DID Little Masters Videos 1st May

DID Little Masters Videos 1st May

Dance India Dance Little Masters 1st May Videos are here, Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments.

DID L’il Masters 1st May Videos Part1

DID L’il Masters 1st May Videos Part2

DID L’il Masters 1st May Videos Part3

DID L’il Masters 1st May Videos Part4

82 thoughts on “DID Little Masters Videos 1st May

  1. Love says:

    Humm..I am speechless

  2. Love says:

    I really love that rolu golu polu..srivatsan..He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D

  3. brkdancekid says:

    but todays chak dhoom dhoom episode was better

    annie j plz dont ban me lolz

  4. Love says:

    I want to play with “SRIVATSAN” :P mein use itna daudaungi ke wo motu beth jayega..kya malum muje bethna :lol:

  5. AnnieJ says:


    Abhay, I am the same position as you, I can’t ban you even if I wanted too, lol! But a slap on the wrist from me to you, and you’ll be on your way…. :wink:

    (Shhh, don’t tell anyone I’m watching CDD too, lawl! They’ve got wonderful kids over there too!)

  6. A_A says:

    lol have u seen chak dhoom dhoom :P yeah i agree today’s episode looked better.. but they just tell each person who’s not doing western, to do some hip-hop etc. and if they cant do it well they dont take them.. even classically trained people :P

  7. AnnieJ says:


    It’s very interesting. You have to be reasonably well-rounded, which I think is pretty cool, actually!

  8. bijdxb says:

    wow these kids are stunning! i do believe India, with these talented kids will conquer the world!

    India, keep dancing! Zip…Zap.. Zooooom….

  9. A_A says:

    yeah but they dont make western ones do indians :P

  10. AnnieJ says:


    Touche! I wonder what that signals? Western forms=greater entertainment value since classical is largely under-appreciated? It seems like they took a fair number of classically trained dancers though…

  11. A_A says:

    mhmm yeah.. but they made all those do westerns before selecting them lol.. anyways kids are more likely to be trained in classical dances while these people just want something that looks good on stage :P DID wasnt being that selective on dance forms

  12. thmmer says:

    @brk kid. Chak dhoom dhoom is just lame. Specially Saroj khan is such a bad actor (Read actor). The whole format is a complete rip off from various dance shows already airing on TV.

  13. thmmer says:

    On another note @admin are we getting the chat room back anytime soon?

  14. thmmer says:

    @AnnieJ and @A_A That’s the thing guys, Chak dhoom dhoom is focusing on providing more entertainment than actually being a platform for budding young dancers to use and establish a career in dance. After all, it’s India and they are catering to the audience who loves Big Boss and Rakhi ka sawyamvar.

    Kudos to DID!

  15. DIDrocks says:

    awwwwww…….i love that choti si pari who came first and who danced on zoobi doobi. vyoma, meri jaan, 100 kisses from to u. i love u baby. this baby was chooooo cutttee!!!! lol and amazing dancing skills. did u see how she shaked it on stage? fabulous!

    and out of all of them i really loved vaishnavi, who danced on the song breathless. she left me breathless. i was awe that she was 10. i dont know anything about bharatnatyam. but i know enough to see that she excelled in it. beautiful. i also loved how she had movements portraying the lyrics. fab job!

    and the chotu tapori from banglore…srivatsan i believe is his name….he was adorable. but somehow i felt the superwings should not have been given to him, especially since that girl manasvi (whose mom danced with geeta and who did the latin dance) didnt get the wings. it was fair that she didnt get it but it was unfair srivatsan did. i dont think this chotu was better than her. but whatever. just an opinion. but this chubby chotu was ridiculously cute. just wanted to pinch his cheeks and give him a huggggge kisss! lol.

    again…i believe these kids are on fire! hard to believe these are kids. i have a huge smile on my face while i watch this show. lol.

  16. DIDrocks says:

    A_A and AnnieJ

    thats exactly it! why is indian classical under-appreciated and viewed as less entertainment? i dont get it. both my favs from friday and saturday were girls who did classical. i personally love to watch classical. even i dont get why western dances are crushing indian dances and pushing them out of the view.

