DID Little Masters 30th July *Top 4 Contestants*

DID Little Masters 30th July *Top 4 Contestants*

So Dance India Dance Little Masters has got the Final 4 Contestants who will fight for the winner on 7th August DID Little Masters Finale. Today’s episode features a superb performance by all the contestants together on the song Dhoom. Khushboo has yet not recovered and has been eliminated from the show so is Amrita as a skipper as she had only one contestant left. Manoj Rathod was the highest voted contestant this week. Ruturaj has been voted out and now we have Atul, Manoj, Jeetumoni and Vaishnavi to compete against each other for the winner of DID Little Masters. Sandeep announces free training for 3 years for all Top 5 contestants in any branch of his dance schools throughout India.

Dance India Dance Little Masters 30th July Highlights

Atul from Jai Kumair Nair’s team performed on Vande mataram, Semi Classical Dance Style

Ruturaj from Dharmesh’s team performed on the song O Soniyo, Hip Hop Dance Style

Vaishnavi from Dharmesh’s team performed on the song Kehna He Kaya, Semi Classical Dance Style

Manoj from Mayuresh & Vrushali’s team performed on the song Nanachi Tang, Bollywood Contemporary Dance Style

All five contestants performed on the song Dhoom.

Jeetumoni from Dharmesh’s team performed on the song Feeling Blue, Contemporary Dance Style

DID Lil Masters Videos 30th July Part1

DID Lil Masters Videos 30th July Part2

DID Lil Masters Videos 30th July Part3

DID Lil Masters Videos 30th July Part4

103 thoughts on “DID Little Masters 30th July *Top 4 Contestants*

  1. canadianfan says:


    1. Toshangbi Saka says:

      one thing i would like 2 say abt atul..
      from da beginning of da show til da end, he is trying to show his flips which is quite boring 2 see now…
      i don’t understand y he is showing those flips all da time…
      50 % of his dance include flips..
      also in da jugalbandi round wit jeetu he was repeatedly doing da flips..
      dis is a dance show.., so he should focus on dance & do some new styles…

  2. Rocky says:

    Vaishu Rocks Jeeezzzz No1 :lol: :lol:

    1. vikrant sharma says:

      hi vaishnavi, i m very sure, u will be won did little master.
      vaishu tum kya ho tum ye ho tum wo ho, tum ye bhi karti ho , tum wo bhi karti ho, tum kya kya karti ho, vaishu tum sab kuch ho, ek baar mai bhi tumhare liye standing ovation karta hu, or kya baat kya baat kyaaaaaa baat………….
      vaishu u r the winner. i m ur big fan.

      vikrant sharma
      (chartered Accountant) luv u little angel….

  3. alfiya says:

    1st realy good best of luck to all

  4. sonia singh says:

    Vaishu u Rock,but i like Manoj.Manoj u have to u

    1. Toshangbi Saka says:

      manoj is not gud in all dance styles.., he’s only gud in doing stunts…, i think either vaishnavi or jeetumoni should win..

  5. gagan says:

    Here is what I think of today’s face off:
    1. Vaishnavi (Best choreography was given to her)
    2. Atul (Good attitude and energy)
    3. Manoj (Ok)
    4. Ruturaj (Not bad)
    5. Jeetumoni (Under-rehearsed)
    BTW, Sandeep’s beard rox…lmao

    1. Love says:

      Jeetumoni tuje under-rehearsed lagta hai..
      Phir se dekh to zara :mrgreen: Chasma phenke..number wala 8) 8O

      1. gagan says:

        Love, I was talking about the face off, not their solos…I thought he wasn’t as good as the others…Love, it’s time to fix an appointment with an optician 8O 8O 8O 8O

        1. Love says:

          I am talking about face-off, he was also good, i liked him :mrgreen:

        2. Love says:

          Gagan, I will definitely go to Optician to get my numbers checked.
          But Jeetumoni was not that bad, may be he and rutu were doing together thats why or he was at the back :wink: u feel so..

  6. naseema says:

    JEETUMONI OR Vaishnavi TO WIN!

