DID Little Masters 9th July *Geeta Kapoor*

DID Little Masters 9th July *Geeta Kapoor*

DID Little Masters 9th July Episode was attended by Geeta Kapoor. With her lovely smile and naughty stuff she made the show very entertaining. Jeetumoni for the 3rd time in the row gets the highest votes while Atul Banmoria is the second highest voted contestant this week. Avneet, Manoj & Papiya get the lowest votes this week. Vrushali and Mayuresh had a bad day and Geeta was too harsh on them. Here are the highlights of today’s show.

DID Little Masters 9th July performances

Jai Ke Jhatang Phatang

Papiya Sarkar performed on the song Raat Ke Dhai Baje, Hip Hop Dance Style
Atul Banmoria performed on the song Tere Bin Nahe Lagda, Contemporary Dance Style

Dharmesh ke Dhinchak

Ruturaj performed on the song Kurbaan Hua, Contemporary Dance Style
Vaishnavi Patil performed on the song Hawa Hawai, Broadway Jazz Dance Style
Jeetumoni performed on the song Ghanan Ghanan, Indian Folk Dance Style

Vrushali & Mayuresh Ke Dhoom Dhadake

Manoj Rathod performed on the song Hum The Woh Thi, Jazz Dance Style
Avneet Kaur performed on the song Gopala Gopala, Indian Bollywood Dance Style

Amrita Ke Aflatoon

Vatsal Vithlani performed on the song Banthan Chali & Bhool Bhulaiyan, Indian Bollywood Dance Style

Avneet Kaur has been voted out of the show.

DID Little Masters 9th July Videos Part1

DID Little Masters 9th July Videos Part2

DID Little Masters 9th July Videos Part3

  • naseema

    First! =D

  • sagi

    2nd… 😉

  • amitgade25

    3rd… 😉

  • aamna


  • illusion-93

    4th 😉

  • Love

    5th 😆 😆

  • rubinadear

    I was very disappointed with the overall performances today.. poor mayuresh and vrushali got realy bad time… manoj was really bad in the dance. but again only the skippers were to be blamed.

    vatsal: did some comedy. I just want to see any comedy coming from amrita.. thank god farah maam pointed out that she wants to see serious dance from vatsal.

    too many props, running here and there on the stage …

    performances which worked for me, vaishnavi and atul… thats it.

    Vrushali, danced beautifully which made me feel sad that she didnt give more classical dance to avneet.

    Farah maam, oh please, if she could learn to talk lil more diplomatic …I felt geeta maam was quite nice to all.

    Seeing papiya in bottom 3 was truly sad. i dotn think she would last long in this show as much as i like her ppl arent voting for girls…

    • illusion-93

      yehh i agreee…geeta was fair n nice 😉 …buh farahh..dude she was RUDEEE!!!

    • thmmer

      Suddenly, Geeta doesn’t sound so bad.

      • DIANDRA

        i kind of agree with u cos i recall ppl bad mouthing her n calling her names in the past. this time round she sems sweet. anyways farha is noted for her loud mouth character and she was being frank to the face rather than to be a hypocrite behind ppls back.

  • rubinadear

    err i meant, i DONT want comedy coming from amritas team.. NO comedy dances on vatsal pls…

    Even anurag, shubam did somewhat similar act. glad farah maam pointed it out…

    the only comic act which i liked was, divyam and atul on chaiyya chaiyya.

    the decision to eliminate avneet was fair today. And however I feel, since farah is geeta maam mentor, she is more biased towards dharmesh sir and amritas team. I cant understand how amrita got vatsal and has khusboo too….So if manoj is eliminated would mayuresh and vrushali get someone else too?

    It irked me totally that manish paul, dragged jai into it and asked jai to comment on manoj performance.. why increase rivalry…

    farah maam asking mayuresh to cry was downright outrageous..i m glad mayuresh didnt cry. I think they be rude to increase ratings on purpose too.

    • thmmer

      Duh, Farah was not serious when was asking Mayuresh to cry.

    • purerose87

      yeah i agree with you about khushboo. it’s not fair for mayiresh and veshali. cause all the contestants are working hard and dancing and khushboo is just sitting there and doing nothing. yeah i know she’s injured and i feel bad, but she should get eliminated and just be replaced by vastal so amrita doesnt get kicked out since she already had 1 contestant before anyways.

