DID 3 Auditions: Dates and Venues

Hello all! Here’s the latest info on auditions.

If you are in India: Click >>here<< for more information, or copy the link: . It is NOT necessary to register online. Many people have reported problems with registering online, so just plan to register wherever you audition. :)

Audition Dates/Venues

October 2nd, 2011

Tagore Public School
Near JDA Park,
Vaishali Nagar, Japiur

MKP Inter College
10, New Road, Near Dun Hospital,

October 4th, 2011
DC Montessori School
Pocket no.2&3,
Telephone Exchanges Road, Mani Majra,

October 9

Gurukul Academy,
Adj. to Bhootnath Ashram,
Indira Nagar,
Lucknow 16.

College of Engineering Bhubaneswar (CEB),
Koustuv Group Campus,
Infocity Road,

October 11

South Point School,
Barsapara Road, Guwahati

October 12

Litera Valley School,
Naya Tola, Bhagwat Nagar,
Kumhrar. Patna – 800026

October 13

N.G. College,

More info on the following venues/dates to come:
Mumbai – Tentatively November 17/18. Venue TBA.

Whew! There are a lot more venues this year, which is great.

If you are in the US: Apply online >>here<< or copy the link:

You can also download the pdf file, which details the terms of competing (you have to be 18-30 years of age). They will pick roughly 6 people from North, Central, and South America for the final round of live auditions in November.

18 people will make it to the show. Good luck to everyone!

93 thoughts on “DID 3 Auditions: Dates and Venues

  1. vaishali chandra says:

    ders an error occuring aftr filling up of my audition form, :(
    iz der ny other way???????

    1. AnnieJ says:

      Where are you located? India or the US?

    2. brkdancekid says:

      All the very best to everyone who’s participating,
      and its good to be back here .

  2. simi.mudher says:

    What dances do you have to be trained in?

    1. AnnieJ says:

      Based on the previous shows, I suspect you don’t *need* to be formally trained in anything. Being versatile is better, even if you’re self-taught.

  3. Rocky says:

    hey anniej howz you ?

  4. ashu.anurag says:

    hi anniej,
    Is there any rule like Pair combination in this season also like DID doubles.And how to register for auditions for Mumbai venue?

    1. AnnieJ says:

      I have not heard of any special rules.

      The Mumbai date/venue is not released yet, so I am not sure how you might register.

      I would try calling and asking: 7498174702 or 7498684872.

      1. ashu.anurag says:

        Hey Annie ,
        Thanks for the information :)
        one last question -> I registered for auditions in April 2011 and got a DID Audition code !! Now since many people are not able to register it on-line,so that code has any significance or importance now or it is of no use???

        Thanks and Regards

  5. vaishali chandra says:

    m in india, mumbai

    1. AnnieJ says:

      I think you need to register here:

      Then when the Mumbai date/venue is released, you go audition there.

  6. shraddha1319 says:

    hey can u suggest me date n venue of vadodara audtn?

    1. AnnieJ says:

      The date/venue of the Vadodara audition site is not yet released. Stay tuned!

      In the meantime, be sure that you already registered in advance:

  7. faiszsal says:

    After filling up the form of registration online…after submitting the screen goes blank..tried it many times..
    can i directly come to venue for audition without registration ???

  8. faiszsal says:

    plzz temme how to register…coz i tried submitting form for 4-5 times but after submitting the screen goes blank no response..
    CAn i directly come for audition without registration or registration is compulsory..plz reply back ASAP

    1. AnnieJ says:

      I am unsure. I would think registration is compulsory, but you should try calling and asking:

      7498174702 or 7498684872

      Many people who tried to register now are having trouble. Maybe you were supposed to register a couple months ago? Anyways, if you call, they might be able to help you better than I can :)

  9. vaishali chandra says:

    hey, aaniej i did filled the registration form at this site previously too, that too many times but, after filling up the form, its showing an ‘Error’ message, :( :(… n talking about filling up of the form few months ago, then we havent came across any such alerts, messages few months ago….
    its an upseting situation, plz confirm.iz der any server probszzzz

    1. AnnieJ says:

      Actually, we posted audition registration info back in April:

      Since it’s not our server, I cannot confirm whether it is server issues or what. You best bet is to call them and have them figure out what the problem is.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  10. faiszsal says:

    AnnieJ thank you for that help but those numbers….. one of them is not working n other one,no is picking up since morning… :/
    m worried,dont temme i m gng to miss the audition…..plzzzz

    1. AnnieJ says:

      I have no idea what to tell you, those are the numbers posted on their website.