  7. nd1091 says:

    wah audience waah……….Vaishanvi n Atul in the bottom and Manoj is number one……….INCREDIBLE INDIA

  8. sagi says:

    waitin for today’s show….. :P :)

  9. DIDrocks says:

    according to me (for today):

    1.Vaishu (it was so graceful and pretty)
    2.atul (kudos to him for trying something new and doing it well)
    3.jeetu (wow…just wow)
    4.rutu (towards the weaker end…but it still was entertaining)
    5.manoj (errr…compared to what he has been doing, this was a let down.)

    I LOOVVVVVVVEEEE Vaishu. She should win!!!! And Atul should be second!!!!!! I love these two so darn much!

    The takkar:
    i think, as everyone said, vaishu ne tho sabki band bajadi! u go girl!

    It was heart-breaking to see Rutu cry like that. It was so courageous of him to force a smile while crying. It takes guts to do that! And this shows how optimistic he is! Hope u become a great dancer, Chotu Govinda! :)

  10. thmmer says:

    I think we’ve had enough of the “look the kids can’t speak English, let’s make fun of them” jokes.

    Edit by DIDrocks: Although I agree that this nonsense is not needed in the show, let’s not call anyone any names. ok? I will be editing your comment for now! :)

  11. rubinadear says:

    i felt sad watching rutu go… poor kid… actually i like all 4 of them.. and honestly thinking of not voting for any of them cause all of them are winners.. and i cant choose one over the other…

    meanwhile vaishnavi performance was choreographed by kruti mahesh fm DID 2. she has thanked dharmesh for giving her a chance to do it..
    n i think vaishnavi was the best today along with atul..

    I liked every performance.. i was laughing while manoj performed so the comedy worked for me.

    I love vaishnavi …

    it was funny talking abt khusboo saying she had fever so cudnt continue.. very silly.. they were planning the finale on 7th aug with 4, so she had to go …

    why give junta crap..? junta knows she cudnt hv continued anyway..

    i felt that amritha asking for another chance for khusboo was fair.

    1. dancewithme says:

      where u get the fact that vaishnavi’s performance was chreographed by Kruti….

      1. DIDrocks says:

        It indeed was choreographed by Kruti. It was on the facebook page. If only Dharmesh had given her credit in the episode, it wouldve been nice. He shouldve just said sumthing! :|

        1. gagan says:

          Do you really think Zee would have allowed Dharmesh to openly say that he did not do the choreography?…Even if Dharmesh would have said something about Kruti, the editors are always ready to use their scissors

          1. DIDrocks says:

            why should they edit? what difference does it make?

        2. kindi says:

          DIDrocks..dharmesh was first of all criticized by farah for putting certain steps in it….should he like say…”noooo kruti did that not mee” :twisted: :mrgreen: 8O 8)

        3. dancewithme says:

          can you send me the link where i can find that news

          1. DIDrocks says:

            i cannot post any links. but u can go check out her FB page.

            @kindi: my point is that if kruti is getting a chance to show off her choreographing skills, the they should at least mention it on stage just so the world knows who did it. This way kruti could recognition and maybe get a boost in her career. its not only dharmesh im criticzing. zee couldve told dharmesh or manish to announce. the poor girl choreographed it without getting any credit. half of u guys didn’t even know this fact, until rubinadear said it. thats my point.

          2. gagan says:

            DIDrox, you are looking at only one side of this…now try to think it as this way- Zee might have told Kruti that you can get a chance to choreograph but this wouldn’t be revealed on TV…In this case I feel Kruti is lucky that she atleast got a chance to work and should be happy about it…Obviously this cannot be revealed on TV as this would spark off another controversy
            I am sure all the mentors do get some help from other sources (news is kept hidden) because setting 30-40 choreographies is not a joke for such new comers, and that too on national television

          3. DIDrocks says:

            why would it spark any controversy gagan?

          4. gagan says:

            Kaam kisi ka, naam kisi ka

  12. rimpal16 says:

    8) atul will win DID Little Master!!!!!!!!
    torde forde sabko piche chorde!!!!!

