Dance India Dance Pictures 16th & 17th April

Dance India Dance Pictures 16th & 17th April

Here are the pictures from the upcoming weekend episodes of Dance India Dance Season2 16th April and 17th April.

  • illusion

    heyyyyyyyyy!!!!yipppeee!!!! first comment!!! for the first time!!!!! oyyyyeee!!!!

  • illusion

    oh noooo!!!! missed being the first by a fraction of a second!!!! boo hoo:-((

  • Admin

    But I see yours first ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    Welcome Back :)

  • GabbarSingh

    I heard that TL and Geeta again faced off this week on D Sir’s performance.

    I have absolutely no problems about any mentor supporting their contestants and they SHOULD do it.

    I just sincerely feel that lately TL and Remo have started to be kinda harsh on D Sir and these were the same people who showered praise on him earlier. So the only reason for this double standard that I can guess is because both of them don’t like D Sir getting all the votes.

    People / public isn’t a bunch of fools. They see and appreciate every contestant’s performance and vote for their favorite ones.

    Just thought I would share this with you all

  • bnpat

    Totally Different weekend look like…..typical India style..very good…I like it…Good Job Geeta Maa….after all …DHARMESH IS THE ONLY DESERVING CONTESTENT TO WIN..GOOD LUCK D SIR..GOD BLESS YOU.

  • saniya

    i think shakti should win like dharmesh so maybe him second but 4 me shaktii al the way!!! poor amar would hav liked to c him in top 4 in place of binny but oh well its gna be fight to the finish especially between d sir and shakti!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • karan99one

    Surprisingly none of the mentors find faults with their
    own contestant’s performances.

    Have you ever seen Terence finding faults with Shakti’s performance anytime in this show.

    Have you ever seen Remo finding faults in Punit’s performance even once.

    Same thing goes with Geeta Maa too.

    All 3 of them just look for an opportunity to bring the contestant from other team down. When it comes to their own contestants they give a standing ovation.

    More than promoting dance they are promoting their own contestants.

  • DIDrocks

    i think binny and shakti look adorable. very pretty. very pretty indeed.

  • bibek

    best of luck dharmesh sir…………love u

  • karan99one

    Even punit looks good in that pose

  • prashant22

    come on karan afterall they are their masters…they will never demoralize their own students…their r other masters to do this job..someone has to be supportive afterall

  • prashant22

    oh man for some past 2-3 days i have been so much addicted to this forum it is so good…i hv stopped studying(though it has always been my last choice ๐Ÿ˜† )…bt i have also stooped playing games and i cant believe that…

  • karan99one

    That is why Iam happy that someone like Farah Khan is coming
    as a grandmaster for DID little champs who is way above than this Mithun Da who doesnt look at technical glitches at all in a contestant’s performance.
    He only sees the smile , english fluency and contestant’s
    background more than the dance and finally says Kya baat,Kya Baat……..

    I dont know how he became a grandmaster

  • prashant22

    karan or anyone.. do u know who will be the masters…will it be dharmesh,amrita…i hv heard so…

  • karan99one

    grandmaster-:Farah Khan
    tehnical assistant and judge:Sandip Soparrkar
    mentor 1-:Jai Kumar Nair
    mentor 2-:Mayuresh Wadkar and Vrushali
    mentor 3-:Dharmesh
    mentor 4-:Amrita

  • illusion

    arre wah karan, tumhare muh mere ghee shakkar…
    im so happy to see that these dserving ppl have got a chance to mentor kids …
    no wonder amrita was not at all unhappy to go out…

    dear prashant…
    SERIOUSLY MAN!!!!! my study time has been eaten up completely by this forum! it is soooo addictive! today i studied literally for just half an hour. chullu bhar paani meain doob marna chahiye mujhe…
    what u doing btw? academically not literally….

  • prashant22

    @illusion thanks for calling me dear i love being called that…
    i am a student about to complete my graduation…what do u do

  • AnnieJ

    Aww everyone looks great! Indian clothes are really the best – so pretty! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • prashant22

    karan i guess DID’lchamps is goin to be a boom…

  • M@X

    Comments on above picture

    Geeta: looking Beautiful while makeup.

    Dharmesh looking like a poor chapm.

    Punit like MJ (Mera Joker).

    shakti awesome..very charming sexy…

    Binny beautiful smile i love her sile always ..its actually her simle that bring her here.

  • preetam

    yar lill master main same mentor hai sandip add hua hai

  • AnnieJ

    Speaking of Geeta, what’s with her outfit? Really un-Indian lol!

    Binny looks pretty foxy with that leopard print ๐Ÿ˜› I agree, Binny looks great in her Indian get up! I bet the judges will remark that Shakti is looking “very hawt.” Hahaha. But seriously, all of the contestants look wonderful!

  • karan99one

    rightly said DID little champs is definitely going to boom.
    We are going to see the other side of these mentors.Till now
    we saw them dancing , now we will get to see their creativity in choreography and their training skills to get the best out of children’s talent. Believe me it will be a
    challenge for them but they will enjoy every moment of it
    as they are dealing with children and children are fast learners.

  • nodi

    still say they allll r so good so cant even say who s bettr then who
    full entertaining show

  • M@X

    face expression, bold and beautiful legs,eyes and her contemporary dance.

    Dislikes: Not able to cope any other dance form ..getting MERA JOKER (MJ) Bedge .Not even know any other indian dance form.Always show off her legs to get votes.


    Likes: her munna bhai act not dance.
    really hard to think about this.

    Dislike: his walking style: shoulder always up ,while laughing looking like AMAR singh a S.P. leader.
    DANCE ,oh actually he somehow able to dance.


    Dislike: NONE

    D SIR:


  • illusion

    DEAR prashant :)
    cool.. u in india or abroad?
    me a doctor, sitting at home maaro-ing machhar these days.. lol… not exactly… actlly im preparing for my pg entrance exams… or supposed to be doing so.. :)

  • kali.mangal

    same here..have board exam ..not reading..just read 2 hrs in the morning..

  • kali.mangal

    come to the chat..illusion

  • prashant22

    u being so kind i cannot resist myself…
    so dear illusion m frm india(MP)…
    u a doctor u must be really good at brother he is also a doctor(currently in 2nd year)…most of the time he just studies…i know how hard it is to get a medical colg…
    i guess u from india too…

  • karan99one

    I think you have a special passion for various outfits.Am I right.

  • AnnieJ


    Haha actually, not in particular, but I do appreciate fine clothing somewhat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • karan99one

    Yaar I think Illusion seems to be writing a letter to you
    That is why he always says dear Prashant.
    One thing he has forgotten is to write yours lovingly from Illusion at the end

  • prashant22

    gudnight to all..

  • prashant22

    karan u r funny…

  • jesse

    amar should of won

  • kaaya

    wow i’m soo glad to see binny and dharmesh in finals.i want dharmesh to win and i know this week he will blow up the stage:)Amar is out so shakti must be sad,hahahaaaa…i think something fishy is between them bcoz wheneva shakti performs camera man always shows amars expressions and when amar performs then it shows shaktis smile and think public is fools that they wont understand…but we do…gudluck dharmesh and binny,theres lots of fans of dharmesh in canada and fiji to support you and vote for you….

  • Shruti S

    Hey everyone…would really like to know who got the performance of the day title for the 16th April episode or whose performance received the best comments…would be really glad if someone had any idea about the same…may be the moderators could help โ“

  • Love

    @Shruti S:
    D got good comments and shakti too.

  • AnnieJ


    Regarding the Amar/Shakti camera thing – what do you think it suggests? I don’t quite follow.

  • lords2020

    Shruti S
    performance of the day not on 16th its on 17th read my coments tomorrow.its to soon for today. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • lords2020

    Geeta-Terence face-off
    India Blooms News Service
    Mumbai, April 14 (IBNS) Tempers were bound to flare and fragile egos were meant to be bruised when India’s popular dance reality show โ€“Zee TV’s ‘Dane India Dance’reaches an exciting close.

    With Shakti from Master Terence Lewis’s ‘toli’and Dharmesh “Sir” from Master Geeta Kapoor’s ‘gang’ battling it out vote for vote in the grueling quest for the “sunehri taqdeer ki topi”, both the choreographers have turned extremely defensive about their protg’s dance acts.

    Aware that any negative comments from the masters at this stage could tip the votes in favor of their contestant’s closest competitor, the masters are in no mood to hear any critical remarks whatsoever.

    On the latest episode of Dance India Dance, right after Dharmesh’s act, Terence said, “I felt the WOW factor was completely missing from your performance. There was nothing new or spectacular. In fact, you weren’t spot on as far as the classical mudras go. This performance didn’t do it for me”.

