DID Little Masters 11th June Videos

DID Little Masters 11th June Videos

DID Little Masters 11th June episode started with manish Paul in a fancy costume, he kept changing them during the show and entertained the audience with his funny speeches. A lot of stunts involved in today’s episode and Little Masters played them very well. Specially Khushboo and Ruturaj were awsome in today’s performanes. You can choose to disagree :) Srivastan the little kid who performed brilliantly on the Tamil Song during the auditions also performed in today’s episode. Public Voting for eliminations stars from next week so guys keep your phones charged and for now Enjoy the videos.

DID Little Masters 11th June Performances

Khushboo & Amrita from Amrita Ke Aflatoon performed on Jay Hanuman Gyan, Rope Malkham Freestyle

Divyam & Papiya from Jai Ke Jhatang Fatang performed on the song Jumma Chumma, Zip Line & Entry Rope Style

Vaishnavi & Jeetumoni from Dharmesh Ke Dhinchak performed on Bhag Bhag Firangi, Mardani Khel & Bangi Style

Vastal & Atul from Jai Ke Jhatang Fatang performed on the song It’s Magic, Free Style with UV

Hansika & Manoj from Vrushali-Mayuresh Ke Dhoom Dhadake performed on Eik Mein Aur Eik Tu, Trampoline & Rope Style

Srivastan performed on the song I’m a Disco Dancer

Ruturaj & jeetumoni from Dharmesh Ke Dhinchak performed on the song Aa Dekhein, Zaram Harness Style

Khushboo wins performance of the day award.

DID Little Masters Videos 11th June Part1

DID Little Masters Videos 11th June Part2

DID Little Masters Videos 11th June Part3

DID Little Masters Videos 11th June Limelight

  • Love

    First 😀

  • Beauty1996

    Awww love!!!!!!

    Chritiano Rinaldo is awsome!!

  • brkdancekid

    the UV act was the best for me

    • tweetyshweety

      Yup…UV Dance was the best for the day. For some reason Vatsal looked very sad today..

  • Roshnie

    Messi is the best football player 8)
    y is Vatsal gone??????

    • DIDrocks

      cuz of jai’s politics. ufff ye jai bhi na!

  • DIDrocks

    Cristiano Ronaldo is mine!!!!! And only mine! lol. 😛

    • rockstardchamp

      sruthy do check with her wife …….. lolzzzzzzzzz 😳 😮 😆 💡 👿 ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡

      • DIDrocks

        lol. he is a guy and thts why i’m after him. lol. and i dont think he has a wife. a girlfriend perhaps, but not a wife. either way, he is mine! lol. 😉

    • rockstardchamp

      sorry His or Her …….. any one :-)

  • Love

    Srivatsan is the most hilarious dancer 😆 😆 A dancer who makes everyone laugh without any expressions 😛

    Vaishnavi was outstanding 😀
    Atul…what to say about this cute smarty skinny boy 😛 …He dances so so so so well.. I just love Atul. He is my favorite 😀
    Ruturaj was perfect in landing and dance as well :)
    Khushboo was very good …esp Malkhum which is very difficult 😉
    Vatsal was good too.
    Jitumoni was looking very very cute :mrgreen:
    Manoj and Hansika did well :)
    Divyam and Papiya…the worst performance…dont know whom to comment for..choreography? Slippery costumes? Dancers? Banji? They did not practice enough? :confused: :confused:

    MithunDa really brought the charm back… 😀 Kids were happy hearing “Kya Baat Kya Baat Kya Baat” 😀 I enjoyed the show esp Srivatsan. I just want to play with him…Rolu Golu Molu 😆

  • Cboyz

    yoooooo 😈

  • Tohruxtan

    Thank you!

    • DIDrocks

      lmao! NO WAY! u can’t even access the forum? damn girl! sorries!

  • canadianfan

    Did Hansika got eliminated??? Why is her pic black n white on top of this page!!! I hope she is still in!!! Khushbu and Hansika are the best girls left.

  • mnegi

    I loved the Act of Jatinmoney and Rituraj and Vashnavi

  • DIDrocks

    my ranking:

    1. khushboo
    2. vaishnavi and jitumoni
    3. vatsal and atul
    4. ruturaj and jitumoni
    5. hansika and manoj
    6. papiya and divyam

    the bottom four according to me (based solely on today’s performance):

    divyam, khushboo (no other choice), ruturaj, and manoj

    and i would like to see divyam and manoj gone, if i were to judge based on today’s performance. but sadly these werent even the nominations, forget being the eliminations. so much rajneeti. enough is enough. jai and dharmesh deserve a slap! uff!!!

    • priyam

      Absolutely right

  • ChArMz AnGeL

    Today, out of the 6 performances, 3 were awesome, and 3 were quite disappointing.