  13. thmmer says:

    Traces of Shakti in Vaishnavi’s second performance. Some of the steps reminded me of her.

  14. Prince Abbas says:

    Feel Sorry for Dharmesh Sir

    He was crying at the end when he hugged Manish :/

    You guys should have voted more…. cannot bear 2 c tears in such a positive persons eyes.


    1. Prince Abbas says:

      Please Vote for JEETUMONI

      Type JEETUMONI and send it to 5 7 5 7 5.

      Faro Faro Jeetu :P

      1. breathless says:

        Please Vote for Atul/vaishnavi/manoj also :wink:

        Type Atul/vaishnavi/manoj and send it to 5 7 5 7 5. :lol:

  15. Love says:

    It was nice episode. Tomorrow looks more promising :D
    Todays performances
    1) I love Vaishnavi…she should win the competition…there is not a single style that she has not shown as well as performed with grace and accuracy :D
    2) Jeetumoni: He has proved himself through his talent…Excellent :D
    3) Atul: His performance was Ok for me today, his classical steps were not as clean as his BBoying and Hiphop.
    4) Manoj: Well done..

    Feeling very sad for Rutu :| Wish you all the very best for the future :D U will do wonders, no doubt :mrgreen: Love you…

  16. gagan says:

    Why were all the kids given the POTD award?…Atul alone should have got it…This is not the 1st time when Atul wasn’t given what he deserved
    BTW, I am still trying to solve the zig-zag puzzle in Sandeep’s beard

    1. DIDrocks says:

      Rofl!!!!!!!!!! u do not know how irritated i was with the beard! i freakin wanted to grab a razor and shave the entire thing off. and even i agree with u gagan, that his stylist should be left on a stranded island!

      1. GabbarSingh says:

        Gagan and DIDRocks:

        If you watch closely, It wasn’t the actual beard. someone has painted it with a black pencil or a pen or a brush. Whatever it was, the STUPID beard wasn’t real.

        And yes, I so agree with DIDRocks. Sandeep needs a GILLETTE MACH3, for sure. jeez.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          ROFL! i didn’t notice it was fake. ye tho hadh ho gayi! whats the bloody point of having a pencil drawn beard?! sandip has lost it. otherwise why else would he don such a nonsensical beard?!

  17. breathless says:

    Dharmesh has someone else choreograph his contestants dance, and thats okay with his fans and nobody says a word. When Jai,mauyuresh and vrushali get inspired from someone else they get bashed :| I love double standards :mrgreen:

    @ gagan,
    I agree, Atul has been robbed of the POTD award twice now :twisted:

    1. DIDrocks says:

      lol yup. when dharmesh’s contestant is choreographed by someone else, its all hush hush. but if they even hear a rumor about jai/M&V/Ammu letting other ppl choreograph their contestants, ppl will go on and on about how incapable they are of choreographing their own contestants, and how they need other ppl to help them out. :wink:

      1. Love says:

        U friends are also no less! :wink:
        Always pointing towards Dharmesh friends, required or not, even a little chance not letting go. We did not say anything, still pointing towards D’s fans.
        In DID2, Dharmesh choreographed 3-4 dances, Geeta did not speak a word! To me, Looks like ….once u r a skipper or master, zee will not allow to say this thing.
        I saw in the limelight, Sandeep was helping Amrita, Did she mention?? No one else, but i have also seen 3 times, Dharmesh thanked to his team on stage, no other skipper did eventhough they had done Ariel choreographies. :wink:

      2. kindi says:

        DIDrocks..dharmesh was first of all criticized by farah for putting certain steps in it….should he like say…”noooo kruti did that not mee”

        The skippers take their team’s help…its not possible to thank them all..but dharmesh do thank his team when something is excellent but when criticized one has to take all the blame on stage…skippers are the ones who face the axe/insult when something goes wrong..they are not allowed to criticize their team at that moment then why now??