  17. DIDrocks says:

    one more thing….i really do love this new judge…sandip soparrkar. somehow i feel that he is just the perfect judge for kids. he seems to be judging just fine. well chalo…ek toh achcha aur fair judge mil gaya lil masters ke liye. wonder how farah khan is with the kids. she better not be a meanie. lol. these kids are too cute to yell at

  18. Sheena26 says:

    I think Gracie’s father raised the right question. In DID2 we see how sexy Shakti’s performances were and it made her the winner. It’s unfortunate that sex sells but did DID2 use Shakti to send the wrong message to dancers that they have to be sexy in order to be selected and chosen as the winner.

    My comments are not to badmouth Shakti as a performer but I wonder what everyone’s thoughts were after seeing DIDLM today.

  19. Sheena26 says:


    I completely agree with your opinion about Srivatsan and Manasvi!!! If Manasvi had performed on her own I definitely think she would have received the wings as well but even then she definitely deserved them more than Srivatan’s chubby cuteness.

  20. AnnieJ says:


    Hmmm…. food for thought.


    I know! Vyoma (the little 2 year old) was so cute, stole me heart! XP As for why classical is “blown out of the water,” I have no idea. I was really happy to see the number of classical dancers selected!

    And yes, I LOVE Sandip, total sweetie! Glad to see he’s a judge :)

    Regarding Chotu vs. Manasvi, well I would compare them – she’d older and with a different skill set. He was good for his age and cute. I would have picked Manasvi too, but I don’t think the choreography was as strong for her in some parts in this particular dance. The girl does have it in her – they both executed a number of things beautifully and could teach DID2 peeps a thing or 2 about some salsa! Lol.


    Well see, rather than saying DID2 used Shakti to sell a kind of “sex sells” message, I would say the entire world does it. Also, I’m inclined to think that more mature dances look okay on more mature people.

    With regards to Gracie, I was not particularly averse to her dance. However, I think I agree in that children’s “bachpana” should be preserved, and that their dances are consistent with their age. Her father got a smidge too offended I think – being a choreographer, even a small shot – doesn’t give you the right to brandish around your ego. Okay so the parents are requesting more popular/mainstream dance – fine, let them, and you know what? If you’re okay with your kids learning raunchier stuff, that’s fine too. Or you could teach them about the zillions of other dance forms – so many beautiful and unknown/practically invisible forms. [How about some mor boys doing classical, please? I get that hip hop is cool and all, but only like every boy does it... :roll: ]

    However, for an audition – a public venue – you have to play it safe and always opt to be more consistent with the conservative view. Gracie is talented for sure, and spunky, to boot! I just think maybe another dance would have been better for her to audition with. Still, I was glad she got wings :)

  21. AnnieJ says:

    Oh, I forgot to add that my little “be consistent with the conservative view” really applies more to areas that are more touchy topics, e.g. children. Adults doing “sexier” things is not really a big deal, hence, it’s okay to not be “conservative.” [This is my opinion.]

  22. anujsharma says:

    Sach..mein mind to baap nahi dada..pad-dada hai…
    mujhe to aaj neend nahi ane walii…kahana hum…Dharmesh Sir or Shakti ko dekh kar khush ho rahe the..inhone to hosh hi uda diye,…..
    Heats Off the Baaps….

  23. brkdancekid says:

    geeta ma forgot wht she did with afsha
    that she gave a sexy number to her against amritha
    and she comveniently forgot her ethics then .

    Now when the lil girl gracie performed the dance , she was first to raise the point about its appropriateness regarding children . where was this morality when u choreographed afsha .

    geeta ma its not like i hate u , all iam saying is ditch the souble standards .
    And u shud practice what u preach

  24. DIDrocks says:


    what do expect from geeta? i already said before. she is the mata of all double standards. i seriously dislike her.

  25. AnnieJ says:


    Hmm, in one sense I think you’re right. But in another, I feel like Gracie was being made to do really seductive stuff – booty popping and sexy crawling, lol.

    Maybe it kinda is a double standard? I remember objecting to Afsha’s clothes more than her bekaar dance… ^____^;;;

  26. AnnieJ says:

    Maybe I should go back and find Afsha’s dance.

  27. AnnieJ says:

    Hmm, just watched Afsha’s dance again. There was a part or two that I thought, “Hmm, could be a close call…” in her angel outfit with the white wings, but I thought it was pretty acceptable for a kid, choreography wise. Not 100% perfect, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call Geeta Miss Double Standard.

