DID Little Masters 24th July *Emraan Hashmi & Prachi Desai*

DID Little Masters 24th July *Emraan Hashmi & Prachi Desai*

DID Little Masters 24th July guest were Emraan Hashmi and Prachi Desai along with 3 Masters of Dance India Dance, Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapoor and Remo D’Souza. With such mind-blowing performances from the DID Little Masters, this weekend has been another blast and it is surely going to take the rating of the show to the top. We are going to have one more elimination next weekend before we head to the DID Little Masters Grand Finale 7th August.

Highlights of Dance India Dance 24th July

Dharmesh & Vaishnavi performed on the song Albela Saajan in Freestyle

Amrita & Vatsal performed on the song Socho Ke Jheelon Ka Shehr Ho, Freestyle & Contemporary Dance

Mayuresh & Manoj performed on the song Omkara, Autokalari & Bollywood Acrobatic Dance Style

Jai & Atul performed on the song Har Ghadi Badal, Hip Hop Contemporary Dance Style

Ruturaj & Jeetumoni performed on the song Dil Ibadat, Lyrical Hip Hop

DID Lil Masters Videos 24th July Part1

DID Lil Masters Videos 24th July Part2

DID Lil Masters Videos 2th July Part3

DID Lil Masters Videos 2th July Limelight

Choose DID Lil Masters 4 Finalists.

  • Jeetumoni (68%, 1,612 Votes)
  • Vaishnavi Patil (57%, 1,351 Votes)
  • Atul Banmoria (51%, 1,198 Votes)
  • Ruturaj (37%, 879 Votes)
  • Manoj Rathod (35%, 820 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,358

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  • nd1091

    good one………..

  • gagan

    I do not have the guts to rank anyone after watching today’s episode
    a. Dharmesh – Vaishnavi: Ideal depiction of God-devotee relationship
    b. Mayuresh – Manoj: Perfect combination of Strength and Balance
    c. Jai – Atul: Ultimate mixture of Dance and Emotions
    d. Ruturaj – Jeetumoni: Intelligent incorporation of Air Friction into Dance
    I firmly believe each kid is a winner…Awarding Sunehri Taqdeer ki Topi would just be a formality now…This is DID’s victory…DIDrocks’s username is actually apt for the occasion…DID ROCKS

    • DIDrocks

      very well said gagan. i agree. and DID does rock. but what about amrita and vatsal’s perfromance? you missed them! 😐

      • aashish24

        I almost agree.. well said. though I feel that Vatsal and Amrita were better than Atul and Jai… I felt Jai Choreography was simple and not up to the mark of Mayu & Ru and Dharmesh ‘s choreography.

      • gagan

        Thanks DIDrocks…OMG How did I miss them!
        Amrita – Vatsal: Very smart use of PROP in dance
        Amrita always reminds me of Jhansi ki Rani…She fought the battle very well…But what she needed was good LUCK…She got slightly weak contestants plus Khushboo got injured…I wish Farah had atleast taken Amrita’s name along with all the other mentors while announcing the performance of the week in the end

        • aashish24

          I agree with you Gagan.. I think it was not fair to Amrita.. Yet again I feel like Jai is overrated I guess life is bit unfair..

          • DIDrocks

            i dont think he is being overrated at all. infact, he may be underrated. after giving such memorable performances week after week, POTD jaake aaj mila usko. and i think he is a very deserving skipper.

          • hbdasari

            I beg to differ. Jai was always underrated. I’m glad his work has been appreciated as much as it needs to be today. I see complete dedication in Jai. He has done some outstanding acts in the show and today’s was one of them. The act seemed easy but actually is not. Jai n Atul blew me away with their emotions.

        • DIDrocks

          its ok gagan. sirf aap hi nahi, lagta hai farah aur sandip bhi bhool gaye ammu ko! talk about being unfair! 😡 😐 I mean she also performed right? and i thought she was fabulous. uska naam bhi le the, tho kya jaata unka? it was very unfair. 😐

          • priyam

            I think that Amu and Vatsal were fabulous as well. So sad that they were ignored. Vatsal is a superb dancer.

          • hbdasari

            I couldn’t understand why Amrita was ignored. It seemed a lil rude! Not fair 😐

  • nd1091

    Jai and Atul…..

    • hbdasari

      My vote for them 😀

  • kindi

    Congrats to dharmesh for being called as David copperfield of dance 😀 😀 Vaishnavi,jeetumoni and ruturaj all were suuupeeerrrrb 8) 8) ….i hope all three get in to the finale and finally jeetumoni wins 8) 8) ❗ 😯

  • iec2007026

    hope dharmesh critics got reply…..
    some of the acts are better than did acts

  • aashish24

    my top four:


    Though some people don’t like Manoj as much as I do .. I think he has shown one more time.. crystal clear.. that he is ultimate when it comes to contemporary, bollywood and styles that requires strength. He is sleek, fast, and strong. I think he and Jeetumoni learned a lot. As the show is progressing they are getting better and better. Vaishu.. is awesome.. Rutu.. is so.. cute love him…

  • aashish24

    really nice show.. hoping to see even better performances in next couple of weeks..