        1. DIDrocks says:

          @kindi and love

          just think as to why dharmesh or zee wouldve let kruti choreograph. why would they? do they have any shortage of classical dancers? but the reason to get her to do it is becuz they wanted to give kruti a chance to show off her skills. but if ur not gonna give her credit, then whats the point? they shouldve at least mentioned it on stage, so kruti could get her recognition and a boost in her career. i personally thought they robbed her of this recognition. whether the choreo was good or bad, the recognition shouldve went to kruti. and the choreo was fabulous IMO.

          1. Love says:

            I did not say that Kruti should not get the credit (I commented below). She should fully get the credit. The thing which forced me to comment was blaming Dharmesh is not fair..we dont know the real story. On the top…involving D’d fans saying what to say, why they are quiet is just weird to me..thats all

          2. GabbarSingh says:

            Yaar Tum log kyon Dharmesh ke peeche haath dho ke pade ho.

            And yes, if someone else has done the Choreography, ZEE TV should have openly said that on stage. And why not? Why should someone get the credit when he/she hasn’t been part of the exercise.

          3. DIDrocks says:

            exactly gabby!!!!!!!!!!! ye hi toh main keh rahi hoon. give the credit where it is due!

      3. Love says:

        One more thing I would like to add:
        I agree that Dharmesh should have said if Kruti did that choreography. But the way Farah started commenting and pointed out those flips… :roll: who knows…It is also possible that Dharmesh may have said that the act was done by Kruti and Zee TV cut that part. This is the fact that Zee does “Kapakupi”/”Cut work” after the shooting is done since they have to accommodate the advertise and time limit..Without knowing reality to point the finger is not right.
        I have a request: I would like to see that example where D’s fans pointed out about other skippers choreography done by others and we commented badly on that :wink:
        I can understand ur point of view and agree…but to blame Dharmesh directly is not fair..without knowing the fact :wink:

    2. Love says:

      Yesterday it was clearly Vaishnavi..should have got POTD :roll:

    3. priyam says:

      Yeah, I agree that Atul was great. It was ridiculous to give POTD to all kids-just doesn’t make sense. Seems like they don’t want to give it to Atul.
      Atul,Vaishnavi and Jitu were great.

      1. priyam says:

        Oops, that was supposed to be reply to breathless.

    4. Love says:

      All the skippers including Dharmesh are taking some ideas from outside sources for choreographies and presenting in their way…I dont see anything wrong in it…the final presentation should be polished and then its upto the contestant with his/her ability to take that act to different high level 8)
      I dont understand why people are uncomfortable with this fact :mrgreen: Can we create all the steps of all the acts new all the time :?: :?: :?: People are also putting reference of the copied act…This is small world..some good acts/steps are repeated several times in the reality :D To blame “that or this is the particular act that was copied by him or her” sounds….
      I myself was commenting about copying the acts esp on Remo in DID2…but i realized later that its OK..the final act should be great and entertaining to watch :D We have all kinds of audience who will appreciate one or the other part of the show :D

  18. breathless says:

    After watching today’s episode I pretty confident that Jeetu will win because of the following reasons:
    1. His is extremely talented, and mostly importantly consistent.
    2. He is from Assam
    3. Having Dharmesh as a skipper,Dharmesh loyal fans will definitely support dhamresh contestants. Jeetu came in to the competition with a golden spoon in his mouth!
    4. Ruturaj is eliminated his votes will most likely go to jeetu and vaishnavi.

    After ruturaj elimination ( which was heartbreaking but fair :( ) i think that vaishnavi might have a chance of winning becasue she might get majority of rutu fans votes, and maybe after watching today performance many more people will see her talent and vote for her. She was the best today in the top 5 showdown, i just wished she would have been dressed better. Why is it that girls even at small age are made to show more skin the boys? Absolutely disgusting.
    I don’t really have any favorites in this season but I think that atul deserves to be in the top 2. From day one to the 13th week his has been giving “wow” performance and has been consistent. I also want somebody from dharmesh group to be in the final 2 because dharmesh is simply the best!!!!! I think out of all the contestants left manoj has shown the most improvement in his dance. He started from dancing at the streets, and look where he is now. I wish him the best.
    Cant wait for tomorrow episode princes locking and popping and sajjan’s b-boying.