    Without skipping a beat, Geeta interjected saying, “I completely disagree with you Terence. This was a superb performance. Dharmesh, you were rocking! And at this stage, I am not going to let such comments deter you. I have seen your struggle as you successfully cleared one stage of elimination after another. I will ensure that you get to the position you genuinely deserve in this contest.”

    Caught off-guard by this outburst, Terence countered, “Geeta, you’re being just defensive about your participant. You have to be objective about a performance and not get blinded by your personal love for a the performer.”

    Geeta retaliated, “Why is it that only my contestants are picked on week after week for undue criticism? This is just not fair”.

    The verbal duel continued for quite a while and the shoot came to a standstill for over an hour with both masters not ready to take the matter lying down. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • mnegi

    Who will be the winner……. I hope Dharmesh

  • DID Dance

    binny looks so beautiful .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • kali.mangal
  • mnegi

    After seeing the situation of Dharmesh Sir, i remember one very old saying

    Anaari Teacher can Spoil brilliant and gifted Student.

    Geeta has really spoiled him, she was unable to Groom him, rather she bring him to 25% of what he could be.

  • jay patel777

    dharmesh sirrrrrrrrrrr ========okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk= magical dude.ur next to MmMMMM.JjJJJJJJJJJ.

  • jayeshedoli

    The drama in DID2 is killing its charm for sure.

    All they are doing this for creating a hype for finale….

    No mention of remo sir here.. interesting…its all becoming DHARMESH vs SHAKTI it seems to be.

  • jayeshedoli

    I must say binny looking BEAUTIFUL!! ๐Ÿ˜€ in the above pics…

  • shrita21

    i am truly to say tht i really agreed dharmesh is a good dancer but he is not being coach, its bad luck tht Dharmesh has gone to Geeta Gang n really spoilt the show of dharmesh. i really wish tht dharmesh should go on Remo ki rangeele n im sure all over the world would only vote for Dharmesh sir only, cos of geeta this DID 2 does not go well as DID1, so sad i really hate Geeta badly

  • princerij90

    really glad to see most of the comments for this post..mostly no hardcore offense to other contestants and the members are giving their thoughts and opinions..this is how this forum should be :) we should avoid using derogatory languages and support good dance

  • Jeet


    Hi To all my fans and critiques,
    Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Im overwhelmed by your love and affection. This season has been the most fruitful for me and my team. We’ve won the most no of POD awards and grand salutes. I am truly indebted to the contestants I got this season. From Kruti whom I just adore for her expressions and infinite grace(real indian beauty), to Vandana- easily mouldable and who had such a beautiful spirit and charm, to Ameeth who was a full on performer, to Parvez who was a complete entertainer and a natural, making us laugh our guts out in rehearsals, to Jack- the most adorable and hardworking kid, whose hip hop style is unmatched by any contestant in the show and is years ahead of his time , to Amar who truly for me is a Star – his growth map- as he was like raw stone polished into a real diamond and thats a great achievement to be able to match trained, experienced dancers, to Shakti who never took our association for granted and whom I deeply respect for her commitment, dedication and focus in making any Dance, any style, look effortless, poised and showing the world what a true Dancing Star is made of. Each one of them worked so hard and the most amazing thing is that we had such a lot of fun doing it. Truly sometimes its the journey that’s more important than the final destination and the journey has been a sheer joy. I feel so sad that DID is gonna come to a close.

    Shakti and Amar…what can I say about them…they both have worked very hard to be where they are at. Both have the charisma, talent and personality to take on the title of the Best Dancing Star. I am so proud of each one of them. Their technique, timing, chemistry and sync in duets is unmatched. Also they have great bodies and screen presence to match with their talent in their solos.

    Thank you for demonstrating so vociferously how much you understand what real dancing is and appreciating the finest details that sometimes I wd feel that it wd be lost on audiences and never get noticed. I truly believe that the ‘God is in the details.’ My assistant showed me some post as to how many of you have Dissected my contestant performances and pointed out on the finishing and detailing. Im quite impressed with your astute observation and judgement. It feels like its been worth it. A request to the forum members though, that you should go easy on other masters and not undermine their talent or disrespect them. I found some posts on them, offensive. I personally think that all though Ive received several accolades for our work, the competition at times has been tough. I also believe that each contestant including other teams has worked very hard knowing the importance and value of being in the contest. I personally love each and every contestant as they have something endearing about them. From Dharmesh to Binny, to Punit, they are all wonderful kids and talented. I wish them all the very best life has to offer. Please vote for whom you think is deserving and make him or her win. This is the crucial week for them, so show them your love guys and girls. This coming week is the last week and the finale will be on 23rd April. I’m gonna so miss the 16 hr work schedule, our sweaty tired bodies, the work pressure to deliver and live up to the promise, the sleep overs at the rehearsal studio, the dinner time fun conversations and imitation rounds, the technical rehearsals, the distinct smell of the studio set, the highs and lows of a performance. Its been a fab journey….. Love them all.

    Thought, I’d leave you with some of my thoughts on life now that Ive grown older.Ha ha. See you soon. Will miss you all. A big thank you to all the dance Enthusiasts and Forum members. Here’s me Signing off.
    Love n Respect,
    Live in dance…forever!
    Terence Lewis

    This is the philosophy with which I live by:
    Life isnt fair, Accept it. Yet Make the best of what you have, with what you can and where you are at. Do not put labels to yourself and put yourself in a box. Do not define yourself. It will limit yourself to the wonderful experience called LIFE. See yourself as constantly changing, metamorphising.
    Love…even if it hurts. If you truly love them, set them free. However Trade not your freedom for anything… Be, who you truly want to be. Above all, to thine ownself be true. Live a little for yourself and sometimes, a little more for others. The Universe will take care of the rest. That’s the secret to success and happiness. Amen.

  • DIDrocks

    I respect Terence from the bottom of my heart. DID2 winded him down(thanx to remo and geeta from season 1) but he is still beautiful at heart. He had the right attitude towards this show. this shows in last season’s episodes. he was always fair. ALWAYS. this season, he decided to put his attitude aside and play by the rules of remo and geeta. this is where everything went downhill. so sad. i just wished geeta and remo became more like terrence rather than him becoming like them. his correct attitude is now corrupt. but this is all external. he is still a very nice guy. i really do like him a lot.

  • jayeshedoli

    Agree with DIDrocks here.

    Terrence seems the least irritating n mentor in DID2.
    Most of the times he was fair in his judgements to all contestants.

  • jayeshedoli

    Midhun da was very disappointing in dis season….
    He was focussing more personality traits & looks of contestants rather than the dance.

    I really thought he would use his power to recall .
    He could have recalled amrita\kruthi or any other talented

    somebody who is more involved with dance could have more apt for this position.. somebody like farah khan..


    I think in this season all the mentors ar biased and supporting only their own contestants.As because dharmesh is getting highest votes almost every time that is why remo and terence are targetting dharmesh as they wants their own contetants to win but their comments are not going to stop dharmesh fans to vote for him and dharmesh will win this show leaving way behind the other contestants.

  • style

    is it true news that Terrance give bad comments to
    Dharmesh? What is the point in this.
    As we know people have already chosen teir favorite
    as i can see in Votes section then why any dance master
    should degrade himself.
    The masters are supposed to encourage participants
    let people decide the Winner,

  • prashantsinh

    hiii geetaji me yeh kehna chahta hu ki…me dhamesh ka hip hop dekhna chahta hu pls aap use hip hop dance karvaye……yahi public ki dimand hai….

  • princerij90

    @dashingluckysing, would you mind reading the comment posted by geet? may be you’ll have a different attitude towards terrence and respect him for who he is like i do..
    he is the least biased judge in this show right now and that has been obvious numerous times..dharmesh fans, i just wish dharmesh would have been in remo or terrence’s team so you guys would realize just how terribly biased geeta actually is

  • AnnieJ


    Nice find! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • jayeshedoli

    @princerij90, agree with you here..on terrance
    between remo was the most suffered this year….
    he had to degrade himself to make sure punit stays at the top…
    in did1 he had salman & prince who was pretty popular among fans…..this year he had to play little politics & gimmicks like MJ band to create a buzz around punit..
    still i think he failed in tat attempt..punit definitly looking out place in this contest so far…
    poor remo….if dharmesh was in remo’s team tat would have been a deadly combo!!!

  • prashant22

    @ u r correct about mithun daaaa…
    but dont u know mithun da already used his recall power by calling “chotu lohar” and “yashkant” i guess i am naming them correctly…

  • prashant22

    @jayeshedoli the comment was for u sorry i forgot to mention ur name..

