DID Little Masters 23rd July *Masters Special*

DID Little Masters 23rd July *Masters Special*

Great episode today! A lot of wonderful performances! The masters came to support their favorite teams -Terence for Jai, Vrushali, and Mayuresh, Geeta for Amrita, and Remo for Dharmesh :)

DID Little Masters 23rd July Highlights

Manoj from Vrushali-Mayuresh’s team performed Freestyle on ‘Jaane Kyun Dil Chahta Hai’ with a chair as a prop.

Vatsal from Amrita’s team performed Contemporary on ‘Beete Lamhe’ with a cloth rack as a prop.

Vaishnavi from Dharmesh’s team performed Aerial Ladder on ‘Zara Zara’ with a ladder as a prop.

Atul from Jai’s team performed Aerial Ring & Contemporary on ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’ with a ring as a prop.

Jeetumoni from Dharmesh’s team performed Freestyle on ‘Na Tum Jaano Na Hum’ with a turn table rotating metal pole) as a prop.

Ruturaj from Dharmesh’s team performed Freestyle on ‘Apni to Naiyaa’ with a trolley as a prop.


Jeetumoni is the highest voted contestant (with Atul getting the second highest vote).

Vaishnavi gets performance of the day.

Bottom 3 were Ruturaj, Vaishnavi, and Vatsal. Vatsal got the least votes this week and was eliminated.

It’s unknown whether Amrita will stay or not, since she now has no contestants. Kushboo has not yet been declared fit to perform by the doctor.

The Grand Finale is confirmed to be held on August 7th in Pune.

DID Lil Masters Videos 23rd July Part1

DID Lil Masters Videos 23rd July Part2

DID Lil Masters Videos 23rd July Part3

137 thoughts on “DID Little Masters 23rd July *Masters Special*

  1. Prince Abbas says:

    Yay tho teri payal ki cham cham hai…

    wt does ini-daar mean

    go jeetumoni

    type jeetumoni to 57575

  2. INSHAL says:

    Now i downloading videos.i,ll comments to watch the videos.

    1. roshni says:

      can u plz tell me how can i download these videos???

  3. sandjieta says:

    Sad 4 Vatsal but he’s not my fav…
    Go vaishu….I hope u’ll win!!!

  4. Meher says:

    Cant believe Atul was not awarded Performance of the week when it was in fact The Performance of the show til date!

    1. thmmer says:

      By Jove, Meher I concur and I do believe that a certain bias towards Vaishnavi was quite obvious. Atul, most certainly deserved more than what he got. Maybe the organizers feel the need promote a female candidate so that she can at-least reach the Grand Finalé. Though chances of her winning it are next to nothing. Nevertheless well said laddie, well said indeed.

      1. Meher says:

        It seems like a double jeopardy for Atul in every scenario.
        Firstly even though he gives incredible performances, he is sidelined because the judges would rather give POTD to a contests just because (s)he gave a good performance after weeks of jumping around a la Manoj.
        Secondly, they want the junta to treat girls on par with the guys, and then they go create positive discrimination giving him a mark less just cause he’s a boy!! Unbelievable!
        On these grounds I think Jai has been maligned a lot too.
        Lastly, in the jugalbandi round, although Atul didn’t break down the walk as well as Jeetu, the latter didn’t give any other startling moves whereas I feel Atul carried himself very smoothly through the performance and gave incredible flips n headstands.
        Anyways my vote is for Atul time and again.

    2. hbdasari says:

      It’s just so unfair..It’s been happening from quite a long time now..I don’t think Atul ever got POTD neither did Jai got skipper of the day. That’s a shame for the show. It was a clearcut choice between Atul n Vaishnavi..both were flawless. However, Atul was a hair better than Vaishu. Why this bias?? Apparently they wanted to promote girl. But it should not be on cost of other contestant’s talent.Very disappointed! Happy for Vaishu, no offense there. But just felt it was very unfair for Atul. He deserved it, period!

      1. DIDrocks says:

        well put and i agree!

        1. priyam says:

          I Also agree, this is so unfair.

      2. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        That’s an opinion and perception. I thought Vaishnavi was tad bit better than Atul. Them 2 are my fav on the show, but today, Vaishnavi did have the edge over him. Her act was simple flawless.

        Atul’s was very difficult and risky, but Vaishnavi’s was difficult as well. Using a ladder is no where easier than using a ring. Atul’s ring portion was outstanding, but his floor work was not flawless, as Vaishnavi’s floor work and ladder work was flawless.

        Again, I don’t think the judges were unfair. As a kid, there is difference between boy strength and girl strength.. especially when the boy is a bboyer/stunter, and the girl is a classical dancer. Upper body strength takes LOTS of training to develop, where Atul naturally has it due to his style of dance, and Vaishnavi still need to develop it, however still managed to do the ladder act brilliantly.

        Both were beyond exceptional, but Vaishnavi did deserve it.

  5. lords2020 says:

    very very Sade to see veshnavi in bottom 3.janta pleas sport vaishu she is most deserving. :wink: :wink: :wink:

    1. DIDrocks says:

      agreed! its sad to see a dancer like vaishu (who is soooooo versatile and so perfect in everything she does) is in the bottom while a dancer like manoj (who gives a good performance once in a blue moon) is safe. not fair one bit!

