???

  8. kevnash says:

    or… will be ???
    Amar – Shakthi – Punit – Dharmesh in the fibnals ?

  9. DIDrocks says:

    i like to see amrita, amar, shakti, and dharmesh in the finals. binny and punit, no offense, are not good enough for finals.

  10. anuppatel14 says:

    This friday………2nd april
    4..Sahaan…out…..haha :lol: :lol: :lol:

  11. priyam says:

    :oops: Oops- Could not recognise Punit-This week sounds great–Can’t wait.

    I would also like to see Amar, Amrita, Shakti and Dharmesh in the finals, but I’m a bit worried for Amar and Amrita

  12. Sem says:

    Punit (To save remo’s reputation), Dharmesh (Deserving) and Shakti (Deserving) would be in the finals for sure. Its just the case of Amar, Binny and Amrita. Am sure Binny would be out soon. It would boil down to Amar and Amrita. This would be a tough one.

  13. Sem says:

    Punit (To save remo’s reputation), Dharmesh (Deserving) and Shakti (Deserving) would be in the finals for sure. Its just the case of Amar, Binny and Amrita. Am sure Binny would be out soon. It would boil down to Amar and Amrita. This would be a tough one. I would like to see Amar in though. But just cos they want equal number of gals and guys he mite be sacrificed. By now am sure everyone knows that the show is rigged. Else Saajan da idiot wouldn’t have stayed this long. Neways waiting for this weeks performances. Cheers!

  14. Shree.. says:

    punit is looking fab……..
    but wers salman..!!…..alisha….!!!
    ishh….i cant wait anymore……
    plzzz plzzzzz upload the videos…..

  15. did d best says:

    :D :wink: i can gurantee people………..sid and Dsir will rock it for sure :) :lol: ………….both r my favourates….i think top 4 shld be……….dsir, amar, shakti and puneet…….rockon guys

  16. did d best says:

    sid seems to have gained a lot of weight………

  17. nirmalboricha says:

    i am made friend of DID.
    I like MASTER REMO
    he is my favourite in all the world.
    i am fan of REMO SIR.

    and i like saajan. his beboing dance is
    mindblowing. i am his fan.

  18. riz_dani2k says:

    sid n Dsir gonna rock man ya ppl cant wait to c this episode… dam compitation is dam tuff can,t say who is gonna win but i really want Dsir to come in finals n win …..thats so far but dieng to c this mad …. wish all the dancing star al the very best specially Dsir n shakti i love them muuuuuaaaz :wink:

  19. riz_dani2k says:

    upload this vids soon man cant vait plz plz plz plz

  20. DID_ROX says:

    hey gus hav u seen newzpaper of 31-3-10 n it says Binny & Shakti are in finals…how cum dis can happen yaar???i know dey oth r nce but wat at Dharmesh..he deserve 2 in finals..

  21. DID_ROX says:

    hey gus hav u seen newzpaper of 31-3-10 n it says Binny & Shakti are in finals…how cum dis can happen yaar???i know dey oth r nce but wat abt Dharmesh..he deserve 2 b in finals

  22. umeshjee says:

    Dharmesh and Shakti deserevs as finalist Best of luck… dharmesh and shakti………….

  23. VM says:

    @ DID_ROX

    i m truly amazed… how come the media can tell that this 2 ladies will be top 2 when we still have few more sessions to go? we have not even watched Saajan’s elimination. So where is Dharmesh n Amrita if this 2 are in the top?? if this is the case, i wont mind seeing Saajan then.. strange!! :(

  24. Hetal says:

    According to me Dharmesh Sir, Binny, Amrita and Amar should be final Four. I am fedup seeing Shakti’s only one style Contemporary.. I suppose she dont know other styles.. :P

  25. VM says:

    Punit got his MJ badge and this week he will dance or act as MJ by his looks on the foto above. unless he is dressed as MJ and perform somting else, God knows. hoping to see him do bhangra or classical. :lol:

  26. DID_ROX says:

    i thnk u r rght but at d same tme sumwhere i felt dat it may b fxed i know it is not but ven i saw dat clipping in newzpapr i was dumbstruck!!!! as Shakti & binny came 2 noida to promote DID…

  27. chandmahi says:

    damn good yaar………

    i can’t wait 4 friday

    plz upload vedio yaar………….

    it’s really goona rock friday….
    remo sir is ma favourite…

    but sir please try to encourage Dharmesh sir….

    he is a good dancer n he is working very hard…
    is this his fault that he is in geeta ki gang….

    he always likes u.. n u r god for him..
    plz help him sir….

  28. DID_ROX says:

    ac 2 me d top 4 r => amar punit binny & Dharmesh

  29. DID_ROX says:

    guyz who is dis gal wid amrita???????? can any1 tell me??

  30. JIN BABA says:

    these contestant might be in Finale Four.

    1. Dharmesh
    2. Shakti
    3. Punit
    4. Binny or Amar

  31. JIN BABA says:

    The Girl who with Amrita she is Sunita Gogoe, she had season 1 DID From GKG. She is cute as performer average.

  32. VM says:

    cute sunita matches atom bomb amrita

  33. VM says:


    where’s Amrita in ur finale 4 list la? hoping to see her TOP 3.. :mrgreen:

  34. moredance says:

    May I tell one thing,
    Plzzz don’t take it otherwise..
    I know it is a bit annoying..
    But dear I really really observed it for long….
    All of U gals excuse me for this..
    What I feel is..
    That is ..
    Ummm Ehmm Yaaa
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  35. VM says:


    I m not attacking you, but just my say to ur above posted comments…. :wink:

    4 ur eyes perhaps Binny is a beauty, but may not appeal to others in that way. Cos for some here, thier priority goes to the top performer who has been consistently working hard and giving outstanding performances. Everyone have their own fav contestant, so we cant comment on that nor force all ppl to love Binny.

    We are beautiful in our ways, so there is no way we could be jealous of her. Anyways, we ain’t competing with Binny to have that sort of feelings. :lol:

    To me, I agree Binny is pretty n sweet, but compared to the rest, she is not up to their mark. Yes, i admit that she has in the past given excellent performances since she is not a trained dancer.

    But as the competition is getting stiffer, she has to strive hard to be in the league of Dharmesh, Amrita, Shakti, Kunwar….. to me Kruti and Farina was great as well, not forgetting Parvez.

    So, jealousy is out of the question, thats for me. :D

  36. saket243 says:

    i think next 2 who should be eliminated should be punit and shakti bcoz they both do same style always specially shakti she is just contemprary queen she just does kicks,lifts etc and punit also just coz he is only one in team so it is not that we should keep him people should see versatality,talent,kindness,politeness,humbleness,good,descent costumes etc

  37. saket243 says:

    according to me final 4 should be amar dharmesh binny amrita

  38. prashantgupta says:

    well i am a great fan of dharmesh sir… but skati has changed my views and diverted me towards her as a fan…
    and if i am nt wrng after seeing all d episode and performance in did.. its skati who will dis time the title of did..
    skati been a good performer, a performer in my views is who enjoys her or his dance with passion and witha a simple smile, she is beautiful and is has all dat qualities which is needed in a performer.. and no doubt she will going to do an album of her and may be a movie too..
    skati u will win the compitition , god bless you.. and one line i wanna say which i say to every1 who ever is close to me and to whom i start liking.. and that line is never try to change yourself for anyone.., u can rock as u r!! god bless u and B O L!! :wink: :wink:
    dharmesh sir as i said before i am the greatst fan of urss.. but my mind say its skati who will win the compition.. so sir don’t mind if ur fans going towards any other participants..

  39. JIN BABA says:

    moredance lol shakal gum karo ne apni :mrgreen: (kidding)

    i know that bcoz of her Bountifulness she got votes, otherwise she is just good dancer not upto that Dharmesh & Amrita Mark :!:

    Final Four Those Who Are Selected By Zee Not Janta :lol: , so they probably are. 1st Dharmesh , 2nd Aunty Shakti :lol: , 3rd Punit Remo ka Rangila, 4th hmmm idher zara confusion hy B0$$, there must be Binny or AMAR ko set kia jy ga By Zee.

  40. Prial says:

    Some of my favourite contestants of DID season 1 are coming, so I can’t wait to watch it!
    Really excited! :P

  41. priyam says:

    @ VM

    Ver well said. Fully agree with you

  42. lords2020 says:

    The upcoming episode of Dance India Dance 2 will be nothing less than fireworks on the stage as the top seven performers from the inaugural season of the dance show will pair with the seven contestants from the current season to compete against each other. Winner of DID 1 Salman Khan, Alisha Singh, Prince Gupta, Jai Kumar Nair, Siddhesh Pai, Mayuresh Wadkar and Sunita Gogoi will be the ones pitted against season 2 contestants.

    Informs a source, “The seven contestants from season one will pair up with the season two participants for this special episode, competing against each other. This will be a visually delightful episode as it will bring together some amazing talent under the same roof. On one hand this will prove to be a golden opportunity for the contestants from the current season to match their steps with their counterparts from the earlier season and on the other hand, it will mark the return of the season 1 toppers who will yet again get a chance to showcase their dancing skills. Jai will be paired with Shakti Mohan, Siddhesh with Dharmesh Yelande, Salman and Puneet Pathak, Mayuresh with Binny Sharma, Sunita-Amrita Moitra, Prince with Saajan Singh and Alisha with Amarjeet.”

  43. kali.mangal says:

    Friends and friends:

    calm down. Shakti and Binny r the 2 girls decided for the no fight.OK. Already both r interviewing in TV and newspaper..begging for votes for girls..SHAME SHAME..PATHETIC. :evil:
    Mithunda is using both of his powers for Binny AND AMRITA :twisted: VETO FOR AMRITA AND RIGHT TO RECALL FOR BINNY.

  44. kali.mangal says:

    @Jinbaba: No confusion..its man-made fusion :P
    1) My Dharmu..of course
    2) Shakti..M L C short forms sorry :wink:
    3) Punit .. Going in the top3 on concession..2 top class contestants khake jayega..
    4) Binny .. with her 2 ft smile :D :D

    Amrita and Amar ..A A..going home. :?

  45. lords2020 says:

    :wink: JIN BABA :wink:
    hi jinbaba dharmash and prince jugalbandi will be great to watch if its true. :?:

  46. A_A says:

    why is binny still there!? she should have gone this week instead of saajan

  47. lords2020 says:

    i just watch shakati preforming on susral ganda phool really disappointed same old sht.

  48. LUV_terrence says:

    HE he…shakti<3 and jay kumar just lookkzz fab togheter :P

    woowwewe aamar<3<3 u r lookin soo like GHANGASTA boy…HANDSOME HUNK. hihi …best of luck 2 shakti and aamar..u r the best….

    BTW: IF :lol: TERRENCE :lol: IS READING THIS terrence sir i just luv u!!!!! u re the best of luck to you're toli 8) 8)

  49. LUV_terrence says:

    @ A_a totally agree with u…

    you all guyzz are supposed to vote on based by they’re last week performance…last week sajann did it mutch better than binny…her rope performance was so lazy and very boring…sajan did it soo mutch better that her both dayzzz…THATZ NOT FAIR FOR SAJANN!!!

  50. LUV_terrence says:

    100% SURE ..IN FINALS


    ( punit must be in the finals to representent remo¨s rangeeley)

  51. lords2020 says:

    jay kumar & shakti prformence was not up to high stander.they do not get the appreciation from masters or grandmaster. :lol:

  52. LUV_terrence says:

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) aamar is fab 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

  53. LUV_terrence says:

    @ lords2020

    didn’t say they’re performance was “very good” and they did get good appreciation from mithun da just said ” they looked fab togheter” maybe u should start reading good before commenting someone sweetheart!!!
    PeAcE 8) 8) 8)

  54. lords2020 says:

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D PLEAS VOTE FOR AMRITA :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  55. Deeepa says:

    :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P Yaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sooooooooo happy to see DID 1 contestants here…
    But where is Alisha didi’s photos???????????????

  56. lalo 87 says:

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D DHARMESH SIR IS BEST :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  57. lalo 87 says:

    :D:D :D:D :D :D :D:D :D:D:D
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    :D:D :D :D:D :D :D :D:D :D

  58. soumendra says:

    i luv d performance by sakti
    And dharmesh sir is too good…….

  59. salema says:

    :D :D :D :D :D wow i can’t wait to see all the contastents perform…:) :D :) :)

  60. LUV_terrence says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: aamar handsome HUNK :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :

  61. lords2020 says:

    Yesterday Telly Buzz had reported about the Season 1 contestants performing along with Season2 contestants this week in Zee TV’s Dance India Dance. We now give our readers information about the eliminated contestant.

    According to our source, “Sajan Singh from Remo Ke Raneelay will be the one who will bow out of the contest this week. Amrita Mitra from Geeta Ki Gang was in the bottom along with Sajan. Dharmesh Yelande again bagged the highest junta votes, while Shakti Mohan got the second highest votes. Punit Pathak secured the third highest votes”.

    Mentor Remo D’Souza will celebrate his birthday in the Friday’s episode along with the team of Dance India Dance. Remo performed a fabulous MJ act, and after 15 long years performed before his parents. Mithunda gifted Remo with a walkman, which caught Remo on his emotional front. Remo revealed to all that it was the same walkman that he had requested his father to get for him when he was a kid; but the family could not afford to buy so costly a walkman then. The other mentors Geeta Kapoor and Terrence Lewis will also perform in the Friday’s episode.