    My Rankings:

    Vaishnavi & Jitumoni (10) –> THEY WERE REMARKABLE!!!!! I wish they didn’t have to finish their dance!! They both left me wanting for more! To me, this was a very clean, tough, creative and flawless act! The choreography was intense, especially considering all the fight sequences. Vaishnavi has been proving that she is here to WIN IT week after week, and she stole my heart! Jitumoni impressed me today! Both of his acts were TOUGH, full of dancing, and he pulled both acts off BEAUTIFULLY!!! I think he shined today, but Vaishu just topped everyone!!ClapThumbs Up

    Khushboo & Amrita (10) –> Great concept, awesome choreography, tough stunts, beautiful costumes, PERFECT! I absolutely loved this act and I cannot believe Khushboo performed this act with such ease and grace. She was so powerful and she absolutely deserved the Best Performance award, especially since this act was so tough. Kudos to Amrita for doing this act! ClapThumbs Up

    Rituraj & Jitumoni (9.0) –> Very good act! After seeing the horrific attempt to the harness act from DIvyam and Papiya (sorry for being so cruel), this was very pleasing! Ritu pulled off the harness portions so perfectly! He was at ease and his landings were beautiful. Jitu really proved his skills today. 2 tough acts, and both were greatly performed by him. Choreography was so fast yet they did it so well!!

    Atul & Vatsal (8.0) –> The UV portion was SO AWESOME!! Pat on the back to Jai for such a creative and innovative act. However, I have to agree with both the masters that the UV portions were beautifully choreography, thought out and performed, but when the lights were back on, it lost it for me. They were out of synch the entire portion with the lights on, which was disappointing and the choreo in that duration was nothing spectacular. Overall, I did enjoy it though!

    Manoj & Hansika (7.5) –> Great concept and choreo, but NO coordination!!! I thought it was unfair that Manoj is always picked on for coordination. Today, Manoj actually impressed for the first time, and he did so well. Hansika was disappointing. The coordination lacked from both, not just Manoj and Hansika forgot 2 steps, which was shocking. But it’s okay, both are still good dancers, and i enjoyed the idea and song!

    Divyam & Papiya (5.0) –> SO disappointing!!!! After seeing Papiya grow week after week, she completely just went back to where she started today. I understand Harness is tough, but during the floor portions, there was no reason for all her mess ups. For once, Divyam really stood out today. He is so small and he handled Papiya really well, but still not his best either.

    Khushboo deserved the POTD award. Her act was super tough and she was just mind blowing. Otherwise, I think Vaishu and Jitu deserved it too. Star

  • ChArMz AnGeL

    According to today’s act, the 4 i think deserve to be on the bottom tomorrow are:

    1) Papiya
    2) Hansika
    3) Ritu/Jitu/Vaishu (all 3 kicked butt today, so I can’t decide.. we seen Ritu and Jitu perform solo already, so I wouldn’t mind seeing Vaishnavi, but I would be scared!!)
    4) Khushboo (sadly, no choice.. but she is the top 3 best on this show so far in my opinion.. Vaishu is 1st 😀 )

    • DIDrocks

      nuh uh!!!! my vaishu didnt deserve to be in the trial zone. she was the best today of all three. no ways! not her. rutu or jitu, i wouldnt mind either! although i wouldve picked rutu. but either way, not vaishu!

  • ChArMz AnGeL

    OKay.. I JUST noticed the blacked out pictures on the top… does that mean Hansika and Vatsal get eliminated tomorrow?!?!?!?! 😮 Why VATSAL?!?!? He shouldn’t have even been on the bottom!! Papiya should have been! Hansika.. well she was weaker than Manoj im my opinion in yesterday’s performance, but I’m still shocked. I want to know who went from D’s team.

    • DIDrocks

      that annoying dharmesh put my vaishu in the trial zone. the nerve of him to put my vaishu! anyways, not to worry, our vaishu is safe! lol! :)

      • ChArMz AnGeL

        LOL “that annoying Dharmesh”!! haha ur too funny!

        Well, I don’t mind.. I think that if you have enough confidence in your contestants, they will beat out the trial zone without a doubt. Vaishu hadn’t gone in the trial zone yet and I REALLLLLLLLLLLLY been wanted to see her solo. SHE IS MY FAVORITE and i have ALL confidence that she would return. She is the strongest dancer on the show. 😀

        I’m upset with Jai.. not a single time did he send the appropriate contestant in the trial zone.. I can’t believe he sent Vatsal — totally didn’t deserve the trial zone!! 👿

        • DIDrocks

          yup. vaishu is my fav too. lol. she is rocking!!!!

  • lilsim30

    where is part 4

  • kindi

    In superheroes episode the skippers and kids have put in a lot of efforts and kudos to them for this

    1) Vaishnavi and Jitumoni: Vaishnavi proved today that she is a fighter! Good expressions,good posture,clean stunts..I mean fighting with a real sword with so much grace is truly applause worthy…I remember the sword act done by saajan and punit..compared to this that act was totally lame …Jitumoni as firangi was a gr8 fit..he has grown as a dancer..he is only getting better..