      Worst case scenario, you are prepared and show up to the audition site and tell them what happened. They might just let you audition anyway!

  11. pripengonda says:

    Hey, I had called on those numbers. Mumbai audition tentative date is 17th/18th Nov. They asked to confirm it during 1st week of Nov. Keep calling them, you will get through.

    @AnnieJ – I had registered in April and I received a registration code in my inbox. Do I need to register again now?

    1. AnnieJ says:

      I am so glad they picked up! Thanks for letting me know.

      I don’t think you need to register more than once, so you’re good to go!

      1. pripengonda says:

        No Annie, I’m not going for the auditions. The Mumbai audition dates clash with my exam dates. It always happens like that. :(
        All the best to you Faiszal. :)

        1. faiszsal says:

          thank you soo very much..need some luck like this..even i have exams but luckily its before auditions….
          dont worry u’ll get one chance some time dont loose hope…..will try to get selected….dedicated to u
          pripengonda n AnnieJ ;) :D
          If i get selected :P :P :P

          1. pripengonda says:

            Hey, I have my exams on the day of audition.
            Prepare yourself well, I was told to prepare atleast 2-3 dance routines. So you prepare accordingly. Show your versatility.
            Let me know how did your audition go.
            All the best for exams also :P don’t forget that..hehe :D

  12. faiszsal says:

    AnnieJ finally they picked up..
    pripengonda is rite auditions in mumbai are in mid of November but both the number said no need to register online directly come to venue…venue is not decided yet…
    so finally no need of registration as such….got a month to prepare perfectly…
    thank you for ur help :) :)

    1. AnnieJ says:

      Yay! They picked up! I’m sorry it was a little traumatic for you yesterday.

      I guess it makes sense that you don’t *have* to pre-register since they’ll take care of you at the venue, anyway…

      Good luck! :D

  13. Admin says:

    @faiszsal : best of luck. Don’t forget to bring us a few pictures/videos if you can.

    1. faiszsal says:

      for sure..thank you for wishes :) really need them…wil try to get sum pics :D
      thanks again

  14. khajuria says:

    what is the date’zzz of audition’z in rajkot…

    1. faiszsal says:

      dates r not announced coz venue is not decided in most of the cases do 1 thing…
      call on these numbers :- 7498174702 or 7498684872
      they will help u in that… :D

  15. faiszsal says:

    I will..thank you……..
    2-3 dance routine i didnt knew dat…..thank you will plan according to that… :D

  16. Sandhya Raju says:

    hey.. i read in the pdf from that u r supposed to send a cd containing ur routine.i mean shud v send it or no need? i heard dat first u r supposed to send the cd and if u get selected in dat, den u ve to attend the auditions.. is it true or is it just dat v need to go and attend the audi’s and no need of the video??

    i m Bangalore.. wen r the auditions happening in bangalore?? and the age gap is from 16-30 right? i saw the advertisement in the tv.. and it said the age group is of 16-30…?

    1. Sandhya Raju says:

      hey.. i called dem.. dey said auditoins in bangalore will be happeneing in november.. dey tol me dat v r supposed to send the video.. dey said to send the video to the address which is given.. the address given in the pdf document is dat of new york’s!! shud i send the video to new york?!?

      1. AnnieJ says:

        Could you call again and ask where to send it? That PDF only applies if you live in America. I didn’t hear anything about sending videos if you’re in India. Most people probably just show up to the audition, lol.

        1. Sandhya Raju says:

          yea.. i knw.. the video procedure is mostly for pple in US.. i will call again and post the information i get :)

      2. Suraj.messi says:

        Hey sandhya plz can up tel me de date,tym n venue 4 bangalore auditions….!!!!plz…

  17. Abdul kalam says:

    hello sir I missed delhi DID audition..
    I want do dance audition
    contempary dance ke liye bahut hard work ki hai……..
    plzz sirrrr…..

  18. Msdev135 says:

    Wow…..Audition at Rajkot too………!
    1st time going to participate in reality show…..
    Get a chance to show my perfection in dance…….

  19. Suraj.messi says:

    @Anniej plz can u let me noe de details about bangalore auditions ….:-( can up tel de date tym n venue….plz…!!!:-) :-) reallywanna participate….!!! I also called dem up but dey r not picking up …:-( :-( plz can udosomething about it??:-) :-) :-)

    1. Sandhya Raju says:

      hey suraj!! hope u c dis as soon as u can!auditions in blore r on 11 november.. dis friday!! in presidency college near hebbal.. timings r frm 8 to 2.. get 2 passport size phtographs.. hope u make it!!