    Catch the elimination episode this weekend on Dance India Dance… :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

  62. LUV_terrence says:

    many people asks mee why i am a huge fan of shakti let mee open myself for u today….!

    #1 she is the contestant with the most ” best performance of the day” :lol:

    #2 she is the ONLY GIRL in did 1 and did2 who has been the most voted contestant,,,she has been it two times :!:

    #3 she has got mj band from remo ( what is a dream for everyone) 8)

    #4 everytime she comes on stage and do a terrence coreography terrence almost everytime gets a salute from mithun da ( she makes him proud ) :D

    #5 she is the only one in did 2 who i think can beat dharmesh 8)


  63. lords2020 says:

    :wink: LUV_terrence :wink:
    1000% amar should be in top 4. but :?:

    1. jesse says:

      amar will win

  64. LUV_terrence says:


  65. lords2020 says:

    LUV_terrence :lol:
    shakti no way near D.SIR.she is only getting highest votes because she expose outfits.and stick to only one kind of her solo in up coming episod you will understand :lol:

  66. Sweet Sonia says:

    yh pics r so gdd! im lyk so excited so watch it..2 days mre :| cnt w8!!
    n yh shakti is lyk best of DID 2..her dance is jus AWESOMEE!!
    i think she shud win!

  67. Sweet Sonia says:

    lords2020 i totally agree wid u mn!!

  68. Sweet Sonia says:

    vote 4 amrita?? no mn i want shakti or dharmesh 2 win

  69. Sweet Sonia says:

    n yh amar is jus so HANDSMEE!

  70. jai says:

    where can i see the promos ?? n i hear shakti’s performance clips n punit’s r being shown on news etc …why shakti’s only :S good saajan is out ..i love Jai kumar nair but he is dancing with shakti ..he wont dance on his own style now :(…its probably some couple dance …jugalbandi betwwen dharmesh n prince …that would be a MOMENT ..

  71. LUV_terrence says:

    why do so many people say shakti only gets vote cause of “her” wearing sexy clothes?? :evil:
    the participant don¨t choose what they¨ll wear …the masters tells the desingners what kinda performance they¨re gonna do and the the desingners chôose to make clothes that¨ll fit they¨re performance / song…! :lol:
    one more thing, wouldn¨t it be rare to see her performing with full clothes during an hip hop performance or wearing sari on a contemporary performance??? 8O

  72. DIDrocks says:

    i agree with LUV_Terrence that what shakti wears is not her problem. she is told to do so and she does. so people should just stop with the claims that she is getting votes because of her “exposure” or whatever.

  73. VM says:

    @ Priyam

    Thanks for ur appreciation.. :wink: I cant for this Saturday to watch all the past n present performing on one platform.. :mrgreen:

  74. VM says:

    I hope they award 2 topis. One for best female dancer and same goes for the male category.

  75. desiladki says:

    Firstly, the program has too many politics and public voting system is not truly honored. Punit is good but not good enough to be in top 6 but is simply retained to have someone represent remo. Saajan should have been out long time ago. Between binny and amrita, amrita is more deserving to be in top 4 along with Dharmesh(without a doubt), Amar (next best) and Binny or Shakti. Amar is much better than Shakti and he deserves to be in finals instead of Shakti. It is a tragedy that people get carried away by Binny’s looks and ignore Amrita’s better talent. Amrita is better than both shakti and binny in dancing skills. Last season saw injustice to mayuresh. This season it is Amrita’s turn. Support good dancers people, instead of blind favoritism based on looks or peer popularity.

    1. rachana says:

      I completely agree to your comments regarding binny, punit and saajan. but do not agree that Amrita & Amar are better than Shakti..
      Shakti is overall the best in DID season 2 where Amrita stands 2nd and Amar on the 3rd Place cos he isn’t a trained dancer but any day better than dharmesh…
      Binny’s happydent smile attracts people to vote her…. Dear Binny it isn’t a smile competition its DID…pls go… from DID… cos u r not d only struggler.
      Geeta please don’t plead for sympathy for your contestants… by speaking out their stories… it sounds filmy…
      Coming to Mayuresh in DID season 1. yes was one of the deserving constestant…
      but DID has lots of POLITICS in it…………
      Mithunda people aren’t fool.. they can see and hear… wat a policy of giving sympathy to your cry babies GEETA & BINNY…
      BINNY forgot to do her makeup.. showing she wasn’t well..
      on her rope mallakhumb performance..
      this was purposely added by Mithunda for Binny to get votes instead of being ill..
      Sir, its not acting i guess you forgot about your own show… Its Dance India Dance…

    2. ChArMz AnGeL says:


  76. JIN BABA says:

    wah wah kia baat kya baat, is ko bolty hy terrence miNd, poor Geeta learn something from terrence uncle :lol: , he pick shakti for his group till yet he use her very Smartly, Poor Geeta use some brain while you give act to your group contestant Like Dharmesh & Amrita, terrence ny tu lagta asal mind shakti py use kia hy, he manage everything related to her, like her cloth’s / song which one is attractive, those move who attractive & making people fool Smartly :mrgreen: (hilarious sholly :oops: :wink: ) i saw this friday promo not really bad at all, every one look’s good, Shakti / Master Remo / Saajan has good / i laugh little at Punit MJ act :lol: , it’s really Fun to watch him with this act :mrgreen: . Amrita wow what a Energy My Macho Girl 8) , what a Attitude :) . i thought if that Amrita Crumping act given to Shakti, “Again hilarious” :lol: .. Hahaha Yar Really Shakti k Tu Inchar Pinchar Dhily ho jaty crumping dance me :mrgreen: NjoY :!:

  77. JIN BABA says:

    i felt that Crumping Dance move need too much energy, i read many people comments For Amrita, they really impress with her Attitude with that dance act :mrgreen: , yeah shakti also good with poping, Lucky Girl (ChuraiL :lol: yar mohabbat me kehta ho plz don’t hard f33lings pljj).

  78. kanubhai says:

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 100% finalist(1) dharmesh (2)amrita (3)shakti (4)binny

  79. kanubhai says:

    DD2 MATALAB ‘ DHARMESH DANCE 2′ BETTER THAN ANY OTHER. :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  80. kanubhai says:


  81. kanubhai says:

    DID2 MEANS” DHAMESH INTELLIGENT DANCE 2BETTER:” THAN ANY OTHER :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

  82. jesse says:

    You just copied these pictures from the real website

  83. Admin says:

    @ jesse : Buy me a return ticket to india + a DSLR next weekend and i promise i will bring you pictures which no one has seen on this universe. :?

  84. DIDrocks says:


    ur funny! lol!

  85. JIN BABA says:

    Admin lol,

    hopefully he or she may reply fast. but i feel he or she r not regular User :roll:

  86. jesse says:

    he well atleast i do not copy pics that are copyright

  87. Happiness says:

    Dharmesh rocks!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
    U r best and u will win for sure 100000000000000%.
    Amrita pehelvan..arrrrrrr 8)

  88. rachana says:

    If binny is not voted out of this contest now I seriously feel… there’s a setting inside…

    Dam she s……..ks.. n her dance toooooo…….

    She isnt a good dancer but is a good actor who can gain sympathy easily from her master Geeeta & Mithun da who so dam partial to her………

    Dharmesh & Amrita r far better dancer in Geeta’s gang..
    who don’t even deserve to be there in her Gang……..
    Shakti n amar are superb……..
    Punit is also fine but no saajan.. he has only one single style……
    Terence you r d best………. the best…
    we love you……… Lots……….

  89. JIN BABA says:

    Happenies how are you, long days no c :?: :)

  90. A_A says:

    final 4 imo:

    Binny should go out sooner.. Amrita is good but she’s not been very impressive(blame it on geeta’s primary focus on the vote-gathering binny probably) and if there is a recall it should be shashank or jack

    1. A_A says:

      plus i’d like to add ive not seen any exceptional performances from amrita for many weeks and now she looks to be overrated

  91. Ram Gupta says:


    Punit is not Fine. He should be eliminated next !

    Please junta eliminated punit next !!!!!!!

  92. Ram Gupta says:

    final 4 should be :


  93. Love says:

    Dharmesh..u r fantastic :D
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh :D
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh :D
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh :D
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh :D
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh :D
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh :D
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh :D
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh :D
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh :D

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      We get it!! You hate Dharmesh!! :lol:

  94. Love says:

    Binny has lots of attitude. She acts like she is boy..
    At least show us one nice and perfect girl dance first..SORRY u need to go dear ..can’t see u near..anymore :o

  95. luckystar4uu says:

    Dharmesh is the best. Shakti and Punit are always performing same dance style and same expressions and drama. Nothing in novel at all. Vote for Dharmesh Sir to make sure that an excellent Dancer must win the show.
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh
    Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh
    Dharmesh Dharmesh

  96. Beauty1996 says:

    Binny looks really wild in the picture with her hair down 8O
    MT TOP 3

    1. jai says:

      where can promos be seen ??

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        I have no clue :?

        BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !!!

        1. jai says:

          ohh o pardon me but ppl were commenting abt promos n next week’s performmances so i asked :S

          1. Beauty1996 says:

            That is probably because they are in India and they get to see the promos on T.V. before ppl who live somewhere else.

          2. Beauty1996 says:

            You are not Jai Kumar Nayar undercover, right? :)

          3. jai says:

            no i am not ..just a fan of his …although jai is busy to be on here ..not tweeting dese days

  97. Beauty1996 says:

    jai has a tweet account?

  98. jai says:

    yeah he has ..u can visit his institute’s website 2 ..i cant paste links here ..his emails are also available on his youtube channel

  99. Beauty1996 says:


  100. Beauty1996 says:

    How do I find the website for the institute?

  101. moredance says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  102. JIN BABA says:

    OMG! Just saw Punit n Salman’s Sat performance promo and i have to say it was MINDBLOWING!!!!!! They both were hung onto cables…upside down..and at other weird angles and were dancing so damn well!!! My jaw dropped like literally…brace urself for something never seen before on DID….Terrence said WOW!!! n Mithun told Punit – U deserve to be NO.1 ClapClapClap

    Cant Wait!!!

    roflz Both Lady KiLL3r GoIng Highhhhhhhhhhhhh Rate!!!

    Request to All Girls Close their Eyes, when the performance telecast on the TV :mrgreen:
    Daikhna Mana hy for Girl :lol:

  103. Beauty1996 says:

    good point!

  104. jai says:

    @beauty :

    visit n u will find rest …

    @jin baba ; i read ur comments ..but i have to read them twice to understand propelry ..kool lix of hindi n english ..n the song was good ..

  105. moredance says:

    U KNOW WHY ?
    :oops: :oops: :oops:

  106. Beauty1996 says:

    Why should girls close their eyes when their performance is telelcasted?

  107. JIN BABA says:

    roflz at jai :lol: … maN i am really sorry for that hindi & english comments matter :mrgreen: , agree that there are many people in the forum who don’t understand hindi Chat, why do you try your best to doing this hindi chat too :?: . do u speak hindi? if yes so i think is not difficult to chat with in hindi also. All Iz W3LL :)

  108. Beauty1996 says:

    Thanks !! :D

  109. jai says:

    dude i knw hindi n english both ..i m an indian (insomniac) …but ur comments r a mix of hindi n english sumtyms …

  110. JIN BABA says:

    lol at moredance buddy. :lol: :lol: :lol: , Very Right yar, bcoz they all r jealous of her beauty :wink: , khair it’s difficult to say, might be few girls doing this :lol: . maN Punit also good dancer buddy. but yeah SALMAN is too HAWT than Punit :mrgreen:

    You don’t understand, bcoz u are Tw33t CHILD :!: , i told this to GIRLS N0T to Child Girls :P (donno miNd k :?: :mrgreen: )

  111. moredance says:

    @JIN BABA,
    2.SHAKTI — VERY SHORT…ehhhmmm (S…TS) n lot of favorism by all including masters.


  112. JIN BABA says:

    lol Insomniac :lol: , EverythiNk Iz k Na :?: :D

  113. Beauty1996 says:

    Just tell me I am not that young. I am mature enough to handle what ever you are going to tel me. Please tell me. :D

  114. JIN BABA says:

    moredance lol u mean binny ki performance :lol: , yar itne Goori hy moti biNny :mrgreen: k Dark light me bhi Smile Nazar aa jaway gee us ki :lol: ..

    JAI gud to know, that you know both languages :wink: , ya sometime it’s difficult to understand other user chatting style :lol: , i laugh when u say u have to read them twice to understand propelry 8)

  115. jjuli says:

    Well as per me

    Punit will be there in finals otherwise no one will be left from Remo’s team and thats the only reason and not due to his performance

    Shakti and Dharmesh

    Amar Amrita ??????

    Binny might be out

  116. jai says:

    everything is kool ..but college sucks :P

  117. moredance says:






  118. DIDrocks says:

    i think punit and salman are lady killers along with amar. i dint know about the face, but definitely wth their toned bodies. but this is no reason to not watch them. im definitely gonna watch punit and salman if they were really good. in fact i wanna see why dada said punit deserves to be # 1. i mean i want to see punit out next week and if dada said he deserves to be number 1, then i maybe wrong somewhere. so i wanna see what went wrong.

  119. DIDrocks says:

    i love prince’s hairstyle. i like that guys dressing style as well. its cute.

