DID Little Masters 2012 Winner *Faisal Khan*

DID Little Masters 2012 Winner *Faisal Khan*

Dance India Dance Little Masters Winner is Faisal Khan, 12th August Live Finale saw a total of votes. Faisal Khan was awarded a well desrved winner while OM was first runner with Rohan as 3rd rnner up. Saumya got 4th and Jeetdas was 5th.

Many Many congratulations to the winner and lots of best wishes for all those who made to the Top5, which is a great achievement by any standards.

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  • manu gupta

    not satisfied from result….cant belive saumya 4th….iwished she was second and rohan wins…but anyways….happy….congrats faisal….great finale…did rocks.

    • Madhusmita

      i too agree…nd om doesnt deserv 2 b in 2nd position…it shuld b atlest saumya or rohan..faltu resultzzz…chiii

      • rohit desai

        no guys,

        OM is a complete package of dance, courage, versatility, flexibility and strength.

        He is really an “ATOM BOMB”.

        I only feel saumya should have won and faisal on 4th position. rest all seems to be correct.

    • sonam patel

      yah…….totally agree with u.winer should be rohan or saumya……it proved that geeta kapoor n marzi r so unwarthy as judges …………….

  • Kishore Karki

    vote crass kahekar galat faisala huwaa he



      • JIN_BABA

        bhae yh dance show hy, Religion ko mat lao beech me, balky religion ka koe Link banta bhi nahi hy.

      • Gopali Verma

        @Jin Bava

        first time i agree with u JIN… MODERATOR is religoius gadhe ko yahan se ban karo

        • SHIBU EAPEN

          To me Soumaya should have won the contest
          The judgement of jury is below to their mark
          Congrats to Faizal khan on winning DID-2-2012

  • Kishore Karki

    soumya is 4th and faisal is 1th ye ho nahi sakta he vote crass kahekar vote chhupaaya gaya he 100% ए गलत हे सोमिया के लिए DID ka is galat result ko kohi nahi maanegaa

    • Nuzhat parveen

      Dude, do u hv any proof for voting crash? No, right? then why r u making rumors? Yes, I agree, the result was quite shocking n its hard to bliv dt saumya got 4th…but supper happy for Faisal. They r kids, n its NOT the end of the world. Their journey has just begun…Dont make any comments like ds which can make them think politically. OKAY???

      • Prasoon Tiwari

        I totally agree wid NUZHAT Praveen…each 1 f dem is a winner…all the five are best…since every1 cannot be the first..therefore some had to be at 5th,4th,3rd n 2nd…..happy for faisal…:-)

        • ahmed tabrez

          thanks prosoon

      • Madhusmita

        m happy 4 faisal…bt om doesnt deserv 2 b in 2nd postn…every1 knwz dt…
        ….this z d proper sequence…resultzz r just BULLSHIT….

      • ahmed tabrez

        First upall many thanks to audience who have voted and make winner to Faisal Khan of DID Litle Master 2012
        Many Many Many Congrates Faisal Khan..
        You 100% Deserve it…
        Best wishes for your future…


        To me Soumaya should have won the contest
        The judgement of jury is below to their mark
        Congrats to Faizal khan on winning DID-2-2012
        Dont mix with religion , they are kids

    • babina shrestha shrestha

      faijal deserve that title….100% sahi hai….faijal aapni best dance first huwa hai….he deserve…..

    • san subba

      ae.. tujhe kisiney bla hay bihari bangali jo tu nepli ko ander ghuser raha hey..!
      dance ki baat karo aur kuch nahi
      jinse bola use direct bolo hindu muslim nepali kya hay ye sab..!
      kitne uncivilised ho tum log..!

      arguements karo dance and performance.. par..!

      kyu muslim aur nepali bolkey cororo k dil ko chot dey rahe ho?

      admin # i don’t u take action on this huh?

      its rediculas..! :/

      • Gulamhusen Malek

        Ok. Sir,

      • Gopali Verma

        nice one San Subba….
        if nepalis feel bad for this, i too aplogize …
        Sry guys

        Admin please remove Gulamhusen Malek

    • sam hunt

      Bhai toe tum log kiyu pakisthan nahi jatae ho tumarae liyaae vhi yaha pae jaga nahi hai asshole….