    • Toshangbi Saka

      amrita’s comic act is really annoying…, she has vatsal in her team, so i think khushboo should b eliminated frm da show…
      It’s really unfair dat she’s safe without performing any dance..!!

  • Cboyz


  • sathish

    all the performances are not to the mark… 😐

    • rubinadear

      i totally agree, very disappointing episode. At this stage we are expecting more remarkable dances and instead its nosediving.. anyone who catches CDD…? are those dances choreographed all by bosco and caesar.. the quality of dance is great. but i still prefer DID lil masters, cause i bond more with these skippers and mentors and judges.

  • breathless

    Such a sad elimination, Avneet was my favorite. But I am glad she made it so far into the competition. Wish her best of luck for the future.
    Vastal in amrita team has been a waste of talent so far.
    I thought farah was damn rude to Muyuresh and Vrushali, even though i am not a fan of geeta i thought she was better with her comments to them than farah.

    • thmmer

      Hey J,

      What’s up? Long time…

      • breathless


        I am great. How about you? Were never online at the same time 😐

  • DIDrocks

    My favorite performance was of atul’s today and the least was of manoj’s.
    having said that, i don’t think that manoj’s performance was that bad at all. in fact, i thought it was loads better than last time. he improved.
    and someone should tell farah to tone down her harshness and attitude. there is no need to be that rude. baat karne ka ek tareeka hota hai and she should show some respect. 👿 if it is that bad then say so in a polite way. it wouldn’t kill her to think about her choice of words before blurting it out. there are other ways to get your point across other than out right insulting the skippers. 😡 also, its understandable that she is saying all this to the skippers and is not blaming the kid, but the problem is that the kids can’t help but blame themselves. they feel as if its their fault. and this brings down their morale and makes them feel useless. therefore, more bad performances will be coming in the future. heck i was feeling bad, and i wasnt even the kid or the skipper. just imagine what went through manoj’s head. 😐 kids are very sensitive and farah should keep this in her mind! and she also keep in mind that there is a huge difference between criticizing and insulting. If she would do less of the latter and more of the former, it would be helpful for everyone! jeez!

    • thmmer

      You just insulted Farah instead of criticizing. Anyways, I think she has been pointing about Manoj week after week and since there was no improvement she just took it up a level to get her point across. Which was perfectly fine.

      • DIDrocks

        so according to you, if manoj doesn’t improve next week, she should come out with a “danda” and start beating the poor kid? lol. i mean where the limit?

        • thmmer

          There are more levels before we reach danda.

        • thmmer

          Also, I don’t think Manoj would be here till we reach the danda level.

        • jai

          she hs to be rude to reduce his votes which he is getting on sympathy basis ..neways choreography was good n innovative ..u cannot call it senseless if it dint come out well..manoj din do justice to it …he missed beats …rhythm b nahi tha n he was not able to handle his costume ..well watevr be the reason ..choreo n steps were good but he sucked..its his fault not master’s..usuallu i would choose johny depp;s this character for tap dance but still it could have worked wonders if jai was dancing..its lack of basic training dats why he faces problems adjusting to these kind of dances ..

    • T_Rocks

      I agree wid u.
      farah was 2 harsh on vrushali, manoj and mayuresh. poor vrushali and manoj started crying. geeta was more polite and sandeep too. there is a way to speak on national television and that to to celebrities and kids. She was so rude when she told vrushali that she should cry and mayuresh shoul do the same. I hated this farah just bcoz she is rude to the contestants in every reality show she does. Another reason for DID’ s popularity was that atleast those 3 mentors were good in their way of speaking, specially terence was very refined with his speech. And manoj was better than his last performance undoubtedly

      • priyam

        This is the second time I see Farah Mam make somebody cry on stage. First was Himani and now Vrushali. That was very rude of her and She was not nice to Papiya as well. Sometimes she asks them to make full use of stage and later on she says that there is too much use of stage. I wonder what she wants.

        Knowing that Manoj did not do well, Manish should not have asked Jai about the performance. As a skipper, he had no other alternative than telling the truth. That might create a rift among skippers which is very bad.

        This is why I said before, better have Geeta than Farah.

