DID Lil Masters 12th June *Super 8 Contestants*

DID Lil Masters 12th June *Super 8 Contestants*

Undoubtedly Dance India Dance Little Masters 12th June was the best episode of the season so far. Amazing choreography from all the skippers and Little Contestants did justice to it. Public Voting will start after the wild card episode which will be next week. In today’s episode Hansika, Vastal, Vashnavi and Khushboo were put into trial zone. Dharmesh aKe Dhinchak won the Team of the week on their superb robotics performance today.

DID Little Masters 12th June Performances

Mayuresh & Vrushali performed with their team on the song Amplifier & Saathiya, Hip Hop Dance Style

Jai Kumar Nair and his team performed on the song Talli, Tap Dance Style

Dharmesh and his team performed Robotics and Hardcore Hip Hop on Various Musical Beats

Amrita and Khushboo performed on the song Jane Nahi, Contemporary Dance Style

Hansika performed on the song Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, Locking & Popping Style

Vatsal performed on the song O Pardesi , Freestyle

Vaishavi performed on the song Black & White, Bharatnatyam Style

Khushboo performed Gondhal on Ambe Che Jo

Vatsal & Hansika are eliminated from DID Little Masters

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DID Little Masters Videos 12th June Part2

DID Little Masters Videos 12th June Part3

DID Little Masters Videos 12th June Limelight

77 thoughts on “DID Lil Masters 12th June *Super 8 Contestants*

    1. Toshangbi Saka says:

      thank God..!! vaishnavi is safe..
      now i wish khyati would b back through wild card…

  1. rubinadear says:

    Why was vatsal selected for trail zone is beyond me?

    1. brkdancekid says:

      he shoudnt have gone out

  2. mvmahendra says:

    Divyam should have been nominated into the trail zone instead of Vatsal. I don’t know why the skippers are not going according to the performances of Friday’s acts. In Friday’s act, Divyam’s performance is very very poor compared to Vatsal and it was pointed out by the Judges too. This is not fair with Vatsal. Poor kid. :evil:

  3. booglenose says:

    jai is acting so stupid vatsal is an amazing dancer and that was really unfair to him…….jai shud have picked either divyam or papiya…..1st of all vatsal already went for the trial zone b4…and divyam hasn’t and 2nd vatsal was better than divyam ..or papiya

  4. rubinadear says:

    so true.. it was a bad decision on part of jai. he should hv known that dharmesh wud be pitching in vaishnavi and khusboo wud be there. there was a strong chance for the person to be nominated to be eliminated.

    dont know, but it seems unlikely that vatsal wud come back.. anurag and avneet is def coming back.

  5. rpatel91 says:

    I agree, i feel really sorry for Vatsal, coz of Jai and the tactics hes playin, he had to leave. Divyam should have gone AGES ago, and according to todays episode, he should have definitely been in the trail zone, if not him, then Papiya, but DEFO not Vatsal. I hope Jai learnt a lesson though. He lost a gud contender.

  6. sagi says:

    superb epi of DID l’il champs :wink: al d skippers gp. dance was awesome… :P Khushboo n Vaishavi rocked d floor

  7. neeraz says:


  8. neeraz says:


  9. DIDrocks says:

    well my hand hurts from slapping jai! but what sucks is that jai learned his lesson at the expense of a brilliant dancer, vatsal! it is so not fair for the kids. I WANT VATSAL BACK FROM WILDCARD!!!! I want Hansika, Neel, and Khyati as well!!!!!!!

    1. priyam says:

      Mee too dear.

  10. DIDrocks says:

    Dhinchaks had the best performance for me today! And the Aflatoons were second!!

    fantastic performance dhinchaks and fantabulous choreography dharmesh!!! man this vaishnavi is a FABULOUS dancer. i wouldnt be surprised at all if she won this show. now this is what i call a versatile dancer!!! fab!!!

    amrita rocks as well. what a moving performance!!! loved the choreo and khushboo is out of this world!!! this khushboo is very versatile and i see her at least in the top 5. she is too good!

    one more thing. jo bhi ho, mujhe amrita ki sachayi ko salute karni hogi. I love how she plays the game so honestly. she is a fantastic human being on top of being a fab dancer. i just wish ki bakhi jo skippers baite hue hain, woh kuch seekhenge amrita se. now this is how u play the game. winning and losing isnt everything. its how u play the game that determines what kind of a player u are. and ammu is by far the most honest and fair player. yea i know everyone wants to win, but i personally would lose honestly than win by cheating. and i hope that the other skippers will also show this same sportsmanship, especially jai.