      • pi_nk

        WTF ??

        • pi_nk

          that was @ ‘Sam Hunt’ reading you’re comment was a WTF moment for me.

  • manu gupta


    • JIN_BABA

      😛 … i Njoy Alot’s 😀

  • manu gupta


    • Nuzhat parveen

      It NOT true….voted were NOT crashed at all.

      • Bam Bam

        Audience votes never count in any reality show whatsoever. The voting system is a way to fool the audience to believe that they are voting for their favourite contestant. The SMS Voting system generated enough revenue for the Mobile Service providers to recover their investments overnight through just voting. When this scam was caught, the voting system closed down and the missed call system started. But in all these cases and in any reality show around the world, the voting system or the total votes cast in favor of any contestant is never even taken into consideration for taking the decision. Because unfortunately, the voting system is biased and the judges believe that the right and deserving contestant can only be chosen by them as they are the experts. However some decisions do come as a shock to audiences. Especially the way Soumya was placed 4th while she deserved the 2nd spot atleast if not the first. God only knows how a kid who was unwell for so many days got the third spot. Definitely NOT because of the voting though. Known resources suggest that this is also fixed where the judges are paid to choose the best candidate in a ranking order.

        • JIN_BABA


        • manu gupta

          i think,u r not right bam bam.sms system is just for making money for tv channel,but here missed call system don’y make zeetv ‘s any money.this system is there as there are so many veiwers of did & they know everyone want yo vote so they gave this unique system

  • Siyaf Khan


  • tuttiguriya

    truly well deserve…i agree its unbeliveable how soumya is on da 4th position…n om is on da 2nd position…saumya shud me 2nd,now ppl r making lame excuses jst cuz dey didnt like da person who won….there is noo way dey will hide da votes…dey can get sued 4 it….dis show is 2 popular 4 them 2 ruin it easily jst cuz dey want somebody frm their opinion 2 win…im happy wid jantas faisla….he deserved it…

    • Kishore Karki

      master will loved one an only on faisal show there is other wine isn’t possibly

    • Nuzhat Parveen

      I totally agree with you @tuttiguria :) faisal is a well deserved winner n yes the result was shocking for me as well..I thought saumya wud b 2nd. But anyways, they all r best n we should appreciate their hard work. One more thing, DID show will close down completely if they hide the votes!!! So, its NOT possible…

  • Dala Zeyda

    1.Congratulations to Faisal and all his fans, very happy for him.

    2.Disappointed to see Soumya on 4th, but anyways they are all Winners for me 😀

    3.My God Rohan, I am so Proud of you for this Simply mind-blowing performance of yours. “Perfection”,”Precision” , these are the words for you. Your execution adds up to Raghav’s creativity and choreography. For me you are truly the best 😀

    4.Soumya’s Entrance??? OMG, She looked soooooooooooooo pretty 😉 and her dance was as graceful as ever.

    5.Loved the “dance battle bit” between s-1 and s-2. Eagerly waiting for DKSK, since i have followed both s-1 and s-2 , its so hard to choose but still s-2 is ahead of s-1 for me 😛

    6.Loved how happy ROhan was for Faisal 😀

  • dechjoll lol

    * I am very happy for you Faisal congrats buddy but soumya getting 4th?? huh what the hell?? It was like the most Shocking result ever!!!! I really wanted her to win or be at 2nd or 3rd :( :( :(
    Jaanta reali shocks hard sometimes… its sad to see the surprise look on soumya’s face also… but let bygones be bygones, I am looking forward to see u rock at DKSK. :) :) :)
    * Rohan oh I am happy that you got 3rd position!!! Atleast one of RKR is in TOP 3 :) :) :)
    So happy to see you cheering for Faisal….that is a mark of good person. I AM 100% Sure that you will Rock at DKSK. Looking forward to u n soumya’s performance…

    • rohit desai

      thank god Rohan he is in Top3.
      very happy for Rohan and the small cutee OM.