      1. thmmer says:

        I dare say if Vaishnavi was so talented why has she not swayed the masses? There must be something missing. She may be a good dancer but she has not been pulling the crowd. Clearly the quintessence of this show is not just dancing, it is in-fact entertaining people and off which dance is just one part.

        Please do not put poor Manoj in a tight spot. He has always done what was offered to him by his skippers. “And a good dancer, dances to what the choreographer says. “Terence Lewis to Pritam (Mega auditions, DID season 1)

        1. DIDrocks says:

          Vaishu also does just that! She also dances to her choreography and executes it well. The reason why she is not garnering votes is because everyone is too busy voting for jeetu to realize that perhaps this girl is better than him and is far more versatile. just watch, she wont get highest amount of votes next week either even though she won POTD today. its as if she doesnt exist! she is probably the most talented dancer there and everyone ignores her and her votes are the proof!

          1. thmmer says:

            “She also dances to her choreography.”

            Where is the exceptional part in that? It is what is expected out of them

            “The reason why she is not garnering votes is because everyone is too busy voting for jeetu to realize that perhaps this girl is better than him”

            If she was any better, then the crowd would have noticed her by now. It has been so many weeks isn’t it? Or are you suggesting that crowd should not look at Jeetumoni and look at her? This is a competition lassie and you have to fight to get into the limelight.

            “and is far more versatile.”

            Versatility does not warrant exceptional talent. She knows bits of every dance I give you that, but what is her forté? Don’t say it is classical, because she did not even POTD award when she did it.

            “everyone ignores her and her votes are the proof!”

            Proof that there are some(a lot of?) sensible people out there who do not bias their votes on gender, or follow someone blindly(Dharmesh).

          2. DIDrocks says:

            “Where is the exceptional part in that? It is what is expected out of them.”
            - I agree. In that case, Manoj shouldnt get special treatment either cuz he manages to do what his skippers tell him to.

            “If she was any better, then the crowd would have noticed her by now. It has been so many weeks isn’t it? Or are you suggesting that crowd should not look at Jeetumoni and look at her? This is a competition lassie and you have to fight to get into the limelight.”
            -Well I don’t know what u need to do more to get limelight. She has performed exceptionally everytime (i am not saying this…the judges are) and today she won POTD. since we can’t find any fault from her side in her effort to get limelight and appreciation, the fault has to rest in the people.

            “Versatility does not warrant exceptional talent. She knows bits of every dance I give you that, but what is her forté? Don’t say it is classical, because she did not even POTD award when she did it.”
            - She knows bits of dances? I beg to differ. She has shown expertise in whatever genre she has performed in. She did not look amateurish in any performance. And ur right that she doesn’t have a forte cuz she can perform all dance styles and that too with proficiency. This is my opinion on her and what u said was ur opinion. And in my books, versatility along with expertise warrants for exceptional talent.

            “Proof that there are some(a lot of?) sensible people out there who do not bias their votes on gender, or follow someone blindly(Dharmesh).”
            - A blind supporter is someone who appreciates and praises their favorite, despite the contestant’s blunders, and attributes the contestant’s failures to the ability (or the lack of) of the contestant’s skippers, refusing to believe that the fault may lie in the contestant himself (thmmer?). I have done nothing of the sort, so the allegation is baseless.

      2. sandjieta says:

        I agree with u…

  6. DIDrocks says:

    The bestestestestestest performance today was that of jeetu/atul. It was first-rate, excellent, top-notch, brilliant, extraordinary…..i ran outta words! It is EXTREMELY difficult to perform impromptu like that, without ANY preparation. I was in awe! And as to who was the best, honestly and sincerely, it was a tie. They were both good in their own leagues. One tore apart the stage with his backflips and all his bboying, and the other stunned everyone with his perfect hip-hop moves (locking/popping etc.) Both rocked today! Fabulous job!

    My top 3 for today (who I think should be in the finale without any question):

    1.Atul (it was flawless and he is only first cuz of the difficulty.)
    2.Vaishnavi (it was the most beautiful performance and she can easily be a winner of this show!)
    3.Jeetumoni (loooooooovvvveedd it and his cute expressions!)

    And as for the fourth person who should go to the finale, I don’t really care who goes to the finale between Manoj and Rutu. Although I am secretly hoping its Rutu. :P LOL! I think he deserves it more than Manoj. But I want the winner to be among the three I stated above. LOL! (a slight bias towards vaishu and atul!. LOL :P ) no offense to anyone! just my opinion! :D

    1. hbdasari says:

      Although it was a feast to watch Atul n Jeetu, I felt a litle weird comparing right on their face. We are humans and they are just little kids. If I were Atul, I would feel bad. It was obvious from Atul’s face that he was a lil sad. Isn’t that natural? They should have just had them dance n no comments after that. But I guess this is reality and we are bound to face it one day or the other. For little kids may be we should give a second thought, before attempting something like this?? Coming to the comparison I did think Jeetu was just a lil better than Atul, especially the breaking step. WOW Jeetu! I will not take it away from Atul. He is my favourite n he was equally good. You go boys :D