  • DIDrocks

    one more thing i forgot to mention…….papiya is being highly underrated! her level of dancing and the amount of votes she is getting don’t exactly match up! 😐

    • thmmer

      Guess who is getting eliminated after Manoj? 😛

    • hbdasari

      I know..I was highly disappointed with Papiya being in bottom 2…she is a fantastic dancer! She has improved a lot over the past few weeks..I really wish she makes it to finale 😐

      • DIDrocks

        i want atul, papiya, jeetu, and vaishu in the finals! lol.

        • purerose87

          OMG…ME TOO!!

    • priyam

      Fully agree. Papiya should be among one of the best.

  • GabbarSingh

    yes, today’s performances comparitively were weak, however, whoever said that Farah was Rude, no she was NOT. There is a very fine line between truth and diplomacy and rudeness. I thought Farah was truthful and very blunt. I believe being honest and blunt goes way far than being diplomatic and untruthful.

    I know being honest hurts momentarily but in the long run, it immensely helps the concerned parties / stakeholders involved.

    Vasihnavi and Atul performed brilliantly, no questions.

    By the way, I haven’t seen Didrocks in the chat room lately. Is she genuinely BUSY or purposely AVOIDING us?


    • thmmer

      You only miss DIDrocks? 😛

      • brkdancekid

        lolz true he misses didrocks only we r just part of the backgound hee hee :mrgreen: .

    • DIDrocks

      aww gabby! that is so sweet. I will come on more often. But I can never make it in the mornings, which is usually when u r on. That is probably why u never see me. 😐 but i will come more often. 😀

      • GabbarSingh

        Well Didrocks, I am not there in the mornings too. I usually meet our dear friends in the afternoon. So you are wrong there :). But yes I do miss talking to you these days.

        As far as Thmmer’s and Brky’s harmless sarcasm is concerned, I most certainly miss them too. its just that Thmmer is so thick skinned that i am not able to get through his thick skull at an emotional level. :) But I do love him, he is my brother, no questions about that.

        Brky, I didn’t mention him because he just moved to a new place. So i thought he would take some time to settle down.

        Didrocks, talk to us sometime in the afternoon. Love you all, my dear friends, brothers and sisters. God bless!!!

    • DIDrocks

      oh and farah was not being truthful. she was out right insulting. being blunt is one thing, but insulting and yelling is another thing. the latter never helps! she crossed that thin line according to me. lol.

  • hbdasari

    Well…I wonder why Ruturaj is made hero everytime. Agreed he is a unique dancer, he has his own style. So does other kids. I was not really impressed by Ruturaj’s performances from the past couple weeks. His graph has dropped over time. Zee always have one or two contestants special and the judges keep praising that contestants no matter what. I hate that. I think Atul is a better dancer than Ruturaj. Atul is much more consistent and clean dancer. Judges should not be saying things like you are best, you are great. Appreciate every kid for their effort and effective performance. Just don’t stick to one contestant. It creates differences within kids. Some develop attitude and some end up with low esteem..Just a thought!

    • ppmsia

      i defintely agree with u!!!!..hahah its very vivid the adjudicators are biased towards certain comtenders…haizzzzzz..manoj’s performance was nt dt bad n rutu’s performance was nt good either…n yet d judges like him sooo much.its nt fair to other kids…

      take an example of jeetu today…i mean atul n vaishnavi were far better than him…n yet he gets alll the attention…poor kids…just imagine wen sum1 dances nt as good as u,while u danced sooo welll n yet jeetu gets huggd by geeta but nt atul…be fair guys!! 😐

      • priyam

        Fully agree. Atul has been one of the most consistent dancers, yet he does not get that much attention, and no hats for him…These are only kids and they easily get hurt, so pls….give them same treatment and consideration.

    • aashish24

      I agree with you .. they should be more neutral.. or else th e program will become a flop show..They should be careful.. consistent and polite specially with the kids..

  • fyzy

    About Khusboo.. I guess its only a conspiracy to keep her out of dance so that Amrita does not get out of the show.. If thats d case.. Its seriously sad.. 😳 👿

    • purerose87

      I AGREE!! it’s not fair to other skippers and contestants.