  • Anna Baal

    Faisal Congrats dude!!!you deserve it an i think soumya should get 2nd and jeet third<3<3<3love you faisal!!MWAHHH :)

  • Shahid Ahmed

    India ki shaan Faisal khan<3 u rocKed boy.!!

    • saifullah danbaba

      Faisai congratulations…..the result was good as it is expected to be! But saumya should even be the 5th position wat a poor perfomance

  • Abdul Khan

    Totally unacceptable……Totally scripted

  • saifullah danbaba

    Congratulations faisal bhai,you totally deserve it….the master blaster

  • Manpreet Kaur

    Yes!!! Faisal you won!!!!! Congratulations you really did awesome performance you did it.Yea of course you deserve to be the winner.

  • Hari Singh Kaur

    Congratulations and wishing Fasil all the best in his future. For the master’s and dada, thank you for bring out all the talent’s of Fasil. Keep up with the good work.


  • krishu

    Faisal you deserve every bit of it!!!!! I LOVE YOU TILL ETERNITY FAISAL!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU, YOU DESERVE ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!! MAY YOU EVEN GET MY AGE!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALOTTT, GOD BLESS YOU & ALWAYS KEEP SMILING & DANCING!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :-) 😀 :-)!!!!!!!!!!


    V Happy 4 Faisal , Well Deserved Winner. Love U Heaps

  • Radha Sandhu

    Congrats Faisal, I was hoping for you or Rohan to win as you both are are my favourites. Congrats to Rohan too. In fact, they are all winners.God bless all of them.

  • Munavvar Khan



    • Munavvar Khan


    • Gopali Verma

      Allah is also there with other contestants.

  • Rachana Kalaskar

    Congrats bro…….u deserve it…:)

  • Suraj rai

    I thought saumya cloud at least stood second i cant beleive what i heard it seems to me not a fair i voted a lot for her,but any way i like to say well done to the DID Little master a well done job , i wish saumya could be second..



  • khusboo parvin

    CONGRATSS… DEAR… u deserve it…

  • Ruchika Gupta


    M too happy to see Faisal as a winner… rather i believe Saumya should have been second and OM fourth…

    But then its Jannta’s decision..

    Faisal Rocks!!!! he was the best, he is the best and he will remain the best…
    3 cheers for Faisal and All the finalists….

    Hip Hip Hurrey!!!
    Hip Hip Hurrey!!!
    Hip Hip Hurrey!!!

    • JIN_BABA

      lol nice to see you happy 😛

      • Gopali Verma

        nice to see u both happy

  • priyanka bhagat

    yes i agree with u all faisal is good no doubt but somya n rohan are far better than him ,i dont knw how it happened ,hidden vote or what else …….???????but i can say infront of any 1 somya n rohan was much much better throughout the season than faisal………

    • Ruchika Gupta

      Saumya and Rohan are very good but in no terms better than Faisal..

      Faisal rocks!!!

      • sam gauri

        congratulations ny sweet heart Faisal…..

  • Thounaojam Bishwanath

    DID is great but vote for choosing is not satisfied, partial vote and partial for judge opinion is somewhat better than that. In that case I think soumya rai should not be in 4th position. She is excellent in her performance.Faisal is also good. Other are somewhat less then both soumya and faisal.

  • Amit Pandey

    I am surprised with the results. DID team have to stop showing the personal background of the participating candidates and also ask their other team members to stop making any personal favor during the show like Geeta have favored Faisal. Apart from Fisal’s performance these are also the factors for making Faisal on top. If other candidate may also get this favor it might be possible the result are different.

    I am also surprised that while having so many good performances Jeet haven’t get awarded as the best performer of the day. He is best performer and shown many good performances through out this season but haven’t get that kind of appraisal what he desired to get.

    Om only know gymnastics. This is very shocking for me that in this competition where DID team is searching for a good dancer how Om get retained for the finals when he only knew the gymnastics.

