Dance India Dance Season 3 Winner *Rajasmita Kar*

Dance India Dance Season 3 Winner *Rajasmita Kar*

Dance India Dance Season 3 Winner Rajasmita kar could not believe it when she was announced as highest voted contestant during the Dance India Dance Grand Finale. We here at Dance India Dance Fanclub would like to congratulate you on your winning the ‘Dance India Dance Season 3′ for the year 2012 for your relentless and selfless performance this year. Let me congratulate you personally as well as on behalf of all your fans all around the world as well here at

The entire country knows you as a selfless hard worker and a great performer. The country has witnessed how you elbowed your way through all hardships and worked for the better performance every time. You really have been the beacon light for all those who want to follow your footsteps.

You have been working for the last couple of months day and night and proved that if people want to bring about the real change in their life they can do so. A lot of dancers have been observing your methods and learning a lot from your sheer determination. You have always been everyone’s ideal.

We hope we too do something worthwhile taking some inspiration from your work. We look forward to avail of your invaluable guidance in the dance industry in the coming future.

Once again hearty congratulations!

by dancefan2012

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  • didfan

    Rajasmitha should get 1st place for doing gymnastics not for the dance. No doubt this show is all fixed. Raghav in 3rd place, cant believe it.
    Raghav was in 1st postion so many weeks and how come now all of a sudden in 3rd position? They just wanted to make Geetha ma win.
    very bad.
    I lost all respect for DID.

    POOR INNOCENT RAGHAV. They brought him back to increase the TRP of the show, they used him and now gave him the 3rd position.
    who would watch DID with out Raghav.
    Raghav be careful in the future in your life. Dont let others take advantage of your talent.

    • dancefan2012

      Mr Venki, with all due respect I like Croc boy but as a King of Slow motion not as a versatile dancer. There were others on the show who were versatile but not as good as Croc boy in Slow motion and Croc boy was not as good as them in other form of dance. with just one form of dance you cannot win a show which is based on versatility…

      Final Voting is not rigged, its the result of the votes casted through net and phone, Croc boy has good fan following that doesn’t mean others do not have, Rajasmita is from Orissa, also she has her own fan following and voters and you would have seen a number of great dancers from Orissa as well in past.

      Please stop your criticism and respect everyone’s hard-work and look forward for Croc Boy in DID Lil Master’s season 2…

      • JIN_BABA

        Congratulation Rajasmita…
        Yh tu Hona hi tha :p

        anyways happy for her that the poor Village girl got Golden Cap.

        • samir kumar

          poor village girl defeated u…….sorry mr poor city personality………baba….sorry….tum baba ho jayo isi gam mein

          • rajeev mohapatra

            ur mentality is poor baby

          • Susanta Das

            Where are from you guys….
            I believe You all fill very bad ….
            Don’t worry wait next year for fighting…
            Give respect to talent…

            One more thing Rourkela is a cute city of ordisha..

        • little wonder

          She hails from Rourkela and thats not a village you dumb head. know the facts before you speak

          • samir kumar

            well said li’l wonder

        • Born2dance

          Excuse me…….for your kind info Rourkela is not a village,may be small but it’s a city.

          • Biplab Parida

            btw rourkela z nt a small city …

          • Bishnu Prasad

            It’s not a small city it’s a big city….a big steel plant is established here

      • crocroax_rulez

        We are not criticizing anyone… Rajsmita is a fabulous dancer and everyone knows it… Hell, she’s even better than Crocroax if you’re looking for a complete dancer… But the whole concept of voting means that you vote for YOUR favourite dancer not for the perfect dancer or for the most versatile dancer… You vote for whomsoever you like the most.. And i don’t know which world you’re living in… but in this world clearly Raghav has the biggest fan following and is loved by everyone.. so stop kidding yourself saying that the result was not rigged, trying to justify the result…

        • Krishna Nayak

          I am also a big fan of Raghav but I didn’t vote Raghav because I have seen him dance and I know he needs to work a lill bit more to be called a true versatile…

        • Born2dance

          Yeah….but he may not work hard if we give votes according to OUR favourite dancer.It’s for his betterment

        • Susanta Das

          Result knows every body Rajsmita,She is winner of this season-3,
          one more important thing everybody knows the format of this competition..

          20-20 cricket match u can’t find out the real talent but everybody like the 20-20 bkz the format of this game really good.

      • Deepali Bohra

        Enjoyed reading u through out the show! Love and respect to you!

        Agree to each and every word of urs here also!

    • Krishna Nayak

      Arrey yaar, I hat e if Raghav was brought to increase TRP… It is really so wrong..

    • Gurmit Minhas

      Yes, You are totally right! I will never see DID again! This was the last time. I am also a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan of Raghav! This is all fixed!
      This result is totally shocking.Raghav 3rd Place!!!!
      He was soooo many times the high voted contestent.I can´t believe this!
      Goodbye DID!I only have seen DID because Raghav were in the show!
      I have waited all these days for THIS result!?

      • DID Fann

        Man Just be a Human again and then look back all the dance forms, all the contestants have performed.
        In the last 5 finalists (Rajasmita, Raghav, Sanam, Pradeep and Mohena)

        Sanam is strong in ballet and he has done good in that. He attempted variations, but he still was not confident.
        Raghav is strong in his slow motion and he does that will a lot of ease. He also attempted different styles, but he was not there. Though I agreed That his signature style is Slow Motion, when he attempts other styles, he always tried to have one step of his slow motion. He is good for a unique dance talent show, but we as his fans need to let him know that, now that he is famous for his Slow motion, he also needs to complete learning the other dance forms, for him to remain as our Favorite.

        It will be immature for us to tell that, the polls were rigged, TRP, and all those senseless statement. Remember, by telling all these things, the winner decision is not going to change.

        I personally agree that Rajasmitha is a worthy winner, and the only reason is that she was willing and ready to adapt to new dance forms, and remember, she did not have a dance training support from any.

        I respect the opinions for all my DID friends, and so I would like other who are reading this to respect my opinion too.

        • Bishnu Prasad

          I am totally agreed with you…….really rajasmita deserved to win

      • Biplab Parida

        u should not see .. it z a voting series . and rajsmita z d winner . dats true … yanna rascal . mind it ………

    • samir kumar

      do u have ne knowledge regarding gymnastics and dance??!!!!sorry that u lack a lot……………..better luck next time………i m sorry 4 u dat u lost man…….DID doesn’t decide by its own’s a public show n d result came 4m d audience… it??!!

      poor observer and very poor voter…..sorry

    • annu mota

      very true brother,

      Bechara raghav, sabne maar li uski.

      hum dada dada kar rahe the. dada ne dikhe diya bada danda.

      It is not wrong that our country having dirty politics in everything.

      and also dirty mind of all politician and also DID JUDGES AND MEMBERS.

      We do not trust mithun any more.

      No thanks to stupid peoples.

      • amit ray

        She knows many dance steps and can also dance classical dance whether Raghav can do that. The way Raghav dances I have seen those dance in Road shows where some beggars would be performing in US.

      • Mahendra Josya

        Annu Mota…if not for Dada….he could not have been back to the show, and could have been thrown out in the mega auditions itself…
        Show some respect….and it really doesn’t matters, if we lose such a jack like you from the audience.

    • joba brahma

      i love Raghav’s dance.i love Rajasmita’s dance too.I knew that even Raghav have not won DID3 “Takdir Ki Topi”, he will always be a winner like Prince.So Dont Feel bad friends.He has a bright future.And Rajasmita is a very hardworking girl and have a talent for Versatile dancer. So i m happy for her winning DID Season 3.

