Reality Shows: Just how real are they, anyway?

Reality Shows: Just how real are they, anyway?

Debojit Saha. Salman Khan. Qazi Touqeer. Sound familiar? These were all reality show winners who were at the peak of their stardom during the show finales. But what are they doing now? What happens behind the scenes out in the real world? Do they make it as stars, supported by the janta, or does their stardom end with the season finale?

Let’s start with winner of Dance India Dance Season 1, Salman Khan. In his opinion, the real struggle begins after the show, not during it. He says, “The contestants are nobody when they are picked up by these shows, and on the show we get lot of love and support from the people for our talent. But once the show is over, you are left alone and have to move on your own. Without godfather and guidance, the journey is quite tough. Today, I have only Remo Sir to look up to from the entire show.”

Salman Khan is presently assisting Vasu Bhagnani in direction of the film ‘Faltu,’ starring Akshay Kumar, Jackie Bhagnani and Pooja Gupta. After that, he intends to be acting in a dance-based film produced by none other than his mentor Remo D’souza, and he may also do a Tamil film later. In spite of the hardships, he is grateful for having been on DID 1: “I owe everything to the show, as I always wanted to be an actor. Since I do not come from a film-family, for me it was next to impossible to even dream of something like this. I was pursuing mechanical engineering and would have continued the same had the show did not happened to me. I would have never come to Mumbai to particularly try in films.”

Unfortunately, Salman Khan is one of the lucky ones. Debojit Saha reveals a dirty truth about reality shows:  “I don’t understand why when we sing in the reality shows, these music-directors would say waah waah, and when it comes to taking our voice for a playback for films, they would be reluctant. May be if they have to try new voice they go for a newcomer than taking a reality show singers, as they believe we anyway are earning from shows. Recently I had sung a song for 3 Idiots which Vidhu Vinod Chopra also liked, but at the last minute, Shaan was made to sing the song and it released in his voice. As of now, my full concentration is on playback singing.”

Debojit was also seen in another reality show, Big Boss, a show that has nothing to do with singing. When asked why he decided to appear on Big Boss, he replied, “I did not want to participate in the show but my wife persuaded me to go. I told them I will be there in the show only if I get to do my riyaaz. They allowed me so I went there with the intention of staying for not more than a couple of weeks. About money, my shows are doing well. There is no second opinion about this that I am surviving on my shows. It really helps you to go on as a singer. I have earned good name as a stage performer.” Recently, Debojit has been working on remaking a regional album by Bhupen Hazarika with the help of Hazarika’s newphew. He is also preparing to host a singing reality show for a Bengali channel, “Mahua Bangala.”

Another fantastic singer that resulted from a reality show is Amit Sana, runner-up of Indian Idol Season 1. Though he is a great singer, he has given up his dream to become a singer and instead wants to become a music director. He says, “Although my songs are ready now, I am in no hurry. I want them to be a part of a good film.” Anu Ji, who endlessly applauded Amit, apparently has not had any discussion with Amit on the matter. “No, apart from Indian idol, he himself is not composing much these days. So I know if I discuss anything with him, he may not be able to help me. He has struggled in his time, so even I want to go through the same process which will make me stronger.”

Why don’t reality show winners do well in the real world? Says Amit: “In a reality show, it is easy to come and sing some other singer’s old song, but when you are given a new song and made to sing in a studio, it’s a real testing time. Reality shows only make you popular, but soon after that, you cannot become a playback singer. Even if the show has as many as music directors in the judges panel, unless you are talented and in good terms with them, it will not help you. It is anyway not their responsibility to give us a chance. I will appreciate that I get a chance on my own capabilities, as then I will not have to share the credit of my achievement with anyone else or be thankful to them.”

Sometimes, people who appear on reality shows end up moving into other fields. Indian Idol’s first winner, Abhijeet Sawant, is now an actor and a TV host. Likewise, Meiyang Chang, another singer from Indian Idol, made his acting debut in the film Badmaash Company. Many others who dreamed of making it big in Bollywood have resigned themselves to do daily soaps instead. Struggle after the completion of a reality show seems to be common – so where does the heroism of the reality shows come into play? How have we been duped into thinking that the ordinary man is catapulted to fame and sits in the clouds thereafter?

  • AnnieJ

    Now I’m writing “First!” so that nobody tries to do this first-second business…. those are spam comments that don’t pertain to the topic at hand! :( Quality comments people, please! 😀

  • thmmer


    Also, reality shows and their stars just another fad. No one gives a doodle about them after they are said and done.

  • GabbarSingh

    I think a contestant who connects with the audience during the reality show, goes a long way in making it a success.

    Thmmer, lets not write everybody off, man. There are quite a few who make it to Playback singing or choreographing in movies. But only some, not all make it.