    1. zahra says:

      i totally agree about amritha…this is how u win peoples hearts…this is how it show be done. kushboo was outstanding. their love & determination won everyones heart.

    2. jai says:

      hey shruthi hw have u been..long tym..damn i havent been able to follow lil masters ..but what ii observed is skippers r far more talented than they looked during thier season …especially JAI n D

      1. DIDrocks says:

        i’ve been great jai. how r u? and yes it has been a long time.

        and yup, jai and dharmesh are proving to be fantastic choreographers. go them! lol. i always knew dharmesh would be able to handle it becuz he had experience, but this jai surprised me. lol. good for both of them!

        1. jai says:

          jai ..hey jai was thr in last season …..i named my id after him only …personal favoirite he is BOOGIE Woogie winner 1 year before Dharmesh ..rururaj has won boogie woogie ..vaishnavi pappiya have also been thr …man i have seen a lot of theses kids earlier …well i have been busy wid family ..but i hope u dun have to fight much ..they all r kids …also judges r good …this jai has his institute in mumbai … visit this site ..u will knw jai much better

          1. priyam says:

            Jai has always been my favourite and he is a great dancer. His DID performances are still freah in my mind.Jai has gone a long way and is also actor.

        2. ChArMz AnGeL says:

          Jai actually has a lot more professional experience as a dancer/choreographer then Dharmesh. I knew Jai would rock and I think he is very creative. I just hate the politics he is playing with the kids on his team. Very unfair!! To be honest, Dharmesh surprised me! He wasn’t portrayed as a versatile dancer on DID 2, but I think he shut all those up that said he wasn’t versatile by the wonderful acts he has been bring forth the stage! Jai and Dharmesh definitely super strong!

          1. jai says:

            jai is definitely more versatile than Dharmesh …but D has been prooving himself as a better choreographer …too good ..he totally prooved why he is SIR ..jai is equally good ….i think rutu pappiya vaishnavi are top 3 they r too good

          2. jai says:

            if i try to compare jai n D ..i feel jai should not dance at the centre ..cus in most of their performances i just dint see kids dancing ..i was so much into jai ..but in D’s performances he is able to not steal focus from kids by his choreography also he has been dancing behind them in regular routines ..i mean i feel i see all of them but when jai dances in middle i dun see ne other kid …may be because jai is personal favourite is D but …i guess he should try to put more focus on dancers …i appreciate farah for that ..she sees everybody n doesnt blame choreography for not being seen …true difference between a judge n a normal audience ….well better judging than geeta n remo without gng into technical aspects .

          3. DIDrocks says:

            i have to agree with jai. i think that jai is a more versatile choreographer than dharmesh is. dharmesh is fabulous in choreographing, no doubt. and he is also versatile in choreographing, which he should be. but this hardly means that he himself is a versatile dancer. there is a diff in being a versatile dancer and a versatile choreographer. u can choreograph stuff without u personally being able to do them. and this is the difference between jai and dharmesh. jai is a versatile dancer AND a choreographer. he is good both ways.

    3. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      Amrita rocks! You can tell that she reeks of honesty and sportsmanship and that is why I respect her more then any contestant that was on DID!

  11. kindi says:

    Way to go Dharmesh!! congrats for the hat…may you get many more hats from sandip sir!

  12. zahra says:

    all the group dances were gr8. for the first time i felt everyone has really given their 200%. :D every skippers r trying to turn every stone into milestones…well good for us as we can see some real nice dances.

    i must say i am very happy about farah & sandips job. their decisions r always fair. :P

    i am waiting for wildcard. :?: i would want vatsal to come back for sure. he is too good. i wish stupid jai will be fair to him form now on. :confused:

  13. dinesh says:

    hi jai decession is not good .keeping vatsal in the trial zone.deivam has to be elimanated.jai this is good lesson for u. next time dont do this mistake. i am a good fan of u r coreography.bring new things.good luck for wildcard round.

