Dance India Dance *Backtracking All Seasons*

Dance Ke Superstars is having the finale this weekend and after that we will be waiting for Dance India Dance Season 3 which is going to be on-air after Saregamapa Little Masters end. For those who are interested to audition for DID Season 3, registration already started as we reported earlier at Dance India Dance Season 3 Auditions.

Here we have updated all the episodes of the show so far but we have missed individual performances of the contestants from season 1 and season 2. Since we have couple of months till Season 3 starts, What do you say we should recall the old memories and go through the performances ? If we get enough votes and facebook likes :) on this post (so share the post to all friends), we will surely be looking forward to take the challenge.

Another feature which has been requested many times by our users is to make the downloads available for high quality mp4 videos. Unfortunately the bandwidth costs are extra ordinary for making available such a service, So we are thinking for a paid membership for those who would like to download the videos. Would you be interested ? Please take part in the poll as it will help us decide on the upcoming features and make this website better.

Would you like to see individual performances of all previous seasons ?

  • Yes (93%, 2,558 Votes)
  • No (7%, 206 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,763

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Would you like to subscribe to Premium Members to download DID Videos ?

  • No, Thanx. (80%, 1,070 Votes)
  • Yes, via Credit Card (9%, 122 Votes)
  • Yes, via Paypal. (8%, 106 Votes)
  • Yes, via Moneybookers. (3%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,333

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38 thoughts on “Dance India Dance *Backtracking All Seasons*

  1. nazishk says:

    I gota question, will the individual performances include audition performance as well?

  2. ruchirbhai says:

    another thing that can be done is setup torrents with RSS feeds and people can seed it. I volunteer if you guys need help setting it up

  3. me.yummy says:

    Admin…I hope the same can be done for individual performances as well!! :lol:

  4. Anup Samaddar says:

    realy exsited… good wish..for did1

  5. Raksha Dixit says:

    wan did2 2 win!!

  6. Prince Gupta says:

    thanx anup

  7. Harshini Ganesh says:

    did1 should win

  8. Prince Gupta says:

    thanx up harshini …,,,,-’_,’-_’,

  9. Harshini Ganesh says:

    Hi prince u guys rock n plz add me up

  10. Prince Gupta says:

    So frindS aap sab jarur dekna d….k….s So bay frinds

  11. Harshini Ganesh says:

    plz add me up prince

  12. Prince Gupta says:

    best team hmari he hai So hum he win hoge

  13. Sonam Snm says:

    @prince gupta:all d best guys…u guys just rock….no one can stop u guys frm wining DKS coz u guys r d best & more deserving.. U all r just blasting on heartly wish is dat u guys win….so just do ur best & leave d rest…gud lc

  14. Anup Samaddar says:

    prince u shiddesh & mayures , god gifted dancer..

  15. Prince Gupta says:

    thanx sonam best team tho hmari he hai tho hum he win hoge dont tensun kyu ki win sirf hum he hoge mai aapni jaan laga duga so enjoy d…k….s ….,,,,’_-’_-”-_’___’-

  16. Anup Samaddar says:

    ithink prienc & shidesh is out of world, aisa koi nehi jo tomlogoko samne mokabila ho sakta…

  17. Prince Gupta says:

    thaNx yaa

  18. Anup Samaddar says:

    always pray to god..agar . jadgement..thik se hoga to jit pakka… & belive… jadge will parfect.

  19. Seema Rawat says:

    i wna dat DID 1 as winner…

  20. Seema Rawat says:

    gud luck 2 ol team of season 1…

  21. Tabu Upadhyay says:

    dem sure abt did 2 team…!

  22. Anup Samaddar says:

    aaaaa vai DID2 wala…kaha por hai…plz todasa vi comment deoya koro…, kus din pahelo to.. hor.. defeance main e kor raha huuuu….. aj bolo na kuch…

  23. Seema Rawat says:

    nt….yr season 1 iz more bttr thn season2….so team JOSH will be winner….!!!!

  24. Prince Gupta says:

    thaNx seema

  25. Anup Samaddar says:


  26. Shasikala Venkat says:


  27. Shasikala Venkat says:

    awiatin for season 3

  28. Nazish Khan says:

    Best wishes for DID 2!

  29. Manoz Nat says:

    Josh will definitely win…

  30. Shebz Walia says:


  31. Prince Gupta says:

    thanx shebz an manoz dont tensun yaa win hum he hoge…,,,,’–_’-___-’_

  32. Gopal Pokhrel says:

    DID 1 guys..U weren’t even suppose to compete with Jalwa “Best Team”…..M proud to be Dharmesh Sir fan…Nd I knew tht already Dharmesh sir hi jitenge…Nd it happened as well!! So never go beyond wht U can!!

  33. Subhi Tiwari says:

    jalwa hi jetega pata tha.congrats d sir.ur super star

  34. Nazish Khan says:

    :D jalwa won!!!!

  35. Nazish Khan says:

    Lol sub ke Bolte bund ho gaye….DID 2 has shut everyone’s mouth :D

  36. Saili Dessai says:

    waitin vry badly 4 DID season 3……

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