Dance India Dance Little Masters Finale Videos 7th August

Dance India Dance Little Masters Finale Videos 7th August

So Finally the moment we have been waiting for for 29 episodes. Here you can watch the videos of Dance India Dance Little Masters Finale 7th August. The DID Little Master Winner is going to be finalized today. According to our survey the results of the DID Little Masters Finale are below :-

According to our visitors The favorite skipper of DID Little Masters has been : Dharmesh

Let’s see how well it matches with the Zee TV Results. This post will be updated with the videos and results.

The show starts off with Mithun Da introducing the Headmasters, the Masters, and our Top 4 Contestants.

The show’s hosts are introduced (Manish Paul, Jay Bhanushali, and Saumya Tandon).

Superstar Anil kapoor arrives with the KB3 Cup, along with his daughter, Sonam Kapoor.

The Top 10 perform on stage on the song “Dhan Te Nan.”

Next up, skippers Amrita Mitra and Vrushali Chavan dance Lavni on two Marati Songs.

* Good News to all Khushboo fans. She will be participating in DID L’il Masters Season 2.*

The Headmaster, Sandip Soparrkar, performs Samba on the song “Maria Maria”.

Next to perform is one of the Top 4 Contestants! Atul Banmoria comes and performs on a mix of songs (“Ahun Ahun,” “Jind Sadi Rol,” “Boom Boom Pow,” and “Mithi Mithi Bol.”)

LOL. Jeetumoni and Manoj come and sing the same song Jeetu sang earlier on the show (“Satenaame Guru”). :lol:

Purab Kohli comes on to announce the upcoming show Saregamapa Singing Superstars! He announces the mentors for the show.

- He introduces the musical duo Saajid-Waajid, who come on and sing “Surili Akhiyon,” “Jalwa.”

Skippers, Jai Kumar Nair and Dharmesh Yelande come on the stage and a video is shown of their journey! The Jhatang Fatangs and the Dhinchaks have a face-off and both of the teams dance on the song, “Blue.”

- Farah, Remo, Geeta, and Sonam Kapoor said they like the Dhinchaks better in the face-off.

- Sandip, Terence, Anil kapoor, and Mithun Da said that they like the Jhantang Fatangs better in the face-off.

Sonam Kapoor comes on stage and gives two cups to Jai and Dharmesh. She then calls Terence Lewis on stage to give him credit for choreographing the song, “Aisha,” from her movie and they dance on the song.

Now comes another Top 4 Contestant, Manoj Rathod! He dances on the song, ” Ayashi.”

Binny Sharma (DID Season 2 Contestant) and Iqbal Khan come to promote their new show on Zee TV, “Sangini.”

Skipper, Mayuresh Wadkar, comes and gives a performance on the song, “Aaj Din Chadeya.”

Remo D’Souza, Dharmesh, and Ruturaj (RDR) come and perform on the songs, “Amplifier,” “Aazma Luck,” and “Baburao Mast Hai.”

*Manish now announces that Dance India Dance Season 1 and Season 2 VCDs are now released!!!

Time for another Top 4 Contestant, Vaishnavi Patil! She performs on the songs, “Ranjha Ranjha,” and “Mora Piya.”

- Vaishnavi’s grandparents now dance to the song “Akhiyan Milaon.” :lol:

Up next, a face-off between the Dancing Stars (Punit, Parvez, Kishore, Kunwar Amar, Kishore, and Siddhesh) and Little Masters.

Anurag and Avneet come on and dance to the song, “Zoobi Doobi.”

Another performance from a Top 4 Contestant, Jeetumoni Kalita! He performs on the songs, “Ibne Batuta,”

Its time for the English Babu Award!!!!!!! And the award goes to……………MANOJ!!! Manoj comes and receives his cup and shocks everyone with his speech, which was in perfect English! :lol:

Mithun Da, Geeta Kapoor, and Farah Khan perform on the songs, “Bachna Ae Haseeno,” “Yaad Aa Raha Hai,” and “Jimmy.”

Season 1 and Season 2 winners, Salman and Shakti, perform on the song, “Kuch Khaas.” The choreography was of Sandip Soparrkar’s.

Alright the moment everyone is waiting for, THE RESULTS!!!!!!!