  120. JIN BABA says:

    DIDrocks who gonna stop ya for watching Lady KiLler performance :mrgreen: , i mean k Nazar na lag jy dono ko ish lia mana kia Girls ko :lol:

    Jai be patient while the college life going on, it’s just for few years, wesy i had one email related to human Life, it’s was k insan ki life total suffer kar rahi hoti hy, hosh sanbhala tu school ki strugle, bara howa tu fir college, then university, then business or job, then shadi, strugle struggle & struggle, and than bachay tu ho gaya pura kaam tamaam :lol: , the bottom point that mail was the person have no time for his ownself, :) so paee (Sw33t) jaan, Be haPpy All the Time, Like Me :lol:

  121. Beauty1996 says:

    Jinbaba Hindi lo Punit, Salman performance yenduku choodardu unni annaadu cheppavva, please. :D

  122. JIN BABA says:

    @Prince I Like This ChilD :!: & Few his Unforgettable performance in Season 1.

    lol it’s difficult to explain yo :lol: , am scared :mrgreen: 8O

    hey why you b3hiNd punit? he is good, & after all One & only contestant in RKR, as v know last season Geeta Mama :lol: Had Siddesh Pai Only, so now this Time Punit might go to Finale for sure :)

  123. JIN BABA says:

    lol at Beauty1996, No Complain with new language :lol: k33p it up :!:

  124. JIN BABA says:

    k folks time to running from here, catch ya 2morrow at day time till than babye….. have a sw33t Dr3am. Chao :!:

  125. Beauty1996 says:

    Can you give me a clue as to why girls s hould not watch the tecast of their performance?

  126. jjuli says:


  127. illusion-93 says:

    haha you guyz argue like cats n dogs!!
    but one thing i would like to say….
    all you people r such fools…terence uses shakti with contemporary but he mixes it with other dances…he makes her do splits etc in nearly all dances…dont you get bored of it?
    the clever thing is..that now terence gives her some moves by which everyone would go “fanna” on!
    amrita has demonstrated several dance styles: contemporary, manipuri, classical, hip-hop, freestyle, salsa-jazz!
    guyz think b4 you vote!!

  128. Beauty1996 says:


    YES!! I do get bored of her dances!! Absuloutley!! :D

  129. JIN BABA says:

    Dadi Amma (Grand Mother) :mrgreen: Forgive JIN BABA, it’s Was kiddinggggggggggggggggg, don’t u understand kidding thing :lol:

    yeah she might be out next week, but might mathunda use veto power for her, Not really sure, let c who gonna out next week, may be Binny or Amrita :confused:

  130. Love says:

    Can someone put few lines of each dance form that best explain them? It will be very helpful to judge whether the contestant did properly or fooled the public with other moves.
    Remo suggested 7 styles for the contestants this week.
    Because to me, Saajan looks doing same moves in promo,
    Shakti looks tricky from what is suggested to do. Amrita looks fine. Remo may intentionally gave Dharmesh a slow number to perform..and gave Punit fast number to do. He knows Dharmesh is fast dancer. :confused:

  131. illusion-93 says:

    yeh its obvious that remo thought soo carefully and pointed out everywuns weakness expecially binny, he then gave them the styles to do!

  132. Beauty1996 says:

    Why should I forgive you, you didn’t even do anything wrong. :?: :lol:

  133. Love says:

    Punit did not deserve to be number 3 this week. Thats totally unacceptable.
    Really some Remo’s politics is playing behind the curtain. First Saajan and now Punit. Forcefully getting into make public FOOL and start thinking..oh this boy deserves..sick..pathetic
    NOW ..Remo gave Punit MJ number to do..Mithun is suddenly praising that he is eligible to be in top3 as one of the finalist. I am losing interest..
    I know Remo would have put something without shirt kind of choreography to get votes by girls..same he did with Salman last year. Both Punit and Salman shirtless…ufffff

  134. kali.mangal says:

    Terrence..literally fooling people..with Shakti.
    Punit looks good in MJ style..little funny though.
    Saajan same thing!!!!!!!!!!!
    No promos for Dharmesh solo.. :mrgreen:

  135. DIDrocks says:


    haha. since u asked me the question in telugu, i will answer it in telugu. jin baba punit inka salman performance enduku choodadhu annadante, jin baba ki anipistundhi andaru ammayilu padipotharu inka faint ayyipotharu ee performance choosaka. tanu manaki warn chestunadu endukante ee performance chaala hot ga undhanta. lol. hopefully u got what im saying. lol. its really hard to write telugu in english. lol

  136. Beauty1996 says:

    LOL! I unserstood what you meant. :lol: Thanks for telling me I was dying to know.

  137. Beauty1996 says:

    Many of you guys are saying, “Shut up, what are you talking about, Shakti did try many different dance styles.” I don’t think so, at least in comparison to other awesome dancerd like, Amrita, Binny, and Amar.

  138. DIDrocks says:

    @ love

    well i dont know much about the techniques of hip hop and krumping. but i know one thing. krumping definitely involves agression. i know this cuz a couple of my friends are krumpers (they know how to do this dance). and i always have problems telling popping from locking. but from what i understand, popping is like hitting your steps or sumthin like that. and locking is like the robot dance. im not the right person to tell u about hip hop. but this is what i know from it.

  139. kali.mangal says:

    Guys: Amrita is number 4 this week. Relax
    Amrita baby does have good number of friends following her. 8)

  140. Beauty1996 says:

    Thank goodness that she was #4 this week!!! Babababooyah!!!
    What is up with your sources kali.mangal.

    Just a random question: Do any of you guys watch Soap Apras?

  141. Love says:

    @DIDrocks: thanks.
    But Shakti’s promo, basically the promo is her whole dance. She is doing jerking movements more playing with the face. :?: :?: :?:

  142. DIDrocks says:

    @ love

    that would be correct on her part if she is doing popping. popping does involve jerking.

  143. DIDrocks says:

    thank heavens amrita is 4. whew!!!! i was seriously upset to find out binny got more votes than amrita. good thing it didnt happen. thank god. tera lakh lakh shukar hai!

  144. kali.mangal says:

    Amrita will be soon out of DID..sorry..wait and watch.
    Shakti and Binny are promoted with interview as “the two princess of dance” ..Binny will be in the final with Dharmesh, Shakti, Punit. Amar will be out soon. :confused:
    This week Amar..??????????
    These are my predictions :o

  145. kali.mangal says:

    2 boys and 2 girls in final.
    For boys there is no place for amar in front of Dharmesh and Punit, after this week performances.
    For girls: Shakti..People wants Binny, not Amrita.
    Its disgusting :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  146. Beauty1996 says:

    This show is so depressing for me! Why do those people have to screw up the lives of other people! :evil:
    Can you tell me why they arepromoting them both, specifically. I mean what will the producers or whomever get out od doing this? The happiness of playing with someone else’s life? :evil:

  147. DIDrocks says:

    ok the two princesses of dance are shakti and amrita.
    and the princes of dance are dharmesh and amar. and these should be the ones going to the finals. if anyone of them is eliminated before the finals, mithun should use his powers.

  148. Love says:

    @DIDrocks: thanks.
    I really feel bad for Dharmesh. HE is great in hiphop we know.
    In Nagoba dance he did locking..perfectly.
    Popping he proved himself in the audition.
    Lyrical hiphop ..they say its misnomer..its not actually hiphop but people who cannot dance on beats ..they dance on lyrics..thats what i understand.
    Being a fast dancer..King of catching beats..Dharmesh..I hop Geeta gave u right choreography??? :confused: :confused:

  149. DIDrocks says:

    i dont know what promos u guys have been watching but i also see dharmesh’s promos everywhere. the only people who i havent seen promos of are punit,and amar and saajan, and amrita.

  150. DIDrocks says:

    @ love

    i have no clue on lyrical hip hop. as far as i know, that dance is relatively new. so i got no idea. i just nod my head to whatever the masters say about it. lol!

  151. kali.mangal says:

    Dear..people think in different angle..of profit and looks..
    Look at Dharmesh..i personally believe if he would have great body and looks..whatever styles he did so far would have looked more graceful and beautiful. People like Punit if they do little hero moves …they look excellent!!
    When i saw first Punit ..he reminded me of Abhishek Bachhan… mega audition..he was my number one hero..but not anymore. Somehow Dharmesh..honesty and simplicity in dance with dressing etc..moved my attention. Then After Amrita..i am her big fan too. If she is getting eliminated then I am not going to support Binny, Shakti (she has no matter she will not do the masters styles good, she is there in final) and Punit. :?

  152. kali.mangal says:

    There is 17 min interview for Shakti and Binny.
    I tried to out that link but since this forum does not comment did not go.
    And seriously this week…i have not seen Dharmesh promo for solo or Duo..ask anybody..
    Promo are different and promoting with full interview is different.
    I can get u the link..

  153. DIDrocks says:

    can someone enlighten me on where the heck does moon walking fit in? what part fo hip hop is it or is it even hip hop or did MJ just invent that?

  154. DIDrocks says:

    @ kali

    no i didnt mean this week’s promos. i meant promos overall. u know like the ads? but no i dont know anything about an interview.

  155. kali.mangal says:

    @DIDrocks and Beauty1996:
    There are 2 videos..zee news
    1) Jhoom raha hai india
    2) Daily motion – Dance ki do Shahjadiya [DID] a film & TV video

    There is no Amrita.. :mrgreen:

  156. kali.mangal says:

    I never opposed promo. Promos are different..of course zee will do it to increase TRP..we cannot do anything with that..and they have full rights.
    But interviews with particular contestants????????
    After the 4 are finalized..i agree they can do interviews but not before that.

  157. Beauty1996 says:

    Thanks i will check them out. No surprise that Amrita is not there, but Shakti and Binny are there.

  158. kali.mangal says:

    Moon walk is a popping move, not break dance. It is also known as backslide. It got famous after MJ did it and then it became his signature move.

  159. DIDrocks says:


    hmmm…..moon walk is part of popping? how does that work out? gliding in a dance that involves jerking? well whatever it is, thanks for the info Kali. and i will check out those promos or interviews, whatever they are.

  160. kali.mangal says:

    Please donot say that there r no promos for Amrita and punit. It is different if u have not seen.
    But in every promo there is Amrita..Shakti..Binny..
    Everytime they have promo for Punit too…U must have read Jinbaba’s comments. I am not sure about amar..have not seen his promos. DEfinitely..punit, binny, shakti, amrita there. Dharemsh was promoted before wild card to increase TRP..not specially after wild card compare to other contestants.

  161. DIDrocks says:

    @ kali

    no, i knew moon walking wasnt part of breakdancing. i knew that much. cuz breakdance is pretty much stunts and breakdancing is sajaan’s forte. lol.

  162. DIDrocks says:


    well i havent seen any promos for amrita, punit, or amar. i just repeatedly see dharmesh, shakti and sometimes binny.

  163. kali.mangal says:

    Ask Jinbaba..he is the one always brings Amrita’s promo news. act..then..munnabhai..then..Arial dance on black outfit..this MJ dance..this with Salman..most of them.
    Only amar i have not seen many promos.
    For amrita..manipuri with punk dance on helen… contestants r equally promoted.

  164. DIDrocks says:

    well at least the promos are equally promoted

  165. jai says:

    @ love i guess u asked abt dances ..i guess i knw a little

    breaking is similar to b oying as far i knw ..includes freezes n downrock n suicide moves

    locking involves rhythmic arm movements…n locking is given in detail on wiki…arm up n down lock is a typical lock movement ..siddesh did some locking in his rehna hai tere dil me performance ..dats basic locking ..what prince used to do is more of popping …as we saw siddesh n remo debating over it last season …

    popping is what dharmsh did in nagoba dance ..n shakti is doing that ..moon walk is not breaking but MJ is basically a break dancer so neways …it is quick contract n relax of particular body part which gives the effect of being popped …

    krumping is power moves n needs lot of power n arm abs movement ….jack did in pocket me rocket

    lyrical hip hop no idea just seems slow beats n mood ..

    neways what shakti is doing in promos is a popping move where she is moving forward …but while popping in the upper body she starts doing full split n keeps trying to pop on the upper body (mixed move) ..n then she does a locking step of Prince ..dats all by promo … n a jazz split with arm movements is a locking move …i think her split wasnt jazz ..n as per popping i have seen ..she was not that good …all attraction was made from song n the camera work on her expressions …popping is great as it name suggests …in nagoba dance dharmesh did some extra ordinary popping ..i looked as if something just popped out of his body ..i think its just politics cus shakti wasnt that good in promo..but video editing n her face n camera n song …i m sure who r luving hakti hardly would have observed steps ..but they loved it for they were so mesmerized into it …

    amrita was krumping whole promo ..but she looked less pwerful …energy was perfect ..but generally krumpers r muscle men ..too powerful …it kinda shows attitude “”come on bring it On””

    punit looks like the worst impersonation of MJ …MJ pops a lot ..n i guess D can do him best ..
    saajan ..

    what saajan was doing with his arma up n down with elbows going out was a locking move n then he also stretches his legs ..again a locking move …but then the downrock n quickfreezes are b boying parts not at all locking

  166. DIDrocks says:

    bboying is an older term for breakdancing. breakdancing is more like the lingo form the 1980s or sumthin like that. but yes, they both are the same.