    • amit ray

      Persons like you only knows how to criticize others. Every dance step involved has some relation with gymnastics. You don’t have any knowledge of dancing but you do possess knowledge of criticizing. A girl has won the award so you cant tolerate it. She has got so many votes and i assure you there will be less than 10% votes from Orissa. her fans are across india. She was already 1st position as was declared in previous shows.
      Rajasmita can do all types of dances but Raghav can only do the slow robotic dance which any roadside boy can do. Rajasmita is versatile unlike Raghav who knows only one type of dance. She is hardworking, innocent and above all an excellent dancer who improved a lot on her dancing and keeps on improving day by day. try to appreciate others rather than ridiculing.

      • priyanka chandel

        good one amit thats true

    • Ranjan Mishra

      By saying raghav as the winner u are telling all audience who r watching DID r fool and u r intelligent………….

    • evleena


    • shivdev

      At last a true Indian win.

    • Shailendra Singh

      if you talking about Raghav then i would say that juts remove the slowmition from Raghav then you see where is Raghav

      if you are not understood the dance then no need to watch DID

      do not claim to DADA

    • katrina khan

      You are very right didfan. This competition is fixed. They are making public fools. First season winner is of Remo, Second season winner is of Terence so third season winner must be of Geeta…got it now, to satisfy all. Voting all is humbug. We are fools watching such fixed competitions. Zee Tv is making fools of us.

    • visham

      Raghav was indeed the best. But if u really like his dance and want to see more of him in future, then this falls right.Remember SALMAN and SHAKTI. They are almost DESERTED , bcoz DHARMESH SIR and SIDDESH keep on coming in Shows and becoming even more popular.

    • shridhar gavali

      I too lost the respect for DID, I’m dam sure you are right even when I tried to vote for Raghav online, it was blocked to vote for Raghav but I could vote for others. The results were fixed. They used Ragav just to increase there TRP. I like Marzi Sir he is too good, now they are using him for there TRP in little masters and Raghav will assist Marzi Sir great.

  • didfan

    Who is Mr.Venki here?
    Even I have respect for Rajasmitha. Congratulations. But danceing is done with grace and expressions right.

    • dancefan2012

      Typo error – Vineet became Venki… I am not in a mood of getting into argument now. The show is over… I am eagerly waiting for DID Lil Masters. I enjoyed the audition of Lil Masters and want to see the Dhamal on the stage this season of Lil Masters. So I would allow people to vent till they vent all their anger, hopefully the right way…

      An Advice to all the Guys and Girls,

      Comments maybe under moderation so there is no need to resubmit your comment again.
      Do Not Post links to other websites; your account will be banned immediately.
      Spam, Abuse and Personal Attacks will lead to immediate ban.

      Please don’t make me sweat in removing or banning any of you guys. We love your support and hope you guys do the same in future…

  • tanvee shah

    Rajasmitha wins DID.. again a Girl wins d Cap..!!
    to all the dance lovers.. keep ur spirits high.. luv wat u do.. respect dancing.. n do all u can to make all d dancers around the world to be proud fo being a dancer..!!
    cheers to the luv n passion for Dance..!!

    guyz plz stop arguing over who is d winner..


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  • Krishna Nayak

    Rajasmita was the winner and she won it… Versatility scores over uniqueness… I love Raghavs uniqueness… He is awesome as a dancer..

    Fandid, what else can we do, nothing but sulk.. How many weeks did Raghav stay as number 1 n how many weeks did Rajasmita? Everybody in the top 5 are winner..

    If I would hav chosen, it would be Pradeep at the top and not Raghav.. He is the most versatile among the top 5. Then I would have chosen Rajasmita for taking risks, challenging herself n working hard to become versatile.. I had great expectations from Sanam n Mohena when they started out. But, their routines somewhere didn’t click.. N abt Raghav, I admire him.. He is a sweet guy.. very very unique.. I wish I had a brother like him… He needs to be more versatile in other forms too..

    Happy, that Rajasmita won, disappointed bcoz I expected Pradeep to win.. Don’t worry Raghav, we love you…

    • Mahendra Josya

      I echo you Krishna….huge Pradeep fan. And as said, Sanam was expected but gradually failed.


    Raghav Crockrox Fan’s don’t be disappointed bcoz Raghav got a Choreographer job in DID Production house, and he choreograph Children for DID Little Master 2nd season, so you can see again Raghav not a dancer but as a Choreographer Alone Prince R Gupta (season 1 contestant)

    • Aamaal Naanah

      happy to hear that croc boy got a place in DID production house…best of luck to pradeep and rajasmita on their new found fame and success…

  • mamet007

    well said krishna nayak… croc boy is very good but not the best.

  • Badri Narayan

    congratulations Rajsmita……

  • Sukesh Dash

    Well i am from UK and i have watched all the DID performances.I personally selected Rajasmita and Pradeep as the DID winner and it happened.Pradeep won the silver cap as well.As far as Raghav is concerned as somebody earlier said he is the king of the slow motion and has come up with an unique dance style and he is gonna thrive in the same.However if you see all his performances he is not a versatile dancer.He just incorporated the same slow motion dance to all his performances to garner more support and it did work for him to take him to final.In fact Sanam was better than him in terms of versatility.Not everyone is just plain mad not to notice the same.When anybody cast their vote they do it for 2-3 contestants as i did it for Pradeep and Rajasmita.Rajasmita was a performer.She performed difficult dance moves Lyndy hop,Senorita song,Locking popping,Pot dance.Only Pradeep came close.I just can’t see anybody rigged the results.She deserved to win.Nevertheless Abhik was deserved to be in final in place of Mohena.Paul was also a surprise elimination.After all it is a reality show and it can’t be perfect.

  • Jamil Janeef

    As much of a fan i am of DID- i really lost a whole of respect for this show- dont get me wrong- the show this season seemed scrpted from the first episode- everyone seemed unreal. some of the best dancers were let go of within the first few weeks of the show- for exmaple Varun and both Sneha’s- though i lost interest when i came to know who were going to the finals i still followed the show to see the end result. i think somewhere deep down inside everyone kind of knew that a contestant from Geeta’s team will win this year. though RajSmita was a very good dancer and i really enjoyed watching her i dont think she was the most deserving. last week her performance on Aaja Nachle was nothing out of this world. i truely felt that Varun, and both the Sneha’s should have been kept on the show. well whats done is done- i think the show used a lot of good talent just to bring up the TRP ratings for exmaple Neerav and Raghav. i mean come one- how can people choose Sanam over Neerav?! really??? i guess this is just another scripted fake show- advertising KHUSHIA BAATNA DANCE KE ZARYE- its more like SHOCK DENA SUBKO RESULTS KE ZARYE! good luck DID and congrats RAJSMITA.

  • apjak920543

    wish you a very happy bright future RAJASMITA…… CONGRATULATIONS…

  • Darm K

    Hi everybody out there, I am from Europe and I always used to see DID bcuz I love to see it….nodoubt India has got such a big and fantastic platform for dancing talents and stars like SYTYCD show.Doesnt matter or it changes a lot when that girl Rajmith was announced as final winner…Im happy for everyone that all 5
    are super..I saw almost every episodes through youtube..its also strange to note that upto million & thousands hits were for that techno guy Cockroz on youtube..and someone else won on collective voting system ??..big Strange for me.I see Cockroz as an international level dancer cuz I have seen some bollywood styls dance that others 4 contestants do..I also saw cockroz doing such bollywood styles during the DID show but I didnt see the rest 4 that they can do Cockroz style…I think he is true versatile talent than Rajmith ..I read some reply above pointing to that girl as a versatile..I think cockroz is pioneer & unique of his style and its fresh original.Anyway whosoever the winner,India keeps going on with the show.