  • jayeshedoli

    @prashant22 ,
    to my knowledge he didnt used tat so far
    chotu lohar or yashkant were rejected at auditions itself..
    (im not so sure abt at which round they rejected..but they were not in final 18).
    right to recall is shuld be used for any contestants which are in final 12( from ther itself votingout started)

  • prashant22

    u r right they were rejected before only…i too thought that he didnt used his recall power…but one source informed that recalling chotu and yashkant was the use of his recall power for this season…

  • jayeshedoli


    if dis information is true……then whts the buzz around these power nd all things….its just a crap thing.
    i mean y he need to use these powers to bring these guys..these guys have grt potential nd they can try their luck in DID3.It makes no sense to me ..

  • prashant22

    yes to a great extent this information is true…nd it makes sence only in one way as DID’lchamps is scheduled on 30th april so so DID2 has to end on 23rd anyhow…
    but yes its total crap…

  • style

    ohh Binny looking really a classical dancer.
    She is looking fantastic in that off white Saari
    C’mon binny rock on
    I must say gals are doing really nice this time.
    Binny will create a “MEJIC” on show.

  • rubinadear

    honestly it truly irks me the way terrence and remo pick at D sir. they try to bring him down week after week. i was planning on voting for shakti.

    honestly if i find them trying to pull D sir down, my vote wud go to him. D sir, never complains, he just listens even when they truly say hurting things.

    Esp that Mj band thing was total crap. giving puneet one and not giving one to D sir was totally unfair.. Puneet doesnt even come close to D sir in dancing.

    my vote is for D sir… thats it.if he wins, we wud hv a new promising choreographer soon..

    Terence sir kind words for punit all the time… he speaks only nice things abt puneet, why cause puneet isnt a treat to shakti.

  • mas_rudin


  • brkdancekid

    @anni j

    u dont come on chat nowwadays ?

  • peekay

    I strongly believe that there should be no comments coming from masters right from the day public voting started. Or, remove the public voting and go by the masters’ judgment only to decide the winner, because they know all the technical details. I mean, there is no alignment between masters’ comments, performance and the voting results. At the moment there seems to be three deciders:
    1) Masters [Technical forte combined with their own biases]
    2) Junta [Confused, no technicality (average), going mostly by favoritism and to some extent by masters’ comments and drama on the “dance floor”]
    3) ZeeTv [Business, too busy now a days to make a well scripted dance show look like a “true” dance reality show]

  • style

    nice comments Rubinader,
    This is surely going to happen .
    People will be annoyed at Terrance for such unwanted
    Soon Terrance team will suffer this.
    i agree that wahtever comments Dsir gets he accapts
    Same for Binny also.

  • priyam

    @ Jeet

    Agree with Annie, Nice find

    @ DIDrocks
    When you analyse what happened with his contestants last year, his reaction in DID 2 is obvious

  • style

    OMG Binny looking too HAWT ( as mithun da says) in that
    westrn outfits.

  • Jack Daniels

    @ KAAYA

    Great to hear from a fellow Fiji Islander :mrgreen:

    DHARMESH ALL THE WAY โ— โ— โ—

    Can’t wait for this week’s performance, Dharmesh you are fantastic and I know you will make your fans proud ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jeet

    @Rij, Priyam, AnnieJ,
    Good analysis

    My Gawd, the guys who commented above are SO THICK. They simply don’t get it. I mean, there is a whole big letter by Terrance which clarifies the masters’ stand and then this!

  • priyam

    @ Jeet

    No worries, this is an ongoing process and I guess there is not much we can do about this. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

    Does someone know what is happening to the veto power and power to recall? I thought that the veto power should have already been used. โ“ โ“ โ“ :confused:

  • style

    This weeks voting will decide the Winner and Runner up
    better to enjoy our favourite dancers.
    people should not listen to any comments from any
    masters and choose what they actually see and like
    Sometimes negative remarks increases love even more
    for a person,

  • Jeet

    @ Priyam, this year the grand master’s powers have been revoked. No veto and No recall this year.

  • style

    Somebody saying , Binny may become a star.
    i don’t know whether she’ll win this DID or not
    but thats true.
    her expressions and personality matches her dance
    forms and also she is good at stunts.
    people at least make her 2 nd runner up
    Binny get ready to rock

  • Karan.Singh


  • illusion

    DEAR prashant…
    ya u re right im in india, but im not a ‘he’ , im a ‘she’…!!! lol…

    yours lovingly,
    (karan, khush? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  • priyam

    For me should be

    1)Dharmesh or Shakti(Both amazing dancers)
    2)Shakti or Dharmesh
    3)Punit(performed great last 2 weeks)
    4)Binny(sweet girl with sweet performance)

    But Amar and Amrita were much better than Punit and Binny—–So sad that they are out

  • illusion

    that the ‘tango’ although now associated with beautiful ballgowns and high society, actually orinated in the brothels of buenos aires , argetntina… it was originally a dnace of sadness, longing, heartbreak and pain…

  • illusion

    DID YOU KNOW…..?

    that indian classical dances are the only forms of dance that utilise mudras (hand expressions) so much?

    there are 24 single-hand mudras in indian dances and 26 two-hand mudras….

    each of these mudras are named after the object they represent…
    so we have mudras like mrigashirsha (head of the deer), chandrakala (moon), alapadma (lotus) and so on…

  • Xan7er

    dharmesh will win !!!!!!!!!!1111111111

  • illusion

    DID YOU KNOW…………?
    that in russia in older times, the poition of ‘prima ballerina’ or the head ballet dancer was considered almost as senior as that of the king aand queen…

    the best dancers of the kingdom were respected admired carried so much influence that sumtimes there have even been murders plotted to get the obtain the position of prima ballerina

  • VM

    very nice pix, Binny as pretty as ever, hope she does the same for her performance… Shakti looks mindblowing… there are 2 photos of her…. confusing… with 2 different costumes.. Punit looks promising..

    @LOrds 2020

    I pray hope that the argument between TL n Geetu will be telecasted this week.. hope cencorship board does not chop of the scene..

  • prashant22

    dear illusion when u first commented me “that gentleman one” seriously i thought u r like 40…
    after that u said u a doctor studying for pg so i can make out that u must be 23-27 around that i guess…
    and i really had no clue about u being a ‘she’…its very difficult to predict frm ur username…
    by the way u r one of the most soft spoken person i hv ever talked… ๐Ÿ˜›
    thanks for the knowledge abt the dance forms…

    nd if i may ask how come u became a moderator…

  • illusion

    DID YOU KNOW…………….?

    That india is the only country to have and entire ancient book on dance, and other performing arts, called the natya shastra written by bharat muni around 200 bc….

    among other things, natya shastra enlists 52 qualities of the ideal dancer, which include intelligence, good understanding of sur and taal, expressive face, toned body etc etc….

  • mitmac91

    i think terrance was, is and will always remain the least biased judge on the show.

    There are times when he has not been happy with his contestants and he has no qualms accepting it at all.

    Agreed that Dharmesh is a good dancer (but he is not so great while performing other styles).

    The same is the case with Shakti.

    I guess we should all come to terms with the fact that none of the dancers on the show were excellent in every style given to them.

    But they are still excellent dancers and Kudos to all of them Shakti, Dharmesh, Jack, Punit, Amar, Binny, Amrita, Kruti …..

    All deserved to be where they are… coz they are good at what they do.

  • prashant22

    @mitmac91 u r absolutely right what a point….

  • illusion

    DID YOU KNOW…….?

    that contemporary dance arose as a rebellion to ballet, when dancers wanted to break away from the strict rules related to hands and feet postures of this european classical dance (ie ballet) for greater freedom in story telling…

    it was the first time that emphasis shifted from technical precision to storytelling and message content in the field of western dance….

  • blademaster

    First time that I place a comment ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I love DID, it ROCKS ๐Ÿ˜€ !! Ik hope this never end. All contestants are very good. So keep it up!!!!!

  • illusion

    DID YOU KNOW………………???

    That it is only in indian mythology that the dancing form of a god (nataraj) is worshipped as being divine….

    it is said that shivji danced only once in many ages, when the perfect muhurat came, that is whn the planetary poitions, etc were perfect…

    his dance was considered to be so perfect that the universe could not tolerate such perfection, and would collapse… there were said to be volcanoes eruptins, earthquakes, typhoons, etc when shivji’s natraj dance was going on…
    eventually all the other gods had to persuade him to stop in order to preserve the universe…

  • illusion

    dear prashant,
    thank u so much for ur complimnts, i wish i was even half as intelligent or soft spoken as u think i am … lol..
    ure right abt my age . im 23, definitely not a 40 yr old uncle as u previously imagined… lol..
    i dont know why but a lot of ppl do tend to think from my username, that im a guy… he he he…
    anyway.. enjoy and thoda padh lena… aaj to main poore mood mein hum, padhne ke,… as soon as i finish here… :)

  • karan99one

    I have seen dharmesh performing many other styles apart from
    hip-hop in this show and excelled in quite a few of them if not all of them.Can anyone tell me how many other forms has
    shakti excelled apart from contemporary.95% of her dances are contemporary,it’s not the same case with dharmesh in hip-hop(definitely not 95% like shakti)

  • Jeet

    Thanks for the trivia. Very enlightening.