  167. lalo 87 says:

    :arrow: :arrow:
    :arrow: :arrow:
    :arrow: :arrow: is best d is d
    :arrow: :arrow: dharmesh sir is best
    :arrow: :arrow:
    :arrow: :arrow:

  168. Jeet says:

    OK, here’s the definition from wikipedia:

    Breaking or b-boying, commonly called breakdancing, is a style of dance that evolved as part of hip-hop culture among Black and Latino American youths in the South Bronx during the 1970s. The term bboy came from the term of beat boy, because they danced to a specific beat. It is danced to both hip-hop and other genres of music that are often remixed to prolong the musical breaks.
    Four basic elements form the foundation of breaking. The first is Toprock, a term referring to the upright dancing and shuffles. The second element is Downrock which refers to footwork dancing performed on the floor. The third element is the Freeze, the poses that breakers throw into their dance sets to add punctuation to certain beats and end their routines. The fourth element is the Power Moves. These are the most impressive acrobatic moves normally made up of circular motions where the dancer will spin on the floor or in the air.
    The term breakdancing, though commonly used, is frowned upon by those immersed in hip-hop culture because the term created by the media to describe what was called breaking or b-boying in the street. The majority of the art form’s pioneers and most notable practitioners refer to the dance as b-boying.

  169. priyam says:

    For those who are fans of Jai Kumar Nair-Go to and you will see what progress that guy has made.

    Well, if Amrita or Amar are eliminated, You better use your veto power correctly this time dada, Otherwise we’ll have a Jugal Bandi.

  170. tina says:

    Admin Edit : Turn off your caps and come back.

  171. Jeet says:

    Admin, I think you should delete the above post. It is not the spirit of discussion we are engaging in.

  172. JIN BABA says:

    Mithun gifts old radio set to Remo
    India Blooms News Service
    Mumbai, Mar 31 (IBNS) Come 5th April and the much celebrated bollywood choreographer and Master of Zee Tv’s Dance India Dance Remo D’souza will turn a year older.

    And the crew had all the tricks up their sleeves to drop a bombshell on him!

    Firstly, it was Grandmaster Mithun Chakraborty’s unusual gift which had him totally awestruck!

    Remo unwrapped the package and to his delight found his old radio set which his parents had given him when he was striving hard to become a budding dancer.

    His craze for dance was so overpowering that every evening he used to take the radio set to the sea- side and practice dance religiously.
    Those were days when there weren’t too many opportunities for common people, especially in a small town like Jamnagar.

    Very few people know that Remo’s original name is ‘ Ramesh Gopi’. The crew played video tapes of friends, neighbors and family from Jamnagar who spoke highly of Remo and the success that he has achieved in his chosen field.

    If one recollects, a few weeks back Remo had choreographed a routine on Saajan depicting how kids often forget their parents once they settle down in big cities. Amidst the glitz and glamour of city life, parents and family often take a back seat and are taken for granted.

    Remo had used this platform to apologize to his parents and spread message to all such kids for who parents have become last priority. In the VT, his sister said that he needn’t apologize for not having done enough for his family. They are extremely proud of him, his work and the success he has achieved in such a short period.

    Caught in an emotional rollercoaster, Mithun da gives Remo another bolt from the blue. He goes backstage and gets his parents on the stage.

    A shell shocked Gabbar who is known for his tough exterior breaks down completely and falls on the stage.

    Totally overwhelmed he says, “For so many years I have wanted my parents to live with me but never once did they relent. Today DID has made the impossible possible. They were able to convince my parents which even I couldn’t do…. saat janmo tak nahin bhoolonga ye manch…ye pal.. thanks DID”. He touched his parents’ feet and gave a power packed performance which was ‘wow’ to say the least .

    In this Remo special episode, it was Remo’s challenge to all the participants.

    The contestants had to live up to the styles specified by Remo sir.

    Accordingly they did various Hip Hop and Street Dance forms like – B- Boeing + Funk ( Kunwar Amarjeet) , Jabbawockies, (Saajan), Lyrical Hip- Hop (Dharmesh), Popping and Wacking ( Shakti) , Break dance ( Punit) , Crumping (Amrita) and Tutting (Binny).

    On the other hand, the latest episode of Zee TV’s Dance India Dance features last year’s most popular finalists of the show shaking a leg with the top 7 finalists of the ongoing season.

    So you have the likes of good ol’ “handsome hunk” Salman, Alisha, Mayuresh, Siddhesh, Sunita, Prince & Jay Kumar Nair matching steps with Dharmesh, Shakti, Binny, Punit, Amar, Amrita & Saajan.

    If the buzz is anything to go by, the most breathtaking performance is undoubtedly the “Dhakka Laga Bukka” act choreographed by Master Remo wherein last season’s winner Salman and Punit defy gravity as they dance totally “ulta” resting their feet on an artificially constructed platform, hanging on to just a bundle of strings.
    Geeta Kapoor’s comical rendition of ‘Lift kara De’ features Dharmesh ‘Sir’ and Siddhesh playing 2 struggling actors who’re broke and jobless.

    The twosome is said to have drawn a lot of seetis with this paisa vasool act! This year’s highest voted female contestant Shakti teams up with last year’s Jay Kumar Nair in Terence Lewis’s pop jazz interpretation of the classic Kajra Mohobbatwala where the duo pose as beggars who … ahem … well, dance!

    On a special request from Grandmaster Mithun Da, the two kings of “locking & popping” – last year’s Prince and the current favorite Dharmesh “sir” are said to have put up a jaw-dropping hip hop act for the audience.

  173. A_A says:

    err dharmesh is the king of popping and locking??.. ive never seen him do those styles(probably im wrong)

    and please people grow up.. promoting your own group is NOT politics.. if it is.. then the whole show is fixed and stop watching it
    mithun should use recall for jack or shashank definitely(not binny, amrita or anyone) imo

  174. priyam says:


    Thks for all the info.Sounds great

  175. deserver says:

    still feelin that amrita should be given a better partner than sunita
    hopwfully amrita gives her asusual osum performance

  176. Love says:

    Dharmesh has done extra ordinary moves of locking and popping in his audition and NAGOBA dance.

  177. LUV_terrence says:

    top 4 will be

    shakti, aamar, dharmesh, punit

    in the finals at the first round aamar will be out like jay kumar nayak…

    then it will be punit at 3rd place …..

    and then i am not sure the winner will be shakti or darmesh….. :lol: :lol: :lol: HOPE 4 SHATI :roll: :roll: INSHAALLAH

  178. lollypop says:

    10000% agree with u LUV_terrence..

    shakti will wiiinnnn!
    for sure<3

  179. lords2020 says:

    i completely agree with you.
    common amu rock the stage as usual :wink: :wink: :wink:

  180. Sweet Sonia says:

    MEE 22222222
    i want shakti 2 win mn
    she jus awesome
    v cnt b sure buh yh v cn hope dat!

    n bdw s most handsme guy in DID is terrence :p

  181. VM says:

    @ Jin Baba, shukriya Baba :wink: :wink: :wink:

    Stupendo fantabulous job!! Reading ur post is as good as watching the show.. so so eager to watch DID this weekened, for Remo is my fav..

    Awaiting for the past n present to set the stage on fire!

  182. kali.mangal says:

    This is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% true:
    Grand finalist: Punit, Dharmesh, Shakti and Binny.
    First person to leave is Amar followed by Amrita. 8O 8O 8O 8O

  183. Love says:

    Dharmesh u r awesome :D
    Dharmesh u r fantastic :P
    Dharmesh u r mind blowing :D
    Dharmesh u r extra ordinary performer :P
    Dharmesh u r superb :D

  184. kanubhai says:

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: D-FOR-DHARMESH : – ———————————–I-FOR-INTERNATIONAL—————————————D-FOR-DANCER———————————————-2-FOR-2MUCH PERFOMANCE IN HIS

  185. kanubhai says:


  186. kali.mangal says:

    DID Lil champ mentors:

    1) Jai Kumar Nair
    2) Mayuresh Wadkar and Vrushali Chavan – together
    3) Dharmesh Yelande
    4) Amrita Maitra

  187. kanubhai says:


  188. kali.mangal says:

    Next week use of one power… :o 8O 8) 8)

  189. brkdancekid says:

    let’s see dharmesh and sidheeshh
    both r awessome

  190. brkdancekid says:

    hoping to see a battle betn the two of them

  191. talha says:




  192. JIN BABA says:

    eLLo :P

    You Are W3lCome buddy Always :mrgreen:

    lol at @Khanubhai (Dil ko khush rakhny k lia Ghalib Khayal Acha hY :wink: )

    hein :o how you sure about it that lil Champ Mentor these who mention you in your above post :?: .

    :arrow: First person to leave is Amar followed by Amrita. :lol: , you told like this that you already known this :mrgreen: , Not bad Not bAD, Gud Judgment :D

  193. JIN BABA says:

    talha welcome $|r j| 8O ,

  194. kali.mangal says:

    are Jinbaba, ranking sunenge to hosh ud jayenge..pakki information hai dost.
    Punit ko seer pe chadane wale hai..mithun ne kya kaha..”u deserve to be no.1″ to final mein wohij.. 8O
    Shale..DID wale..hero quality chahiye shalon ko..Ghade hein.. Pehle tha ke Churail ..per abhi wo tisre numb pe.. 8O

  195. kali.mangal says:

    jab tak TV pe nahi dikhate tab tak to chahe kitna bhi likhe..manne wale manenge..warna vakt batayega..
    Per ye to pakka hai ki amrita aur amar gaye.. 8)

  196. Jeet says:

    @admin, thanks for the action on TINA’s post. We need to celebrate the spirit of dance and enjoy the show and not fabricate conspiracy theories.

  197. kali.mangal says:

    @Jinbaba: tum kahan se ho .. India ya USA??? jab bhi dekho bhagte rehto ho.. :roll:

  198. JIN BABA says:

    Now here i talk about 2morrow Challenge bettle Of Remo $ir!

    Accordingly they did various Hip Hop and Street Dance forms like.

    – B- Boeing + Funk ( Kunwar Amarjeet) ,
    yeah it’s real challege for Amarjeet, bcoz B-Boying act 1st time for Amar, let c how he can survive :mrgreen: , abt the Funk Dance, he might survive with Funk am Sure 8) , so his challenge not very Hard By Remo Sir :) .

    Ok here i Skip Saajan Singh & Dharmesh $ir :mrgreen: bcoz as v know both r good in this particular many dance form :? & hope full both dance survive easily with BANG, ok little talk abt Jabbawockies & Lyric Hip Hop 1st

    Jabbawockies, Right yeahh Jabbawockies give to (Saajan), i wanna see how he can performed in this act, it’s really really interesting to See Saajan with Jabbawockies act :mrgreen: .

    Lyrical Hip- Hop (Dharmesh),
    i feel that Dharmesh can easily do this act, as he is Master, so i hope he can show his Best as Best performance on the Floor. Gud / Luck buddy 8)

    Popping and Wacking ( Shakti) ,
    i saw the video of this popping & wacking act, i thiNk Shakti do basic dance act not very flawless performance, but as we saw her 1st time with this act, so it’s defiantly interesting to many people :) , Luck Girl Again i must say :lol: (Gud Survive & + Appreciation by Remo Sir)

    Break dance ( Punit),
    i saw the promo of his dance act, it’s really look funny :mrgreen: , but as we know his shally so it’s really lil challenge for punit too, but i think he can survive too, bcoz of not very difficult move in this act.

    Crumping (Amrita)
    Yeahhh, I must Told You Guys that This is the Real Challenge that Master Remo given to this My Macho Girl :mrgreen: , i saw crimping video & after that i got shocking & laughing too (as it’s my problem all the time :lol: ) , yeah she given real challange i saw that how much Energy use it this dance act, every body part has Bang On with this act, that’s why i told in my one previous post, that is this act given to Shakti :lol: , lol lol, After this act, Shakti ki Shakal daikhny wali hoti, ya tu inchar pinchar hil gy hoty, errrr Master Terrence k lia mushkil ho jati real me Shakti ko handle karna :mrgreen: (kidding)

    and Tutting (Binny).
    hmmm let’s see how she can survive with this act, i think is not complicated for Binny she can survive too, but Tutting move is so Amazing to watch, let c how she can performed with Tutting :mrgreen: .

    Looking Forward to All Challenge Act :wink:

  199. JIN BABA says:

    kali.mangal hum Japan Sy Ho :mrgreen:

  200. iluvdid says:

    I just now saw the video of shakti and binny giving an interview in ZEE NEWS….and i am so disappointing to c that Amrita not being there..Actually boys shd also give the interview why only girls???
    At least Binny was well dressed unlike Shakti as always…Does Shakti think by showing of her body and the same style again and again she will get fan support????She might get votes for wearing such things but we will never remember her as a performer.We will always remeber Amrita dharmesh amar jack because hey had the talent and were performers
    After this show Shakti will understand that doing contemporary only has not actually helped her and on return has had an adverse effect to it…..

  201. kali.mangal says:

    ARRRRRRRRRR…Wo Geeta moti ne Dharmesh ko bech diya he… :| Binny ko final mein lo aur dharmesh ko main average performance karati hun..JESUS..i will not be surprised..agar dharmu ko aisa waisa steps diya wo moti ne.. maine tai kar liya….. :mrgreen:

  202. iluvdid says:

    In this site we hv fans of contestants but there r some haters as well
    some hates shakti,
    some dharmesh
    some punit
    some binny
    all sajan

    but there is no one who hate AMRITA AND AMAR as they hv shown their talent, their handwork,their ability to perform more than one style.

