ABCD Anybody Can Dance by Remo Dsouza

ABCD Anybody Can Dance by Remo Dsouza

ABCD Anybody Can Dance by Remo Dsouza is india’s first 3D Dance Movie. American dance reality show star Lauren Gottlieb is playing a lead role in 3D dance film Anybody Can Dance ABCD produced by UTV Motion Pictures. Earlier rumors about Madhuri Dixit starring in the movie were put down by Remo saying “Unfortunately, Madhuri Dixit is not in ABCD (Anybody Can Dance). But, I am trying to get her for my next film which is a musical saga which will be in 3D.”

“Cinema has always been one of the biggest goals in my career. I’ve tapped into that world in Hollywood but never in my wildest imagination had I thought I’d get the chance to join Bollywood,” Lauren says.

The Cast of Anybody Can Dance ABCD

  • Prabhu Deva
  • Ganesh Acharya
  • Salman Khan
  • Lauren Gottlieb
  • Prince Gupta
  • Dharmesh Yelande
  • Mayuresh Wadkar
  • Vrushali Chavan
  • Puneet Pathak
  • Kishore Aman
  • Bhawana Khanduja
  • Saajan Singh

Anybody Can Dance Rehearsal Promo

  • subin dancing maniac

    remo sir i’m waiting 4 ur awesome dance movie….. i hope it will come soon ….. and i’m dying 2 see ur choreography in dis movie…. wishing u and ur whole crew…. with good luck… and haa dharmesh sir ji… { jahan haath daala wahan faad dala }

  • subin dancing maniac

    d.i.d i’ll be coming soon on ur show…. {{{dancing maniac}}}

    • esposa

      Hey subin dancing maniac, really or just joking bro

      do u really dance ? where u from ?

  • esposa

    I think Raghav will do guest appearance in the movie, i think so as he has got MJ Band in his so called Arial act from Remo on sale.

    I don’t know y Puneet Pathak was in DID ? & the big think is he is in this movie. Very big bad step by Remo cause of his ego. He left Shakti, lol, took pathetic Punit who was literally not fit for the top 18 of DID Season 2.

  • Amit Sharma

    i don’t think so that it could work better..there must be the real talent like jai kumar nair..people are dying to see him……
    jai jai jai and only jazjai……….

  • rose mag

    Hai guys, i am a huge fan of DID, i am an IT professional working in US but i got subscription to hindi channels only to watch DID.

    So far the best guy with unique talent is Raghav, we all die to watch him every week but for some reason i see judges never give good comments to him. Come on guys no one can be like him, he has the unique talent in the entire universe. Please support him.

    For us in America we dont get the opportunity to watch the show live,. but if we can get chance to vote please give us the voting information.

    Raghav you rock

    • Gaurav Shinde

      Raghav ne bhi hollywood se sikha hai slo-motion.

  • Ralu

    Remo sir i love u,,, and your project to make a film on dance is very appreciable…
    I’ve been waiting for a long time for it since i had seen Step up…
    Cz there are so many good dancers in India…
    thanks for that AND Dharmesh i love u too…..

    • deep jyoti ray

      Remo sir i am getting fully ready for the auditions of D.I.D doubles because L.I.L master i had lost it but not now.
      Let us meet on the dance floor.
      This time that TAQDIR ki TOPI is mine.
      Just wacth THat.

  • priya sharma

    sir its will be a treat to see us on to u in ur film

  • sahil mansuri

    raghav we rokking…………………………

    • Aarvii Vohra

      yup ,,, raghav u r the king of DID season 3 ,,, nothin else !@@@

  • Kriti Sharma

    eagerli waiting for this movie a mistake dancing 3D movie

    • Aarvii Vohra

      ABCD ,, IT I’ll be rocking man !!@@@ js go n grab it

  • afrah kurkikar

    All The Best Remo Sir….this film will b rockin….!!!!

  • Gaurav Shinde

    All the best Remo sir, For ABCD , When will you release songs of this movie?

  • Rickey Star

    i think that movei is rocking in fild of dancing …..
    soo i m waiting of that movei nd my chance
    nd remo sir plz in that movei prince , i wnt to see prince nd darmesh sir performance together ,, nd wnt see sajan in hollywood sytle ????????? best wishes to u nd ur film (team) ,,,

  • santosh suri

    I think its a blockbuster Movie. And its fully depend on Parvu Deva,Remo Sir and finally Dharmesh Sir. All three are Pillar of this movie . Dharmesh Sir love u dear your performance is Unbetable. And you style is unique nobody can touch u.ABCD has already Blockbuster Cause you present that Movie.

    Dharmesh Sir once again Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu……….

  • Dibas Dandapat

    I like Raghav so much.His slow motion dance is very attractive.

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