  • shohab_shah

    It’s utterly disappointing that Rajasmita has won DID season 3 thus achieved the golden hat when clearly the deserving contestant was Raghav aka crockroax who’s totally an amazing dancer and has a unique + creative dance style which I am positive no one else has or has done upto this season! The DID is all FIXED and has always been which I realized today as in last two seasons (Remo) winning the first season and Terrence winning the 2nd season therefore mithun decided that Geeta should be a winner for this season (so it’s balanced off between masters) thus they didn’t give a shit about whatever janata voted for and totally ignored what they said so decided who they wanted to see as a winner which is just horrendous. I can assure that DID little master winner would be someone from raghavs team as in last season Dharmesh didnt win season 2 but jeetumoni won the season just to make up for the first loss. Wake up people they are playing games with us thinking we don’t know nothing but in actual fact we are the ones who’ve created such game!!! Although people said it’s all fixed in past two seasons I didn’t believe it cause it would be just unfair to predict as such but now it is clear enough to prove the fact. Did Little master is NOT FIXED as the decision made for them is not biased hence reveals a true winner!!!!!!!!XD

  • jeeten1011

    congras rajasmita,u deserve to win by many ways,n versality.all the best.finally my vote was valuable this year and i,m so happy that my voted contestant is 1st and 2nd.cheers.hip hip hurray.don,t worry cockroax fan,but he is not versatile.i like him n i was wished for him to bring back in dance k,rajasmita has 100% capability for winner in my view.

  • Shamik Chanda





  • Indie Dude

    Congrats Rajasmita and Pradeep, you are the lucky ones..

  • virginie

    1st of all, congrats to Rajasmita for winning the Grand Finale.

    I’ve been to the venue myself (real live) and I saw her in front of me warming up before her aerial act doing tens of pushups better than a man, straight like a piece of wood and so fast, then jumping on site like if her legs were springs. This girl is really strong and determined.

    Congrats also to Pradeep to have scored 2nd place. He is also a very determined, strong and versatile dancer and he worked really hard to achieve the level he got.

    Congrats also to Raghav for getting 3rd position, he is creative, unique and versatile, and he has this innocence and kindness of heart and these communication skills that have captivated laks of people.

    But, dear friends, let me disagree with the ranking of the Finale, and I will explain why.

    Every candidate has his/her own qualities. Even if some people here in this forum claim that Raghav is not versatile enough, forgetting that the others are not unique and creative enough, and forgetting that Raghav is unique, creative AND versatile, this is NOT the point that I wish to discuss.

    I only want to talk about the votes.

    If the votes of anyone by just giving a miss call or clicking on the internet page have decided who was the winner, then I was shocked to hear the results of DID3.

    In the venue, I have heard how Raghav was cheered by the majority of the people there:

    Anytime Raghav appeared on scene, people would cheer him.
    Any dance move he was doing, people would get crazy about him and cheer him.
    Anytime his name was mentioned, people would cheer him.
    And when the anchors were asking “who will be the winner?”, it seemed that all the 25,000 people present there were screaming as one person: RAGHAV!!!!!!…

    It’s strange that this cheering is almost inaudible in the videos… But still, if you increase the volume and you pay attention, you can hear it in the background… At least when Manish asked Rajasmita’s fans who will win (just before her performance), one can clearly hear in the video people in the background screaming RAGHAV!!!! Everyone was sure Raghav would win…

    So when they started announcing 5th and 4th positions, I thought everything was normal as it was matching with the votes that have been recorded all these 8 weeks:

    (4 times NUMBER 1)
    (2 times NUMBER 2)
    (2 times NUMBER 3)
    (0 times number 4)
    (0 times number 5)

    2nd highest voted = Rajasmita
    3rd highest voted = Pradeep
    4th highest voted = Sanam
    5th highest voted = Mohena

    But in the Grand Finale, they said the contestants have scored:

    Mohena (5th) = 1’51,335 votes.
    Sanam (4th) = 15’77,511 votes…
    And then, oh surprise!
    Rajasmita gets 45’89,030 votes,
    Pradeep gets 34’94,361 votes and
    Raghav gets ONLY 34’81,685 votes, 11 LAKS LESS VOTES THAN RAJASMITA and even less than Pradeep????? What is that????? It’s UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

    We all know the enormous fan follower Raghav had during the entire season, the lakhs of fans in facebook and the views and likes on youtube, which are MUCH HIGHER than ANY of the other dancers…

    Then how come 11 laks of people would suddenly change their mind the last week and stop voting for Raghav and start voting massively for Rajasmita? And more for Pradeep than Raghav???

    It does not make any sense to me. Absolutely not.

    in the near past, some people said in this forum that this and that contestant will be eliminated in the near future because they don’t generate TRP (Abhik), some other will be eliminated because their own academy wanted her out of DID (Sneha G), that they took Raghav back in the wild card only to increase the TRP…

    Some even said that removing Raghav and taking him back in the wild card was a strategic move planned in advance to create a drama situation and to generate more TRP because from the very beginning, Raghav was already popular…

    They even said that there will be a surprise on the finale…

    Besides, in this forum, many said that the show is scripted and rigged, especially when Raghav was winning.

    In this forum, some people also made calculations comparing the 1st positions in DID 1 and DID 2 saying that according to those positions, Geeta will win Season 3 in order to even the results of each season and make win all the 3 masters, 1 season after the other… What was that???

    If this was true, then what for were we voting??? What was the use of voting if it was decided long back that Geeta will win with Rajasmita??? (as Abhik was removed, who knows why)

    I am not saying this dancer is better and this other one is worse, I am also not speaking about versatility versus uniqueness and creativity, I am not comparing the dancers. I am just saying that there is something wrong in this finale as:

    1) It is not matching at all the fan crowd of each contestant during the entire season.
    2) It is not matching the previous results during the entire season.
    3) It is not matching the atmosphere of the venue of the Grand Finale.
    4) It is proving that when people said the show was rigged, they were right.

    Moreover, people who vote were not supposed to be experts in dance, people were voting according to what and whom they liked most, a personal choice, their favorite candidate, whom they related to, whom they started loving.

    In order to vote, there was no question of qualification, education, language or culture, therefore it was not required to know the basics of dance. Anybody could vote. And I am not sure that everybody who voted would have had such requirements as “versatility, uniqueness” or whatever. The vote was mostly emotional.

    Therefore, there is no question of justifying that this dancer is said to be versatile and this other is said to be unique… The versatility or uniqueness was NOT in cause, the voters were not masters of dance.

    The result was not supposed to be decided by the masters nor the grand master. So why to talk about qualities or lack of qualities in the contestants?

    Then, I really wander why DID3 gave 3rd position to Raghav.

    Coming back to what I have witnessed, even when Rajasmita won, the public did not cheer as much as they cheered Raghav… I really thought Rajasmita would have huge fan follower, but that was not what it appeared in the venue of the Finale.

    Based on the facts explained above, I feel the results were unfair. I don’t wanna say the show was rigged or the decisions were biased, but serious elements make us think that unfortunately, only that could explain the results of DID3.

    • aashish24


      You logic is good but you missing two things:

      1) Raghav is very popular among you crowd ( children and teenagers ), I am not sure how popular he is with mature crowd ( 30 + )
      2) If you are counting that he was highest voted contestant 4 times, how do you know if that was not fixed.

      I like Raghav but if we think for a moment, other contestants performed so many dance forms and they performed really well. So I think this result is justified ( fixed or not fixed ). And by the way no one loose as I think everyone got something out of it.

      If you ask me what surprised most is that Raghav becoming a teacher for kids..really? I have to see how he is going to teach various dance forms to these kids…but you never know, he is talented.

      • aashish24

        Sorry had typos..


        You logic is good, but you are missing two things:

        1) Raghav is very popular among you crowd (children and teenagers), but I am not sure how popular he is with mature crowd (30 + )

        2) If you are counting that he was highest voted contestant 4 times, how do you know if that was not fixed?