    • Shruti Sapre

      Hi Amit,
      I totally agree with you.. Last night me and husband were discussing about the shocking result. I guess many people must have shocked by the result as it wasn’t expected.. Saumya was the most deserving candidate to stood on 1st position..

      In India people votes on sympoty. Votes should be on a performance based. When they declared Jeet on 5th position and saumya on 4th position it was a big shock.. OM surely doesn’t deserve to be on 2nd position as he always did Athletic acts and if u have observed his steps were incomplete. Its a dance compition and not any athlet compition. If we compare all the performances then Saumya, Rohan, Faisal, Jeet, OM should be the ranking. Infact Jeet was more superior than OM..But DID people never awarded him as performer or never praised him don’t know what’s the reason behind it.

      Also I absoutely agree with Geeta’s favoritism. She’s the big partial . When she started praising Faizal from the start that time only we had understood that faizal could win the show. In last DID she favoured Rajsmitha and she won the show whereas there were so many good candidates like Pradeep, Raghav, Paul… Geeta should stop presenting and favoring only one person. It makes injustice to other contestants.

      If such things going to happen again then there is no point in watching such shows and participating for good candidates. Its just demoralising. I’m feeling sad about Cute little Doll Saumya.. She dance with so perfection.. Only the thing she never speaks too much faltu things on the stage neither flaunted herself..She is just focused on her dance.. People should encourage such kids.. I think we are setting wrong examples to the next generation by doing such things.

      Anyway But Thanks Amit for the open comment. I hope DID team will read our comment and think on it.

      I will Pray for Saumya to get what she deserves.. Saumya don’t get dishearten. God is with you. You are a great Dancer.. God Bless.


      • kanwal kaur

        Yes, I agree that Om has no dancer qualities. Jeet was such a fabulous performer. This show was biased when always trying to give performer of the week awards. But these kids future will be based on their own talent not whatthey achieved in one copetition.

        • Priya Joshi


          OM deserves every bit of it. He is a fabulous dancer. When I saw his first performance with rimsha in grand premier I had seen a spark in him. He reached finale due to his talent and only talent and not anything else.


      A beautiful comment and i agreed with inspite of getting 3 time best performance and 2 twice highest voted but at last standing at 4th place..rediculous no mind blowing and san san san san dababa performance and also even ‘madhuri dixit can’t even do better than you’ OMG what a praise. BULLSH*T. Soumya among all the contestant to me you are the best the only if you can change you look more towards bollywood you will be no.1. others not heart feeling.

  • Priya Joshi

    @Amit ,
    OM is a very good and powerful dancer…

    tell me one thing
    In whole season there were more than 50 performances(rough fig)
    Hardly in few performances OM used props and did some stunts “ALONG WITH DANCE”. and u calling it a gymnastics is not at all acceptable.

    OM is a dancer and he got 2nd position due to his handwork and talent.

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Guys dont fight it between.. at least now after the results are declared.. ur arguments will not affect the results…

    Finally its Faisal u steeled the show… Please accepts it and appreciate… thats all and stop arguing now.

  • kanwal kaur

    Yes Faisal is a true winner but surprised to see Om even in Final, that kid has no foot work and don’t even knew how to dance. He was in show until end so Kruti can have a participant. There was also favourism for Om in this show. I thinh Jeet is truely a remarkable dance and was ignored all times.

    • Priya Joshi

      @Shruti, kanwal

      Jeet cannot even stand with OM.

      Imagine On one side you have a contestant who came in the mid of the season, performed always in his forte. (JEET)

      On other side you have a contestant who is constantly performing from DAY ONE without any break. and working so hard to bring new things on stage every week. (OM)

      Now you tell who is better. Be practical and don’t be so blind.

      • Shruti Sapre

        Mistakes happened by human being only and Jeet’s elimination was one of that.Though he entered mid of the season he performed fabulous on the stage.. Try to see from Dance point of view. If you ask any good dancer, who is better any1 will answer your answer. If you observed clearly, Om’s dancing steps were not clear nor completed. For him dance was like just jumpimg,, he used to do half steps and that too most of the athletic steps. Dance is not athletics. Its an art. We are not blind. As a dancer I’m telling this things and commenting. Jeet has shown variety of dance types which is really commandable to perform at this age. Just to remind you pls check one episode where there was a dance challenge between Jeet and OM. Just watch that video clearly then you will get your answer. So yes off course for me there will always be a question on this DID’s decision. I guess after few days parents will stop sending their kids to such baised shows because of fear in the mind of loosing their kids moral and confidence at the early stage.


