Dance India Dance Season 2

Dance India Dance Season 2

Dance India Dance Season 2 to return in October 2009.

After a huge first season success of Dance India Dance, Now we are hearing the news that Dance India Dance Season 2 is coming back on Zee TV. Dance India Dance Season 2 is expected right after Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champ finishes. An official word from Dance India Dance Team is yet to announce but the rumors are that Dance India Dance Season 2 will be with kid’s.

Dance India Dance Season 2 Audition dates are not finalized yet but it will be done some time around the end of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. We will post the information for Dance India Dance Auditions once we get a confirmed news.

This is very rare that a reality show has two seasons in a year and that too with only 3-4 months after the first one. Zee TV However had a big success on this show with efforts from Geeta Kapoor, Terence Lewis, Remo D’souza and the great Mithun Chakraborty.

* Above information has been provided by our sources and is not verified by the DID team itself as they choose not to speak about it yet. Once an official word is out, we will update you here :)

  • berny1412

    Yipee, Hurray, I am so delighted. Pls change only one Judge – Geeta, pls keep Ramo and Terence and I hope Mithunda is still the Grandmaster. By the way what happened to Salman after the win – no news is good news

    • mirchi

      Todays show, geeta reflected her IQ she takes things personally absolut unprofessional and her comments ” I WILL ENSURE DHARMESH COMES BACK” who on earth she thinks she is or is it rigged, nothing against dharmesh hes great but just cos of the wrong traning hes out, please is there a way Geeta can be voted OUT

      Terence is very good judge gives very professional unbiased comments in sprit of the competition we need judges like him.

      • sharol

        20th FEb: I really like the show, but it always get dirty when it is the time of comments from masters. especially Geeta & Remo. To talk of today madam Geeta retaliated on Terrance’s comments for harmesh when he said “there was jhol in indian style”. While performance of Dharmesh is always good, even i felt that there was jhol in the indian style. She wants to rewind and watch, means she is not paying attention to the performances. when common public sitting at home can make that out, how come she being a master did not notice.

        Masters should take each others comments sportingly. Zee programs really dont need this dirty masala to get TRP. People anyways watch it coz they are genuenly good.

        And for God sake, please dont take Geet in the next season.

  • deeptikadam

    Hiiiiiiiiii to DID I m quite happy to hear from your side that the season 2 is starting I m quite happy well please let me know the auditions date well even I would like to participate in this show and I need to give 100% so that I can enter in to show and it would be my pleasure to meet all three judges as well as mithunda I m really very eager to meet them so please let me the dates and keep updating me everytime.


  • snigdha singh

    as i waana say that after hearing such a news that DID is gng to come back many people are excited abt it as i am too becoz my dance is worship for me and its not just coming on tv but worshipping ur talent and giving chance to urself and ur confidence to boost up i just waana say that do inform us abt the updates of DID becoz as being a student we didnt get oppourtinity to come for auditions becoz of exams or related activities to studies and lost a gud oppourtinity, if we had a further information we can set our plans according and hope that at least this time itz not 4 kids hope we will get a gud response

  • Phini

    If this season would be with kids, I won’t watch it. I think DID is a competition who require much from the participants. You can’t ask a kid to do stunts or something like that. The participants who did not get to the final six were crying and very hurt.. What will happen if that happen to the kids? I do not agree with the ideas of a season with kids. Sa re ga ma pa is something different, a whole other competition than did. My english is not so good, but I hope you all understand what i’m trying to say

  • Prial

    Well, I am really very excited to watch DID season 2, but it is for children… no problem, beacuse it it much better than Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lol.

    Masters will be the same?! hope so…

    cya guys!

  • Phini

    I do not agree..
    The judges of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa are better than the judges of DID.
    They are much more honest..

    • sunflower.zaara

      i do not agree with you even the judges od DID are very frank they have dons abt everyone but they speak the truth

      • sharol

        I only like Terrance. Remo & Geeta are not good. One mistake pointed out for their team member and they pounce on the other master…. They really spoil the mood of the programe.

  • srishti

    wow! did 2 is coming!
    they only need to change geeta for someone else like shimak.
    there should also be a did in canada bc

  • Phini

    There should be a DID all over the world !!
    And I agree that they need to change geeta..

  • vkchoudhary

    I agree Geeta should be kicked out. She is so jealous of everyone. I have not seen more partial judge than Geeta.

