DID Little Masters *Salman Khan* 28th May Videos

DID Little Masters *Salman Khan* 28th May Videos

DID Little Masters 28th May Salman Khan Special is here. What a fun pack this guy is, he entertains the audience better than anyone else. Kids were confident performing on stage with Salman Khan sitting in front of them. He made it very enjoyable for the DID Little Masters. Dance India Dance & Salman Khan share a very good relation as he has been on the show in Dance India Dance Season1 and Dance India Dance Season2 Also. Today again he was very happy to be on the show and with superb performances from the DID Little Masters it was fun all around.

DID Little Master’s Highlights 28th May

Vaishnavi & Jitumoni from Dharmesh Sir’s team performed on the song Back Ke Rehna in Bollywood Freestyle

Vatsal & Divyam from Jai Kumar Nair’s team performed on the song I Love You and Mera He Jalwa in Bollywood Style

Khushboo & Anurag from Amrita’s team performed Rock’n Roll Dance style on the song Love Me Love Me

Hansika & Avneet from Mayuresh & Vrushali-Mayuresh’s team performed Indian contemporay Dance on Jhin Mini Jhini

Papiya & Atul from Jai Kumar Nair’s teamperformed on the song Sau Dar Hein in contemporary Style

Ruturaj & Vaishnavi from Dharmesh’s team performed Jazz & Waltz Dance Styles on the song Mere Rang Mein

Shivani & Khushboo from Amrita’s team did street dancing on I am a street dancer

Manoj & Neel from Mayuresh & Vrushali’s team performed on the song Garam Chai Ki Pyali and Bhangra Paale in Hip Hop Style

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DID Little Masters Videos 28th May Part2

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DID Little Masters Videos 28th May Part4

42 thoughts on “DID Little Masters *Salman Khan* 28th May Videos

  1. pd says:

    Loved this episode.. :)

  2. Love says:

    Love u both Ruturaj and Vaishnavi….so beautiful performance. :D :D :D ….Go Dharmesh :D

  3. says:

    nice one dharmesh sir,,,,

  4. Sital says:

    I like Rituraj n Vaisnavi’s perfomance…wow supurb :D :D…. keep it up!

  5. jeeten1011 says:

    i agree that vaishnavi and ruturaj did fabulous job today.other performance good is hansika and avneet,others r avg.

  6. anujsharma says:

    I love expression and dhamal of Avneet..She is absalute..performer…and I also liked vashnavi’s Doll act a lot..i don’t know..why Farah Ma’am didn’t notice looks so tough to maintain these postures..
    Over all… entertaining…

  7. thmmer says:

    Love said: May 29, 2010 am31 3:51 amLove u both Ruturaj and Vaishnavi….so beautiful performance. :D :D :D ….Go Dharmesh :D

    Vaishu and Rutu, absolutely amazing! I mean seriously dho dala.

    1. roseyrose says:

      hey Love….
      wats ur real name????
      r u a girl or a boy?!?!??!?!?!?!

  8. brkdancekid says:

    my faorite dance was the contemporary by atul and shivani
    graceful dance on a beautiful song .

    1. A_A says:

      u mean atul and papiya?

  9. zahra says:

    Salman Khan Special was truely entertaing :lol: . hats off to salman for this. he made the whole episode memorable. love you Salman Khan :wink:.

    From Jai’s group for me vatsal was best.
    In Darmesh’s group i think rituraj was the best.
    In Mayureesh & Vaishali gang Avneet & Hansika were good.
    From Amritha’s gang i liked Kushboo.

    Best dance performance goes to rituraj & vishali.

  10. shravanch says:

    whom has win ze best performance??

  11. priyam says:

    Nice episode, Salman always brings lots of fun and joy whenever he comes. I love him for the job job he does in helping the poor.

    Vatsal and Divyam- very nice act, and I think that Vatsal is too good.

    Anurag and Khooshboo. Both are so cute and so energetic. What a performance

    Hansika and Avneet. Very sweet act and nice costumes. Both girls were very good, but this time I think that Hansika was outstanding…. Her movements are so clean.

    Jitu and Vaishnavi-Was ok but not great

    Atul and Papiya- Mindblowing performance and superb Choreography.Both are very fine dancers

    Rutu and Vaishnavi- Again superb performance… They look cute together and I want this doll-so……cute

    Khooshboo and Shivani- Nice performance, but dancing with Kooshboo is ….she is so small and so powerful…Shivani appeared compared to her.

    Manoj and Neel. Wow.. What a performance, but this time Neel was so strong and so elegant- What a dancer he is-So nice to watch

    So for me the ones who should be nominated are Divyam definitely, Manoj or Avneet, Shivani definitely, and maybe Jitu or Rutu (Gonna be hard for Dharmesh)

    Best of luck for tomorrow dear lil masters

    Mindblowing skippers I must say

  12. priyam says:

    I mean Shivani appeared weak compared to Kooshboo

  13. thmmer says:

    I actually thought Divyam was very annoying. Reminded me of Susanket. It’s good if you talk when you can dance equally well, but Vatsal totally owned him.