  14. sanamchainani says:

    Stupid Jai nominated Vatsal because he knows even if Vatsal is out, he will come back in Wild Card. Jai should [comment removed] focus on choreography. He is so determined to win that he sacrifices his dancers. No wonder Farah embarrasses him on every episode. He wants all 4 of his contestants to be in top 10 and is ruining the show for the viewers. The other skippers are playing fair and he should do the same.

    Edit by AnnieJ: Please don’t make rude remarks about skippers!

    1. DIDrocks says:

      Despite his politics, I think Jai is a fantastic choreographer. Love his choreos! so you claiming that he spends more time on his looks than choreo is incorrect. The dude knows how to choreograph. Too bad he doesnt play the game fairly though.

      1. priyam says:

        Yeah, he is an amazing choreographer. I think that Choreographers must look great so all of them spend some time on their looks before the show.

    2. kindi says:

      Hey moderator anniej…sometimes people make rude comments about dharmesh..that time i donot see any kind of moderation from ur side…pls try to b a fair moderator :D

      1. rockstardchamp says:

        @ Kindi i do agree with you , annie i know you have all the powers to edit our comments and you kick any user or ban him easily iam just sujjesting you to use them properly i have seen the way you chat in chatroom looks some thing rude and as a moderator you should try to to be friendly i hope you understand … this is just a user feedback to you take it as a positive and try to be friendly with all other users… thanks for understanding .. cheerzzz Rocky..

        1. AnnieJ says:

          Rocky, why do you ALWAYS write that I am rude/unfriendly? :( I already told you that I am a stickler for rules, but I am otherwise nice. :D

          I hope you understand this! Cheerzzzz AnnieJ

      2. AnnieJ says:

        Actually, I DO moderate out rude comments. You should see some of the stuff we get….

        Now, if you are referring to comments which criticize Dharmesh, that is another story – those are allowed as long as they contain no offensive language. :wink:

  15. A_A says:

    vatsal is gonna come back in wildcard for sure..imo i’d pick vatsal over anurag any day .. how many people are coming back in the wild card? 4?

  16. priyam says:

    Vatsal’s nomination is the most stupid thing Jai did. Yeh tum ne is bacche ke sath kya kiya. Very bad. He deserves to be among the best. I feel like hitting you Jai. I just hope that he comes back through wild card.

    Kooshboo is soooooooooo good. Out of the world. Mindblasting

  17. priyam says:

    Does anyone know Hw many kids are coming back through wild card? I’ve heard that its gonna be only 2

    Dada said that this time he was going to use his power to recall and veto power. I hope that those powers are used this time.But, I think that these can only be used after the wild card entry.

    1. DIDrocks says:

      I thought 4 kids were gonna come back through wilcrad, making it top 12! I dunno for sure, but thats how it was in DID.

      1. Love says:

        I heard they will take only 2 to make it top 10. They will give chance to only 4 contestants to perform finally.

  18. brkdancekid says:

    how come england cnt win the match :evil:

  19. dance_bh says:

    i feel instead of skippers nominating.judges should nominate contestents for trial zone.This avoids stupid politics and loosing strong dancers like vatsal and hansika.

  20. brkdancekid says:

    i think farah khan is not so open minded i deduced that becuz she keeps on giving comments like a girl should
    dance only like a girl , a judge should judge impartially rather than give such comments .
    and vaishnavi i see u in top 6 or something , now u may be gud but a judge should not tell u tahat beforehand.

    1. kindi says:

      Farah khan has been very fair in did lil masters…even i agree wid her…girls shld dance like girls…she didnot say that they shldnot do hip,bboying,stunts etc but just asked them to do it gracefully..

      1. brkdancekid says:

        now i cant imagine krumping and bboying done gracefullyy

        1. DIDrocks says:

          rofl! true that brky! but i do have to agree the farah khan is proving to be a fair judge. im liking her!

          1. priyam says:

            I think that both Farah Khan and Sandeep have been very fair in their judgements.