        • Priya Joshi

          then tell me whether hardwork and versatility matters or no???

        • rohit desai

          @ shruti
          We have enjoyed all performances of OM throughout the season. He is simply amazing.

          do you have any knowledge of Athletics & gymnastics??sory u don’t. K
          If OM does not have dancer qualities then how did he get selected in audition. how did he get selected in megaaduition.

          calling yourself as a dancer you meant to say judges are FOOLS who gave him SUPER WINGS and GOLDEN WINGS.

          you meant to say just by doing stunts he reached top 100 ,then top32, then top16, and top 10 “DANCERS OF INDIA”. amazing????

          Oh come on..I am sure you have not followed the show properly. I request you to go back & watch all the performances.

          There are still many parents who are desperately waiting to send their kids to DID.
          It just shows that you are jealous coz ur fav one did not win or did not get proper position.

  • sam gauri

    Faisal Khan is Rock……

  • imran khan

    Champion of the DID Little Master you are deserve of this trophy. All the best of luck for future life and progress to top stages.. love u faisal Khan,

    • sam hunt

      But m nt agree coz there is a big politics in this did and everytym it will run lyk this only..

  • sam gauri

    i agree ruchika

  • Sonia Rawat

    First of all ma heartiest congratulations to faisal on winning the show…u really desreve every bit of it…..but guyz i dont understand y ppl are blaming Geeta Maa for their favourite contestant not winning the show…she supported all the contestants equally…yes she said that she would like to have a son who dances like faisal so whats wrong in that..faisal is a very graceful dancer…one can see reflections of Hrithik Roshan in him…Faisal is as graceful as he is……one should not forget onething that the judges are not fools..they are experts in their field…Geeta Maa has never appreciated Faisal’s dance wen it was not good…nd she did the same thing wid other DID contestants as well….she gave her valuable suggestions to all the contestants as and wen required…….yes i do agree that soumya should not have been on the fourth position but who r responsible for it..u think judges?..not at all…we the audience who were supposed to vote for the right contestant are responsible for it…..nd as far as showing faisal’s background on the show is was not wrong as many ppl got inspired by it…there was a lady who got inspired by faisa’s story said that she is now going to support her daughter as she is good at painting…..faisa’s story teaches us that no one can stop u from getting successs if u have talent…not even poverty….by success i dont mean his win on the show..but getting an opportunity to show ur talent is a successs in itself…infact its a success for all the children who participated in DID…..I have always liked Faisa’s dance as he is very graceful…but agar rohan ya soumya ya jeetdas bhi jeetta to koi koi prob ni thi..they all desrve it……nd family backgrounds to pehle bhi aur reality shows me dikhae hai..but were they all winners?….so once again congratulations to the entire DID team..u ppl rock….nd once again congrats Prince and Faisal….:D

    • JIN_BABA

      True Say, Sonia

    • pi_nk

      well actually, those of us who are upset about Saumya getting 4th position had obviously voted for her, I don’t know about others, but I definitely did ..

    • bindu bala

      well said sonia i agree with you
      congrates faisal

  • Tousif mujawar


  • anurag mallick

    i am totally satisfied with the results , faisal dances like a top performer……… and rohan is also equivalently good ……. but rest are inferior thn these 2 , as they had nearly done all dancing styles with a close to perfection ………..and entertaining performance.
    om…maximum tym wid his stunts
    jeet…. danced well , but lacked a spark
    saumya……..mostly performed contemporary…..