    I hope the rumors about choreographing vaishnavi dance are wrong, becasue i would be mad at him for not giving her credit.

    1. DIDrocks says:

      I agree with everything.

      The rumor is not a rumor. its sorta confirmed that kruti did choreograph it. it was on her FB. im sure she wouldn’t lie. she choreographed the solo that vaishu did today. and yea, no one mentioned this at all in today’s episode. :|

      and good that someone else thought vaishu’s shorts were a little TOO short. I wonder ki konsi museebat aa jayegi if her shorts were a tad longer. jeez!

      and im rooting for vaishu/atul to be in top2! im praying that this little bachchi wins! she is so darn good! and atul for the second place!!!

      1. breathless says:

        We agree on almost everything! Great minds think alike.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          lol. indeed!

          1. hbdasari says:

            wow..I have great mind too then :D

      2. DIDfreak says:

        i think vaishnavi rocked friday’s show!!!
        she was d best no doubt about that. atul ws good too. and although he’s been consistent thru out, he hasnt shown many different dance styles compared to vaishu.

        vaishnavi’s shorts were fine according 2 me. she looked good and more importantly it suited her dance. the movements were more clear. may b dat added to her performance

      3. priyam says:

        what I can’t understand is that Farah Maam told Hansika that her shorts were too short and she should not wear such clothes at this age. seems like she did not notice.

        1. Love says:

          Farah herself was wearing shorts as young dancer :lol: :lol: :lol:
          Her comments about “overdoing the expressions” are not consistent..Hansika and Papiya did well. Same kind of expressions Vaishu and Jeetu are doing but no comments :wink: What to say..Its her Mouth and opinion..May be she meant that sometimes his/her face expressions are not suitable according to their looks :roll: :roll:

      4. AnnieJ says:

        Well, another thing is that girl shorts tend to be inherently shorter than boy shorts. I often scrap femininity myself for the greater coverage of boy shorts (who wants to always be wearing bermudas? Lol). But they definitely could have picked out a better pair for her…

    2. kindi says:

      Breathless..i cant believe u r praising dharmesh..werent you his jaani dushman :P

      neways..dharmesh was first of all criticized by farah for putting certain steps in it….should he like say…”noooo kruti did that not mee”

      The skippers take their team’s help…its not possible to thank them all..but dharmesh do thank his team when something is excellent but when criticized one has to take all the blame on stage…skippers are the ones who face the axe/insult when something goes wrong..they are not allowed to criticize their team at that moment then why now??

      1. DIDrocks says:

        thanking the team and thanking a guest choreographer is different. kruti shouldve been recognized for what she did, whether by dharmesh, or manish or whoever. it was her chance to show the world what she can do and the zee robbed her of it.

    3. Love says:

      “i just wished she would have been dressed better. Why is it that girls even at small age are made to show more skin the boys? Absolutely disgusting.”

      Khushboo also dressed the same way in a duet with Shivani.. :roll:

    4. gagan says:

      I thought Vaishnavi’s costume suited her dance pretty well…they tried to give her a kind of look that usually you see in street dance face offs…Also, her look might have been inspired by Aishwarya’s look in the same song ‘Dhoom Machaale’

  19. thmmer says:

    What villainous tomfoolery is this?

    1. DIDrocks says:

      i haven’t done any tomfoolery. so it being “villainous” doesnt even make sense. lol. :wink:

      1. thmmer says:

        Did you get my mail yesterday?

        1. DIDrocks says:

          yes i did! :)

  20. newmember says:

    aap sabi log sirf apni apni ray dete rahiye. Lekin jo hona hai woh to hoke hi rahega. sabhi kuch pahale se hi tay hota hai. aur kuch kuch tabhi ke tabhi discussion se. elimination public voting se nahi cheating se hoti hai.

    Unko jisko jitana hai wohi jitega. and I m damn sure about Manoj, that he will win ( vote se nahi zee ke cheat se, voting so sirf dekhava hai, apna gulla bharne ke liye ).