  7. gagan says:

    Vaishnavi deservingly got the performance of the week…But was Atul any less?…Perhaps no…Farah supported her decision by saying that Vaishnavi is a GIRL…Is this fair to Atul?…What did he do wrong there?…Blame his X and Y chromosomes LOL…I have always felt there should be a Sunehri Taqdeer ki topi for each gender in the show…Why are boys competing against girls?…Does this happen in cricket or tennis or athletics or football or kabaddi? LOL…Due to this ‘inter-gender competition’ format of DID, Alisha from season 1, and Dharmesh from season 2, were unable to relish the same feat as Salman and Shakti did respectively…In the future, I hope there would be an ‘intra-gender competition’ in DID so that one gender would not feel left out in the end…What say folks?

    1. DIDrocks says:

      uhhh sorry…i dont agree. dance is dance and has nothing to do with gender. the limitations exist in individuals, not the gender. they all should be treated the same. im fine with the format. and gender should never be an excuse for anything. but farah obviously used it as an excuse to give vaishu the award (dont get me wrong. vaishu deserved it but i did not like the reason given).

      1. hbdasari says:

        I think Atul deserved it more than Vaishu. Farah reason’s was ridiculous. Girl-boy comparison should not be there atleast when it comes to performances. Everyone is equal. We have been seeing girls doing outrageous things equally or may be even better than boys. So, I totally disagree with Farah’s girl point of view. I do understand and appreciate the reason behind it. But it’s more important to be fair, especially being a judge. That’s just me! :mrgreen:

        1. priyam says:

          Atul never gets the recognition he deserves. Judges are so unfair to him.Farah Maam clearly shows her preference for Jeetu which is not the kids fault of course. Jeetu is amazing, but all the others are as amazing

      2. gagan says:

        I never said that Vaishnavi was lesser than Atul or vice versa…Both of them were EQUALLY deserving…DIDrocks, I know you are a member of ‘MAHILA MUKTI CLUB’ LOL jk…I am sure you must have seen some Olympic Events like Gymnastic dance, Figure skating, etc…Why do you think males and females compete in different categories?…The only event where they compete together is in a COUPLE event- (e.g., couple figure skating) I admit that a FEW girls can do stunts like boys, and a FEW boys can show the grace in their dance that girls have…But the fact is that gender DOES have a LOT to do with dance…Boy and girls are good in their own ways and should not compete against each other in dance…What say folks?

    2. KiranSony says:

      Well Said Gagan :wink:

      1. gagan says:

        Thanks Rocky hi5

  8. INSHAL says:

    jeetumoni was superb,he,ll be the winner.

  9. Love says:

    :D WhAt A sHoW :D

    1)For me only Vaishnavi deserves to win even though my favorite is Atul :wink: If we notice she has shown the highest variety of dances than any other contestant..she is excellent in everything…even hiphop she has done great in that silver outfit. she is great in classical and contemporary, folk dances.

    2)Atul is so fearless and flawless in all his performances :mrgreen: Only style i would like to see from him is Classical, Semiclassical or any kind of folk dance. I have not seen so far..He is excellent in all hiphop kind of dances including jazz, contemporary plus aerial acts, prop dances etc. Somehow i dont feel that variation in his dances. No doubt he excels in what is done so far :P

    3)Jeetumoni..He is so cute, very “ShaRmiLa” boy :P
    Eventhough he got 4 times highest votes, he is so humble and nice :D I personally feel his legs are sometimes stiff in some steps :wink: But he is excellent in hiphop, contemporary, folk dances …everything, only I think ballroom dances he was not that good :mrgreen:

    4) Ruturaj: Lagta hain tumhara luck nahi hai isbaar :confused: but you deserve to be in top4.

    5) Manoj itne Jhol marta hain performances mein…Uske expressions kahin ja rahe hai…bhai saheb dance kahin kar rahe hain :lol: :lol: :lol:

    One more thing, The gift Vatsal got today, i wish Papiya would have got it last week, this girl is already fighting with her father for dance and money… :| :|

  10. DIDrocks says:

    grrrrr…i wanna know what “innoda” means. :x what does it mean? perhaps it is something in assamese. but that doesn’t help cuz i dunno assamese. :|

    1. hbdasari says:

      I have been asking this since last week… :|

  11. thmmer says:


    Let us continue supporting Manoj. His performances off late have been a delightful treat. The boy has shown remarkable improvement in last two weeks and as we all know it was the riffraff skippers, who were at fault earlier. Let us bestow upon him the love and care that he deserves. Let us help a family in dire need of some.


    1. DIDrocks says:

      gents? what is up with the prejudice? what happened to the ladies? :lol:

      1. thmmer says:

        Pray from where I come ladies follow the lead of their master.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          so basically ladies aren’t entitled to their opinion? kitne nekh vichaar hain aapke. lol.

          1. thmmer says:

            They are but they know when they are wrong.