    In fact, if you had heard Shankar Mahadevan read out all the names who weren’t a winner in the Singing Reality shows, you would have had a different opinion. He read out the names after Arpita was named to be booted from the show, this week.

  • karan99one

    Hi everybody;
    Reality Shows only give you a platform for you to showcase your talent in front of the public vision(in large numbers).

    It allows you to prove your potential and mettle infront of people on-screen on national television and upfront,which otherwise rarely comes for everyone.

    Once you have got that platform and proven yourself there,
    then from there on you need to take on bigger games and play big.

    It helps you in a way that people do recognise you when you go out after the show is over.

    life is definitely easier sfter the reality show compared to than by just coming out of your house and going for auditions for a movie or some is definitely much easier to atleast get the accessibility to reach higher levels in your career.

    But just by expecting that after the reality show everything will settle down for you and for your entire career would be foolishness.

    It only gives you a platform for you to reach higher levels in your future career thereafter , In other words,
    it only gives you an easier access to move upwards in your career when compared to other people who could not get this platform.But Reality show itself will not move you up or bring prosperity to you and your life forever.It only gives you a platform,opportunity and access for you to develop yourself further to play bigger games in future and make yourself settled down in a big way.How you use that platform and access is totally in the individual’s hands.

    Consider For example,Just by getting admission into IIT’S(Indian Institute of technology) and IIM’S(Indian Institute of Management)does not ensure success for your future thereafter.It does not guarantee you for earning millions or becoming a millionaire or a billionaire.

    It again gives you a pathway and fantastic opportunity for you to excel in your career and move ahead in whatever stream you are in.

    But just by getting admitted there does not mean you are a hero forever.It helps you to develop your muscle in getting what you want for yourself in your career in a big way.It definitely again is an easier pathway compared to others in INDIA.

    You can see examples like this everywhere in many other fields.

    So finally , what I want to convey is a Reality show only gives you the platform,opportunity,pathway,access for you
    to move upwards in your career.

    It itself doesnt make a career for you and make you a hero forever.

    How you use that opportunity,pathway,platform or access depends on the individual.

  • booglenose

    woah that’s like the longest comment i’ve ever seen!!lol

    and way to go salman we knew you’d go far!

  • priyam

    Sometimes the problem is that the Public does not vote for deserving contestants. The music directors or other professionals might not be of same opinion.

    But some are really good and go a long way… Shreya and Kunal Ganjawala are examples.

    • karan99one

      Yes,Priyam even that is also possible.

  • breathless

    Salman rock on!

  • brkdancekid

    the reality is that they dont have an easy path even after winning

    because they r the winner of reality shows lolz get it 😉

    • karan99one

      The path may not be easy brky, but it is definitely better
      path when compared to that of a common man’s path(who didnt get any platform).

      HE does not have to go through that many hardships,compared to other aspirants who have no recognition at all.

      If they are winners of reality shows , then it should help them more,they have got some popularity on a nation-wide basis, which is constructive for their career in a way.Atleast People know him , be it the industry wallahs, or general public, that he has got some stuff in him as he has won the show.

      Iam not saying things will be rosy for him from there on,
      but winning a reality show gives you recognition and some popularity which is always a positive thing but not a negative thing.

      • priyam

        yeah, very true

  • karan99one

    This is a good topic for discussion, but I see very few people participating in this.

    Maybe it is not much interesting for many of them or they might have their own reasons for it.

    some people might be interested only in the performances
    and like commenting on that.

    These topics sometimes come , as part of group discussions and micro-presentations during your selection in some educational institutions like B-SCHOOLs and others.

    I invite people and especially students to take active part in such discussions,and put their views forward.

    Looking forward to your views whenever anyone is free.

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    Edit by AnnieJ: Let’s stay on topic, yes? We shouldn’t get too carried away here and comment randomly for the sake of commenting.

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      Tired of Being Sorry by Enrique Iglesias….good song, but why did you post the lyrics? :\

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            There’s plenty of things to say if you want! Posting lyrics is not technically spam, but it IS off topic, which isn’t allowed ^___^;; Your post is just the lyrics and nothing else… if you were making some argument with the lyrics, that’d be different!

            I’ve been doing quite well, thanks! 😀

      • rockstardchamp

        Ok Cool annie, say some thing say a few lines about the topic .. also about your views and all? :mrgreen: 💡 👿 :confused: ➡

        BTW :- todays show was fantastic….
        Dharmesh you rock buddy..


    i have,nt seen before Papiya with such looks. she is not only a good performer but she’s is also so beautiful in her looks. i like her so much. i wish her to be the winner of DID L’il Masters


    After Papiya Khushboo is good Performer. i m seeing these two girls in top 3 Performers and the third might be Jeetumuni

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