4th position: Manoj

3rd position: Vaishnavi

2nd position: Atul

1st position and Dance ka Baap: JEETUMONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Please keep checking for latest updates! :D

Here are the videos of the Finale! Enjoy! :D

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103 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Little Masters Finale Videos 7th August

  1. koirala says:

    hello who to watch did finale

    1. thmmer says:

      You can’t watch it on the website Live. They will post them on website after the Live show is over.

      1. koirala says:

        whene they are post it

        1. thmmer says:

          Should be in 3 or 4hrs from now.

  2. Prince Abbas says:


  3. koirala says:

    i didnt get that links so plz teach me

  4. koirala says:

    my favourite JEETUMONI

  5. thmmer says:

    I hope it doesn’t rain there. :wink:

  6. Sabina says:

    All the best JEETUMONI,,,,,, Go get your KB3 CUP,,,,,,,,

  7. Sabina says:

    any news on the results ????? dying to know ??????

  8. big momma says:

    anything so far, cos in m’sia they are only showing at 12am

    1. thmmer says:

      The result is not out yet, it will take another 2-3 hrs

      1. big momma says:

        TQ… here in m’sia, will take another 30 mmore mins to show … they mentioned live telecast, but being delayed telecast over here

  9. Love says:

    Anybody knows all 4 final contestants age?

  10. big momma says:

    Not me love but they all look between 7 – 11

  11. big momma says:

    Dear Love

    Bith dates of 4 contestants u requested:-

    Jeetu – Aug 28, 1999

    Vaishu – May 20, 2000

    Atul – Nov 01, 1998

    manoj – Feb 20, 1998

    1. Love says:

      Thank you very much big momma :D
      Wow I did not know that Vaishnavi is the youngest one :P
      So all four are around:
      Jeetumoni 11 yrs
      Vaishnavi 10 yrs
      Atul 12 yrs
      Manoj 12 and 1/2 yrs


  12. Sabina says:

    Amrita and Rushali performed lavni,, which was good,,, khush included in DID Little Masters 2,,, and Sandeep Sir as always awesome in Samba,, on Maria Maria,,,,

  13. Sabina says:

    Atuls lovely B Byoing,,, on Ahuan Ahuan and Mithi Mithi Bol,,,,,,

  14. big momma says:

    @ Sabina

    u r sweeet.. cant wait to watch… another 30 mins to go..

  15. DIDrocks says:

    This page is being updated with the performances and results as quick as I can get them to you. So stick around for updates! :D

    1. big momma says:

      Ah, no wonder i kept losing this page due to the updates…

      great job u r doing my dear…

      1. DIDrocks says:

        Thank You! Glad you are liking my updates! :D

  16. sirajkodi says:

    my favourite JEETUMONI ALL THE BEST

    1. AnnieJ says:

      We don’t have it live this time, sorry. We’re trying to get them up as fast as we can, though! Please count on Admin! :wink:

  17. breathless says:

    Jai and Dharmesh were just awesome in their group performance showdown. I agree it was a tie.

  18. roshni says:

    does anybody knw a site where i can watch it livee??? :|

  19. yang says:

    why cant i share the site?

    Edit by AnnieJ: Linking to external sites isn’t allowed. It is technically a bannable offense…. not that we’ll be banning you. :D Anyways, I’m putting up the first part of the video…. PATIENCE, PEOPLE! ;)

    1. yang says:

      Oh… ok great! Sorry! just trying to be helpful to those who were asking for the link… OK…


      Edit by AnnieJ: Yeah, I know you meant no harm ;) Think of it as respect or loyalty to this site :)

  20. thmmer says:

    Is anyone watching comedy circus?

  21. thmmer says:

    Also, has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  22. breathless says:

    Remo, Dharmesh, Rutu my three favorite dancer all together in one act, the best performance that I have ever seen. I almost had tear in my eyes seeing them together. Sorry mods using caps BUT THAT’S WHAT I CALL A PERFORMANCE!

    1. DIDrocks says:

      Using Caps for emphasis was always allowed! :wink:

  23. kindi says:

    i didnot like sandip’s was bad :roll: :evil:

  24. DIDrocks says:

    Just letting you know that the videos are now available and we will get you the rest of videos as soon as possible! Be patient please! :wink:

  25. Prince Abbas says:



  26. AnnieJ says:

    Part 3 is up! Part 4 coming soon!

