Dharmesh walking on the dream road

Dharmesh walking on the dream road

In the last season of Dance India Dance, he was the toast of the season. Dharmesh Sir (as he has come to be known) became popular for his versatility and talent in almost every dancing style. While he had been receiving a record number of votes through out the show and was pitted as the favourite to win, he lost out to fellow participant Shakti Mohan in the final round.

Dharmesh confesses that he was disappointed when he ended up as runner-up. But he admits that he didn’t feel low at any point.

“I am overwhelmed by the love, respect and opportunities I have got. The loss was not so important,” he says.

And despite the loss, Dharmesh is currently one of the most popular names to come out of a talent show. He believes one needs to have an X-factor to connect with the audiences. “Apart from dancing, it’s the style in which you do it. You need to have that X-factor as a dancer and performer if you want to be popular. But I don’t know what it was about me that the audiences liked,” he says.

In any case, he is excited that he got the opportunity to mentor kids in the latest season of the show. “I didn’t get that taqdeer ki topi. But this is my sunehri taqdeer ki topi,” says Dharmesh, who is known to be good with kids as he used to coach children in Baroda for many years, before he came on the show. “Kids pick up steps very fast. If we put in 100 percent, they put in 200 percent. I’m excited about working with some really talented kids,” says Dharmesh, adding, “I will now be mentoring along with other dancers — it’s what Terrence Lewis, Geeta Kapoor and Remo D’Souza used to do it for us. So it’s a huge move, for me to go from being a contestant on the show to being a mentor for these talented kids,” he says.

Dharmesh who comes from a very modest background never had to give up dancing because of the great support he got from this father. “We did have financial issues, but my father told me that he will see to it that I don’t have to quit dancing. He has always encouraged me to follow my passion,” says the dancer.

Dharmesh is looking at bigger things now. After the show, he has moved to Mumbai and decided to pursue Bollywood. “It is my dream,” he says.

  • style

    WOW first to comment,
    Dharmesh is as all know unbeatable.
    People have loved him as contestent , however being a mentor doesn’t bring too much excitement to the masses.
    Thnks that they didn’t bring the Winner of DID2 as mentor
    It would have been a total mess and boring.
    However Amrita as a mentor is too pathetic .
    no charm, no beauty soo boring to watch Amrita again.
    Anyways hope they don’t start all that business here of last season.
    Hope at least some fairness in LIL champs

  • surenmanju

    I am Very Happy to know.

    Best of luck Dharmesh.

  • DIDrocks

    “Dharmesh Sir (as he has come to be known) became popular for his versatility and talent in almost every dancing style. ”

    haha. i really had a good laugh. good one! 😆 😆 😆

  • DIDrocks

    And i cant wait either to see the magic he creates with the kids along with Ammu, Jai, Mayuresh, and Vrushali. Best of luck to him and the other mentors…and of course, my sweet cutie pies. Good luck and just roke(rock) it!!!!!

  • brkdancekid

    @thmmer , didrocks , oyehoye

    well i dont like to critisize ppl but ANU MALIK

    yar he beats gita ma hands down .

    he copy’s everything and i mean evvverrrythhhinng
    if i start writing his copied soongs u will think as , i am spamming lolz .

    that guy doesnt only copies sogs but also the personality
    he shows on indian idol is not his’ but simon cowell of american idol .

    tip for anu malik : get into anger management classes

  • DIDrocks


    thats what i was saying exactly. i havent heard one original song from that loser. and he has this arrogance and pride that is a total mismatch to his work. i mean who the hell does he think he is?

  • DIDrocks

    i have said this before..and i will say it again (not to anyone in particular…but in general).

    this is not a competition between the 5 mentors. they had their competition in DID1 and DID2. this is not a place for them recompete and “win.” its not their show. its the kids who are competing and it would be nice of everyone to forget who the heck is the mentor and appreciate or vote for the KID who is good. it would be highly disappointing if some average dancer won the lil masters show just because his/her mentor was everyone’s fav contestant in DID1 or DID2. vote for the kid, not the mentor. u have already voted for the mentors and they all lost in their respective seasons. so get over that fact and look at the fantastic talent in the kids.

  • GabbarSingh

    I am glad to read this interview. Dharmesh will always live in our hearts and I am very sure that someday he will make it big in Bollywood.

    Glad to know that he has moved to Mumbai coz thats where his dream is. Such a graceful, fantastic and a clean dancer. You know Remo once said that the reason he is so distinct from other dancers is that you never know when he has finished one step and moved on to the next. Thats a SIGN of a great performer and a dancer.

    Good luck Dharmesh and God bless!!

  • brkdancekid

    agreed totaly , he sometimes criticisez contestans so badly
    and that also on national television .
    that the participant is demoralized and cant concentrate on his work.

    by the way u dont come on chat now , we’ll do the poetry thing on didchat (tested it), its cool

  • GabbarSingh

    Hey BrkDance,

    is the chat feature back on, on this website? I don’t see it yaar.