        2. Love says:

          The Lead of the Master/GOD

  12. purerose87 says:

    Here is my ranking ONLY based on today’s performances

    1) Atul
    2) Vaishnavi
    3) Jeetumoni
    4) Manoj – but i was expecting more from him
    5) Vastal
    6) Ruturaj

    Even though I love Vaishnavi, I felt that atul should’ve won performance of the day. Farah even said vaishu won because she didnt expect that performance from a female….but this is not a gender competition, everyone is equal. she even said that last week.

    1. thmmer says:

      Very well judged purerose87. It’s good to see that there are people here who are not part of the Dharmesh Bandwagon.

      1. purerose87 says:

        yea, i favor true talent, not skippers. apparently we have many dharmesh fans here, that’s why tehy’re favoring jeetu.

        1. thmmer says:

          Dare I say, but you’ve hit the nail on it’s head yet again. Here here, let’s have a toast on that…

          1. hbdasari says:

            +1 guys

        2. Love says:

          :P DiL ko BehlanE ke Liye Galib…yeh Khayal Achha Hai :P

    2. DIDrocks says:

      Thank you for pointing that out purerose87!!!! I must say that was the lamest reason Farah gave for the POTD. It made no sense and she clearly contradicted herself.

      1. purerose87 says:

        yeah DIDrocks, i feel that farah is also the most unfairest judge ever on DID we ever had. even mithun didn’t favor anyone and he never took sides or showed favroitism. last week when atul and ruturag performed, atul was clearly better, even sandeep pointed that how, but farah lied and said it was a tie. no way there was a tie. and yeah, jeetu was alittle beter than atul because dharmesh taught him some two or three cool moves, but farah said it so eaisly how jeetu is better and she didn’t even point out how atul’s stunts were mindblowing. she’s alweays favoring dharmesh’s team. anyone can see that.

        1. thmmer says:

          Farah comes from judging poor shows like Indian Idol, where she was in company of riffraff like Anu Malik (How ironic that someone who has always copy-pasted chooses the voice of India). It is but obvious that she has brought some of that here.

          This show was good when people were fair and now look at it… filth get promoted.

          1. DIDrocks says:

            Neither Ruturaj nor Jeetu are filth. Degrading comments on contestants are not acceptable! I suggest u refrain from calling them such derogatory names.

        2. Love says:

          Liked ur comments!!!
          Abhi onspot to jo 1-2 steps Dil ko bhaa jate hein…wohi GUnjate hai…Atul’s fips were seen few times.. :wink:
          Dil Pe mat le yaar :mrgreen:

        3. ChArMz AnGeL says:

          You cannot compare such things. Between Rutu and Atul, they both are SUCH different dancers. Atul is a stunt/bboyer and Rutu is a lyrical hip hop dancer. The way they both danced had completely different feel to it. I loved both of them too. I couldn’t choose because I loved the way Rutu was smooth but at the same I loved Atuls’ stunts.

          However this week, Jeetu was DANCING his heard out. Atul was dancing, but majority of his jugalbandi portion was taken up by flips/stunts. When he started dancing, it was not as strong as what Jeetu was doing in terns of DANCE. I love Atul, as he is one of my fav on the show, however, just because he is my fav, I am not going to be bias and say he out shined Jeetu. They both were outstanding, but Jeetu’s dancing was unreal!!!

  13. aashish24 says:

    Jeetu.. showed.. why he ie better than Atul no doublt.. dhoodh ka dhoodh paani ka paani..

    Jeetu is excellent.. far better than Atul. Manoj is awesome too.. and so is Vaishu…

    Sad that Dharmesh is not giving his best to Rutu.. and sad to see Vatsal leaving.. Amrita is very talented.but she needs to learn from her mistakes…

    My top three:

    1. thmmer says:

      Pray do you mind sharing on what basis do you think Jeetumoni is better than Atul? Because if you are right then many of us here are missing out on something.

      1. purerose87 says:

        i agree with you thmerr. the only reason why many people think jeetu is better is because dharmesh is his skipper. that’s the truth unfortunately. many of people on this website even said that straight out.

        1. thmmer says:

          I just can’t get my head around at how people can be like sheep’s.

          1. Love says:

            Good for u that u r not like that :P

      2. Spoiler says:

        Both are best :lol: , cant say who is worst :wink: :wink:

      3. aashish24 says:

        yes I think you missed it. It was crystal clear. Even Farah and Sandeep has same opinion as me. Sorry..Jeetu is not my friend neither Atul is my enemy. But I got to support who is best.. Jeetu has got the charisma. I don’t like Dharmesh that much.. so for me I don’t really care.

    2. DIDrocks says:

      you skipped over atul and placed manoj in the top 3 instead of him? now i am curious to know why u judge this way? u honestly think manoj is better than atul? i want an explanation.

      1. thmmer says:

        You already know the reason, it’s the Dharmesh bandwagon.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          lol. i give ppl the benefit of doubt and assume that they have logical reasons as to why they judge a certain way. hence, i wanted an explanation. everyone has their opinion but i was just curious to know why that was his/her opinion. that is all.