        I like Raghav but if we think for a moment other contestants performed so many dance forms and they performed it really well. So I think this result is justified (fixed or not fixed). And by the way, no one loose as I think everyone got something out of it.

        If you ask me what surprised most is that Raghav becoming a teacher for kids..really? I have to see how he is going to teach various dance forms to these kids…but you never know, he is talented.

        • virginie

          Well, thank you for the compliment, I am certainly not a teenager nor in my 20s LOL

          Regarding the logic, yes, we have to suppose the previous votes were not rigged.

          But even if they were all rigged in the past too, still it does not change the other facts:
          -Raghav’s huger crowd following than anyone on facebook and youtube (not controlled by DID)
          -Raghav toped all the polls (not controlled by DID)

          And to perform “well” is a very subjective term when it comes to emotions, and even to knowledge…
          And I don’t think the poor people in the rural areas handle the same concepts than us about uniqueness and versatility, and I already proved that whether it is true or not about versatility, it was certainly not taken in account by the rural people.

          -Most of the people were cheering Raghav on the venue of the Finale (not controlled by DID)

          I might be wrong but it seems to me that the teacher’s position could be a consolation prize if they already had decided before hand that Raghav would not win despite of his huge crowd of followers.

          If we have to believe in votes, what you or me think is just that, one vote (or many if using many mobiles or computers), but I sincerely believe that the laks of people voting in the rural areas don’t care or don’t know about technicalities. They identify or not. They feel related or not. They feel he/she represents his/her area. Simple. Nothing to do with technicalities.

          I wish Raghav all the best with the kids and I trust him. Raghav is intelligent and creative enough to prove himself as a choreographer.

          In other hand, whenever Raghav or Terence are there, there will certainly be TRP… So I wander if this has not be taken in account too.

      • pi_nk

        Actually, you can’t say that when Raghav made first position 4 times it was fixed, because if you remember, he got first position after his “tujh bhula diya” performance where the judges said they wanted to see something new, and again after his “dil dey diya” performance, where the judges barely praised him, even comments from grand master were bitter after Raghav’s “dil dey diya” performance (all he said was “transition ka matlab jantey ho?”). Therefore, if it was fixed during the season, Raghav would have been out after his “dil dey diya” performance, but his fans kept him in.
        I’m not in India so I watched DID finale the day after, we can’t say the show was fixed just because our fav contestant didn’t win, but sometimes, the facts point a different direction (like Virginie pointed out), and when I heard Raghav was 3rd position, my heart just fell into my stomach, and believe me, millions of people around the world were probably going through the same thing…
        As for your question about him teaching little kids different dance forms, Raghav (from all the skippers) seems to be doing the best job in DID Lil Masters, his team (Saumya and Rohan) have gotten the Performance of the day the most throughout the show, and his team (espicially Saumya) has shown the most versatility, so he is doing a good job at teaching kids different dance forms.

    • Born2dance

      Well,you know what virginie it’s not bcoz of 11 lacs didn’t vote Raghav but bcoz 11 lacs VOTED Rajasmita.The people of Odisha are such,they always make their state proud and the true talent shine out of the crowd………

      • virginie

        I do not believe in that. Even Raghav buttons were blocked on the site … This whole concept of voting was boycotting Raghav!!!! One might think it’s a technical issue, but then not to solve it is done purposely… If at all the votes had anything to do with the results.

        According to you, 11 laks of people from Orissa who never had voted during the 4.5 months of DID3 suddenly awoke the last week and voted Rajasmita???

        No, it does not make ANY SENSE.

        In my review, I was not talking about talent, I was only talking mathematical and undeniable facts, numbers, vote numbers, poll numbers, internet pages and fans numbers, public numbers, all massively in favor of Raghav, from the very beginning till the end…

        And if we have to talk about talent, don’t compare the true talent…

        The only dancer whose name will be remembered will be RAGHAV, because he is a CREATOR and he has created a NEW STYLE…

        If you know anything about arts, just skills are forgotten, only uniqueness is remembered, be it in music (MOZART), painting (PICASSO), sculpture (GIACOMETTI), architecture (GAUDI), just to name fews unique artists… and this applies also to dance (MJ)…

        And Raghav is immensely loved, winner or not of DID3, he has won 1st place long back in the HEARTS of most of the people, and it will remain like that.

        • breganza 11

          Hi Virginie….would like to convey my genuine admiration towards you for the sheer clarity of thought with which you have put forward your points and the passion with which you follow every counter argument put forth to your line of thoughts. One thing that specially makes me respect you immensly is that you are not taking digs at the winner on basis of regional , ethnic or physical countenance and giving sole respect to her talent as a dancer. I can see people coming up with statements like rajasmita is only remembered in orissa, that she garnered sympathy votes that her presence in the entire season was almost non-existential. That is the reason why i choose to reply you rather than somebody else .
          So we’ll just move ahead with the simple math….my family comprises of 12 members who use mobile phones. We have all voted for rajasmita , pradeep , and paul throughout the season. In my locality i can almost confirm that there would be atleast 100 other such families which would have voted for rajasmita in the last week, in a radius of 1 km from my home.and in the city i assume very safely , wherein there are atleast 26-27 other localities , 5 other localities with same family dynamics might have voted for rajasmita. that brings the tally of votes to 12 * 100 * 5 = 6000. There are again more than 15 districts in my state, i am from Andhra, but for now, lets say people from 5 districts voted for her then the calculation arrives at 6000 * 5 = 30000 votes in a day. So if you assume the same kind of voting behaviour for 7 days given the aggressive voting during the last week, the tally comes to 30000 * 7 = 210000 votes from Andhra. That too taking the least no of districts , least number of families into account. Now, what i fail to understand from your logic is that , even if we discard 110000 votes from the above reached calculation and reach a tally of 100000 votes, then why cant the people of orissa vote 11 lakh votes given the massive campaigning for rajasmita in the state, her fan following amongst people from all strata of society, around 30 districts in the state. i believe they obviously can..and that is usually what happens in reality shows where participants are backed by people from their states and community which is expected..for example when Indian Idol 3 winner Prashant tamang also got massive votes from people of the north east. so what doesnt make ANY SENSE to you at all makes PERFECT SENSE to me. But that’s my opinion..and i dont wish to shove it down your throat. Because that’s not where i believe you have erred in your judgement.
          what i believe is that people are remembered not for their unique talent, but for the kind of grit and hard work they have put into their vocation,the way they have challenged conventional mindsets in society and the way they have improvised themselves and evolved over time. That is the reason why i support Pradeep , Paul and Rajasmita because they have always done something new and have had the guts to take on a challenge throughout the season. In raghav’s Arial act, we saw slow motion, in his contemporary act, we saw slow motion, in his bollywood act, we saw slow motion, in his folk dance , circus magician act and other forms he tried, he did not match upto standards, on the other hand people like Pradeep , paul, Rajasmita continously challenged themselves, sought out for new things from the word go.Rajasmita was heavy on the prop thing but did a lot of other dance forms which in my opinion were a step ahead than that of Raghav, Abhik during the last phases did some outstanding acts which would put many participants to shame, Sanam had the guts to do a robotic dance for the penultimate week , despite it being a completely opposite dance form as compared to the technique he excels in..My goodnes..hats off to him..he’s a real braveheart..but Raghav..without the slow motion..i dont believe he could have existed long in the show. I feel bad for peole like Abhik and specialy Paul..who i beleive was a powerhouse of talent,the raw energy of Sneha G..all this got scarificed because of the REPETITIVE and HYPED slow motion of RAGHAV…. as about you perception of uniquness in any field, People also remember the likes of Sudha chandran , Dada Saheb Phalke ,Tiger Ali pataudi , Joe frazier who evolved with time and made a mark for themselves despite their personal shortcomings. I obviously dont want to compare any of the participants with these people of incredible self belief in themselves but would just like to point out its not just unique and talented people but people who persevere are more special. And to me PRADEEP RAJASMITA were two of the people who fit the bill…bang on!!!..continually persevering, continuosly evolving.

