Raghav Crockroaz Dance India Dance Wild Card

Raghav Crockroaz Dance India Dance Wild Card

Here is no way you can miss the Wild Card entry episodes of ‘Dance India Dance’ simply because you will miss the most spectacular and jaw dropping acts by Raghav Juyal, more popularly known as Crockroaz.

The sensation called Crockroaz is back on DID and will surely create ripples in this week’s episode of the show.

The redhead boy from Dehradun who re-christened himself as Crockroaz (from the one who has the creepiness of a cockroach and the strength of a crocodile) mesmerized everyone with an extraordinary freestyle act with a lot of his trademark ‘slow-motion’ moves thrown in.

Though Raghav’s act was the most talked about performance during the audition phase of the show, he unfortunately did not get selected in the Top 18.

The mentors verdict were against him and very evidently it didn’t go down well with the loyal viewers of DID.

So on popular demand, the DID team and Grandmaster Mithun Da decided to give Raghav Juyal aka Crockroaz another chance as a wild card entrant to prove his mettle yet again.

Under the able guidance of Master Terence Lewis, Crockroaz gave a dazzling performance and electrified both the mentors as well as the audience.

That slow motion moves and the innocence with which Raghav performed, it will for sure leave the television viewers exhilarated and begging for more.

Master Terence says, “I wish to apologies to all the viewers since I think we did a big mistake by not selecting Raghav during the auditions. Later, when I saw Raghav perform and the kind of acts that he is capable of doing, it totally surprised me. Whatever Raghav does, its 80 percent his own creativity and may be 20 percent my inputs. He is an amazing freestyle dancer whose core strength is his body control and his USP being is his slow motion or speed breaking moves. May be there are very many dancers who can dance like him but the feel with which Crockroaz does an act even ace dancers take ages to gain mastery over that. Raghav is a treat to watch and training him is every choreographers delight. If the junta selects him to be a part of the terrific 13, he will give a tough takkar to the other contestants and raise the bar of the competition.”

It was endearing to see Raghav in his signature slow walk up to Geeta Ma and pull her cheeks.

Visibly red Master Geeta, says “Raghav ne phir se gustakhi ki! He again pulled my cheeks! The moment he pulled my cheeks, Terence and Remo who sit on either side of me followed and pulled my cheeks really hard. I would like to warn them, Boys! Please stop doing it, warna mujhse bura koi nahi hoga. Only one person has the right to pull my cheeks and that is Mithun Da…..(blush…bush )!”


    Let c , what happend Next.

    i want Shafeer, raghav back, and from girl Shena, or any strong dancer


      raghav is the rocker

      Cockrose come back

      So beauty Dance Yar

    • warish kumar sahoo

      i love sliw crocroaz

    • krishnnel singh

      well i guess its about time raghav should take challenging dance him perform is getting boring coz one will know what h his gonna do.unlike other performers they are voting him no.1 is not fair on others.his not a deserving candidate.

  • vivi_auto

    I wud like to see Kalai arasan in top 13

  • gsjayanth

    Raghav man!!!he was selected as 13 th entry since public wanted him to b on the show..!!!and now the top 2 from 13 will b selected by janta..!!so obviously raghav is going to steal the show…!!!Hope he steals the show again on saturday!!!!

  • Abhrajyoti Saha

    definitely i want raghav back because he is a phenomenal dancer and no other dancer in DID can do da jaw dropping moves like him.

  • hellians2005

    Raghav is really amazing dancer. I never seen anyone dance like him specially the slow motion thing and dubstep.

    • Yash Malekar

      yup……………Absolutely…….Raghav Rokzzzz…

      • Faye Gonsalves

        Crockroz is the best thing that happenedin DID. I only watch the show for him. Love you raghav. Nobody can come close to him. He is the BEST.

  • lmnaasira


    • virginie

      absolutely agree with you !

  • virginie

    I could not understand how Raghav did not make it and was eliminated… Absolutely wrong decision…

    Unfortunately, even if he is taken in, he has not acquired the experience of all the others who continued till now.
    Nevertheless, I hope he will be able to cope with the gap.

    He is extremely talented, creative and unique, and it’s so nice to see him on screen, he has such a good energy, it fills me with joy just seeing him.

    I really wish Raghav will make it to the finals!

    All the best, Raghav, and all the best, Terence, it will be hard to put him on level… But you both are really talented… Good Raghav went to Terence ki Toli :)


    Good One! So, looks like the videos from the Wild card performances are ready for this weekend’s TV show.

    • Abhrajyoti Saha

      yups r8….

  • Yash Malekar

    Crockroaz: Awesome
    Crockroaz: Awesome
    Crockroaz: Awesome
    Crockroaz: Awesome
    Crockroaz: Awesome
    Crockroaz: Awesome
    Crockroaz: Awesome

    welcome back Crockroaz: {Awesome}

    Raghav u rokzzzz man!
    Band baja do sab ki ab vapas aa kar… You are the only true winner of did3
    rest of competitors are not even comparable to you in dance…
    Bro,, fingers crossed for u all the time…. all the best wishes for u!

    • warish kumar sahoo

      if RAGHAV will not win then ,world will round anticlockwise

  • dancequeen25

    It was utter stupidity to let raghav go……..but it was a very intelligent decision to let him come back…… can the same person be both these things god knows but one thing i knw for sure is raghav deserves to be back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • virginie


    • warish kumar sahoo


  • cool buddy

    hmmm this wild card is going to be awesome…. i wanna see chotu & crockroaz & the fantastic cuty sneha…. hope so all the 3 come back… its not top 13 but it should be top 14 :) wish u a very good luck guys…

  • Mahesh8818

    wel come to did raghav best of luck sab ki chhuti kar do ok

  • pratistha

    GO RAGHAV GO!!!!!
    UR THE BEST!!!!