    Here’s a bit of speculative trivia:

    Ulka Gupta of Jhansi Ki Rani might be hosting the “DID” little champs.

  • priyam

    ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ณ Sounds like I’m antie….Hahaha

  • karan99one

    I didnt get u antie for what

  • karan99one

    I didnt get antie for what

  • style

    Absloutely agreed with u karan99one,
    regarding styles of Dharmesh and Shakte.

  • aninditapaul

    Does any body Know what styles the contestants are performing on Saturday?

  • priyam

    @ Karan99one
    I was joking dear Karan. Was just referring to Illusion’s comment about him not being a 40 year old uncle.

  • illusion

    dear priyam,
    oh dear! u too think im a guy? lol…
    im a girl!

  • karan99one

    Ok priyam and illusion how old are you both

  • Nobody

    Guys do you know Terence has been associated with the 3 Mohan sisters in one or the other way ?

    He worked with Shakti in DID
    He worked with Neeti in Chandu Ke Chacha ne (Asma Album Song)
    and Mukti is working at his Academy as an instructor !!

    So were you guys knowing this ?? (Yeah say please u weren’t knowing this !! LOLLOLLOL)

  • Jack Daniels

    Things will be tight in the final. Every vote counts! Vote for Dharmesh for the win!!!

  • karan99one

    Hi guys when is the time , where all of you can be in this
    forum at once

  • karan99one

    voting karenge aur dhoom dham se karenge

  • prashant22

    illusion dear, i think u should change ur username..
    otherwise everyday 2-3 people will end up thinking u as a ‘guy’….. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    thats only ur good nature that u think urselves half of what u r…u see u r caring too..u know i dont study much so u asked me to do so…so sweet of u ๐Ÿ˜€
    i studied today some achievement fr me…aur aap aaj mood me ho to pad-pad ke matlab fod dena ekdum…

    by the way priyam what happened to u why r u always thinking urselves some old….but first plz tell who r u guy or gal… โ“ …i hv heard ur name for the first time so its difficult to make out u a guy or gal.. :roll: because ur name is such that it can suit either way…

  • prashant22

    hi karan i m here…u waiting for too long???

  • prashant22

    so what have u been up to lately…n whats ur say on this teerance-geeta encounter..

  • prashant22

    karan buddy u to also gone or what????
    ok so i am also goin i have to go to club(to play badminton)…so will join u at night time…annie nd didrocks might also join at that time…dunno abt illusion she has to study today…

  • esha patel

    1st Dharmesh Sir
    2nd Shakti
    3rd Binny
    4th Punit
    This should really happen: ๐Ÿ˜‰
    This should be the real result i hope ๐Ÿ˜€

  • AnnieJ


    Sorry! I’ve had exams so I have been studying a lot lol :)


    Very nice and interesting trivia bits! I knew about the Russian one, and that tango is from Argentina. Somehow Indian classical being the one form to focus on mudras is not all that surprising since it is a great storytelling art lol. Also, I don’t know why, but it seems quite apparent to me that you are a girl, contrary to what others think! :mrgreen:

  • kanubhai


  • feriaz

    dharmesh is the best. he’s DID2 winner

  • uttam

    I wonder how can ppl vote for Binny when there were better performers like amrita , amar

  • illusion

    ok so im starting another thread here…

    all you sane and good ppl are invited and requested to reply…

    *after watching 2 seasons of did, which is ur favourite dance form?

    *which dance form did u never hear of earlier but thanks to did, u love it?

    *if given the chance , which dance form wud u like to learn?

    *if given the chance which dance form wud u like to see, being performed live on a stage in front of u?


  • illusion


    *my favourite dance form wud be contemporary , and also kuchipudi (the three devi dance by nikitasha)

    *PULIKALI aka huli kali is sumthing id never heard of, but now love to see.

    *id love to learn JAZZ and BROADWAY…

    *idd love to watch a perfromance of BHARATNATYAM.

  • illusion

    ab main dil pe pathhar rakhte hue padhai karne jaa rahi hun…

    kali mangal and prashant , u too study yaar..

    dear everyone,
    good nite ppl, i hope to find sum interesting replies when i come back here tomorrow morning…
    instead of the USUAL STUFF
    which is…

    ‘dharnesh will win. he’s the best. u’re all jealous’
    ‘shakti only knows how to stretch her legs and wear less clothes’
    ‘binny has a beauitiful smile.. woweeee’
    ‘remo is jealous. terrnce is mean. geeta is fat’
    ‘vote wisely, vote wisely , votw wisely’
    ‘its all poltics, everything is fixed. boo hoo. ill never watch television again.’
    ‘mithunda is dumb. who made him grandmaster?’
    ‘if u know so much why dont u participate in did3. and win?’

    blah blah blah…..

  • Love

    everybody is in chating room nowadays

  • brkdancekid

    illusion lolz
    u have summarised all the talks of the forum hahaha

    well i liked the amitabh act by parvez locking and
    robo/radio dane by jack

    i’ve never heard about whacking though i have seen it but didnt knew what it was called shakti u wre awessome iin it

    i’d luv to learn krumping

    popping and bboying it is sumthin that everyone will ebjoy to watch

  • AnnieJ

    @illusion LOL! You are too funny.

    My responses:
    *After watching 2 seasons of did, which is ur favourite dance form? I’ve actually only watched this season and a bit of last, but I would say…..hmm. Contemporary, but that seems too broad? But I find the freedom of movement to be charming ๐Ÿ˜› Or Latin styles…. I might take a salsa class this summer :mrgreen:

    *which dance form did u never hear of earlier but thanks to did, u love it? A lot of the folk Indian dances. Being non-Indian (as in, not in India – I’m culturally and ethnically Indian lol), I hadn’t heard of some more classic styles like manipuri, but they’re beautiful! One of my favorite performances (classically) was the mix-up Amrita and Binny did. They looked so beautiful!!! :3

    *if given the chance , which dance form wud u like to learn? Contemporary or Latin styles. Maybe hip hop (popping and locking) eventually….lol. Bhangra would be nice too, though we haven’t seen real bhangra on this show lol.

    *if given the chance which dance form wud u like to see, being performed live on a stage in front of u? Hmm, this is tough! I’m torn between wanting to see more classical styles live (because let’s face it, they’re more intricate than the TV screen reveals lol), but I’d also love to see Broadway performed live since I love theatrical things :)

  • karan99one

    I was waiting for quite a long time for u,DIDrocks nd AnnieJ
    but I think u were busy , so I got bored and went on with my work.
    Regarding Geeta-Terence faceoff , As u know we have been seeing right from the beginning, terrence is trying his best to demotivate dharmesh.Dharmesh has stood top for 6 weeks and that is a record both in DID-1 nd DID-2,aur yeh
    unse bardaash nahi ho para hai(Terrence and to an extent Remo)They are trying every possible way to shift public’s focus towards their contestants Shakti and Punit.
    They want us to vote for these 2 candidates and not dharmesh . For that they are trying to spread negative vibrations among public about dharmesh through their comments and remarks.

    When he performs excellently these 2 say, it is your forte so definitely u will do well, oh it was very easy for u.

    When he performs o.k then they say that they are disappointed and find some unimaginable faults and mind u most of them are silly specially from terrence.

    Iam not saying Dharmesh is Mr.Perfect or he is Mr.Right but he is being unnecessarily targetted by these 2 masters for their own contestants(personal agenda or motive)

    They Know Dharmesh is the best among all of them.As remo
    had himself had said that Dharmesh is his favorite and he is way above others in one particular episode and I remember Terrence also had said that dharmesh is his favorite.

    Now these 2 are playing petty politics.I dont know how obviously they do it.

    Geeta was also like them not too while ago but definitely she has sobered down for the past few weeks.She does appreciate other contestants performances(Shakti and Punit)

    What Terrence does not understand is junta is not foolish,
    There are thousands of people watching this show and they are not going to be fooled by his remarks and his comments.Junta will only vote as per their own judgements
    and each and every one have their own sense of judgement.
    They will vote for whom they like and for their favorite contestant probably and that is upto them.

    There has been no reality show till now and there will be no reality show in India where the mentor’s comments or the judge’s comments will ever effect junta’s voting.Even if it does it will be only be partly say a fraction of a percent and not more than that.

    So dear mentors(Terrence) stop these games , it is not going to affect us.Instead of playing these games try to concentrate on how to take your contestant’s performances to another level and in the process garner our votes.

