Dance Ke SuperKids starting 25th August

Dance Ke SuperKids starting 25th August

Dance ke SuperKids is starting on 25th August which will continue for five weeks. Little Masters Contestants from Seeason one and Season 2 will compete against each other in Dance Ke Superkids. Geeta Kapor and Farah Khan will be the judges for the show. Jeetumoni, Vaishnavi, Ruturaj and Atul from DID Little Masters Season 1 and Faisal, Soumya, OM and Jeet from DID Little Masters Season 2 will form the two teams. Dharmesh Yelande, Mayuresh Wadkar and Vrushali Chavan are the choreographers for Season 1 team while Raghav Juyal, Prince Gupta and Kruti Mahesh are the choreographers for Season 2 team. Jay Bhanushali and Shreya will host the show with no eliminations.

To watch the first promo of Dance Ke Superkids please visit Dance India Dance Fanclub

Faisal and Raghav while promoting the show in Lucknow assured the audience that it will be a full of entertainment and dance. Watch the complete video here.

Raghav and Faisal Dance Ke Superkids


    thumbs up! 😛

    Eid Mubarak Admin

    • Gopali Verma

      Eid mubarak to u tooo
      for this season we can comment together because faisal and rohan are together with Raghav….

      jsut see now how raghav brings the best out of faisal

      • a s

        agree with gopali… waiting to watch faisal perform under raghavs mentor-ship

  • Love

    Season1 will easily crush over Season2.. 😛
    show atul, jeetumoni, vaishnavi and ruturaj..they r grown up..ATUL what a height…
    it will be fun to watch

  • devi prasad

    what about contestant Rohan and skipper Jai…o.O

  • melrose rocks

    Hey , rohan is also in dance ke superkids la n if i’m not mistaken vatsal n shalini r also in dks !!!!!

  • Darshan patel

    What about other contestants in both seanson 1 n 2 ???????

    n good to see Dharmesh back….:)

  • Sasmita Nayak

    Om and Jeet are totally incredible…ans soumya is the worst one …even shalini and shreya are much tallented than soumya rai..she does not even deserved to be in Grand Finale…she came to finale because of some shorts of stupid and foolish people like u all who support soumya..

    • Gopali Verma

      season 2 is over so get over it

    • san subba

      such a shame shame comment..!
      saumya was the best and c is saying saumya was worst..?
      i think c is talking about herself.. 😛

    • RadhaPriya Maharaj

      I totaly disagree with you Sasmitaji how can you say that… i mean she has way more talent than you even though she is smaller than you…she was in the finale because she deserves it. Who are you to say who deserves it or not you are not a judge. We are not foolish because we support her I think you are foolish because you dont support her.

      **People only dislike other people because they are jealous of them…maybe because they are more talented than them thats they dislike them

  • melrose rocks

    @ sasmita u have to he kidding.. Saumya is much more talented than shalini o shreya…saumya is a versatile dancer not like shreya …she oni got a lot energy but her dance not nice at all. N shalini ..she is oni expresion queen… U have to be paronoid if u tell saumya is not good..she is better than jeet n aso om!!!!! ..

    • Roslind Arokiasamy

      sasmita what you mean by saying saumya is worst i think something wrong with u do you know anything about dance ?

  • melrose rocks

    @sasmita u better go n check ur eyesight…u dont have any knowledge about dance if u say saumya is not good…n u r foolish n paronoid if u cant see saumya is a versatile dancer n better than participants : )

  • pi_nk

    @Sasmita, you’re kidding right?? Weird

  • rusha banerjee

    every1 of d 5 finalist deserved 2get chance in finale…..but faisal deserved 2win that………….

  • Manisha Gupta

    Realy its disgustng widout neerav sir he z gd one in contemprary n sad thng 4 evry neerav fans n mis u a lot sir….god bles u always.

  • Manisha Gupta

    Pls brng neerav sir back in dks…pls pls mis u sir..

    • Gopali Verma

      i dont knw why ppl are called upon as Sir especially Neerav Sir, Dharmesh Sir….

      guys i don want to sound stupid, although i may sound….

      Neerav and Dharmesh are of ur age or even younger than u, and by calling them sir, it seems tht they have done some PHD from YALE university or so
      so keep this respect to u,

      by watching the show u are giving important time of urs…. they are jsut perfroming for money and sake of art.

      do we ever call Amiir khan as Amir Sir or salman as salman sir

  • Darshan patel

    Try Neerav instead of Raghav for better choreography…

    I like Raghav but I like Neerav in choreography wise…

    N Dharmesh is best in all form both dance n his choreography…

    Can’t wait to watch faceoff between Jeetumoni n Faisal…

    • Gopali Verma

      @ Darshan:

      Jeet is a fab dancer….
      Neerav screwed it up with him….