  28. DIDrocks says:

    i agree with annie. somehow i also feel its “okay” when adults do a dance that comprises of sexual contents. its more socially acceptable than it is when kids do it. with kids, u expect to see innocence and purity, and u get upset when u dont see it. i get it. even i feel the same way. i hated afsha’s dance. gross! but the problem here is that bellydancing (im assuming the gracie did do bellydancing) is still a dance. u cant ignore it or ban it from competition. its still a dance. socially less aceptable, maybe, but its a dance. if u start eliminating dances like these, where will it stop? should we get rid of latin dances (they have lots of sensuality), or even contemporary maybe? my point is dance is dance, whether its bellydancing or hip hop or bharatnatyam. yes u can do bellydancing without all that sexuality. she shouldve done it and she couldve of done it. but what she did maybe inapproriate for her age, but it was still dance. i hope people are getting my point?

  29. AnnieJ says:


    Agreed. I was under the impression that there was no objection to the bellydance (I didn’t think that was inappropriate, really) but after it switched over to hip-hop, it went downhill. Parts of it were great and Remo was beaming, but I think overall the latter half was more displeasing to the judges.

    I also think it would have been cuter if her skirt thing was almost knee length instead of, y’know, above her shorts…. :lol:

  30. DIDrocks says:

    well annie, i havent seen the performance yet. so i cant tell exactly. but thanx for agreeing.

  31. AnnieJ says:


    Arguing on the basis of principle alone? Wah wah! :P

  32. DIDrocks says:

    lol i know annie

  33. karan99one says:

    Hey DIDrocks , Annie, Sheena , A_A, everyone where r u?

  34. brkdancekid says:

    well i think budding talent should be caught young

    but iam not sure in this case lolz :lol: :lol:

  35. A_A says:

    karan its a sunday lol

  36. A_A says:

    btw i dont think that most selected by DID were classical dancers… i guess they only showed on TV the cute looking guys doing classicals :P or there are a lot of others hehe (but u cant expect kids to be doing contemporary.. so classical, bollywood and hip-hop may be all we can see)

  37. joe says:

    I have mix feelings in regards to the little masters contests. I see lot of future talents in the making, I get the feeling that ambition of being a winner is more of the parents, and when I saw how very hard it is for a small child when he or she is told that they did not pass, I am worried that for some of them it will be traumatic and very hard to get over it for many more years to come. I think that there should be a limitation to the age factor, e.g 9 – 15 years. it will also give kids under 9 to be more prepared to accept whatever the results. Well this is my opinion . :!: :!:

  38. lilsim30 says:

    thax for uploading these videos :D

  39. lilsim30 says:

    OMG i just love srivatsan he is so cute

  40. Andy0000 says:

    Hey friends how are you…

  41. Sheena26 says:


    I liked reading your comments/opinions. You both came up with some good ideas like setting an age range for the auditions etc. I think this age range was necessary because despite how cute some of the younger children are they are not trained or used to training. Preparing for two months is not a lot considering their age and attention span. I think the judges need to consider this as well so they have some kind of real competition later on in the show. And for this reason also I think Manasvi definitely should have received the wings.

  42. jeeten1011 says:

    i think Vaishnavi patil is one of the strongest contestant on little master.She has strong potential,well trained on classical and she was one of the final contestant among india got talent,she will go long or upto final on little master if selected among top 16/18 or till voting started.

  43. jeeten1011 says:

    And as everybody discuss about age here, i think taking 8-13 years contestant will be best for DID little champs.

  44. jeeten1011 says:

    selecting small kids like srivatsal age-5,and other girl name forget on april 30th 1st contestant age 5 is not good selection.becoz they will eliminate soon as they don,t know nothing except some steps taught by their,some girls and boys after 9 years esp 10-12 was best and these kids will go further more.

  45. A_A says:

    I guess they might be selecting some 5-6 year kids for now… but I bet the ones in the top 16 would be in the age range of 8-15.. its too tough on these 5-6 year old kids to come on the stage so much, learn so many new dances in a week’s time…

  46. A_A says:

    hmm i just saw vatsal and manasvi’s performance.. i thought manasvi should have got it too but I guess because they came together, the masters chose to give it to only the better one.. ofc salsa couldnt be done solo :P but i guess it was a bit harsh on her

  47. DIDrocks says:


    thank u. im glad u enjoy my comments.

    and yes, even i think the 5-7 yr olds wil have a tough time remaining in competiton. cuz u just cant compare ability of a 12 yr old to say 5 yr old. then u might say that how come a 20 yr old jack can compete with 27 yr old dharmesh with the same age diff. well kids usually grow faster than adults. their skills kinda take a huge turn in a small time. thats why they are so mouldable. so its really hard to compare a 5yr old to 12 yr old. and generally a 12 yr old is better, unless they suck like completely. so its really hard for the younger kids.