    This is a very cheap way to bring your own contestant(shakti)up by bringing someoneelse(dharmesh) on the top down.By doing this you are only degrading yourself
    by exposing how low you can stoop for bringing someone up.

    Hope both the masters(Remo and Terrence) read this and mend their ways. I would be happy if they focus on productivity and creativity rather than destruction of one’s morale.

  • shrekool22

    hi!!!!!!!!! illusion all the best for your studyin!!
    i wud like to give u my answers—-
    1)my favorite dance form is contemporary.(thanks to shakti. i am a huge fan of hers)
    2)i never knew about thayyam(performed by d sir) but i think its quite interestin!!
    3)i wud luv to learn contemporery,salsa,n hip-hop
    4)i wud luv to c broadway.street jazz n mime being performed live infront of me. 8) โ—

  • shrekool22

    plz guyzzz n galsss






    I AM VOTING FOR HER U DO THE SAME.she is an awesome dancer n desreves to win. n afterall i also want a girl winner this time!! RIGHT GIRLS!! SHOW UR GIRLPOWER N VOTE FOR SHAKTI!!!
    BYE ๐Ÿ˜› 8) ๐Ÿ˜†

  • prashant22

    ya i was busy with some stuff..
    “As u know we have been seeing right from the beginning, terrence is trying his best to demotivate dharmesh”
    i dont think so..till top 7 or 8 contestants were there remo and terence were all praise for D..i remember when D performed waltz terence gave him really good was after that all the bashing started..

    “They are trying every possible way to shift publicโ€™s focus towards their contestants Shakti and Punit”
    aggred…all that mj badge nd drama clearly indicates that..

    “When he performs excellently these 2 say, it is your forte so definitely u will do well, oh it was very easy for u.”
    very clever of remo…

    “.As remo
    had himself had said that Dharmesh is his favorite and he is way above others in one particular episode and I remember Terrence also had said that dharmesh is his favorite.”
    absolutely true they said that…the thing is they both had been able to critize D only by saying it had no wow factor…
    janata has seen so much from these contestants that at this point masters comments dont matter…

    “This is a very cheap way to bring your own contestant(shakti)up by bringing someoneelse(dharmesh) on the top down.By doing this you are only degrading yourself
    by exposing how low you can stoop for bringing someone up.”
    true..i really hate remo now for some time…his attitude towards D has suddenly taken a U-turn…

  • prashant22

    @Annie what’s up…ur exams r goin on???

  • prashant22

    “*after watching 2 seasons of did, which is ur favourite dance form?”
    i have just watched season 2 that to when 11 contestants were remaining..actually i have seen D before DID2 also..
    hip-hop,poopin-locking…salsa is good to

    *which dance form did u never hear of earlier but thanks to did, u love it?”
    there r many which i had never heard of but i loved V-waltz and also malkham, b-boing too…

    “if given the chance , which dance form wud u like to learn?”
    i just love to watch someone dance..i dont have intrest in learning it..

    *if given the chance which dance form wud u like to see, being performed live on a stage in front of u?”
    if D is the performer then surely his style…other than it salsa also jack’s hip-hop..

  • DIDRocks

    Vote for Dharmesh… He deserves to be the winner of this season…

    Dharmesh is the King, Rest is Crowd… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • prashant22

    Annie u playing hide n seek or what???sometimes u show up and then u r nt there…karan is doing the same to…nd god knows where is didrocks…today it is so boaring no one’s there

  • prashant22

    i guess god heard me… :mrgreen:

  • prashant22

    “Vote for Dharmeshโ€ฆ He deserves to be the winner of this seasonโ€ฆ
    Dharmesh is the King, Rest is Crowdโ€ฆ”

    u said i seems i am in a dream land.. :mrgreen:
    ru like serious or in a fun mood…

  • rubinadear

    If terence tries to bully and be oversmart with contestants like D sir just before finals. thats it my vote wud go to D sir..I hv lost count of how many times he has done it…his so called good comments and bad comments can get on ppl nerve.. why cant he just say, you did good and wishing u best luck…

    else, i like shakti and they say she is scripted to win.. and that makes me want to vote for D sir more, to see whether my single vote wud it really make a difference.

  • prashant22

    everyone’s busy it seems i am talking to myself…i have work to..
    illusion i am goin to study…

  • karan99one

    nothing yaar I’ll be back in 15 minutes then we’ll chat

  • karan99one

    Iam back yaar I was attending to something critical

  • kali.mangal

    @prashant22: roflzzzzzzzzz ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    that is DIDRocks, not DIDrocks..
    R is D’s fan
    r is nobody’s fan

  • kali.mangal

    vote for Dharmesh.
    Terrence is literally playing games..
    i was fan of terrence ..not anymore.
    He wants Shakti to win..hook or crook.

  • karan99one

    WE will vote for dharmesh

  • AnnieJ

    @Prashant and my other friends

    I am popping in and out between and during classes, so I will play proper catch up tonight and read posts and whatnot ๐Ÿ˜›

  • …avi…

    all the best dharmesh!

  • nay2in

    :( :( poor amar may be out :(

  • kali.mangal

    are they going to show us this parade:

    Zee TV will organize a dance marathon kicking off at Worli Sea Face at 7 PM on Sunday, 18th April. Dharmesh Sir, Shakti, Binny & Punit

  • Jeet

    @ kalimangal, prashant22,
    I urge you guys to scroll up and read my post which is a repost of terrance from another forum. Read it with an open mind and post your reaction on the post.

  • breathless

    I dont understand why people are getting mad at Terrance for giving his opinion, he is a judge, I think he knows more about it then we do. Anyways, I am getting tried of geeta saying “you deserve to be here” to each one of her contestant as defense when they gave a bad performance, she basically saying every other contestant doesn’t’ deserve to be on the show.

  • breathless

    Everybody who thinks ZEE doesn’t want dharmesh to win THEN why are they showing promos of Dharmesh for Friday, everday in the USA. If shakti somehow wins, most of dharmesh fans are going to say the show was scripted. Zee when promoting dharmesh from the start of the show and NOW the season of DID is ending and their still promoting. Also, everyone who thinks the show is scripted, can you tell me a single good reason why zee wouldn’t want dharmesh to win?

  • mnegi

    YES Reason Number
    (1) He does not drink Milk
    (2) He Does know how to Make Chapati
    (3) He Does not wear Chaddi

    See I gave you 3 reason…….. Do you want more :)

  • DIDrocks

    i agree with breathless….

    zee doesnt even give me a single hint or clue that shows that shakti is gonna win. who was voted #1 the most? dharmesh. whose promo we see more often than not? dharmesh. who is constantly in the news whenevr DID is concerned? dharmesh. when dharmesh gives a great performance or a bad performance, the other websites are quick to post this. but if any other contestant goves bad or good performance, they dont even mention them. like for example, this one site (i cant give the name as it is not allowed here) always says stuff about dharmesh. like his personal life, his struggle to DID, how he treated his fans past weekend…and blah blah blah. but i dont see similar articles about any other contestant..even shakti. and yet people claim “the show is rigged, shakti is gonna win.” the thinking sure seems biased.

  • jabed313

    everybody just to let u kno shakti sucks i think binny is better then her, to be honest with u shakti shows of her legs to get the votes she is not good at any other dance from other then contemtary i think every body should vote for dharmesh and binny… i thing this should be the result


  • DIDrocks

    @annie, prashant, karan, and eveyrone else

    im sorry i havent been on forum today. i know u guys were waiting. but like annie, thursdays are hell for me. i have so many classes and i had exams yesterday and today. i just got home at 9:30 pm. i leave in the morning at like 8am and i dont get back till 9:30pm. so you can see it truly is hell for me. but i do pop in and out between classes just like annie does. lol. (annie, we share too much in but today i wasnt able to do that even. lol. sorry, especially karan, cuz u waited for us. kaan pakad kar mafi mangthi hoon.

  • breathless

    seriously whats up man? I understand you don’t like shakti by don’t insult her. I agree that she does show her body, but so what, but you have to admit she is one of the best dancer in DID. Better than dharmesh in my view. She is more versatile than anyone. People may say dharmesh is versatile because he has done lots of different styles but he hasn’t done anything that can be called a wow performance expect for his hip hop(that too auditions). The point i was trying to make here is that you are allowed to criticize and defend contestant(like i did) but don’t say they suck, or demoralize them.
    I think that results should be:
    1. shakti
    2. dharmesh
    3. punit
    4. binny

  • breathless

    *spoiler*(even thought i think everybody knows by now, If you don’t know don’t read the rest of the post.

    I was wondering since amar got eliminated this week, who is amar fans going to vote for now?