  • purerose87

    I feel that geeta wasnt being fair when she ran to jeetu and told him he was the best. how come she didnt run for atul like that when clearly he preformed the best today.shes just being so biased and wants dharmesh team to win cause then….shes will also be the winner when you think about it

    anyways, here’s how i rate them for today(according to their performances)

    1. atul
    2. vaishnavi
    3. papiya (her dance was pretty hard and she did well)
    4. jeetumoni
    5. vastal
    6. manoj and ruturaj
    7. avneet (i liked her dance in the begining, but then she just kinda messed up and was clumsy….AND her dance was the LEAST DIFFICULT compared to everyone’s else)

    For next week, i feel that ruturaj should get eliminated….he’s the weakest compared to everyone else. and i feel manoj did better than last week so his act WASNT terrible like sandeep sir is saying.

    • aashish24

      Sorry Don’t agree with you :(- .. Atul surely was not the top one. Actually for this day.. I will put them all on the same rank.

  • mita


  • hiphopper

    I think that manoj shud be the next eliminant…
    but seeing this weeks trend dat papiya was 2nd least voted contestant…zee might eliminate her….

  • hiphopper

    This week was a liitle disappointing…atul was fab….

    Wat is the deal with khushboo…is she in the show as manish told…but its not fair at all for the skippers and contestant…
    if khushboo gets fyn by next week ,amrita will hav 2 contestants and if manoj gets out of the show then M&V will hav no contestant with them…

    Zee shud hav some predefined rules and they shud stick to it rather than doing manipulations ….

  • Prial

    I think it was a good decision by the public, because Avneet really sucks!

  • Prial

    And ya, Geeta is hundred times better than Farah! LOL


    i think in the final there,ll jeetumoni,atul,ruturaj
    and vaishnavi.vatsal is also a strong performer but amrita’s choreography for vatsal was not strong in this week.

  • rockstardchamp

    I undertand Geetha maaa(lolz) trying to pinpoint Terrance oh yeah iam right !!!!!!!!

    as guest its not at all expected from her mouth(lol) yes it was.

    lolz start from begining am wondering about farah judgement if some one does better she will straigt away say” ajj mere ghar avo” lolzzz Lmao

    Farah grow up old woman these are kids try to learn how to judge kids also same thing goes to geetha maaaaa !!!! Lmao

  • karan99one

    During the last week, Combining both the friday’s and saturday’s episode,I loved other participant’s performances more than avneet’s.So if I had to vote out someone , it would have been Avneet only.So Iam enrolled into the janta’s decision on avneet.

    But I will miss her in the show.This girl has awesome expressions while dancing , she is the queen of expressions.Sometimes I feel she is more of an actor than a dancer.I will miss that from Avneet next week onwards.

    She also used to bring that fun element in the show, specially that mimicry part. she is a very sweet girl and everyone will miss her and her mimicry part.She used to bring that energy with her .

    This girl will become a great child artist, she has that acting potential in her.Who knows she might go on to become an actress in the future, I would like to see her inthose child artistes roles and then in the years to come she might become a heroine or lead actress in a movie.

    Whatever ,all the best to avneet, PLease do entertain us in future too.We’ll miss you.

  • karan99one

    I was surprised to see Papiya in the bottom three.In the last week’s on both the episodes she performed exceedingly well, and for me I loved Vaishnavi’s and Papiya’s performance the most during the last week,combining both the episodes.So I never expected that she will come in the bottom two.

    Even papiya herself was shocked to find herself in the bottom two.You should have seen her expression, the moment manish anounced that she is in the bottom two.Even when the final result was announced on Avneet’s elimination,She still was in that down state, she didn’t get over that shock.The whole episode her face was so gloomy and filled with gabrahat.

    Anyways, Janta has some other views , they must have found Manoj better , who knows.I respect janta’s decision and janta’s choice of voting.

    to papiya,ladki next time isse se bhi aur achcha performance dena, taki log ekdum stun ho jaye , impress them to an extent where they will be forced to vote for you.Tum bahut strong performer ho, aur bhi strong performances tho, taaki jo log tumhe vote nahi diye, woh tumhe vote karne mein majboor ho jaye.

