Bipasha Basu Dance India Dance Season 3

Bipasha Basu Dance India Dance Season 3

Bipasha Basu and Helen joined Dance India Dance Contestants on stage for the promotion of upcoming movie Jodi Breakers. Impressed by the super talent on DID Season 3 they went on saying “We are totally enamoured by the contestants of Dance India Dance!”

Raghav was the one to steal the show once again. He presented a flower to Bipasha in his slow motion style.

Bipasha says, “This is the best slow motion that I have ever seen in my life. I had to pinch myself to believe it’s real as it looked like some superb special effect. This boy is absolutely brilliant.”

Neerav was appreciated for his smooth dance while Sanam was called a charmer. Paul Marshal requested Bipasha for a dance and they shake a leg on the song Beedi.

Here is Bipasha’s advice to the contestants, “Since I’m not a trained dancer, I cannot comment on the technical aspect of dancing. But I would definitely want to say one thing, Dil se nacho. Main dil se nachti hoon and I go with the flow. If you feel the rhythm and dance from your heart, it will definitely enhance your overall performance.”

  • sandepkota25

    so its crockroaxz and neerav…… :) 😀 😛

    good… but sad that its not shafir…

    • Irfan Scorp

      Yea, seems so.

      Well, Neerav, Crockxz and Shafeer were the best in the Wild Round. Frankly, I’d be happy to see any 2 of them in.

    • Nobody

      i wish k Neerav, Shafeer jese Performance show krdy tu maan jao.

  • ShamzDiD

    Hmm… Raghav and Neerav…
    Really wanted Shafeer to be in. He was one of the potential candidates to win DID3.

    All because of MithunDa… :( :( :( :(

    • Nobody

      they all know Shafeer Class, But unfortunate DID Production & Master’s Picked private relations contestant, not out side :/ .
      shame on them to this bias attitude



    • Nobody

      that’s not fair, what Master choice :@
      Neerav not strong as Shafeer are,
      i don’t like Neerav over Shafeer.
      in this session, Master’s showed bias attitude toward non source contestant. Very SAD

  • sonali gaonkar

    yeah… finaly Raghav…

    you desrve it Raghav…no one can challange you for ur style..

    very very happy for you….best of luck for ur next perfomce.

    thks every1 for voting him…..

    plz support him..guyz….

    • Faye Gonsalves

      How do I vote

  • Vipul Shukla

    Masters are biased with neerav …

  • Vipul Shukla

    Masters are biased with neerav …sumit also performed well

    • Nobody

      i don’t thing so,
      otherwise he didn’t picked for top 13 list

    • priyanka bharti

      Sumit was great performer. I wish he should in.


    i love ur dance raghav.. Will u marry me.?

  • om prakash

    i thought all the master are stopped ….how can shafir out.
    mithun chakrawati going to be mad.

  • mnegi

    Slow and steady wins the reace………therefore Raghav won :-) 😀

  • faizan fodkar

    ragahav and sumit are best perfomer… both are awesome…

  • mayur sule

    raghav kya baat kya baat kya baat

  • Jashis Rajbhandari

    Raghav what a performance ? kya bat kya bat kya bat

  • intwala.nayan

    Bring back shafeer also

  • coziamurs

    I agree with intwala.nayan….shafeer is too good…

  • Lv2dance

    lEnjoyed Mohena and Raghav’s , Urvashi and Paul’s and Rajsmitha and abhi’s performance.

  • tina subramaniam

    Raghav what a performance.. really damnn superb n aWesOme.. huhuhu.. nobdy cn dance lyke really damnnnn slow motion :):):)

  • Nikhil bajgai

    I Like Crockxz Slow Motion Ur The Best Dancer Raghav all The Best And SAUMYA u to Do Ur best tum ta ho dance ke bap

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