DID Little Masters 15th May *Top 16 Contestants*

DID Little Masters 15th May *Top 16 Contestants*

Dance India Dance Little Masters Auditions have finished and we have the Super 16 Contestants on DID Little Masters. It was a superb show of talent on DID Little Masters 15th May, a mighty tough task for the Masters to choose top 16 contestants out of so many talented kids. Unfortunately Gauranj and the girl who were the inspiration of DID Little masters are out of the top 16. gauranj’s mother was really upset with the decision but it’s the 5 Masters who are the decision makers and they must have chosen to the best of their abilities. Mandeep, Smriti, Adhar, Janan have been chosen as standby contestants. Contestants have been divided into 4 teams under Dharmesh, Amrita, Jai Kumar Nair, Mayuresh & Vrushali.

Here is the list of Final 16 Contestants.

Vastal Vithlani, Mumbai
Papiya Sarkar, Kolkata
Jitu Monikalita, Kolkata
Vishnavi Patil, Mumbai
Khyati Patel, Mumbai
Atul Banmoria, Delhi
Divyam Vergia, Delhi
Avneet Kaur, Delhi
Anurag Sharma, Kolkata
Khusboo Kargutkr, Mumbai
Shubham Maheshwari, Delhi
Manoj Rathod, Mumbai
Neel Shah, Mumbai
Hansika Singh, Delhi

DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Part1

DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Part2

DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Part3

DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Part4

DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Limelight

  • rifat_swe

    Great, Great, Great………….. They are the future of India. :-)

  • Love

    Dharmesh…Wish u all the best!!! 😀 Miss u so much 😐 :(
    Khyati, Vaishnavi, Ruturaj, Atul, Gyana…. 😀

  • Phini

    Thnx adminnnn 😀 😀

  • rifat_swe

    Feeling bad for Gauranj, I was amazed when I saw him at DID2 audition. But today was not his day. His initial dance moves were not sharp, specially the cartwheel. But he is the Best in MJ style. I think ZEE TV decided to start DID Lil Master after seeing him during DID2. So, its shocking that he is not out of the show. :-(

  • TheKing

    Ruturaj ..&.. Vaishnavi Love thm both…..
    and specially cuz they are BOTH with D sir now…THEY will Blast every performance of their !! =D =D :D:D

  • TheKing

    Oo and Admin can now change the Pics. of the 5 kids beside the “Lil’ Masters” logo on the site to teh TOP 16 !!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  • kanchha

    agree with @Love 😡 All The Best!!!

  • kanchha

    And Thanks Admin 😀

  • Love

    They should have taken Aryan and Adhar 😐 😐

  • Sheena26

    I miss Susanket! I think I’ve watched his first audition dance at least 50 times!!!! I wish he wasn’t eliminated! He definitely deserved to be on standby if not selected and definitely not eliminated.

    And WTF to eliminating GOURANG aka Lil MJ?!?! I completely sympathize with his mum and it was completely a shock! Left me completely speechless….

    Manpreet and Adhar deserve not only standy but to be in the top 16! Prayers their talent is rewarded!

    I hope the kids who are selected aren’t given special treatment because of their backgrounds because there is definitely strong talent among these young dancers and they should be given the opportunities to improve their skills and build a strong career!

    Amrita and Dharmesh wish you only the best!!!!!! May you both become successful!!!! As well as Jai, Mayuresh and Vrushali!

    Love and support to all the talented little dancers and all the skippers!!!

  • Love

    9 boys and 7 girls!! :confused:
    Gauransh is amazing in his MJ style. There is nobody who can bit least he deserves standby to polish his other styles. 😳
    Personally, I felt Papiya and Hansika are OK, yet they did not show us full dance performances. 8)
    I really felt sorry for Aryan…he was fantastic! 😀

    Again, like DID2 ..i am thinking they made sure to balance only three sides of India (not South) in the competition ❓ ❓

  • ssbasapur

    thanks ZTV for the great show in Indian history, and it became more interesting cos Dance ka bada baap Mr.DHARMESH is a part of it. One more interesting thing is here in sydney people from indonesia, thailand, chainese, philiphines etc etc are watching this show.