  • DIDrocks

    im coming brky

  • brkdancekid

    yeah the did chat is all ready it’ll be there by tommorow
    i guess
    right now come on

  • rockstardchamp

    hello miz Sruthi i dont understand what made you laugh with dharnesh …. do you think he is a zoker or some thing else to make you laugh … please open you mind and look at real dance baby … dont be in hypotheticle life .. he has the power to attract or connect wht ever … he does people/audience are with him … thats why DID2 got craze and all … its very freaking that you are commenting on a talent … poor lady come on cheers…

    DIDrocks says:
    May 6, 2010 at 3:25 pm
    “Dharmesh Sir (as he has come to be known) became popular for his versatility and talent in almost every dancing style. ”

    haha. i really had a good laugh. good one!

  • rockstardchamp

    dear admin once again iam requesting .. please bring back chat room for us i dont know wht made you stop on doing this .. please justify and give us one reason …. i love to be in this forum as a user… hope you got ma point

    Edit by AnnieJ: You’ll have our reason tomorrow. We have a new and improved chat room and it will be here tomorrow, provided that all our last kinks are worked out. 😉

  • GabbarSingh

    abe rocky, chat is ON yaar

    I am on there, come fast

  • kanubhai


  • kanubhai


  • rockstardchamp

    oye annie come to tiny chat dear … have some blast over here

    Edit by AnnieJ: Studying for finals actually, so no chatting for me! Thanks for the invite though, lol.

  • rockstardchamp

    thanks for chat room annie …. loves for you 😀

  • karan99one

    It is not necessary for anyone here to tell others how they should vote, we know how to vote and whom to vote,please stop giving advice to others.

    I think the person Iam referring to has got this message.

  • newpupil1

    hi rocky

  • karan99one

    WHICH chatroom rocky

  • DIDrocks

    well im sorry if my request for fair voting sounded, to some people, as if im commanding people to vote that way. it was request on my behalf. i am absolutely no one to tell people how to vote. i never did in the past, nor will i do it in the future. i always just requested. but i guess this was “unnecessary” on my part. well i apologize for thinking that i had the right to share my thoughts and concerns on this forum. by all means vote however u want to. but stop jumping down my throat. and dont make a big issue out of nothing.


    i laughed becuz i thought the fact that admin mentioned dharmesh had versitality was funny. i believe i can at least laugh at stuff. or do i not have that right as well?

  • DIDrocks


    geeta ma looks like an angel in front of anu malik. lol.

    edit by brkdancekid: that’s true , just imagine if anu malik would have bin a mentor he would have pulverized other contestants in order to make his team look good lolz but thats my speculation 😳

  • brkdancekid

    i wonder whether they will make the kids dance in each danceform , maybe it’s good for them or not

  • thmmer

    @Geeta’s fans
    Come on now, she’s not nearly as bad as Anu Malik. She did gave us some really nice performances last season.

    – Dharmesh/Binny/Kishor (Chori Chori – from Lucky) Probably the best coordination in dance among a trio in whole of DID

    – Dharmesh (Chura ke dil mera) By far the best performance ever using props

    – Binny (O re piya) Very sweet and makes you shiver when you see binny go for a swing

    – Dharmesh (Premika ne pyar se) This one specially made me laugh 😆

    – Amrita/Kishor (Parare Parare – tollywood) This was again very fast and lived up to the song.

    * Note: The above stated views are mine only, if you disagree with them then, screw you 😉

  • DIDrocks


    lol. thats what i said. she seems like an angel in front of anu malik. geeta is far far far far better a choreographer than anu as a singer or even a music director. actually maybe geeta can even SING better than anu. lol.

  • thmmer


    Geeta? I can assure you even I can sing better than Anu Malik. Seeing that he sings like this..

    After watching that, I don’t know if I should smash my head on the keyboard or his. 😆

  • DIDrocks


    hahahaha. LMAO!!!!!! omg i couldnt stop laughing. i totally understand what u mean. like i said before, his voice is not only annoying to listen to, but its also PAINFUL. it physically hurts to listen. lol. and plz dont smash ur heard into the keyboard. his stupid song doesnt deserve it. what kind of a song is that anyway. lol. how that guy is getting work is beyond my comprehension. and yes, ANYONE can sing better than him. lol.

  • DIDrocks

    oh i forgot to mention, his ridiculous hat just brought down his IQ by like 100 points. this song was FAIL! 😆

  • Beauty1996

    Ooga Booga!! :mrgreen:

  • DIDrocks


    they should. they should assign each kid a dance form every week. im not saying they all should do salsa or something in one week. no. cuz this will be boring and it will be an overdose of salsa performances for the viewers. im just saying that contestant A may get salsa this week and contestant B may get broadway or sumthing… and then next week they can switch it up. this way every contestant does everything and gets to learn everything too. and there wont be any repetitiveness. its a win-win situation. lol. hopefully this is the format. but it will be tough for the mentors. they gotta come up with like 5 diff choreos each week. well they can do it. thats why they are there. of course they have the capability. lol. well im just wishing this is how it is. but i got no clue as to how they are gonna actually do it. lol. but i sure am looking forward!!!