          1. aashish24 says:

            Yes I do think that. Reason: Atul is good with stunts .. but thats not what I call Dance. Some (yes some and not all) of of the Manoj performances were.. soooooooo good that I don’t think Atul can come close. Yes Hip Hop Atul is better than Manoj..but Atul is not best in Hip Hops. Manoj is really really good with Contemporary. Hence in my opinion Manoj is better overall. He is a star.. Atul is good .. don’t get me wrong.. but over hyped. Sorry … I am not saying you start liking Manoj but I will push what I feel is right. Thanks

          2. DIDrocks says:

            well i think manoj is clearly the weakest of them all. whether fault rests in him or his skippers i do not know. but the fact that he is weak is clearly shown. i favor atul over manoj personally.

    3. hbdasari says:

      Ohh..the third one in the list should have been Rutu I guess…lol..Manoj better than Atul?? I’m sorry people are so blind folded with their bias. I am tired and sick of Dharmesh’s favoritism. Its heights now! It was crazy that Vatsal got eliminated today. Come on janta, whats wrong?? Vatsal is a much beeter dancer than Rutu. Without a doubt it was time for either Rutu/Manoj to go. I was livid to see Vatsal go when there are other kids who have been very inconsistent. Till date I never understood how Janta votes and I don’t think I would ever :evil:

  14. daris says:

    Hello Guys!!

    Let me clear one oft repeated and frusrated question here…

    The word enna da is Tamil… enna means what and combined with da it becomes something like “what is it dude/Dudette”

    Hope now that frustration no longer exists!!

    1. DIDrocks says:

      lol. actually the frustration only began. if that is what they are saying, then can u explain why in the world are they saying it? like what does it have to do with anything? i was supposing that it meant “faado” or “good luck” or sumthing. lol.

      1. hbdasari says:

        I am not sure if that’s right. I know some tamil too (although I’m not a tamilian). They are saying “eeno/eena” and not enna, tamil word which means what. The second word, I think they say “dha” and not “da”. I dont think that’s what it is, to be honest! :D :D

        1. DIDrocks says:

          lol. im just taking urs and daris’ word for it. I don’t know tamil at all. so i would not know. lol.

  15. thmmer says:

    DIDrocks said: Jul 24, 2010 am31 9:27 amNeither Ruturaj nor Jeetu are filth. Degrading comments on contestants are not acceptable! I suggest u refrain from calling them such derogatory names.

    I never said name, but I think you got the general idea correctly. :)

    1. daris says:

      It neither is fadoo or good luck… They are just having fun among themselves… No particular reason as such if i am not wrong…

      to better explain it means “wassup dude” and they are just having fun with it.. they are kids so they have thier own way unlike us adults.

      1. DIDrocks says:

        lol point taken! thank u!

    2. DIDrocks says:

      no remorse at all eh? lol. well i warned ya and next time it happens, i will remove it.

      1. thmmer says:

        Why should I have remorse for something I never did?

        1. DIDrocks says:

          oh yes? well who were you referring to when u said filth?

          1. thmmer says:

            The general idea of promoting the undeserving.

          2. DIDrocks says:

            well there is a huge difference in calling someone filth and calling someone undeserving…isn’t there? one is an insult, while the other is criticism. Criticism is welcome but insults are forbidden.

  16. mita says:

    I think amruta deserved to out , because not a single spark in her coregarphy. for me top 3 is

  17. kindi says:

    Kya re vaishu…tu sab kuch karti hain :lol: what a mind boggling performance by her…world class..first rate…well deserved performance of the day :D

    Jeetumoni today you proved u r better than atul…faro faro jettumoni :) 8)

    1. aashish24 says:

      agree with.. you.. on the same page.. Go jeetu… other kids. do your best.. I love them all.. I don’t appreciate Jai…

    2. Love says:

      Yup WHat A ISSSSSSSSStyle Jeetu has…he was completely into character in Jugalbandi…
      And yes, Atul’s flips were amazing but not new for usual he has done those flips several times, Jeetu showed new COOL moves…LOve it :lol: :lol:

  18. afifa says:

    :) Jeetu and vaishu are very good dancers , Janta vote for jeetu and vaishu They deserve the 1st and 2nd position. Is baar to dharmesh sir hi baazi marenge Inshallah vaishu deserve performance of the day. woh har episode mein ek se badhkar ek performance deti jaa rahi hai and she deserve Master Blaster DID little Master :lol:

    1. INSHAL says:


  19. Prince Abbas says:

    Jeetumoni is a versatile dancer/performer.

    Atul however is good at the b-boing steps… if u saw the face off btw him and jeetu… his steps were abit rough and the transistions were abit clumsy.

    The reason why people say that Jeetumoni ws’nt good in Ball room dance ws because Dharmesh didnt understand what the dance form ws. He choreographed the original ball room dance which is frm Argentina but Sandeep ws wnting Latin American.

    Nevertheless Jeetu is here top contestant numerous times not because he is in D-Sir team but the fact that this boy can acutally dance. Like Sandeep, Remo and Farah said he is the strongest contestant aand they gave him there votes. 6 – 8.

    Vote for JEETUMONI

    Type JEETUMONI to 5 7 5 7 5

    Watch his exclusive performance which shows how worthy he is of the votes…. he doesnt gt top voted contestant on the basis of sympathy…. he has talent… alot of it.