    1. DID S2 dhamaka says:

      thanks annie j!

  27. Sital says:

    Thank you Admin for video :) .but i’m sooo exiting that who will win cup! :roll: :roll: :roll:.Jitumoni faro faro is my best! best of luck Jitumoni!

  28. breathless says:

    Salman and Shakti proved today why they are the best. The best duet ever!

    1. hbdasari says:

      BINGO! Thats was fav performance today. AFter the first lift, I knew it was choreographed by Sandeep. WOW, unbelievable lifts! Out of this world! Absolutely loved it :D

  29. anujsharma says:

    dying to watch rest of the videos..its being long time..when 2nd one was uploaded…


    1. AnnieJ says:

      Talk about odd. I put up part 3 half an hour ago and it disappeared! It’s up again, in addition to part 4! :)

  30. I_am_Ms_Crazy says:

    Poor Vaishu!!!!!!!
    Go JEETU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: :mrgreen: :lol: :P :D :) 8)

  31. shaikh2wasim says:

    jitu winner

  32. breathless says:

    Congrats Jeetu, so proud of you dhamresh, and good luck choreographing in farah movie. I am man my word, so jeetu deserved to win.

  33. pari2386 says:

    I am a die hard Jai & Atul fan ; but I had started liking Jeetu as well since past 2-3 weeks …So am really Happy he has won …well done he deserved the title ; congrats to Dharmesh-jeetu-vaishnavi ; jai-Atul & mayuresh-Vrushali-Manoj :)

  34. Manishivani says:

    Goooooooooo Jeeetu!!!!!! :D :lol: :D I am so happy for him!!! Goooo Atul!!!!!!!! :P :lol:

  35. anujsharma says:

    wow…..jeetumoni….rocks….Dharmesh Sir…you rocks…

  36. pari2386 says:

    for a change looks like Zee did not do any manipulations ; otherwise in first two seasons it was hard and fast rule that there cant be two participants of one team in top 3 :mrgreen:

    1. breathless says:

      Zee did not rig the votes in season 1, season 2 or lil masters. The dancers who were the best won Salman, Shakti, and Jeetu. Just becasue your favorite didn’t win doesn’t mean zee manipulated the votes. For me i would have been maybe happier if Atul won, but I don’t go on saying zee cheated. Jeetu won due to his talent, and Dharmesh great choregrapher, and I am so happy for Jeetu and even more for dharmesh.

      1. DIDrocks says:

        Well said breathless! The show is NOT rigged. As mentioned before, the results ARE based on voting, believe it or not! And im not just talking about results for LIL masters. This includes the first two seasons as well!

        1. breathless says:

          @ didrocks
          Few theories of people were smashed by these results, first is the wearing gold, second if a mentor/skipper has two contestants in finale they won’t win. Finally people said the contestants who is voted first during the season never wins. Those people should be eating their words right now. I am so happy.

          1. DIDrocks says:

            LOL. I Know right. I half wanna say “in you face.” :lol: And very correct. all the theories have been smashed and broken into tiny tiny pieces. lol. I’m elated! hehe!

          2. pari2386 says:

            @breathless ; please dont take my point in wrong way …let me tell you that I am die hard Fan of shakti and though jai was my first choice in season 1 I do agree salman was deservig winner and now althiugh I am die hard Atul-Jai fan I agree that jeetumoni deserved the title .All I just want to say that in both seasons this co-incidence looked weired to me that in top 3 there are one participant from each team and the team which has 2 members one of them finishes at 4th spot . It might be a genuine result but I personally found it weird thats it.
            neways I have no intention of starting arugument…all is well and congrats to all 4 finalists and Dharmesh-Jai-Mayuresh & vrushali

          3. hbdasari says:

            I agree…for once It seems like the results were genuine..fourth-Manoj, Third-Vaishnavi, Second-Atul, Winner-Jeetu. That may not be the order of their talent but yes that was very much expected result. I am happy that Jeetu won although Atul is my favorite. But I don’t agree that Season 1 and Season 2 results were so genuine. There definitely was some manipulation. I wanted Jai to win the season 1 and Shakti season 2. I am not just talking about the winners, but if we think of the eliminations, some of them din’t make any sense at all. I would say, there is some manipulation if not totally. There got to be some! Just my logical thought. Anyways, very happy with the results this time :mrgreen:

  37. AnnieJ says:

    Nice discussion, DIDrocks and breathless! Part 6 is up!

