Vaibhav Ghuge Injured Badly

Vaibhav Ghuge Injured Badly

In an unfortunate incident on Dance India Dance Vaibhav Ghuge from Remo Ke Rangeeley has been injured badly.

Warning : Spoiler below

“””Thanks for all the support you all gave it to me:) love you all:) you all are a family & will be family to me… Today i have lost my left leg finger, injured with severe wound with my right leg & also my last performance i have been burnt and injured with my right back shoulder just before my last my last best performance just dedicated to you all:):):):):) i have been eliminated from top 8 BUT EVEN WITH BURNT HANDS & INJURED LEGS I HAVE DEDICATED MYSELF U with my last solo..
Love you all:) tk cr:) Keep Dancing:) i am really honoured by you all till now”””

Sad to see you go Vaibhav and in such an unfortunate fashion.

  • ShamzDiD

    hmm… This is bad news. Not the way any contestant should go. :(

  • Ranjan Mishra

    Today is a Bad Day for DID……………

  • Irfan Scorp

    Such sad news. :( The news and picture are horrible. Wish you speedy recovery and congratz for your DID journey.

    I hope they bring back someone now in Remo Ke Rangeeley – I’m getting a feel it might be Paul.

  • soumya kar

    Vaibhav u r a great dancer.. i think u did a fabulous job in last performance.. and no body can dance like u… u hv a unique quality.. and this sat we saw ur dedication for us.. we miss u Vaibhav… always keep smile.. 😀 😀

  • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

    Sorry to hear the news DID family,i really feel lyk crying nw cuz dis is very sad,nt d way ny 1 shuld go,GO VAIBHAV,we luv u very much,is wel wit u.n pls also master remo.very sad,we all stil luv u n wil stand by sory 1ce again.

    • dancefan2012

      I have corrected the above post. Never start the sentence with WOW when expressing sadness. (Just FYI…)

      • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

        @dancefan2012. Tanx dear,bt dt expression means am suprised tanx al d way.

  • dancefan2012

    😯 I was taking about the major changes in DID and re-shoot in the last post but was never expecting this (did not get complete info from the sources) 😥 . Its really sad to see a contestant get out of the show this way. Well lets wish him a quick recovery and wonderful future.

    • Whackybanana

      Sorry to see Vaibhav bow out like this. Hope he gets better soon and starts dancing again.

      On a different note,

      @dancefan2012- You mentioned there is a surprise in store 2 weeks back. Was that the 100th episode or is there anything else to wait for? Please answer, thanks.

      • dancefan2012

        Well there’s more than 100th episode…Wait and watch 😆

        • Mehnaaz

          … the next episode?????

        • Whackybanana

          Aaaaah, the wait continues.

      • Fazee Perz

        Shafeer will be at the finale 😀

    • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

      Am very sad,criouzly is nt jst fair,bt trust me vaibhav every dissapointment is a bigger blessin waitin 4u.luv u.get well soon.wish u d fastest recovery.

  • Ummer Shariff


  • virginie

    This is so sad Vaibhav… I have no words… You are such a sweet person, it’s really really unfortunate and it shows that you guys are taking life threatening risks just to entertain us.
    I don’t know what to tell you and I feel very bad for you having lost a finger :(
    Please take care of yourself and forgive me please for my silly comments. You did the best you could and this is how destiny is paying you back. Really unfair.
    Please recover soon and keep fighting life, I know you will have a brilliant future.
    Take care Vaibhav!

    • Ashwin Ghuge


  • aangelguna

    hai….I have notice and thinking how you were performing for the past few week. I still remember when Remo Sir informed that you train for the performance with Sanam although you had injured yourself (3rd March 2012). Last performance, I have suspected that you were having problem with your foot…but I did not expected to hear such news. Very sad. Get well soon and wish you for the fastest recovery. Thanks for all the performance ….

    • Ashwin Ghuge


  • Shamik Chanda

    Everybody in this show is an winner.. One has to stay other has to go.. But going this way is not fair.. Anyways vaibhav u hav proved urself.. We will miss u.. Get well soon..!!

    • Ashwin Ghuge


  • abhinav agrawal

    felt like heartbroken with d news being in such a bad pain still want to perform for the audiences u are a true champion vaibhav love u buddy

    • Ashwin Ghuge


  • HostMaama

    Masters and Dancers, Safety Always Comes First for us. People dance, develop, build, operate, and maintain the lifting equipment at a variety of challenging locations and conditions. We all want they arrive home in good health after a working day. So please always think before you act, because safety comes first, and that’s a fact.Thank you.

  • afrah kurkikar

    get well soon….we will miss you marathi boy ….tk care

  • Fazee Perz

    This is really heartbreaking……wishing Vaibhav a speedy rec0vey wit God’s blessings…….sry 2 see u have 2 depart……

  • sri_valere

    First of all NO CONTESTANT should suffer for the ENTERTAINMENT of others. The master’s and contestants are to be blamed for this mishap equally.
    Pushing themselves more than necessary, ignoring the limitations of contestants, and primarily ignoring safety has been a major issue this season.