    I will give them both a 9.5

    2)Amrita and Kushboo: Again i am forced to compare the rope malkham with binny’s…khushboo was truly ahead of binny..this proves the kids are DANCE KE BAAP ..ammu was also gr8..good job ammu and three cheers to khushboo’s will power

    I will give them too a 9.5

    3)Ruturaj and Jitumoni: The stunts performed were breathtaking and very scary ..Dancing on the floor was fast paced and well performed..I hate dancing with harmess..hence will cut some marks..Both guys did a remarkable job!!

    I will give them a 9

    4) Atul and Vatsal: The UV portion was minblowing and both boys did a wonderful job..dancing portion was also good but lacked a bit compared to others..jai shld have maintained the same dancing style for UV and with the lights on..that would have made it look good

    I would give them 8.5

    5) Manoj and Hansika: The song selection was good…but in dancing portion there was a lot of co ordination issues especially by hansika..this explains why she was put in trailer zone ..Manoj was ok but on the trampoline hansika was better!

    I will give them 8

    6) Divyam and Papiya: The purposefully falling down of divyam from the harness didnot serve the purpose and ruined the act.. as i said i hate dancing with the harness and looks bad when not done by experts …Papiya was also week..sigh..everyone has ones good and bad day..

    I will give them 7

    Now if were the skipper i would have sent divyam/papiya,ruturaj for trial zone but what is done is done

    Khushboo deserved the best performance award as she was awesome ans has to perform three acts this week and this would also boost her morale

    • AnnieJ

      Lol kindi, it’s a trial zone, not trailer zone! Good assessment of the performances, btw 😀

  • kindi

    Well done Dharmesh!!!U deserve all the accolades 8) 8)

  • mita

    Vaishnavi & Ruturaj has previous experiance of dancing show. but other childernds are new to it. so i feel “GRANS SULUTE ” to tem.

    • kindi

      Khushboo,papiya,hansika all are ex boogie woogie contestants 😯 8)

  • mita

    really, i miss many episode of boogi woogi so all experience dancers they are.

  • iec2007026

    looks didrocks is carrying dharmesh’s fever from did-2.she hated him then and now.she didn’t like him becoz of shakti and now for “her” vaishu.she should look around other skippers and then talk of fair play.

    • rockstardchamp

      Lol@ DIDrocks … any way who bothers if some one disike D it doesnt really matters for D fans .. for me he is a grea8 dancer he resembles me as ganesh hegde in some way both have same style which connects the people .. coming to Lil champs .. well i want rururaj or vaishnavi to win … today D team is goin to blast the stage with group performance waiting for it still 40 min to go ..

    • DIDrocks


      ok so first of all, i would never “hate” a constestant for shakti, cuz if i remember correctly i was rooting for Amrita all season. and second, i AM looking at the skippers, and compared to them, jai and dharmesh have done anything but fair play. shame on them for doing so. there was absolutely no reason to put vaishnavi in the bottom and vatsal in the bottom. but jai paid for his politics. and all i’m saying is that dharmesh should straighten up his act before he pays as well. and i will be upset if he learns his lesson with the price of my vaishu. but thats beyond the worry the now, since this was the last week of eliminations. no more politics from the skippers sides. thank god! now its just public voting. although we all saw how fair the public votes were last season. but still.

      • rockstardchamp

        Public voting is fair id DID2 in which they decided D as winner as he is a peoples winner .. he knows the people pulse … so stupid ZEE sucks badly by presenting skinny girl shakti a winner .. by this every one came to knw that they hav wasted their mobile bill …. thats a big Zoke of DID2

        • DIDrocks

          I beg to disagree! if the public voting was so fair, then please explain:

          1. dharmesh/shakti being in the top almost every time even though they cant do more than one style of dance
          2. amrita never being in top 3 no matter how brilliantly she performed
          3. kruti leaving the second week after top 12
          4. saajan making it to top 7 (who clearly cant do anything but bboying and even that he is only average in)
          5. amar not even being in top 4 and binny being in the top 4 depite her being weaker than amar.

          now you can’t blame all this on zee tv. its not zee tv. it was public voting. and as far as the public deciding dharmesh as winner, you can’t say tht cuz u have no proof. i mean who knows, maybe people didnt vote enough for dharmesh. that is always a possibility. whether dharmesh was robbed of the golden cap by the public or zee tv, i dont care. all i am saying is public voting was almost never fair last season. and i am hoping that somehow by magic, people will vote with some basis for once in this season.

  • A_A


  • A_A

    and i think despite his stupid decisions jai is the best choreographer among the four

  • chuki

    guys, watch “so do you think you can dance 2010, bollywood ” video on YouTube.

  • sonuherenz

    Hi Guys…help me out..
    I need information regarding auditions.
    I wanna know…
    1. What is the age limit for adults ?
    2. How many songs do we have to get prepared for?
    3. When is DID 3 auditions ?
    Pls Help me..
    Thank You 😛

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