          2. _harsha_ says:

            I think Farah and Sangeep are quite fair in their elimination judgement as far the 4 kids who are performed. They have chosen the best 2 who performed well that day and eliminated the other 2 who didn’t do well comparitively to those better 2.

            But I agree that Farah shouldn’t say that “I want you to be in the top 10, top 6″…etc…that should not be done when you are a judge. In this episode, I knew Vatsal and Haniska wud go, as other 2 were good, and for Vaishnavi, Farah had already told that she wants her to be in top6. Not that I dont want her, but she telling that, makes ppl believe that she might have that inclination.

            Anyhow, I want Vatsal Back. Jai has done such a stupid thing that, I felt like hitting him…I cudn’t even sleep also….

    2. priyam says:

      Yeah, wasn’t nice of her to say that to Hansika. She looked so sad.

  21. daris says:

    i couldn’t help but notice that Jai’s team has been very less sporting!!

    When others are praised more than their own performance they just have that upset look on their face. They just dont seem to like it. When every other member appreciates you should just look at their expressions..
    Hope others have also noticed it.. Otherwise take a look next time.. U will see..

    1. DIDrocks says:

      well i dont consider myself as a face reader. so naturally i dunno what they are thinking. but i can tell u one thing. jai lacks sportmanship. his nominations show very clearly how much sportsmanship jai possesses.

      1. priyam says:

        But I don’t agree. Most of the kids were very tense. It could clearly be seen on the face of Vaisnavi and Vatsal. Papiya and Divyam have been clapping for others when they got good comments. This was an important episode and even the skippers were very tense, especially Vrushali and Mayuresh. Jai was smiling most of the time.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          yup priyam, exactly. the only reason i said jai lacks sportsmanship is cuz of his nominations. not cuz of his facial expressions or whatever. commenting on facial expressions is just stupid. we aint face readers or psychologists. so daris, i would appreciate it if u have comments on dance, and not ppl’s expressions. thanks!

  22. lords2020 says:

    When there were articles that Manish was going to host DID L’il Masters, I wasn’t very happy.
    I had seen him before in Ghar Ghar Mein and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mega Challenge and he did good, but I felt Jay Bhanushali who had been hosting the DID Season 1 & 2 should have hosted DID L’il too.

    But watching Manish from so many episodes now, I feel Manish is doing a great job of hosting. Jay would have definitely done good but Manish is very good with the kids, which I doubt if Jay could have done so well with the kids.
    Manish mingles with the kids and treats them with affection.
    Kudos to Manish for putting up a good show in DID L’il Master. :wink: :wink: :wink:

    What do’ll think?

    1. DIDrocks says:

      oh i agree. manish has been doing a wonderful job. kudos to him! he is affectionate towards the kids and knows how to make them feel comfortable. i appreciate him as well.

      1. priyam says:

        Jai would undoubtedly have done a great job, but Manish is not less. He is great withy the kids. The whole team is great

  23. rockstardchamp says:

    Instead of putting amritha thay would have selected Siddesh pai as amentor , then the competition woul have become more tough and interesting i dont think amritha is well desrved as a mentor , i hope so .. this is just my openion i know sruthi will get angry by seeing this post as she is a hard core fan of Ammu :mrgreen: :lol: :idea: :evil: :confused: :arrow: .. i pity amritha evry time watching her crying i will go too centi when girls cry … :( …. cheez rocky once again its just my openion especially to DIDrocks

    1. DIDrocks says:

      why should i get angry? as a matter of fact, i agree with you. I am a hardcore fan or amrita’s dancing, not exactly her choreography. she is a fabulous dancer. but i think she falls short of expectations when it comes to choreography. she is the weakest skipper on the show sadly. all i can do is wish her all the best and hopefully she comes up with mind blowing choreos in the future.