  48. rockstardchamp says:

    Hey Guys Jin baba,kali,sruthi,lovely(Love),yummy dear, annie(so called moderator),and breaky… how are you guys doing …. am back .. see my below review comments on frid and sat show:-
    1) my darling Kyathi .. iam amazed by seeing her stunts that to she is a girl .. wow performance … superb .. will be a strong contendor may compete with rutraj he also best .. but thoda mota he lets see wat happens
    2)smriti :- good creativity .. well excuted thalia.. thalia …
    3)ruturaj:- good at dance and catching beats .. wow kinda expressions
    4)meri chotu srivastan (brother of beauty1996) :mrgreen: :- was cute .. but they shouldnt have given wings to him instead they could have given to hillor .. hillor is just fantastic to see her….
    5)last but not the least ananya:- my darling you are soo cute … think her mother is feeding more chocolates i think her teeth spoiled … :D :mrgreen:

    thats all for today .. will be back after delhi auditions…
    cya guys have a good time…..

  49. priyam says:

    Yeah, I agree that it is going to be harder for the smaller angels, but they are soooooooooooooooooo sweet and they are the light of this show…. So nice to watch little Ananya and a few others….. But the real fun for them is to have participated

    And this girl Vaishnavi Patil is so so so talented….

  50. priyam says:

    I also like Sandeep Soparkar… He is so nice and cool with the kids.

    Farah has often been rude to candidates she does not like. I just hope that she is cool with the kids

  51. brkdancekid says:

    i also think farah khan should be a bit more sweet towards the kids .

    cause what i have seen of her in entertainment ke liye kuchh bhi karega , she is a bit brazen .


    soon my friend .


    hello dude , i sent u a mail do see it .
    come back soon .

    And after reading ur guys comments i also think that manasvi should have been in
    both of them were good , on hand they r picking average kids due to there cuteness and on the other hand they are ignoring a good dancer because she is dancing with a partner .
    even after taking the boy as reference she was still good .

  52. brkdancekid says:

    And i disagree with u guys on age limit .
    little kids shold be selected in the first round if they r good but filtered off in the later rounds .

    because some little kids are also talented .check out this
    4 yr old hip hopper at ellen degenerous show and i think little kids should be given a .


  53. AnnieJ says:


    I saw Miles Brown on Ellen Degeneres too! And he’s from California, yeah! :mrgreen:

  54. brkdancekid says:

    annie j

    r we the only two left in the forum lolz

    even our voice echoes in the room :P :P

  55. Ashish Khatavkar says:

    Ananya is so cute.

    Dil to bachaa hain ji…
    he is mind blowing.

  56. Ashish Khatavkar says:

    they are really “dance ke baap”

  57. AnnieJ says:


    Hello! (hello! hello! hello! [echo lol])

    How sad XP

  58. brkdancekid says:

    if the comments keep coming
    at this rate
    i’ll soon be out of my job

    :( :(

  59. AnnieJ says:


    Lol, we should make enough comments to keep ourselves entertained in the meantime XP At least you know that if you lose the job, you won’t lose the pay that comes with it…. LOL. :lol:

    But seriously, I think auditions season is a slow period for us on the forum, looking at the archives. I think once the actual episodes start, it’ll pick right back up.

  60. DIDrocks says:

    annie and brkdancekid,

    looks like u guys are also missing the abusive comments. lol. nothing to delete..huh? lol. i feel ya. i have no one to argue with either. im so bored. everyone keeps agreeing with me. lol koi to disagree karo?

  61. AnnieJ says:


    LOL!!! Yes, there are no bad guys to nab. We’ve only had well-behaved people recently, lol.

    As for disagreeing, well, it doesn’t help that we really have a similar opinion. Lol.

    @DIDrocks/Whoever [Just making a little blurb/rant and playing devil's advocate...sort of.]

    I feel that younger kids can adequately hold their ground against older kids. The primary factors in kids are enthusiasm and practice, in my opinion. There are some younger kids who just blow some older ones out of the water.