    By the way.. I loved Khushbu as well..We are missing her performances. Amrita is good but I think she has to grow her personality. She is honest, emotional and a good person. But in this world you need to be bit smart as well. I think Dharmesh is like Amrita but he has the edge that he is the kind of person whom everyone likes.

  • sandjieta

    The top 4:
    1. Jeetu
    2. Vaishu
    3. Atul
    4. I think Manoj(but hope its rutu)

    I Hope Vaishu wins…please vote for her!!!
    She is a very good dancer….

  • raj.singh7

    I don’t understand why we are promoting some of these kids…Everyone is independent to vote for their favorite kid… If I want to vote, I vote for whom I like, not because someone is asking me to do so..So stop asking to vote for any kid whom you like…In a way its like trying to influence other opinion, which is not right…

    • hbdasari

      That’s very true!

  • DIDrocks

    ROFL! i couldn’t stop laughing at jeetu’s and Farah’s dance. Hai bechara! LOL! He was actually being thrown off and was flying everywhere in the dance. it was hilarious! he couldn’t keep his feet on the ground. LOL! jeetu is adorable! 😆

  • mnegi

    1. Jeetu
    2. Vaishu
    3. Ruturaj
    4. Atul

  • DIDrocks

    Each performance was great in its own league. Everyone was fantastic! na koi upar, na koi neeche. sab ke sab baraabar the. This has to be THE BEST episode of the entire season or infact, the show! So many beautiful and breathtaking performances. Lovely job kids and lets not forget to appreciate the fantastic job the skippers have done as well! I honestly think these skippers surpassed the original 3 masters in choreographing today! BEST episode EVA!

    • hbdasari

      So true…I’m proud that I watch DID 😆 I think all dance lovers must watch this show. It’s the best show ever!

  • Spoiler

    Where are other comments? :confused:

  • karan99one

    Hi everyone;

    The performances whish I loved the most on saturday’s episode are as follows-:



    Guys the episode was too good, if I have to choose one among the TIER-1 PERFORMANCES, it would be ver y tough to choose one.They were so good.


    It is possible that Farah khan and Sandeep might have found the other 4 duets better than amrita-vatsal duet.It is possible that is why they must have given the skipper of the week to the 4 of them and excluding amrita.

    Regarding Amrita;

    She said in the limelight that her bad luck is falling on the children.she was feeling very bad and even cried in front of the camera.This is the first time I have seen ammu’s tears falling so much like that.It happened once before too.She is a very chirpy person, and generates lot of positive energy around her.So Somewhere even I felt bad seeing tears in her eyes.

    I remember even in DID-2 when she was eliminated on less votes,she didn’t break down at that time too, she didn’t cry at that time.The way she went out of the show was so empowering, with full enthusiasm and activeness.Whereas I saw her teammates like binny, they were sad when she was leaving.She was telling her team-mates too to just enjoy the last moment with her.

    she is such a energy house, and so lively and a warm person.

    And I must say people like her with such a positive attitude will go a long way.She is a talented and a very versatile dancer ,no doubt about that.Maybe she did not use her potential fully in this show, but that does not in any way undermine her talent.

    The fact that she knows all the 6 classical forms of dance is not a small thing in any way.But I wanted her to use , her expertise in classical dance on the kids in her team.She showed it on khushboo,and we all saw how power packed performances khushboo gave.Even vatsal she utilized him properly.It is only that he was the last and the only one left in her team,with no one left after him.Somehow , what I observed was that she had just started picking up, and started showing her potential with the kids, but it rather came too late for her, by the time she started picking up ,already almost all her kids had been eliminated ,leaving her with just one or two in the end.If she had picked up a little early, then who knows she might have gone all the way till the grand finale with her aflatoons.

    But Iam sure she must have learned a lot from this experience.She will only get better and better in impressing the public and the people concerned with her choreogrophy in the future.

    And when it comes to her own dancing personally, she has already proved herself.Seeing her talent and potential only, zee had given her an opportunity to be one of the skippers in the show.

    I just wish her all the best and loads happiness for her.

    • Spoiler

      Dude karan essay’s mat likho yar lol :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • karan99one

        Dear Spoiler/rocky/kiran;

        Dude, there is no word limit here.

  • naseema

    Cnt wait next week for Prince and Jetumoni’s Performance! Its going to be the best! JEETUMONI 2 WIN! =D

  • Prince Abbas

    Yes Yes!!!!