  203. JIN BABA says:

    wesy i feel one thing related to Zee & GM, they care those deserving contestant who have ability in this Dance & Choreography, they might give to some work toward this, as we saw Jay kumar nayar / Mayuresh / i heard that Altaf also given few assignment. might Amrita also given something too. so yeh tu chalta rehta hy, Kuch Lo Or Kuch Do, Elimination ho or Assignment lo :lol:

  204. kali.mangal says:

    Yaar Shakti ne thik hi pehna hai..decent frok hai..kyun khota chillate ho yaar..kuch nahi kar sab ke sab mile huye hai.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  205. kali.mangal says:

    Are baap sahi bola tu. Dharmu se sone ki topi le kam pakda diya lagta hai..but this proves ke wo logon mein talent hai.

    Waise bataya nahi..kahan duniya mein to pakka hai na boss 8)

  206. kali.mangal says:

    kyun darta hai boss..batane mein..tere ghar nahi ane wala hun.. :D

  207. JIN BABA says:


    actually both shakti & Binny went to Delhi Lil Champ audition, Mauka Ganeemat janty howy Zee News walon ny interview kar lia dono k :lol:

  208. DIDrocks says:

    ok just out of curiosity…why am i not seeing any comments that say “its not fair dharmesh is doing one more dance with prince. he will get more exposure and more votes”???? i mean this was precisely the argument with shakti, wasnt it, when she did two duets? i mean it is unfair for shakti to get more votes by doing two duets but it all seems fair when dharmesh does another jugal bandhi dance with prince. isnt that unfair also for the other contestants who havent done jugal bandhi? i hate to be a party pooper but i had to point this out. i had to point out the unfairness of some people on this blog. now dont tell me dharmesh did it on mithun da’s request. cuz in that case, shakti was not at falut either. she did it cuz terrence said so.

    so basically my point is that people should stop being biased.

  209. kali.mangal says:

    Have we seen Saturday’s episode??? lets wait and watch..what happen.
    According to the source ;;Mithunda ask ..for curiosity since Prince..prince of locking and popping present there with perform.
    For Shakti …terrence made her dance twice 2 weeks..four performances..
    1) Avtaar and Bhangra
    2) Bobby and Dhak dhak
    Its master’s mind..chalta hai..

    Same thing in wild card..Saajan and Naresh did..
    So before commenting we will wait and see :D

  210. kali.mangal says:

    Did zee provided free airline tickets to Shakti and Binny to fly to Delhi audition and come back.. 8)
    Are they very free of tension to be in competition to fly to Delhi?????? :roll:
    Are they great to leave the rehearsal on side and go to watch little kids ?????? :o

  211. DIDrocks says:

    @ kali

    yes i agree shakti doing two duets was unfair. but i think this (dharmesh and prince) is also unfair. if u remember back in wild card performances, saajan and naresh had a similar jugal bandhi in bboying. to this day, i still believe saajan got a lot of votes for the wild card entry becuase of that jugal bandhi. so my point is that both are unfair. but as u said, lets wait and see what happens.

  212. kali.mangal says:

    I know Dharmesh is my favorite..
    but i have now lost the interest totally…even masters are together behind the screen..anyways..why i am telling u this??

    Jugal bandhi is risky to be honest..people compare..
    Who knows it will be not in favor of Dharmesh??? will say ..all are behind Dharmesh to put him down :D

  213. kali.mangal says:

    It seems useless to convince u that zee manipulates the votes..otherwise Saajan should have gone a way back..Why donot u understand…even 4 wild card entries are not according to janta voted..It got equally divided ..4 per each team..They dragged Saajan..because it is very bad for Remo.. :wink:

  214. JIN BABA says:


    BIG NEWS! GUYS Read Below :!:

    Recently reported that Farah Khan will be taking over the mantle of judging from the Grand master Mithun Chakraborty in Zee TV’s upcoming reality show, DID Little Masters. We had also mentioned that Sandip Soparrkar will be the technical assistant who will be guiding the kids as well as judging the show along with Farah.

    We had written that the concept of Little Masters will be different, wherein there will be four mentors from both Season 1 and Season 2 of Dance India Dance, who will be tutoring four kids each.

    “Jai Kumar Nair will be one mentor. Mayuresh Wadkar and Vrushali from Season 1 will join together to be the second mentors. Dharmesh Yelande of Season 2 will be the third mentor, while Amrita Mitra JIN BABA Macho Girl 8) :mrgreen: :) from Season 2 will take the place of the fourth mentor”.

    DID Little Masters will launch soon after the culmination of Dance India Dance..

  215. Deepali says:

    Hi every one, DID Rocks yaar. :lol:
    One suggestion is there for Geeta ma: :roll: she really thinks that her gang is very great, and really very over confident, while giving comments to other contestant except her, she being very harsh and in attitude, dont appreciate very easily. As she is having the king “Dharmesh Sir”, Binny and Amrita, she feels that no one is like them. Please Geeta ma, be polite with others too, and stop crying every time :( . Aapki akeli ki team mehnat nahi kar rahi he, baki ke contestatn bhi jee jaan laga rahe. Even i am great fan of Dharmesh. But its true, even my friends has same opinion abt geeta ma….

  216. JIN BABA says:

    After this lil champ News, & toward Selected Mentor Specially Like Dharmesh & Amrita i feel that only Amrita unable to reach in Final, but also Dharmesh got 2nd position, after this News. Shakti might wiNner :lol: … or yeh Final ka Sub Sy bara JOKE hoga :mrgreen:

  217. kali.mangal says:

    Old news hai..basi khana doge kya!!!!!!!
    Already posted..short version :D :P

  218. kali.mangal says:

    My source says..
    the winner is Punit..thats MAHAN JOKE OF THE YEAR :lol: :lol:
    Second Position Dharmesh
    Third position Shakti
    Fourth position Binny
    Fifth position Amrita
    Sixth position Amar

  219. JIN BABA says:

    lol already post, Janiz apun ny full report kiaaaaaaaaa :mrgreen: Short Nahi :wink:

  220. kali.mangal says:

    DID2 is over for me !!!!!!!! hehehehehehe
    I am waiting for Dharmesh’s choreography for DID Lil u yaar… :P :P

  221. kali.mangal says:

    Malum hai ..u copy paste I thought not to disappoint u..let u do ur work properly..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I like to be direct and short people come and read..ur copy-paste is so long….COME TO THE POINT MAN :D :D

  222. kali.mangal says:

    @Jinbaba: do news hai…sale sone nahi dete..

    ek kehta hai..Punit..its joke….remo will not win again.
    dusara kehta hai Shakti..
    Per meru dharmu ki position same hai .. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  223. kali.mangal says:

    Punit..bhootnika ..MJ..mere sapne mein ake bola..
    I am the WINNER… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  224. Beauty1996 says:

    I hope that there is no syupid politics in DID lil champs!
    That would just be awful, especially because they are little kids!

    I found out why you did not want girls to watch the telecast of Punit’s and Salmna’s performance, someone tols me. :D

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !!!

  225. JIN BABA says:

    her ek ki apni sooch hy, hum ny tu yeh daikhna hy k Zee or GM ki kya sooch hy :lol: .. yeahh lil master yaqeenan awesome hoga

  226. rockstardchamp says:

    Shakti no matter is going to win Golden cap… if she wins did lil champs dont get that much craze … you know the reason is dharmesh .. one man army …. he is peoples winner … and did want peoples .. ultimate is business … if business then dharmesh is going to be winner .. coz he won people …. most ultimate deserving golden cap winner of DID one and only dharmesh … i watched this weeks dharmesh performance … its flawless … jeethe raho dharmesh …………. shakti .. better luck next time

  227. rockstardchamp says:

    to all in DID this is remos story sorry i copied from Wikipedia:- its quite interesting…..
    Struggling period

    Remo D’Souza’s journey to the top has not been a cakewalk. He has always been passionate about dancing. During his struggling period he was selected by Ahmed Khan to dance for a song in the film Rangeela. Soon he was assisting Ahmed Khan and before he knew it, he was on his own, choreographing for films. Remo’s forte is Hip Hop, though he has received training in many genres of dance.
    Remo Dsouza studied in Jamnagar, Gujarat. He did his 12th from there and during his HSC board exam he realized that he didn’t have any interest in studies. He immediately left school and went to Mumbai, but his father wanted him to join the Indian Air Force. Whatever he has learnt about dance until now is on his own. He learnt dance by watching movies, music videos etc. He would rather say Michael Jackson is his guru as he used to copy his steps watching his dance on the television and then choreograph his own steps by adding something extra.
    Initially he had no source of income and considers himself lucky to be staying with a very generous family. After a few days he opened a dance class by the name of Super Brats at Churni Road. Along with three of his friends Remo soon opened two more branches of the institute, one in Andheri and other in Borivili. He used to travel to Churni Road in the morning, take the class there, come to Borivili for the second class and then catch the train to come to Andheri for his last class before he could go home.
    Initially he had four students but gradually the number increased. Income was supplemented through these dance classes but the demand for such dance classes fluctuated with the monsoon season being the worst time of the year. At one point he had literally no money; not even to pay his rent. Once, he lied to them that he had his classes and would come after two days. For those two days, he stayed at Bandra station with no food to eat.
    It was in an All India Dance Competition that his team came first and he got noticed. At that time, Ahmed Khan was working on Ram Gopal Varma’s Rangeela and was on the look out for fresh faces. He auditioned him and he got selected. At the beginning he was rejected because of his dark complexion and unattractive features whereas Ahmed wanted fair complexioned males. But luckily Ahmed’s assistant knew about Remo’s dancing skills and insisted him to take him in the film. So, he got selected for Rangeela’s first song, Rangeela Re. Ram Gopal Varma loved his character so much that he kept him in all the scenes. If you see the film you will notice that it opens with a close up of him sitting and having a beedi. That was his first big break as a dancer and jump started his career. From there on, he started assisting Ahmed.
    After assisting Ahmed Khan for one year, he got the confidence to take on an independent project. But at the same time, he was worried because that meant that he would have to leave Ahmed and if the project didn’t click, he would be nowhere. It was Anubhav Sinha who gave him his first video. It was Sonu Nigam’s album Deewana. Luckily the video was a big hit and later he worked on many more videos along with Anubhav and others. There was a time when he was working on four music videos in one day. As far as acting is concerned, he got his first break in Hansal Mehta’s Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar, which unfortunately didn’t do well at the box office. It was Anubhav Sinha once again who gave him his film Tum Bin, which proved to be a big hit. But his real breakthrough came from Kaante where he choreographed item number Ishq Samundar wich was a big hit. After Tum Bin and Kaante , his career finally took off and he has been a part of various music videos and movies since then.

  228. rockstardchamp says:

    Hats of remo/dharmesh for me both are eqaul … as you people cam to thi level with your own talent …. i can even say you both symbol of dance … hatss offff kidossss dilse….

  229. JIN BABA says:

    roflz at @Beauty1996 :lol: :lol: :D

    errrrrrrr. ControL Oye! :mrgreen:

  230. illusion-93 says:

    In Fridays Episode -
    The contestants had to live up to the styles specified by Remo sir.
    Accordingly they did various Hip Hop and Street Dance forms like – B- Boeing + Funk ( Kunwar Amarjeet) , Jabbawockies, (Saajan), Lyrical Hip- Hop (Dharmesh), Popping and Wacking ( Shakti) , Break dance ( Punit) , Crumping (Amrita) and Tutting (Binny).

    On the other hand,saturday Episode features last year’s most popular finalists of the show shaking a leg with the top 7 finalists of the ongoing season.

    So you have the likes of good ol’ “handsome hunk” Salman, Alisha, Mayuresh, Siddhesh, Sunita, Prince & Jay Kumar Nair matching steps with Dharmesh, Shakti, Binny, Punit, Amar, Amrita & Saajan.

    Geeta Maa’s comical rendition of ‘Lift kara De’ features Dharmesh ‘Sir’ and Siddhesh playing 2 struggling actors who’re broke and jobless.
    The twosome is said to have drawn a lot of seetis with this paisa vasool act!

    Shakti teams up with last year’s Jay Kumar Nair in Terence Lewis’s pop jazz interpretation of the classic Kajra Mohobbatwala where the duo pose as beggars who … ahem … well, dance!

    On a special request from Grandmaster Mithun Da, the two kings of “locking & popping” – last year’s Prince and the current favorite Dharmesh “sir” are said to have put up a jaw-dropping hip hop act for the audience.

    Grandmaster Mithun Chakraborty’s unusual gift to Remo D’souza
    Remo unwrapped the package and to his delight found his old radio set which his parents had given him when he was striving hard to become a budding dancer.

    Caught in an emotional rollercoaster, Mithun da gives Remo another bolt from the blue. He goes backstage and gets his parents on the stage.

    A shell shocked Gabbar who is known for his tough exterior breaks down completely and falls on the stage.

    Totally overwhelmed he says, “For so many years I have wanted my parents to live with me but never once did they relent. Today DID has made the impossible possible. They were able to convince my parents which even I couldn’t do…. saat janmo tak nahin bhoolonga ye manch…ye pal.. thanks DID”. He touched his parents’ feet and gave a power packed performance.

    To Add more… Some News About DID Little Masters..
    Farah Khan will be taking over the mantle of judging from the Grand master Mithun Chakraborty in Zee TV’s upcoming reality show, DID Little Masters.
    According to our source, “Jai Kumar Nair will be one mentor. Mayuresh Wadkar and Vrushali from Season 1 will join together to be the second mentors. Dharmesh Yelande of Season 2 will be the third mentor, while Amrita Mitra from Season 2 will take the place of the fourth mentor”.

