DID L’il Masters 21st May Videos

DID L’il Masters 21st May Videos

DID Little Masters 21st May was grand premiere of did lil masters with a new host Manish Paul, now 16 little selected contestants are going to battle against each other to be “Dance ka Baap”, basic format is the same but skippers have been added in the show.

Team Details

Jai Kumar Nair
Contestants : Atul, Divyam, Vatsul, Papiya

Mayuresh and Vrushali
Contestants : Neel, Manoj, Hansika, Avneet

Dharmesh Sir
Contestants : Vaishnavi, Jitumoni, Ruturaj, Khyati

Contestants : Shubham, Shivani, Anurag, Khushboo

Sandeep and Farah Khan are the judges of the show.

DID L’il Masters 21st May Performances

All the contestants danced in pairs today.

Neel and Avneet from Vrushali and Mayuresh (Dhoom Dharake) performed at the outset of the program, They performed salsa and did very well

Aunrag and Shubham from Amrita k Aflatoon performed bollywood style on Phatela Jaib Sil Jay Ga

Vatsal and Papiya from Jai ke Jhatang Fatang performed on O Pappi, Pyar Ker Ke and Om Manglam Bolywood style, Vatsal did and outstanding job in this performance

Vaishnavi and Ruturaj from Dharmesh ke Dhinchak performed contemporary style on Nahi Samne and did a fabulous job

Kayati and Jeetumoni of Dharmesh sir performed Hip Hop on O Humdum Suniyo Re

Shivani and Khushboo from Amrita k Aflatoon performed Kathak and Hip Hop mix Dance on Aik Mein aur Aik Tu Hai

Hansika and Manoj from Vrushali & Mayuresh ke Dhum Dharahke performed Broadway Puppetry on O Girl You are Mine

Atul and Divyam from Jai k Jhatan Fatng performed Bollywood Jazz on the song Daud

In the end KB3 performance of the day was won by Avneet and Neel and Mithun Dada presented a gift to both.

DID Little Masters Videos 21st May Part1

DID Little Masters Videos 21st May Part2

DID Little Masters Videos 21st May Part3

DID Little Masters Videos 21st May Part4

  • Cboyz

    Niceeee :mrgreen:

  • Beauty1996

    Feelin super duper anxious!!

  • kanchha

    Nice !!!
    Thanks Admin 😡 😡 😡

  • Darpan

    dam good…

  • Love

    Dharmesh ke Dhinchak!!!!! really Dhinchak!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
    I love the concept of vaishnavi and ruturaj…song was perfect..they performed very well 😛 Jitumoni was just upto D for hiphop 😳

    I also loved Khusboo and Shivani’s performance..too good..Ammu GOOOOOO ➡

    This little girl Avneet is amazing 😀 I love the Bindaas-Neel.. 😮

    I am still waiting for Manpreet.. :(

    Waiting for tomorrow’s episodes ➡

  • pratimsc

    Thanks. Every Friday and Saturday, I eagerly wait for you to upload the videos.

  • aamna


  • aamna

    good performances :mrgreen: 😆

  • sgopinath

    Hope this time atleast good judgement for hard workers and best performer.
    Please encourage the right talent….

  • thmmer

    Things I liked about the show.

    – The organizers have kept the show very friendly to the kids. The judges were super nice to them and specially the way Sandip took time to show exact moves was very nice.

    – The show’s intro was actually very nice, I liked the stage setup, the way kids were introduced specially displaying their bond with their skippers.

    Conceptually Rutu and Vaishu’s performance was very nice, however all the performance did not do it for me when it came to dancing, maybe because we are used to seeing very high quality of dance from more older participants.

    Overall a good start, let’s hope we see better dancing as well.

    Rating to show 3/5

    • aamna

      calm down wid da list jammmmmmm

  • Kt sharma

    football ruturaj is too cool and very good performance
    keep it up ruturaj
    May god bless you 😛

  • deserver

    1 amrita……gud show…..
    . anurag and shubham……anurag really i cant beleive u are such a gud performer man… so so so sweet….though act was ohk……
    . shivani and khushboo ……you both grls rocked…….phaad dioya stage…….loved the performance……….you grls are sooo soo sooo gooodd yaar….u both are mine personal fav.. lookin forward to u….

    2 mayuresh and vrushali
    osum choreography there dances were the best
    . avneet and neil mann…..osum starty of the show……
    . manoj and hansika again a good performance

    3 dharmesh……fabulus thought process yaar….
    . ruturaj and vaishnavi……….except the thouht behind it.sry but it didnt worked for me……..felt tht dharmesh sir ko itne achee contestents nahi mileee hai…….
    . khayati and jitumoni…..again it was a gud one……..normal performance……..