    Cnt wait for Prince and Jeetumoni performance 😀

    Hopefully Jeetumoni will win.

    Type JEETUMONI to 5 7 5 7 5

    I’m just abit confused after DID Lil Masters finished hw can we keep updated with the contestants lol.

    Seem 2 hv gt attached so much esp with Jeetumoni.


  • priyam

    This week the skippers happened to be the masters of their masters. Masters are going to have a hard time in DID 3 as they will have to match with the choreo. This was the most mindblowing episode of DID. All the contestants were great

  • brkdancekid

    well cudnt watch much did but hoping to watch the previous seasons’ dancer jam with the kids .

    and what the hell is emran hashmi doing in a children show
    lolz joke


    top 2 for me
    and other i dont care

  • GabbarSingh

    Simply Amazing!!! Mind blowing and out of this world. I liked when Terence and Remo complimented Dharmesh and his kids for their act.

    This episode has rendered me speechless, absolutely, no questions about that.

    • DIDrocks

      yup! u know what else i liked? i liked how jai finally got the praise he deserved (he finally got SOTW..yay!!!), and i love how mayuresh and vrushali’s hardwork paid off for them and everyone gave them a standing ovation. another thing i loved was vastsal’s courage and maturity, the qualities i see in amrita. she is a fighter and i love how she and vatsal left the show (im assuming she left but i really dunno) with such a gorgeous performance. amrita played this game with class and i appreciate her for that. the only thing i didnt like was that the judges didn’t include her in the SOTW award. how unfair was that?! 😐

      and as for terence’s and remo’s compliments for dharmesh… i guess the ppl who claimed terence and remo to be jealous of dharmesh last season, got their answer. 😉

      and im glad gabby that u, who didnt have any interest in lil masters when it started, finally got around to watch it and not only watch it, but appreciate it as well.

      • nami87

        Well remo and terence were in different role in DID and DIDLM… so obviously comments will be litle effected based on their role…

        i dont know were jealous or anything with D in DID2 but they stated to give bad/discouraging comments to Dharmesh as he became Highest Voted Contestent week after week.

        The best example is “D never got MJ band from Remo in DID2″

        i dont know what do u call this attitude.

        • DIDrocks

          bad/disgusting comments? is that what u call them if they don’t put ur dharmesh on a pedestal? remo said what he had to say. they were in no way “digusting” or “bad.” remo was just being critical. he didnt like what dharmesh danced, and he said so. thats it.

          as far as the MJ band. maybe remo didn’t think dharmesh deserved it. ever thought of it? maybe he felt dharmesh had to work harder to get it. just because u think he shouldve gotten, doesnt mean everyone thinks he should get it. i, at least, dont think he should get it. he showed no versatility according to my judgement. so why should he get it? and what would remo get by putting dharmesh down? more votes for punit? well in tht case, why did he give one to shakti? and now dont start again with the whole ‘remo was jealous of dharmesh cuz he was better than him.” this didnt make sense all last season and it still doesnt make sense.

          so my point is, when judges or sumone is critical of sumone, it doesnt have to be because they all have ulterior motives. maybe they indeed didn’t like the performance.

          • nami87

            ha ha… so funny…

            Howmuch ever u argue/meddle with words, I bet – if D was in remo’s team he would have got MJ Band for sure..

            I dont know what versatility he should show… i feel you need to see all the episodes again (atleast D’s performance)… i agree that he is not best in other forms as he is in hip hop but he has shown his versatality…

          • DIDrocks

            being versatile doesnt mean just doing other styles. u have to do WELL in them too. anyone can try different styles. but few can actually do them well. and dharmesh wasnt one of them and u admitted this too.

          • nd1091

            If Dharmesh was in Rangeela he would have won the season. Dont u agree with that?

          • DIDrocks

            maybe he wouldve or maybe he wouldnt have. how am i supposed to know? i cannot be sure that if he was in remo’s team, he wouldve been able to pull off the other styles too. maybe his lack of versatility was due to geeta or maybe he himself is incapable of doing it. who knows? so to answer ur question, i do not and would not know if he wouldve won. this will remain a mystery to the world. as far as i am concerned, i only believe in stuff that exist and not the stuff that “couldve been”. all i see is dharmesh wasnt versatile last season, and until he proves me wrong, i will continue to believe that.

    • Spoiler

      Gabba 😆 how are you buddy ❓ 😀

      Well finally i have seen an ultimate show DID @ its best.

      these kids are really Dance ke baap/naani/naana 😆

      I like Ruturaj&Jeetu act with prop thermocoal ,Guys this is very difficult act i must say , both these kids managed it very well there is so much technicality involved in it.