  • joe

    It was really sad that Avneet had to leave, I do not understand why the skippers were given the task to chereograph these little masters, unlike the 2nd season where proffessional chereographers helped put together the dances, most of the critism was given to the skippers, and I personally do not blame these youngsters for I think they are doing a tremendous job in giving their best shot. I hope Avneet and other dancers who were eliminated before to came back and join the show,and give a pwerformance which I think will give them back their self confidence, and help them to continue. I am sure for years to come they will appear on shows. I sincerely hope for the best for them . JOE :) 😀 8)

  • ppmsia

    ireally tot that geeta mdm’s performance was really good compard to wat i saw in season 1 finale…she has charisma which just shines out!!! hhha

    n yeah vrushali…gosh day by day she is gettin beautifull!! hahah how i wish if i can talk to her heheh…
    😛 😛 😛 :)
    nway seriouly i felt that atul was the best today..he was sooo good!! haha…n yeah i wld say vaishu 2nd

  • Hi-tech

    Generally, I just watch every show of DID and enjoy myself. This time I felt that I should write down something so that some important people should not spoil the show. Being living abroad in Canada, when I saw Farah being extremely rude and arrogant to the skippers and the kids I was disappointed. I would say we being Indian should make sure that the show should be represented culturally in a decent way. I had invited my Canadian friends to watch India’s dance show with me. When they saw Farah behaving like this they said, “It’s really cheap.” I felt that this is an insult to the show and to the country. I hope Farah and the organizers will read these messages and react further. Thanks

    • rockstardchamp

      Well said Hi-tech i agree with you 200% with you i concurr with you and expressed the same multiple times.

  • aashish24

    this friday was disappointing.. every one of them.

    I didn’t like any of the performances.. too simple .. nothing exceptional. Personally I am not a big fan of Atul ( I think he lacks the charisma of a good dancer) but his performance is consistent. Manoj is awesome and so is Avneet.. but everyone of them has weak and strong points. M and V are bringing out the weaker side of both of them. Why put colors and other stuff on Avneet’s face? Why put so much burden on Manoj with his long beard and hairs.. Its not Halloween..guys.come on. Geeta and Farah Khan were not nice.. and I felt unprofessional. Sandeep was ok. Zeetv you have to set standards even higher.. in terms of how to behave and respond in an competition. Judging is a very difficult task and these judges should be more careful what they are saying. Seems like Manpreet was Sandeep’s favorite, Vaishnavi and Atul Farah’s.. which is quite bad.. on a judge seat you cannot pick a favorite..

  • priyam

    I think that Atul was mindblowing and really deserves the hat. No Flaws, very nice and clean movements, standing ovation, but still he does not get same treatment like a few get.Farah Mam aur Geeta maa unke nanimaa jo hai. Why do they have to show this openly.

    Janta has been very unfair to Papiya just like they have been to Amu and Vrushali in the past.I did not find any problem with her expressions. I wonder if Farah Mam is not doing that purposely so that she gets eliminated. She was really beautiful in her dance.

    Vrushali was minblowing, very very beautiful dancer she is.

    The one who should get eliminated next is Manoj.

    • hbdasari

      I know man, what the heck! Atul was the best today but I din’t think he was appreciated as much as he deserved. If it was Rituraj or Jeetumoni, the whole set would have gone crazy. For god sake, judges be fair ya! For some reason I feel Jai n his team are kind of ignored, which is very sad. I can’t believe Jai has not got skipper of the week yet. If i can think of some remarkable performances on top of my head right now, they came from Jai’s team. I don’t know abt Jai’s attitude but when it comes to choreography, he lives for it man! He really puts a lot of effort into his choreography and tries something different as well as impressive.

      • priyam

        yes, I agree that Jai does a great job and yet he is not rewarded. He has been the most consistent choreographer till now.

        • priyam

          hey, I’m not a man

          • karan99one

            Priyam , you must have sounded manly to this guy, that is why he is addressing you as a man.He He He.

          • AnnieJ

            Haha, using the word “man” that way is just a slang expression – it doesn’t imply a gender, really. 😛

  • priyam

    I feel sorry for Vatsal. He can do much better than that. So please Amrita, give her good choreography.


    why is manish asking Jay’s opinion about another skipper’s dance quality? if thats the case then manish should have asked Dharmesh, Ammu for theirs as well? with this kind of stupid acts by manish may cause some rifts or discomfort among skippers…

    • aamna

      u ned to calm down ur not the director

  • fakhir

    I m very sad because Avneet leave D I D :( :( :( :( :(

  • fakhir

    But I vote for Manoj 😆 😆 😆

  • Dipak1977

    stupendo fantabulously fantastic stupendo and fantabulously are not even correct words. It’s just created by Geeta maa. 😀 Love Dance India Dance

    • karan99one

      Geeta ki english aisi hai and uss bechare Manoj ko chida rahi thi.

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