  • jit

    Dharmesh is best
    He should be/will be number one

  • chevy

    ๐Ÿ˜€ i totally agree with u BRREATHLESS i totally agree also dat
    1st shakti
    2nd dharmesh
    3rd punit
    4th binny

    yay 2 girls in grade finale!!! ๐Ÿ˜† โ— :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜›

  • AnnieJ


    LOL! That’s the life of college students! Busy days, busy days. I had a psychology exam on Monday and a Japanese exam yesterday…lol. Anyways, we all forgive each other – sometimes LIFE just has to happen….lolz.

  • priyam

    @ Illusion

    Sorry my dear girl

    I am 38 dear Karan

    @ Prashant
    I’m Priya. Why Priyam? When I was born, my family chose the name Priyam and then it was changed to Priya, but some people still call me priyam.
    I was only joking Prashant…I’m proud to be 38..Haha

    I am Mauritian and work at Sugar Beach hotel.

  • leepriest


  • tapaskamila

    DHARMESH is deserving

  • leepriest


  • priyam

    @Annie, DIDrocks,Illusion and all those studying for exams…Best of luck .Study well, get a great job and then come to the paradise Island, I mean Mauritius during holidays. What do you think? ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜†

  • prashant22

    @karan sorry dude i was out after writing my last comment…but i will surely catchup today same night time…see ya

  • style

    I also see that Binny above Shakti looking at the fact
    that Binny has shwon alot more variety
    Also binny was not given good choreography as compared to Shakti,
    Sometimes I wonder if Binny were in Terrance team and
    Dharmesh in Remo’s then it would be a lot interesting

  • prashant22

    i get it now thanks for letting know otherwise i would have remaine in my dream land only…
    but u got one thing wrong actually ‘r’ is a fan of dance…

  • prashant22

    wow u must be the most senior person on this forum…nd u live in Mauritius now i am jelous ๐Ÿ˜† …nd u work at Sugar Beach hotel(i didnt knew abt the hotel bt yaar its a beach hotel) i am really jelous ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ….i wonder what life would be there…i mean where i live n where u live its just like earth(mine ๐Ÿ˜ ) heaven(urs)…

  • T_Rocks

    i am new to dis forum
    rather new to any forum. I just hate chatting at d forum but dis one seemed interesting as I am a gr8 fan of did.

    I really want shakti to win as she is a complete dancing star(talent + grace + beauty + sheer dedication + expressions + gr8 body + excellent dancing + max no of POTDs + max grand salutes + public support + TERENCE)

    my ranking
    1. Shakti
    2. Dharmesh
    3. Punit
    4. Binny (hope Amar was here)

    Seriously I dont think binny deserves 2 b in top 4. she is unnecissarily hyped as VEERA the only performance by her which was worth remembering was O RE PIYA.
    she had no other choice 4 Dance ki Kasuti and thus so called VEERA

    as far as Dharmesh is concerned I agree that he is exceptionally good at hiphop but has anybody ever noticed him giving any kind of expressions? He luks too funny when he does salsa (I remember d latest one wid ammu and anew id binny & kishore)

    Dharmesh-expressions-star factor + gr8 dancing +public support= position 2

    Regarding Geeta-Terence face off, I completely trust Terence dat he wud never try 2 put down any contestant unnecessarily. No one shud comment against any master as they r much more learned than us . whether its Remo , Geeta or Terence

    Punit : I think he was not given proper partners and thatโ€™s why his performances came down. His contemporary is indeed very good.(sone de na maa )

  • prashant22

    @DIDrocks mai naraz hoon aapse yr..wait to maine bhi kara tha sabka par aapne to special mention sirf karan ko kiya thats nt fair.. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
    koi baat ni chalega…how was ur xam??do u have xams every thursday….

  • prashant22

    @Annie what r u doing…i hv never heard of this psychology nd japanese exams…

  • prashant22

    nd yes Annie how was ur xams???did well???

  • style

    i used to like Terrance before.
    But knowing the fact he is always saying NO VOW factor
    to Dharmesh and bashnig I don’t respect him anymore
    Why Terrance never points any mistake in Shakti’s dance
    Does it mean SHAKTI is perfect everytime.
    Noone can be defined as perfect
    So why comment negetivew about Dharmesh or Binny
    Let people decide their likeness.


    I feel Shakti is the most deserving candidate ! Darmesh is good but in particular styles only. Binny and Amar has improved a lot. and Dont know whts wrong with punit, In audition he was much better than now.


    @T_Rocks : Completely agree !!

  • priyam

    Fully agree with T-Rocks

  • prashant22

    @jeet i already read ur post buddy i hope i can call u that…
    i know terence is really good at heart, that i hv seen on his birthday…he is doing so much for those kids thats really a big deal…
    he not only loves his students bt everyone who is in DID i knew that also before reading ur post..
    nd he is a real good judge also…also i never critcized him…i do love him…
    but then half of his post is all praise for his students only its a indirect vote appeal bt thats also what i am trying to say is that at this stage every master has got defensive…what jin baba posted T&G encounter i think T should have just said best of luck to D…
    lords 2020 posted that helen said to D that u r out of this world if thats true then D must have done something good…
    so lets see what happens today..i will have to wait for the videos…

  • priyam

    @ Prashant

    Yeah Prashant, Mauritius has the most beautiful beach hotels. If you want to go on holiday, trust me, Mauritius is one of the best…

    But at the same time, working in a hotel is quite hard as you have to work during week-ends and on Public Holidays and as I am on Duty today, I started at 8 and will end at 23hrs.But, I cannot complain because I love my job and working in a hotel is like you are in a different world. I guess, I will never be able to work anywhere else.

  • prashant22

    i fell that D is much better..D is good in every style but he is so good in his style that people dont realize that he does a fair job with other styles also…
    also i think he has got great expressions i dont know why some people cant see that the confidence with which he dances is simply amazing…
    amrita she is a real confident dancer..sometimes i feel her confidence level is higher than D..
    she is very expressive nd more than that ekdum bindass…
    but she is out if she was there it would have been hard for me to decide…
    but for now:
    1. D(he is the best)
    2. shakti(she is good)
    3. binny(ok..ok)
    4. punit(only liked his munnabhai act)

  • illusion

    dear brkdancekid, annie, prashant and shrekool….

    thank u for ur replies! i loved reading them…

    as for my studies well, im just unlucky… i study best after dinner so just as i was preparing to get into the groove of things and do some serious slogging….. light chali gayi!!!!! boo hoo hoo! life’s unfair!

    anyway , hum himmat nahi haarenge.. .

    hai agar dushman, dushman zamaana gum nahi , gum nahi…
    koi aaye koi jaaye, hum kisise kum nahi kam nahi….

    wah wah, aaj ka inspirational song bhi ho gaya. ab padenge..
    best of luck for studies to prashant, kali mangal, annie and didrocks!!!

  • prashant22

    @priya if i ever got a chance i will surely come to Mauritius..
    ya u must be addicted to it..good luck with ur job

  • illusion

    dear priyam,

    u might be happy to know that ive been to mauritius abt 8 yrs back…

    u re right it really is a bautiful place… besides ive always loved beaches so i just loved mauritius!

    plus, a lot of indians and indian-origin ppl there.. the guides told us the history of he place and then i cud understand.
    and , if i remember correctly, a lot of cute guys…:) or maybe it was just that at 15 my benchmark for cute was much less stringent… lol….

  • prashant22

    so now i am done for now nd will join u all at night…nd didrocks i will be waiting for u…

  • prashant22

    illusion best of luck to u to n good luck with the lights..

  • shrekool22

    I completely agree with you. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ 8)
    hey same pinch to you i am new to this forum as well.(LOL)
    but this forum is really interesting.
    and i also think that only because terrence gave OK comments about D sir (thats his job guyzz. that doesnt mean he is demoralazing him) :roll: ๐Ÿ˜ . so v shouldnt ignore the hardwork dat shaktis put in and be unfair to her just bcoz terrence said somethin about someone. afterall its shaktis performance(which will be gr8)which conts and not anyones comments on it. Right guyzzzzzzzzzz ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  • priyam

    Dear Illusion

    Nice to know that you’ve been to Mauritius and you love our small Island and you are right-lots of cute guys lol…hahaha

    And best of luck with your studies.

  • priyam

    Thks Prashant

  • hitesh

    Hi all of u….

    U all know dharmesh sir is rock the stage….
    So i am with d sir and keep vote to the dharmesh sir.

  • T_Rocks

    thanx LUV_DID , priyam and shrekool22 4 noticing a new kid on this huge forum.