  20. foramshah002 says:

    Hey wht abt the mumbai auditions?
    Nyone can plz help on dis?

  21. foramshah002 says:

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzz someone temme….
    Are they done wid Mumbai Auditions???????

  22. saavi says:

    i am very excited to watch this season 3.. all mentors are superb..

  23. Sadhana Makhija says:

    eagerly waiting for the programme……….

  24. Nazish Khan says:

    Omg I can’t wait…. Yeyy

  25. Anirudh Saha says:

    come fast …………………………..! i m waiting for you.

  26. Kiiran Kaur says:

    YAAAAYYY DID 3 Is Coming Back… Cant Wait :) <3

  27. Rude Iqbal says:

    Waiting 4 sme spcl moment…

  28. Ashish Ambre says:

    Remo D’Souza Röck$

  29. Kunal Chaurasia says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiipppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy foveeeorate is coming baaaackkkkkkkkk:<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  30. Dance India Dance says:

    @Ahmad Yes, we have whatever is currently posted regarded audition dates and venues up. So far, there are two audition sites on October 2nd and one on October 4th.

  31. Jack Ambrose says:

    dharmes is bak i love did

  32. BhooDutt Vishwakarma says:

    thnxs ztv i m loog time watig fo dance india dance 3

  33. Ashutosh Tayade says:


  34. Priyanka Singh says:

    hi its for single or double performance when is lucknow audition da

  35. Malick Haider says:

    I dont know how to dance but i like tooooo much that show best of luck allll india keep dancing

  36. Darshini Shah says:

    Awesome… Have been waiting eagerly…

  37. Deepankrati Rajput says:

    so curious fr this season!!!!!! love DID!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Deepankrati Rajput says:

    and the logo is gud!

  39. Radhika Kashyap says:

    Wow great.

  40. Lavani Yengal says:

    eager 2 watch the new season….. Love – DID…. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  41. TArun BeDi says:


  42. Ronak Raut says:

    my life is did platform nd mithun daa coments

  43. Nishchay Lashkari says:

    cn ne1 tel me d dates for auditon in indore ??? i cnt w8 nemore :(

  44. Sandip Pattebahadur says:

    ilu did i am hr did

  45. Meghna Mukesh says:

    Someone please tell me where and when the audition is gonna take place in chennai!!!!!

  46. Meghna Mukesh says:


  47. Meghna Mukesh says:


  48. Deep Banwala says:

    koi bta sakta hai kya ki delhi me audition kab hai.

  49. Dance India Dance says:

    I would recommend calling 7498174702 or 7498684872. Someone else called in about Mumbai auditions (tentatively November 17/18).

  50. Meghna Mukesh says:

    Thanks a million!! :-D

  51. Dance India Dance says:

    No problem! If anyone hears about the date for a venue, please share it with us! I’m sure there are other people who will want to know – so I’ll put it on the website.

  52. Meghna Mukesh says:

    Sure thing. :-) I cant wait for the audition! Gosh im super excited!!

  53. Deep Banwala says:

    when will be auditions in delhi ? Plz share on f.b.

  54. Boris Kenneth says:

    m sure MEGHNA MUKESH is gonna WIN THIS ONE!!! GO MEGHNA INDIA needs YOU!!!,.. 3 cheers for meghna mukesh

  55. Boris Kenneth says:

    hip hip-HURRAYY!!!

  56. Boris Kenneth says:

    hip hip- HURRAAY

  57. Boris Kenneth says:


  58. Boris Kenneth says:


  59. Boris Kenneth says:

    ALL THE BEST BUDDY!!! do well,.. cant wait to c you up ter -WINNING

  60. Harshit Chauhan Dance says:

    plz tell me did 3 audition date in delhi

  61. Rishi Goswami Choreographer says:

    love u did

  62. Shreedevi Naidu says:


  63. Shubham Saxena says:

    i like vvvvvvvvvvv much…….

  64. Shubham Saxena says:

    i am also choreographer hu schools&college…. friends

  65. Bhavishya Sharma says:

    I like dance only dance

  66. Kashif Raja says:

    please send tha start date

  67. Kashif Raja says:

    on zee tv

  68. syed27 says:


  69. SAHIL JOGI says:

    hello guyz all dancer good sanam best dance i m pakistani boy laga raho sanam bro :)>- :* best of luck

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