  • Shantanu D

    Nothing against any one all five dancers were Killer and the best for the day WON …

    Just phenominal to see all of them – F-O-R-S-J. They have made their City, their State, their Families, themselves and Above ALL INDIA Proud …

    AT THE END WHO WON ——————- D A N C E :)


    what happened was RIGHT!!!!
    the 1 who deserved it was none other than FAISAL KHAN!!!
    ya bt i expected rohan on 2nd position instead of om!!!
    bt all happens for good n
    specially FAISAL

  • garima sharma


    • JIN_BABA

      i satisfied with the Result, but yh Saumya ki position ka thora Lucha ho gaya haha… koe baat nahi, DKSK me Sara Gussa Nikaal dyna Saumya 😛 , well i notice k Farah Khan is right, little Master season 1 k Dancer strong is lehaaz say bhi hy k woh Senior hy, or Maturity bhi Nazar aae un k Dance me, Baap yh Takker tu Bhari Parrny Wali hy Raghav pa jee par 😀 , well let c kia hota hy. Vashnavi ki Takkar me yh logo ne Sherya ko lia hy, 😛 .. Maza Aayga, dono taraf ki Takkar daikh kr, My All Best Wishes With Raghav & his Team Mates.. Go & Rock Th3 Stage 😛 …

      also hope k at Least GEETA Nahi honi Chaiya is Show me. wrna phr Fighting Shoro 😛


    Geeta ko holiday Pay Bhejho Koe.. Marzi k Sath. HaHaHa…

    Dono Ny Buhat Maza Kharab Kia Little Master Season 2 me 😀

    Geeta Mauf Krdooooooooo Aunty Ab. Janta ki JaAn Chor do,

    Really i laugh when some one says, k Geeta ko Pher kisi or Contestant me Apna Beta Nazar Na Aa Jay LoL..

  • Shivani Desai

    Faisal winning~and Soumya not being in top 3-it’s the saddest thing that could happen to DID.

  • amisha tyagi

    awsomee resultt as expectedd….. i ws 100% tht faisal will b the winner of did little champs 2012!!!! :)
    but the most shocking news ws tht saumya got 4th positionn….hell yaa!!!!…..reallyy awkward huh!!! :/
    I was shocked to hear…about saumya’s position…Who could have predicted it???
    There’s no way it could have happened……
    but however m satisfied with d result of om bt nt wid rohan…..
    d correct pstn shud be…
    1. faisal,
    :( bt whtsoever it is…….reallllly somehow the result ws nt gd 4 saumya bt cngrtssss FAISAL u alwys ws,is n will b my fav!!!! <3
    alll b best 4 future!! :)

    • JIN_BABA

      lol yh sub Rohan ki Entry Da kamaal hy 😀
      Votes Distribute howay tu Pher Aysa hi hona tha 😐 , btw Saumya & Rohan
      but is not good.

      Geeta Aap Ne Acha nahi kya, Faisal ki Ziada support kr k. you were a Judge in the Show, and you must be Neutral for every contestant including Faisal khan.

  • pooja verma

    Too much result yaarrrrrrrr………….!!!
    Hii……!!!!Congratulations Faisal Khan…..!!!!!!!! U are my favourite contestant in DID Lite Master 2012.
    DID little master winner Faisal Khan deserve karta hai because he was such a fabulous performer. But I am not satisfied from proper result because om does’nt deserv to be in 2nd postn. An i think soumya should get 2nd and jeet third because saumya n jeet…both are sach a fabulous CONTESTANT.
    ….Also Congrats to all other CONTESTANTS with their BRILLIANT performance….
    ALL INDIA PROUD……!!!!!

  • Sonia Rawat

    Hi Jin Baba.
    Just read my post…thats all i have to say to u…..

    • JIN_BABA

      which post?

    • JIN_BABA

      you talk about the above post ?
      but that’s all you said for Geeta & Faisal khan 😛

      and yeah i agree, but If Faisal WON this title, just bcoz of his Hard Work & Ability, Geeta support not matter for him, he proved himself too to take this Dance k Master Blaster Title.

      • Sonia Rawat

        Gud u understood

  • Vinay Parab

    SONIA………..WELL SAID………..