      1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        I disagree. Amrita has been doing a fabulous job as a choreographer. Compared to Dharmesh and Jai, she might fall a little short, however, she has been very good considering that she had some of the weaker end of contestants on her team. To me, Mayuresh and Vrush have been the weakest. They had the most talented bunch on their team but they didn’t utilize their talents appropriate. Just my opinion =)

        P.S. –> I agree with your “slapping” feeling about Jai!! I am SO ANNOYED!! Because of his unfair tactics, he lost one of the best dancers he has, next to Atul. Ridiculous!! :evil:

        1. jai says:

          i mean after season 2 do u guys still believe its in their hands …somebody has to go from jai’s team …otherwise he would have had all 4 …his team n D’s team has very strong dancers who all are experienced enough for tough competition..rutu vaishnavi n pappiya have been on tv before n these 3 are the strongest

          1. DIDrocks says:

            so what if he would have all 4. if the 4 of them are deserving then they should be in top 10. plz remember that this is not a competitions between skippers. it a competition between all the kids. and the kids have to fight against their own teammates to win. so evening out the teams should not even be a concept. thts really stupid to do tht.

          2. jai says:

            oh girl ..that was point ..earlier also it wasnt a competition between remo terrence n geeta but it turned out 2 be …

        2. rockstardchamp says:

          Dude AnGel ,

          {{{I disagree. Amrita has been doing a fabulous job as a choreographer. Compared to Dharmesh and Jai, she might fall a little short, however, she has been very good considering that she had some of the weaker end of contestants on her team. To me, Mayuresh and Vrush have been the weakest. They had the most talented bunch on their team but they didn’t utilize their talents appropriate. Just my opinion =)}}}

          Wht fabulous choreo amrita is doing currently? as i said she can dance manipuri or classical sh hasnt shown any special kind of dance ,see dude the reason is wht ever dancer or choreographer you are you need to connect with audience in terminology we call it “X” factor , so amrita failed to connect so only one girl left with her .. instead of amrita some one like siddesh pai from season 1 or salman can do better job and if Zee would have choosed them as mentors their business would have been better than now means TRP ratings would be high .. Jeeeezzzz .. tats all … cheerzzz Rocky..

  24. rockstardchamp says:

    Dharmesh your Robotic act was awesome , my eyes danced with the steps .. especially i was amzed with vaishu .. vaishu you are so versatile and no doubt you a fabulous dancer better than Ruturaj . vaishu rocks and i love your bugsbunny smile too … :D :D :D :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: 8)

  25. GabbarSingh says:

    For the first time I have felt that I am into Lil Masters. Saturday episode was just out of the world.

    Great going kids!

  26. Archita says:

    luv u yaar…..
    u r just extra ordinary. realy i love u sooooo much.
    alll of ur contenstant r so strong and u r the choryographer the main reason for whum they just shine in every performance.

  27. Love says:

    Jitumoni looks so cute in the silver outfit :P

    1. priyam says:

      Jitu was very cute in both acts

  28. priyam says:

    @ Admin

    Would be nice to have a post on Wild card entry

  29. joe says:

    I love to see all the contestants, they are doing a great job taking into consideration their age, and experience, if there is any flaw in their performances, their cheographers should be responsible, in selecting the songs etc. I have nothing against Dharmesh, he is a great dancer, but I think he shows the same styles in his performences, Hey! try something else, you will be surprised how these young kids will pick up new styles. I loved to watch Khushan’s performance, she reminded me of Shakti,no matter what the style she performed it with grace, I foresee a great future for her, and I wish all the young dancers all the best . :) :) :) Joe

  30. rockstardchamp says:

    I want to see Dhivyams elimination this week .. i hope Jai kumar nair will put him in trial zone …. it would be better to watch his dance dance if he wont give wierd smiles and overaction … Rofl :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: i think he is the guy who proposed Geetha maaa… haaaa haaaa haaaa

  31. mnegi says:

    Kyali and Avneet are my fav. i know Kyali is little bit slow in her dance, hence i doubt on her return. but the Girl who got eliminated on 12th may return……

  32. mnegi says:

    Why it is called Wild Card…… GRRRRRRr, it should be Hope Card entry

  33. talha says:

    Admin : Turn your caps off and come again.

    1. talha says:

      what happened admin?

      1. AnnieJ says:

        You must have been writing in caps lock. Typing in caps lock makes it harder for people to read what you say, and it also gives the impression of yelling. Also, typing in caps lock does not prove your point any better than typing it normally. I don’t know what you had typed before, but just as Admin said… turn off your caps lock and come again, lol :D

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