    @ shrekool22
    completely agree wid u
    i also think that terence has been d most unbiased and pure judge in both seasons.He deserved to win last time as well as this time too. I seriously want him and shakti to win. his comments and words are in a much more polished form and he has a very decent style of speaking, whether its to d masters or to d contestents. thus i always respect his comments.

    i’ve heard that shakti is scripted to win. is that true??
    well, even if its scripted, she deserves to win. but i dont think the winner shud be scripted. its unfair 4 others.

    can anybody give me any information about saturday’s performances?
    i’ve heard that there’ll be only solos(2 by each)

  • kali.mangal

    thank you. i am trying best for studies.

    Yes, zee is promoting shakti..and decided that she will be the winner..that is unfair. She has interviewed few times. While none of the other contestants got their chance to express like her which is unfair.
    amrita was 1000000% better than her. Terrence is like a sweet poison..tries to speak softly so noone can make it..but we are not blind.
    Remmeber..”Roop suhana lagta hai” Shakti performed that classical..very basic..that even not solid foot work..still he praises like “wow..etc”. When Geeta has always stood up for her contestants when they really performed well..or else she has taken blame. She has never told shakti harshly anything like Terrence doing..this is last week performances..he has no genuineness for comments..if he is really professional he should not be like that. It s complete right of Geeta to stand by her contestants at this point..u cannot sit and listen..that is annoying. Terrence has also done the same…My point is..none of the masters r right ..OK. Terrence is in the same boat.

  • style

    I agree with u kalimangal over that point.
    keep up nice comments.

  • priyam

    Best of luck for your studies as well Kali.mangal

  • eramgirl_2006

    kash amar grand finale tak jata punit nhi i love amar

  • eramgirl_2006


  • arvesh

    vote 4 d

    vote 4 d

    vote 4 d

    d 4 dance d 4 dharmesh

  • AnnieJ


    Ooh, Mauritius! Sounds exciting and exotic lol :)


    Well I have regular exams (sometimes like a unit test on a few chapters, sometimes like midterms). I got ~93% on my Japanese exam and I don’t know about my Psychology exam yet. And I got ~82% on my Economics exam (I don’t like econ – it doesn’t make intuitive sense to me! ๐Ÿ˜• )


    I don’t think I have ever experienced a black-out in my life. Are they common in India? (Do you live in India? I don’t think I have ever asked you lol)


    Regarding Shakti’s “Roop suhana lagta hai” performance – Terence acknowledged that it was a basic performance. Geeta pointed it out and he didn’t deny it. He was happy she performed what she could perform properly well, and he was happy for her that she was taking a step towards greater versatility. I mean, I’m sure if it were between Kruti and Shakti in classical, he would praise Shakti for *trying*, but Kruti would be better hands down, right? There’s nothing political about that, in my opinion ๐Ÿ˜›

  • gdookee

    Wow…wat a scene? Mentors like Terrence and Remo are just playing politics wiz Dharmesh Sir..Why? Can these guys assume the role of judge and give their valuable comments to the public? Don’t underestimate the indian public…coz they watch , observe and know very well wats going on …Just wait and watch….the winner of DID2 will be Dharmesh Sir. How far will Terrence protect Shakti and how far Remo will over value Punit..only time will reveal the truth.

  • DIDrocks

    @ priyam and illusion

    thank u so much. i will try my best to study well. lol. and yes priyam, i will make sure i get a job in mauritius. lol.


    sorry. i knew u were waiting too but i forgot to mention. and yes thanks to u too for waiting. maaf kar do na yaar. akhir dosti mein no sorry no thank u… right? and my exams went well. thanks for asking. but im not done yet. i have another 6 or so semester exams and then final exams. im so busy that i cant spend time on this forum. since i cant sacrifice my study time to talk with u guys, i sacrifice a little bit of my sleep time. lol. i dont mind doing this though. u guys are awesome and i love u guys. i love talking to u people.

    hope ur psychology exam and japanese exams went well! i had a social psychology exam, biology exam, chemistry exam, and a research presentation to do all in like two days. it was hell! lol. college sucks. what idiot told me college is fun? i will kill that person.

  • DIDrocks

    sorry kali, im with Annie at this point. she got it right. terrence is biased, yes, but nowhere near as much as geeta. cuz at least terrence has the sense not to cry and get emotional over a commnet, and not only that, he also has the sense to accept a mistake when he is wrong like annie said. this is what i think.

  • AnnieJ


    LOL, it’s all lies!!! College is fun sometimes, but…. THERE’S ALWAYS SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!! >.<;;;; ๐Ÿ˜†

  • DIDrocks


    i know right!!!!!! i mean people told me “college is the most fun part of ur LIFE!!!!” but so far it is the WORST. i wanna go back to high school. i never studied a day in high school and yet was an A+ student. in college, im studying my butt off. i get like 3 hours of sleep everyday, 4 if im lucky. this is gonna ruin my health so much. i dont wanna die young. i hate college!!!

  • AnnieJ


    Girl, we are in the same boat! I hardly studied either in high school XP However, I sacrifice my social life for my health, so I get 6-8 hours of sleep XP

  • shrekool22

    hi everybody!!!
    i watched todays episode it was awesome..
    there was no fight between geeta n terrence in the least.
    wats is this hype all about!!
    or may be they edited those scenes. so thanks to the editing team there was no tamaasha or any unnecessary drama.
    i loved todays show n everybodys acts!!!
    wat about all u guyzzz!!!!!!!!!!
    did u like it???

  • DIDrocks

    these hours of sleep are after i sacrificed my social life. so u see afetr i graduate, i will have only about 5 yrs to live (all the rest of my years will be robbed due to the extensive health damage i will suffer from studies), and not only that, i will also have no friends. i will die young and alone, without any friends. what a sad life.

  • karan99one

    @DiDrocks , @AnnieJ
    Looks like we have 2 girls giving a great sacrifice deal,
    Iam sure you will become good freedom fighters for your
    adopted countries ha ha……

    Tu kya yaar bachcho jaise naraz hota hai,DiDrocks ne mujhe
    specially mention kiya to kya hua , tume bhi karegi mere bhai and by now kar bhi chuki hai.khush

    guys I just loved today’s performances

  • sundial

    i love u D….
    bini tum bahut achchi lag rahi ho

  • AnnieJ


    LOL! No, don’t die! Where’s Beauty, she wants to be a doctor, she’ll save you!!


    What country are you in? Almost everyone except India edits the show to be much shorter and they ALWAYS cut out stuff like the Kit-Kat Breaks, the “please vote for me” and the arguments that happen. Sometimes they cut out a judge’s comment or two if they feel it didn’t really add anything lol.

  • karan99one

    Hi how r u , nice to hear that u did your exams well.
    Tell me how was the today’s episode for u.

  • prashant22

    karan ab tum sab dost ho to tum logo ke saath thodi masti to karni h padegi na…mai to bus thode se maze le raha tha…

    didrocks u r right…are maine kab kaha yr soory bolne ko…mai to thoda mazak kr raha tha…sb log to serious ho gaye yr…
    small ‘r’ aur annie plz yr apni health ka khayal rakho thoda jyada so liya karo…bachpan me to sikha hi hoga health is wealth…

  • prashant22

    yes annie tell me too… :mrgreen:

  • DIDrocks


    lol. beauty will save me!


    lol. freedomfighters. i told annie this before. i told her we would make great krantikaris cuz we both argue against the majority always and swim against the stream. lol. its funny that u think that too.


    mujhe laga ki tum sach much me naaraz the. toh is liye maine apologize kiya. par abh, no more sorries and no more thank u’s. bus bindaas rehne ka. kya? lol. and yes u r right. health is wealth. but eductaion is also very important. and this is the biggest fact of my life. sabse bada sach meri zindagi ka. lol.

  • prashant22

    @didrocks….kya hindi bolti h yr ekdum jhakkas…
    apni life ka to ek hi funda h dosto ke saath mast rahne ka…best of luck of ur remaining xams…

  • karan99one

    @DiDrocks , @AnnieJ

    What I Liked about both of you is your maturity really.Just
    simply nice.Didrocks I think you are a slightly emotional person. Correct me if Iam wrong .But all 3 of u are lovely people(prashant included). It’s a delight to have u people as my close buddies in this forum.