      Look at raghav with 2 contestants in the final.

      Neerav is in because of his contacts.. not because he is talented..

      • Manisha Gupta

        @gopali hw cn u say neerav z nt talntd????hv u evr cn his fabulous acts done by his kids??he gt gr8 apreciatns 4m al f d judges n many times he won bst performnce f d day n 4 god sake plz dnt say dat agn n evryone z talntd here n each one has his unique style here…n u said contacts n cn u xplain wat do u mean by cntacts???

        • Gopali Verma

          @ manish:

          his contestants were always on the red sofa…

          he did get the best out of jeet. jeet is bombastic dancer…. he could have won the show…. but neerav did not focus hard on him…
          he was on his mobile , laptop doing his side projetcts and not focusing….

          thts the reason why manish.

          i had realy high hopes from Jeet, because he was so talented, but its all up to the masters to raise the bar Manish. and as the season 2 progessed. his performancess got borer and borer and ppl lost interest in Jeet. this is all because of Neerav

          • Manisha Gupta

            @gopali by dis we cnt estimate him as untalntd…i thnk u r nt aware f d fab acts dne on rish-shreya,tanay-shreya,jeet-tanay…
            K i wil say u one thng 4 eg:if we considr he did mstly gymnastics n we also got bord by his stunts bt he bagd 2nd positn…wat says?????plz dnt estimate anyones talnt…plz its my humble rqst

          • Manisha Gupta

            @gopali i didnt mntn d name in d eg: its om chetri

          • rohit desai

            @ Goapli
            I totally agree wid you…

            First of all Neerav is not talented,On top of that he never worked
            hard. He was just on mobile, laptop or sleeping.

            Really jeet was boring through out the season.

            jeet and neerav dono bhi alasi hai..

      • Manisha Gupta

        @gopali i thnk u r a fan f raghav sir dats y u r saying these words….

    • Manisha Gupta

      Agree wid u darshan

  • batul

    hi all ,m frm pk n we all r big fan of DId. specialy raghuv baba,did season 2 wid inucent kids , skipers jay bhanoshali n all masters conversation made me laugh evry time by heart.mY luv is fr all did team season 2 team.n best of luc fr upcoming dance k super stars.

  • melrose rocks

    This saturday duet perfomance
    atul n anurag
    Mayurush n vashnavi
    Rohan n kruti
    Shalini n jeet

    Group perfomance
    Raghav ,kruti mayurush, vrushali n dharmesh dance on the song ao dekhe zara

    So let see who is going to crock,pop n rock the stage !!!!! Lol 😉

  • hema santhosh

    really very excited to see faisal choreographed by raghav and dying to see again rockstars rohan and soumya .BEST OF LUCK TO ALL KIDS.

    • Gopali Verma

      same herer

  • melrose rocks

    Tanay is in dance ke superkids!!! I’m so happy to see again cute tanay :)

    • Manisha Gupta

      Yeah he z so cool n gd at contemporary

  • spartans nikom

    only rohan has edge over other contestants because he is excellent in dance as well as stunts

  • san subba

    tanay is back.. wow and anuraag.. and my SAUMYA …. :)
    its gonna b a tuff fight..
    jeetumoni was best and now he is more and more better that last tym,,
    seems faisal is gonna suffer ha ha..

    a big hope in saumya 😀

  • nirmala khuman

    rohan will rock again… i hope this time judges will not stick to faisal and only faisal everytime… i do like faisal but rohan is much much better… i hope all the stupid dramas are not there in dance ke superkids.. we want to see dance and not dramas and those scripted funs!! hope we will get to see some proffesional and matured comments from the judges keeping aside their emotions (WHICH IS REALLY IRRITATING) just cant wait to see Rohan rocking again… and one last thing will definitely want to see Rohan and Faisal performing together…

  • manu gupta

    its gonna be a great competition…………very good to see atul again

  • Sudeep Samota

    OM you are great dancer nd i am a bigi fan of u nd thnx for talking with me i am so so so happy :-)

  • Sumit Sahu

    Dear Indians,
    We have performed a dance based on the theme, which u all mya like or may not. But we have performed at all over kolkata. accordong the theme we have got theme – sports & Youth theme. So if you relly want to watch these videos then u can watchout.

    Thankyou all

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