          People will fade away with time,and so will the fleeting moments of fame they have acquired, but if at all i’ll remember rajasmita , pradeep abhik, sneha G , sanam, will be because the chances they took..and the big hearts they had….Hats off!! and i am sure many more people will echo the same sentiments. Obviously not taking anything away frm Raghav….Kudos to him too…and best of luck to all of their future endeavours.

    • alimurad_pu

      i totally agree with Virgine….

    • samir kumar

      virginie………..i salute yr culture about DID ,good collection of data throughout the season……..nothing u can change being such a dukhiatma…….just accept wt happened……….take care virginie

    • virginie

      You are insulting Raghav and you are saying that I am lying? So you are also insulting me. You can think whatever you want but I do not know you and you have no right to pop up and speak so much nonsense about Raghav and doubt me.

      Besides, you dont know anything about History of Art, that’s a fact.

      And your vision is shortsighted…

      And I will not waste my valuable time with you. Don’t reply me.

      • suresh babu sekharan

        I think corrupt mind only suspects everything is corrupt like yellow fever.

        Rahul, your furnished points are cent percent true and I appreciate you for that.

        Please don’t insult Picaso and Mozart by comparing them with this Raghav as he is not even comparable with Abhik.

        As for wasting valuable time , everybody knows that who wasted time and space to support a slow motioner.

        • Sunil Sivaprasad

          I agree with Virgine as well. As a follower of famours reality shows including Americal Idol for long time, the poplarity voting does not just change in the finale. It mostly reflect the previous weeks especially a week before the finale. Forget about Versatily vz unique form( who cares). If you talk about Versatility there are more versatile dancer than Rajasmita in DID3 who got eliminated and there are more versatile dancers in previous seasons eliminated before finale as well.
          As far as the dance is concern Ragav is most talented dancer and ejoyable to watch than others and no one can question that. I am pretty sure he has more fans followed him than others and i do think he had more votes than others. Rajasmita is a good dancer no doubt but definetly not better or talented than Ragav.
          It looks they want to make Geeta to win this season. Audiance would have agreed if Darmesh win the DID2 that is the only season Geeta is close to win a finale. This year she did not have talent in her gang to win compare to other groups. Not to doubt Rajasmita’s talent I am surprised to see someone winning from Geeta’s group as I always feel she is very weak in talent compare to other masters with no creativity in choreography at all…
          In my view the result should have been: 1. Ragav 2. Pradeep 3.Rajasmita 4. Mohena 5. Sanam.

  • suresh babu sekharan

    Rajsmsitha is well deserved to be the winner and she won for her best talent, versatility and sheer perseverance. None of the finalists took the challenges as she did to be different and best in this season. Come on.

    As for Raghav’s fans, He is of course good in his own style, but that is not all enough for a good dancer. A complete dancer should be versatile, graceful and dedicated oneself completely to that art.
    If you watch Raghav carefully you can make out how week he is in other forms and with others and always being a slacker when he is demanded to be chllenging or risk taking.

    Through Rajsmitha’s winning it is proved that A girl child’s birth in a modest house of our country is also more blessed and worthy enough for her parents, village, state and the country to be proud of for a life time. Come on guys, let us celebrate for the victory of Rajsmitha, the so called humble village girl.
    May SHE be the role model for every aspiring girls of villages and cities across the country and globe.

    Three cheers for her.

  • jeedas07

    This was surprising, not impossible tough. The final competition was anyways between Raghav, Rajasmita and Pradeep. Mohina and Sanam were lost way long.

    • jeedas07

      We accept the result, but can we see a audited vote tally figures. Because according DID website poll, Raghav was much ahead, and the acutal result seems a very different output.

  • sv_pearl

    i hope they stop this public voting thing..all this drama of DID being scripted n al cud hav been avoided. besides, as some1 said, people vote for whom they like the most n not for the best dancer, which again defeats the whole purpose of having a dance competition. i really think the judges are the real dancers and they should decide who is the best…but again, these 3 masters cant decide coz they hav their own groups n again the whole bias issue wil come up…so only if mayb som1 else choreographed next time..if only the masters were given a chance to judge atleast the finals without having fingers pointed at them….

    • virginie

      you are right sv_pearl

  • joba brahma

    I m very upset this time.Why other contestants of DID3 are not performed any dance on Grant Finale? I thought they did not get any chance. AND Where is Salman and Sakti? They must had to perform on Grant Finale.So sad.This time i m feeling very bore watching this Grant Finale.Grant Finale was not Grant. It is just like a simple episode of DID. No Celebrity, no Salman, No Sakti, no good dance this time.

  • roshok

    First of all Congratulations to Rajasmita and good luck for all your future endeavors.

    As for as the discussion about the show being rigged..would like express my opinion as well as others..

    It is no secret that a lot of reality shows are rigged but no disrespect to the contestants who won the show in previous seasons, they were all fabulous dancers.

    Let’s take a look at the results of all 3 seasons:

    DID Season 1

    Remo 1st position (winner)
    Terence 2nd position
    Geeta 3rd position

    DID Season 2

    Terence 1st position (winner)
    Geeta 2nd position
    Remo 3rd position

    DID Season 3

    Geeta 1st position (winner)
    Terence 2nd position
    Terence 3rd position

    What a balanced voting from Public..Great!!
    Or should I say what a balanced act by Zee TV

    Keeping the results of the last two seasons in mind, this was supposed to happen. Geeta has to win this season. Zee has maintained a very clean wheel of position 1 for the mastrers in 3 seasons. Keep up the good work Zee TV!

    Finally, what matters to Zee TV is the revenue, they don’t care about the talent but of course the talents get the benefit from such platforms irrespective of their result(win or lose), which is a good thing for contestants.

    Rest is all up to your calculations! Anyway, I enjoyed the show.

  • suresh babu sekharan

    Why celebrities are required for a show performed by such celebrated dancers. They were already celebrities and any celebrities could be eclipsed by these stars’ charisma live on the stage. Moreover DID is such a show where a celebrity’s presence nor required to boost its TRP
    until unless they want to use this show to promote their product.

    As for contestants’ and previous winners performances, these are all outdated practice followed in every show. Zee may be wanting to be different and unpredictable in presentations this time.

    Of course there were good dances by Masters, Rajsmitha and Pradeep in the grand finale.

    And last but not the least, the grand master seemed to be really fallen for Geetha from his eyes and body language. If it’s scripted,
    then He is still a good actor.

  • rupen thapa

    All these reality show should define in one word called “CRAP”, Real talented contestant never wins, they make it big with that clout of voting. That brings huge profit for sloppy tv channels n SIM company.

  • js singh

    crocroaz mst win did3 i liked hhim nd wss a big fan !!!!i also think that he was brought fo increasing TRP of da show. he ws constanly on ist pos. from mny weeks nd then at final he wnt down to 3rd,this all was fixed.raghav is the bst and wil remain best forever……..

  • js singh

    the reality show[did3] ws fixed 4rom the starting of it

  • little wonder

    To all the people who think it was fixed, let me ask you..why would Zee tv or DID want to make Rajasmita a winner and not anyone else? I dont see what interest they have in being bias. There is a system and a team involved in the successful making of the show, its not run by a single man to have personal interest in making someone win. The audience support might be huge for Raghav at Grand Finale but those are few hundreds… there are people much more supporting Rajasmita and pradeep outside the auditorium. Hardwork pays and it sure did for her.

    • virginie

      1st, there were 25,000 people in the Grand Finale, not hundreds, and most of them were cheering Raghav more than anyone else.

      2nd, people think the show was rigged because they wanted to make win each master one season, to please all of them, and the only one who had not won 1st place was Geeta.

