Just Dance Star Plus – A Competitor to Dance India Dance

Just Dance Star Plus – A Competitor to Dance India Dance

Just Dance Star Plus is the first dance reality show on Star Plus which is getting so much popularity. After looking at the success of Dance India Dance and airing back to back first two season’s now it seems like the trend for dance shows is picking up. Just Dance Auditions have concluded and Just Dance Top 20 Contestants will be selected tomorrow after Just Dance Mega Auditions 10th July. Mangesh Mondal Dance India Dance Contestant also participated in the auditions but he could not make it to Top 20 Contestants of Just Dance.

From the auditions of Just Dance we can see that Hrithik Roshan and the team is really working hard to take the show on top of the charts, there has been confusing reports of opening TRP where Star plus claimed a high TRP but some newspapers reported it did not get an opening which star plus was looking for. Along with Hrithik Roshan, Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant are judging the show.

The auditions of just dance took place all over the world including india, london, new york and other places. Some very talented contestants were found like Karan from london and a few others from abroad. So we will be looking forward for some Hrithik Magic and some contestant’s passion.

Do you think it’s going to beat the standards set by Dance India Dance ?

  • mailmizan

    JD can difit DID by Prize Money, but can not difit by the popularity. because though Hritk is very popular hero and dancer/performer also, but not more popular or concern about dance in compare of Remo, Gita and other Masters. Besides that people know Fara Khan was also related with DID. So Fara Khan also populated by DID LM show. The question of participators, they are also come in DID with same talent. SO thai i thought still DID is the Best.

  • dancequeen25

    Actually when i watched the auditions i really didnt think that the contestants are that good.But since theyre just starting their training camp i dont know if theyre versitile dancers.But still i have a feeling that they wont beat DID standards as long as Dharmesh and Shakti and stuff are there!!!!!!!!!!!DID RULES!!!!!!!!:)

  • nazishk

    I doubt this show will be as popular as DID. Why?
    First of all, the other chick who is judging the contestants besides Farah khan is full of attitude, i seriously don’t know wth is wrong with her. I hate the fact that they are acting like they are the God of dance.
    Secondly, even though Hrithik is a good dancer, i am not sure if he has the capability of being a good judge. There is a difference between doing your own steps and dancing on someone elses choreography. Hrithik can dance well but he sure is not good as Remo and Terrance or other DID judges.
    And last but not the least, they have not done a good job in choosing good contestants in top 20. I watched the mega auditions and few of the people who were not picked in top 20 were simply outstanding. Gauri was amazing, she had the moves but needed some training to discipline her dance but of course the judges didn’t know what they were doing.
    No doubt this show is going international but i don’t really like the show. It’s an ok show but obviously not as good as DID.

    • Andru

      _-_hE what do you mean???just dance not a famous reality show just borring all copy them DID huhhh and DID all international famou show no words speechless ok you can just join now d virus dance group dharmesh sir comptition huhh……..^_^

  • thmmer

    Hello everyone. Any oldies around?

    • Admin

      Yeah me :)

  • Andru

    WaOoO just dance good but DID very much super duper good.i love you team did…..^_^

  • nazishk

    @ Andru….. who were you talking to?

  • Jevin


  • Sneha Buttercup Bhattacharyya

    Thts r8… Just Dance hs strtd givng tough competetn to DID

  • Vaishnavi Khadamkar

    yaa but i guess….DID i much bettr!

  • Pearline Maxine

    can i know the list of audition dates and countries ? just would like to know if they have audition in Malaysia

  • Jack Ambrose

    just dance jalsa padegaya baapu

  • Shweta Singh

    Terence is also doing the choreography fr da contestants. & he is best in contemprry

  • Jack Ambrose

    Zoom9 dance ki pathshala from .,jack.

  • Saddam Shaikh

    judt dance wl gv tough cmptition 2 DID !!!!!!!! :-)

  • Puneet Sharma

    just dance a fish and did a sea…….

  • Prince Arya

    just dance is cheater of DID

  • Dazller Reyaansh

    arey dance india dance is the best show ever….no other show can give competition to it

  • Amrit Pal

    i hate just dance

  • kvt_1516

    DID is the best.. no other dance shows can beat DID… i love hrithik roshan… he is the best dancer.. but his show can not give competition to DID… if any dance show comes with worlds’ No.1 dancer as judge thn also thy just cant beat DID.. n plzzz never ever change the masters of DID.. all 3 of them r the best.. their judgements r the best… n dada too is the best.. in short..

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