    1. DIDrocks says:

      well since ur saying it so surely, im sure u have some proof too. can u plz provide us that?

      1. newmember says:

        dimaag khula rakhoge to aas paas kya chal raha hai, behind the scene kya ho raha hai pata chal jaata hai. kisi saboot ki kya jaroorat hai sirf illusion me jina chhod dena chahiye, mai yahan kuch sabit nahi karne aya hu. sirf meri apni ray rakh raha hu.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          wohi toh main keh rahi hoon. ye aapki soch hai and its ur opinion. why accuse zee then? neither u nor i know for sure if they entire thing is scripted. :wink:

  21. Love says:

    Dharmesh will definitely win the competition with either Jeetu or Vaishu…He deserves it :D As a skipper he has shown wide varity of dances..with great choroegraphies aur Unko shishya bhi aise mile :D
    Jeetu is very versatile and so does Vaishu too.
    Atul, he is great too, but somehow i just feel i have not seen good variation in terms of types of dances…While Jeetu has done semi-classical beautifully (the one where they dance as a group on Ganpati Puja). His posture etc were perfect plus he has done folk dances too. He id Malkhum.

    Eventhough Atul is my favorite, I think Vaishu or Jeetu deserves more..If Manoj will win then i will be lost.. :roll:

    1. priyam says:

      Is Atul really your favourite. Seems like it’s JEETU.

      1. Love says:

        lol…yes My favorite is Atul in terms of his personality, dancing with so much ease..i like that…thats my personal choice. I wanted to see some semi-classical dance forms from him and he did it :D but his classical mudras were unfinished for me..If I compare him with Jeetu when he did Malkham/Patriotic act, Jeetu did it with intense feelings for Desh Bhakti and high-level energy that i did not see in Atul..Thats all i want to say 8O
        Jeetu and Vaishu are the facts that they have shown more dance styles..and Vaishu should win according to that but she is not getting votes :| Jeetu is getting votes..4 times top and 2 times second..So looks like Janta wants Jeetu to win, i will not argue much about it.

        1. priyam says:

          I respect your opinion my dear. Don’t you think that Atul has done whatever he has been taught brilliantly each and every week.

          1. Love says:

            Its really good to see someone is following the comments for any reply :D
            Yes, Atul has executed each performance brilliantly, but i dont know why i feel this last performance was not upto the mark (if I compare this act with his previous performances). First 30 sec, it did not strike me. It was slow for me. :| Then he picked up very well, but by that time i lost interest :confused:

  22. says:



  23. says:

    Dear Farah Ma’am,

    You are very much funny and lovable. Your wits make us laugh and laugh till our stomach gets pain. We love Manish Pauls comedy too. He is a wonderful host. And Sandeep ka to kya kehna. dadhi ho to sandeeplal jaisi ho warna na ho. Magar kanhi kabhi to bhool-bhulaiya ki yaad ajati he apki dadhi dekh kar. All the Kids and their skippers, All the best, Dharmesh hi is baar jeetega with Jeetumoni. Sure. Bye love you the whole team. This is a hit Program which we never dare and imagine to miss. :lol: :D :)

  24. karan99one says:

    Hi everyone;

    The performances which I liked the most were as follows-:




    Coming to VAISHNAVI vs 4 BOYS-: I loved all the performances equally.

  25. kindi says:

    Jeetumoni Faro faro…

  26. priyam says:

    I think that for next season they should bring Dharmesh and Amu together and Jai and Kruti together so that we can see more classical dancers. Vrushali, Kruti and Amu are definely DID’s best classical dancers.

    1. Love says:

      I think Dharmesh and Jai are capable of giving Classical choreography too. Each skipper has their team for support..

  27. Love says:

    Dharmesh is the skipper who has shown the least stunts in choreography and the most dance compare to other skippers :wink:

    1. DIDrocks says:

      so u mean to say, all atul, papiya, divyam, vatsal, and manoj were doing were flips? is that so? u honestly didn’t see them dance? do u remember all the latin dances, contemporary dances etc. choreographed by the other skippers? i dont think u r giving the other skippers enough credit :|

      1. Love says:

        I am saying overall..they all dance of course..