  231. illusion-93 says:

    ^^^ copy n paste :D

  232. Beauty1996 says:

    Thanks for all the hard work. Keep it up! :lol:

  233. rockstardchamp says:

    that every one knows .. but its gr8 news to hear dude …

  234. rockstardchamp says:

    @Beauty1996 .. ela vunnav .. emy chesthunnav …???

  235. A_A says:

    okay guys grow up.. the voting system is not ‘fixed’ by Zee.. it happens everywhere.. your favorite contestants go out.. whats the big deal? this doesnt mean the whole show is “fixed”
    if it was fixed then people like shashank and jack would still be there.. tbh i dont find amrita that impressive lately whatever she might have done in the past.. ofcourse votes for her will go down
    btw wasnt binny supposed to be doing hip-hop?.. thats what it said in the limelight right? whats tutting then?

  236. rockstardchamp says:

    @DIDrocks .. arey mera dosth tum dharmesh ke peeche kyun padraheho …. naaku thelusu you like shakthi very well … to be honest wht you liked in her … kuch khas nahi hi shakti ke performance mein … Amritha is twice better than her ….. any how any ways wht ever … we people need enterntanment .. i hope fridays show will provide us …

  237. moredance says:

    ” BINNY ”
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  238. A_A says:

    and i read a comment about someone saying amrita and amar dont get criticised but all others do.. thats because they dont get so many votes :P once they start getting people will hit them too :P
    and i do not think amrita is better than shakti.. both of them do forms which require years of training and comparison is useless.. if i would still have to rate them i’d rate shakti a notch higher than amrita probably

  239. kali.mangal says:

    u r talking about Dharmesh solo for tomorrow that it was flawless?
    I agree with ur comments. I admire and respect that buddy..He will go long way..People who r telling he is not good looking etc…Same was with Remo..look how he has changed..
    Remo already said to Dharmesh in last episode “Hatts off to u”. He has not told to anybody. He respects him from the heart. :D thats enough..He deserves to win if Shakti, Punit and Binny are other finalists.. :mrgreen:

  240. maulik4388 says:

    I m sorry
    I respect remo sir

    But he cannot give MJ bands to any dancer !
    Bcz MJ bands stands for Michel JAckson Band in stead of it should be Remo band ..
    I dont mind if he gives band to any participants but he cannot give band who is in honor of mr.michel jackson.

  241. maulik4388 says:

    I am sorry
    I respect remo sir

    But he cannot give MJ bands to any dancer !
    Bcz MJ bands stands for Michel JAckson Band in stead of it should be Remo band ..
    I dont mind if he gives band to any participants but he cannot give band who is in honor of mr.michel jackson.

  242. moredance says:


    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

  243. Beauty1996 says:

    Naanu baagunnanu, nuvvu yelaaga vunnavau? Nuvvue Hyderabad lo vunnavu kada? Aa Telangana issue enthavaruku varchindi cheppava. Isn’t really hard to type telugu, hindi,… in english? I fing it hard.

    Can’t wait for fridays performance.

    I think when Jinbaba said lady killers, he means that the ladies will go crazy for them for what ever reason. It was the same case last year with Salman. Everyone was saying,”OMG! Salman is so hot!,” or ,”He has an awesome body.” Ugghhhh!!

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !

  244. kali.mangal says:

    Punit cannot show dance but at least body he can :lol: :lol: :lol:

  245. illusion-93 says:

    YUCKKK!!..LOL you should see some of these people without make-up!!
    binny has an awsum smile…n amrita is amazing-she shouldnt be judged by her looks!
    n yeh..i dont wanna mention anything about shakti!bcoz 4 sum wired reason i do not like her- i feel that she reapets herself in different styles.
    i actually wanted to see more of teena…i thought that she did have something in her, but unfortunately “janta knows”. if teena did stay 4 longer,she could have beat shakti..for proof you can view teena’s audition videos again and compare it with shakti’s audition videos!

  246. kali.mangal says:

    Lets look at the family of the anger: 8)
    Mother: anger (big fire)
    Father: Ego
    Daughter: Jealousy (small fire)
    Son: Envy
    Grand children: Animosity Opposition
    Being forceful Hate
    Dislikingness Furious
    Revengeful Impulsive

    If u r interested in knowing Great Grand Children let me know… :P
    Friend..dont take it seriously..

  247. illusion-93 says:


    no offence!! but this is not a body show, it is a dance show!
    guyz pleas dont judge a person by they looks, judge them by their dance!
    if they really wanted to show off their body, then they could have joined calvin and klein modeling!!
    LOOLL :D

  248. kali.mangal says:

    same point i am trying to make yaar..samja kar tusi..
    This is dance show..not body show…trying to get votes on name of body from girls..Nothing is cheaper than this. 8O :o :mrgreen:

  249. illusion-93 says:

    LOOOL achaa meri maa!!
    but it is a tru point :) :)

  250. illusion-93 says:

    who is gonna get eleminated next? and why?

  251. kali.mangal says:

    Maa nahi..baap
    My power will be used.
    Then Amar (next to next week) f/b Amrita..
    Dekhtein hain….kitna sach hain… 8) 8)

  252. kali.mangal says:

    does anybody have problem opening the DID official website??? I am not able to open it. :?: :?:

  253. lords2020 says:

    :wink: kali.mangal :wink:
    hi kali. yes its not working.

  254. kali.mangal says:

    @lords2020: Thanks. :D

  255. lords2020 says:

    i think it will be between amrita and amar most likely amrita and mitun da will use his Vito power to save amrita. :?:

  256. Beauty1996 says:

    If Amrita is going to get out, Mithunda better use his veto power. I just wonder who he is saving it for. 8O

  257. DIDrocks says:


    why r u among those people who jump to conclusions? just becuase i said soemthing against dharmesh and supported shakti, i am shakti fan? wtf? u know very well i luv amrita. u know very well how much i hate everything on the show regarding dharmesh and shakti. it kills me to see them being repeatedly number 1 and 2 without giving anyone else a chance like amrita. the only reason i supported shakti before in my argument is becuz i felt that people attack her for reasons that they ignore in dharmesh. thats what i wanted to say.

  258. DIDrocks says:

    ok punit should leave before anyone. but if he doesnt( and i have a feeling he wont…not cuz zee is “fixed” but becuz i heard he gave an awesome performance with salman. and after this, no way is he gonna leave), then binny should leave. she is the next weakest contestant. i want to see amar, amrita, dharmesh and shakti in the finals. those deserve it. but this punit seems to be an underdog. gotta watch out for him.

  259. lords2020 says:

    if you look at the dancing ability rest of the contestant have punit and binny should go one after the other but its not gonna happen. :wink: :wink: :wink:

  260. DIDrocks says:

    if janta votes correctly, this might happen lords2020. just pray that janta sees the talent.

  261. VM says:

    @ rockstardchamp :wink:

    thanks a lot for ur posting on remo.. hv searched in the past for his write ups online, but could not find one…. really touching la his past.. he truly struggled in his earlier days.

  262. iluvdid says:

    I read the above messages And if its true that AMRITA is there in DID LITTLE MASTERS……I am so glad.I am so happy for her.I am sure she will be excellent in the show :P

    But still I hope she is in the Finals…..I know its not possible for her to win the show as the others hv a greater fan following but she deserves to be in the finals.
    Actually she shd win and if she doesn’t then I wd like to c Dharmesh winning it or Amar.But surely not Shakti,not because i hate her…initially i used to like her but she is too very repetetive and not at all versatile like the others.
    This time The topi shd come to GEETA’s Gang as they were the strongest and the best amongst the other teams.
    Worst was Remos’s except Sashank.

    All those eople who are telling that her last few performances were not that great let me show that this year all the masters are pin pointing small faults in dances but she is the only one whom the masters couldn’t show a single mistake in any of her performances.She is a true winner.If Remo had given his MJ band to the likes of AMRITA,Dharmesh and then Shakti then the reputation of the band would have grown.
    All those people who keep comenting that Amrita performs well only because she is well trained then i would like to tell u its not Amrita’s fault she did ask Shakti to learn only contemporary…she did not ask binny no to get trained.

    Amongst all the girls:
    1 Amrita
    2 Kruti
    3 Shakti
    4 Binny
    5 Tashu

    In totality
    1 Amrita
    2 Dharmesh
    3 Amar

  263. iluvdid says:

    I read the above messages And if its true that AMRITA is there in DID LITTLE MASTERS……I am so glad.I am so happy for her.I am sure she will be excellent in the show :P

    But still I hope she is in the Finals…..I know its not possible for her to win the show as the others hv a greater fan following but she deserves to be in the finals.
    Actually she shd win and if she doesn’t then I wd like to c Dharmesh winning it or Amar.But surely not Shakti,not because i hate her…initially i used to like her but she is too very repetetive and not at all versatile like the others.
    This time The topi shd come to GEETA’s Gang as they were the strongest and the best amongst the other teams.
    Worst was Remos’s except Sashank.

    All those eople who are telling that her last few performances were not that great let me show that this year all the masters are pin pointing small faults in dances but she is the only one whom the masters couldn’t show a single mistake in any of her performances.She is a true winner.If Remo had given his MJ band to the likes of AMRITA,Dharmesh and then Shakti then the reputation of the band would have grown.
    All those people who keep comenting that Amrita performs well only because she is well trained then i would like to tell u its not Amrita’s fault she did ask Shakti to learn only contemporary…she did not ask binny no to get trained.

  264. moredance says:



  265. rockstardchamp says:

    Dharmesh is back with a bang ….. ohhh i loked his fridays lyrical hip hop … its truly mind blowing ….. my eyes danced with his steps … truly wonderful…..

  266. Pari123 says:

    Dharmesh is a great dancer :D :D

  267. lords2020 says:

    @ rockstardchamp
    where is the link for this video :?:

  268. charvee says:

    puneet,amar,shakti and dharmesh……..u rock …u all deserve to be in finals……

  269. charvee says:


  270. lords2020 says:

    go to zee tv official website and register yourself its very easy after register you can vote :wink: :wink: :wink: -

  271. lords2020 says:

    i just herd salman and punit get the performance of the day :?: but its not confirm. :lol:
    :wink: :wink: :wink:

  272. kali.mangal says:


    There is nothing i am trying to say…just pulling ur :D
    I am not in the mood to post great grand children..may be in future..
    Keep posting ur comments..

  273. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I thought Dharmesh and Siddesh won performance of the day??

  274. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I have seen promos for today and tomorrow’s episode, but haven’t seen Dharmesh’s solo at all! I am eager to see how he does in Lyrical Hip Hop since that is quite different from his hip hop style!! I want to see if he can do justice! :D

  275. kali.mangal says:

    It is not like we donot appreciate the other contestants.
    I have seen..contestant who is on top..if he or she does best they need to put it in better words..its not like u blindly throw the arrow “Now thats what i call a performance” and Grand salutes are rubbish…
    Only contestants who deserved was Amrita and Dharmesh (he deserves)…But masters are not is so obvious..

    1) Dharmesh..perfect
    2) Amrita
    3) Shakti..she wasted few seconds in doing contemporary…no its cheating from Terrence..I will also suggest to Dharmesh do little bit hiphop in the beginning and then start…
    4) Punit
    5) Binny
    6) Amar

    I know next week Dharmesh will be in trouble.. :mrgreen:

  276. DIDrocks says:

    lyrical hip hop is not all that diff from hip hop. yes its not the same but not drastically diff either. its not like its ballet. its still hip hop but in a diff way. so Charmz Angel, you shouldnt worry if dharmesh will be able to do it or not. its his style. he can do it.

  277. Wastedtears says:

    Punit, Remo, it was a disaster, criticizing a LEGEND, This is not happening, the direct comparison is not possible, I agree cannot bring his presence back however you tried, it was murdering him again in the grave. and i cant believe you guys where talking about the tecliclality of the 45D in the Smooth Criminal, if you masters reading this or it reaches you never criticize legends again. you don’t have any right. I would say what punit did is not a dance. Remo Touch your heart and tell us what he did was good.

  278. Dance says:

    punit dance sucks … moon walk and air walk is totally disaster .. not even basic ..

  279. A_A says:

    when were they criticizing MJ.. if u refer to the explanation of the technique, everyone knows it.. its all over.. its nothing which defames him.. everyone knows how he did the 45D if you look up the internet a bit.. and i agree punit’s performance wasn’t brilliant but it was good.. u cant expect him to dance like MJ in one week can you?

  280. rockstardchamp says:

    just now watched todays performace ….. Dharmesh as usual no 1 shakti n0 2 …… saajan eliminated … of course he deserve to be eliminate .. but i can say saajan is better than punit .. its my personal openion… apart from that Dharmesh did a very fantastic job .. also shakti .. amar not bad … amrita wat a energy .. awesome your krumping is good .. and binny not bad at all…

  281. kali.mangal says:


    What a performance by Dharmesh!!!!!!! outstanding….
    I just Love u man…love u to death…
    I love the DOLL too..WOW..JUST WOW…. :D :D :D

  282. kali.mangal says:
    Dharmesh dance with…so..amazing…dude hats off..
    I am surprised that Geeta did this choreography :wink: :wink:

  283. Love says:

    I am crazy about ur dance :P :P :P :P
    Now I understand that This is truly called Lyrical HipHop :P :P :P
    U r perfect…What a concept!!!! Lover..How many hearts u will make beat faster… :D

  284. LUV_terrence says:

    woooowwww…shakti u rock sweetheart…can see alisha¨s face in yours…best of luck….