    • sunflower.zaara

      yes ur right geeta is so jealous trust me last season she was against salman all the time but see he was the best and he deserve to win we know he is the best but geeta was just stupid to pass such comments about him

  • cutiepienish

    hey guyz cn anyone plz tell me the first song on which terence dance in the grand finale…….. plzzzzzzz rplyyy

  • falloutboy

    hey if its true ,DID nly 4 kids den lots f people will b disappointd,u cnt do dis guyz ,dont know wtf is dat? take mah advice DID team if u r going wid kids in dis show ,it’ll b a superflop season.i think u people tryin’ 2 add up more emotions,ya guyz create a gr8 season 1 ,ope u’ll rock dis yr. too…… f luck

  • arunkumar_b05

    I hope DID audition will happen in BANGALORE this time :-)


  • Maria Ferns

    Happy to hear that DID is back…….. Would love to see Remo, Terrance, (Dada) Mithun…… Awaiting it anxiously!!!!!!!!!! thanks

  • soumi

    really happy to hear that DID-2 is coming.I desperately want to participate this time.Please,provide date,time and venue of auditions along with the name of the cities when you get confirmed information.

  • sanjaysoni6355

    hi i m sanjaysoni my 7 year old son is dancing all the type of dance like hiphop jaaz bollywood just log on youtube and type mihir soni to watch his perfomance i m shyor he got a chance in did season2 just copy this link and plz see only one time and plz give me reply


  • vivektiwari

    hi I m VIVEK i want to be a participate in DID-2 so pls send me a audition date in DELHI(NCR) plz i m requesting u…….
    my E-mail ID is
    i m wating for ur reply

  • vivektiwari
  • biotech_madhu

    hello i am new user plz send me all information abt DID

  • Priya Shet

    Is it not possible to keep the audition in goa for our goans?

  • suryasingh601

    hey m happppppppppy 2 knw that my drm come back………..but m confused abt audition date plz tell me abt more clearify plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    ……….when audition held in rajasthan………
    surya singh

  • Abhay kumar

    im abhay this reallty show is dance india dance in partysipate.
    by audition information.(delhi)

  • pavnish

    hiiiiiiii all i’v participate in did ,

    i recive my registration id ,

    wht r i sent u my dance video with registration id plz tell me

  • rishabh

    whats the prob with geeta mam she is dam good
    and fabulous to na
    all the judges are equal

  • rishu

    terence ki toli rocks

  • rishu

    can the dates be sent to me

  • rishu

    i am 14 yrs old

  • monika

    hey hii guys am monika from pune.. cn any 1 tell me when are the audtions i mean in ocyober end or in the 1st week of november..i wil be waiting for reply.. thank you

  • monika

    hey even i got ma registeration id.. do v have to sent our videos to them??

  • monika

    can any 1 send me all the information about DID..?? when are the auditions in pune or mumbai..???? my email id is…plzz just inform me if any 1 gets to know about it… waiting for rply

  • sunitha

    hiii… an u send me.. details of DID season2 auditions to my email plz,,,

  • vikram

    plz send me.. deatils of DID season2 auditions to my email id. my id is: . thank you.

  • styledance

    i want dates & place of seson 2 audition immediately on my email id
    -best dancer (pune)

  • styledance

    Boogie woogie winner(1999&2004)
    Best -lokin-popkin,salasa,western,hip-pop

    Pls send me details of season 2.
    on 9860761614/9545291660 or

  • titanamol

    I am amol can any one send me dates on second season on my mail ID

  • annu goyal

    yeeepeee!!!!i m really vry vry happy with this news…n this time i also want to be a part of DID…so plzzzz send me auditons date n other information of DID season 2 on my ID or on 09754381212….waiting 4 rply….
    Best : salsa n western

  • sunny chopra

    hiiiiiii i hv registered 4 auditions, can u plz tell me the date and time of delhi auditions…
    my cell no. is 09729453308

  • rajputsatyam

    berny1412: Yipee, Hurray, I am so delighted. Pls change only one Judge – Geeta, pls keep Ramo and Terence and I hope Mithunda is still the Grandmaster. By the way what happened to Salman after the win – no news is good news

    yeah u saying rght remove geeta from that show ….take some other coreografer …

  • Shama

    hey Iam Fara i want to participate in DID i am crazy about dance I love a three of judes Like terence .Can you send me DID aud. Date Pleeeeeeeese.I willwaiting your reply.i want dates & place of seson 2 audition immediately

  • Shama

    I will participate in First Time so Plese Send me The aud Date in My mail ID Pleeeeeeeease .