    I AGREE WITH U…………:)

  • pooja verma

    Too much result yaarrrrrrrr………….!!!
    Hii……!!!!Congratulations Faisal Khan…..!!!!!!!! U are my favourite contestant in DID Lite Master 2012.
    DID little master winner Faisal Khan deserve karta hai because he was such a fabulous performer. But I am not satisfied from proper result because om does’nt deserv to be in 2nd postn. An i think soumya should get 2nd and jeet third because saumya n jeet…both are sach a fabulous CONTESTANT.
    ….Also Congrats to all other CONTESTANTS with their BRILLIANT performance….
    ALL INDIA PROUD……!!!!!



    well Sad News For Geeta & Marzi Lover’s “HaHa”

    (The dance show will be mentored by Farah Khan, Geeta Kapoor and Marzi)

    but i felt Due to Farah Khan Entry, is not easy for Geeta Kapoor to fulfill her wish the fron of farah khan.

    really me tu sooch sooch kr hi Hans raha ho abhi sy 😉
    Geeta Aunty Be careful Now, It’s Farah Khan, Your Mummy are there 😛


    Dance k Super Kids me
    Farah Khan, Geeta Kapoor Or Marzi Mentor hongy Lol 😀

    Ab Aay ge real tafreeh, with dishum dishum


    Jay and Shriya Acharya to host Dance Ke Superkids


    1st Season, Remo k Rangelay Salman WIN, & Prince part of Remo Team,
    2nd Season, As a Skipper he will Make It the History, Many Congratulation To Prince Gupta & Faisal Khan. i am happy for Prince too. :)

  • amy jacky

    congrattssss..faisal..:) really happy for u..u deserve this..and congos to om, rohan, soumya n jeet..!!!!

  • Sonia Rawat

    Thanx Vinay for reading ma post and appreciating it…..we really need to understand ki jahan bhi janta ki voting hoti hai..waha result bhi janta par hi depend karta hai…so result has been made by us only… lets stop blaming the judges who did not have the power to stop even the elimination of those contestants who were quite good and deserverd to be in the finals like shalini….how difficult it must be for them…..shalini was under rated by the audiences who never voted for her………nd jin baba did u really mean that u r happy for prince and faisal?………nd yes geeta and marzi lovers are faran khan lovers too:)


    after watching at soumya performance…OMG she deserve to be the winner…….fullstop.

  • melrose rocks

    rohan perfomance were awesome…n dks promo were spectacular…but saumya should have dance…
    rohan is truely prince of slow motion
    geeta simply over usual…n she acted that she was sad for saumya…bullshit like hell..
    saumya should have get 2

  • san subba

    saumya :(

  • san subba

    Jin BaBu # u won
    i lost :(

    saumya lost is equal as i lost :”(

    and dksk may saumya toh hay na?
    aur raghav k sath kun hoga did 1 ko guide karney k liye?

    and u kiddin na marzi aur geeta phir se?

    • JIN_BABA

      HaHaHa… 😀
      Abbay Kaddo Shakal Q Banaying 😛

      i told u my prediction gonna Rock 😉 , and this time successfully done. :)

      khair i also feel bad for Saumya Ranked on # 4 .. Eehhh kch Ziada hi Nichy kr dia Saumi ko, she is sho cute & innocent. yh OM ki bachy ki tu :D, chor ab, ju ho gaya so ho gaya, HaHa… i just smiling on Kruti HaHa… what she done? PoNkA, & got 2nd Rank 😛 , kruti ne buhat less dance karaya OM sy, khair Hope Raghav Nichoor Dyga choty ko in DKSK me LoL… San tension mat ly, DID1 ? season ko Mayuresh Lead kar raha hy, season 2 ko Aka Raghav Pa je 😀 , background me hongy buhat Dancers help krny ko, Fikar Not :) .

      Yeah it’s True that Geeta & Marzi back again 😐 .. i really feel that’s not good, mujhy tu lg raha hy Season 1 Vs Season 2 Takkar hogi tu hogi, Sath Me Geeta Ma Vs Farah Mummy Bhi Takray gee. HaHaHa.. really is gonna Fun to Watch 😀 .. Just Wait 😀

      • Priya Joshi

        JIN, its not fair the way u talking abt om. he is a small kid.