  14. Love says:

    thmmer said: May 29, 2010 am31 9:16 am

    Vaishu and Rutu, absolutely amazing! I mean seriously dho dala.


    Surf Excel diya tha kya unhe..bolo bolo :lol: :lol: :lol:

    1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      Rutu and Vaishu completely rocked! Looking at them perform always stuns me to how amazing and professional these 2 kid are. They can totally tear up some older dancers for sure!

  15. Love says:

    thmmer said: May 29, 2010 pm31 2:23 pmI actually thought Divyam was very annoying. Reminded me of Susanket. It’s good if you talk when you can dance equally well, but Vatsal totally owned him.

    Vatsal was far better clean and clear in his steps, even expressions. He out shined Divyam :P :P :P

  16. thmmer says:

    Love said: May 29, 2010 pm31 2:58 pm


    Surf Excel diya tha kya unhe..bolo bolo :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I think Surf is already the official sponsor of the show lol.

    Love said: May 29, 2010 pm31 3:08 pm
    Vatsal was far better clean and clear in his steps, even expressions. He out shined Divyam :P :P :P

    Yeah he did. And he doesn’t as much as Divyam, who was just annoying.

    1. Love says:

      Aisi Dhulai Bar Bar Ho.. 8O 8O … “SIRF” Excel….DHO DALA :D :idea: :arrow:

      1. roseyrose says:

        Love…. How old r u

    2. priyam says:

      Fully agree with you Love. Vatsal outshined Divyam

  17. arslijutt says:

    hi Dharmesh sir how are you i hope you will be fine em also fine :lol: :wink: :P :D

  18. oye_hoye says:

    sandeep moans too much at dharmesh guy needs a chill pill

  19. Joel rebello says:

    :lol: think Jay and saumya should host the program at least 1 episode :lol:
    and the kids should get a chance to work with Remo, Geeta & Tarence
    Good Job DID LIL Master

  20. kkoble says:

    Is it me or has jai nair lost all of his hair; his new hair style doesn’t suit his personality

  21. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I FINALLY caught up on all the DID lil masters episodes from day 1 of auditions till now.

    From auditions, my fav were:


    And now, My favs are:

    I just love all these kids. For today’s episode, my fav performances in order:

    Rutu/Vaishu (9.5)
    Atul/Papiya (8.5)
    Anurag/Khush (8.5)
    Vatsal/Divyam (8.0)
    Neel/Manoj (7.5)
    Jitu/Vaishu (7.0)
    Hansika/Avneet (6.5)
    Shiv/Khush (6.5)

    Rutu and Vaishu are my overall favs so far in this show. I was SO psyched when i found out they are together on the same team! These 2 together create such a beautiful world and pure, perfect dance routine on stage! Rutu and Avneet are just SO cute.. i wish i can take them home! hehe :D

    1. Love says:

      Welcome back ChArMz AnGeL :D :D :D
      Long time ….no see….since ..i think before DID2 finale
      How r u? :?: :?:

    2. DIDrocks says:

      welcome back Charmz Angel. good to see u back. :)

      1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        Hey thanks girls!! I am trying to stay on point with the episodes but its so hard! how are you girls doing?

  22. DIDrocks says:

    well im not gonna rate all the performances. but im just say my top three.

    1. Vaishnavi and Ruturaj – i thought they were fantastic. loved the choreo and their performance. fantastic job. my vaishu is too cute. lol. she looked just like a doll. love her.

    2. Atul and Papiya – i loved theirs as well. such clean movements and fantastic choreo by jai. loved the song, loved their performance, and i loved everything about it.

    3. Hansika and Avneet – ok this was toooooooooooo cute. they both were very cute. and this was also very enjoyable to watch.

    in my point of view, these three were the most technically well performed performances, if u look at it dance wise.

  23. brkdancekid says:

    welcome back charmz angel , come hang around in the chatroom if u have time .

    1. aamna says:

      it’s not ur vaishu

  24. joe says:

    I have to give tremendous credit for bringing in Mr Salman Khan to the show, you could see joy on the young kids faces, and I am sure whatever the results in the end they will not forget this performance together with Mr Salman Khan’s presence, participation and justified comments on their acts,and I am sure he has given them hope to continue as dancers.Credtit is also due to MS Farah Khan & Mr Sandip Soparrkhan and to all the cheographers on this show. Last, but not least I lift my hat and bow to ALL the Contestants on this show. I think that more viewers should comment, to encourage these lovely contestants. JOE :) :) :)

  25. blueworld says:

    i love salman khans special and can some one help me that soo dard ha soo rahate kis movie ka song ha

    1. brkdancekid says:


  26. blueworld says:

    i like hansika

  27. Aryan gaur says:

    why old master r not coming 2 teach d childern :| and when they r going 2 come.

  28. priyam says:

    Hi Shruti, So busy even during holidays lol. Daddy cool ka exams chal raha hai, I think that you are supporting him, After all he is your Daddy cool :lol: :lol:

    1. DIDrocks says:

      lol priya. i aint busy at all. its just u two have stopped emailing annie and me. lol. our inboxes are so empty without u two. lol. and yes daddy cool does have exams i think. hopefully he is done soon. lol.

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