  38. I_am_Ms_Crazy says:

    I do completely agree w/ breathless and DIDrocks!!!

    1. big momma says:

      include me in pls. breathless n DIDrocks have nailed thier comments. lets all wait for DID3 yeah..

  39. INSHAL says:

    ombarak sha jeetumoni.
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  40. Rocky says:

    My theory never failed Geetha Lost DID1 as a result D won LILM so DID-3 May go to Geetha (ZEE driven )thats a wild guess for sure it may happen also ..HI5 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :idea:

    1. Rocky says:

      small correction Geetha Lost DID2

      1. breathless says:

        @ Rocky
        Rassi jal gayee par bal nahi gaya :x Can you give me one good reason why zee would put their reputation on the line for a contestant or a mentor/judge? You make really bold claims but you never back them up. I heard you wanted to take part in DID, and if you make it through the auditions and end up in Geeta’s team, your golden man 8) . According to you the next winner will be from Geeta ka Gang, you don’t even need to have talent :P you can just sit on the sofa and will be awarded the Golden cap and 50lakhs. :lol:
        You didn’t need to make the correction geeta did lose season one also :wink:

        1. Rocky says:

          Breathless you comments are BaseLess lol :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Lol

          1. DIDrocks says:

            how so rocky? how are his and my (mine..cuz im basically saying the same thing as breathless) comments baseless? :( and urs are backed up by facts? :?:

    2. DIDrocks says:

      so are u telling me Rocky that jeetu won, not becuz he was the best dancer, but because zee made him win to compensate for geeta’s and dharmesh’s loss in DID2? is tht what u r saying? cuz if thts the case then i dont think dharmesh and jeetu should get all the praise they are getting right now. don’t u think? :evil:

      1. Rocky says:

        dear DIDrocks i never said JEETU won coz of ZEE TV he won bcoz of his talent also coz of D ki choroe :!:

        hidden logic:-
        Auditions ke baad :arrow: D has got all the Good contestants (vaishnavi/ruturaj/Jeetumoni etc..) who were outstanding which clearly makes us to believe ZEE decided to make D as a winner of LILM!!! gotcha now!!!

        Sorry these are my thoughts !!! any how am happy that D got wht he want also the chance to choreo for the movie “TEES MAAR KHAN” jeezzzz :lol: :lol:

        1. breathless says:

          @ Rocky
          In lil masters your favorite contestant was jeetu, he won due to talent. In DID2 dharmesh was your favorite contestant, and he lost and shakti won because zee rigged the votes :? 8O. What a mind you have! Grand Salute to you. At least be contestant, if you think zee cheates then admit jeetu won by cheating don’t say that he won cuz of his talent and don’t give jeetu and dharmesh praises. According to you they would not had to do anything and still would have won.

        2. DIDrocks says:

          I have to go with breathless on this. be consistent! if Dharmesh didn’t win due to rigged results, then Jeetu won cuz of rigged results. If jeetu won cuz he deserved it, then shakti won cuz SHE deserved it. get it? and yes plz do explain why zee would go out of their way to do this much for a contestant. as far as geeta, if everyone held ur logic, then ppl who will be in remo’s or terence’s team next season might as well dont bother competing and let only geeta’s contestants dance since someone among those 6 will win.

          1. Thriller says:

            Can you tell me one reason how SHAKTI deserved to be a winner !!! just a recap/rewind for you D consistently the highest voted contestant also in the Last episode od DID2 but in Finale GAD-BAD Ulta – seeda ho gaya lol !!! chaps wht is happened is ZEE ne khud Decide kiya as DID1-winner (guy-salman) DID2-(winner to be a girl so -shakti) so ZEE want to fill the gap of D’d lost coz ZEE and whole india knows that D’s capability and People’s pulse So need less to say LILM result now enjoy the finale videos !!!! this forum is electrified nowww Jeezzzzzz