    WATCH DIS GUYS>>>>>>>


    1. AnnieJ says:

      But Argentina IS in Latin America! lol….

      1. DIDrocks says:

        lol annie, yea i also thought Argentina was part of Latin America. and i also thought that the comment Prince Abbas is talking about was to given to ruturaj and vaishnavi, not jeetu and vaishnavi. jeetu and vaishu did the cha cha cha that week if i remember correctly. and rutu and vaishu were “supposed” to do the ballroom tango, whereas to sandip, it looked more like Argentinian tango and nothing like ballroom tango.

  20. mita says:

    kindi said: Jul 24, 2010 pm31 1:51 pmKya re vaishu…tu sab kuch karti hain :lol: what a mind boggling performance by her…world class..first rate…well deserved performance of the day :D

    Jeetumoni today you proved u r better than atul…faro faro jettumoni :) 8)

    I think Atul is better, yes Jeetu is good but ,Atul is Atul

    1. kindi says:

      donot contradict urself…just two comments above u put jeetu over atul..dont be confused…just look at the judges says all!!!

      Jeetumoni was and is better than atul :!: :!:

    2. Love says:

      Then who is telling Atul is Jeetu :lol: :lol:

  21. Spoiler says:


    Are you a Dharmesh hater ? why are you using his name in all your comments cry-baby lol?? are you jealous ?

    1. Love says:

      @Spoiler…nice name :D 8)
      Hopping for the inside DID news from u in the future :lol: :lol:

    2. thmmer says:

      Like I stated earlier, complete riffraff.

  22. Akash Sharma says:

    HI Vrushali or any other skipper…..can anyone coreograph on Ek Radha ek Meera……..Ram Teri Ganga meli Ho gai….amazing song and every one will fall in love with this song……….plzzzzzzzzz

    1. Love says:


      Excellent Choice of the song..this is my personal favorite song :P …but i think to dance on this song requires slow numbers of steps…At his point where only 5 contestants are left, it is not a good idea :)

  23. naseema says:

    Jeetumoni to win!

    1. Love says:

      Jaruuuuuuur….Per Vote karna nahi bhulna :arrow:

  24. KiranSony says:

    First of all Mind blowing show below ARE my TOP-4 :–:D :mrgreen:

    1)Vaishnavi: what a performance just incredible performance.So versatile and clean Dancer and well deserved my eyes danced with your every step.

    2)Jeetu:- You did it my boy , no one can touch you if you perform like this :lol: Keep it up , i think for the very first time they used the prop “turn-table”.

    3)Atul:- Just flawless with Ring.

    4)ruturaj:- He actually did very well with the trolley , well when compared with above three it looks some kinda weak but ruturaj you are unique dancer , all the very best.

    5)Manoj:- no comments :?: :arrow: coz i didnt liked his performance today weakeast of all, :arrow: :arrow: MnV kya hogayi ajj?

    1. DIDrocks says:

      i disagree. i liked atul over jeetumoni and i am talking about the solos. clearly, atul did a better job on the solo than jeetumoni did. and atul had a much more difficult choreography as well. just my opinion.

      1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        I disagree. Atul’s act was overall very very difficult, but in terms of choreography, Jeetu’s performance had much more innovative and difficult choreography. Atul’s floor work was nice, but not flawless as his portion on the ring was.

        I put Vaishu first because her act was completely flawless from beginning to end.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          well ok. i have no problem with u putting vaishu first. i loved her too. but i personally felt atul gave a better solo act than jeetu. just my opinion.

  25. KiranSony says:


    I think you watched boogie-woogie little masters and accidentally logged in here and giving irrelevent comments here on DIDLM contestants :lol: :lol:

    Grow up dude :evil: :lol: :mrgreen:

    1. thmmer says:

      Are you for real dude? I mean I know you are a wee bit challenged in semantics, coherent conversation… but this is getting ridiculous.

  26. Love says:

    Dharmesh….Well Done!!! Love you always as a person, dancer and a choreographer :D
    Very well choreographed…two uncommon Props…Go all the way….For WIN :D

  27. moukaram says:

    My top 3 are:

    ruturaj vaishnavi and jeetumoni so good lucke and go!!!!!

    1. hbdasari says:

      So only Dharmesh’s team will be in finale :mrgreen:

  28. Love says:

    :wink: VeRy HeaLthY DisCusSion :wink: gOiNg on iN tHe foRum/PhAruM :P
    8O KuCh bhI ho…chAhe reLatEd ho ya uNrelAteD ho…DhaRmU ko dAlo biCh mEin…aNd haVe ur coMmEnt famOuS :mrgreen:
    As i have noticed so far, Dharmesh himself has not spoken a single word saying that plzzzz people, zee or judges do me a favor or promote me except he has done excellent job as a skipper as Jai…Everyone is getting promoted..Ab Jai ko Best skipper ka award nahin milta isme Dharmesh ka DOSH hai…WAh ji WAH :mrgreen: Mayuresh and Vrushali has got the highest skippers of the week (three times). Jai has won best team of the week once.
    The more people criticize, more…… :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Dharmesh ur talent speaks…. 8) GOOOOOOOOOO