  • pratistha

    raghav dada,, hajur aunuu la pleeezz.

  • muneer karukamad

    i want shafeer back………..

  • mitalee gajbhayi

    i want crockroaz and hardik rawal back :)

    • virginie

      Yes! Or if we have to pick up 1 boy and 1 girl, I want Raghav and Sneha OR Manju…

      But this is not a live show, so let’s see who Mithun Da has selected :/

  • far_rox

    i want riddika, Shafeer and Raghave back they are amazing dancers and shafeer is the strongest dancer in did season 3 and i have my fingers crossed for all 3 of them

  • Ajmira Khatun

    I just want back only Raghav…… i wish him all the best….. love u……………..

  • Sandeep Acharya

    I have not seen Micheal Jackson doing slow motion dance… but seen Raghavs dance in a very unique style which nobody could do. So Raghav should be back…Superb to see him.

  • Prakash Suba

    hi did

  • gsjayanth
  • meeaw_cool

    Crockroaz you Rock…!!!!!!!!!!! :) 😀

  • sumit mandale

    Nothing to say, just vote for Croc-Roaz by giving miss call on 1800 266 16 02, or on this website….He is awesome dancer..

  • sumit mandale

    Tell your friends on facebook and everywhere to vote for Croc-Roaz, Bhai log koi kuch bhi kare Croac-Roaz hi jitna chahiye…increse the votes for him…

  • YOung BeaConite

    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome

    LOve YOur performance MEry to rongtay Kharay Ho gai tumhare Performance dekh ker Raghav
    THahts What call a PErformance
    Chuuumeshveri performance
    Stupendoftanblously fantastical performance

    And Finaly Kia Baat Kia baat Kiaa baat

    YOu ROckxxzzzzzzzzzzz
    Love YOu man

  • YOung BeaConite

    MAza aaa Gya Ajjki Raghav (CrockROxzzzzz) Ki performance dekh ker Sub ki SHuti Ker de YOu will DEfinatly COme Again in BEhtreen 13

    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome Owwsome

  • bhavini rathod

    raghav n neerav

  • Saradindu Sarkar

    Raghav you are Awesome and we want you back… keep it up!!!

  • sonali gaonkar

    yeah…….the one n only….raghav…will win DID3..


    gud going Raghav Keep it up….GUd luck…..

  • Dhwani Hissaria

    You are just too goodd… 😀
    I really really love you…
    I really want you back on the show.. <3
    love youuuu…… <3 😀
    All the Best.. 😀

  • Dhrampal Negi

    hi raghav ur too good.

    crocroax ur rocks the india to the world.

  • prasoon gupta

    rock the stage dude u r the best

  • punit soni

    u rock buddy. we want u in did

    • chetan sagar

      I was waiting for crocroax,though he was eliminated.and finally he is here every vote will only and only for raghav.

  • md islam

    I like d.i.d and i’m happy because raghav is back.i live in USA and every week I watch d.i.d but i’m was upset and when I saw raghav is back than i’m happy again.thanks d.i.d

  • http://Www.M.Facebook.Com/tariqsohankhan Tariq_sohan

    RagAv Crockr0az….I wana seee yUU iN t0p 13…Gbu
    Owwsome Owwwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome
    Owwsome Owwsome Owwwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome
    Owwsome Owwwsome

  • deepak wardhan

    hi raghav ur good dance slowmotion

  • amit pawar

    I Love Raghav Dance i want to meet him & give him a hub……
    raghav mai apne beti kobhi tumarejaisa slow motion sikhaunga kya tum mere madat karoge?
    mere paas tumare sub video hai jo mai mere beti ko bade hone ke baad dikhaunga aur use kahunga ye dekho duniyaka sabse bada slow motion dancer.
    God is always with you……

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Rakhav Juyal has already performed in front of Terrance many times when he was part of the dance group D-Maniax in another show on TV! Search for them on youtube.

  • utsav arya

    luv raghav u r a great dancer…………….<3

  • pratyaksha bisht

    i am only 11 i like raghav very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pratyaksha bisht

    raghav u ar the dancing star

  • Faye Gonsalves

    Crockroaz. We all in Singapore love you.

  • priya sharma

    raghav urf crokroz tu kya hai tere slow motion pe to m fida hu yar bus ap ek bar mera msg ka reply kar do i really love u so much

  • Prekshita Jowahir

    i do not think raghav deserves to be in top 5….come on guys abhik was far much better than him….even if raghav is in the grande finale he does not deserve the first position…..wake up all the voters out there be practical….vote for the best dancer…..

    • Anna Baal

      shut up he is the best an he deserves it!Raghav!!<3<3<3

  • Vinod Dangwal

    Raghav, you are incredible!
    As an Indian and also a Garhwali I am proud of you all the more!

  • Onkar Rao

    hi, Raghav bhi..
    yes you r o sum.

  • Anna Baal

    OMG!!!I lovE u So much hugebig Fan of you<3 😛 aHHHH!!!!Love your slow motion :) :) :)

  • tenzin tsundue

    love to see ur dance ragav! tashi delek! god bless u!

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