      Hats off to D for his creativity 😆

  • ridhsi


    jst tell me 1 thing truely, r u really voting for kids or jst voting for skippers. last time every1 wanted dharmesh to win this time too they all r voting for dharmesh sir. wat d hell is dis, where does individual performance of kids stand.

    pls audience vote for kids only.

    i do not understand y jeetu is so much hiped by this show he is good only in his break dance, so max. time he jst perform on “freestyle” dancing, vaishu is far better then him.

    • Spoiler

      Lol :mrgreen: @ your comments:- i cent% disagree with you also i sujjest you to use language 😆

      Why do you think all are voting for skippers ❓ :mrgreen:

      The only reason why people are voting Jeetu is because of his dance , if they vote for dharmesh then all the votes should go for Vaishnavi/jeetu as well but they are not getting rite ❓

      i hope jeetu will won this competition as he truly deserves it , this kid is a champ 😆 😆 :mrgreen:

      • INSHAL

        i 100% agree with u.

      • aamna

        i hope jeetu will won this competition as he truly deserves it , this kid is a champ ………. lol wil win not won

  • Shakii

    I see atul, jeetumoni, vaishnavi and ruturaj in the top 4, the names are not in order but I really hope one of Dharmesh’s kids win the competition. I really really hope with all my heart that rutu doesnt get eliminated =( dharmuu, rutuu, jeetuu and vaishuu all the way to the finale fingers crossed , i just love them !! especially ruturaj 😀

  • Meher

    I am on the same page as the comment made by Master Geeta regarding Jai. I think his passion for teaching dance rather than dance itself is seen thru his choreography.(this is NOT to say that the other choreographers do not put in hard work)Just that for Jai starting a dance institute may be truly something he cares about.

    I really liked his choreography today. Some say it was a simple performance, when in fact I find a lot of complex moves such as continuous shifts from one lift to the other, catching Atul midway in his spin as also a lot of cradling that goes with the theme of his performance of an elder bro taking the place of the mother.

    I also loved Manish Paul’s performance throughout the series. He has brought a whole lot of good humour( not some silly gags and acting all stoopid like the DID compare), fluent talking and light mimicry that brings comparing these kinda shows to a new level as well.

  • pranithdtiger

    Really people eagerly waiting 2 c jeetu and prince 2gether….but sad and poor situation for me…m in hostel and cant c any of d programme….and dese ppl hv blockd all d site…wat cn i do????

    So dis is d site which keeps me updating wats happening in did….do u guyz hv ny idea hw cn i buy dvd’s of dis programme????
    help me guyzzz…

  • jack89

    atul n manoj the best

  • rvenishe

    This week was one of the best episode of Entire DID since 2 years. It was mind blowing performances by the lil kids. The Skippers happened to be the masters of their masters..All the skippers surpassed Guru’s. Each performance was great in its own league. Everyone was Fantastic and exceptional. It was unfair that Ammu didn’t receive the skipper of the week. Her & Vatsal was great performance too..Wow..this episode will be remembered years to come..Skippers did great job as well as the kids. I think DID team should honor the skippers and the kids for the greatest performance of this week.. It doesn’t matter whoever wins now. 😐 😡 8) 8)

  • rvenishe

    I am really surpised abt the dressing of Prachi, she should dress decent when coming to kids show…Someone has to tell her.

    • rubinadear

      more than her dress. I was disappointed with the way she was behaving. All that giggling and fake laughs gets on my nerves.

      to top it, I generally love geeta maams clothes. but today, that black sleeveless outfit was makign her feel uncomfortable too. has she gained more weight? I wish she would also look fit like remo and terence.

  • aamna

    the links r disapearing please someone put it on propaly i want to watch it pls annie do something

  • aamna

    i’m really disapointed

  • swatip2004

    My message is for Mr. Terence. His is always using ‘Chummeshwari’ word to give the ranking which is not good. As per hindu mythology, we are using ‘shwari’ with the name of Devimata like Jogeshwari, Yogeshwari, Tribhuvaneshwari, Rameshwari, Someshwari, etc.

    Same thing ‘shwar’ has come with the name of Shiv Bhagwan like Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar, Trimbakeshwar, Ramalingeswarar, Grishneshwar, etc.

    Please do take care next time and use alternative incomparable word to give the rank.


  • Sweety Neerav

    did lil masters season 1 is tooooooo bad….i lovvveeeee did lil masters season 2…my faisal, my jeet, my tanay, my om, my saumya, my rohan, my shreya, my shalini, my 4 bestest skippers…RAGHAV, NEERAV, PRINCE AND KRUTI!!!!! TO BE SPECIFIC, RAGHAV KE ROCKSTARS, NEERAV KE NINJAS, PRINCE KE PALTAN AND KRUTI KE KRACKERS!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 AGREE? 😉 U KNOW? TEAM YAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! THE DANCE KE BAAPS WINNER!!SEASON 2!!!!!SEASON 2!!!!! JAI JAI SEASON 2!!!!!! <3

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