    1. gagan says:

      Love, very well observed…You are cent% right that choreography speaks louder than words in DID…No one needs to debate about Dharmesh…He is the best among the rest, which is quite evident by the fact that he still has THREE contestants left in his BANDWAGON

      1. Love says:

        @gagan: Lalu style…OK
        KaSSE HO Baguva.. Phinally, tumne pharum mein apne pair :P rakh hi diye..
        Welcome…COME COME :mrgreen:

      2. Love says:

        :lol: EE Bandwagon Acha Bhari Name hai…Kon sa type ka Dragon hai by the way :P

        1. gagan says:

          Thanks Love and LOL…This dragon belongs to Thmmer…He sent this dragon for trolling purposes…But I guess this dragon bit his own owner :wink:

          1. Love says:

            Per mere se to sidhi sadi simple Bhasa mein baat karoji…kya khyal apka :D

      3. DIDrocks says:

        do not judge a skipper’s ability with the amount of kids he has left. cuz u never know, voting may have affected this. and the reason vaishu, rutu, jeetu are there is because they are good dancers. dont snatch away the credit from the kids.

        1. Love says:

          It is both ways..without strong choreography also kids can be out..right?
          It is also not fair to not give credit to skippers also :| First we need good number of dance steps in choreography..then its upto the dancer to do justice to that or not….Lets say choreography is weak then the contestant will not stand out from the rest of the contestants…Thats what my understanding is..

          1. DIDrocks says:

            yup! your understanding is correct my dear! i agree!

        2. gagan says:

          DIDrocks, I have 2 questions to support my statement that the masters play a big role in determining the success of their contestant:
          1. Why do you think Dharmesh lost in last season?
          2. Why do you think your Hindi is improving tremendously? LOL

          1. Love says:

            Very smart Questions :mrgreen:

          2. Spoiler says:

            @Gagan the prankster :evil: below are my answers:-

            1. Why do you think Dharmesh lost in last season?
            ans:- because ZEE TV manupulated the votes :wink: :wink:
            2. Why do you think your Hindi is improving tremendously? LOL
            Ans:- might be she is reading the book(how to learn hindi in 30 days)..Lmao :D :lol: :lol: sorry sruthi kust kidding

          3. DIDrocks says:

            dude…i mean guruji lol…..i never said dharmesh didn’t have a role in their success. i just said that the kids also had a role. ur not giving them any credit. and ur forgetting the fact that sometimes the students can surpass the teachers as well. iska ek udharaan hum hain, guruji. meri hindi itni sudhar gayi ki aapko takleef ho rahi thi mujhse baat karne main aur mere sawalon ka jawab dene main. lol. what is “modify” in hindi eh? jawab hai? lol.

        3. gagan says:

          LOL didrox…Guess where I happened to find the Hindi translation of ‘modify’?…While I was watching the Hindi version of harry Potter and Prisoners of Azkaban, Professor Lupin casted the magical spell ‘Ridikkulus’ in Hindi as ‘Hasya Rupantaram’…So ‘Rupantaram’ is the Hindi translation of ‘modify’ LOL…G ji on the rox…LOL

          1. DIDrocks says:

            ROFL! wah guruji. aapka gyaan itna kamzor ho gaya ki aapko bachchon ki kalachitra dekhna pad raha hai hindi seekne ke liye? lol. and what are the odds of u finding the word in the movie anyway? LOL! this is hysterical. and well done for finding it. ati uttam! aur danyavad ye gyaan baatne ke liye! lol. rupantaran…lol i cant stop laughing!

  29. moukaram says:

    I am for dharmesh sir :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: go :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

    1. DIDrocks says:

      i am sorry but DID2 was over a while back. this show is lil masters and here we see the kids and root for the kids, not the skippers. cuz in this show, a kid wins, not a skipper.

  30. Love says:

    :lol: One more thing……Voting for DID Lil Master is much much better than DID2…only one vote from phone :lol: …Still Jeetu is getting highest votes…people r disturbed..uper niche..kudam kudi…bhagham bhagi :lol: :lol: …WAH Re WAH :mrgreen:
    Ap log to akalmandi se Vote Kar rahe ho na sabse ache khiladi ko….Acha hai “Lage raho Munabhai and Bahen”..Abhi Aam Janta kya jane…19-20 ka farak :P

    1. Spoiler says:

      Lmao Love , i Love the way you comment :mrgreen: :lol:

  31. moukaram says:

    yes veery good vote for jeetumoni send to 57575 plizze vote for jeetu he have the talent

  32. nd1091 says:

    The judges are being unfair to the contestants (esp. Atul n skipper Jai). Last week when there was a jugalbandi b/n ATUL n RUTU it was all clear that Atul is far better than Rutu. But the judges (read Farah) said its tie (except Sandeep). And this week they r topping Jeetu…. there is no doubt that they r promoting Dhinchak. May b as a consolation prize for Dharmesh for not getting the TOPI in DID2….