      3rd, Raghav’s online button was NOT working properly the last week before the selection of the 5 finalists and it continued not working properly during the week before the finale…

      Same with the mobile votes… I only could cast 1 vote during the entire week… Not everyday as it was supposed to be… The message I was getting was that I already voted for Raghav, even if I voted many days back…. The next days the vote was NOT counted anymore…And I believe it did not only happened to me, many people were complaining about that.

      4th, if the votes during these 8 weeks were really counted (outside the auditorium), people have voted more for Raghav than Rajasmita, adding all the votes of the8 weeks, Raghav was in 1st position.

      These are facts. Then where from suddenly a minimum of 11 laks of votes will come in favor of Rajasmita???

      It does not make any sense.

      • dancequeen25

        agreed absolutely!!!!!!!

      • alimurad_pu

        yup virgine , u r right Raghav online button is not working…Raghav have huge fan following too from outside the india. Like me my family and my friends and every person i know.and DID manipulative online result definitely…thats why he had got less vote other wise there is a huge difference between Rajismita and raghav votes(Raghav win the finale with a huge difference if online voting is not manipulating)

        • virginie

          Do not reply on my posts.

    • virginie

      As a matter of fact, it was not an auditorium, but a stadium.

  • Vivek Soreng

    Congrats to Rajasmita for her Victory.She has made the city Rourkela very proud by her performance….though my hometown is Rourkela a small city compares to others but its a Steel City its not a village.The city is a part of Orissa, where Art and Culture stays in the heart of everyone, and that the Steel Girl(Rajasmita) has shown on DID.To be honest i have never seen any episodes of DID3,but i was lucky i was able to watch the grand finale.The performance of all the participants thrilled me…but the decission was left upon audience,and the voting was done all over India.So why are we making complexion between these well fine dancers,they have long way to go….lets give them our best Wishes.

  • dancequeen25

    i had a big feeling this season that someone from Geeta Ki Gang would win……….but i was really disappointed with the results….

    when i vote i look at who i like the most……who is my favourite….i dont vote according to versatility or uniqueness……yes that is an adding factor…..but if i was to say who would win according to versatility it would be either sanam or pradeep……but acc to uniqueness there is no doubt that Raghav would win…..

    but i think we are forgetting that yes Raghav was taken into DID to increase the TRP but also he cant be a bad or a non versatile dancer n get into DID!

    acc to the votes on this site…Raghav is the clear winner….but what i cant seem to understand is that here he has gotten some 4000 votes or so and by phone calls n some other site he has gotten some 34 lakhs of votes…so if u add that up he has 34 lakhs and 4000 votes…… its not like the other ppl could have voted for rajasmita and pradeep……….n i mean more than crocroaxz.

    so im just saying that if they r trying to cheat the audience then 1)its not working n 2)its just hurting their name in the industry….

    but now since our own Raghav has gotten into the choreographing business with DID it will give him alot more choreographing chances……….n i think all of us r forgetting..well maybe im wrong n i misunderstood it but neerav n raghav r gonna do the choreograhy together…
    so goodluck to him n anyway we all still LOVE HIM!!!!

  • Fazee Perz

    Firstly I MUST congratulate Rajasmita on her win…..surely she deserves the title after here fabulous performances n ols0 she would’ve w0n since it was Geeta ma’s year 2 win……..

    Now tht the show is over there’s no use in fighting or arguing or criticizing but I still I have a few p0ints n unanswered questions……

    DID is a sh0w that is supposed to be based on talent, fair enough…..em sure that n0t everyone in the audience knows dancing but simply watch because they can connect wit any one contestant so they v0te that contestant however DID will intervene if the audience make a wrong decision….after all talent needs to chosen over popularity……em not saying that Raghav isn’t talented……he’s unique n talented but look at the broader pic……was he really deserving the Golden Cap……he was only used by DID for TRP. The voting system was a fluke in my eyes……….I can say this because once I wanted 2 confirm so instead of miss calling I allowed the call 2 go thru n a man answered n said “This is not a voting line……….” so how is it possible to be tallied from a mere miss call? Or maybe I don’t understand the technicalities. Watz the use of having a “veto” power if its not going to be used? Going back to performances in the past…….we’ve all seen the tactics and strategies used to manipulate the viewers……..em referring to the elimination of Shafeer…….the previous week the choice was between abheek n hardeek…….GM knew he was sending Hardeek home then y didn’t he make the decision tht same week rather than granting him another week hence abheek was safe from elimination rounds the next week…….giving Paul n Urvashi a grand salute hence forcing Geeta ma to select Shafeer n Riddhika and in the end they would’ve been eliminated not because they had bad performances but because the teams had to be equalized n Shafeer more so because of his background……..that is just plain wrong. DID I hope u get ur act together because the audience cannot be tricked or fooled by the little games that u play…………

    Anyways regardless of Rajasmita winning, I would say the entire top 18 r ol winners since they g0t a platform to showcase their talent thus creating a name & fame for themselves……I wish each n every one of them the best in future endeavors!

    Eagerly awaiting “Dance ke baap”……..can’t wait 2 see dharmesh’s, raghav’s n prince’s choreography………..

  • suresh babu sekharan

    I agree with little wonder. If the final verdict is rigged, it would have been any other influential contestants like princess Mohina or Raghav, not Rajsmitha coz she is very modest and a little ungroomed. Any one who watches this show from the beginning can vouch that She was the best among the finalists and well deserved the title.
    These cynics have problems for every thing and if some body else had won they would have come up with other negative points about them too and may be favoured Rajsmitha.

    Again those who see Raghav as the only dancer who impressed them, cleat it out here that their comments are motivated only by their blind worship and narrow and closed mentality. Grow up guys,.

    • dance luvr

      The votes are rigged for GEETA KI GANG. That is whole point here. lol

      The girl Rajasmita tried out for various dance competition in the past but every time got nowhere. And suddenly she is on the top being in Geeta ki Gang. Color me SOCKED.

      Again Raghav is the only dancer from whole DID whose dance has already garnered as much views as past contestants, who took 2 years to reach those numbers. Saying he impressed them is an understatement. Those claiming otherwise are motivated by their regional biases.

  • Sukesh Dash

    Those of you think the results are rigged and provide lots of logical explanations please answer few of my questions.

    1)In DID season 1 even when Siddhesh was favorite why Salman won?
    2)In season 2 when nobody from Remo group had to win why was not Dharmesh sir declared winner as he was in Geeta’s Gang.

    Dharmesh sir had a huge fan following even larger than Crocroaz.I can’t see any logic behind making a balancing act now to make Geeta winner as they could have made the same that time with a stronger candidate like Dharmesh sir.

    If we leave all the results to the judges i hope the best deserving candidate considering all the factors would win like Pradeep or Rajasmita.I sincerely believe DID doing something backend to chose the right candidate who deserves the most(usually a versatile one).

    Raghav was never supposed to be at the top despite his useless funky moves.The same goes for Dharmesh sir who just did Bollywood dances.Shakti mohan was far more versatile than him.

    In the end it is the most deserving candidates wins.If i run a reality show i would always try to increase my TRP otherwise i would have made a usual dance show like boogie woogie.

    Can’t we not have a show where we would have balanced results like 30% votes from public,20% from masters/Grand master,30% from independent dance masters who are not associated with the show and candidates past performances.These would be fair and equitable mean to choose the best candidate.The involvement of the crowd would be low but justified who know little about dance.This is why Raghav has fooled people for so long.I don’t know how is going to train Contemporary,Hip-Hop,arial and other dance forms to these little kids..Neerva,paul are better..

    • Born2dance

      Absolutely correct totally agree.