  • fari

    I just wanaa participate in did so Please send me aud. date Please I love Dance & dance India Dance

  • ttsesang2001

    Hello DID
    you guyz rocks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rohinisharma


    City: Goa
    Date: Nov 07th 2009
    Address: Don Bosco High School,
    Panjim, Goa – 403001

    City: Kolkata
    Date: Nov 07 & 08 2009
    Address: Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management
    24/1A Chandi Ghosh Road,
    TollyGanj, Kolkota – 700040

    City: Mumbai
    Date: Nov 14th& 15th 2009
    Address: Ryan International
    Evershine Nagar,
    Malad (W).
    Cities where Auditions have already been done

    City: Delhi
    Date: Nov 01 & 02 2009
    Address: Ryan International School,
    Sector – C, Pocket – 8,
    Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070

    City: Hyderabad
    Date: Oct 29 2009
    Address: Classic Garden, #152,
    Sappras lane, Rani Bagh,
    Geetanjali School Road, Balamrai,
    Near Paradise, Secunderabad H.O.
    Hyderabad – 500003

    City: Jaipur
    Date: Sep 30th 2009
    Address: Ryan International School
    Padmavati Colony– B,
    Near New Aatish Market,
    Opp. Nirman Nagar,
    Jaipur – 302018.

    City: Indore
    Date: Oct 04th 2009
    Address: Emerald Heights International School,
    Opp Akashwani,
    A. B Road,
    Indore – 453331

    City: Ahmedabad
    Date: Oct 07th 2009
    Address: Lohana Samaj Vidyarthi Bhawan

    Opp. Football Ground,
    Near Kankaria Lake,

    City: Ludhiana
    Date: Oct 11th 2009
    Address: Urban State Phase – II,
    Jamalpur Chandigarh Rd.,
    Ludhiana – 141010.

    City: Lucknow
    Date: Oct 14th 2009
    Address: Indira Nagar,
    Sector 9,

    City: Guwahati
    Date: Oct 20th 2009
    Address: By Zee TV

    City: Bhubaneshwar
    Date: Oct 23rd 2009
    Address: The Techno School,
    Bhuwaneshwar -19.

    City: Bangalore
    Date: Oct 26th 2009
    Address: Ryan International School
    Behind Hindustantan Lever Ltd.,
    Near AECS Layout Kudnahalli
    M.H. Colony
    Bangalore – 560037.

  • mirchi

    Well I would like to thank Grand master for making the right choice today and he did not get entangled in Geetas false dramas and stupid display of I love u to her contestant. Instead of saying I love you start training them.

    Grandmaster made the wrong choice of eliminating Ameeth over Geetas contestant as it is a dance show and not Circus.
    Ameeth showed a good performance however sadly was eliminated as Geetas drama may have put pressure on Grand MAster.

    Mithunda this is a prestigious seat …. please do a good job and dont fall for dramas. Infact advise her to work hard on the training.

    • sharol

      even i think that Amith shoul hav been retained n Geeta’s team member was supposed to be sent out.

  • mirchi

    AlsoI did not appreciate her spirit . I think she showed disrespect to the jusgement by behaving like a child that she is not!!

    Geeta grow up in life!!!!!! You are on international T.V

    Terence and Remo keep up the good work.Learn Geeta Learn!!

  • mirchi

    Hi guys,

    This show is becoming so damn political. Its no longer about finding Indais Best dancer. Its about the jealousy of two choreographers-Remo and Geeta.

    I heard remo saying why did terence send Shakti in dance ki kasauti?
    Is remo scared ?
    I would like to know why did Remo send Meenu when Nikitasha danced very badly. Why did he send Puneet when Shashank was criticised for his dancing.

    Why did Geeta send Dharmesh with the ridiculously choreographed number.

    Somewhere these two sent their best to keep their contestants.

    Are these people honest? Should we trust their judgements when they look wrong on International T.V

    Yesteday the flak was on Shakti…..Geeta wants to see a clasical. So what is the format of the dance. A person should know all kinds of dance . If that is so then only those contestants should be selected.

    And what about the judges except for terence who everyone can see is passionate about his job and is so receptive to feedback.These two cannot tolerate if their contestants are given a feedback. Bothof them start fighting and defending.

    Can Geeta do contemporary and any other form of dance. Since she is an expert in classical I would like to see her perform Teyyam.

    Remember guys even if anyone dancer is chosen from any choreographers team if all of you are honest ,then it is a win for all of you as somewhere down the line you should help them shape up.

    Dont look stupid. People can see you jealousy. I was surprised with Remos behaviour as he has always been very fair and civilised but looks like the competition is getting the better of him.

    As for Geeta we always knew she is incompetant and trying to butter up everyone. Im sure Vivek must be happy to see you were not given his number to choreoghaph. It was terrible. and the right feedback everyone can see your face starts to fall and you start throwing tantrums. NOT good for your image!

    This one year enrol with terence or any other qualified dancer to take training for the season 3. There is always scope for improvement for all of us.

    As for Terance….I must say you are the best and very passionate. I can see it is very tough to be there as these two give bad choreography and try to put pressure on you to praise their Crap.I long to see your dances. You are the best.

    Grandmaster have a talk with your judges. This show is a prestigious show and you should not let the credibility of this show go down because of sqaubbling judges. Look into the matter. Maybe you can change Geeta with Shiamak. He will bring value to your show and he is fair.