      2. Love says:

        I have given best credit to Jai too.
        Only skipper i did not feel much connection was Amrita except her contemporary acts, they were brilliant but overall she is OK.

        1. GabbarSingh says:

          WAH WAH, Love aur Didrocks mein kitna pyaar hai. Dono jaise behane ho. I am so touched watching the love and affection between you two. hehehehehe :).

          1. Love says:

            Hum Atma Bhai-Bhai hai ….u too :D Hope u get it :P

      3. Love says:

        I also wonder, whether u have given credit to other skippers too (u know which one i am talking) :P
        Whenever it comes to him, u always comment about his contestants..not him..OR may be i have missed those comments 8) For Jai, Mayuresh-Vrushali u clearly state their names.
        For Kruti being given credit (Which i eventually agreed), u did not simply said thats what u r only talking at first comment, u commented “about D fans and hush hush”… Now what i should take from these lines???? I am a D fan. :|
        Sorry, i am getting into this because i seriously felt u r the only one in this forum who is commenting honestly and unbiased.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          im sorry but when did i not give credit to dharmesh? i havent been posting any analysis of the episodes lately. but when i did, i always mentioned dharmesh’s choreo and how fantastic it was. infact i have been doing that all this season. i never liked dharmesh as a dancer, but i have always appreciated dharmesh as a choreographer. so u calling me biased is sorta baseless dear!

  28. priyam says:

    I feel really sad for Ruturaj as he was one of my favourites at the beginning and he is a great dancer. However, in his attempt to make Jitu winner, Dharmesh completely neglected Ruturaj. How can he give mindblowing choreo to Jitu and aweful choreo to Rutu most of the time. The difference could clearly be seen. How can the judges ignore this fact?

    Judges were great at the beginnig. But as Public started voting, they started being biased.

    Why was Atul never given POTD? Why was Jai never given best skipper?

    1. Love says:

      I am also still thinking about rutu’s choreography by Dharmesh, repeatedly for Lyrical Hiphop :roll:

  29. priyam says:

    Atul is my favourite, but Vaishnavi and Jeetu are too good as well. The winner must be one of them

  30. joe says:

    The Energy these contestants are putting in their performances are fantastic, it is hard to decide especially if you are locked in on a particular dancer and the skipper, then these are decisions are not fair to the others. I loved to see Vaisnavi Patil perform today, and I think she will be voted the Champ. I remember the previous DID2 when everyone thoughtthat Darmesh will win. But I saw Shakti winning. which I thought was fair. Do not get me wrong, Darmesh is a great dancer. But the votes decide who will be the winner. All the best to the finalists. :lol: :D :)

  31. AnnieJ says:

    Having a sense of Kruti and Kruti’s style, you can definitely tell she worked with Vaishu. (It was a great performance…very unlike something D would do though.)

    But what the others have said is right – I don’t think any one skipper is a master in more than a few styles. Each production is the work of a team of people – we know Kruti, so that’s why we feel she ought to be mentioned. But in truth, there’s probably a whole slew of people who ought to be mentioned but aren’t… even if they don’t get onscreen praise, they surely get it offstage, and maybe that’s all that matters to them :D In my books, genuine praise offstage>obligatory praise on screen.

    1. Rocky says:

      Well said Annie Hi5 :wink: :wink: .. agree with you cent%!!! no comments :P :P

  32. Rocky says:

    Lol Two girls fighting in the forum Love Vs. DIDrocks … lets see whos gonna win .. i bet it will be tie Lol :lol: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen:

    1. Love says:

      Its not fighting :wink:

  33. Rocky says:


  34. DIDrocks says:

    Happy Friendship Day! :)

  35. almoula says:

    vid 3 on this page has tecnical issues or is not fully loaded

  36. enver says:

    i think jeetomoni will win he is really good like me iam the best dancer in the world :D :D :D

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