    • virginie

      1) This page is not about why such dancer won DID1 nor DID2, it’s about the winner of DID3: dance-india-dance-season-3-winner-rajasmita-kar

      Therefore we are not answerable for what happened in DID 1 and 2.

      2) Anyone can have an opinion, but abuse is forbidden here.

    • Deepali Bohra

      Agreed! Totally. I have mentioned the same in my comment below!

  • rohit k

    this is ekdam bakwas and poor show how could rajasmitha win ? U jst think in 1st session master remo 2nd terence nd nw geetha mam how it ll it is all about fixing nd mithun and all superstars also follow nly wrng side nd they love money nly this all zee tv shows also bad expect yaha main ghar ghar keli gd by d i d nd zee tv falthu shows

    • Sukesh Dash

      Well you can stop watching the show.We’ve got billion population and if few don’t watch doesn’t make a difference.Even America’s got Talent and Dance Dance from US fall in the same league,people think they are rigged as well.

  • Mehnaaz

    Everyone who is making rude and nasty comments about the Grand Finale your comments will be deleted and/or edited. Please, we don’t need to vent out our anger by making nasty comments. Write out your opinions about the show in a more civil way please.

    • virginie

      I really wish the nasty comments would be deleted… Some people here only pop up to speak bad about a dancer… Instead of saying good things about their favorite… Negative mentalities and ENVIOUSNESS!!!!

  • Prashant Joshi

    1 thing which i can see here, these type of shows r fixed.
    but for me, RAGHAV is a winner…

    U hav won whole nation’s heart, u wont believe young professional ppl r also copying ur style..

    All d Best for future…

    Prashant Joshi

  • suresh babu sekharan

    I think one day all these blind and silly Raghav’s fans will be grown up and smell the coffee of reality.

    • dance luvr

      The real question is will you remember Rajasmita by then? Heck, do most people remember her even now? Unless they are from Odisha, No.

      Its better you stop ignoring the coffee of manipulations and grow your own mind.

      • suresh babu sekharan

        Now it’s clear that Rajsmitha will be remembered for very long just because of this kind of illogical defensive talks about a true winner.
        Odisha is also a very much part of India like Derradun and personally I don’t belong to none of these regions and my opinion is from a grown up and unbiased mind and favoured for a best talent among the finalists.

        These offerings of coffee of manipulations may be well accepted by Raghav’s fans,not general.

      • breganza 11

        a lot of people outside orisa remember her..go check the official DID 3 page and DID pages in facebook…that would prove to be a reality check for you…
        i am not from orisA

  • afrah kurkikar

    Congratulations Rajasmita…..u deserve 2 b da winner….Best of Luck for your future….!!!!!!!

  • suresh babu sekharan

    Rajsmitha, may all your wishes be a reality in the future. All the best.

    You made your state and the people specially proud.


  • suresh babu sekharan

    There is a request that zee should replace the present masters with new in the next season just for a change. It will generate our curiousness
    and a fresh feeling for the show.

  • khush A

    Congrats Rajasmita I am very happy that u r the winner was deperately waiting to see u as a winner. U really Deserve to be a Winner U r Fabulous dancer….. Wish you all the best for future

  • Deepali Bohra

    Phew! After reading comments on almost post, I FINALLY registered to comment on this thread!

    First, I have enjoyed reading all the comments, all thru the while and love this forum!

    Secondly, I AM SUPER HAPPY to see Rajasmita win! Well deserved and well done! 😉 😀 :)

    @virginie – i loved reading your comments! I truly did! I even admired your love and patience and to come up on the forum, write your review and even interact with every one. Wow. Commendable.
    But honestly, after a while I lost interest as u started being offended/taking it too personally and just kept proving and defending Raghav vs letting everyone else speaking their piece of mind.
    Anywaz.. i still admire you for your passion and patience! :)

    And yes, Dharmesh Sir were MUCH MORE pupolar than croc boy. Try googling dance india dance and you will see his performances popping up :)
    I was disappointed similarly last year when he lost like this year u are when croc lost. But I guess thats ok.. we all know who made the most f the opportunity!

    Another thing.. even if DID website or any damn website shows croc as the winner then its the ‘active internet audience’ opinion and NOT the entire nation’s opinion.
    My entire family(10 people, 15 phones) voted for Rajasmita and none of them came online and voted on the forum. There are many people who in access to computer or internet in india but can surely give a miss call to vote :)

    Nonetheless, I LOVED rajasmita and i m happy she won!

  • dance luvr

    Raghav has won in votes that is a fact.

    But to make Rajasmita the winner just for Geeta is plain stupidity. The girl has no scope in dancing as the lead. Backup dancers had better command on stage than her. This is the girl who we Indians are supposed to call the best dancer of our country and look upto? No thanks.

    Casual voters would never dream of voting for her over Mohena. And especially after her final week’s below average performances, no chance in heIl that she got any votes from people outside of Odisha. Most people didn’t even know she existed this season, even more embarrassingly nor do they do now…

    • virginie

      stop talking bad about Raghav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nazishk

    Well….I thought it was a fair decision i don’t know if the show was rigged or not but Geeta was to win this season and she did. I can’t say she shouldn’t have won coz her contestant was weak. She had a strong team this season and Rajsmita was one tough dancer. I think she did brilliant through out. Raghav was and is my fav but it’s ok if he didn’t win. He got a chance to prove himself in DID lil Masters’ it will be interesting to see how he mingle with kids. Over all I was quite happy with the results. So glad Sanam and Mohena weren’t in top 3… But i must say Raghav’s act in finale was one of his best. I wish everyone all the best in future. Rajsmita should just party now and enjoy her victory 😀
    If anyone has a problem with what my opinion please keep it yourself. I don’t care what others think about the result… for me it was fair!!!


  • dancequeen25

    I think if people are defending Raghav so much and praising him so much, then he truly is a winner!!!!!!!!! forget if he won the sunheri takdir ke topi, that doesnt matter anymore but he has so much support n love from all his fans that he will truly prosper n i think thats wat matters the most!!!!!!!!!!

    • virginie

      You come up with your poison against Raghav at every single post of someone who things Raghav is the REAL WINNER…

      But if Rajasmita won, i dont understand why you still want to prove that she was better and especially why you speak so ill of Raghav…

      Mr Short Sighted, History will prove what we say is TRUE!

  • Krishna Nayak


    Why the heck all are rooting for Raghav?? No one is talking of Pradeep. All seem to have forgotten him. Guys, even if this show would have votings from the judges only, then either Rajasmita or Pradeep would have won it, and not Raghav. Judges don’t look at the uniqueness of ur dance style but stress on versatility. Pradeep and Rajasmita were the most vesatile among them. You guys have seen that. I am a big fan of Raghav for his unique art of slow motion.. But when it comes to versatility, he is no where near Pradeep or Rajasmita.

    And now when most of us Raghav fans are talking bad or shouting it out, somewhere in my heart I feel happy “Good, Rajasmita won it, coz they don’t appreciate the effort that has gone to make these contestants really talented and versatile and most of them have forgotten the real talent Pradeep”.

    Being unique is commendable, but being versatile is an added advantage.

    • dance luvr

      Pradeep was the only one who can be labelled as versatile.

      Rajasmita’s strength was her circus stunts. She tried other styles but was overshadowed by Abhik and Pradeep. She was underwhelming.

      Thank god for Geeta’s fixing because Rajasmitha was neither unique, nor versatile. And so we have the most rushed finale in the history of television that has been pushed under the rug already.

      • Krishna Nayak

        Danceluvr, yaar u sound lik didfan..