          2. DIDrocks says:

            can u tell me why DHARMESH deserved to win last season? answer this and i will give u my answer as to why shakti deserved to win. and as far as dharmesh consistently topping the votes, are u sure that zee didn’t rig the votes here? or are u conveniently assuming once again that all the times dharmesh topped, it was cuz of public voting and when dharmesh lost, it was zee’s ploy? for all u know,maybe zee rigged the votes every week as well. my point is that ur not being consistent!!!!! if ur fav wins, its cuz of his talent. if other ppl win, its cuz zee rigged the votes. what rubbish is this?! shakti and jeetu won cuz they were the highest voted. period. no rigging going on here! and no, zee didnt “make” dharmesh win this season cuz he didnt win last season. jeetu won with his own talent. and i will repeat what i said a while ago. zee cannot decide the winner and ignore all the public votes. they could get SUED!!!!!!!!! its fraud!!!!!

  41. prashant22 says:

    could anyone how many more parts r left…8 parts r uploaded how many more r left…neutral or mms..plz tell

  42. prashant22 says:

    ok so now 9 r there…how many more to go..

    1. DIDrocks says:

      one more to go i think! there are 10 if im not wrong! so yup! be patient! lol.

  43. big momma says:

    I least expected Shakti to come, what more a magnificent n flawless performance from her n Salman.. Superb!!

    Trio dance (Remo,Dharmo n Rutu) was awesome…foot tapping.

    Mayuresh looked so romantic n cute.. ohhhh..

    Was hoping for performances from:-
    duet of Mayuresh n Vrushali;
    Master Terrence & Sonam;
    group dance by top 4 Litl masters;
    group dance by skippers;

    I did not fancy much of Sandeep’s samba.. or whatever it was.. However, i loved his dance with wife, Jesse, when the both performed during his special day.

  44. Prince Abbas says:

    Wheres the last part?

  45. prashant22 says:

    are all the videos uploaded…?????

  46. Rocky says:

    I feel sad for vaishnavi & Atul iam quite surprised Vashnavi is youngest of the remaing 3 :lol: :mrgreen:

  47. anujsharma says:

    Jab bhi DID ka season khatam hota bahut dekh hota hai….ab weekends kaise katenge….
    i will miss….little masters….

  48. Rocky says:

    Guys Dont miss Geetha Midhun aur Farah ka dance performance Lol @ Mithun Da’s expressions

    1. hbdasari says:

      I find Mithun da’s expressions a little overboard. There is that fine line and he crosses it. He really needs to bring them down a little bit. I understand that he is just trying to enjoy himself but still itna jyada?? :lol:

  49. rubinadear says:

    salman and shakti, what a performance.. they deserved to be winners…

    i loved to watch them, sheer magic.

    It was truly very sad to see that zee tv, didnt keep any runners up reward… manoj and vaishnavi, both are from poor family.. manoj lives in a slum.. it was so sad to watch vaishu crying like that.. they cud hv given some investment plans for both these talented kids.

    even ruturaj and vatsal got 1.15 lakh fidelity plan.. toh i expected that they wud give sth to manoj and vaishu and even atul…

    CDD, gave 25 lakhs to its winner and 11 lakhs to 1st runner up..

    I m totally upset ..i do agree with the voting though. i dont think it was rigged but I do feel that they could hv atleast done more for these kids.

    1. rpatel91 says:

      Atul, Vaishu and Manoj too got investment plans. I think, unless i heard wrong :$. I think Manish said that the 1st runner up gets 2 lakhs, 2nd runner 1.5 and 3rd runner up 1.2 lakhs – i think.. not entirely sure

  50. breathless says:

    @ Thriller, rocky
    Your main argument is that zee had decide that they would make salman and shakti win. You and rocky argue that zee manipulates the votes, you guys always bring up the point that dharmesh was topping the votes all season then all the sudden shakti won. My problem with your argument is that if zee manipulates the final results wouldn’t they want to manipulate the results during the whole season to make the final results more realistic. For example in DID2 if zee really wanted shakti to win why wouldn’t they have had shakti topping the votes instead of dharmesh, and when it came to the finale they would have easily just made her the winner and the results would have seemed fair too. Rocky another statement by you calling my comments baseless lol, but nothing to back up what your saying.

    1. DIDrocks says:

      Thriller, Rocky, Twister…….all the same! LOL!