    Take Ananya, for example. True, she is so little, but given her age and size and relative amount of training, she comes out to be pretty good. She may not compare entirely to the older classical dancers, but she can, to an extent. I think that her training is evidence that kids ought not be stereotyped as having “shorter attention spans.” While it is true many kids can and often do, to learn a classical dance so well must attest to her ability to focus.

    Dance competitions have been around for ages. They open it up to kids of all ages for many reasons, I’m sure. I’m unsure of whether or not there is an audition fee involved – if there is, it is easy revenue for those kids who are young and insist on going. It is also a great opportunity for young dancers to get at least some feedback (outside opinion) on their skills. Being in a competition also promotes a healthy sense of good sportsmanship – learning to take failure with grace. There have been some people on this forum who were concerned for the kids’ “well-being” or “mental health.” But life is full of hurdles – why are we shielding our kids from them? What’s wrong with failure? So what if they get out of the competition by being eliminated? They might cry, but they are also unlikely to dwell on the matter or really take it personally.

    I think society places too much negative stigma on failure and we are raised such that it is an attentional capture. If I do 99 things right and the 100th thing wrong, you would naturally be fixated on my 100th failure which might ruin your opinion of me.

    I think it is great that kids of all ages are competing against each other because they are yet largely unconditioned by society, so they don’t see the same barriers we do. How else could scores of kids say with so much confidence, “I will become the Little Master/Dance ka Baap!” with older kids right next to them? Older and younger kids were dancing together outside before the audition! The age clearly doesn’t seem to be a factor in their eyes, so why should we let it hold them back?

    I would agree that younger kids have the disadvantage of time, but as for a skill disadvantage, I’m not so sure. Sometimes the younger ones put everything together better. I remember an older hip-hopper who did some isolations well but didn’t pull it all together. Gracie was one of the younger ones who I remember (not because of the controversy around her dance). She did whatever she did well, with a lot of energy and good expressions. The important thing, I think, is that the kids are having fun.

  62. AnnieJ says:

    Doh! I used the wrong code! Time was supposed to be in italics, not in red….fail.

  63. breezenwaves says:

    Vyoma, khyati, srivastan.. all of them were cute.. all kids were fantastic.

    What made me cry was Manoj’s, the boy who said when he dances outside on the road, people throw one rupee on him and he collects and offers in the temple. And Terrance’s good work that he is doing by giving scholorships to deserving candidates who have talent but because of the financial problems, they cant pursue their dream of becoming a good dancer.

    As a judge i didnt like Terrance much but as a human being.. “Kudos”, “well done Terrance” “salute” from me and my family members, for your encouragement. Keep up the good work.

  64. DIDrocks says:

    now annie, how in the world can i disagree with that post? u wont believe it…i was wracking my brains for a long time trying to come up with counter arguments. but i couldnt. i cant help but agree with the ENTIRE post. well this is one more post that doesnt really differ from my perspective.

    anyone got a radically diff perspective from me and annie?

  65. AnnieJ says:


    LOL!!! Way to fail to stir up disagreement from you – I should have known better! XP

  66. priyam says:

    Everything said by Annie is so true

    @ Breezenwaves
    Same thought from my side for the boy Manoj–So happy that he was selected.

    I love Terrence for the good work he is doing. :D :D

  67. priyam says:

    One thing I don’t like is when kids start crying to be selected. There was one girl crying and asking geeta to select her…. and she was not that small. I think that parents must teach their kids to accept defeat… Seeing such a big girl crying the way she did is no good.

    The younger ones being eliminated at first is not a problem. I think that they will easily overcome that, but they will never forget that they were part of DID…. That feeling nobody can snatch from them.

  68. A_A says:

    I thought they were selecting younger kids usually by their cuteness and not how they will compare to other kids in the competition.. i dont mean to say these kids are less skilled.. they are very skilled, BUT for their age.. in a competition they’ll have to do all types of dance styles, compete with kids who have more practice etc.. if there was some very highly skilled dancer in that age group, by all means select him.. we’ve seen such kids in some shows(like the one brkdancerkid put above).. but to me, I didnt find any soooooooo talented there(thats my opinion) and I found they were selecting more by how cute the people looked, with dance coming secondary(they had like cuteness factored into dance.. if u get what i mean :P).
    yeah we’ve gotta tap talent young and stuff, but in the end its a competition and you’ve gotta be fully ready for it… i just felt that the kids selected werent as YET ready enough(if i dont consider their age).
    true this experience would be unforgettable for them, but I just found that there were more kids in the higher age groups who deserved to get through and in the end they are only selecting a limited no. of kids

  69. jeeten1011 says:

    @DIDrocks,Annie.j people start watching indian idol lols.and also this little master is just,mo such argument by people here.