        Really I hate all the props being used in these show.. It focuses more on the props than the dance itself.. I would love to see the dance forms pure to its style.. But, what can we do? This is Bollywood, lots of masala, lots of drama and lots of gymnastics… Ha ha.. If there wouldn’t hav been gymnastics, Rajasmita would not hav won it? Danceluvr, do u think this gymnastics moves are a childs play?? Its not so simple dude.. If there would hav been a small error, she would hav gone to the hospital… but she did it so well bcoz she worked hard to perfect it…

        I disagree with ur notion abt Rajasmita not being versatile or Pradeep-Abhik overshadowing her…

        Can u find a more apt and strong partner for Abhik among the top 18.. No one dude… no one except Rajasmita.. She was no less.. She was equally good as Abhik.. but a lill less than Pradeep…

        And never felt that she is underwhelming… coz she was really referred as a Dark Horse.. even Pradeep would agree.. If Pradeep had a real competitor among the top 5, it was Rajasmita..

        Pradeep is my winner.. Yet I love Pradeep, Rajasmita n Raghav… They were wow..

    • nazishk

      I agree…….

      • nazishk

        I meant to say I agree with Krishna’s comment!!

    • virginie

      You guys who think versatility is the major achievement of an artist should read about History of Arts to know facts.

      Conservative minds wanted perfection of one form, open minds wanted versatility, but GENIUSES delivered UNIQUENESS!!!!

      Versatility is good, but uniqueness is the only thing that gives name and fame in HISTORY!!!

      • virginie

        Throughout the history of humanity, those who were DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE compared to their fellows were 1st despised, people wanted to make them like all the other ones, people criticized them, but if the unique talents did not gave up, later on they were admired and praised!

        Only the UNIQUE artists are remembered in HISTORY!

        In DID3, RAGHAV was the only unique and creative artist out of the lot.
        Think about the GREAT PICTURE!

        • Krishna Nayak


          How is it like just being good in Maths n average in other subjects…???

          • virginie

            No. It is being remembered in the collective memory. It has nothing to do with today or tomorrow. It’s long term.

        • Krishna Nayak

          Every contestant had a unique style except for Pradeep( yaar, wo to kuch bhi kar sakta hai)..

          And as bcoz this was a competition, every body wanted to be versatile.. Even Raghav was striving to be versatile… Wonder, why were they trying to be versatile, instead of staying unique.. Otherwise, this would hav been a competition where Raghav would hav done only slow moves, Rajasmita wud hav done only hip hop, Mohena n Sanam would hav done only contemporary… But they tried different styles n wanted to excel in it…

          And who was better in excelling in different styles.besides Pradeep.. It was Rajasmita…

      • alimurad_pu

        yes, well said by Virginie. it is easy to follow or do task which already demonstrated or done by someone else..but to do a new thing is too difficult. only special and intelligent people have creativity and uniqueness…!!

        • virginie

          Absolutely agree with you, alimurad_pu! Only special people have creativity and are unique… And they will be the only ones remembered in the long run…

          • alimurad_pu

            yes right virginie,i am very happy of that u reply for my post.i have read all of your comment and every time i read your comment it look like u are portraying what i want to say..your logic and knowledge are very good.i also remembered your 1st comment about the pridiction of Geeta’s contestants winning..keep commenting.

      • virginie


        And you do not need to repeat the same negative comments in every one of my posts…


        Any comment is welcome, everyone is entitled to have his/her own opinion… But negative comments are poison and are NOT WELCOME

  • Krishna Nayak

    With votes or without votes… Rajasmita would have won it… (My heart goes for Pradeep though)

    Wonder why she was called a dark horse…. At the start everybody were talking of either Sanam or Mohena.. she came from nowhere and was in the top 5…

  • suresh babu sekharan

    take the opinion of any one who knows about dance and dedication (opinions of previous winners and of course sanam and mohina in one of the episodes)in to account, you will get the the answer to how difficult to compete with Rajsmitha is. Here the whole public, masters, grand master, and dancers are fool and some fans of a particular contestant are noble prize worthy intelligent. Keep it up.

  • Krishna Nayak

    If that would have been the case, no one would have competed coz, every body knew Raghav was unique… Itz like giving the crown to Raghav at the start itself… why would others care….

    i wonder how many competitions hav thrived on being just unique… all da dance competitions have cared for versatility.. and DID couldn’t differ on that…

    i wish the DID creators heed ur advice on rewarding the unique…

    • virginie

      Only few great artists understand the importance of being creative and unique, not just a good performer. This is much beyond a competition.

      The name of that artist will be remembered even beyond death.

      This is the dream of any artist, and one has to fight the day to day life too.

      Try learning art history, you will understand the concept I am talking about.

      • suresh babu sekharan

        Next time we will recommend DID to conduct separate shows for unique dancers competition,for classical, slow motion, salsa, hip hop, kathakali etc etc then the history and geography will be more easy to read and the recommenders will be given doctorate.

        dance is dance, not only slow motion.

        • HostMaama

          suresh babu sekharan, I like your Company plan…not bad.

      • suresh babu sekharan

        guys, it is absurd to argue or justify over the comparisons of Raghav and Rajsmitha because the former would not have even qualified for the final if talent and versatility are the only criteria for the show . So please don’t waste energy by convincing and educating crasses. Abhik should have been a much deserved finalists than a boring slow motion dancer, but now all are happened for good.

        Put it a rest guys

      • virginie

        You are out of words copying-pasting your same post after 2 of my different messages.

        Obviously you have no creativity yourself, so how can you admire the creativity in others?

        You do not need to face me off all the time. Stop it now. There is nothing interesting or captivating in all what you say.

        • virginie

          this was @ rahul gaur

  • Krishna Nayak

    Lol, who doesn’t understand the importance of being unique, Vurr..??? Every body understands it.. I agree at ur unique point. But, then what can u do about a competition where a contestant is made to dance different dance forms and asked to be good in each of it.. Aren’t they asking them to be versatile? They are..

    My favorite was Pradeep for it and when Rajasmita won, everybody is talking abt Raghav only.. Feeling bad…


    Are main bhi Orissa ka hoon but I thought that Raghav will the first winner…
    Rajasmita ka dance thik hai magar woh raghav se better nahin.. boss

    • Krishna Nayak

      Sanjeeb bhai…
      Kemiti acha??? Raghav, Rajasmita pari versatile na thila… Jadi versatile thaanta mu Raghav ku vote kari thanti… Se slow motion re bes bobbal achi, kintu anya dance forms re ete bhala kari pari nahi…

      Sethi pain, jadi bhi public vote na huanta… judges mane either Pradeep ku jinei thaante na hele Rajasmita ku… Raghav ku nuhe… Moro favorite thila Pradeep.. Se Rajasmita aau Raghav tharu bahut bhala dance kari pare…

  • suresh babu sekharan

    I agree totally.

    Blind eyes could be done up by surgery by doctors but blind mind can’t be done up by any doctors. A life long groping in the darkness will be enjoyed more by these people than openness in to the light.

    Pray for them.

    Congrats Rajsmitha and Pradeep once again for this season.

  • love2dance

    I’ve been following comments;
    What versatility the people are writing about? Copying the same old dance steps which somebody has already been doing it from decades, if you call that as versatility, no problem.

    I live in US. My kids go to public school here. When I went to school for some programme, I saw kids trying to do slow motion. Was that not enough for Raghav to consider as real winner. He has won million people heart not just DID and everybody knows that.

    Just waiting to see little masters cute dances.

    • Krishna Nayak

      Hi Love2dance..

      Well, we are talking versatility.. and agree about Raghav. I too am a big fan of him. I am not a kind of guy who would love to see the same style being put in every other dance form.. I seek difference in every performance.. You speak of repetition. Wasn’t Raghav being repetitive too? I agree about the fan following thing but I don’t agree about a Dance Competition following just a unique style. The purpose of the dance competition would be defeated to find a complete dancer in that case.

  • pi_nk

    This page is to congratulate Rajasmita, but everyone’s talking about Raghav. Lol
    I liked all 5 finalists. =)

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