  285. brkdancekid says:

    shakti is the surprize package of the day ……

  286. brkdancekid says:

    missed dharmesh’s performance but will see it for sure

  287. rockstardchamp says:

    Dear love i love your comments girl….. Dharmesh wat a performance .. so ease .. terrific … awesome .. mindblowing i love your dollll

  288. Love says:

    Thank u.
    My eyes, heart, face..danced with Dharmesh..I love the song too..terrific.. :D

  289. kali.mangal says:


    What a comment!!
    U r a girl, but I am a boy…still my heart is dancing with Dharmesh!!!! :P :P
    I love the song too…falak tak chal..saath mere..falak tak..
    Whichever songs Dharmesh selects..the beauty of that song is going to another level.. :D

  290. kali.mangal says:

    Remo is so biased…really i donot have same respect as before..little less…
    He himself gave Dharmesh to do Lyrical Hiphop and then talling was so easy for u..Damn it..
    Can’t u just say ..he did awesome or something??? MAN GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!
    KANJUS…ON A BIRTHDAY!!!! sorry…

  291. rockstardchamp says:

    I like shaktis today’s performance .. she looked terrific today … pooping was good though … any how all the best shakti … but remeber .. you cant beat dharmesh rmeber …..

  292. rockstardchamp says:

    Remo purpose fully given Dharmesh lyrical hiphop .. as he already know he is master … but why … see how dharmesh will do next week i think next week terrance challenge i think ….. any idea guysss wht next??

  293. DID S2 dhamaka says:

    remo is a kanjus makhi chuus!!! lol :) i can’t wait to see binny’s performance :D

    ok.. so does anyone else miss this? last season, the contestants used to do huge group dances. Especially on the days when it was the masters’ choreography. Why don’t they do any group dances this time? The last time I saw a group dance was when they were picking the wild entry contestants… :(

  294. Beauty1996 says:

    What is the difference between lyrical hip hop and hip hop?

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !!!

  295. kali.mangal says:

    As Terrence said…the dance (Hiphop) movements should go with the lyrics..thats all. :D
    It is more soft dance yet hiphop.. :D

  296. kali.mangal says:

    Hiphop.. Hopping Hips..may be.. :P

  297. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    Lyrical Hip Hop is a fluid and more interpretive version of new style hip-hop most often danced to downtempo rap music or R&B music (in this case slow, sweet indian music). It focuses more on choreography and performance and less on freestyles and battles. It is miles away from the likes of popping, locking and breakdancing. It creates its own feel, vibe, romance, in a story form through dance. :D

  298. Beauty1996 says:

    Thanks! :D

  299. Beauty1996 says:

    Thanks for clarification! :D

  300. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I don’t understand why Remo said that Lyrical Hip Hop was easy for Dharmesh. If he thought that, he shouldn’t have given it to him in the first place. Lyrical hip hop is different from what Dharmesh specializes in. Popping and Locking is so different. You need to be ultra smooth while ur telling a story and dancing at the same time. Sad to hear Remo say that. Dharmesh did exceptionally well.

  301. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ Beauty1996 –

    You bet! :D

  302. Beauty1996 says:

    That must have felt like a stab in the back for Dharmesh. :(

  303. kali.mangal says:

    @Charmz Angel:

    Lyrical hiphop is not miles away from lockinh.popping.breaf dancing..
    You still see those movements but softer version..That is Lyrical has to go with lyrics.

    Yes, Remo said that…he is horrible..he should not say that..its easy for u since he is the one who gave him. Rather Remo should says..this is new style..u did really very good least. I have seen Remo and Terrence..when they donot find any mistakes, they will keep their comments short..not even praising. When they see something..they will burst.. :D

    Dharmesh was so simple..yet romantic..awesome..with DOLL

  304. Beauty1996 says:

    I was hearing comments about everyone else’s performance except for Amrita’s. The show did not air in the US yet, so I don’t know. Can someone tell me how Amrita did with Sunita/

  305. kali.mangal says:

    Even Terrence said that Dharmesh ..this is ur style and when u do that style u are very good. period. :mrgreen:
    I will see Shakti’s comment next week.. 8) 8)

  306. rockstardchamp says:

    Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. In short, “it is contemporary dancing which is a mix of ballet and modern but with a storyline”.
    Pero between contemporary hiphop and lyrical hiphop… They are the same…. That hip hop dance genre is officially called LA STYLE.

  307. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @kali.mangal –

    Lyrical Hip Hop is indeed very different from popping, locking and breaking alone. This is a new form of dancing that was just created on the show “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” by one of the judges and choreographer, Adam Shankman. The reason why Lyrical Hip Hop is now it’s own style is because this dance requires pure fluidity in movement. Of course, some popping and locking gets incorporated, as it does in almost every hip hop style, but lyrical hip hop has set its own style. You do not dance on beats, like you do with pop & lock, instead you dance with the rhythm and lyrics to capture feeling.

  308. Beauty1996 says:


  309. rockstardchamp says:

    i think tomorrows best performance award goes to siddesh pai and dharmesh duo performance … they both rocked the stage …. both are awesome to watch ….

  310. rockstardchamp says:

    i do pity for amritha for not getting good comments from 3 masters… she laughs from her heart … every time i can see the confidence on her face but missing in shakti … which is very important for a performer … Amritha .. a kitkat break from my side for your todays performance ….

  311. kali.mangal says:

    Amar needs to work a lot ..todays performance he left clean at all.sorry
    But i am disappointed :|
    Only one move was good..head rolling..whatever it is called.

  312. Beauty1996 says:

    Did Amrita perform bad with Sunita?

  313. kali.mangal says:

    @Charmz angel:
    I know..but still those movements look like i said it. I am very disappointed with Remo that he is telling everybody with detailed comments about the dance form and how they did it. Why he is not with Dharmesh..
    Really i donot like this at is clearly
    Saajan performance..he added matrix movements..the way he was doing ..can’t make out..he always finish his dance steps little late and thats what bothers me. :confused: Well he is gone.
    But I can say he was very good in Bboying compare to Amar..Amar had less energy..

  314. lords2020 says:

    beauty 1996
    amrata solo performance was the best she get the grand slut from mitunda all the masters very very happy.her performance with sunita is 2mao. :wink: :wink: :wink:

  315. Beauty1996 says:

    Thanks for the AWESOME news!!

  316. DIDrocks says:


    no lyrical hip hop is not like ballet and contemporary. just becuase it tells a story doesnt make it “contemporary.” its just hip hop with a little twist.
    its more hip hop then it is contemporary.

    @charmz angel

    yes lyrical hip hop is diff from hip hop but not very much. its still hip hop dear. its just a twist in hip hop. it isnt drastically different. hip hop has variations like locking, popping, breaking, krumping,… and lyrical hip hop is one of the variations as well. the only diff is as u said, it is done with more fluditity. but its still hip hop. hip hop is a wide genre of dance.

    and remo is right in saying that this should be easy for him. whatever style remo would have given him, it would have been easy for dharmesh because they are all in the genre of hip hop except for maybe krumping. i think krumping is a bit diff. but yes, remo does annoy me too with his comments. when he has nothing bad to say, he will just keep quiet. i mean at least praise a little.

  317. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ DIDrocks –

    Yes, Lyrical Hip hop is comprised from hip hop of course, but the main difference is that hip hop dancing is usually aggressive and performed in beats. Lyrical Hip Hop is set apart a bit because is uses the rhythm and lyrics more. But yup, of course it is still hip hop =)

    True, any hiphop style might be easy for Dharmesh, but if Remo thought Lyrical Hip Hop was too easy for him, then he should’ve given Dharmesh Krumping or Breaking/BBoying. Those styles we haven’t seen Dharmesh do. D is a pop & lock dancer, so I would have loved to see him krump!

  318. hizibizi says:

    for those who r thinking that sakti today performed “well” in differnt style,and got appreciation:
    poor sakti,she needs to go out.

  319. Beauty1996 says:

    What style did Shakti perform?

  320. kali.mangal says:

    Shakti’s performance:
    To me she was stiff..certain body parts where it needs to have movements…She needs to work..wacking was fine.
    Sorry..Remo..she does not deserve “NTWICP” and Grand Salute..sorry..Its damn values to Grand salute and NTWICP..
    Look at urself in the mirror Mr. Remo..when u r saying this ..ur face is telling something else that ur heart is not agreeing with u..

  321. kali.mangal says:

    Remo sucks…Terrence …literally praising her again…JESUS.. :mrgreen:

  322. DID S2 dhamaka says:

    i can’t wait to see the dances :(

  323. hizibizi says:

    sakti did poping and wacking,not very hard moves(comparetively),not great attitude(again comparetively)… she just had to show her usal asset.she did it perfectly,and when remo was praising her,JUST LOOK TO HIS FACE,U ‘LL UNDERSTAND.

  324. illusion-93 says:

    dear my sexxiest admin!! :wink:
    can you please upload the videos….i really wanna see the performances :lol:
    thank you
    x :)

  325. hizibizi says:

    so who is gonna out next week???
    it ‘ll be between
    (according to todays vote)

  326. hizibizi says:

    illusion-93 says:
    April 2, 2010 at 8:50 pm
    dear my sexxiest admin!!
    can you please upload the videos….i really wanna see the performances
    thank you

    if admin sees this he is goona has a heart atack!!

  327. kali.mangal says: MJ
    He had very low energy..he can do it (he is macho energy should not be a problem for him) ..he was literally standing in certain areas…it s joke as MJ…
    Even I saw 2-3 people who did Mj style in audition..10000000000% better than Punit. Jesus..sorry i am disappointed..
    Whenever the music that point he was not sharp at all.
    Geeta..u r smart to pick up the point about 45D. that MJ does with 2 legs at one place..If Remo tried that screw for Punit he should have done it!!
    Sorry Punit…Remo please admit that he was way with low energy..
    MJ dance with such jerks..common Punit could have done it..

  328. illusion-93 says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL a lovely heart attak..i really wanna see the videos man

  329. kali.mangal says:

    I agree with u about Shakti..she has done very basic..she was stiff for me…very stiff..her knees..How can people praise her..
    Its JOKE>>FAKE>>

    When Dharmesh was getting ..people were commenting..but he has not get those comments…he really did best..and the expectation was high..but he deserved that time.
    Now..Remo..Terrence..Even Mithun..(i am not going to call him Da anymore..are u looking Shakti’s a..s???)

    Dharmesh is indeed a human being with inner qualities..
    He has now gone beyond those comments…he is just giving his best. Love u man..thats how the attitude should be.. :D

  330. illusion-93 says:

    i want geeta’s gang to win!!
    dun ask why!!
    i just seem to like the dancers

  331. Beauty1996 says:

    LOLZ! People used to hate Geeta and said that her coreography sucked. People seem to be changing their minds now, huh?

  332. illusion-93 says:

    no to be honest i liked geeta from b4!!
    she just went through a rough time last year cuz her father passed away!!
    feel sorry 4 her

  333. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I just saw Amar, Shakti, and Dharmesh’s performances. All 3 were very good.

    Amar — Not as good as i thought he would be. I LOVE HIM and i know he can do so much better, but he lacked the flow of bboying. BBoying is not easy so i definitely think he did a credible job! It’s okay, I know he will rock tomorrow and weeks to come =)

    Shakti — I thought she did a very good job. However, I won’t say she was superb. I mainly enjoyed the performance because of the song! =) I thought the choreography was a little simple and i know Shakti can do better. The choreography didn’t flow very well. It went from one kind of choreography to another and she walked. That’s not her fault, I just wish Terrance made it a little more fluid and difficult.

    Dharmesh — Of course he is a hip hopper and he definitely was excellent in his performance today. Even though lyrical hip hop is different from his pop & lock genre, he has the flow for a lyrical hip hopper too, so even though he doesn’t do it much, i had no doubt that he would be perfect in it! I loved the doll concept and the song!! Everything tied in very well together and it was nice to see D do something more smooth and slow, with expressions (FINALLY!!) =)

  334. A_A says:

    you know after reading all these comments here u can make out two things:
    People are biased against certain people no matter if they do good or bad, they will always be criticized just because they have amassed some votes.
    Others are overrated because they do not get votes.

  335. A_A says:

    and there’s so much going on about who’s more versatile.. imo if you’re giving a good performance i dont give a damn about versatility.. no one told MJ to perform contemporary to show he’s a good dancer.. no one tells geeta to start doing locking and popping, etc. but they are all good dancers.. I appreciate the contestants in their different fortes and if they are not the best in their own forte then i think they should go

  336. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ A_A –

    I completely agree with you. Sad thing is, those who really like a certain contestant is always so against the others. Why can’t people just accept that D and Shakti are both very very good, but so are the other contestants. They are all hard working and are trying to make a spot for themselves. Amrita is so amazing, so people please vote for her!!!

  337. DIDrocks says:

    ok so let me get this straight. even though remo has given the dance forms to each contestants, the choreo was still done by each contestant’s master respectively. correct? so all remo did was give them the styles to do? i havent watched the episode yet so im a bit confused. if anyone can second me on this, it would be great.

  338. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ DIDrocks –

    CORRECT. Remo just assigned the styles, not choreograph them.

