Guinness World Record for Largest Bollywood Dance

Guinness World Record for Largest Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Choreographer & Dance India Dance Master Terence Lewis has improved his own Guinness World Record for Largest Bollywood Dance. Along with him danced 4428 participants when he broke his own previous record of 1336 last year.
Terence choreographed the 3 minute dance sequence on the song “Dhinka Chika” and participants performed with him at KJ Somaiya College grounds on Thursday. Along with Remo D’souza He trained the dance lovers in just two hours on how to dance to Salman Khan’s song from Ready.

After the record breaking the paritipants enjoyes a superb concert by the Top 13 Dance India Dance Contestants including Sanam Johar, Mohena Singh, Vaibhav Ghughe, Neerav Bavlecha, Raghav Juyal, Sneha Gupta, Piyali Saha, Rajasmitha Kar, Abhik Bau, Paul Marshall and Pradeep Gurung.

Terence jubilant with his achievement said, “This has been one of the happiest moments of my life. I feel like dancing to (Britney Spears’ song) Oops I did it again.”

12 thoughts on “Guinness World Record for Largest Bollywood Dance

  1. virginie says:

    Gabriel Homme? LOL ;)

  2. samecute says:

    Congrats! DID Team and Master Terence. I just read this article but where is the video?

  3. dancefan2012 says:

    Man I knew that Terrance will loose a participant today but was not expecting Varun to be eliminated. Its really bull shit, the show is going nowhere, in maintaining its status. He was a strong dancer and deserved to be in the show for some more time.

  4. Fazee Perz says:

    Congratz master terence!!!!!!

  5. Manjir Mitra says:

    Varun’s elimination just proves one thing…A south indian dancer should never join this show..It’s meant for north indians.,I am a north indian myself but was supporting varun whole heartedly…

    Even more than the votes…wht hurts me is the reaction of the Judges and so called Grand Master… as if they themselves are biased…they didn’t want varun to go ahead…

    Now i just want varun to become a Gr8 choreographer and give a befitting reply to these BIASED JUDGES!!

    @ Biased judges & GRANDMASTER (why is mithunda the grandmaster, just bcoz probably he is financing the show) – Good luck with ur show… JUST CANT REMOVE POLITICS from INDIA & so this SHOW

    1. raakeysh says:

      I agree dude. The show is only for north and east Indians.

  6. joe says:

    Master Terence
    Congratulations for a rightfully earned award.
    Keep up your good work.
    All the best for many more years to come.
    I feel the female dancers are better than the male ,more gracefull
    and as expected the masters are doing a great job. Keep it Up.

  7. raakeysh says:

    Mohena and sneha dont deserve to be in. Paul should be in. Paul and vaibhav are super stars. They are real fighters.

  8. raakeysh says:

    Come back Paul. Its not worth to watch DID without you.

  9. afrah kurkikar says:


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