        • JIN_BABA

          Sorry …
          it’s just little funny comments to him, No Offense


    But Yh Season 1 k Contestant Ziada Mature hy season 2 say.. hmmmm.. i am waiting to see, how the both team perform .. 1st Episode me hi pata lag jay ga. Dono Team kA Dum 😀 ,

    well it’s really New Experience Specially for Faisal / Jeet & OM to Work in under Raghav Pa ji Choreo. also their are the Team with Raghav to help him for Choreograph.

    I Notice when Faisal & Rohan perform together in Finale, really looks so different, it seem like k 2 Dancer Different Moves k sath dance kr rahy hy. khair let c in DKSK, how they perform at the dance floor together. :)

  • san subba

    jo v ho saumya dksk mey faisal sey v aachaa kar ke dikha degi..!
    m counting on her..!

    Jin Babu..!
    contestant k baare may v toh batao na..! dksk ke..!

    mayursh gonna meet his son om :p

    om is betta than mayuresh in gymnastics..and ariel..!

    did 2 gonna rock..!

    • JIN_BABA

      lol kya yaad dila dia 😀
      Really Mayrush k Lia tu OM hi Kafi hy. “Laugh”

      lol Saumya Vs Faisal? 😛 wesy ab tu 1 Team ho kr fight dy gy season 1 ko 😀 , Hritik Roshan ka dance dekha hy? just notice Faisal & Hritik Dance Move 😀

      or kya batao, kafe kch tu upper bata dia, thora sabar karo. 😛

  • san subba

    jin babu contestant ka list pata hay toh share karo na DKSK.!

  • san subba

    but still i feel bad for my Saumya :(

    one more tym i saw that finale episode and wen saumya call saumya’s name in 4th position….no one believed…!
    c almost had tears in her eyes..
    but saumya….u r the winner for us and keep crocking :”)

  • Akshita Patil

    Faisal you r deserbing to be the winner……
    Your best of all……
    Love u a lot……………..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥:-*:-*:-*:-*

  • rajesh bhatti

    i like dance .

  • berny1412

    People are allowed to post their comments and if someone does not like it, it’s their problem. As long as there are no vulgar and racist comments posted here. We are all humans with different personalities and values; so let’s just respect each other whether we are Pakistanis, Nepaliese, Bengalis, Hindus at the end of the day we are all Indians and most of all human beings.

  • berny1412

    I for one like all the Judges except Geeta from day one until now because she is biased and prejudiced with her comments and remarks because she always expects her team members to win. Judges should care about all the contestants irrespective of who they are. As a mentor, you should be mentoring children of all ages. Jeet has potential for someone his age as much as Soumya and Om. To me they are all heroes and heroines in your own right. Let’s hope they are all given equal opportunities to shine.

  • berny1412

    No offence to you Geeta but I do not like your style of judging. I prefer Remo and Terence because they are so professional in their comments and remarks. Mithunda of course always remains Geeta’s fan. The politics in DID must stop if you want to garner support from the public. Everyone knows what goes on behind the scenes. Salman Khan, I salute you for being such a supporter of DID especially with the children who adore you. You go down to the children’s level and bring out the child in you. Skippers for the DID Little Masters 2012 I also salute you for incorporating new styles of dancing and being innovative – Well Done!

  • keerthana reddy

    everyone rocked in did lil masters but anyone only will be a winner
    faisal deserve as a winner i had a hope that soumya will be in 2nd next to soumya rohan and next to rohan jeet and next to jeet om

    faisal-mumbai ki shaan
    soumya-japanee gudiya
    rohan-simple and super
    jeet-looks like a mouse but dance like a michael jackson
    om-atom bomb
    love u all

  • Rub Tahir

    I thnk result are not fair……i was shocked when i heard saumya’s name on 4th.n om just knows about stunts.i thnk saumya should be on 1st or atleast 2nd.geeta everytime supports faizal faizal n just faizal.geeta always supports faizal which is not fair. Om and saumya’s position should b switched…

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