  339. DIDrocks says:

    exactly charmz angel!

    this is what i wanted for so long. thats why u see me defending shakti or defending dharmesh sometimes even though i like amrita. i just want everyone to be fair to each of the contestants. dont be biased. plz. that will give us a screwed up result. and plz for god’s sake dont complete with the votes or worse, dont buy votes from people, like that person Geet_Sux did with saajan. its really stupid. i mean its so simple. watch! determine! vote! thats it. watch the performances. determine who did the best and then vote. if u r skipping any one of these three steps, u r the reason for the srewed up votes. and stop blaming zee tv for these screwed up votes.

  340. DIDrocks says:

    @charmz angel

    thank u! :-)

  341. luvdid says:

    @DIDrocks..u r right.. only the dance forms are assigned by Remo..choreography was done by respective mentors…

    as far as the performances go..D was undoubtedly # 1 followed by the rest.

  342. A_A says:

    i dont really think that guy really bought votes for saajan lol.. on the contrary i thought it was a try to get people to stop voting for saajan by telling everyone he was buying votes for him

  343. DIDrocks says:

    thank u luvdid. i havent seen the show yet. i will tell u guys what i think after watching. :-)

  344. DIDrocks says:


    lol. watever it was. the idea was still wrong. u should stop people from voting like that also no matter how much we want them to leave the show.

  345. DIDrocks says:

    i meant u SHOULDNT stop people from voting like that

  346. DID S2 dhamaka says:

    am i the only the who wants to see group performances performed by all the contestants? also< it would hv been nice to see each mentor choreograph all the contestants… that way, we would get to see more of a switch in pairings as well :)

  347. illusion-93 says:

    dear admin…please upload the videos..i’m kinndahh going insane ATM! lol

  348. kali.mangal says:

    @Charmz angel:
    Dharmesh does give expressions..
    I donot know whether it is visible to u or not..may be his face is black..covered with cap or what..
    But i must say..if he overdoes the expressions..he will look horrible..
    His expressions are to the point.

  349. kali.mangal says:

    It would have been better of the master who assigned will also choreograph..

  350. kali.mangal says:

    Where are the topi with sunheri punkh..??? 8O 8O

  351. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ kali.mangal –

    Yes, I know Dharmesh gives expression, but i thought this performance of his, he brought it out the most! He was awesome!! But of course, overdoing expressions are not good either!

  352. DID S2 dhamaka says:

    sabh topiyan ghar par bhool gaye :D

  353. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I just saw all the performances! This was a good episode.

    My favs in order:

    1) Amrita
    2) Dharmesh
    3) Shakti
    4) Amar
    5) Saajan
    6) Binny
    7) Punit (he definitely tried and did a credible job, but i have seen so many renditions of MJ, that this just didnt do it for me. I think anyone who did it today would probably be last for me, so i dont blame Punit)

  354. A_A says:

    if you start pinpointing faults i can find faults in every dancer including amrita… idk why most people care too much about the versatility, no one was commenting on dharmesh or shakti’s versatility before it was pointed out on the show
    appreciate the contestants for their diversity.. different contestants can do different things and its good to see different things being done well.. if one guy could do everything but not be brilliant at all those things, it would surely become quite boring for all.. last year even though prince only did a couple styles, he was my favorite because of the level he took it to
    i know most people are gonna interpret this wrongly but i believe that amrita is overrated just because she doesnt get votes

  355. kali.mangal says:

    I agree with u to certain extent.. :wink: :wink: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: mauf kar dena mere ko..
    They did not say though that amrita is Fourth..did u hear that????

  356. kali.mangal says:

    Terrence add Chummeshwari performance to Amrita after Remo said..HAHAHAHAH :lol: :lol: :lol:

  357. A_A says:

    kali mangal that was this week.. for many weeks she’s been getting low votes so people develop a soft corner for a good dancer getting low votes and then they start criticizing and finding faults with people who are getting high votes like shakti.. im sure if shakti was getting low votes all along people would criticize whoever was at the top and say shakti deserves more votes.. we need to realize that all contestants are good.. if you have a soft corner for or like a certain contestant that doesnt mean you should start bad-mouthing others and defaming them in a public forum to affect the voting system.. thats what i meant by overrating..

  358. A_A says:

    and i’ll add i think amrita is a very good dancer(all those in the top 12 were) though i have my own preferences

  359. kali.mangal says:

    yes i got ur point..

  360. DIDrocks says:


    there is a reason as to why the master is not choreographing the contestants as well. cuz thats 7 choreos and its nearly impossible to do 7 in one week. and on top of this, they have to make sure they are highlighting everyone and not doing any injustice to anyone. its too much for one person to do.

  361. hizibizi says:

    ummmmmmmm,lemme think!!!
    think.. :roll:
    thinkinggggg.. :?
    GOT IT! :lol:
    she got a heavy beauty-fan-boy-base,who only glares!!
    she got two masters side by side to say “awesome” performance to protect her and also punit!
    and ah well she got too much attention from Zee-campaign!
    amar goes 5th,and she goes 2nd!! what a joke!

  362. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ A_A –

    I do not believe those that get low votes start getting sympathy votes. When Nikitasha kept coming in the bottom, i don’t think many developed a soft corner for her and started voting for her. Yes, maybe some might feel bad, but those who have their favorites will vote for their favorites no matter what. Amrita is such an AWESOME performer and I feel she is UNDERrated. People are not realizing how amazing she is and she is literally a complete package. She had a hard time getting support since the minute she stepped on that DID stage. She deserves to be in the top 4! 8)

  363. A_A says:

    umm when did i say sympathy VOTES?.. i never said that and will never say that .. please read what i said again

  364. deserver says:

    yes amrita is the most deserving and entertaining one
    and ya i sometime feel tht dhermesh gets sympathy votes

  365. tina says:

    u r ab right.Amrita’s name was not mentioned as 4th highest. In a way that was good, because again as I said she DIDNOt deserve to be in 4th , sply after Punit being 3rd highest.
    All those ppl who are Punit’s fan, even they will not be able to justify as to what he did last week better then Amrita to get 3rd highest.

    I am in the US so I always watch in the net.And watch it many times, if I like a particular dance, like todays Dharmesh’s dance was so so sweet. He knows when to give smile, when to look at what angle, forget about his hand and leg movements. They are always so crisp and clean,and easy flowing that Dharmesh haters’ think that dharmesh did an easy dance.

    I think almost everyone in this blog understood the dirty mind game Remo Sir is playing. I was shocked!! Did you guys hear that he said ‘main dharmesh se bhe barkar us doll ki daad dunga’….meaning he is even ready to praise that doll, the person remote controlling the doll, but not dharmesh who is performing?? …just too much

    I don’t remember a single act Punit performs ..I tried very hard to remember what he performed last week to get third highest vote…his acts are so easily forgettable…

    Remo and Terrance have clearly Teamed up to praise each other’s contestant…though terrance was a bit linient today to praise dharmesh atleast…

    So, Geeta Ma, just as I said last week, you really have to praise your contestants in WORDS,just as Remo did today.. clearly show their talent , talk about their dance form , and that nobody dared to perform so far..

    This Remo man, so smart I tell you..Punit was the worst performer, infact most joking , annyoing performer… I think last year DID1 the girls did better Mj act then your Punit…but see… Remo still took advantage and covered up his bad act by showing his shoe for 10 min…and how difficult it is to bent 45 degree, non sense, Punit didnot even bent 30 degree, but still Remo kept Punit in limelight…Geeta has to do exactly the same..sply she has true dancers who are hardworking..and deserving..we don’t want them to leave early.. …Binny and more so amrita never gets the highest votes…today she should have said for eg in amrita’s act that how difficult it was to break tv, or jump backside in the card boxes…whatever…she should promote her contestants big time which she is not doing…all that she says …today you made me feel proud I am glad u r in my team…Geeta pls learn some vocab for you team…

    this is sply imp in the week before finals becoz junta will only vote based on the last week’s performance….That time Geeta has to do a very good job vocally…becos I still remember last year jai did a wonderful water dance …he could have easily come 2nd or 3 rd in DID final, but terrance sir did bad choice in the week before finals by giving him a shiva and a south indian dance, which got him 4th place inspite of being a v good dancer.

    So Geeta pls pls praise amrita and dharmesh and binny—they are far better then Punit atleast…talk about all their technicalities,teh hard work they are doing teh risk they arre taking, teh new varieties they are presnting..which Shakti and Punit are not doing. Peroid..Even today Shakti same old dance..thanks the person who remineded that shakti did this dance form in Chaliya chaliya…, So Geeta , again…rather then saying ‘today u made em feel proud”. please say something..becos we have clearly seen that desh ki junta votes on masters comments and not on dancers performance.

    On a closing note I am glad shakti was not top highest voter this week inspite of all the effort by Remo sir to give her a MJ band so that ppl would again vote her highet cosecutively 3 times and equal Dhramesh’s record. Remo sir, time to think new tactics….but u r only derogating yourself …every body in India…xcuse me ..everybody in the world can see that now…Hope u r reading this Remo sir

    And Terrance we loved you last year for your honest comments What happened to you this Year..u r following Remo’s steps?…your heart says something …your mouth say something?… Remo’s shadow I guess.

  366. lucky gupta says:

    according to me

  367. Readsy says:

    You just rock BINNY

    Binny deserves for finalle…. :P

    Binny do your best and sabko piche kar do :!:

  368. MG says:

    Amrita & Dharmesh is the most deserving and entertaining dancer






  369. MG says:


  370. MG says:


  371. its ok dat saajan is not better then alot of finalist. but he was VOTED the country dude…….

  372. Mithunjoker says:


    i like dharmesh shakti kuvar,punit,binny(though she is under performing),
    first three are finalist i am sure for my instinct,
    I want to tell Mr ramo that plz stop insulting Dharmesh, concentrate on your guys, only punit is left yaar and geeta please do take care of your contestant, they are under performing(though they have hundred percent potential ) except Amrita(always overwhelmed),and Terrence sir You are gr8 as your contestant but cultivate some masculine habits and body language, I considered you a gay when i watch few episode of DID,and stop flattering Ramo he is playing with you

  373. deserver says:

    hey people i happily announce that ya :D ya ya :D yai have seen dharmesh performance of 3rd april …………both siddhesh and sharmesh performance
    its a comedy act on kaise kaso ko diya hai song.very entertaining

  374. deserver says:

    ya and a bit of prince and dharmesh jugalbandi too :oops:

  375. deserver says:

    the anti gravity act of punit and salman is also gr8 as remo explains it seems diffcult tooo

  376. deserver says:

    i would have given the link but as no one s intrested so okkkk :D bye people

  377. haresh says:



  378. Manoj Kuamr says:

    D Sir kamal dhamaal aur Babaal kr dete hein excelent carry on :lol: :lol: :lol: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  379. merijaan says:

    hi guys…there is new movie call ‘StepUp 3′just watch that movie u can see lot of dance and lot of varity,styles,and lot more its really a good movie..if Remo,Terranc,Geeta,want to add any new styles they can improve there skills from this movie..


    many many happy returns of the day REMO. i just love u just because u r superb humen being come with hard work….. when u r dad told me that u did something greater than him… he is sooooooooooo proud of u, that it self is enough for u man…. nothing like it… come on ROCK THE LIFE……….N WISH U GREAT FUTURE AHEAD…c h e e r s……..


    hey dharmesh sir…………….come on rock man… i love u a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  382. aparna shetgaonkar says:

    :oops: hiiiiiiiiiiii frds dance lovers
    darmesh sir rocks did2
    he has to be win he is toooooo good i love u

  383. aparna shetgaonkar says:

    hiiiiii frd
    anyone plz tell me that how to post comments easily means i cant open this every day i dont no how to do plz tell me how to open for to post comments…………

  384. angelico says:

    I loved dharmu’s performce in remo’s challenge he was the bestest no one did so good as him aur phir be remo ne use nahi kaha ki;thats what I call a prfmnce ….you’re aginner this year remo;dancing star to ab gita ya terence dene wale he

  385. Dharmishta Rana says:

    Hi Dharmesh sir kem chho
    Final For
    1.Dharmesh Sir
    4.Amrita & Amar
    I like Shakti

  386. Dharmishta Rana says:

    9th April Elimeted is Binny Sharma
    I like Dharmesh Sir & Shakti

  387. me.yummy says:

    I was disappointed with Alisha’s performance.I had expected her to rock the stage like before. Anyway Alisha I still love you.

  388. Archita says:

    Amrita eliminated nehi hona chahiye tha.
    she deserve in top4.
    lekin janta ko sayad ache aur true dancer ka performence dekhna acha nehi lagta ya kya malum nehi. But c shouldnot go yaar.
    She is the most versatile and very very very good dancer of DID.Har style wo kitne ache se karleti hei…..

  389. Mauritius145 says:

    :o :o :o
    i hope dharmesh winss
    please get everyone to vote for dharmesh to win
    im gna get everyone to vote for dharmesh as well
    he’s the best :D xxx :oops:

  390. ANKUSH AGARWAL says:

    i like binni so much she is really good dancer and so cute ,love u so much ,very nice she is ,9378326757

  391. hitesh kanungo says:

    i like all three masters style for dance

    i want cd for did – 1 & did- 2 if possible please let me know

    i specially like the hip hop style

  392. Azharshah says:

    shakti is vry hot she is a beauti queen

  393. yash0071 says:

    Remo sir yadi aap ramesh bhi hote,tab bhi aap ye naam aur sohrat kamaa sakate the. aap christian kyu ban gaye.

  394. tanisha soodan says:

    :lol: i love shakti’s dance she is the queen of the DID

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