  • Love

    😳 I correct myself:
    they did not do auditions in south india..may be..not sure ❓

  • Sheena26

    @ LOVE

    Gauransh (sry for previous typo) was definitely better than Shivam who also did a MJ-style dance. Gauransh ripped the stage at the DID2 auditions and he was by far one of the best dancers at the DIDLM auditions. I think he definitely was stronger than Shivam and what was wrong with his MJ-performance during the audition because Shivan auditioned in the same style??? I completely am confused where Gauransh was lacking. He is definitely going to become successful with our without ZEETV! There’s absolutely no doubt about that!


    What’s the whole deal with Manoj? I understand he has a sad story but so do a lot of dancers and people in general. This show is about real dance talent. Yes sure even Susanket, Gauransh, and/or others can become great once they have some instructors to polish up their skills. But does Manoj have real natural talent like Susanket or Gauransh? I personally think the judges need to put their personal feelings aside and give the dancers who really deserve to be on this show some more support to further their NATURAL dance skills.

  • Darpan

    cant watch full vidoe….

  • DIDrocks

    Vaishnavi for me all the way!!!!!!. that girl is super talented. hopefully she keeps shining like this and does not drop in the quality of her performances. dharmesh is mad lucky to have her and i will be extra super mad if he doesnt use vaishnavi to her full potential and wastes her like geeta wasted dharmesh. all the best to vaishnavi and i will vote for this girl as long as she keeps impressing us.

    not to mention, the other 15 are not at all weak. im so looking forward to some serious competition. its no fun if only one contestant is good in some show cuz there isnt really any competition. but lil masters this season is definitely not like that. im sure we will all see some serious and “mindblasting” performances. all the best to all contestants and their skippers. especially to my vaishu! lol.

  • mnegi

    I hope Dharmesh will be able to show his Real talent of teaching and developing new style……

  • kindi

    Go Dharmesh!!! i am all geared up to support u 😀 8) 💡 :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • ZaDancer

    What happened to the videos on this page (rest of the pages are working)
    All i can see is the text
    DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Part1
    DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Part2
    DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Part3
    DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Part4
    DID Little Masters Videos 15th May Limelight

    I wish it would work :(

    Love to AnnieJ and thebreakdancekid….

  • Pradipta

    Where is the video?

  • brkdancekid


    hi my best wishes to u sir .
    and do look out for shivam in chak dhoom dhoom , he really knows his stuff , he did krumping , licking and waving in his seccond auditions.
    and i have learned the fresco from mr wiggles .

    keep in touch

  • AnnieJ

    Sorry guys! Annie made a boo boo! I was trying to add something to this post and I somehow made the videos disappear ;;;;>..>

    Brkdancekid, I don’t suppose you could help me? (Lol.)

    So sorry everyone! Admin will have to fix it… I promise I’ve learned my lesson!! —>.<—

  • priyam

    I think that Susanket was very talented and must have been selected.

  • Pradipta

    Sorry for posting other site’s link.

  • Pradipta

    Can’t post “embed” 😐 :(

  • eashajax

    No worries we wait for Admin to fix this issue…

  • Sheena26

    @ PRIYAM. They eliminated Susanket though and no standy either :(

  • rockstardchamp

    Its very shame on DID lill champs s they would have kept “Dance mumbai Dance” wht abt the other states …. cant they find dancers in other states .. i personally request this bloody ZEE TV to change the name “dance india dance’… shame on thier selves ……

  • rockstardchamp

    @DIDrocks , Dhamrmesh knw how to choreo others better that geetha …. he choreos better than others mentors … just u need to wait and watch and clap

  • brkdancekid

    @annie j

    how did u manage that lolz

  • thmmer
  • thmmer

    Copy paste the above links to the address bar to make them work.

  • thmmer

    What happened to Samriti, the girl in the pic at top second from left…

  • Vaibhav

    where are the videos…?

  • ali hassan

    thmmer thank you for this link

  • priyam

    I am really happy to see The Chocolate Boy Mayuresh, Vrushali and Jai. They were among my favourites last year.

    I also think that Amrita and Dharmesh deserve to be here.