  • DIDrocks


    aww karan. how sweet. and i wouldnt exactly call myself emotional. no. like i dont cry over everything or whatever. BUT i am passionate about everything i do. thats for sure. i get too much into it (not always good. lol). but no im not the senti type. if u r reading my hindi and deducing from my hindi, that i am emotional, then u r mistaken. lol. i already told u, jab bhi main hindi bolti hoon, woh ek filmi dialouge lagta hai. lol. maybe this is the reason. but i do get into everything that i do. u r right there. im passionate, not emotional. lol.
    and yes, i also enjoy having u, prashant, annie, jeet, priyam, princerij90, beauty1996, and so many others (sorry if u fogot u) on this forum. we are like a mini family. lol.


    shukriya. main achchi hindi bolne ki khoshish karti hoon. aur mujhe bohat achcha laga ki tumko meri hindi pasand ayi. the thing is, my family speaks telugu at home and i have no exposure to hindi. so whatever hindi i know, i learned by myself and watching films. my family also can speak hindi but my parents have lived in gujarat for quite a while so obviously they know. but i moved from india when i was a tiny kid. so i didnt get to learn much. is liye, mujhe jo bhi hindi aati hai, woh maine humari hindi films ko dekh dekh kar seekhi hai. lol. and im glad that i am very good at it (according to u.) lol.

    and i like ur motto for life. i wish i was like that. mein sab kuch seriously leti hoon (not everything, but most of the time). i want to be more fun like u.

    and thanks for ur wishes. im sure i will do fine now in my exams. i feel so loved. so many people are wishing me best of luck. i will surely get A’s in all exams now. lol.

  • sushil143

    As per me Amar should be in final 4.

    This happened only because he belongs to Bihar/UP where ppl do not want to give the vote.

    And other states they always ahead and they do the things to make their state proud.

    Amar, I can tell you that more than any one in DID ppl love you but they did not vote you because of their state.

    I feel bad for you and you had to sacrifice your position at 5th place in DID

    Hope they should have some process to vote you and bring back to top list.

    I am sorry Amar.Wish you a good luck and keep smiling as you look very good when you smile.

  • AnnieJ

    @Karan and Prashant, and DIDrocks

    Exams went well, so I feel a little lighter now…haha. And aap ne mujhe compliment diya – bahot bahot dhanyavad! :)

    I liked the show, but I guess I expected a little too much – Punit and Shakti’s performances were a bit of a let down for me, and I also felt cheated that Binny had a form with not that much footwork. Amar and Dharmesh were my favorites today!

    DIDrocks, aap ki Hindi bahor aachi hai! Padke mujko mazaa aagaya… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please excuse my typing of Hindi – I can speak it fine, lekin typing me thoda jhol hua to muje maaf kardo! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Sach me baataoon, Amar ki elimination se mujhe bahot dukh laga. I seriously cried with him (yes Karan, I get emotional with the show , though I don’t tend to write emotionally…lol.). Thoda gussa bhi laga kyun ki Punit ki votes kam aaye the, lekin RKR ko represent karne ki liye Amar ko baar nikal diya. I know it’s not his fault, but for the first time I really wished it weren’t this way. Amrita ki liye maine soch liya tha ki “Oh, at least she will be on Little Masters” aur phir bhi woh roye (cry) nahi. Because she was okay with it, I was okay with it. But because Amar was not, I felt so baddddd! :( :( :(

  • T_Rocks

    who won the POTD today?

  • prashant22

    “Sach me baataoon, Amar ki elimination se mujhe bahot dukh laga”
    instead of ‘laga’ u should write ‘hua’…u to speak good hindi by readibg ur hindi i can make out that a foreigner is speaking hindi.. ๐Ÿ˜†
    nd yes i liked amars performance very much he belongs to my state nd i felt sad for him i dont cried i only cried for kishore..

  • prashant22

    didrocks what i like in ur hindi is the tone with which u speak though i hv nt heard u speaking but i can fell it by reading…i wish ur life was also fun like mine…but this year i hav to study real hard because this year will decide my carrier…so good luck to me…

  • AnnieJ


    Lol, thank you for your Hindi critique, master ji! Hmm, laga, hua…they both sound correct to me? Maybe hua is more appropriate in Hindi. Or maybe I think laga sounds okay since I also speak Punjabi, which is a lot less grammatically strict (in my opinion) lol.

    Anyways, I AM a foreigner speaking Hindi….sort of. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • prashant22

    yes annie grammatically hua is correct…but its ok u r a learner..anyways whatever u write i love reading it…

  • prashant22

    “aww karan. how sweet. and i wouldnt exactly call myself emotional. no. like i dont cry over everything or whatever. BUT i am passionate about everything i do. thats for sure. i get too much into it (not always good. lol). but no im not the senti type. if u r reading my hindi and deducing from my hindi, that i am emotional, then u r mistaken”

    really karan how sweet awww awww awww awww awww how sweet :mrgreen:
    i disagree with u not calling urself emotional…i agree that u r nt the senti type…bt yes u r emotional though u dont show ur emotions by crying n all that but u show ur emotions by ur anger…i think i have got it correct…
    nd by reading ur hindi no one will call u emotional because ur hindi is bindass…lol i know so much abt u…

  • ill_nino

    D Sir is on fire….he is going to be the winner….no doubt….

    Luv and support from Fiji bro….hope D Sir rocks the stage in the Grand Finals…

  • lords2020

    1.To all D SIR fans he is at his best tonight. all bhangra fans watch out binny she is doing best bhangra tonight.

    3.To all shakati fans donโ€™t ms tonight episode she is shewing lot of skin.

    4.watching punit performances tonight i bet every body will think remo save every thing for the last moment.

    must watch episode tonight very entertaining. every contestant preforming with 2 solo performances. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • love_dharmesh
  • love_dharmesh
  • Dance 4ever

    Binny- She is my least favorite finalist. I think that she started this competition of very strong but then became weaker as it progressed. She should come 4th.

    Punit- Even though many people don’t like Punit, he has given performances that were strong throughout the competition but just no the strongest. He is a very strong dancer and in my eyes deserves to be here. In comparison to Shakti and Dharmesh, I don’t think he is as strong and should come 3rd.

    Dharmesh- I think he is a fantastic dancer in the hip-hop style. When it comes to other styles it is commendable that he has tried many styles, but needs to work greatly on them. Sometimes (and this isn’t his fault) I get upset when he reapeatedly gets first place. For example last week, on Terrences day, he didn’t compare with Punit and Shakti, yet he still came first. I think this is becuase people recognize him for his first audition which I admit, was fantastic. The sad part is that in general, the hip-hop style seems more appealing to the general audience rather than contemporary. This is also why I think Shashank got out so early. D Sir is great but should come 2nd.

    Shakti- In this competition, Shakti has proved herself by flawlessly performing week after week. She has also received the most “performance of the days.” She is a very graceful dancer, and deserves to be here as well. Her performances have been fantastic and I think she should win DID 2!!!

  • rachana

    Shakti is gonna win this competition…

    She’s is d only deserving competitor. There’s wasn’t a single dance where the mentors said Shakti,u’ve mistaken here or there…….
    Through out the contest like wat TL says she’s has given flawless performances in whole DID 2…

    Really feel sad for Amar who couldn’t make it for the final 4…. instead binny should have been out…

    TL is the best.. He rocks.. the best human being ever..
    He’s a complete dancer in all aspects…….
    We love you TERENCE ALL THE VERY BEST…………..

  • Dance 4ever

    Geeta’s Day to me was quite good. I got to experience many dance forms that were unknown to me. I think that Amar’s performance was great! Also, Shakti was very very impressive. Her footwork seemed spot on! Punit had a tough dance becuase it was complete classical form- unknown territory for him. He coped quite well. I was pleasantly surprised with Binny’s performance. Today D’s performance was fine. It wasn’t great and wasn’t close to the best of the day. Much of it was just the use of various props, and his real dance consisted of very simple steps that all of the contestants could have done.
    I rank them (just for today’s performance):
    1. Binny/Amar (tough one)
    2. Shakti
    3. Dharmesh
    For me overal:

  • T_Rocks

    I hated amar’s elimination. He is far better than Binny and Punit. Binny is just there bcoz of her smile and beauty factor.

    I luved the performance which Amar gave on Saturday.
    The whole piece was so touching and I got so emotional seeing Terence crying that i also cried.

    among the other 4, Shakti was d best and she has shown that she is also quite versatile like d other finalists and d most flawless performer. Plz vote 4 her

  • maahi

    i think shakti deserves sunheri topi……….
    dharmesh if wins is only bcoz of his popularity bt d fact is only shakti deserves,she is a real winner….she is cute,with full expression on her face n is a fabulous dancer…………………….

  • maahi


  • novacancy

    shakti is the best ‘n deserve the top

  • Dharmishta Rana

    DID 2 Winner is Dharmesh sir
    pls vote for dharmesh sir.

  • Dharmishta Rana


  • Dharmishta Rana

    all the best dharmesh!
    Ganpati bapa moriya………..

  • Dharmishta Rana

    Dharmesh From Gujrat
    pls vote for Dharmesh sir
    jo log dharmesh ko vote karenge ushko mere taraf se
    thank u so much friends
    Ganpati bapa moriya………….

  • ak

    terence sir i see you’ve been waiting for so long
    So this is good news for me you are coming in DID.

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