    1. I got jaw struck when Raj Smita landed straight on her head. Fortunately there was a mat, but one would see the impact on such fall after years when people get older. Should give a lot of credits to Geeta to assess the limitations of teenage Abhik’s capability to pull this off and enforced safety.
    2. Now Vaibhav, whats the use in taking this risk. Every one will sympathize now for few weeks/months and people move on.
    Honestly, we don’t appreciate you doing stunts ignoring your limitations. Stunts is not the only way to show an edge in dance. Stunts is for some people who are agile/seasoned/poise/light/flexible and mostly for the people who are PHYSICALLY FIT. Take for example Pradeep, he is very very flexible and fit to pull off stunts with ease as a piece of cake. Again accidents can happen but the probability is very very less with one over other contestant.

    Vaibhav you appear stiff and lack flexibility and fitness for stunts. You are very good in expressions and bollywood style.. you could have focused more on your strengths and showed innovation rather than hurting yourself and at the end it did no good for yaa. (Lost finger and burns with scars)

    I feel real sorry for you and your mom/dad, who were so proud when they watched you on the stage and it wasn’t a good experience you left for them. All they wanted was your safety and not this.
    Hope you recover well and soon, all good wishes for yaa.

    • virginie

      I believe if a performance goes well, the credits does not only go to the dancer but to the master, the DID staff working behind curtains and the Channel…

      The same should happen if the performance fails… If there are no safety guards or if the staff behind curtains is not sharp like a razor with lights, lifting equipment, props and others, the performance fails…

      In other hand, the contestants will trust the master and won’t dare to demand safety guards…

      Anyways, what is the point saying ‘should’, ‘could’, ‘would’? What is done is done and no one can change what happened in the past…

      What happened to Vaibhav is extremely sad for him and we should NOT blame him, adding to his lifetime loss of his toe and the scar… What is the point of blaming him? Just to depress him more for something he cannot change as no one can change the time…

      I believe instead we should encourage Vaibhav to continue fighting life and achieve his goals and we should wish that such accidents would not happen in the future, provided safety measures are taken and everyone is more careful…

      • Ashwin Ghuge

        perfect now see where he is….

    • Ashwin Ghuge

      thanks will give your regards to vaibhav

  • sri_valere

    REMO: This is for you if you are listening.

    You should be unbiased a bit and be appreciative of other contestants for what they bring on the stage.
    Watching all the episodes thus far. You have been so biased and giving your “That’s…… blah blah” for “not so perfect” performances of your performances, while giving useless comments for great precision performances that were “near perfect” by 0.1

    You had lowered yourself with this and now you have earned
    “That’s what i call a biased credits” TAG :)
    Please remove the MJ tag, doesn’t suit you, and put this new and improved awarded TAG.

    Terence and Geeta have been much better this season in being open and appreciative unbiased.

  • Rojaa Acharya

    Vaibhav,you have lost your left leg finger with severe wound in your right leg and burnt in right back shoulder,and you talk ike you are all O.K..Dont be kidding,the picture above says it all.

    BTW,How all this happened?

    • Ashwin Ghuge

      dear this the fact truth,,, so chill.. dnt need any condolence thts y vaibhav decided not to show it all publically… dance is everything there shud b no reasons only results for everything… nways it happened during technicals of his last robotic act than to just for public entertainment as a perfect entertainer he went out entertaining with a smile hiding his all pain inside… n surely with this burn der might be very rare to find who can bear such pain n dance as well…
      Thanks and regards
      Ashwin Ghuge

  • Faye Gonsalves

    I agree that Remo is biased and irrelevant in his comments. He has destroyed sanam by giving him jatka and awful dance moves. He has not Helped him to reach his highest potential like Terence does. Remo has always said that crocroaz shld dance more openly but crocroaz does his dance with such finaze and he is such a treat to watch. He is the reason many of us are still watching DID. So Remo please accept that crocroaz is good. I watch YouTube for crocroaz’s performances over and over again and many of us do.

  • Mayank Jayaswal

    ouch……… : (

  • vicky subra

    omg u did ol tis jus for dance yet u out 4rmthe show omg …how would tis happn hope to cu bck in did

  • Lalit Ranjan Naik

    Vaibhav, you are too good at dance. wish you a quick recovery. i was shocked reading this article. Keep dancing. You will always be rocking. You are a real hero and always be.

  • priyam

    I feel really sorry for Vaibhav. It looks really bad and must be hurting badly. When Vaibhav landed on the red sofa during the Robotic act, it could be seen that his arm was hurting. I thought that he was hurt while landing or the costume was too tight as he held his arm while getting up. But, I never imagined that it was bad and so painful.

    Anyway, best of luck Vaibhav and keep fighting. You are a winner and take care and get well soon. You kept smiling even when you were eliminated and you seem to be so humble and nice. Keep it up Vaibhav and the future is yours.

  • mohit SHARMA

    hmm… This is bad news. Not the way any contestant should go.

  • lumin jain

    its a good movie. i intend to add some of the moves from this movie in my dance classes. i am conducting dance classes in Luminacts, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, A.P

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