    1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      Atul did have an upper hand over Rutu last week. Atul had 3 votes and Rutu had 2. Regardless, both of them dance extremely differently. What Atul can do, Rutu can’t and what Rutu can do, Atul can’t. So I don’t think the judges were being unfair. Farah out of ALL has been the most blunt and straight forward on this show.

      Dharmesh doesn’t need any promotion. He clearly has been giving strong acts to his kids week after week. There is no hiding that fact. Vaishnavi is the most strongest and versatile dancer on this show, yet she doesn’t get any extra publicity that Atul, Rutu and Jeetu has been getting. What do you have to say about that? Don’t you think that is unfair??

      1. Love says:

        Very Well said :D
        Vaishu is the winner for me..the most versatile dancer and graceful dancer.
        I Love Dharmesh today :P
        I was very very touched by the bondage between Atul and Jai :(
        Jeetu and Rutu were brilliant :mrgreen:

      2. Love says:

        she is talking about publicity rather than voting… :wink:

        1. nd1091 says:

          I guess public r voting only!!! if publicity increases so as voting

  33. nd1091 says:

    I guess U r wrong and the voting results reflect the fact that Vaishnavi and Rutu in the bottom three. Its ok for Rutu, but I think VISHNAVI should be in top 2. I like her, but now its the time to promote so they gave the POTD to Vaishnavi when everyone knows it should go to Atul. And the affair b/n Farah n Jeetu ofcourse promoting him every week. And what to tell about Rutu. If u think about his performance he is almost like Manoj (m not sayin he is bad dancer as manoj, but the choreography of Dharmesh on him espcially). I know there r lot of Dharmesh fans, feel pity on them who say Rutu was brilliant today with the performance……

    1. Love says:

      I said Jeetu and Rutu were brilliant today together…enhanced the presentation…for more clarification.
      Plz comment on contestants, no personal sharing, even “pity”. Thanks.
      And publicity is not proportional to voting numbers…thats not true..if they r promoting rutu…why he is in bottom three :?: Each contestant they are giving equal chance to say and have fun…I dont understand why friends are targeting Dharmesh and his contestants..
      They have even praised Jai, Mayuresh-Vrushali, more than Dharmesh :wink:

  34. Love says:

    When the videos will be uploaded :?: :?: :?:

  35. karan99one says:

    hi everyone;

    As per the performances on friday, the ones which i loved the most were-:




    Individually it was difficult for me to choose in between atul and vaishanvi,both were fabulous, though atul’s choreogrophy was a bit more tougher than vaishnavi’s.

    Today for the first time ,Iam not enrolled into the reason farah khan had given for giving vaishnavi the performance of the day prize.She said it is inspiring for a girl to do it.In that case vaishnavi should not compete with boys, she must compete only with girls.This is an equal platform for everybody to perform and compete, there should not be any gender(girl or boy)thing in between.

    I would not have minded had Farah said that she and Sandeep liked Vaishnavi’s performance more, but the reason they gave was not acceptable.Iam not enrolled into the reason part.

  36. DIDfreak says:

    hi everyone,
    i think today atul and vaishnavi both were equally brilliant!.. it wud hav been better to give them a combined ‘performance of the week’ award..
    but overall i think vaishnavi is a more versatile dancer than anyone else. atul has mainly shown his talent in hip hop and contemporary. same goes for ruturaj and jeetu. manoj is a good dancer but isnt in their league.
    moreover, vaishnavi has a grace in her dancing which none of the others have. her expressions, her classical dance … everything’s superb. :-)

  37. DIDfreak says:

    the reason jeetu gets highest votes isnt solely his dancing, which is amazing ofcourse. please note that he’s from assam. if u guys havent noticed it yet, people from north east generally do get a lot of votes and often end up winning such competitions.. be it debojit in sa re ga ma pa, or saurabhi in indian idol 4..

  38. neeti7 says:

    jus cuz ppl love dharmesh doesent mean tht thts the only reason they r supporting jeetu. When the sho begann jeetu wasnt this popular, but as the show went he came out of his shell n showed his talentt. I’m pretty sure that people dint love him frm the beginning jus cuz he was in dharmesh teamm. It is false 2 make such assumptionss.

    But gotta say VAISHNAVI shud defnitely wins thiss :mrgreen: :lol:

  39. jack89 says:

    MANOJ and ATUL are great Dancer, Manoj energy and Atul is physical, both can do great stunt compare to other and they are versatile dancers…the clash between atul and jeetu was both equal,if jeetu did one of hritik step,he cant be hritik n hritik is not the best in world ,hritik cant do stunt like ATUL, with head, atul has his own syle, so pls do be fooled by some master.. pls vote for Atul or the Comeback Manoj. before the show start TERENCE have said that Manoj can be the great winner, TERENCE words has proved that to the pharata. Jai is the king of prop and Mayuresh the junglebook type like ariel.but throughout the whole show ATUL was fantastic and lucky,not like aloo paratha.From overseas FANS.. Mauritius,UK,south africa ,new zealand ,,so on

  40. pardeep sain says:

    dada meri aap se prathna hai ki ragave ko khalnayak ke song maa tujhe salam per ek pyari si preformens kar ple …ple …ple …ple …ple …ple …ple …ple … sir

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