  • DIDrocks

    hey beauty

    omg. its been forever. lol.

  • Beauty1996

    Hi DIDrocks!!
    Yup it sure has been forever, ( exactly 5 days). Trying to concentrate more on studies.

  • DIDrocks

    good girl beauty. continue doing that. dont let me spoil ur study time. i have a final exam tomorrow. so im studying as well. lol.

  • thmmer

    Everyone is a student here? Jeez I feel like ‘old’ one out. :roll:

  • DIDrocks

    lol. im in college. thats why. lol. how old r u thmmer?

  • thmmer

    I have been working for 6 years since I finished my MBA, so very old :roll:

  • DIDrocks

    nah. thats not very old. thats like early thirties, if not thirty. that is no where near old dude. i consider people above 45 old. lol. (no offense to anyone here who is above 45).

  • thmmer

    Muchas Gracias :)

  • DIDrocks

    lol. De nada mi amigo…de nada. :)

  • A_A

    well i hated anu malik till i read a page on wikipedia about him 😛 ..(i still hate him as a person-no etiquettes) but you gotta appreciate his musical achievements

  • DIDrocks

    well i would have no problem in appreciating his musical achievements if they were original. no doubt some of his music is really good (note: i said music not singing. his singing still sounds retarted to me), but most of his music is unoriginal and some are actually really stupid. i mean i do like the music from josh and baazigar and even yaadein (im guessing anu malik was the music director for this). but the other stuff he did were sorta bakwaas, like the music video thmmer pointed out before. he is not talented. period. he had his moments of geniusness but they were short lived.

  • rockstardchamp

    DIDrocks way you comments on some one is so immature and ukknowlwdgeble … if you point finger on some one you need to watch where those remaining 4 fingers points …especially the way you commented on Dharmesh and anumalik …. if you like some thing just praise them and doint try to point out some thing …. if you are a good dancer or you bave good knowledge on dancing skills point then you have rights to point some one ….. this is applicablr to every one .. respect the talent … respect indians talent ….. that what all iam about to say …..

  • rockstardchamp

    Again iam saying by reading your comments … if you person got that much craze and getting that much praise … i feel you are sick to agree and you laughing rediculously over his talent … come on girl grow up think like with mature mind i hope you have tat …. dont again point point and make you a real fool … 3 lakh people are not fools to make dharmesh a famous choreo … he did it …. he achieved it .. show me some one who can replace him ….. ??????? no way at all….

  • AnnieJ


    When pointing a finger at someone, don’t the rest of the fingers curl into one’s own hand? 😆

  • DIDrocks


    thats ur opinion and ur opinion only. please dont force ur opinions onto me. i would like to think whatever i want. and u have no right to call me immature or a fool just cuz i dont appreciate dharmesh or anu malik the way u do. i have my reasons for not liking them. in a world where thousands of better hip hop dancers and better music directors and singers, i think these two fall short by quite a lot. and since when do u have to be lata mangeshkar or prabhu deva to comment and criticize singing or dancing? 100% of the people on this forum are absolute nobodies and i dont think any one of us is capable of commenting on any of the contestants if u really want to talk about expertise. even i can say u and a bunch of other people have no right to comment on or criticize shakti. but u do anyway. the reason i dont say anything is cuz its an OPINION. u freakin dont need to be a god of dance to criticize someone. becuz if this is a the case the all the votes DID received for anyone should be invalid. cuz i bet 99% of the people who voted were non-dancers. i appreciate talent when i see it. and i also will criticize people if i think they dont deserve what they got. not a soul on this earth can stop me from that. u can criticize to as long as u dont call people fools and immature like u just called me. i never called anyone fools for voting for dharmesh. all i said was that i dont agree. and im sorry but u cant stop me from disagreeing. i could have gotten all upset and yelled at u but i dont think u r worthy of my anger. next time, state ur goddamn opinions and leave them at that. dont call others names cuz they freakin dont share the same perspective as u do. leave me alone!

  • krishu

    Hey guys, what’s up, guess what, I talked to Shakti di on the phone and I am not kidding, I sware on myself. Trust me, my heart completely stopped, when I talked to her. :mrgreen:

  • marinjbit

    i wish D sir ko the best in his new life,aor i hope ki vo bahut jaldi apna rasta uske sapne tak banaega.aor uska human quality,like honestly and inosent uske sat hamesha rahegi,aor sab jo vo chahe usse mil jae.
    God bless you!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛

  • DIDrocks


    how the heck are u contacting amar, punit, and shakti and all these contestants?

  • m33naji

    Congrats tO dharmesh… KeEp iT upP!!! 😉

  • sweetleen samuel

    congratulations Dharmesh..

    I love U

  • Badri Narayan

    congratulations Dharmesh sir…

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