DID Little Masters 4th June Videos

DID Little Masters 4th June Videos

DID Little Masters 4th June episode was Farah Khan Special, Farah Ma’m’s mother and Aunty also came on show to encourage DID Little Masters. Contestants performed on the famous songs choreographed by Farah Khan. It was hard to believe when her mother told that she was very thin in young age :)

DID Little Masters 4th June Performances

Divyam & Atul from Jai Kumar Nair’s team performed on the song Chayya Chayya, House & Stunts Style

Ruturaj & Vaishnavi from Dharmesh Sir’s team performed on the song Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai, Bollywood Style

Anurag & Khushboo from Amrita’s team performed on the song Ore Kanchi, Manipuri Style

Manoj & Hansika from Mayuresh and Vrushali’s team performed on the song Suraj Hua Maddham, Ball Ring Style

Papiya & Vatsal from Jai Kumar Nair’s team performed on the song Pehla Nasha, Bollywood Waltz Style

Ruturaj & JeetuMoni from Dharmesh Sir’s team performed on the song Hey Baby, Freestyle

Hansika & Avneet from Mayuresh and Vrushali’s team performed on the song Chale Jaise Hawayein, Steady Style

Manoj and Hansika won the performance of the day.

DID Little Masters Videos 4th June Part1

DID Little Masters Videos 4th June Part2

DID Little Masters Videos 4th June Part3

DID Little Masters Videos 4th June Part4

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    • jaya

      hiiiiiiiiii what is your name kindi…… please tell me……. i m waiting for your reply…….

  • Admin

    There is a problem with playing videos, give it another hour to be fixed.

    • aamna

      admin i’ve waited for more than 2 hours 👿 i’m not happy :(

  • zahra

    how much longer is it going to take to play the videos???? 😐 wht time can we accept it to play????????

    • jaya

      hiiiii zahra what is your name…….

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    Videos fixed.

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  • zahra

    videos working fine. thank you admin

  • DIDrocks

    the performances this week were ten times better than last two weeks. i actually enjoyed all the performances this week. well done kids!

    my ranking:

    1. hansika and manoj
    2. vaishnavi and ruturaj
    3. papiya and vatsal
    4. atul and divyam
    5. ruturaj and jitumoni
    6. hansika and avneet
    7. khushboo and anurag

    well deserved performance of the day. hansika and manoj were by far the best!

  • mnegi

    Now any one will go, will be just felt by heart…. all are soooooooooooo good

  • zahra

    manoj & hansika’s performance was really beautiful…loved it. 😛
    i also liked papiya and vatsal…
    all together i enjoyed all the performances…

    😆 Farah Khan Special really rocked….

  • ChArMz AnGeL

    my ranking for June 4th:

    1. vaishnavi and ruturaj
    2. hansika and manoj
    3. atul and divyam
    4. papiya and vatsal
    5. khushboo and anurag
    6. ruturaj and jitumoni
    7. hansika and avneet

    Loved Hansika and Manoj, BUT I found the act very awkward with the song — it didn’t match. Also, the way it was choreographed was a bit weird. Manoj was dancing solo on the floor, while Hansika was in the ball during the female lyrics — that was just TOO weird! It should have been the other way around so we can see Hansika’s expressions for the female line. 😕 Hence, due to that, Rutu and Vaishu get the highest ranking from me!

    • ashi04

      Charmz angel……i think that u have no knowledge about dance…….thats why u r sending these rubbish comments……d ring ball act of hansika and manoj was toooooooooooooooo good and i dont think that any kid can do this performance as gud as hansika…….if u think that anyone can do this then u only show me that permformance much better than them….

      • AnnieJ

        Hey hey hey! No personally attacking anyone! Everyone is entitled to give their opinion regardless of their background knowledge of dance. We do not tolerate rude comments like yours, so in the future, so please behave yourself. 😀

  • sunehritaqdeerkitopi

    :mrgreen: 💡

  • vishesh dalwani

    manoj & hansika’s performance was really beautiful……….bat . vaishnavi and ruturaj is bast……….. 👿 😈 😈 😳

  • lisha

    i think hansika u r one of d bestest cotestant in did li’l masters…….ur every performance was mind blowing……….ur ring ball act and ur trampulling act was so fabulous and these acts have not been performed by anyone in this season……u r my favourita contestant and i think ur upcoming performance will b rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!best of luck!!!!!!!!

  • lisha

    6.rutu raj

  • lisha

    I wish u’ll win did l’ll masters………if u’ll get eliminated then my votes will b let u in,in wild card and if u’ll not den i’ll leave watching did l’ll masters………. 😀 😆 😉 :(

  • ashi04

    hansika……….u r my favourite contestant in every season of DID………..

  • ashi04

    dimag ki batti jalao 💡 .apni akal lagao 😉 8)

  • ashi04

    i wish u will b d winner of DID l’ll masters…….and u r d dance ka baap…….EAST OR WEST HANSU IS D BEST!! :roll: 😆 😀 😛 :confused: :) 😯 8) 😉 :mrgreen:

  • rockstar2010

    hansika and manoj ur ring act was stupendo fantabulously fantastical performance………..i m ur fan hansika…..u r a amazing dancer and ur expressions r just tooooooooooo good……in my opinion u r winner of DID l’ll masters,i have watched ur every performances……LUV U!BEST OF LUCK!!! 😉

  • papa

    dharmesh u r d best choreographer…….ur contestant’s every act was just outstanding……..v r similar in in one thing that u dont know english well but i dont know hindi much well………….can u teach me hindi??????plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!vaishnavi is best dancer in DID l’ll masters!!!!!!!!!

  • jaya

    i like it hansika and manoj your performence it’s to good….. hansika i m upset that you are eliminated i m very upset….
    i aslo like it anurag and khusboo both of you so sweet and khushboo yor very very very cute………..

  • dkjoge

    hiii …

    I am searching from long time a video of Ruturaj on a song Tere Naina (chandani chown to china) but could not locate it … i deeply feel to see that vedio again and again … kinly upload it or show the link for the same..

    Ruturaj and Dharmesh u rock man…

    Best luck

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