  70. DIDrocks says:

    lol uncleji. i guess u r right. even i am watching indian idol. lol.

  71. brkdancekid says:

    guys come on chat

    at tinychat,com/didforums

  72. brkdancekid says:

    well annie i think u r comparing the auditions of did
    with did lil master’s

    i think we still dont have a reference to compare did lil masters with .

    but i hope ppl watch it.

    another thing that i feel is that singing shows for kids can give competition to the original version .
    eg lil champs and sa re ga ma

    but i think this wont be the dsame in lil masters and did.


  73. DIDrocks says:

    well this forum being dead and all doesnt really tell us much after all. here we are thinking that not many people are watching this show, while Zee DID LIL Masters bagged the highest TRP ratings among all the dance reality shows that aired in the past weeks in different channels. well congratulations to LIL Masters for that. and what this shows me is that this forum is definitely not a good indicator of the show’s status. it wasnt in DID2 with the results, and its not for LIL Masters either.
    so basically the dharmesh fans are watching LIL Masters after all. well its good to know people got over it and are finally moving on.

    well thats all i wanted to share. i thought people would be interested to know this. :) :D :wink:

  74. AnnieJ says:


    Where did you find TRP ratings?

    Edit: Nvm, a quick Google search did the trick, lol.

    Very interesting indeed – Chak Dhoom Dhoom was blown out of the water! (I must admit, the name/associated hand motions seems a tad ridiculous compared to Lil’ Masters “Zip, Zap, Zoom!” IMHO…)

  75. style says:

    now don’t be fooled by TRP stunts.
    Infact watcing Indian idol is more interesting and
    enjoyable than LIL masters.
    they will repent the politics.
    boring show
    No watching this for Dharmesh as he is not a contestent
    ZETV trying to befool people by bring him
    Better shows and more variety on other channels

  76. DIDrocks says:

    and yet u r still on the danceindiadance forum…hmmmm. im thinking u like this show after all. just in denial maybe.

  77. sunkumar says:

    Regarding Gracie’s dance, there surely can be multiple views on the dance. Many reality dance shows even including done by children have such dances. If DID has a policy to be ‘conservative’, they should say so before hand or make it clear before hand or give guidelines etc – not suddenly turn moralistic on stage. It is really unfair to Gracie to have to hear what judges had to say on her dance publicly (though the judges did point to the father, it is still she who danced and she is also facing public). I think thus is unfair and rude on part of the judges. One can equally ask, how one can see perversity in a child? Should we then say that perversion is in the eye of the beholder? (after all, that is another prevailing view)

  78. AnnieJ says:


    I agree in that there certainly can be multiple takes on such dances. However, I would say that nearly everyone thinks it to be common sense to keep anything related to children pretty clean. I would be hard pressed to believe that anything other than that is the “prevailing view,” particularly because people tend to be really protective of their children.

    I also wouldn’t say it’s unfair (and definitely not rude – they didn’t really say it rudely, imho) for her to hear it. She’s so little – what’s the likelihood of her REALLY remembering it….or caring? Her dad definitely should hear it – he as a choreographer has the right to be dignified and say, “I only want to choreograph age appropriate material.” I can’t imagine how many parents want to see their little 5 year old angels acting like whores, really… Children are not innately perverse, and it’s not that we see perverseness in them when they dance so lewdly, but it’s precisely because it looks so awful that we stay away from it. A 5 year old does not know what it means to be seductive or why seduction is necessary – they might understand it as a concept at best, but not real understanding. We shouldn’t overestimate youngsters either – kids are kids!

    And of course, perversion too is in the eye of the beholder. People have varying degrees of values. It all boils down to how liberal/conservative you are – most people to be on the same wavelength when it comes to kids, particularly small kids.

  79. Ashish Khatavkar says:

    what a dance!!!
    dil to bachha hain ji

    khup chaan dance kela mala khup avadala….

  80. Ashish Khatavkar says:

    all contestant’s are mind blowing…..

    very graceful dancers………….

  81. amira says:

    what was the title of songs that srivatsi choose? on video part 2 at 02.02 min?

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  • Yes (26%, 247 Votes)

Total Voters: 934

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