  • Saqi

    Geeta is a complete waste as a judge. She is wasting talent of contestants such as Dharmesh Sir who barely gets a chance to show off his dance moves!
    I agree that she has to be replaced with someone like Shiamak or someone of higher caliber as Terrence and Remo. Judges like Geeta should be in Khana Khazana instead of prestigious show like Dance India Dance. Geeta should host a food contest show with her fat ass and big tummy.

    • sharol

      As also agree that Terance is the only judge who displayes honesty. He is the best and very passionate about his work.
      Wonder what does Zee do with these feedback we write coz even after so many repeated complaints on the behaviour of Rema & Geeta, we still keep seeing the same ‘them’. There is simply no change observed.

  • ayroks


  • ayroks

    i luv DID  and watch its shows without missing any and i think that our expactations have become so heigh frm this show that we always want to see somthing different ,  exciting and more  challengaing ever b4 and its not a cup of tea for masters also to bring every time more challenging and  difficult stunts and new style and this is a big pressure fom them and as well as participents also but more burden is on masters shoulders it  s abig challenge for them …

  • hizibizi

    what’s going on?

    this forum supposed to be on google first page.

      very old vid it is.
  • msironx

    I am a regular viewer of DID season 1 and 2. I dont miss any episodes. However, during this season i feel the judges are giving an impression that they are more interested promoting participants who belong to their team only thereby laying less emphasis on an actual performer. i also feel that their post performance judgement has an impact on people’s votes.


    Hence i suggest that every 2 weeks the participant should be rotated with every judge RIGHT FROM DAY ONE.

    This will do away with bias comments from the judges.

  • loveinair

    terence just love you…..keep dancing like that….

  • kaptann


    i am verry bed fill 😐 😐 😐

    ZEE TV this is for you
    😈 😈 😈 😈

  • piyush.yawalkar01

    Absolutely rubbish decision.It involved politics from REMO and TERENCE.They knew that if anybody could beat Dharmesh it was Shakti.So she was over promoted and Dharmesh was over criticized.I wont be surprised if after a few days i see “Aaj Tak ka khulasa …Result fixing in DID2.”Dharmesh is the winner.Everyone voted for him.I dont know how did shakti win.She will only get 50lacs contract,a side role in promotion song of Tees Mar Khan and stupid Waganor and loads of bad wishes.Dharmesh will become a super star.Even if he comes with an Album ,I am sure he will earn a llooooot more than that because people will really go and buy his videos.There is so much to learn from him.He is unique and has his own identity.Shakti is any other foolish dancer who brought contemporary even in HIP HOP and LOCKING.My all the worst wishes with Shakti and ..we all love you Dharmesh Sir..I really voted for you and first time ever for any reality show.I voted a lot for you..You will rock in future.Do come for a show in Nagpur..I am sure you will find huge crow here..

  • ash

    😛 hi everybody well iam from fiji islands. i have been watching DID since it started here in fiji on our TV shows and enjoyed it atmost, now nearly every second indian you meet they say “we love DID” and even try out the steps. KIDs season would be great to watch since something out of our imagination to see……….i can never imagine to dance so good but try my best. love to all the three judges : i love remo sir alot as a teacher and wish to get blessings from mithunda and all the judges. we can not reach to india but atleast we cry feel for all the participants and the judges. All the best to the kids

  • elly

    hi everybody

  • sagar117

    hi dharmesh i like your dance (hip hop dance)

  • sagar117

    hi dharmesh i like your dance (hip hop dance…) and because of you i see dance india dance daily….. i love your dance… and i miss DID2…

  • vikrant sharma

    hi vaishu, kaise ho, acche se practice ho rahi hai.

  • vikrant sharma

    vaishu tum choti angel ki tarah hai, tum par white colour kafi accha lagta hai. tuhari or rutu ki cotton wali performance meri sabse faviourate hai. or mai dil se chahta hu ki tum hi winner ho. i will pray u win.

  • vikrant sharma

    vaishu ho sake to tum dubara se usi cotton wali performance ko karogi mere liye, jyada nhi thoda sa. i m your big fan. or sach me tum aise skipper se trained ho rahi ho, unke jaisa skipper or koi hai hi nhi, baki bhi acche hai, dharmesh is my favourate. please dharmesh sir ek baar cotton per formance. luv u little sis.

  • vikrant sharma

    don’t worry vaishu u willbe win.

  • vikrant sharma

    hey vaishu vikrant wants to see u winner.

  • vikrant sharma

    vaishu meri or mere sabhi friends and office staff ki taraf se tumhe dher sara pyar. or votes bhi tumhe hi jayengi. tumhare jitne se jo khushi tumhe hogi wo mai bhi mehsus karna chahta hu. bye little angel

  • vikrant sharma

    😆 hey vaishu keep smile 😆

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