  51. rubinadear says:

    even for jeetu, the award is pathetic. 1 LCD tv, 3 lakhs and 4 days at mauritius.. Farah giving D sir a chance is no surprise..

    1. Rocky says:

      Hey rubina for kids its fare prize also they got money investment hope it help for their education !! Jeetu is also from a poor middle class family hope this prizemoney will help him

  52. Sital says:

    Hurreyyyyyy!!!!Master Blaster is a lovely Faro faro Jitumani! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D but realy I felt sad for Vaisu.woh bhi supreb thi. Thank you admin for video :)

    1. AnnieJ says:

      Admin is always happy to oblige you :]]

  53. rubinadear says:

    ok, i learnt that they gave

    1.8 lakh to manoj
    1.50 lakh to vaishu

    2 lakh to atul

    3 lakhs to jeetu…

    and LCD tv to vaishu, atul, and jeetu…

    so atleast its better now for me cause they gave it to all the 4 kids…

    but jeetu cud hv got more.. he is a winner.. kya atleast 10 lakhs for jeetu, and 5 lakhs for atul…

    bachey becharey, they did so many stunts, worked so many hours and all they got is this much.. not enough rocky..

    they are giving 50 lakhs to DID winners and now with a car… toh kya ZEE tv itna cheap hain, they made so much money with this show. kids got just what less than 5 % of what DID grown up are getting. they hv worked equally hard, stayed away from family.. child labor…

    fair amt wud hv been

    jeetu – 10 lakhs
    atul 5 lakhs
    vaishu – 3 lakhs
    manoj – 2 lakhs…

    and total they are giving 7.5 lakhs to all 4 kids..kya mazaak hain.. how much they wud hv earned? they didnt hv to pay much to choreographers also cause they arent well established ones.. :(


    1. grizzerrr says:

      If that’s really as much as what they’ve been given, that is a disaster. I would have expected Jeetu to get at least 15-25 lakhs. Mujhe pata hai paise mere baap ke jhaad par nahi ugte, but if anything, these kids have worked harder than their grown-up counter parts, put in more effort (especially keeping their age in mind), sacrificed school, and performed far, FAR better than either contestants in DID 1 or 2. I have no clue why heh would get just 3 lakhs. Blasphemous. Literally blasphemous. I really would have expected some prize distribution as 15 Lakhs, 10 akhs, 7.5 and 5. I mean they SHOULD have been in a position to do so. Or is their excuse going to be “kyonki sab ne ek phone se ek hi baar SMS kiya tha, toh humari kamaai zyaada nahi ho paai.” I wish that with this amount, the kids at least get far more chances in life in the entertainment industry as a compensation for the poor prizes.

  54. AnnieJ says:

    All the videos should be uploaded, kiddos – 10 parts total.

  55. hbdasari says:

    Yaar Geetha ma kabhi toh hasthi…She cries on a happy occasion and on a sad occasion, no need to ask! :mrgreen: When Jeetu won, she started crying as always..uff geeta ma ki rona :lol:

  56. hbdasari says:

    Before I forget, thanks a ton for ADMIN! Thank you guys for such clear videos. It’s tough to find good quality videos for grand finale. They are always blurry and I’m so glad you guys uploaded crystal clear videos. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!! :D
    Admin,the whole team- Thank you from all of us and keep rocking :mrgreen:

    1. AnnieJ says:

      SOMEONE REMEMBERED ADMIN?! -tears of joy-

      How sweet! But yes, our Admin is the best at his hobby – so good, in fact, that some sites try to steal his videos…. :lol:

      1. DIDrocks says:

        ROFL! try to steal? they already have honey! lol. thats our admin for ya! he is so good, that everyone copies him! :lol:

        1. AnnieJ says:

          Ahh, touche! But they did also get caught, poor suckers… XD

  57. aashish24 says:

    I am so happy to see Jeetumoni winning the trophy. Some points:

    a) I wished the order would have been:
    1. Jeetumoni
    2. Vaishu / Manoj
    3. Atul

    b) It would have been nice to see bigger awards for the kids for the future.

    c) Would have been nice to see all 16 kids instead of top 10.

  58. hbdasari says:

    I am extremely happy that Khushboo will be a part of season 2. YAY!!! I love her dance :D

    1. aashish24 says:

      same here.. its a very good decision

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