    4 jai kumar nair……wonderful presentation
    . papia and vatsal did very well according to me felt as the papiya was pointed out unnecessarily. she did sooo wel……..dont agree with the judges.
    . divyam and atul….osum really jai ur choreography rocks…divyam yaar osum expressions

  • mnegi

    These all are Dance ke BAAP Really

  • rubinadear

    avneet and neel. what a stage presence. i was really surprised with avneets performance…

    divyam and atul had the best act i feel.. it was too good.

    all in amritas group performed exceptionally, esp anurag. Even shivani and khusboo were outstanding.

    I wasnt overly happy with vaishnavi and rituraj performance.

    manoj was better than hansika.

  • AnnieJ

    I liked today’s show! 😀

    I agree that I don’t think Papiya was really all that bad compared to Vatsul. But oh well, the judges will say what they will…. I was happy that Avneet and Neel got POTD, they were lovely!

    I have to say I enjoyed Vrushali and Mayuresh’s kids best today. I look forward to seeing Shivani doing something non-classical soon too :] Vaishnavi and Ruturaj performed well today, but I dunno, something about it didn’t really work for me. I also thought they were birds or something… I didn’t realize they were supposed to be cotton until the end, of course. For some reason, instead of clicking, it just kinda ruined it for me… lol. In Manoj and Hansika’s performance, I felt like she did much better than him… and in Atul and Divyam’s dance, Divyam was technically (referring to technique) not as good as Atul. And Anurag really ate Jeetu up! 😀

    Maybe it’s just me, but I felt like Khyati had pretty low energy today. She was all down too (bummer!) but she wasn’t all there today, IMHO.

  • brkdancekid

    the thing i dont like about vatsal is , i dont know it seems as if he tries to outshine his ball dance partner
    intentionally.i may be wrong

    and when the dance is over he stands miles apart from t\his partner , he should encourage and salvage his partner also but i think he watches too much roadies , evrybody on their own . lolz

  • tweetyshweety

    I Just Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Vatsal ….. ohhh boy!!!!!!!

  • Prial

    I think that these kids are dancing much better than Rakhee or Sunita of DID season 1!

  • Prial



    Ye Sabhi Bachche to Kamal ke hai….

    Anurag, What an Idea yaar…

  • humayaz

    manoj dada… performance of the day….non trained dancer clean steps awesome expressions…..thats what u call a real talent.

  • priyam

    Wow, I must congratulate the organisers for making those kids so happy and at ease.
    Les enfants sont tres bien encadre.

    Sandeep is such a cool and nice judge. He is definitely the best right and best Master for kids. Well done Sandeep. Farah is also nice with the kids.

    The skippers are all the best. They love the kids so much and are doing a great job. Mayuresh and Vrushali are mindblowing in their choreography.

    I am happy that the 2 girls who were voted out when they did not deserved to are here and are doing a fantastic job…. They are of course the 2 most beautiful dancers Vrushali and Amrita

    I think that all the kids are superb, But A few were outstanding. Vatsal is superb- His dance, expression and style-everything is mindblowing.

    The cute and little doll Avneet-She is so, so……..graceful.

    Vaishnavi- Such a graceful dancer with very crisp and clean movements. I wish to see her dance with Vatsul….It’s gonna be mindblasting.

    Little Kooshboo–So Cute and Powerful.What a sweet smile she has-feel like hugging her

    As for Manoj……..Wow- He really deserves to be here.His movements were so nice to watch.

    All the others were mindblowing. I also like Divyam’s expressions.

  • MG


  • MG


  • MG


  • rach

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 for all little kids future our of india.

  • rach

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 for all little kids future of our india.

  • A_A

    the main page is kinda screwed up

  • AnnieJ

    A_A, what’s the problem with the page?

  • A_A

    hmm it was showing those 4 groups as a permanent drop down so you couldnt access the link behind it.. i guess now its fixed

  • AnnieJ

    A_A I had that issue too, lol. Admin is just noodling around… 😛

  • booglenose

    i lovee vatsal!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Anup Prabhudessai

    Avneet from Mayuresh and Vrushali’s team is sooooooooooooooo cute ❗ ❗ ❗ . I love her. I want her 2 win. Also Manoj is very good. Actually their whole group is awesome 😮 😮 . I support Mayuresh and Vrushali and i’m sure their group will win 8) 8) .

  • jagtar0045

    Hello i am jagtar i spot jai kumar nair team.
    i think atul banmoria is win this year final.


  • angelica gomes

    just loved it 😀

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