    I am also happy that Vatsal is in Jai’s team as I think that they have many things in common.Both are king of props

  • Love

    Smriti is in Jai’s team.
    I wonder what happen to that super duper girl “Dhansari” who danced on marathi song. She wore black sari like dress.
    ❓ ❓

  • Admin

    Videos Fixed.

    @ Annie 😈

    @ thmmer : Good Job, happy to see people acting responsible :) You could add the URL directly without a link and it should be linked automatically.

    Note* : links from are allowed

  • kanubhai


  • kanubhai


  • A_A

    i think gauransh deserved to be eliminated… he couldnt do pretty much any dance besides MJ..and i hated his mother’s reactions, like he’s a big star or something.. there’s something called humility which they should read about.

  • joe

    Hi, I think the 16 choices of the judges at last has brought me back to watch the show, I could not bear to see the close ups of the faces of the ones turned down. now we can get back to the show. I sincerely hope the dancers who will be coaching the contestants will do their utmost to help them pass the coming performances with patience,sensetivity,giving them hope to succeed and also to prepare them if they fall out. I continue to have a soft spot for Avneet Kaur & Khyatis Patel ( Khyatis should be taught to look the judges in the eye and not to be ashamed.) I wish the contestants all the best with all my heart. Go Go Go. 😆 😀 :)

  • almoula

    Khusboo Kargutkr was so amazing i mean she was just unreal. Pick of the songs and everything was unreal. I went in a diff world. Gita i like you a lot for keeping the culture and promoting it.

  • Sital

    Thank you admin :)

  • brkdancekid

    i hope kids live upto the expectatations

  • john wayne

    HI All
    Good to be back here – looks like it will be another enjoyable TV watching sessions with DID lil champs happening. And kudos to the Zee TV team to have roped in Amrita, Dharmesh and others as skippers.
    This way I guess the Masters will have lesser worries about handling/managing so many jumpy kids.
    I am sure Dhramesh and Amrita will do well.

    All the best !!

    Hey Annie you are doing great too !! No really – whenver I visit here – I look for comments by Annie and Brkdncekid, you guys make this place Rock!!
    Continue the good work.

  • rubinadear

    i truly feel gauransh mom shudnt have reacted like that… Even gauransh knew how to behave better than her mom.

  • asis.iitb

    luv u DHARMESH…..:D

  • humayaz

    sheena 26….don’t just make decisions about someones talent. manoj is a great kid he’s gona be excellent dancer, just need some training. he couldn’t afford any dance training before, he deserves it, may god bless him i wish him and all the best and urge everyone to support him cuz after all the years of childhood spent without good toys to play or maybe without food sometimes. this is a happy moment for him so pray that god gives him more than he deserves.

  • AnnieJ

    @John Wayne

    Aww thanks :]

  • alipang44

    Bhavna hiiiii
    ur DID is very very good perfoRmance. I lake it
    I beliEve ur the winner of DID

  • http://NONE big momma

    @ sheena

    yeah whats the deal with Manoj? no one has given any sort of presidential treatment to Manoj. he is a talented and aggresive dancer. of course he cant afford attending dance schools to polish up his skills. so he has tried his luck in this DID platform. u meant to say that Fiery Farah chose him just b’cos of his sad stoty. C’mon laa. Farah is a no nonsense lady and no way she is gonna divulge herself in any emotional acts like this. 😛

  • priyam

    I think that Gauranch is an excellent dancer, but not versatile enough compared to the others. The problem is that the kids are too good, so the best had to be selected. The mother was over reacting… but Gauranch was very smart- Sweet Boy

    As for Manoj, I think that he has skills and deserves to be here.

    Khushboo was amazing as well. She is very talented.What energy she has.

  • aamna

    this is my comment i loved all the kids performance everyone’s was remarkable all the kids did their best and all of them were strong
    especially cute ananya

  • Archita

    Love u dharmesh………
    nice 2 c u back. i was just waiting 2 c u once after the day of grand finale.
    i wish 2 see him at least once in a week in this show.plz zee tv.

  • AnnieJ


    Dharmesh is one of the skippers…. you’ll be seeing him every week, lol!

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